There was a lot of space in the extended car, so after Chu Yu finished speaking, he leaned on the backrest and closed his eyes to rest. After a while, Xu Ye heard rustling sounds, and the seat beside him moved.


       The man’s starry eyes opened slightly to see the man kneeling at his feet without an inch of clothing. A small shiver of nervousness and embarrassment washed over his pale skin as he looked at him with pursed lips and dark eyes. As Xu Ye saw the man looking at him, he straightened his back a little awkwardly.


       “Say what you want to say.” Chu Yu opened his mouth.


       Xu Ye opened his mouth in panic, “Master, I was wrong…”


       “I’ve heard this sentence before.” The man sat with his arms crossed. His black pupils were calm and unwavering, “I’ll only give you a minute, so you better hurry up and say something I haven’t heard before.”


       Xu Ye’s face was flushed red, and his eyes flickered as he eagerly said, “Master…you can punish me however you want. I promise I won’t make this kind of mistake again…can you please don’t be angry…” What made him feel alarmed was Chu Yu’s attitude. Those warmthless gazes were no different from how he was looking at the landscape outside the window.


       The second young master Chu raised his hand and looked at his watch, and only after a minute had passed did he speak again, “First of all, as a slave, everything about you belongs to me completely, and I can punish you in any way as a matter of course. Secondly, your assurance is meaningless to me. In the end, you know very well what has upset me. Since you did it, you should have the self-awareness to bear everything. A word of advice for you, whatever I do to you in the future, you had better not struggle unnecessarily, for that will make me even more unhappy.” After he said that, he closed his eyes again, “Stay quiet, or I will leave you naked on the road.”


       “…Yes, Master.” Xu Ye lowered his eyelids, hiding all his emotions.


       The car mat was soft, and the knees won’t hurt when kneeling. What was scary, however, was the time.


       The drive from Qianchuan back to City H took at least two and a half hours.


       Xu Ye just knelt quietly without moving. When the car stopped, Xu Ye’s legs were numb, and he couldn’t feel anything.


       There was a noise outside the car door, and he trembled in panic. The glass of the car window was dark, so the inside of the car could not be seen from the outside. If the driver opened the door, his naked body would be shown in front of others. There was a buzzing in Xu Ye’s head. He looked at the man in front of him with a blue face and a pleading look in his eyes, “Master, can I be allowed to put on my clothes…”


       Chu Yu sat leisurely and glanced at him indifferently.


       The sound of footsteps outside the car door was getting closer and closer, Xu Ye was so panicked that his eyes even turned red, and he kept saying, “Please… Master, please…”


       The drivers of the Chu family were all people with vast experience, and those who follow Chu Yu were even more clever. When he saw the second young master put down the partition screen while driving, he had already guessed what was going on in the back seat and had already notified the bodyguard to wait outside the car. Who would have the guts to pull the door without the second young master’s orders?


       Chu Yu was silent for a moment, then opened the window by a gap, and immediately a bodyguard waiting outside the car door came over, “Bring me the box I left in the living room, plus a blanket.”


       In no time at all, the items were delivered. When Chu Yu pressed the car window to take the things, the tall bodyguards looked away and did not dare to look inside. Even so, Xu Ye still shrank into a ball with his face reddened and his head bowed.


       “I give you the right to choose, slave.” The man put the light blanket on the back seat and then opened the cardboard box in his hand. What stood out was a brown leather collar, two fingers wide, with a ring of diamonds neatly inlaid in the centre and a small silver bell hanging from the front. Unlike the one he had worn before, this collar did not have a metal clasp, and the tightness couldn’t be adjusted. Instead, it has a snap-on silver metal interface with the English abbreviation C.Y. engraved on it. It seemed that this collar was customized according to the neck circumference.


       “I won’t allow you to wear clothes.” The man put the cardboard box on the seat and said clearly, “If you want to wear this blanket when you get off, put it on.”


       He seemed to be given a choice, but in fact, there was no room for negotiation. Chu Yu’s methods were straightforward and neat, just like when he took off his mask to declare his sovereignty in the club. He wanted to expand the scope of this game, and Xu Ye was powerless to resist.


       At this moment, Xu Ye’s gaze shrank suddenly as if being scalded by the collar, and he looked at the man in front of him with a pale face and some despair. This small leather collar was a mark of complete ownership, a mark that showed everyone that he belonged to someone else.


       After a long time, he reached out with his eyelids down to take the collar and slowly wrapped it around his fair and slender neck. With a click, it clasped. He hung his head and wrapped his naked body with a thin blanket, his bangs covered his eyes, and the line of his pursed lips was stretched even tighter.


       Chu Yu got out of the car and opened the door for himself on his own.


       There were some well-trained bodyguards and drivers standing outside the courtyard of Hanguan No. 8. Everyone’s eyes were focused on the car, and when they saw a piece of blanket slowly poking out, they all understood what was happening and moved away.


       Xu Ye had been kneeling for too long, and his blood flow was not smooth, so his legs had already gone numb. He couldn’t exert any strength when his feet touched the ground. During the movement, the blanket was torn off a little, exposing the entire right shoulder and collarbone, and of course, the collar around his neck. He panicked and tugged at the only cloth that could cover his body, and the silver bell trembled and jingled as he moved. With a slight flick of his feet, he was already being picked up by the man.


       “Ge, you are too merciless.” Chu Xuan leaned against the side of the car, squinting his eyes and teasingly, “It’s pitiful that you can’t even stand up properly.”


       Chu Yu glanced at him, “If you have so much free time, why don’t I ask elder brother to transfer you to Tangze to supervise the project?”


       Chu Xuan’s expression changed, and he said aggrievedly, “I was arrested early in the morning to be a henchman, and now I’m going to be driven away…” He complained, but he darted into the car and left, apparently fearing that he would be sent to work in a place where birds do not live.


       Chu Yu carried Xu Ye upstairs, kicked open the door of the guest room without saying a word, and walked straight into the bathroom before releasing his grip. Before the slave fell into the bathtub, the blanket wrapped around his body had been ripped off. The man raised his hand and threw the blanket on the floor, then lifted his jaw.


       Xu Ye didn’t dare to move and let the man’s hand move around his neck. He heard a soft beep, and the collar was taken off.


       It turned out that the collar was equipped with a fingerprint lock.


       Xu Ye bit his lower lip and knelt silently.


       Chu Yu turned the faucet to the maximum. The water poured down from the shower like pouring rain, and Xu Ye couldn’t even open his eyes, and he was slumped in the slippery bathtub. Fortunately, the water temperature was just right and not too cold.


       The man tossed the collar on a shelf beside him and looked at Xu Ye, “Wash yourself and come downstairs with it.”


       “Yes, Master.” Xu Ye’s voice seemed weak amidst the sound of water.


       After Chu Yu left, he leaned his head against the edge of the bathtub and sat with his face up for a while, then raised his arms to cover his eyes and sighed heavily.


       The ‘washing’ that man referred to was not just external cleaning. Xu Ye had been on his knees for too long before, and he was so exhausted after doing bowel cleaning and basic lubrication four times. He washed his body several times and dried it. Someone had already placed a pair of white underwear and a set of long clothes by the bed. The loose white cotton and linen texture was very comfortable to wear next to the skin without any decoration on the clothes. The V-shaped neckline was cut low, revealing his collared neck and collarbone. The trousers were lace-up and loose-fitting.


       He was not asked to be naked in front of others, which should be regarded as the tolerance of that man. Xu Ye breathed a sigh of relief and walked down the stairs barefoot. He stopped at the stairs on the first floor, looked at the living room occupied by some strangers with some embarrassment. He hesitated for a moment, turned around and wanted to retreat, but heard a sentence from behind, “Young Master Xu.”


       He turned around in surprise, looking at the middle-aged man who was holding a fruit plate and smiling at him. The man nodded slightly to him, with a respectful and gentle attitude, “This is the first time I officially meet you. I am the head butler of this house, Xiao Xun.”


       Chu Yu’s… butler?


       Xu Ye looked around the entire first floor, Uncle Ye was busy in the kitchen, and there was a young girl helping the cook by his side. The two servants who came down from the second floor saw him standing at the stairs and hurried back with their heads lowered. It was only later that he realised that there were many more people in this house than when he visited the previous few times. He used to be curious about how Chu Yu lived alone before, but now he realised that the man had deliberately let everyone leave during the weekends in consideration of his mental capacity during the training.


       Xu Ye pursed his lips, feeling sad and regretful. The man treated him with great care and tenderness. But he had been careless enough to make such a mess and upset the other party. If he hadn’t gone to that ‘family gathering’, the current situation would be completely different…


       “Hello.” Xu Ye didn’t know what to say, so he fell silent after holding back the word.


       Xiao Xun saw his uneasiness and said with a smile, “The young master is having afternoon tea with the guests over there. Why don’t you come over?”


       Xu Ye turned his head and glanced at the living room. The slight friction between the collar on his neck and the skin reminded him of his situation instantly. He lowered his eyes and said softly, “I’ll wait a while…”


       “Come here.” His words were interrupted by a sudden low voice. Chu Yu used a commanding tone, which also meant that there was no room for tricks. Although he didn’t mention his name, he knew who Chu Yu was calling. Xu Ye trembled when he heard the voice and raised his head to meet the man’s gaze. There was a heavy sense of oppression coming from the air in those deep black eyes.

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