Chapter 141 – Return to Dark Star


A few children stood in a row at the door.


Jian Luo’s happiness was palpable. He squatted down and picked up the children, saying, “Weren’t you supposed to be observing today?”


“We missed you, Dad.” The youngest daughter climbed into Jian Luo’s arms, finding her usual spot to snuggle in. “We want to sleep with Dad.”


Looking at the small bundle of children, Jian Luo’s heart melted a bit.


He gently raised his hand to stroke her head. “Daddy missed you too.”


Behind him, Lu Shifeng sat on the sofa like a grim reaper, coldly observing the scene of fatherly affection. This warm picture had nothing to do with him.


Jian Luo turned around, somewhat surprised. “You’re still here?”



Lu Shifeng squinted his eyes.


Jian Luo immediately sensed his displeasure. But what did that have to do with him? Could he please go be unhappy in his own room and not disturb his and the kids’ rest?


Jian Luo walked to the bedside without looking back. “Remember to close the door on your way out.”


Lu Shifeng was almost amused by his anger.


Fortunately, Lu Shifeng quickly came up with an idea. “We’re about to enter the Stan Interstellar Zone. This area is not very peaceful; there are often space pirates. Tonight might not be safe. Since you’re a light sleeper, you might not rest well. I’ll stay here with you for a while.”


Jian Luo looked at him strangely.


Then, Lu Shifeng heard him say, “Since it’s so unsafe, you should hurry back to the command center. That would make me feel more at ease. Don’t worry, I’ll have Mom and the kids with me. I won’t be lonely!”



The room fell silent for a moment.


Lu Shifeng forced a smile through gritted teeth. “Really?”


“Yeah.” Jian Luo spoke confidently and thoughtfully, “Go ahead and get busy. I can handle it!”



Lu Shifeng couldn’t smile.


Finally, he left, closing the door behind him. Jian Luo looked at the closed door and finally breathed a sigh of relief.


The little sister sat on the bed, while the other two quietly watched Jian Luo.


Jian Luo asked, “Why are you all staring at Dad?”


“Dad.” The little silver dragon’s dark eyes were as clear as a spring. “Why doesn’t Dad stay with us?”


Innocent words from a child.


But that clear and crisp voice seemed to carry an inexplicable weight, lightly stepping on Jian Luo’s heart.


Jian Luo asked, “Do you like Dad?”


The little sister nodded.


Although Lu Shifeng was always strict with them, Dad would take them hunting, bathe them, stand in front of them when there was danger, and bring them lots of strange and delicious food. Although his bedtime stories were really boring.


Jian Luo patted the dragon child’s head and softly said, “Dad will stay with you.”


He was the one who should step back.


They were of the same race.


They were meant to be together, and he was just an outsider.


Sensing Jian Luo’s low spirits, the little sister hesitated for a moment before crawling into his arms and murmuring softly, “Daddy should be with us too.”


Jian Luo paused.


Beside them, Long Aotian yawned, his head nodding sleepily. His voice was muffled and soft, “Daddy, sleepy.”


Jian Luo’s previously gathered emotions dissipated. He saw that the second child had fallen asleep and patted the remaining two. “Sleep, sleep.”


Thinking too much was useless. Just take it one step at a time.


Tears and sadness were the most useless. No matter what comes, face it bravely. After all, some things can’t be avoided by running away.



The Next Day


After days of traveling, the warship was finally returning to Dark Star.


In fact, Dark Star’s territory was quite recognizable. The universe was divided into many star systems, with numerous planets orbiting within each one. The degree of prosperity varied across dimensions. In smaller systems, it was good if even one civilization emerged among hundreds of planets.


This led to many parts of the universe being relatively desolate and quiet.


But these were small star systems. The prosperity of star systems was rated as SSR, S, A, B, C, D, F, in descending order. Earth belonged to the F system, where the entire solar system produced only one civilization. In contrast, higher-rated systems produced more civilizations.


Dark Star was the most notable example.


The Dark Star system was vast, with countless civilizations along the way. Upon entering the Dark Star system, the number of warships and flights in the universe increased, with small and large passenger ships everywhere. Almost every planet along the way was lit up. This was the bustling capital system, holding 80% of the universe’s wealth and resources.


After entering Dark Star territory, the escorting warships withdrew, and the main ship traveled faster, returning to its home ground.


Early in the morning, Secretary Jin arrived. “Luo Luo, what are you going to wear today?”


Jian Luo was puzzled. “Why should I change?”


“How can you not change? Today is a very important day!” Secretary Jin lowered her voice. “The whole nation is waiting for your return. The landing area of the warship is already packed. The emperor, ministers, and several nobles are there. The reporters and major media outlets have been waiting for a long time.”





A question mark appeared over Jian Luo’s head. “Is it really that exaggerated?”


“It’s not exaggerated.” Secretary Jin was amused. “You know, everyone has been waiting for these children for too long. Before this, everyone thought Dark Star was doomed. A planet without new life is just dead. Although we’ve always relied on replication technology, the end of technology is also death. Over the years, everyone had an implicit answer in their hearts, just waiting for it to be revealed.”


A row of clothes was brought in.


Secretary Jin asked Jian Luo to choose while saying, “But with the birth of the three little princes, everything is different. It shows that we are not doomed to extinction. We still have hope. You and the princes are not just miracles; you are hope, the hope of the entire world.”


A race without hope and faith is extremely terrifying.


Jian Luo chose a formal black-and-white tailcoat, matching Lu Shifeng’s military uniform. Holding the clothes, he looked at the delicate patterns and the high-quality fabric, all exuding nobility. After a moment, he finally asked, “Will you be good to the three of them?”


Secretary Jin was first stunned, then replied, “Of course.”


Jian Luo smiled without asking further and went inside to change.



In the afternoon…


At the Dark Star Warship Dock


The previously restricted area was now crowded with people. Numerous media drones filled the sky, though the central area was well protected. Below the warship, a group of people, including the young emperor, stood watching the hatch open.


Jian Luo stood at the passageway. He could step down with just one step, but he was nervous.


The dragon children snuggled in his arms, looking up at him in confusion. Only the bravest, Long Aotian, was most at ease, sitting on Lu Shifeng’s shoulder, treating the warship, symbolizing supreme honor and power, as his stool, leisurely swishing his tail.


Jian Luo stood at the passageway, pressing his lips together, his heart pounding and his movements somewhat stiff.


Lu Shifeng glanced sideways at him.


Sensing the gaze, Jian Luo turned back with a somewhat forced smile.


Lu Shifeng offered his arm, saying, “If you’re scared, hold onto my hand.”


Jian Luo wanted to retort, “I’m not scared.”


“The stairs down from the warship are very steep,” Lu Shifeng said. “They might take pictures of you. If you miss a step, your fans will have plenty of new memes.”




Fine, you win.


Jian Luo wisely took Lu Shifeng’s arm.


Lu Shifeng’s body always maintained a neutral temperature, neither too cold nor too warm. His arm was strong and firm, his upright posture like an immovable mountain, providing a great sense of security. His voice was steady, as if this was just a small outing, “There are a lot of people, but we’ll be back soon. If they bother you, just ignore them.”


Jian Luo replied, “…Okay.”


With this little chat, his nerves eased.


Gathering his courage, he stepped out of the hatch. The bright sunlight outside immediately enveloped him, bringing a gentle warmth. There was a faint, familiar fragrance in the air, unique to Dark Star.


The warship was very high, and the stairs were indeed very steep. Standing here, looking down, the crowd below was vast. A sea of people looked up at him. They seemed small from this distance, just tiny black dots in Jian Luo’s eyes, reducing the pressure somewhat.


The dragon children in his arms were curious too.


Especially Long Aotian, who let out a soft, puzzled chirp upon seeing so many people. He nuzzled Lu Shifeng’s face, as if silently asking where they were.


The delicate, fragile chirp of the young dragon, though faint, was accurately captured by those below. It was a unique sound of a newborn, a soulful bond of the beast pack to their young.


Someone in the crowd started, and then cheers erupted.


For thousands of years, Dark Star had been shrouded in the shadow of no new births. This bustling capital had turned into a stagnant pool, its inhabitants living like the walking dead. No matter how glamorous they appeared, their bodies were nearly decaying under their finery.


“We have children now!”


“These are Dark Star’s children!”


“We have hope! Dark Star will not perish!”


The thunderous cheers grew louder, wave after wave. The crowd stretched endlessly. The entire planet, or rather, this entire land, was boiling over. Even the air seemed to roar and celebrate. Their shouts were not just for cheering and celebration but seemed like a defiant cry to the world, a desperate shout against fate.


Sunlight bathed the world. At this moment, it felt like the planet was truly warming up again, truly illuminated by the universe.


Jian Luo slowly descended the stairs, relieved that he hadn’t gone deaf.


The young emperor and his entourage were waiting below, a reception of the highest order. For thousands of years, no star lord visiting Dark Star had received such a grand welcome.


Jian Luo stood firm on the ground, only to be almost knocked over by a rushing figure. The young emperor, though small in stature, moved swiftly. He wanted to throw himself into Jian Luo’s arms but was stopped by Lu Shifeng’s quicker hand.




The young emperor struggled in vain, ending up a step away.


Lu Shifeng said, “Your Majesty, there are media present. What about the dignity of a ruler?”


The young emperor pouted, “But you’re scolding me in front of the media.”


“Oh?” Lu Shifeng’s smile didn’t reach his eyes. “Then I apologize to Your Majesty.”




Forget it, I’m scared.


The young emperor looked at Luo Luo, his eyes red. “Luo Luo, you’ve suffered. It’s all my fault.”


Jian Luo hadn’t expected the young emperor to be so emotional and quickly said, “No, it’s nothing.”


Long Aotian in his arms looked at the young emperor expressionlessly, while the little sister hid behind Long Aotian, peeking out shyly.


Seeing the small figure of the dragon child, the young emperor’s eyes lit up, trembling with excitement. “Is this the little one?”


Jian Luo nodded. He wanted to bring the child out, but there were too many people around, so he smiled and said, “They’re still young and a bit shy.”


The young emperor understood. “When I first ascended to the throne and saw so many people, I almost wet my pants. Luckily, no one knew.”


Lu Shifeng remained expressionless. “Your Majesty, now everyone knows.”




Jian Luo couldn’t bear to watch. Thanks to the young emperor, he wasn’t nervous at all.


The young emperor seemed to remember something. “It’s okay. We can go back soon. Everyone just came to see you and the little ones. Luo Luo, a national survey was conducted recently. The top three most popular questions were selected by public vote. Can you answer them? After that, we can go back.”


Jian Luo didn’t expect this process. But today, there were at least thousands of people present, and it didn’t seem right to just make an appearance and leave.


Thinking this, Jian Luo said, “Sure, let me see the questions.”


The young emperor, prepared, brought out the questionnaire and placed it in front of Jian Luo. “Here are the three.”


Jian Luo thought they must be about the children!


He took the panel without much pressure, recalling the children’s daily activities. However, he was stunned by the first question.


Top 1 Most Anticipated Question:


What is Jian Luo’s ideal partner like?


Top 2 Most Anticipated Question:


Is Jian Luo still single?


Top 3 Most Anticipated Question:


Do we all still have a chance?




Not a single question about the children, all rather peculiar inquiries. It was unclear how these were selected.


Seeing Jian Luo’s prolonged silence and surprised expression, Lu Shifeng had a bad feeling. “What is it?”


Jian Luo glanced at him awkwardly.


Lu Shifeng frowned and looked over. “What did they ask?”


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