Chapter 95

  Since Wen Lin won the best newcomer award at the Academy Award, his value had skyrocketed for a while, and there were countless movie invitations. But Wen Lin was not that interested. The moment he received the award, he was confused about the future, but after the confusion, he felt that he should stick to his own path.

  For Wen Lin’s matter, Bai Shengzhe even deliberately consulted with Lu Jinlang.

  That day, Lu Jinlang invited Bai Shengzhe to his house. Wen Jianing was also there, but he just sat on the armrest of the sofa and listened without comment.

  Lu Jinlang said to Bai Shengzhe, “If Wen Lin persists, give him a chance to try. If a person can persevere to this extent, I believe he is capable of making some achievements.”

  Bai Shengzhe agreed upon hearing the words, went back to the company to hold a high-level meeting, and decided to give Wen Lin a single to test the waters first.

  Wen Lin was currently preparing for a single. He came to see Lu Jinlang today and said, “Thank you, Mr. Lu.”

  Lu Jinlang smiled, “What do you want to thank me for? It’s all thanks to your own efforts. Don’t forget that entertainment companies want to make money. If you can’t make money, there will be no next one.”

  Wen Lin said, “I understand.”

  Afterwards, Lu Jinlang was called over by Xie Ruoming to talk about the play, while Wen Lin chatted with Wen Jianning for a while, asking him what kind of story the whole play was about.

  After Wen Jianing talked about it, Wen Lin sighed and said, “I would not dare to play this kind of role.”

  He saw a psychiatrist because of depression before. The doctor said that his personality was susceptible to psychological suggestions. Although he could be treated by therapy, he was advised not to take on such overly depressing scenes as much as possible.

  As he thought about it, Wen Jianing also felt a bit scared. So he said to Wen Lin, “You’d better stop acting this kind of role, try to do something that makes you feel happy.”

  Wen Lin nodded and said, “Thank you.”

  At this moment, Xie Ruoming walked over. He had seen a clip of the film in which Wen Lin won the Best Newcomer at the Golden Film Awards earlier and had become interested in the film, specifically finding the disc to watch and admiring Wen Lin’s acting skills in it.

  When he saw Wen Lin come to visit the shooting, he invited Wen Lin and asked him if he was interested in participating in the performance, so he could add a special role to him.

  Wen Lin smiled and declined. He said, “It’s okay to have a cameo, but I don’t want to participate in the performance.”

  Lu Jinlang said a few words to Xie Ruoming in a low voice, mentioning that Wen Lin had been too deep in the film before and had nearly become depressed, so Xie Ruoming stopped pushing and only allowed him to make a small, insignificant cameo appearance.

  Chen Zejun was temporarily suspended for harassing Ye Xing.

  He protested to his superiors. He felt that his colleagues did not use their best to detect this case. He could obviously continue to try to communicate with Ye Xing and get clues from him.

  His superior said, “Your continued attempt is to harass and threaten him?”

  Chen Zejun said, “I’m not. I’m just using techniques to get him to pay attention to my words.”

  The superior shook his head, “That’s a mentally retarded person. How can what he said be accepted as evidence?”

  Chen Zejun slapped the table angrily and stood up, “He is an autistic child, not mentally retarded!” He was very sensitive. His daughter was also suffering from the disability, and he did not like other people describing such patients as mentally retarded.

  The superior looked at him for a moment and sighed heavily, “I know you are emotionally unstable. It is very dangerous for you to handle cases with this emotion, so let’s rest for a while.”

  Chen Zejun said quickly, “I won’t rest!”

  The boss said calmly, “This is an order, please hand in your documents and guns.”

  Chen Zejun raised his hand and pressed his forehead, and slammed the table hard.

  Back at home, Chen Zejun lay in a small room drinking alcohol to drown his sorrow. When he was sober, he stood at the door of his daughter’s room and looked inside, as if he could still see his daughter walking back and forth rigidly in the room, lying at the bedside playing with blocks.

       After the melancholy, he chose to go to the rehabilitation facility again, this time he planned to secretly take Ye Xing away.

  Chen Zejun chose to take the stairs instead of taking the elevator in order to avoid surveillance. The stairwell of the building was between the bathroom and the classroom where Ye Xing was located. Ye Xing would pass through here if he went to the bathroom.

  But he couldn’t show his face because there was a surveillance camera in the corridor outside the stairwell.

  He took a small mirror and reflected light on Ye Xing’s eyes when he passed by, and it attracted Ye Xing. He walked in this direction and looked at it. Chen Zejun covered his mouth and dragged him.

  The shooting of this section was not smooth because of the need for physical confrontation.

  Lu Jinlang was relatively reluctant at first, and Xie Ruoming was very dissatisfied when he saw it. Although Lu Jinlang had tried his best to exaggerate the movements that looked very realistic, Xie Ruoming could see that he still had spare energy.

  Xie Ruoming yelled to stop, and shouted to Lu Jinlang, “Don’t hold back! Take it seriously!”

  Lu Jinlang stood still adjusting his sleeves, moved his neck, and said nothing.

  Wen Jianing said to him, “It’s okay, come on.”

  Lu Jinlang glanced at him and said, “Okay, be careful yourself.”

  During the second shooting, Wen Jianing obviously felt that Lu Jinlang used a lot of force. Ye Xing was pulled over without reacting at first, and Wen Jianing felt Lu Jinlang’s palm tightly covering his mouth.

  He started to struggle, but there was already a difference in strength between them. Lu Jinlang was holding him too tightly and he almost couldn’t breathe. He stretched out his hand to break Lu Jinlang’s arm without success.

  Later, Chen Zejun knocked Ye Xing with a slap.

  Actually, Wen Jianing was not getting enough oxygen, so he slid down. When Lu Jinlang released his hand, there were red marks on his face.

  Immediately after, Lu Jinlang carried him and hurriedly walked down the stairs.

  Until the end of the filming, Wen Jianing still couldn’t catch his breath. But Xie Ruoming was very satisfied with the result. He said to Lu Jinlang, “Okay, that’s the effect I want.”

  Lu Jinlang just asked Wen Jianing, “Are you okay?”

  Wen Jianing shook his head, “I’m okay.”

  ”Let’s take a break,” Xie Ruoming said to them.

  Lu Jinlang said to Wen Jianing, “Let’s go to the car.”

  Wen Jianing nodded.

  Lu Jinlang’s nanny car was parked outside so that he could take a break between shooting.

  The space in the car was the quietest and safest, and they would not be disturbed.

  After getting in the car, Wen Jianing lay down on the seat and said, “To be honest, I almost thought I would be smothered to death by you just now.”

  Lu Jinlang also followed, pulled the car door closed, and said, “I won’t even have the guts.”

  Wen Jianing closed his eyes and stretched out his hand to hold Lu Jinlang’s hand.

  Lu Jinlang said to him, “Rest for a while, Ting Huan will come to call you.”

  Wen Jianing didn’t open his eyes but just nodded.

  After resting for about half an hour, Lu Yunan knocked on the car window outside, and said that the assistant director was looking for them.

  Wen Jianing sat up and stretched. Lu Jinlang got out of the car first and reached out to him to let him lead him out of the car.

  Just as Wen Jianing stepped out of the car door, both people were sensitively aware of the flashing light at the same time. Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing were very calm, and they didn’t release their hands immediately. Instead, after getting off the car naturally, Wen Jianing said to Lu Jinlang, “Thank you.”

  Lu Jinlang nodded to Lu Yunan, and Lu Yunan walked in the direction where someone had secretly photographed. While Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing walked toward the studio as if nothing happened.

  ”Who?” Wen Jianing whispered, but he thought it was mostly paparazzi. He was a little surprised that the paparazzi sensed something. Although he and Lu Jinlang seemed to have a good relationship, they were not too intimate.

  Lu Jinlang just said flatly, “It’s okay, don’t worry.”

  Later when Lu Yunan came back, he told Lu Jinlang that he had not found anyone.

  Lu Jinlang said it was okay. Those lace weekly magazines usually didn’t pay much attention, and a photo like that didn’t mean anything.

  But in the next few days, Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang obviously felt that someone was following and filming them in secret.

  This made Wen Jianing feel a certain amount of pressure, because after all, he was now living with Lu Jinlang. Although they could go without going in and out at the same time, as long as the paparazzi could find evidence that they had lived in the same place for a long time or had been in and out of the same place together, it would always give the public some room for imagination.

  As expected, after a while, a gossip magazine released photos of him and Lu Jinlang entering and leaving the same apartment, including the photo of Lu Jinlang leading him out of the car. At the same time, the magazine also pointed out that before they lived in this apartment, the two people had appeared in the same community for a long time, that was, the Beiao Garden where Wen Jianing lived before. At that time, Lu Jinlang was also rumoured to be living with a female celebrity.

  This magazine was photographed and posted on the Internet, and it quickly became a topic.

  However, there was no concrete evidence, so it only attracted attention on the internet. In addition, the messy comments below distracted people’s attention. Some people shouted they were a good match, and that it was a match made in heaven. Others yelled at the hype and called them shameless, which made the topic seem limited in credibility.

  Later Xie Ruoming also learned about this incident.

  One day after their shooting, everyone went to dinner together.

  Xie Ruoming said, “It’s great, take the opportunity to hype the movie, don’t rush to clarify, it’s best to continue this gossip until the movie is broadcasted.”

  Lu Jinlang chuckled and clinked glasses with him and said, “Don’t worry, you can just turn this topic out and stir-fry and add some heat.”

  Wen Jianing had gone through all the big winds and waves, so he wasn’t too bothered. But just being entangled in this way was a little upsetting.

  Many artists had been repeatedly entangled by paparazzi in this way, and later made some impulsive actions to seize the other party. But they were caught by the other party and the topic was fried again and again.

  The movie continued to shoot.

  Chen Zejun took Ye Xing away from the rehabilitation institution, and the rehabilitation institution chose to call the police because of Ye Xing’s disappearance.

  After Chen Zejun’s colleagues got the news of Ye Xing’s disappearance, Chen Zejun was the first to be suspected.

  A policeman came to find Chen Zejun to assist in the investigation. After knocking on the door, he found wine bottles all over the floor. Chen Zejun had stubble on his face and looked haggard. He smelled like alcohol when he spoke.

  ”What’s the matter?” he asked.

  The two colleagues looked at each other and asked if he had seen Ye Xing.

  Chen Zejun seemed to be in a daze, and asked, “Who?”

  ”Ye Xing! That’s the mentally handicapped boy in the rehabilitation institution.”

  Chen Zejun shook his head, and suddenly stopped, as if he was a little awake, “What’s wrong with him?”

  A policeman said, “He’s missing, it looks like in the surveillance camera he was taken away.”

  The surveillance showed that Ye Xing seemed to notice someone in the stairwell, and he disappeared after walking past.

  Chen Zejun rubbed his head, “I haven’t seen him,” he said after a little startled, “Do you suspect me?”

  After all, even though they were all colleagues, it was not good for relations to get too tense. The two policemen didn’t say directly, they just said, “Can we come in and have a look?”

  Chen Zejun opened the door to let them in.

  Two people searched carefully in Chen Zejun’s house, and the camera quickly switched. The kitchen, bathroom, and under the bed were not overlooked, but they did not find any clues.

  Before leaving, a policeman pointed to a cabinet door above Chen Zejun’s room and asked, “What is that?”

  Chen Zejun took the initiative to move a stool and stepped on it and opened the door to show them. There was a folded quilt inside. He asked, “Do you need to remove it?”

  The two shook their heads and left Chen Zejun’s house.

  Even though no evidence was found, they still put Chen Zejun as a key suspect and put him under surveillance.

  When everyone was gone, Chen Zejun locked the door and stepped on the stool to pull out all the quilts in the cabinet. The space in that closet was larger than expected. Behind the quilt, Ye Xing lay curled up inside with his eyes closed tightly.

  At this time, the scene was replayed. It turned out that before the police came to the door, Chen Zejun fed Ye Xing sleeping pills and stuffed the sleeping Ye Xing into hiding.

  This shot was not easy for Lu Jinlang, after all, Wen Jianing was an adult, but it still seemed difficult to carry someone down from a height like this.

  Lu Jinlang said to Wen Jianing, “Let’s make a deal and try to get it right at the first shot, otherwise, I won’t be able to hold back and forth like this.”

  Wen Jianing said with a smile, “Should I pledge cooperation?”

  Later, surprisingly, they really did pass in one go, and Lu Jinlang used the strength of his arms to carry him down, and then walked towards his room.

  Chen Zejun was reluctant to let others live in his daughter’s room, so Ye Xing was settled in his own bed.

  Ye Xing, who had awakened from the effects of sleeping pills, looked very anxious. He felt like he must leave this place. Chen Zejun had already locked the door, and it could only be opened with a key. He looked at Ye Xing who couldn’t open the door lock he had pulled with his fingers for a long time, so he walked over and pulled him over.

  Who knew Ye Xing struggled and screamed.

  Wen Jianing’s voice was not as deep as an ordinary man, so his voice was even more sharp, which was very consistent with Xie Ruoming’s vision for the role of Ye Xing, “It has to be sharp and ear piercing,” he said.

  Chen Zejun stretched out his hand to cover his mouth, then pressed him on the sofa, and then pressed him up to use his body to control his movements.

  ”Stop screaming!” Chen Zejun shouted.

  Ye Xing didn’t listen at all.

  Chen Zejun panted, pressed his legs against his flailing feet, remembering the skills he had learned to train his daughter when she was a child and began to reach out and tickle him.

  Ye Xing was obviously very ticklish, he stopped screaming, began to twist his body to dodge, and laughed loudly at the same time.

  Chen Zejun saw the effect and slowly relaxed his suppression.

  Ye Xing smiled and twisted his body, and at the same time looked at Chen Zejun, his eyes glowed with moisture, and his cheeks turned red from the fierce movements.

  Chen Zejun realized that he had attracted his attention, so he sang a song in a low voice. He used to sing this song when his daughter was young. Every time he sang, his daughter would open her eyes and listen carefully.

  Ye Xing calmed down and looked at Chen Zejun quietly.

  Chen Zejun seemed to remember his daughter, with tears in his eyes. At the end he hummed a song while whispering in Ye Xing’s ear, “Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you, don’t be afraid, behave.”

  As soon as the scene ended, Lu Jinlang immediately sat up from Wen Jianing.

  Wen Jianing’s face was still red, and his breathing was a little uneven.

  He was obviously immersed in filming, but such physical contact was a terrible thing for both of them. Lu Jinlang was trying to restrain himself, but Wen Jianing was already unable to hold back because Lu Jinlang had repeatedly touched sensitive parts of his body just now. He just didn’t know whether to say if it was luck or misfortune that even if he had some reaction, due to his physical condition, no one would be able to tell. Only Lu Jinlang who squeezed his ankle when he stood up knew it, not giving anyone an idea what the gesture meant.

  Wen Jianing had been turned on all day long by being teased up, but unfortunately, the paparazzi have been watching him so closely lately that he didn’t even dare to get in the car and make out with Lu Jinlang.

  The shooting at night did not end until midnight, and they went home separately one after the other.

  Lu Jinlang entered the house and was hugged by Wen Jianing as soon as he entered.

  He was actually very tired, but he was still very aroused.

  When Lu Jinlang pressed Wen Jianing on the sofa, he suddenly said, “I feel guilty looking at you like this.”

  Wen Jianing’s cheeks were red, and he gasped and asked, “What?”

  Lu Jinlang buried his head and licked and kissed his collarbone lightly, and said, “It’s like what Chen Zejun was doing to Ye Xing.”

  Wen Jianing smiled after hearing the words, “It’s okay, Ye Xing doesn’t understand.” After speaking, he hooked Lu Jinlang’s waist with one leg.

  Before they even had time to enter the bedroom, the two of them were making out on the sofa. At the height of passion, Wen Jianing felt the weight of Lu Jinlang pressing on himself while his familiar scent and was indeed able to understand the sense of dislocation that Lu Jinlang had just mentioned.

  This sense of dislocation sometimes occurred during shooting.

  Just like the scene in the daytime today, when Lu Jinlang pressed him to tickle him, he would indulge in laughter and at the same time, he would be in a daze as if his lover would kiss his lips and touch him eagerly the next second.

  Later, Lu Jinlang got up and went to the bathroom to fill the water.

  Wen Jianing even slept on the sofa to keep distance, and then was dragged to the bathroom by Lu Jinlang.

  They have a big bathtub where two people could soak together.

  Lu Jinlang suddenly remembered what Wen Jianing had just said, and said, “Ye Xing actually understands, right?”

  Wen Jianing sat in the water, one hand leaning on the edge of the bathtub and holding his head. He thought that Lu Jinlang was replying to what he just said that Ye Xing didn’t understand. Wen Jianing said slowly, “At the age of 18, if it wasn’t for his intellectual defects, in fact, he was still not a boy. It’s more suitable to say he is a man. He is not isolated from the world and has been quietly observing the world. I also think he actually understands.”

  Lu Jinlang said, “Then what do you think he was thinking when he was tickled by an adult man like Chen Zejun and his enemy?”

  ”This is complicated,” Wen Jianing said.

  In fact, the role of Ye Xing was very complicated, but the side of Ye Xing he wanted to show everyone through the lens was relatively simple.

  Wen Jianing said, “But I think he should be empty in his head most of the time.”

  Lu Jinlang reached out and touched his wet hair, and asked, “Why do you think so?”

  Wen Jianing said, “If you think too much, it’s easy to reveal something in your eyes. He can think, but it will definitely be when he is alone, in front of Chen Zejun, he should still let go and do what he needs to do.”

  ”Well,” Lu Jinlang pulled his head and kissed him, “This idea is very interesting.”

  The scandal between Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing did not cool down because there was no actual evidence, but instead, there was a lot of news about their shooting.

  Because the filming was closed, no reporter was able to visit the scene, and fans who went there spontaneously did not get into the studio.

  Anyway, there was a lot of hype.

  For this reason, Lu Jinfeng specially called them home for dinner and asked them what was going on.

  Lu Jinlang said, “It’s okay, it’s just a matter of chasing after the wind.”

  Lu Jinxin said next to him, “I guess you can sit down if you call them back today. The paparazzi are chasing them tightly. Are you not afraid that others will know that Xinhang will follow the third child home?”

  Lu Jinfeng said angrily, “You get out of here!”

  Lu Jinlang smiled, “Don’t worry, the company has found someone to try to guide public opinion toward the movie hype. After a period of time, if they have not caught anything practical, those people will slowly forget.”

  Some people didn’t take it seriously at all, and some people tried to prove that the two of them were really in love, but no matter what, the two of them and the movie became popular. They just didn’t know how long it would last.

  Later, when Lu Jinlang was invited by a friend to attend a fashion event, he was also asked about this matter by reporters.

  He smiled and asked, “Do you think it is possible?”

  The female reporter was quite smart and said, “Of course I think it’s possible.”

  Lu Jinlang said, “So that makes you a girl.”

  The female reporter said, “What do you mean? Does it mean I’m sharp?”

  Lu Jinlang said, “It means you are active in thinking and have wild fantasies.”

  Although there was no positive denial, the implication of the words was to point out that this was simply a fantasy.

In case you don’t know, the testimony of people that are regarded as mentally ill is not valid in court and they are regarded as not competent to testify.

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