Chapter 96

  Chen Zejun calmed Ye Xing down, and he began to try to ask him again about what happened in the classroom that day.

  It was actually quite difficult to talk to Ye Xing because Ye Xing had a hard time concentrating. He would always looked around curiously, and would even pay attention to a pen on his desk instead of listening carefully to Chen Zejun.

  In order to make him concentrate, Chen Zejun went to his daughter’s room and took a small electric carriage toy that his daughter liked very much, and put it on the table to let the carriage move by itself.

  Ye Xing’s gaze turned to the direction of the carriage.

  When he reached out to take it, Chen Zejun took it first, shook it in front of him, and said to him, “You answer my question, and I will give this to you.”

  Ye Xing turned his gaze to Chen Zejun’s face with great difficulty but quickly turned away.

  Chen Zejun realized that he had briefly caught his attention, so he asked, “What kind of man did you see in the classroom that day?”

  Ye Xing said, “Thin.”

  Chen Zejun pursued, “Is he tall?”

  Ye Xing reached out for the small carriage.

  Chen Zejun put things behind him, shook his head, and asked again, “Is he tall?”

  Ye Xing tugged his hair, “Tall?”

  Chen Zejun stood up, “Is he as tall as me?”

  Ye Xing looked up at him, his eyes drifting again, and finally shook his head.

  ”He is not as tall as me?” Chen Zejun asked him.

  Ye Xing lowered his head and picked his fingers, but didn’t answer him.

  Chen Zejun bent down, grabbed his arm, and asked, “He is not taller than me?”

  Ye Xing finally nodded.

  Such weak information couldn’t make much progress on the whole case. According to the forensic examination of the corpse, Chen Zejun’s daughter was smothered to death, stripped naked, but there was no trace of sexual assault.

  If it was a man who was thin but not too tall, then Chen Zejun could only try to exclude the employees of the rehabilitation institution at this stage, but what about the outsiders?

  Chen Zejun looked down at Ye Xing, who was turning his head blankly as if he was looking for something everywhere. Chen Zejun handed the small carriage to him.

  Ye Xing’s eyes were a little bright, and he reached out and took it.

  Chen Zejun suddenly felt uncomfortable. He raised his hand to press the back of Ye Xing’s head and rubbed it vigorously.

  When the shooting was over, Wen Jianing gathered his things and headed outside with Wen Tinghuan.

  Recently, Jian Jun’s new movie had started shooting, and Wen Tinghuan was actually a bit busy running on both sides, so she had to arrange for a new assistant to work with him.

  Wen Tinghuan complained to Wen Jianing, “I originally planned to throw you to Lu Yunan, but now you’re in this mess.”

  Wen Jianing opened the door and got into the car while saying, “Why are you so irresponsible? Yunan is not my assistant.”

  Wen Tinghuan said, “I am responsible for you, but I am not responsible for Jian Jun.”

  Wen Jianing was a little tired, but still said jokingly, “But when the newcomers smile…”*

  ”Bah!” Wen Tinghuan interrupted him.

  When he went out, he saw a lot of young girls guarding the exit of the parking lot. They were fans of Wen Jianing or rather fans of Ke Xinhang. Although it was late, they stayed there just to see their idols.

  Wen Jianing was already asleep when he closed his eyes. Wen Tinghuan had to slow down and press the window and whispered to them, “Xinhang is too tired and has fallen asleep. You should also go back early and pay attention to safety. “

  In the past, these words were all said by Wen Jianing himself to them.

  As she looked at these girls, Wen Tinghuan also felt that it was not easy for them.

  Wen Tinghuan had been sending Wen Jianing to the underground parking lot downstairs of the apartment. When Wen Jianing got out of the car, she suddenly asked, “I heard that you and Lu Jinlang will have a bed scene tomorrow?”

  ”Huh?” Wen Jianing had just woken up, still a little confused, and then laughed for a while, “Yes, it’s the first time I have a bed scene with Lu Jinlang. You are welcome to visit.”

  The so-called bed scene was really just a scene to be shot in bed.

  And before that, there was a scene where Chen Zejun helped Ye Xing take a bath.

  Ye Xing was actually capable of taking care of himself to a certain extent. He could do simple things like bathing and dressing.

  But on the first night he moved in, Chen Zejun took him into the bathroom and helped him turn on the showerhead.

  Chen Zejun pointed out to him, “The hot water switch is on the left, cold water is on the right, and this is a shower gel.”

  While he was talking, Ye Xing had already taken off his clothes and pants and put them aside.

  Chen Zejun turned his head and saw Ye Xing who was barely naked at a glance, and he was suddenly a little embarrassed. Although he had always treated Ye Xing as a child, Ye Xing was a young man with a mature body after all. Chen Zejun, who had left school and out of society for more than ten years was not comfortable with seeing a man’s naked body at such a close distance.

  Even with his 10-year-old daughter, he tried to teach her to take a bath by herself, and he hadn’t helped her wash for a long time.

  So Chen Zejun grabbed the clothes Ye Xing had changed out of and hurried out. Before he closed the door, he said, “Call me if something happens.”

  In order to film this scene, Wen Jianing made full preparations. As soon as he woke up in the morning, Lu Jinlang saw that Wen Jianing had put on another pair of boxers over his underwear, and then seemed to be hesitant to stuff his socks inside because they were a bit tight.

  Lu Jinlang quickly stopped him, “I’ll help you find something else.”

  Of course he didn’t have to actually strip naked during the shoot, but his shirts need to be taken off, and there was only a pair of shorts left below. Naturally, the camera won’t take pictures that shouldn’t be taken.

  During the official shooting, Wen Jianing raised his hand to take off his shirt while Lu Jinlang turned his back to speak, and then unbuttoned his pants. The pants then suddenly slipped off to his feet.

  Lu Jinlang turned around and suddenly forgot his lines.

  Xie Ruoming shouted, “What’s the matter?”

  Lu Jinlang smiled apologetically. In fact, he rarely forgets his lines. At this time, he can only say to Xie Ruoming, “Let’s do it again.”

  Wen Jianing glared at him.

  In the second shooting, Lu Jinlang did not forget the lines, but Wen Jianing slipped and almost fell when he got under the shower barefoot.

  Lu Jinlang reached out and hugged him, helped him stand firmly, and patted his waist.

  Xie Ruoming sighed helplessly and said, “Do it again.”

  The third shot passed without incident.

  Ye Xing, who had finished taking a shower, came out of the bathroom wearing the pyjamas that Chen Zejun had prepared for him, standing still not knowing what to do.

  Chen Zejun took him to his room because he didn’t plan to let him sleep in his daughter’s bed.

  Ye Xing refused to sleep. This was not his usual bed and quilt. Chen Zejun pulled him to the side of the bed and sat him down but Ye Xing stood up again, shaking his head and saying, “No.”

  Chen Zejun was a little tired, and stretched out his hand to him, “Stop making trouble, go to sleep.”

  ”No,” Ye Xing insisted. He didn’t let Chen Zejun pull him. He tried to leave the room, but Chen Zejun had locked it up first.

  Ye Xing began to walk back and forth in the room, and said anxiously, “No.”

  He wanted to go to bed at ten o’clock, but it was past ten o’clock, and he couldn’t stand this strange room and this strange bed.

  Chen Zejun looked at Ye Xing who was like a fly, and finally, reached the end of this patience. He sat on the edge of the bed, raised his foot and kicked the bedside table heavily.

  The bedside table fell and made a violent noise. Ye Xing seemed to be frozen suddenly, and his eyes widened in shock.

  After losing his temper, Chen Zejun regretted it immediately. He grabbed Ye Xing who was stunned, placed him on the bed, and said, “Do you want me to sing for you?”

  Ye Xing didn’t answer. He was frozen as if he was frightened.

  Chen Zejun sighed and sang a lullaby softly in his ear.


  Wen Jianing felt Lu Jinlang’s warm breath lapping at his ear. He kept looking at Lu Jinlang, but he didn’t think about anything at this time, because he was Ye Xing.

  Lu Jinlang’s voice was deep and sexy, but because of Chen Zejun’s character, it also had some tired hoarseness, and even the tone was not very accurate.

  But it was very reassuring. He was wrapped in a warm blanket, and half of Lu Jinlang’s body pressed against him, singing soft songs that made him feel drowsy.

  This was hardly an act anymore, he was indeed a little tired and slowly closed his eyes.

  Chen Zejun, who coaxed Ye Xing to sleep, did not get up. He was also very tired, so he hugged the person on the bed and fell asleep together.

  After they returned from the shooting that day, Lu Jinlang suddenly mentioned something to him and said, “Do you know who sold our news to Gossip Weekly?”

  Wen Jianing was taken aback, and asked, “Who?”

  Lu Jinlang was changing clothes, and he hung up his coat and said, “Zhu Zexin.”

  Wen Jianing was taken aback for a moment, “He doesn’t want to be in this business anymore?”

  Lu Jinlang said, “You didn’t give him a chance to stay, what is he afraid of?”

  Wen Jianing looked at him, “Are you blaming me?”

  Lu Jinlang smiled, “Just telling you to be careful.”

  In the next two days of filming, Wen Jianing’s scenes ended earlier than Lu Jinlang’s scenes. They had developed a habit of going their own way. After Wen Jianing finished filming, they packed up their things and left.

  Lu Jinlang continued his part in the play.

  Chen Zejun contacted a producer on the Internet, sent the photo and asked the other party to make a fake police officer ID for himself, and then used the ID to go to the building where the rehabilitation institution was located to obtain the elevator surveillance video because he used to use the police’s ID card in the past. The identity appeared before, so it did not arouse the other party’s suspicion, and he successfully obtained the elevator surveillance record on the afternoon of his daughter’s accident.

  Because the surveillance camera of the rehabilitation facility failed and there was no way to get the information, he could at least use this camera to check if any outsiders had been to the floor of the rehabilitation facility that day.

  Chen Zejun, who got the record, intended to let Ye Xing come and watch this video with him. He hoped to find suspicious suspects by observing Ye Xing’s reaction.

  Wen Tinghuan drove the car and answered the phone shortly after leaving the studio. It was now Jian Jun’s turn to shoot something.

  As she hung up the phone, Wen Tinghuan said to Wen Jianing, “Can you drive back by yourself?”

  Wen Jianing more or less heard what was on the other side of the phone, and asked, “Did something happen to Jian Jun?”

  Wen Tinghuan said, “He said there was some conflict with the director. It shouldn’t be serious. This kid has a sense of decency. I’ll take a look.”

  Wen Jianing saw that it was all dark outside, and said with some worry, “You can drive, I’ll take a taxi and go back.”

  ”No,” Wen Tinghuan said, “It’s not convenient for you. I’ll find a bustling street corner to take a taxi later. You drive back by yourself and be careful.”

  Wen Jianing said softly, “You have to be careful.”

  Wen Tinghuan stopped at a street corner and got out of the car to take a taxi by herself.

  Wen Jianing moved to the driver’s seat and continued to start the car.

  Not too far away, he noticed the black car chasing him from the rearview mirror.

  Actually, it happened from time to time during this period. He knew that they were mostly gossip weekly paparazzi, chasing him and Lu Jinlang and refused to let them go. In the past, he was photographed occasionally, but it was mostly coincidental. This way of chasing him could only explain one point. The other party was sure that the relationship between him and Lu Jinlang was not just a rumour. They believed that as long as they keep chasing, and if kept shooting, they would always be able to capture something.

  After filming all day, Wen Jianing was physically and mentally exhausted. It was even more annoying to be chased. If it weren’t for them, why would he hide like this with Lu Jinlang?

  In a rare moment of anger, Wen Jianing stepped heavily on the accelerator, trying to shake off the car that was following him.

*A poem by Du Fu
Click here for the OG poem

Fast ‘n Furious starring Wen Jianing


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