Chapter 82

       Yu Jie let go of his hand, and half of his cheeks gradually became red and swollen visible to the naked eye. He pressed his tongue against it, but he didn’t get angry, shook his head at Ning Junyan and then said to Guan Anlin, “Xiao Guan, we might have a misunderstanding.”

       But Shu Rong said, “What misunderstanding? Why can’t we talk about it properly? How can you hit someone? Are you a barbarian?”

       Guan Anlin glanced at her impatiently, “None of your business, you damn old woman!”

       Chen Yuncheng pulled Guan Anlin, looked at Shu Rong, and when she saw her, her face turned livid.

       Shu Rong probably hadn’t had much contact with people like Guan Anlin, her chest rose and fell violently, and she asked Ning Junyan, “Is this the friend you made?”

       Ning Junyan said indifferently, “He’s not my friend.”

       Shu Rong looked at Guan Anlin with an angry face and then turned to Chen Yuncheng.

       Chen Yuncheng was about to say something, but Guan Anlin came to his senses first. He remembered that this woman was Ning Junyan’s mother, which was Chen Yuncheng’s evil mother-in-law, so he had to be a little more polite, so he changed his tone and said, “Auntie, it’s none of your business in the first place, who is he to you? Are you his accomplice in drug manufacturing and trafficking?”

       Shu Rong didn’t speak, but her complexion became uglier. For a while, she didn’t know whether she should respond to the title “Auntie” or to the “drug manufacturing and trafficking” thing.

       Yu Jie frowned, his eyes swept across the faces of Shu Rong and Ning Junyan—mother and son as if he had made a choice, and said to Guan Anlin, “Xiao Guan, we will explain the misunderstanding between us slowly.” Then he said to Shu Rong “I originally came to visit President Ning today, but it’s inconvenient now, please help me wish him a speedy recovery, and I’ll come back another day when I’m free.” He picked up the flowers on the ground and handed them to Shu Rong.

       Shu Rong hesitated, reached out to take it, and only nodded.

       Yu Jie was still able to smile at Ning Junyan at this time, turned around and walked away steadily.

       Shu Rong gave Guan Anlin and Chen Yuncheng a sharp look, turned around and opened the door of the ward, walked in, and then closed the door heavily from the inside.

       Chen Yuncheng looked at Ning Junyan, and it happened that Ning Junyan was also looking at him.

       Ning Junyan said, “I’ll see you off.”

       Chen Yuncheng pulled Guan Anlin a step slower, not wanting to run into Yu Jie again, Guan Anlin felt annoyed and cursed in a low voice.

       “There’s nothing you can do about him now,” Chen Yuncheng said, “If you really hit him hard, won’t you be arrested and put back in jail?”

       Guan Anlin said indignantly, “So just drop it?”

       Chen Yuncheng did not speak.

       When Guan Anlin was first arrested by the police, Chen Yuncheng did not give up. He wanted to find out about Yu Jie who was the person behind Guan Anlin. He tried to find clues by himself, asked Zhang Wenyong for help, and even asked the police, but all to no avail. Now that Guan Anlin had been released from prison for two years, it was naturally more difficult to arrest Yu Jie.

       Guan Anlin also knew in his heart that after he came out, that’s why he didn’t try to settle accounts with Yu Jie. If he hadn’t met Yu Jie by chance today, this matter might not be resolved.

       As he said, he was stupid at the beginning, and he paid the price for his stupidity.

       Walking all the way to the elevator, Chen Yuncheng said to Ning Junyan, “Your mother is angry.”

       Ning Junyan let out an “En” and didn’t seem to care much. He stopped and said, “I won’t accompany you downstairs.”

       Chen Yuncheng nodded, “U’m going to work.”

       Ning Junyan suddenly reached out, hooked the back of his neck and lowered his head to kiss him on the lips, then quickly left and said, “I’ll pick you up tomorrow afternoon.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled and nodded.

       Guan Anlin got angry for a moment and felt that Ning Junyan had insulted Chen Yuncheng by kissing Chen Yuncheng in front of him, but soon he saw Chen Yuncheng smiling and felt that his anger was unreasonable. So he suppressed it and only urged Chen Yuncheng to say goodbye, “Let’s go.”

       Ning Junyan stood where he was, watched them enter the elevator, and waited for the elevator door to close before turning around and leaving.

       He went back to the single ward where Ning Zhanghong stayed, and when he opened the door to enter, he saw Shu Rong sitting on the chair beside the bed with anger still on his face.

       When she heard the sound of the door opening, Shu Rong turned her head to look at Ning Junyan and quickly turned back without saying anything.

       Ning Zhanghong lay on the hospital bed with a tired face and simply closed his eyes.

       Ning Junyan asked Shu Rong, “Are you having dinner at the hospital?”

       Shu Rong stood up immediately, and she asked Ning Junyan, “Look who are those people?”

       Ning Junyan said, “Are you talking about Boss Yu?”

       Shu Rong choked for a moment and quickly said, “That person just now wasn’t your friend, it was Chen Yuncheng’s friend, right?”

       Ning Junyan did not answer her question,

       Shu Rong took two steps forward. Since Ning Zhanghong’s emergency operation that day until now, she has had no time to talk to Ning Junyan alone. At this moment, she finally couldn’t bear it anymore and asked, “What exactly is your relationship with that Chen Yuncheng?”

       Ning Junyan walked to the window, arranged a few bouquets on the window sill, and asked casually, “What do you think?”

       “What do I think?” Shu Rong sounded anxious, “I think you guys aren’t normal!”

       Ning Junyan turned his head and saw that under Ning Zhang Hong’s closed eyelids, his eyes rolled gently but did not open. He looked at Shu Rong again, “I think it’s quite normal, falling in love, sleeping together, getting married. What else do you want to know?”

       Shu Rong’s face turned red in an instant,  she froze in place for two seconds before turning around to grab Ning Zhanghong’s arm, “Listen to what your son is saying?”

       Ning Junyan frowned, “Don’t touch him. He shouldn’t be grabbed like that.”

       But Ning Zhanghong finally opened his eyes and said weakly, “Don’t quarrel. Speak up if you have something to say.”

       Shu Rong quickly gave up on Ning Zhanghong. She walked up to Ning Junyan, grabbed Ning Junyan’s arm, and said to him angrily, “Have you gone mad? Even if you don’t care that he’s a punk with no parents, he’s a man; why are you in love with a man? I worked so hard to raise you and provide you with the best conditions for your education, not so you can fall in love with a man and get married!”

       Ning Junyan looked down at Shu Rong that was grabbing his hand. She grabbed him so hard that her fingernails turned white. Ning Junyan asked her in a calm tone, “And what are you in it for? What did you want to get from raising me after all your hard work?”

       Shu Rong said, “I want you to be good, I want you to be talented, I want you to marry a woman of comparable condition, have two children, and I want you to have a better life than others!”

       Ning Junyan said, “I have a better life with Chen Yuncheng than anyone else.”

       “You’re crazy,” Shu Rong turned around and returned to the bed, and said to Ning Zhanghong, “Your son is crazy. His head probably hasn’t been healed, you should get out of the hospital quickly and find a specialist to look at him.”

       Ning Zhanghong sighed and said, “Junyan, this is not right.”

       Ning Junyan said to him, “You’d better get some rest, and whether it’s right or not will be discussed when you’re discharged from the hospital.”

       Ning Zhanghong looked at Shu Rong, “Don’t worry, the child will be taught slowly.”

       Shu Rong said angrily, “How else am I supposed to teach? Are you going to teach me?”

       Ning Zhanghong simply closed his eyes, and his brow furrowed as he stopped talking.

       Ning Junyan said to Shu Rong, “Stop arguing with him, don’t you want him to be discharged from the hospital?”

       Shu Rong finally calmed down.

       Ning Junyan walked towards the door and said to Shu Rong before opening the door, “That Yu Jie, last time Yuncheng asked me to tell you that his background is not clean, and told you not to associate with him.”

       Shu Rong folded her arms and didn’t look at Ning Junyan, “I know what’s going on in my mind, I have no business dealings with him.” After she finished speaking, she couldn’t hold back and said again, “And what’s with Chen Yuncheng? How could his friend speak to me like that?”

       Ning Junyan said, “He didn’t say anything wrong. What’s it to you if he beats up Yu Jie? In the future, when you come across such things, don’t get involved in nosy things. Just stay away from them.”

       Shu Rong was almost trembling with anger at his words and took deep breaths to calm down.

       Ning Junyan had already left the ward and closed the door gently.

       On the way back, Guan Anlin was still driving, and Chen Yuncheng sat in the passenger seat.

       Guan Anlin thought about it and felt a little worried. He asked Chen Yuncheng, “Is what I said to Ning Junyan’s mother unpleasant? Why is she so angry?”

       Chen Yuncheng laughed a little suddenly, propped his head lazily with one hand against the window, and said, “It’s alright.”

       Guan Anlin was puzzled, “How can you still laugh? I’m afraid of offending someone, and it will cause you more trouble in the future.”

       Chen Yuncheng sighed and said, “I didn’t expect her to accept me either.”

       From the way Shu Rong had sneered at him during New Year’s Eve to the way Shu Rong had ignored him on the day of Ning Zhanghong’s surgery, Chen Yuncheng already knew very well in his heart that no matter what he did, Shu Rong would not accept him and still harboured an inexplicable hostility towards him.

       His courtesy and care for Shu Rong stem from his nature, but it did not mean that he had unrealistic delusions about Shu Rong. Therefore, he was not too concerned about whether or not Guan Anlin would offend Shu Rong and even felt a little secretly funny when he saw Shu Rong’s face change.

       Guan Anlin asked him, “Then what are your plans?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “No plan, I’m going to leave it to Ning Junyan.” After he said this, he suddenly realized that Ning Junyan was too reliable in his heart. No matter how Shu Rong obstructed him, he would always trusts Ning Junyan. There was absolutely no way Ning Junyan would give up on him because of that.

Good thing Chen Yuncheng is not the typical I need your mom and dad to accept me kind of partner. But it must also be because Ning Junyan give him good assurance too

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  1. Ketkai

    Mmhmm good thing mc and ml doesn’t pay much attention to the unreasonable mother. She’s unhealthy. Also good that mc believes in ml, not breaking up with ml since he wants ml to have a better future or because parents say no or because he doesn’t want their family to be more broken. Mc has the right amount of expectations.

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