Chapter 1

TL: Hoenimochi
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       When Wen Jianing woke up, he could still feel the pain of hangover and couldn’t help but raise his hand and pressed his forehead.

       He was no longer young. The second half of this year was his 34th birthday. He wanted to maintain his appearance and figure and maintain his best state, so he didn’t allow himself to drink too much.

       But last night was different. At the Academy Awards ceremony, he won the first Film Emperor title in his life. This Film Emperor title meant a lot to him and was not just a simple affirmation of himself. But more importantly, it was because his award-winning movie was co-produced with Lu Jinlang. In the movie ‘Duel’ in which he co-starred with Lu Jinlang, he defeated Lu Jinlang, who was nominated for the best actor with him and won the golden villain’s trophy. 

       Many media like to hype Lu Jinlang as the enemy in his life, but to him, it wasn’t just mere hype. He did regard Lu Jinlang as his enemy, and that enemy had won over him twice when they were nominated at the same time. This was the first time he turned his defeat into victory over his opponent. He believed that this would continue in the future. After all, he was only 34 years old. As an actor, he was still very young.

         When Wen Jianing opened his eyes, his head went blank for a moment. He was puzzled because he was not in his room. It was reasonable to say that even if he was drunk and unconscious, his assistant would take him home and let him rest on his bed. But this was obviously not his home.

       The room was narrow and dark. It was a small apartment. He sat up and found that the bedroom and living room were open, but there was a partition between the bed and the door.

       This was not his house. For a moment, he suspected that this was his assistant’s home. He looked down at himself. His upper body was naked and his lower body was wearing a pair of pyjamas. Of course, it was not his pyjamas. Moreover, he felt that his line of sight was a little strange and he couldn’t figure out why.

      He could see at a glance that he was alone. There was no one in the house.

       Wen Jianing walked into the bathroom to wash his face. When he was standing in front of the bathroom mirror, he opened his eyes in astonishment and could no longer maintain his calm mood.

       The person in the mirror was not him at all.

       Wen Jianing was an elegant and handsome man. The media liked to describe him as a handsome young man, but the reflection in the mirror was a younger man, much younger than he should be. His whole face was beautiful and full of youth. When he saw the surprised expression of the man in the mirror, he was convinced that he had really become the man in the reflection.

    He then suddenly knew why he felt that his line of sight was wrong, because not only his face had changed but also his body. Now his body screams youth. His figure was also very good. He was even thinner and taller than Wen Jianing himself. You could say it matched well with the face in the reflection.

       But no matter how well it matched, these features did not belong to Wen Jianing. He stood frozen in front of the mirror for a long time.

       Wen Jianing’s train of thought suddenly went wild. Like the plot of a thriller movie, maybe he met someone and those people operated on him, changed his face and then left him in a strange room to wake up and lose himself. What about the original him? Maybe someone else took over his identity and continued to live a life belonging to Wen Jianing?

       These messy thoughts resurfaced in his mind as he rushed out of the bathroom and began to look for a backpack left beside the bed. He found a wallet, ID and bank card in it. The photo on the document was the photo of his face now. His name was Ke Xinhang, and he had just turned 20 this year.

      He continued to look around the house, including cabinets, drawers, and the phone on the table. There were countless pieces of evidence that the owner of this house points to the young man called Ke Xinhang. Ke Xinhang looks exactly the same as he looks today. He randomly found a set of clothes in the closet and put it on. It was a perfect fit.

       Wen Jianing was not sure what had happened. He began to have an idea that was more terrible and ridiculous than someone changing his face, but whether that idea was right or not, he had to go out and do something. He needed to prove his existence.

       After he changed clothes and packed up, Wen Jianing went to the bathroom. This was the first time he tried to urinate after getting up in the morning. He was standing in front of the toilet and unzipping his pants when he discovered something terrible. At that moment, his forehead was covered with a dense cold sweat, which was even worse than the blow he received when he first woke up.

       He was in a hurry when he took off his pyjamas before. Now he noticed that his body was incomplete. His genitalia was incomplete, he has no testicles, and that thing was very small, just like a child’s. He wasn’t intersex but he was just born with a crippled body.

       Wen Jianing took two steps back and hit the washing machine with his back. His face was a little pale. For a man, there was no greater shock than this.

       After he stood there for a long time, Wen Jianing went to urinate. He then put on his pants and walked out. He have to find his own body and figure out what was going on.

       Wen Jianing hurried out the door and stood by the roadside to take a taxi. At the same time, he dialled his number. He heard a reply that it was turned off. He took his cell phone and pressed it randomly, and found that he couldn’t remember the phone numbers of his agent and assistant. Those were always on his phone, and he never once thought of memorizing them.

       He got inside the taxi in a hurry and gave the address of the garden house where he lived to the driver. He planned to go home first.

       The taxi driver was listening to some entertainment news on the radio. The female announcer said in a regretful voice, “Today is the burial day of the movie star, Wen Jianing. Wen Jianing died suddenly due to excessive drinking at the age of 34, the next day after he had just won the Academy Award. He had starred in nearly 20 films since his debut. Because of his superb acting skills and professional attitude, he was deeply loved by fans and friends. Today, he will be buried in Xiangyunshan Cemetery. Many fans spontaneously coordinated to say goodbye…”

       Later, the female voice continued to introduce Wen Jianing’s life and movies, but Wen Jianing himself was no longer listening.

      He repeated it over and over again in his head, “Today is the burial day of the movie star, Wen Jianing. Wen Jianing died suddenly due to excessive drinking at the age of 34, the next day after he had just won the Academy Award.” and his whole body was stunned.

       He died? And not only that, but he had been dead for so many days already, and was going to be buried today?

       Wen Jianing took out the phone from his pocket in disbelief. He subconsciously thought that today was the second day of the awards ceremony, but it didn’t even occur to him to check the date on his phone. He pressed the screen with a trembling hand and found out that six days had passed since the awards ceremony. In other words, if he died suddenly because of drinking, it was indeed almost time to be buried today.

       This was not a joke. Wen Jianing may really be dead.

       He leaned back on the back of the chair without strength, and then was brought back to his senses by the sound of a horn outside. Wen Jianing looked blankly out of the window and then said to the driver, “Mister, please go to Xiangyunshan Cemetry.”

       Today, many people came to Xiangyunshan Cemetery, including Wen Jianing’s relatives and friends, as well as the fans who came spontaneously. In order to maintain the order at the scene, they even sent out security guards to block the fans and reporters where Wen Jianing was being buried. However, in order to thank the fans, Wen Jianing’s mother and the agency agreed to let the fans line up for flowers after the funeral.

       At this time, Wen Jianing was standing in the line for fans, some of whom he even knew, because every time he had any activities, these girls would be there.

       One of the girls was crying so hard that she could hardly make a sound. She leaned reluctantly against the other person besides her to breathe.

       Wen Jianing’s cemetery was so large that it could even be called luxurious. It was surrounded by lush and vibrant green grass. At this time, there are many big figures in the entertainment industry standing in that meadow. Most of them wore solemn clothes and held white flowers in their hands.

       Among them was a tall, white man. He was holding a crestfallen woman. The woman looked like she was in her fifties. That woman was Wen Jianing’s mother, Ms. Wen Cuilan. Wen Jianing’s father had passed away a long time ago. His mother married the Canadian next to her five years ago and now lives abroad all year round.

       When Wen Cuilan personally put Wen Jianing’s urn into the cemetery, she was so grief-stricken that she almost fainted.

       When he saw this scene, Wen Jianing couldn’t restrain his emotions and ended up shouting, “Mom!”

       Originally, the atmosphere at the scene was quiet and solemn but Wen Jianing’s shout immediately attracted everyone’s attention, including Wen Cuilan. But of course, no one would think he was calling Wen Cuilan, because Wen Cuilan herself soon turned around and stopped looking at him.

       Only the security guard who maintained order came over and warned him not to make any loud noises.

       Wen Jianing then held back his emotions, did not let himself lose his mind, and apologized to the security guard.

       The ceremony continued step by step. Wen Jianing stood desperately on the spot, watching his urn being buried, and then the guests present came up to him one by one to offer him flowers.

       At this time, Wen Jianing saw Lu Jinlang among the people who offered flowers.

       After so many years of debut, Lu Jinlang was probably the one who has been compared with Wen Jianing the most. Lu Jinlang was 32 years old this year, two years younger than Wen Jianing. However, he has won the Best Actor of the Academy Awards twice, and Wen Jianing was only nominated both times.

       In fact, Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang were not close with one another in private. His impression of Lu Jinlang was that he had always been a cold and steady character. His appearance was very outstanding and his acting skills were excellent. Famous director Zhang Qi once said in front of the media that there was no role that Lu Jinlang couldn’t play. Wen Jianing was a little unconvinced. He carefully studied Lu Jinlang’s performance and found that it was indeed flawless, but this did not mean that he was convinced. From the bottom of his heart, Wen Jianing has been competing with Lu Jinlang.

       But Wen Jianing didn’t know what Lu Jinlang was thinking. There were too few personal contacts between the two. Wen Jianing once heard that Lu Jinlang’s backup was very powerful, but he still didn’t know how powerful it was.

       Lu Jinlang took off the sunglasses from his face when he offered flowers. There was no emotion on his face. He placed the flowers in front of the tombstone and reached out to gently brush away the petals blocking Wen Jianing’s photos. Then he got up and held Wen Cuilan’s hand and said something in a low voice. Wen Jianing guessed that it was nothing more than words of comfort and condolences. 

       After that, Lu Jinlang put on his sunglasses and walked outside. The reporter’s camera began to flash wildly at him. His pace was not hasty or slow, just like his usual steady character, but when he passed by in front of Wen Jianing, he turned his head in his direction.

       Because he was wearing sunglasses, Wen Jianing wasn’t sure if his eyes were on him.

       Then Lu Jinlang left first.

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