Chapter 2

       After that, Wen Jianing didn’t make any more noises until the funeral was over. When the fans offered flowers, he didn’t even come forward to see them and just stood still.

       He saw Wen Cuilan leave with the help of her husband and saw the chief executive of his company and his secretary walking past him, followed by his agent and assistant behind. In fact, he thought about it carefully before coming. He would take advantage of the end of the funeral to find his assistant in private and tell him his identity because only he and the assistant knew of many of his personal life and habits. He would surely be able to confirm his identity, and then find the agent and his mother.

       But now Wen Jianing felt completely at loss. He had become like this. His body has been cremated and buried, and it was impossible to go back. Now this person was a pure stranger to them. After all, would they believe him? Even if they did, could he continue to live as Wen Jianing? Could he go back to his villa? Continue to star in the next movie he signed? Told people all over the world that the real Wen Jianing has come back from the dead?

       Besides, he still remembered the look in Wen Cuilan’s eyes just now. He might only be regarded as a lunatic or a liar who was crazy about money, right? His life has been completely distorted.

       He didn’t know when it began to rain, and the fans in the cemetery began to leave gradually. Wen Jianing stood alone until the end, and the security guards began to look at him with unfriendly eyes and drove him away silently.

       He bowed in the direction of his grave, then turned and left slowly.

       After unwinding in the public toilet of the cemetery, Wen Jianing became even more depressed. He almost forgot about his body. Before, he thought that he might be able to return to his body and hadn’t paid much attention to the disability, but now, he felt that he might really not be able to get out of this strange fate.

       Wen Jianing sat on a small flower stand outside the public toilet, looking at the distance in a daze. After a while, he looked down at his crotch and couldn’t see anything when he put on his pants, but he didn’t even have the courage to reach out and touch it.

       Originally, although he could not be called majestic, at least he was a very normal man, but now, he was not sure whether this boy named Ke Xinhang has normal male functions. Moreover, his physical deformity may be innate.* Although he was quite tall, his skeleton was a little thin. His outline was beautiful, but his Adam’s apple was not evident. His skin was white and tender, and his body hair was sparse.

       Even going to surgery probably won’t change anything.

       Wen Jianing sat in silence for a while. As he saw that it was getting late, he planned to leave the cemetery. He stood outside the cemetery, and he couldn’t find a taxi for a while. He has not taken a bus for years, but at this time there was no other way. He walked to the next station and waited for the only bus that went all the way into the city.

       After getting on the bus, Wen Jianing suddenly found that he didn’t know where to go. When he came out of Ke Xinhang’s house, he took a taxi in a hurry. He didn’t pay attention to where he had left at the time. Now he blankly wondered how to get home by bus.

       He watched the bus drive all the way to the city. Wen Jianing began to look into Ke Xinhang’s small backpack with his head down.

       Just when he took out the phone, the phone suddenly rang. The caller ID was someone named Shan ge*.

       Wen Jianing answered the phone, “Hello”.

       There was a man’s voice on the other side of the phone. He said, “Xinhang, come to the bar to work at night. Yu Jing has asked for leave today.”

      Wen Jianing was silent and did not immediately answer.

      Shan ge asked, “What? You can’t come?”

      Wen Jianing said immediately, “No, I’ll come. How should I go there by bus?”

      Shan ge fell silent, “What’s wrong with you?”

      Wen Jianing said, “I…forgot how to get there.”

      Shan ge then said, “Take a taxi and I’ll give the address to you.”

      Then he hung up.

      Wen Jianing looked at the busy line and only knew that he was going to a bar, but he had no idea where the bar was and what its name was.

      After he put down the phone, Wen Jianing suddenly remembered something. He searched Ke Xinhang’s wallet and found a business card in it. This card left some impression when he got up in the morning and look through Ke Xinhang’s things. The name Su Shan was written on the business card. He was a bar owner. The name of the bar was Red Forest. There was a small row of detailed addresses below.

      Wen Jianing decided to go to the Red Forest first. At least he can know what kind of person Ke Xinhang was.

      It was already more than five o’clock in the afternoon when he arrived there. The bar hadn’t opened yet, but the waiter inside was already making preparations.

      Everyone who saw him greeted him kindly and called him Xinhang.

      He has been out all day since he went out in the morning. Up until now, he hadn’t eaten a mouthful of food or drank a drop of water. He was very tired and sat down in front of the bar. Wen Jianing asked the bartender, “Do you have anything to eat?”

      While wiping the glass, the bartender said, “I haven’t made any food yet, wait a minute.” With that, he went around to the back kitchen.

      He waited for ten minutes, and the kitchen staff at the back brought him seafood fried rice.

      Wen Jianing thanked him and picked up a spoon to eat fried rice.

      He thought that Ke Xinhang probably has been working in this bar for a long time, so he was close with everyone here. Even his food preference did not need to be questioned, the kitchen naturally knew.

      Before he finished his food, Wen Jianing saw a thin man coming from behind the bar, and everyone who passed by called him Shan ge.

      Wen Jianing knew that this man was Su Shan, so he nodded to him and called, “Shan ge.”

      Su Shan sat down beside Wen Jianing and asked, “Did you bring your guitar today?”

      Wen Jianing didn’t know how to answer, so he was silent for a while as a way of saying yes.

      Su Shan then asked him, “Then what are you going to sing today? Go up to sing a cappella?”

      Wen Jianing was a little surprised and looked at Su Shan.

      Su Shan thought he was a little strange and asked, “What’s the matter with you today? Something’s wrong? “

      In fact, from Su Shan’s words, Wen Jianing could conclude that Ke Xinhang’s original job was probably the resident singer of this bar. He liked to play and sing on stage with his guitar. He just felt a little surprised, but under Su Shan’s questioning, he quickly cleared up his emotion, shook his head and said, “Nothing.”

      Su Shan looked at him inexplicably and said, “Wait for me to send you back tonight, there is something to tell you.”

      Wen Jianing nodded, and said, “Okay.”

      After he finished his meal and took a break, the bar opened, and guests came one after another.

      As a resident singer, his performance didn’t officially start until eight o’clock.

      Wen Jianing was a professional actor, not a singer, but he had also sung songs on many occasions. He even had professional vocal training and appeared in musicals. He didn’t sing not because he couldn’t master the skills of singing, but because he had a bad voice and had no interest in singing itself.

      Now even when he had to suddenly sing on the stage, he won’t have stage fright. He dared to open his mouth and sing when tens of thousands of people asked him to sing a capella, let alone in the presence of such a small bar.

      But when he communicated with the bar’s band, the other party was obviously not so happy.

      Wen Jianing felt a little strange about this because he always thought Ke Xinhang was a good person to get along with. It could be seen from the attitude of other waiters in the bar. He didn’t know what friction there is between the band and Ke Xinhang and where the resistance came from.

      However, since they received the money from the bar, they would still do the work that should be done. After Wen Jianing came on stage, the band still played the accompaniment cooperatively.

      It was a pop lyric song.

      Wen Jianing himself didn’t know many songs. He was familiar with this song because it was the theme song of one of his movies. It was highly popular in the streets, and the original singer was a female singer. Another reason for choosing this song was that Ke Xinhang’s original voice was softer and clearer than that of ordinary men because of his body, which was relatively suitable for this fresh female song.

      As soon as the accompaniment started, the bartender in the bar stopped his action and said to Su Shan who sat in front of the bar, “What’s the matter with Xinhang today? Something’s wrong. “

      Wen Jianing actually didn’t know Ke Xinhang at all.

      Ke Xinhang was only cheerful and optimistic on the surface, but he was actually very cautious and sensitive. He had always had his own persistence in music. When he sang in the bar, he mostly sang his own original songs or some unpopular English songs.  Whether he was good at singing or not, his selection of songs was destined to be unpopular. Only because Su Shan has a good relationship with him, he could make his own decision.

      Because he didn’t need band accompaniment, the relationship between him and the band was not very good. Maybe they were somewhat dissatisfied with each other.

      But today, Ke Xinhang stood on the stage and sang a popular song uncharacteristically. The effect was unexpectedly good.

      Su Shan noticed that most of the guests were attracted to the performance. He also turned his head to Ke Xinhang in the stands. He felt that he was indeed a little different today.

      If he had to say something, it was probably because he has an unusual appeal today. If one only talked about singing, Wen Jianing might not be comparable to Ke Xinhang, but when it comes to stage expressiveness and appeal, even ten Ke Xinhang might not catch up with one Wen Jianing. How to integrate emotion into a song and let the audience feel it, was the same as how to embed emotion in his lines for Wen Jianing.

      The melodious and clear voice echoed with a little thought. When the song was over, the whole bar burst into applause.

      Several regulars also came to ask Su Shan what happened to the singer today.

      Su Shan smiled and shook his head.

      After the song ended, Wen Jianing sang another classic pop song from the 1990s, which was still very popular.

    At the end of the two songs, he thanked them and stepped down to rest.

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