Chapter 117 – Spatial Ring


Jian Luo never expected the queen to help him. Of course, what he didn’t expect even more was to receive an opportunity to escape. But the queen’s next words were like a bucket of cold water poured over him from head to toe.


The queen said, “But once you leave, it’s best not to try to contact the outside world for now.”


Jian Luo instinctively asked, “Why?”


“These spatial rings and bracelets track their users.” The queen propped herself up with one hand on the bed, her tone lazy. “So you’d better stay away from electronic devices.”


Jian Luo nodded.


Now it wasn’t about whether he wanted to believe the queen or not; she was the only one he could trust now.


The queen glanced at the monitor in the top left corner before getting up. She smiled. “I should go. I’ll have someone bring you some food to nourish yourself. Having a child is very tiring.”


Jian Luo said, “Thank you.”


The queen tossed Jian Luo’s coat onto the bed before adjusting her hair. Her tone was slightly solemn. “Luo Luo, remember, this child is important not only to others but also to you. Whenever it is, do your best to keep the child safe.”


Jian Luo unconsciously touched his stomach and nodded. “Okay.”


In fact, he understood many of these truths himself. Perhaps in front of these powerful figures, he was just a pawn. They all saw his value and wanted to use him.


In this world, there were no free favors. The countless favors he received and the unique tolerance and love he received from Lu Shifeng were all conditional.


No one ever asked him if he wanted such uniqueness.


Sometimes what Silver-Gray said was not wrong. This world was crazy; everyone was crazy.



The next day.


Jian Luo still went for his regular check-up as usual. Being in his later months, moving around wasn’t easy for him. When he arrived at the examination room, he noticed Silver Grey was there too.


Silver Grey waved at him, holding a medical report. “Come here,” he said.


Jian Luo approached.


Silver Grey pulled him closer, a bit too close for comfort. The rough hand of the pirate leader brushed against Jian Luo’s cheek, making him inhale sharply before Silver Grey pushed him away slightly.


“What are you doing?” Jian Luo asked.


Silver Grey seemed pensive. “Your blood… it really tastes sweet.”




Jian Luo stepped back, watching him warily. “I warn you not to mess around.”


Silver Grey looked at him, as if he were a startled little animal. His unexpectedly cute demeanor made one want to tease him a bit more. “Don’t worry, I’m not interested in human blood.”


Jian Luo remained unconvinced.


Silver Grey sat on the edge of the medical bed, one leg resting on the bed while the other dangled freely. With a hint of mischief, he said, “No wonder you could get pregnant. Perhaps you’re the last of your kind in the whole universe.”


Silver Grey rubbed his chin. “I initially thought it was an issue with your species, but it seems the one in your belly might be even more important than you.”


He was truly rare.


The birth of a pure-blood required the sacrifice of thousands of other replicants, and sometimes success wasn’t guaranteed. But Jian Luo was different; he could conceive a pure-blood without needing those sacrifices, without needing any life to be sacrificed.


What’s even more frightening is that Jian Luo’s child might possess the same ability.


Such a person is far more important than a child. Jian Luo himself is irreplaceable.


Jian Luo leaned against the wall, earnestly saying, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Look, Dragon let you go before. You shouldn’t treat his wife and child like this. You… you know that even pirates have their principles, right?”


Silver Grey looked at him, chuckling.


Just as the two were about to say more, there was a sudden dull thud from outside, causing a significant tremor. Even the warship seemed to shake three times.


Silver Grey looked back.


Jian Luo’s eyes widened slightly, his heart suddenly hopeful. “Could it be…”


“Look how excited you are,” Silver Grey scoffed. “It’s only been a few days; acting like it’s a life-or-death reunion.”



This was too much!


Jian Luo didn’t have the mood to bother with him. His heart and eyes were filled with anticipation, hoping it was indeed Lu Shifeng, hoping it was him, hoping it was the person coming to rescue him.


The electronic door outside beeped.


Silver Grey said, “Come in.”


“Sir,” an officer stood outside, “it’s the military. Their warship has surrounded us, and Lu Shifeng is here.”


Lu Shifeng is here.


Five words that didn’t weigh much but carried an invisible pressure for everyone present. Sometimes, a person’s name is like a verdict.


Silver Grey was smart. “Don’t confront him head-on. He’s acting crazy right now. Just find a way to open a wormhole and go around.”


The officer glanced at Jian Luo and nodded. “Got it.”


Silver Grey turned to look at Jian Luo, chuckling. “What’s wrong? You were quite talkative earlier. Why so quiet now?”


Jian Luo stood quietly in place, no longer making a fuss. “I’m tired of talking.”


He calmed down completely. With Lu Shifeng around, he had nothing to fear.


Silver Grey was about to speak when suddenly, a scream came from outside, followed by the roar of a dragon. The sound was distant yet resonant, carrying with it a visible anger, marking Jian Luo’s first time hearing a dragon’s roar—a mix of roughness and majestic authority.


Chaos erupted outside.


Silver Grey was the first to react. “Madman.”


Just as the officer was about to take Jian Luo back, all the lights in the hall went out, leaving only the emergency green lights on the walls. The world plunged into darkness, fostering fear in the hearts of those present.


In the darkness, there were gunshots, voices, and the sounds of mechanical battles.




The outer walls seemed to have been breached, and the wall that could withstand cannonball impacts collapsed with a deafening crash. Along with the collapse came smoke, and amidst it, a man in military uniform stood tall, staring straight at them.


Silver Grey spat, “Are you out of your mind?”


Jian Luo was behind Silver Grey, who brushed off everything thrown at him. Then he continued, “You know what consequences you’ll face for forcibly breaking my mechanisms? Do you want to die?”


Lu Shifeng remained silent.


Silver Grey had no choice. He took Jian Luo and used him as a hostage, warning Lu Shifeng, “I advise you not to come any closer. This entire hall is rigged with mechanisms. If you trigger them by coming closer, I’ll be fine, but I can’t guarantee the safety of your sweetheart.”


Lu Shifeng stood still, his red eyes shining like blood. He looked at Silver Grey quietly. Suddenly, a smile crept onto his lips, a smile carrying boundless chilliness, sending shivers down one’s spine. He said, “Bring her here.”


Soldiers dragged someone over, and Jian Luo immediately saw the woman in red.


The queen was brought over, her hands bound. She looked somewhat disheveled, obviously captured.


Silver Grey leaned against the counter, first stunned, then burst into laughter. “Brother, why do you think capturing her can pressure me?”


Lu Shifeng remained silent.


“After retreating, you still managed to get captured; you’re weak. Such feeble women…” Silver Grey paused, then turned to Jian Luo. “Hey, did you kick me just now?”


Jian Luo, expressionless, retracted his leg. “No.”


Silver Grey asked, “Then who else?”


Ignoring him, Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng nearby. Lu Shifeng, or rather, the entire dragon, seemed somewhat abnormal now. Half of his face was covered in scales, his dragon horn was still visible, and even the ground he stood on had turned red within moments.


He’s injured.


He’s bleeding.


Jian Luo’s eyes widened, taking a step forward towards Lu Shifeng. Silver Grey moved faster, and a temporal vortex appeared seemingly out of nowhere, just a meter away. The wind even tugged at Jian Luo’s clothes.


Silver Grey pulled Jian Luo towards it.


But Lu Shifeng had been fooled once. The Black Dragon’s reaction speed was astonishing. With Silver Grey halfway into the vortex, a bullet tore through space, aimed at Silver Grey’s leg.


Silver Grey squinted, releasing Jian Luo’s hand. Half of his body transformed into a dragon form to block the bullet. Thus, in front of Jian Luo, in the vast medical hall, he saw the Silver Dragon for the first time, a magnificent, shining silver dragon, seemingly the opposite of Lu Shifeng, black and white, conflicting yet complementary.


Silver Grey is an intelligent dragon. A smart dragon cannot compete with a crazy one. With a flick of his tail, he rushed over and picked up the queen nearby at lightning speed, heading swiftly towards the vortex about to close.


Jian Luo was right beside him.


The entire medical hall was shaking. Bottles and jars on one wall clattered down, some glass jars even shattered near his feet. Silver Grey rushed over, wanting to grab Jian Luo and leave. However, Jian Luo kept clutching onto a ring, prepared for any eventuality. To protect himself, he crawled under the table.


The cacophony around was deafening, and the smoke irritated him. Jian Luo sat under the table, instinctively clutching his stomach. He felt intense cramps, and the dragon inside him started to move restlessly, sensing the unease.


In an instant, the aura of dragon hatchlings filled the entire warship, and all dragons sensed it.




Another shelf collapsed.


Silver Grey was the closest. The instinct to protect dragon hatchlings was ingrained in dragonkind. Silver Grey veered slightly towards Jian Luo, using his tail to deflect the shelf about to hit the table. Just as Silver Grey was about to come closer, a black dragon charged in, knocking the person aside.


Two dragons fought fiercely. Things on the walls fell, and Jian Luo, gripping the ring tightly, accidentally cut his palm on its sharp edge, staining the ring with blood.




The ring glowed.


A suction force activated a teleportation wall beside Jian Luo. Everything happened in an instant. Even Jian Luo, the ring’s owner, didn’t react in time. He didn’t know the ring’s opening method. Worse still, the force was too strong for him to crawl out from under the table, out of the teleportation range.


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