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Morbid Addiction

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Extra 4 – Childhood

       Ning Junyan’s recovery of memory was a gradual process. He would remember something one day and then remember something else a few days later.

       He found out that his name was not Yanyan but Ning Junyan. He also remembered his parents’ names and knew where his family lived.

       At that time, he could actually leave the place or go to the police, but he didn’t. He himself couldn’t explain why. It was no doubt his memory was gradually recovered, but the injury to his head hadn’t fully healed yet. He spent most of his time not thinking but staring at Chen Yuncheng in a daze.

       The most important part of his daily life was staring at Chen Yuncheng.

       Chen Yuncheng was still very thin at that time because he had been malnourished since he was a child. Chen Yuncheng looked small that Ning Junyan felt that he could lift him up and spin him around in the air. Chen Yuncheng’s hair had never been properly trimmed and was a mess, and his face was often not fair enough. Instead, his eyes looked bright, and his lips were red.

       Ning Junyan was already tall, taller than any boy his age, and no punks in the neighbourhood dared to mess with them anymore.

       Their foster mother was reluctant to buy clothes for them and later would not even get old clothes for them. Chen Yuncheng went to pick it up by himself, even stole a few pieces, washed them clean when he returned, and picked out the good ones for Ning Junyan to wear. Later when Zhou Yan came, Chen Yuncheng chose the good ones for Zhou Yan first, and Ning Junyan was not very happy about this.

       Ning Junyan felt indifferent most of the time. When he grew up, his foster father and foster mother started to be a little afraid of him. Only Chen Yuncheng was not afraid of him.

       Chen Yuncheng would urge him to take a bath when he didn’t take a bath for several days, cut his hair with scissors, and help him wash his clothes.

       Ning Junyan had long legs, and when the trousers Chen Yuncheng found didn’t fit his waist and legs, he even cut a section from other trousers and sewed it on for Ning Junyan.

       At night, the two of them huddled under the desk lamp. Chen Yuncheng held a needle and thread in his hand, but he couldn’t get the needle down for a long time, and he didn’t know how to do it himself, so he fumbled with everything.

       Ning Junyan got very close, but obviously, there was nothing to see, so he wanted to get close to Chen Yuncheng’s forehead to watch him sew his pants.

       Chen Yuncheng stretched out his hand to push him away and said, “You are blocking the light.” Chen Yuncheng’s voice had not changed yet; it was still the clear voice of a teenager, a habit he had developed since childhood, his voice was often not too loud, and the tone was always soft.

       Ning Junyan stepped aside to see him muster the courage to place the needle.

       Ning Junyan’s original pair of trousers were jeans, and the trouser legs that Chen Yuncheng cut out were also jeans, but the colour was slightly different. The important thing was that the size did not match, which distressed Chen Yuncheng.

       He didn’t think of any other ways, so he could only sew it up first. The stitches are messy, but he managed to wrap them around, making the stitching look even messier.

       “It’s too ugly,” Chen Yuncheng picked up the pants and showed Ning Junyan.

       Ning Junyan looked at it for a while, then nodded.

       Chen Yuncheng sighed, put down the trousers and said to Ning Junyan, “Just wear them.”

       Ning Junyan moved closer to Chen Yuncheng and rubbed his forehead to show that he agreed.

       The next day, Ning Junyan wore those pants and went out with Chen Yuncheng. He was taller now, almost in the shape of an adult, and could easily cause others to be wary, so when Chen Yuncheng went to steal things, he often asked him to stay away.

       Chen Yuncheng himself was not trying to steal anything. Ning Junyan saw that he often stood on the side of the street and looked at the crowd in a daze. Once he stole the wallet of a middle-aged woman. When the woman walked across the street and found that her wallet was missing, she looked around in a panic. Ning Junyan watched Chen Yuncheng keep looking at her, and after a while ran over and gave her back her wallet, saying something to her.

       The middle-aged woman took the wallet, opened it to have a look, and left quickly.

       When Chen Yuncheng returned to Ning Junyan, Ning Junyan asked him, “What did you tell her?”

       “I said I picked it up,” Chen Yuncheng said in a small voice.

       Ning Junyan didn’t say anything. He just felt that the woman didn’t believe it.

       At night, Ning Junyan lay on the bed and whispered to Chen Yuncheng, “Let’s go.”

       Chen Yuncheng asked him in a daze, “Where are you going?”

       Ning Junyan put his hands behind his head and said, “Go to a faraway place.”

       At that time, Zhou Yan was already living in the same room as them. Zhou Yan lay on his little bed every day and chatted with Chen Yuncheng for a while. Usually, when he was talking, Ning Junyan would not speak. Ning Junyan would wait until Zhou Yan fell asleep before he whispered in Chen Yuncheng’s ear.

       Both of their voices were very small, and they stuck close together when they spoke.

       “There’s nowhere to go,” Chen Yuncheng said. He had no home, no relatives, no idea where to go.

       Ning Junyan turned around and looked at him. With the light coming in from the window, he could barely see the outline of Chen Yuncheng’s face. His nose was small and straight, which made Ning Junyan want to take a bite.

       Then Ning Junyan really did it.

       Chen Yuncheng was taken aback, almost cried out, covered his nose and said, “Why bite me?”

       Ning Junyan said, “I want to bite.”

       Chen Yuncheng whispered, “It hurts.”

       Ning Junyan raised his hand to touch him as a comfort. He just wanted to bite him, and he didn’t want to really hurt him.

       Chen Yuncheng was silent for a while and asked Ning Junyan, “Do you want to leave?”

       Ning Junyan let out an “En”.

       Chen Yuncheng turned over, faced him face to face, and said, “But where are you going?”

       The word ‘go home’ was on the lips, but Ning Junyan didn’t say it.

       Chen Yuncheng said to him, “If you have a place to go, just go. I…won’t go.”

       Ning Junyan looked at him, “You’re not coming with me.”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Foster father and foster mother have raised me for many years, and I don’t know where to go.” At this point, he was suddenly sad and reached out to hold Ning Junyan’s hand, “I will miss you very much.”

       Ning Junyan raised his arms to hug him, and Chen Yuncheng didn’t refuse. He got into Ning Junyan’s arms, wrapping his arms around Ning Junyan’s waist.

       Neither of them spoke, just hugging each other and sleeping all night.

       That night, Ning Junyan had some bizarre dreams. In the dream, he was still hugging Chen Yuncheng. Chen Yuncheng was very soft and well-behaved. His hair and skin were fragrant. He didn’t know what to do, so he hugged him. His favourite, Chen Yuncheng, rubbed his body.

       When he woke up the next morning, Ning Junyan felt wet and sticky inside his underwear.

       Chen Yuncheng was still hugged by him and felt something when he woke up. The two of them knelt on the bed, lifted the quilt, and saw that the bed sheet was also stained.

       Ning Junyan didn’t have any expression on his face, but his eyes were a little innocent, and he was looking at Chen Yuncheng without speaking.

       Chen Yuncheng had learned a lot of words in the past two years, renting fewer comics to read, and started to read novels secretly. He seems to understand what happened to Ning Junyan and stares at Ning Junyan’s underwear.

       Ning Junyan calmly pulled down his underwear to show him.

       Chen Yuncheng hurriedly told him to put it back on, blushed, and secretly glanced back in Zhou Yan’s direction. When he saw that Zhou Yan was still sound asleep, he got out of bed and went to find clean underwear for Ning Junyan to put on.

       The two of them squatted in the yard, washing sheets early in the morning.

       The foster mother got up and saw it and wanted to come over to ask a question, but seeing Ning Junyan’s gloomy expression, she went directly to the kitchen from the side.

       After washing the sheets, Chen Yuncheng also washed Ning Junyan’s underwear and hung them in the yard.

       Zhou Yan, who had only just woken up at this time, came over and asked curiously, “Why are you washing the sheets so early?”

       Chen Yuncheng shook his head, “It’s nothing. You should go have breakfast.”

       Zhou Yan was a little scared of Ning Junyan and saw Ning Junyan sitting beside Chen Yuncheng, so he went to the kitchen alone.

       Chen Yuncheng came back to Ning Junyan and sat down with him.

       “What did you dream about?” Chen Yuncheng suddenly became curious.

       Ning Junyan didn’t answer. He turned his head, looked at Chen Yuncheng’s red and transparent ears, recalled the dream last night, and wanted to hug Chen Yuncheng in his arms again.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t know what he was thinking, so he laughed.

       Ning Junyan said at this time, “I’m not leaving.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him in surprise, “Why?”

       There was no reason. Ning Junyan felt that he had to look at Chen Yuncheng, and he couldn’t let Chen Yuncheng leave his sight.

       Chen Yuncheng lowered his head, and after a while, he said sullenly, “Wait a little longer. If you remember where your home is, you can return, okay?”

       Ning Junyan didn’t tell him that he had remembered.

       Chen Yuncheng said softly, “I’m actually a little selfish. I don’t want you to go.”

       Ning Junyan looked at Chen Yuncheng’s side face. Chen Yuncheng woke up in the morning and had just washed his face carefully. His skin was not fair, but it was clean and even-toned at this time. His cheeks looked tender, and his lips were moist and red.

       I want to kiss.

       Ning Junyan’s thoughts began to wander, and while listening to Chen Yuncheng’s words, he recalled last night’s dream.

       Chen Yuncheng continued, “Actually, it would be better for you to leave here, but then I will be the only one left. No, there is also Zhou Yan.”

       Ning Junyan thought to himself: Zhou Yan is nothing!

       Chen Yuncheng said, “But you and Zhou Yan are different.”

       Ning Junyan was a little happier.

       Having said that, Chen Yuncheng stopped, propped his face with his hands and looked forward.

       Ning Junyan raised his hand and touched his lips with his fingers.

       Chen Yuncheng asked strangely, “What’s wrong?”

       Ning Junyan didn’t say anything and put his hand back to his side, thinking that it was really soft, and then thought, So be it.


The author has something to say:
That’s about it, right

Junyan is mad possessive of Yuncheng from the start, eh? lololol
I tried to schedule the last episode release at the same time when I started posting Perfection
It’s been a solid two years since I first posted Perfection, and it’s a wild ride for me, and I’m always happy to see familiar names commenting here, those who read my translation when I was just starting. I know I didn’t translate as much and as fast as I used to, but I’m really glad that you guys are patiently waiting for me to finish everything.
This sounds a whole lot like a farewell message, lol
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Extra 3

       In the evening, Ning Junyan worked overtime. Chen Yuncheng and Guan Anlin had dinner together and then went home alone.

       It was reasonable to say that he felt that Guan Anlin had a point, but when he thought about how Ning Junyan was with his junior brother from morning to night and had endless common topics to talk about, Chen Yuncheng felt uncomfortable.

       He finished his shower and brushed his teeth in the bathroom in front of the mirror, thinking that he couldn’t continue to think like this, it was completely pointless. The fact that Ning Junyan liked him was probably the least questionable thing in the world.

       Before he had finished brushing his teeth, Chen Yuncheng heard the sound of the door opening, and he knew that it was Ning Junyan who had returned. So he hurriedly rinsed his mouth, cleaned the toothbrush and put it in the cup. He then opened the mirror door and put the cup into the small cabinet behind.

       When he closed the cabinet door, he suddenly saw Ning Junyan standing behind him in the mirror set in the door.

       He didn’t know when Ning Junyan came in, there was no sound of footsteps. Chen Yuncheng was startled and was about to say something when Ning Junyan reached out and grabbed his waist, and picked him up without warning.


       Chen Yuncheng asked him, “Troublesome surgery today?”

       “Not bad,” Ning Junyan’s voice was a little hoarse.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “So you are just excited to come back, huh?”

       Ning Junyan raised his head slightly with his hands and looked at him, “I’m in a good mood.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled, “Why are you in a good mood all of a sudden?”

       Ning Junyan looked calm, “The operation in the afternoon was with Huo Xiao.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him for a while, “So? What do you want to say?”

       Ning Junyan said, “You don’t want to say anything?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Isn’t it for work? That’s normal. It’s not like I can accompany you to the operating table.”

       Ning Junyan said to him, “Well, you can only sleep with me.”

       Chen Yuncheng thought for a while, “I don’t feel very comfortable when you say that.”

       Ning Junyan said again, “You are the only one who can sleep with me.” He straightened up and bumped Chen Yuncheng, “I can only be hard with you.”

       Chen Yuncheng wanted to blush a little bit, “Knock it off.”

       Ning Junyan hugged him and said, “Say my name.”

       Chen Yuncheng called him by name, “Ning Junyan.”

       Ning Junyan said, “Not that one.”

       Chen Yuncheng then changed the way he called him, “Do you want me to call you Yanyan?”

       Ning Junyan coaxed him, “Change another one.”

       Chen Yuncheng pretended not to understand, “I don’t know what you want to hear.”

       Ning Junyan said to him, “I love you, wife.”

       Chen Yuncheng said slowly, “I love you too.” He buried his face on the sofa, raised his arm to cover it, and called out in a dull and reluctant voice, “Husband.”

       Because of this word, Ning Junyan went to the bathroom to shower, got back to bed and pressed Chen Yuncheng for another session.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t know where Ning Junyan got all his energy from, but he himself could barely even lift his hands.

       As they lay on the bed, Chen Yuncheng stared at the ceiling and said, “Let’s go see the house.”

       Ning Junyan hugged him and replied, “Okay.”

       Right now they were still living in the house Chen Yuncheng had rented, and although there was nothing inconvenient about it, Chen Yuncheng still wanted more than anything to buy a house that belonged to him and Ning Junyan.

       “How big is it?” Chen Yuncheng asked.

       Ning Junyan said, “A little smaller.”

       They would not have children anyway, and there was no need to have rooms for guests in the house. In addition to the bedroom, an extra study room was enough. Ning Junyan wanted Chen Yuncheng’s life to be his alone.

       However, Chen Yuncheng was considering, “If we want a study, we can still have an extra guest room, so the next time Guan Anlin and the others come over for dinner, they can have a place to stay when they’ve had too much to drink.”

       Ning Junyan didn’t speak.

       Chen Yuncheng somewhat understood his thoughts and deliberately teased him, “Don’t you have any guests?”

       “Who is it?” Ning Junyan said in a low voice, “My junior?”

       Chen Yuncheng couldn’t help turning his head to look at him.

       Ning Junyan looked calm. His beautiful eyes were dark and did not reveal any emotion. He just said lightly, “Yes, next time, let’s invite him to come as a guest and let him sleep in the room next to us at night.”

       Chen Yuncheng tried hard to turn over, lay on the bed facing Ning Junyan, and asked him, “What’s the point of sleeping next door to us?”

       Ning Junyan said, “I’ll fvck you hard until you say his name.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him and didn’t speak.

       After a while, a slight smile appeared in Ning Junyan’s eyes, and he reached out his hand to touch Chen Yuncheng’s face and said, “Don’t say his name. You can only say my name.”

       Chen Yuncheng almost couldn’t help biting his hand.

       Ning Junyan told him, “I told him about our relationship.”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t think it was strange. If he hadn’t stopped him this morning, Ning Junyan would have already said it. He stared at Ning Junyan for a while and asked, “Is your junior brother very good?”

       Ning Junyan’s tone was a little dissatisfied, “Why do you pay so much attention to him?”

       Chen Yuncheng put his face on Ning Junyan’s chest, “You are together daily. Don’t you guys have a lot of common topics? Unlike me, who doesn’t know anything.”

       Ning Junyan pinched his chin with his fingers and raised his face, “Are you jealous?”

       Chen Yuncheng simply admitted, “A little bit.”

       Ning Junyan said in a somber tone, “Although I am very happy that you are jealous, I don’t understand why you are jealous. If it’s only about having a common topic when we are together daily, shouldn’t you be jealous of our director?”

       Chen Yuncheng suddenly thought of the director with unruly hair and a kind face in Ning Junyan’s department.

       Ning Junyan said, “I have been with him longer, and we have more in common.”

       Chen Yuncheng had nothing to say for a while. If he insisted on saying that because Huo Xiao was good-looking, it would make it look like Ning Junyan was shallow, but obviously he didn’t see that in his eyes.

       It was as if everyone in this world had simple logical thinking, and only Chen Yuncheng himself was thinking too complicatedly.

       Ning Junyan rubbed his face with his fingers and said, “I’ve known Huo Xiao since college, and I never thought of him that way.”

       Chen Yuncheng held his hand.

       Ning Junyan said again, “I only love you.”

       His world was indeed very simple. It was enough to only love one person and then love them for the rest of his life.

       Chen Yuncheng smiled and stretched out his arms to hug Ning Junyan.

The author has something to say:
This extra episode is over. I am going to write another extra episode about when Ning Junyan was a child

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Extra 2

       One morning, two or three days later, Ning Junyan forgot a report at home when he went to work, so Chen Yuncheng took the subway to the hospital to deliver it to him.

       When he arrived at the hospital, Ning Junyan’s departments started ward rounds.

       Chen Yuncheng stood in the corridor and saw the department head leading a group of doctors in white coats out of the ward and then into the next ward.

       Ning Junyan did not walk behind the department head and came out after most people had left the ward. Beside Ning Junyan was his junior, whom Chen Yuncheng saw once during their dinner party that night.

       What could the two men talk about? Ning Junyan’s face was devoid of emotion as usual, but his junior brother smiled slightly when Ning Junyan spoke, and his eyes curved behind his lenses.

       After listening to his junior, Ning Junyan lowered his head and said a few words to him with a serious expression. As soon as he raised his head, he saw Chen Yuncheng.

       He immediately strode towards Chen Yuncheng.

       Chen Yuncheng smiled at him and handed him the report in his hand, “Is this it?”

       Ning Jun stretched out his hand to take it and said “En” before looking at Chen Yuncheng again, “Have you had breakfast?”

       When the alarm clock rang this morning, Ning Junyan hugged Chen Yuncheng and refused to get up. In the end, he left in a hurry, so neither of them had time to eat breakfast.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Not yet. Let’s go outside and buy something later.”

       At this time, Ning Junyan’s junior came over. He obviously still remembered Chen Yuncheng and said with a smile, “Are you not going to introduce your friend, Senior Ning?”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at the young man in a white coat opposite him and took the initiative to extend a hand, “Chen Yuncheng.”

       “Huo Xiao,” the other party quickly shook his hand and introduced himself in a friendly manner.

       Ning Junyan’s eyes fell on the hands that were holding each other, and he said slowly, “This is my old1Junyan was going to call him lao po (wife). The lao in lao po also means old—”

       Chen Yuncheng raised his hand, grabbed Ning Junyan’s arm, pulled it, interrupting his words, and then said to Huo Xiao, “I’m his old friend.”

       Although Huo Xiao felt that the atmosphere was a bit strange, he still nodded and said, “I was in the same major as Senior Ning in undergraduate studies and afterwards stayed in the same laboratory together.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at Ning Junyan, “Then it seems you guys are busy. I will go first.”

       Ning Junyan said, “I’ll see you off.”

       “Don’t you still have to do ward rounds?” Chen Yuncheng glanced in the direction of the ward.

       Ning Junyan put his arms around Chen Yuncheng’s shoulders and walked towards the elevator, “We haven’t reached the bed I’m in charge of yet.”

       After walking all the way to the elevator, Chen Yuncheng noticed that Ning Junyan’s expression was a bit cold and asked, “What’s wrong?”

       Ning Junyan said, “Why can’t we talk about our relationship?”

       Chen Yuncheng was a little helpless, “Then can you say it properly? Change to a suitable title.”

       “Are you not my wife anymore? You even agreed to be called that in bed.” Ning Junyan’s tone was cold.

       At this moment, the elevator door opened, and two people came out. Chen Yuncheng stepped aside in embarrassment, and when everyone had left, he lowered his voice and said to Ning Junyan, “You also said about being on the bed. Isn’t it awkward to say it out here?” After that, he suddenly lowered his head uncomfortably and said, “Besides, I haven’t asked you what you and your junior were sneaking around back there talking about.”

       Chen Yuncheng had never been a person who was too fussy. After saying this, he himself felt that he was quite unreasonable and felt a little embarrassed.

       However, Ning Junyan asked, “What?”

       Chen Yuncheng felt that he was too baffled, reached out, pressed the elevator button hard, and said, “It’s nothing. I’ll go first.”

       Ning Junyan grabbed his wrist, “No, you’re not allowed to leave. You have to explain clearly first.”

       “What?” Chen Yuncheng didn’t look at him at all.

       Ning Junyan leaned into his ear and asked softly, “Are you jealous?”

       Chen Yuncheng said without thinking, “I’m not.”

       Ning Junyan looked at him and said nothing.

       Chen Yuncheng pushed him, “Go back and do your ward round.”

       Ning Junyan said, “He was telling me about the patient he admitted yesterday and was going to operate today.”

       Chen Yuncheng wanted to say that the junior was so happy even when they were only talking about a patient, but after thinking about it, he waved his hand and said, “Got it.”

       At the end of the ward round, Ning Junyan saw Huo Xiao walking in front and suddenly called him to a halt.

       Huo Xiao turned around and asked, “What’s the matter, Senior?”

       Ning Junyan said, “That’s my boyfriend.” He still remembered that Chen Yuncheng didn’t want him to say that he was his wife outside.

       Huo Xiao was stunned for a moment, “What?” After a while, he reacted and opened his eyes wide, “Boyfriend? You mean that Mr—Chen just now?”

       Ning Junyan responded indifferently, passed by Huo Xiao, and walked straight forward without saying anything.

       Chen Yuncheng went back to the trade market after having breakfast. There was an old customer in the store who directly told Guan Anlin what he wanted to pick up the goods. Chen Yuncheng greeted him, then sat at the door and stared at the big tree outside in a daze.

       After finishing his work, Guan Anlin walked over to Chen Yuncheng and sat down, asking him what he was thinking.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Do you think Ning Junyan and I have something in common?”

       “I think?” Guan Anlin was baffled, “How do I know if you have anything in common?”

       Chen Yuncheng’s tone was a little sad, “I just suddenly feel that there is a big gap with him. Even if I make money, there is still a gap.”

       “In what way? Academic qualifications?” Guan Anlin asked.

       Chen Yuncheng couldn’t describe it for a while, “It’s not just that, right?”

       Guan Anlin thought for a while and said, “There’s a bit of a gap, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re any worse than him, isn’t your social experience richer than his? Just like me, I also spent two years in jail. This kind of experience would not be available to ordinary people.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him coldly, “That’s really something to be proud of.”

       Guan Anlin didn’t seem to understand the sarcasm in his words and continued seriously, “Besides, if you don’t work with him as a colleague, it’s enough if your personality and that aspect are compatible. How much more do you need to have in common? You can’t exchange medical knowledge while having sex at the same time, right?”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t say anything, mainly because he didn’t want to go along with his nonsense.

       Guan Anlin was very concerned about him, “Why did you suddenly think of this?”

       Chen Yuncheng said slowly, “He recently had a junior working with him, and I saw that they were chatting quite happily.”

       He actually knew that it was a bit unfair to say that to Ning Junyan. When Ning Junyan talked to Huo Xiao, his attitude was not the least bit ambiguous, nor could he say if Ning Junyan was happy or not. But it was because Chen Yuncheng looked at Huo Xiao too brightly, and it was the first time that such a person suddenly appeared beside Ning Junyan, which made Chen Yuncheng feel a little uneasy.

       He didn’t want to be jealous, nor did he have any reason to be, but there were times when his own mind was out of control. He could only try his best to keep himself from showing it before Ning Junyan.

       “Junior?” Guan Anlin’s thinking was very simple, “A man?”

       “What else?”

       Guan Anlin looked at him strangely, “Then what are you afraid of? How many men don’t like women and only like another big man? Do you think they are all like you? No matter how handsome Ning Junyan is, even if he stood naked in front of me, I won’t be turned on at all, okay?”

       The image of Ning Junyan taking off his clothes unconsciously appeared in Chen Yuncheng’s mind, and he gritted his teeth and said to Guan Anlin, “Thank you for your comfort.”

The author has something to say:
Maybe one more chapter and this extra will be over. I am going to think about writing something else

Chen Yuncheng was asked ‘what else’ because the raw indicated the junior was male instead of just a neutral gender junior, and he found it weird that Guan Anlin still needed to ask whether the junior was male or not.

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Extra 1

       Chen Yuncheng parked the car in the parking space on the side of the road, turned off the engine, and quietly looked at the gate of the restaurant in front of him.

       By now, it was already past eight o’clock in the evening. From time to time, customers who had just finished eating came out at the entrance of the restaurant, stood on the side of the road and chatted for a while, and then left separately.

       Chen Yuncheng had came to pick up Ning Junyan. Today Ning Junyan and his department were having a dinner party together. Chen Yuncheng recalled the time when he and Ning Junyan met on KTV. Later, he thought it was very strange and asked why Ning Junyan went to KTV. Ning Junyan told him that it was a department dinner party.

       Ning Junyan might not have many friends, but he has a job, colleagues, and normal social interactions.

       The weather was already very cold, Chen Yuncheng only opened the car window a crack, but he could still feel the cold wind blowing in. He was wearing the down jacket that Ning Junyan gave him last year, and stared at the bright lights of the restaurant in front of him in a daze.

       He didn’t call Ning Junyan and waited quietly for three or four minutes. He then saw Ning Junyan come out of the place, and a young man was with him.

       Ning Junyan was only wearing a sweater, and his coat was hanging on his arm. The man beside him was a few centimetres shorter than him, but he was still tall. He wore glasses, his skin was very fair, and his features looked very handsome under the orange light.

       Chen Yuncheng saw the man pulling Ning Junyan’s arm, leaned into his ear and said something.

       Ning Junyan listened patiently, then nodded.

       After the man finished speaking, he showed a faint smile. He suddenly reached out to grab the coat on Ning Junyan’s arm, and it looked like he wanted Ning Junyan to put it on.

       But at this time Ning Junyan saw Chen Yuncheng’s car parked on the side of the road, he avoided the man’s movements and walked towards Chen Yuncheng.

       Ning Junyan opened the passenger seat’s door, bent down and asked, “When did you arrive?”

       Chen Yuncheng answered him with a smile, “Just now.”

       Ning Junyan sat in.

       Chen Yuncheng noticed that the man was still standing there, just looking in their direction.

       He asked Ning Junyan, “Aren’t you cold?”

       Ning Junyan replied, “I’m not cold.”

       After Chen Yuncheng started the car, he still turned on the air conditioning1his car has a heating function also in the car, then parked on the side of the road and asked, “Don’t you need to say goodbye to your colleague?”

       Ning Junyan said, “You drive over there, and I’ll talk to him.”

       Chen Yuncheng drove the car forward slowly and stepped on the brake at the restaurant entrance.

       Ning Junyan pressed the passenger window, “I’m going back first.”

       The young man smiled, his eyes fell on Chen Yuncheng, and he asked, “Your friend, Senior?”

       Before Ning Junyan could speak, Chen Yuncheng took the initiative to greet him, “Yes, hello.”

       The young man nodded, “Take care and be careful on the road.”

       Chen Yuncheng drove away in the car.

       Until the car passed two intersections, Chen Yuncheng found that Ning Junyan beside him was still very silent. While waiting for the red light, he turned his head to look at him and asked, “What’s the matter? Not happy with the dinner?”

       Ning Junyan drank some wine at night, although not much, his breath still smelled of alcohol, his voice was deeper than usual, and he said, “You look at him for too long.”

       “Who?” Chen Yuncheng was stunned for a moment, and after a while, he realised, “Your junior?”

       Ning Junyan looked at him and said nothing.

       The red light had turned green by this time.

       Chen Yuncheng continued to drive the car forward, smiled and said, “Isn’t that your junior? He called you senior, right?”

       Ning Junyan didn’t speak.

       As if Chen Yuncheng was making small talk while driving, “Your junior looks really good-looking. What’s his name?”

       Ning Junyan still didn’t answer.

       Chen Yuncheng took time to look at Ning Junyan and saw that his eyes were closed and his head was leaning against the car window. Chen Yuncheng thought that perhaps he was not feeling well after drinking, so he didn’t talk to him anymore and drove the car home quietly.

       When the car parked in the underground parking lot and Chen Yuncheng was about to open the door to get out of the car, Ning Junyan grabbed his hand and called, “Wife.”

       When he heard Ning Junyan’s soft voice, Chen Yuncheng turned around, looked at him closer, and asked, “Are you feeling unwell?”

       Ning Junyan nodded, “A kiss to make me better.”

       Chen Yuncheng couldn’t help laughing, kissed him quickly on the lips, and asked, “Better?”

       Ning Junyan said, “A little better.” He opened the passenger door and got out of the car.

       When Chen Yuncheng saw that Ning Junyan’s coat was still hanging on his arm, he walked up to Ning Junyan, reached out to help him put it on, and went home with him.

       As soon as he opened the door with the key, Chen Yuncheng was pushed to the back. Since his feet were unsteady, he stumbled two steps forward. Chen Yuncheng was instantly annoyed and raised his voice, “Ning Junyan!”

       Ning Junyan followed behind him. After entering, he forcefully closed the door, grabbed Chen Yuncheng’s arm, pressed him against the wall, and kissed him.

       Chen Yuncheng smelled the alcohol on his breath and couldn’t help but push him. He tried to turn his head and said, “Go take a bath first.”

       Ning Junyan’s lips trailed over, “fvck you first.”

       Warm palms stretched in from the hem of Chen Yuncheng’s clothes and slowly moved up against the skin of his waist, but the heavy down jacket blocked him, so Ning Junyan began to pull his clothes impatiently.

       Chen Yuncheng was frightened, “Don’t tear my clothes, they are very expensive!”

       Ning Junyan didn’t seem to hear it.

       Chen Yuncheng had no choice but to say again, “It’s the clothes you gave me!”

       Ning Junyan finally stopped and said very unhappily, “Take it off yourself.”

       Chen Yuncheng wanted to change places, but Ning Junyan trapped him in the middle with both arms, only allowing him to take off his clothes and not letting him leave. Chen Yuncheng had no choice but to lean against the wall and remove the down jacket, leaving a thin T-shirt inside. He grabbed the hem with some hesitation, looked up at Ning Junyan, and said, “It’s cold.”

       They had just come in, and the air conditioning in the house hadn’t even been turned on.

       Ning Junyan said coldly, “Weak.” Then he picked him up and walked into the room.

       Chen Yuncheng was thrown on the bed forcefully by Ning Junyan. He then turned on the air conditioning in the room and pressed himself up to Chen Yuncheng again.


       The two crowded their bodies in the not-so-spacious shower room to rinse their bodies clean.

       When they returned to the bed, Chen Yuncheng almost fell head first, not wanting to move.

       Ning Junyan hugged him from behind, repeatedly kissing his cheek and neck without feeling bored.

       Chen Yuncheng almost closed his eyes when he suddenly remembered something and asked Ning Junyan, “Is he in the same department as you?”

       Ning Junyan said, “Who?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Your junior.” He suddenly remembered that since that guy was Ning Junyan’s junior, he probably studied in the same major as him and would be in the same department.

       There was no emotion in Ning Junyan’s tone as he said, “Yes.”

       With an “Oh”, Chen Yuncheng turned over to face Ning Junyan and hugged him, then raised his head and kissed his lips after a while.

       Ning Junyan asked, “Still want more?”

       Chen Yuncheng couldn’t help laughing and said, “No, you’ve already satisfied me. Let’s go to bed.”

The author has something to say:
Saw Weibo comments. There are some readers wanted to see Chen Yuncheng jealous.

Bruh, but it looks like Ning Junyan was the one that was more jealous instead

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Chapter 100

       Two days later, Chen Yuncheng did not expect Shu Rong and Ning Zhanghong to really come to the hospital to visit Guan Anlin. They brought a large bouquet of flowers and a very delicate-looking fruit basket.

       However, the husband and wife did not stay in the ward for too long, and they probably had nothing to say, so they hurriedly left after standing for a while.

       Chen Yuncheng was not there at that time and it was only later that he heard about it from Guan Anlin.

       Guan Anlin told Chen Yuncheng that Ning Junyan’s parents came to see him and said they wanted to thank him. Guan Anlin was lying on the hospital bed at that time and told them that they were welcome and that they should treat Chen Yuncheng better in the future, and not obstruct Chen Yuncheng and Ning Junyan from being together.

       Chen Yuncheng was standing by the bed as he took out a bunch of gr4p3s from the fruit basket on the bedside table and prepared to wash them. When he heard this, he looked at Guan Anlin and asked him, “What did his mother say?”

       Guan Anlin replied, “The face of his mother became really bad and she didn’t say anything. She stood there for a while and left.”

       Chen Yuncheng thought to himself that it was normal, people like Shu Rong couldn’t change their ideas in a day or two. As long as they didn’t oppose strongly and didn’t work hard to obstruct them, it was already considered good.

       At this time around, Guan Anlin could also be discharged from the hospital.

       Although he was recovering well, he had been seriously injured and had undergone such major surgery, so Chen Yuncheng was still worried. He told him not to go back to stay in the store but to live in a rented house outside.

       According to the news from Long Zhanyu, after the report was made to the procuratorate’s office for intentional homicide and fraud, Yu Jie had been approved for arrest.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t have much legal knowledge, but since the incident between Guan Anlin and Zhou Yan, he had also learned a lot about the handling of criminal cases. He knew that after the procuratorate had reviewed the arrest, the chances of Yu Jie being sentenced were high.

       It was not convenient for Long Zhanyu to disclose many details of the cases to them, but whenever Long Zhanyu mentioned this case, he was obviously very confident that he had enough evidence to convict Yu Jie.

       Yu Mingli contacted Guan Anlin twice more, and each time the amount of compensation mentioned increased. She hoped that Guan Anlin could express his understanding of Yu Jie’s behaviour, and she was very adamant that her father must not have done it on purpose. She said that it was too dark at the time, and Guan Anlin might not be able to see clearly. She hoped that Guan Anlin could accept the money and forgive her father.

       But Guan Anlin did not intend to sign this letter of understanding.

       “No matter how much she increased it, I won’t sign it,” was what he said to Chen Yuncheng.

       Chen Yuncheng and Guan Anlin were sitting under the big tree in front of the store. It was already late autumn, and when this season passed, it would be winter soon.

       It was last winter when he reunited with Ning Junyan, and it was also last winter when Guan Anlin was released from prison. A lot of things had happened and a lot of changes had taken place.

       Chen Yuncheng stared at a yellow leaf that was flying in the air and took a lot of time to land on the ground, and said, “We don’t want their money, we can make money.”

       Guan Anlin nodded.

       Chen Yuncheng also said, “After registering the company, I will consider expanding the scope of the agency, and then you will be my manager.”

       Guan Anlin scratched his head, “Forget it, my educational background is too low, I’m sorry.”

       “What are you afraid of,” Chen Yuncheng said, “I’m here. How much money can they pay you? It’s only three million, we’ll make enough soon.”

       Guan Anlin laughed out loud, sounding a little silly. Then he bumped Chen Yuncheng with his elbow and said, “Doctor Ning is here to pick you up.”

       He was hospitalised some time ago, and the deputy director of the department, Ning Junyan, personally performed emergency surgery on Guan Anlin. It suddenly raised his image in Guan Anlin’s heart. A powerful doctor would have had absolute authority in the hospital, and Guan Anlin, who watched him check in every day and had his wounds examined by him, had habitually begun to fear him over time, and had not dared to provoke him for a long time

       Chen Yuncheng stood up from the steps and walked towards Ning Junyan, whom he had asked to go out for dinner tonight.

       They often ate out because they didn’t have enough time to cook and eat on their own, but most of the time they ate casually at the small restaurants near their rented house. Tonight was different, tonight was a date, because Guan Anqin recommended a delicious western restaurant to Chen Yuncheng, so Chen Yuncheng invited Ning Junyan to go out to eat with him.

       That restaurant was a Mexican restaurant, located in a small square, selling Mexican food as well as wine, and it was very busy every night.

       Ning Junyan didn’t drive, so he took a taxi and went to dinner with Chen Yuncheng, and ordered a bottle of foreign wine.

       The two ate, drank and listened to music in an open-air restaurant. Later, Chen Yuncheng got a little dizzy from drinking, and sat on the same bench with Ning Junyan, leaning his head on his shoulder.

       He looked at the band performing in front of him with slightly red eyes, and asked Ning Junyan, “Would anyone be looking at us?”

       Ning Junyan rubbed his cheek against his forehead, “They can look if they like it.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled, “People will find us strange.”

       Ning Junyan said, “I find most people in the world very strange, so what?”

       Chen Yuncheng held Ning Junyan’s hand on the chair, making himself more comfortable on Ning Junyan’s shoulder. In fact, it seemed that there was no need to do anything, and just being able to have someone with him all the time was very blissful.

       The later it got, the colder the weather became, and Chen Yuncheng yawned as the cold wind made him feel drunk.

       Ning Junyan asked him softly if he wanted to go back.

       He was a little hesitant and felt too comfortable in this place, so he was reluctant to get up for a while.

       Ning Junyan said, “Don’t want to go back and open a room?”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled and said, “I already rented a place for you, can’t you let me save the money instead of opening a room?”

       Ning Junyan said to him, “I can pay for today’s money.”

       Chen Yuncheng still found it funny as he lowered his head and glanced at the ring on his hand, pretending to be surprised, “I thought we were married, isn’t your money my money?”

       Ning Junyan replied, “Yes, but you forgot that you also signed a contract with me and mortgaged yourself to me.”

       Chen Yuncheng almost forgot about it, and the contract was still locked in the drawer of the rented house.

       Ning Junyan continued, “This isn’t time for me to say something to you, could you even listen to what I say?”

       Chen Yuncheng looked up at him, with a bright smile in his eyes, “What do you want to say?”

       Ning Junyan leaned close to his ear and whispered, “Take off your clothes and lift your ass.”

       Chen Yuncheng gripped his hand tightly, stood up and said, “Go, let’s open the room.”

       He had just finished speaking these words when he raised his head and saw a figure in the distance and then stopped moving again.

       Ning Junyan followed his gaze and saw a little girl with a dirty face who was begging for money.

       Ever since Chen Yuncheng closed the previous small kiosk, he hadn’t seen this little girl for a long time, and he didn’t expect to see her here today.

       The little girl was holding a basket, walked to each table of guests, held up the basket and asked them for money. Most people would not give her, and then she would linger at the table for a long time until the guests couldn’t help but give her a few pieces of change, or drove her away with a cold face.

       She walked all the way to Chen Yuncheng’s table, and when she raised her head to see Chen Yuncheng’s face clearly, she was obviously taken aback for a moment, and without saying anything, she carried the basket and was about to leave.

       “Wait a minute,” Chen Yuncheng called out to her, “Why don’t you want our money?”

       The little girl looked at him without saying anything.

       Chen Yuncheng took out a hundred yuan from his body and said to her, “Sit down, let’s chat for a while, and I’ll give you the money.”

       At this time, the little girl turned her head and looked across the square.

       The light there was dim, Chen Yuncheng followed her gaze and noticed a middle-aged woman standing there.

       The little girl seemed very hesitant and finally sat down opposite Chen Yuncheng and the others.

       Chen Yuncheng also sat down. He first glanced at Ning Junyan. Ning Junyan raised his hand and pressed it on his back. The palm of his hand was warm and strong, and then whispered in his ear, “I’m here anyway.” So there was no need for him to be afraid of anything.

       The little girl stared straight at the one hundred yuan in Chen Yuncheng’s hand.

       Chen Yuncheng asked her, “Is that woman across the street your relative?”

       The little girl didn’t answer.

       Chen Yuncheng folded several stacks of banknotes in his hand, “If you don’t answer the questions, you will have no money.”

       The little girl said, “It’s my foster mother.”

       The word foster mother made Chen Yuncheng and Ning Junyan frown at the same time.

       Chen Yuncheng asked her, “Where are your biological parents?”

       The little girl shook her head, “There are none.”

       Chen Yuncheng asked again, “Did your foster mother ask you to come out to beg for money?”

       The little girl nodded.

       “How did you come to live with your foster mother?”

       The little girl raised her hand, scratched the surface of the wooden table with her tiny fingertips, and lowered her head without looking at Chen Yuncheng, “In the village, she brought me out after my grandma died.”

       “May I take you to the police?”

       The little girl looked very calm. Although she was still very young, she was not as ignorant of the world as Chen Yuncheng imagined. She knew was aware of things more than most of the people, and she said to Chen Yuncheng, “But I don’t have a home anymore.”

       Chen Yuncheng might be the person in the world who understands the meaning of this sentence best, “But I don’t have a home anymore”, if the police were called, and even her foster mother gone, she would be left all alone in the world, how could she survive?

       At that moment, Chen Yuncheng’s tears fell, and he quickly raised his hand to wipe them away. He said, “There are social welfare institutions, do you want to study? You are still so young, you go back to school to study, as long as you are willing to study, I will always support you.”

       The little girl looked at Chen Yuncheng, and then she looked back across the street.

       The middle-aged woman standing in the dark finally couldn’t hold back and walked towards the crosswalk across the street.

       Chen Yuncheng was not afraid of her but waited patiently for the little girl’s answer.

       But the little girl became nervous. She kept looking back and saw her foster mother getting closer. Her eyes started to turn red, and she asked Chen Yuncheng, “Can I attend school?”

       Chen Yuncheng said softly, “You are so smart, of course you can. Maybe there will even be a family to adopt you, with gentle parents, and no more stealing and begging for money.”

       The little girl stood up suddenly, and she threw herself into Chen Yuncheng’s arms, crying, “I don’t want to go back, I don’t want to steal anything.”

       Chen Yuncheng stood up holding her and walked towards the police booth on duty near the square.

       The middle-aged woman ran over quickly, shouting as she ran, “Someone is kidnapping my daughter! Help!” She pointed at Chen Yuncheng.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t stop, Ning Junyan stood up and looked at the woman coldly.

       The policeman on duty heard the noise and came out of the police booth. Chen Yuncheng handed over the crying little girl to him, then turned around and pointed at the middle-aged woman.

       The middle-aged woman suddenly realised something, turned around and ran in panic, and a policeman quickly chased after her.

       Ning Junyan walked to Chen Yuncheng’s side.

       Chen Yuncheng’s eyes were still red, and he said to him, “I always thought, it would be great if I could meet such a person when I was young.”

       Ning Junyan held his hand, “Then I was lucky that I met one.”

       End of main story.

The author has something to say:
There will be extra episodes, you can follow the author’s Weibo first: 金刚护体圈

Tbh I cried a bit when translating this chapter.
Especially in the part where Yuncheng told Guan Anlin the same thing Junyan had been saying to him about what’s there to be afraid of when I’m here part. Boy had come a long way… And also the part where he wished someone saved them when they were still children… It felt really emotional…

There are a total of 4 extras if I didn’t count it wrong, look forward to it~
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Chapter 99

       Guan Anlin spent nearly 20 days in the hospital before his body gradually recovered from his injury. Later, when he was able to get out of bed on his own, Chen Yuncheng no longer stayed in the hospital all the time, but went back to the trade market from time to time to handle the work in the store, and came to accompany him at night.

       Because Chen Yuncheng stayed in the hospital with Guan Anlin for such a long time, Ning Junyan could only go home alone when he wasn’t working the night shift. And so as the time goes by, Guan Anlin became more and more disliked. When he checked on Guan Anlin in the morning, he looked at him with a cold gaze.

       Guan Anlin was scared and felt wronged, thinking that he didn’t do it on purpose, and besides, he also wanted to be discharged from the hospital early.

       That afternoon, Chen Yuncheng rushed back from the market before dinner to the hospital. As soon as he walked to the door of the ward, he saw the door of the ward open from the inside, and a man and a woman came out. Among them, the young woman was Yu Jie’s daughter Yu Mingli.

       Yu Mingli had met Chen Yuncheng once at Shu Rong’s place before, and Chen Yuncheng actually leave a deep impression on her. At this moment, she stopped and nodded at Chen Yuncheng.

       Although what Yu Jie did could not be blamed on his daughter, Chen Yuncheng still had a hard time liking Yu Mingli, so he just nodded, stepped aside to open the door, and saw Yu Mingli leaving with the middle-aged man in a suit.

       Then Chen Yuncheng went into the ward and saw Guan Anlin sitting by the bed, looking at something. He then asked Guan Anlin, “Yu Jie’s daughter is here to see you?”

       Guan Anlin raised his head, “Yes.”

       Chen Yuncheng asked, “For what?”

       Guan Anlin handed him the paper in his hand, Chen Yuncheng took it and saw that it was a printed Letter of Understanding1A Letter of Understanding (LOU) is a formal text that sums up the terms of an undertaking of a contract which may have been negotiated up to this point only in spoken form or otherwise informally. In this case, this is the draft of the reconciliation letter to say that Guan Anlin will take back his report, written in Guan Anlin’s style, to show that he believed that Yu Jie did not do it on purpose, accepted the compensation, and expressed his understanding for Yu Jie’s behaviour. However, there was no signature in the lower right corner.

       After Chen Yuncheng finished reading, he looked up at Guan Anlin and saw that Guan Anlin was already lying down on the hospital bed with his arms resting behind his head lazily, so he asked, “How much is she going to compensate you?”

       Guan Anlin said, “Three hundred thousand2around $43,5k.”

       Chen Yuncheng slapped the letter of understanding on Guan Anlin’s face, “Are they crazy?!”

       Guan Anlin stretched out his hand to take it off, laughed out loud, and said, “I said the same thing, and then I told her to go back and get three million3$435k4, and to delete the sentence of believing that Yu Jie didn’t do it on purpose, and I would sign the understanding for them.”

       “Don’t sign,” Chen Yuncheng couldn’t help being angry when he thought of this matter, “Don’t sign for any amount of money, tell them to get out.”

       Guan Anlin folded the paper in his hand a few times, and threw it into the drawer of the bedside table, “They definitely won’t give out three million, and I don’t plan to sign it. Even if they can’t sentence Yu Jie to death, let’s let him sit in jail until he’s old!”

       As soon as he finished speaking, the door of the ward was pushed open again, and Ning Junyan walked in from the outside.

       It was already the end of the afternoon. Ning Junyan changed his clothes, stood beside Guan Anlin’s hospital bed, and asked Chen Yuncheng, “Are you coming back with me?”

       “I won’t go back,” Chen Yuncheng said, “I’m still worried about leaving him alone.”

       Guan Anlin suddenly felt that it was difficult to face Ning Junyan, so he turned his eyes away from him, and only said to Chen Yuncheng, “Actually, I don’t have anything to do, so I can do it alone at night.”

       Before Chen Yuncheng could speak, Ning Junyan said coldly, “I hired a nurse for him.”

       After he finished speaking, Ning Jun took two steps forward slowly, looked down at Guan Anlin who was lying on the bed, and said, “He can move around on his own, and he can call the doctor if he has anything to do. The purpose of hiring a nurse is just to prevent unexpected situations.”

       Guan Anlin felt a sense of oppression, and quickly said to Chen Yuncheng, “I think it’s completely okay, you should go home quickly, and you should also have a good rest.”

       Chen Yuncheng suddenly heard Ning Junyan say, “Let’s have dinner with my parents tonight.” He looked up in surprise.

       There was no expression on Ning Junyan’s face, he only said, “I’ve already made an appointment.”

       Chen Yuncheng took a deep breath and said to Guan Anlin, “Call me if you need anything.”

       He stayed in the ward for a while and waited for the nurse to call Guan Anlin for dinner before leaving with Ning Junyan.

       They went to the underground parking lot to pick up the car, Chen Yuncheng got into the passenger seat and suddenly felt a little nervous. He said to Ning Junyan, “Why didn’t you say so in advance, I could at least change my clothes.”

       Ning Junyan started the car and glanced at him, “It’s finally. Originally, it was my mother who called me, so I made an impromptu appointment.”

       “The dinner…what are you planning to say?”

       Ning Junyan said, “You can say whatever you want, anyway, I’m here, so what are you afraid of?”

       When he heard this, Chen Yuncheng couldn’t help but lower his head and smiled.

       The dinner appointment was outside, and Ning Junyan booked a small private room in a Chinese restaurant. Inside was a small round table, but only four seats were reserved.

       When they arrived, Shu Rong and Ning Zhanghong had already arrived.

       When Chen Yuncheng saw Ning Zhanghong, he asked him how his body was recovering recently. Ning Zhanghong was also very polite, shook hands with Chen Yuncheng, and said that there was nothing wrong with his health.

       His complexion did look much better than before.

       Shu Rong stood by and did not speak.

       Chen Yuncheng took the initiative to greet her, “Auntie.”

       She nodded and said, “Hello.”

       The four sat down and waited for the food to be served. At this time, the waiters came in and out, and no one in the private room spoke. The atmosphere seemed somewhat awkward, so Ning Zhanghong took the initiative to ask Ning Junyan a few things about work.

       When the dishes were almost served, the waiter withdrew and closed the door of the private room, and the room became quiet again.

       Ning Junyan asked Shu Rong, “Did Yu Mingli bring her lawyer to you this morning?”

       Chen Yuncheng put down his chopsticks and looked up at Shu Rong.

       Shu Rong still looked the same as usual, with exquisite makeup, and her hair carefully tidied and combed behind her head. She looked at Ning Junyan and said, “Yes.”

       “You already knew that Wang Yongcheng had been arrested, didn’t you?” Ning Junyan asked again.

       Shu Rong replied, “The police notified me very early.”

       At this moment, Chen Yuncheng suddenly said, “My brother tracked him down and secretly filmed him, and then told the police.” He didn’t care too much about Shu Rong’s attitude towards him, but when he thought of the way Shu Rong looked at Guan Anlin, made him feel uncomfortable in his heart.

       Shu Rong’s eyes turned to Chen Yuncheng, and said slowly, “I heard about it.”

       After she finished speaking, Ning Zhanghong said, “Thank him for us.”

       “Is this the attitude of you expressing gratitude?” Ning Junyan leaned back in his chair. Today, he ordered a table of dishes, but now most of them had not been touched. It seems that no one was in the mood to eat. The person is still lying in the hospital, you guys don’t even have the sincerity to visit, just a few empty words of thanks and that’s it?”

       Shu Rong frowned and looked at Ning Junyan.

       Ning Junyan continued without waiting for her to speak, “Yu Mingli came to you to talk about compensation? How much does she want to compensate you on behalf of Yu Jie?”

       Shu Rong said, “She is willing to assist us with the rent we lost on behalf of her father.”

       Ning Junyan nodded, “This is also what Guan Anlin almost lost his life in exchange for.”

       Shu Rong was used to being reserved, so she couldn’t speak for a while, so Ning Zhanghong said to Chen Yuncheng on his behalf, “Yuncheng, thank you for what happened this time. We will visit him in the hospital tomorrow. If there is anything you need, please feel free to mention it.”

       Chen Yuncheng shook his head when he heard the words, “Uncle and aunt, I didn’t come here today to ask you to thank you.”

       Shu Rong looked at him, “Then what else do you want?”

       Chen Yuncheng shook his head again, “Auntie, have you considered your relationship with Junyan?”

       “We are mother and son, what other relationship do we need?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “It’s not enough to be mother and child by blood. Emotions are a two-way street. If you don’t have feelings for him, how can you expect him to have feelings for you?”

       Shu Rong seemed a little angry, “How can I feel nothing for him?”

       Chen Yuncheng thought for a while and said, “I believe you have feelings for him, but feelings need to be expressed and given, not just unilaterally asked for. Those requests you made to him are a sign of your love for yourself, not a sign of love for him!”

       He rarely said these things to others, and he never felt that he knew more than others, so after he finished speaking, he looked at Ning Junyan with some uncertainty.

       Ning Junyan held his hand, right on the dining table, without avoiding anyone.

       Both Shu Rong and Ning Zhanghong looked at their interlocked hands.

       Chen Yuncheng felt the warmth of Ning Junyan’s palm and felt the strength to continue, “I didn’t come to see you today to ask you to thank me or my brother, or even ask you to accept me and Ning Junyan. I just want to tell you, if you really love Junyan, then treat him better, and let him feel your love for him, don’t say things like breaking off the relationship so easily, every affection doesn’t come easily and others can’t even ask for it if they want to.

       As he said this, Chen Yuncheng paused briefly, took a deep breath and continued, “If you are not going to love him, then I regret pushing him away back then. Give him back to me, and I will love him.”

       After he finished the last few words, Ning Junyan’s grip on his hand steeply tightened.

       Both Shu Rong and Ning Zhanghong were in a daze for a moment. It had been more than ten years, and the almost completely forgotten image suddenly reappeared in front of their eyes. Ning Junyan who was holding Chen Yun Cheng tightly and wouldn’t let go, and Ning Junyan who was pushed away by Chen Yuncheng with great force.

       In the past so many years, the person Ning Junyan wanted to hug the most was still the same person, and it hadn’t changed from beginning to end.

       Shu Rong and Ning Zhanghong left before the entire table had been finished.

       Chen Yuncheng insisted on packing the food, and Ning Junyan stayed with him to watch the waiter pack the food in the same box.

       Ning Junyan said, “We can’t finish the food even if we pack it back.”

       Chen Yuncheng complained to him, “Who told you to order so many?”

       Ning Junyan told him, “It’s a side dish in the private room.” He didn’t have the patience to order dishes one by one himself.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Bring it to the hospital tomorrow for Guan Anlin to eat.”

       They each carried a few plastic bags out of the restaurant, walked to the parking lot and put all the plastic bags containing the food boxes in the back row.

       When Chen Yuncheng wanted to open the passenger door to get in the car, Ning Junyan put his hands on the door, trapping him between his arms.

       “What’s the matter?” Chen Yuncheng turned around to face him.

       Ning Junyan moved closer to his forehead and said, “Say that sentence from today again.”

       Chen Yuncheng pretended not to understand, “Which sentence?”

       “The one you told my mother.”

       Chen Yuncheng suddenly felt embarrassed, the distance between the two of them was too close, he lowered his gaze to look at Ning Junyan’s lips, and whispered, “The one about asking her to give you back to me?”

       Ning Junyan let out an “En” and urged him, “There’s more.”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “I will love you.”

       Ning Junyan was satisfied, and pecked his lips, “Let’s hurry back, I will love you so much.”

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Chapter 98

       By the time Guan Anlin was transferred from the ICU to the general ward, Chen Yuncheng saw Long Zhanyu in the hospital.

       Long Zhanyu didn’t come alone, he also had two colleagues in the ward to take Guan Anlin’s statement.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t go into the ward either and sat down with Long Zhanyu in the corridor outside. He looked at Long Zhanyu and said, “You look like you’ve lost weight.”

       “What’s with the exaggeration?” Long Zhanyu leaned back in his chair, playing with a lighter in his hand, “We haven’t seen each other for just a few days.”

       Chen Yuncheng observed him carefully, “But you still look pretty good. How is it going with Yu Jie?”

       The lighter in Long Zhanyu’s hand ‘clicked’ and lit up. The flame had just ignited, but he quickly let go of his hand and said, “I’m not at liberty to tell you much during the investigation stage of the case, but Yu Jie will definitely not escape. Don’t worry.” He said it lightly now, without mentioning a single word about the fact that he spent almost two whole nights looking for the dashcam records that captured the crime scene.

       Having said that, Long Zhanyu remembered something, “You know Wang Yongcheng, right?”

       Chen Yuncheng shook his head in a daze.

       Long Zhanyu said, “The person who scammed Dr. Ning’s mother of the rent and then ran away, he’s also on the case.”

       “Really?” Chen Yuncheng was only slightly surprised.

       When Long Zhanyu looked at his expression, he asked, “You’re still not clear about how Guan Anlin fell out with Yu Jie, do you?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “He just came out of the ICU, how can I have the heart to ask him.”

       Long Zhanyu said, “It’s because he found out that Wang Yongcheng had a relationship with Yu Jie. So he stalked and secretly photographed Wang Yongcheng, and offended Yu Jie.”

       Chen Yuncheng was a little startled, “Yu Jie was trying to kill him just because of this?”

       Long Zhanyu raised his head, “There is no surveillance, the surrounding is very dark, and the old van didn’t have a dashcam, and Guan Anlin was the one that hit first.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him.

       Long Zhanyu looked lazily, “At least some eyewitnesses who stood far away saw Guan Anlin raising his hand to hit, whether it was an intentional homicide or an accident or self-defence, who can say for sure.” Here, he paused, “But surveillance doesn’t lie.”

       “You said there was no surveillance.”

       Long Zhanyu smiled, “As long as one works hard enough, there is no case that cannot be solved.”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t continue to question. He was relieved when Long Zhanyu said Yu Jie couldn’t get away, and he didn’t want to force Long Zhanyu to say more because it was inconvenient for him to reveal more, so he just said, “Guan Anlin was too careless.”

       Long Zhanyu turned his head to look at him, “Actually, presumably part of it was because he was doing it for you.


       “Probably he wanted to get Yu Jie to withdraw Shu Rong’s money”

       Chen Yuncheng stared at the door of the ward in front, “But there was no evidence before that Yu Jie and that Wang Yongcheng were colluding, right?”

       Long Zhanyu smiled and said, “But it doesn’t prevent him from thinking this way, he has his simple instincts and they’re pretty accurate.”

       After the police had left, Chen Yuncheng opened the door of the ward and went in, and sat down beside Guan Anlin’s bed.

       Guan Anlin had just finished giving his statement, and he was a little tired. He lay on the bed and looked up at the IV bottle. He asked Chen Yuncheng, “Will it be over in half an hour?”

       Chen Yuncheng answered him, “The nurse said there is another set of medicine.”

       Guan Anlin sighed.

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him and said nothing.

       After a long time, Guan Anlin felt uncomfortable being watched, and asked him, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

       Chen Yuncheng did not answer.

       Guan Anlin then took the initiative to find a topic to chat with him about and said, “Tonight is Dr. Ning’s night shift again, right?”

       Chen Yuncheng nodded.

       After Guan Anlin came out of the ICU, he needed a family member to stay in the ward with him to look after him. At first, Guan Anqin insisted on accompanying her brother by herself, but Chen Yuncheng thought that as a young girl, even if they were brothers and sisters, it would still be inconvenient for Guan Anlin if she wanted to go to the bathroom at night, so he asked Guan Anqin to go back at night, and he himself stayed here to keep watch over Guan Anlin.

       “Then you can go to sleep with him, you don’t need to keep watch over me here,” Guan Anlin said.

       Chen Yuncheng folded his arms on his chest and said to him, “Cut it out.”

       “Ugh—” Guan Anlin sighed again, looked up at the IV bottle, and said, “When will this day ever end?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Do you regret it now?  Why didn’t you listen when I told you not to provoke Yu Jie?”

       Guan Anlin couldn’t help but want to raise his hand to cover his ears, but the wound would be pulled if he moved his hand. He lifted it up and put it down again, and said with a painful face, “Please let me go, don’t lecture me when I am already like this.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him and stopped talking.

       After a while, Guan Anlin raised his head to look at him and found that his eyes were red, and he was a little flustered, “What’s wrong with you? You’re not crying, are you?”

       The ward was a double room, separated by a curtain, and the people in the next bed can still hear their voices.

       Chen Yuncheng’s voice was hoarse, “I’m not”

       Guan Anlin said to him, “Aren’t I still alive? You can wait for me to die before you cry.”

       Chen Yuncheng stomped his foot on the edge of the hospital bed, causing the bed to shake slightly. He gave a rare cold face and spoke sternly, “Cut the crap!”

       Guan Anlin said, “Then don’t cry.”

       Although Chen Yuncheng’s eyes were still slightly red, he did not shed tears, he just looked at Guan Anlin and repeated, “I’m not crying.” After he said these words, he spoke again in a low voice, “You are my brother, the most important person around me, no one else is that important. Zhou Yan is still locked up in jail, I just want you to live a good life.”

       Guan Anlin sneered, “Don’t compare me with Zhou Yan. Besides, how can I be more important to you than Ning Junyan? Stop coaxing me, and live your life properly yourself.”

       Maybe it was because he talked too much in the afternoon, which consumed a lot of Guan Anlin’s energy. In the evening, before it was completely dark, Guan Anlin had already fallen asleep on the hospital bed.

       Chen Yuncheng greeted the patients and their families in the next bed, turned off the headlights in the ward, and sat by the bed alone. He looked at Guan Anlin quietly through the bedside lamp of the next bed through the middle curtain.

       The hospital ward was always filled with the smell of disinfectant, and other things, such as the smell of unconsumed dinner and the smell of a patient who was bedridden for a long time.

       Chen Yuncheng looked at Guan Anlin, in fact, he was in a daze. He thought that since Zhou Yan’s son was hospitalised and he met Ning Junyan again, and because he started to go in and out of the hospital frequently, he was almost familiar with these smells.

       He hoped that no one around him would be hospitalised anymore, although he would still come here often because Ning Junyan would always be here.

       After an unknown amount of time, the door of the ward was gently pushed open. Chen Yuncheng turned his head to look and saw Ning Junyan walking in.

       Ning Junyan moved very lightly, pulled a chair and sat down beside Chen Yuncheng, reached out to hold Chen Yuncheng’s hand, and placed it on his lap.

       Neither of them spoke.

       The patient in the next bed, separated by a curtain, was chatting quietly with his mother who was nursing him. They probably hadn’t noticed that there was an extra person in the ward at this time.

       Chen Yuncheng gently rested his head on Ning Junyan’s shoulder.

       Ning Junyan lowered his head, first kissed Chen Yuncheng’s forehead, and then kissed his lips.

       Chen Yuncheng was suddenly panicked and subconsciously looked at Guan Anlin who was sleeping soundly on the hospital bed, and then at the shadows of the two people on the next bed on the curtain.

       Ning Junyan was dissatisfied that Chen Yuncheng was not paying attention, and raised his hand to pinch his chin, making Chen Yuncheng only look at him.

       This sneaky kiss lasted for more than a minute before Ning Junyan let go of him, and kissed him on the cheek again in satisfaction.

       Chen Yuncheng breathed a sigh of relief and clenched Ning Junyan’s hand firmly.

       After a while, Chen Yuncheng said softly to Ning Junyan, “Long Zhanyu came over today and told me that Guan Anlin must go to investigate Yu Jie. In fact, he wants to help your mother get her money back.”

       When he spoke, the bed next door was quiet for a while, but soon the voice of chatting continued.

       They all spoke so softly to each other that it was almost impossible to hear what the other was saying.

       Ning Junyan’s expression was very calm, obviously, he didn’t care much about this matter, he said, “It’s not necessary.”

       Chen Yuncheng grabbed his hand, “For me and Guan Anlin, it’s a lot of money.”

       “It’s not a matter of more money or less money,” Ning Junyan said, “it’s not worth risking your life for the money.”

       Chen Yuncheng’s eyes fell on Guan Anlin’s sleeping face, “He did it for me.”

       Ning Junyan was a little unhappy. After a while, he asked Chen Yuncheng, “Do you think my mother’s attitude towards you is important?”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t answer directly but said, “Maybe I care more about the family relationship. The more I lack something, the more people care about it. It doesn’t matter how she treats me. It’s just a pity to break this family relationship. Otherwise, why would I have pushed you back then, how much better it would have been if I had dragged you along with me.”

       “That person1referring to his mom,” Ning Jun said slowly, “is difficult.”

       Chen Yuncheng knew in his heart, “I’m not important, what’s important is you and her.”

       Ning Junyan put his lips on his forehead, “No, you are important. If you think it is important, I will do it.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked up at him, suddenly his emotions surged, he put his arms around the back of his neck and wanted to kiss him. At this time, the chair under him also moved slightly, making a slight sound as it rubbed against the ground.

       He was startled, and immediately raised his head to look at the curtain. He saw that there was no movement from the people behind the curtain. He breathed a sigh of relief when he realised that Guan Anlin, who was lying on the hospital bed, had woken up at some point.

       Chen Yuncheng immediately let go of Ning Junyan’s hand.

       Ning Junyan looked at Guan Anlin calmly.

       Guan Anlin looked disgusted, moved his body with difficulty, and said, “Are you guys not bothered? Get out of my ward!”

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Chapter 97

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t drive when he came there, but now he drove Ning Junyan’s car parked in the hospital parking lot to take Guan Anqin back to school.

       Guan Anqin sat in the passenger seat and was silent all the way.

       Chen Yuncheng knew that she definitely couldn’t be completely at ease, so he persuaded her, “If Ning Junyan said he would be fine, then he will be fine, don’t worry.”

       Guan Anqin turned to look at him, and whispered, “Dr. Ning is very awesome.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled when he heard the words, “He is very awesome.”

       Guan Anqin seemed to want to say something, but in the end, she didn’t say it. She only said “thank you” to Chen Yuncheng when he dropped her off at the school gate.

       Chen Yuncheng parked his car at the roadside and saw her walk into the school before turning around and leaving. He didn’t go back to rest. He already called Shi Peng and told him to go and watch over the shop in the market for the past few nights, so Chen Yuncheng drove away from the school and back to the hospital.

       It was definitely impossible to see Guan Anlin at this time, so Chen Yuncheng parked the car in the underground parking lot and took the elevator to Ning Junyan’s department.

       Ning Junyan had not rested at this time, he was in the ICU ward explaining post-operative precautions to the nurses on duty, and only when he came out of the ICU ward and went back to his office did he meet Chen Yuncheng who was waiting for him outside.

       “Why aren’t you going back?” Ning Junyan was a little surprised.

       Chen Yuncheng stood against the wall and looked up at him, “I don’t want to go back alone.”

       Ning Junyan asked, “Want to be with me?”

       Chen Yuncheng nodded.

       The corners of Ning Jun Yan’s mouth curled very slightly as he stretched out his hand towards him, and said in an arrogant tone, “Come.”

       Chen Yuncheng followed Ning Junyan into the office. Ning Junyan extended his hand and locked the door behind him, hugged Chen Yuncheng and sat down on the sofa, and made sure that Chen Yuncheng sat on his lap.

       “You are too tired,” Chen Yuncheng wanted to get up. Ning Junyan had been standing up all night for the surgery, and Chen Yuncheng really didn’t want to put his weight on him again.

       Ning Junyan hugged him tightly and said, “I’m not tired.”

       Chen Yuncheng couldn’t help laughing, “Don’t you think this position is like hugging a child?”

       Ning Junyan asked him, “Aren’t you scared?”

       Chen Yuncheng looked up at him.

       Ning Junyan’s tone was flat, “Hold me if you’re afraid.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled and raised his arms to wrap his arms around his neck, “I’m not afraid now, I won’t be afraid when you are here.”

       Ning Junyan even patted him on the back, as if to comfort him.

       Chen Yuncheng leaned his head on Ning Junyan’s shoulder and said, “I was really scared just now, just like that time when I failed to pull Zhou Yan back in time, I was very worried that something would happen to Guan Anlin, and I wondered why I didn’t stop him in the first place, knowing Yu Jie is an old fox, and he can’t play him.”

       Ning Junyan said softly, “Precisely because Yu Jie was an old fox, no one expected him to be that rough and straightforward to kill someone, right?”

       Chen Yuncheng nodded, he suddenly thought maybe they were too kind, so they couldn’t predict the evil of human nature. He felt very uncomfortable and thought of Guan Anlin who was lying on the hospital bed, and Zhou Yan who was locked in prison. He even couldn’t help thinking about his parents who died young, and his foster father who had tried to knock Ning Junyan to death with a shovel that night.

       He had seen so many ugly and evil human natures, but he was still kind, so he would be even sadder.

       Chen Yuncheng hugged Ning Junyan’s neck tightly, rubbed his forehead on his shoulder, and called his name, “Ning Junyan.”

       “Hm?” Ning Junyan looked down at him.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “What would I do without you?”

       Without Ning Junyan, Chen Yuncheng might not be able to leave his foster father and foster mother now. He might not continue to steal things, but he certainly wouldn’t be able to live the life he had now, and he might be tormented by his conscience and feelings all the time.

       Ning Junyan said to him, “Without me, there would be other doctors who would have saved Guan Anlin’s life.”

       Chen Yuncheng shook his head, he didn’t just want to talk about Guan Anlin.

       Unexpectedly, Ning Junyan continued, “But without me, no one would have loved you that much.”

       Chen Yuncheng laughed when he heard the words, and asked Ning Junyan, “Am I so unattractive that no one will love me except you?”

       Ning Junyan said in his calm tone, “You have lived until twenty-nine years old, has anyone else loved you besides me?”

       Chen Yuncheng thought for a while, and suddenly felt sad, “No.” He was persuaded by Ning Junyan, “Alright, only you love me, then you have to love me all the time.”

       Ning Junyan kissed him on the forehead and replied, “Alright.”

       Later, Chen Yuncheng fell asleep directly in Ning Junyan’s arms.

       Ning Junyan directly carried him up, left the office, and walked to the duty room on the other side of the corridor.

       The second-line duty room was a separate room with a 1.8-meter bed. The sheets and quilt cover were just changed today, but the pillows and quilts were for one person.

       Ning Junyan put Chen Yuncheng on the bed, took off his shoes, and helped him take off his coat.

       Chen Yuncheng woke up briefly, but the lights in the room were not turned on. He was a little confused about where he was in the dark, only hearing Ning Junyan say to him, “Go back to sleep.” He was tense all night and was now too tired, so he fell asleep again.

       Ning Junyan slept next to him afterwards, sharing a quilt with him, and casually folded his coat as a pillow under his head.

       The two spent the rest of the night quietly on the big bed in the duty room.

       Early the next morning, when Ning Junyan’s phone alarm clock rang, Chen Yuncheng also woke up. He opened his eyes and found with a bewildered look that he had no idea where he was.

       Ning Junyan said to him, “You can still sleep for a while.”

       Chen Yuncheng raised his hand and rubbed his eyes, “Where is this?”

       “The hospital duty room,” Ning Junyan answered him, giving him a kiss on the lips.

       It took Chen Yuncheng some time to react, and he suddenly felt very embarrassed, afraid that someone would come in and see him, so he quickly rolled over.

       Ning Junyan said to him, “If you don’t want to sleep again then I will take you to breakfast later.”

       Chen Yuncheng nodded.

       Visits in ICU were not allowed, but after nine o’clock in the morning, one could look through the glass windows and see the patients.

       Chen Yuncheng followed Ning Junyan and finished breakfast in the hospital canteen. After Ning Junyan finished his shift, he went in to see Guan Anlin.

       Guan Anlin had already woken up, but his whole body was still very weak. He has a tube inserted into his body and was lying on the hospital bed inhaling oxygen. He noticed Chen Yuncheng standing outside the glass window and tried to raise his hand, but the nurse saw him and scolded him.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t dare to stay for long and left the visiting room of the ICU.

       Ning Junyan got off the night shift and drove home with Chen Yuncheng. After they took a shower and changed into pyjamas, the two of them lay on the bed to catch up on sleep.

       Chen Yuncheng had something on his mind and couldn’t fall asleep for a while, so he reached out to pick up the mobile phone next to the bed, and secretly glanced at Ning Junyan. When he saw that Ning Junyan seemed to be asleep with his eyes closed, he planned to get out of bed and go out to make a phone call.

       In the end, just as he moved, Ning Junyan extended his arms and hugged him back.

       “Don’t go,” Ning Junyan said with his eyes closed.

       Chen Yuncheng kissed his eyes, “You sleep, I’ll go out and make some phone calls.”

       Ning Junyan said, “Just do it here.”

       Chen Yuncheng was a little amused, “It will disturb your sleep.”

       Ning Junyan had no intention of letting go of his hand at all.

       Chen Yuncheng had no choice but to lie on the bed, and first called Wu Xiaozhu to arrange work in the store. He said that Guan Anlin had a car accident, but he didn’t say how serious it was. He only said that he might not be back for a while, and he would go there in the afternoon.

       When he was on the phone, Ning Junyan obviously hadn’t fallen asleep, he slipped his hand into the hem of his pyjamas and traced gentle circles against the soft skin of his belly.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t stop him, and after finishing the phone call with Wu Xiaozhu, he called Long Zhanyu again.

       Before making this call, Chen Yuncheng was a little hesitant. He felt that Long Zhanyu must have been busy last night, and he didn’t know if he was still busy or just had a rest.

       The phone rang twice and was quickly connected, Long Zhanyu’s hoarse voice came through, “Chen Yuncheng?”

       Chen Yuncheng asked him, “How is it going?”

       Long Zhanyu said, “I’m still busy now, I’ll call you when there is a result here.”

       Ning Junyan seemed to hear Chen Yuncheng calling Long Zhanyu and leaned closer to kiss his sensitive earlobe and neck.

       Chen Yuncheng shuddered and raised one hand to cover Ning Junyan’s mouth.

       Ning Junyan frowned unhappily.

       Chen Yuncheng said to Long Zhanyu, “Thank you for your hard work, and take care of your body.”

       After he hung up the phone, he released his hand covering Ning Junyan’s lips.

       Ning Junyan was very displeased, “Why didn’t you tell me to take care of my body?”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him, “I told you to sleep well.”

       “Can’t sleep, I need to kiss my wife first,” Ning Junyan said, and then kissed Chen Yuncheng’s lips, delaying the two of them from going to bed for another few minutes.

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Chapter 96

       At the time Chen Yuncheng rushed to the hospital, Guan Anlin had already been admitted to the emergency operating room.

       Outside the operating room, Long Zhanyu was standing alone against the wall. Chen Yuncheng walked up to him quickly, his rapid breathing had not yet slowed down, and asked, “What’s going on?”

       Long Zhanyu answered him, “It’s not clear yet, but he had a fight with Yu Jie on the side of the road before the accident. I suspect that Yu Jie pushed him on purpose.”

       When he heard this, Chen Yuncheng grabbed Long Zhanyu’s lapel, “I said it would be dangerous and told him not to go, yet you encouraged him to continue the investigation!”

       Long Zhanyu looked down at Chen Yuncheng’s hand tightly gripping his lapel, and said, “Simmer down, I didn’t encourage Guan Anlin to investigate Yu Jie.”

       Chen Yuncheng stared at him fiercely without saying anything. His eyes then gradually eased after a while, and he also let go of his grip on Long Zhanyu.

       “How is he doing now?” Chen Yuncheng glanced at the closed door of the operating room.

       Long Zhanyu said, “It’s going to be open-heart surgery, Dr. Ning went in.”

       “Ning Junyan went in?” Chen Yuncheng felt like his strength had been instantly drained from him, and sat down on the chair by the wall. His eyes were a little blank as he said, “I grew up without my parents, and I’ve always treated them like they were my own.”

       He was not only talking about Guan Anlin but also Zhou Yan who was in prison.

       The feeling of watching his loved ones leave, or stepping into a desperate situation was making him feel he was too powerless, and he is really afraid.

       Long Zhanyu walked up to him and squatted down, looking up at him, “No one would have thought that Yu Jie would be that mad.”

       “Where’s Yu Jie?” Chen Yuncheng asked.

       Long Zhanyu took a deep breath, “He’s already been arrested and is now at the branch office making a statement.”

       “Can you convict him?”

       Long Zhanyu replied this time, “Yes, trust me.” He was silent for a while, and continued, “Although the case has not been formally filed, the case is now being investigated for intentional homicide.”

       Chen Yuncheng’s heart was in turmoil. What happened to Yu Jie at this time was far less important to him than Guan Anlin coming out of the operating room safely.

       Long Zhanyu sat with him for a while, went to the corner and made a phone call, and then told Chen Yuncheng that he was leaving, “I’ll go to the branch office and ask my colleagues.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked up at him and nodded.

       After Long Zhanyu left, Chen Yuncheng sat alone outside the operating room and waited. He felt cold all over his body, and there was wet sweat on his forehead.

       After more than half an hour, Guan Anqin walked over from the corridor with a small bag on her back. She stopped when she saw Chen Yuncheng, and called out softly, “Cheng ge?”

       Chen Yuncheng stood up, “Xiao Qin, you are here?”

       Guan Anqin’s eyes were red, and her voice was a little choked up, “How is my brother?”

       Chen Yuncheng could be vulnerable when he was alone, but he had to be strong in front of Guan Anqin, he said, “Dr. Ning is operating on him inside, he will be fine.”

       Guan Anqin nodded.

       Chen Yuncheng asked her to sit down, went to pour her a cup of hot water, came back and sat beside Guan Anqin, and didn’t speak again after that.

       The white lights in the hallway always look a bit bleak.

       It was the second time Chen Yuncheng sat outside the operating room and wait for Ning Junyan. Last time he only felt very worried, but this time he was not only worried but also afraid. He was not in the mood to call Long Zhanyu, and leaned his head against the wall, trying to make his breathing even and soothing, not wanting Guan Anqin to feel his nervousness.

       But this time Ning Junyan didn’t let him wait that long.

       It had been more than three hours since the surgery began when the doors to the operating room opened. Ning Junyan was still wearing the surgical gown and had not changed, walked up to Chen Yuncheng as if he knew he would be waiting there, smiled at him and winked.

       There was no need to say anything at this time, Chen Yuncheng stood up and hugged Ning Junyan.

       Ning Junyan’s body smelled of sweat, and even his clothes were slightly damp, but Chen Yuncheng didn’t care about all those things at this time, he only felt that everything about Ning Junyan was beautiful.

       “Don’t be afraid, I’m here,” Ning Junyan said calmly, but he tightly hugged Chen Yuncheng’s waist with one hand, and kissed his ear. Then he turned to Guan Anqin, who was also looking at him nervously, and said, “Your brother’s surgery was successful, and he will be fine.”

       Guan Anqin was about to cry, she said, “Thank you, Dr. Ning.”

       Ning Junyan stretched his slender fingers into Chen Yuncheng’s hair and said to him, “He should be observed in the ICU for two days after leaving the operating room. You won’t be able to see him tonight, so why don’t you go back and rest?”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t answer, he turned to look at Guan Anqin, “I’ll take you back to school, you can come back tomorrow.”

       Guan Anqin didn’t know what was going on in the ICU, so she asked in a low voice, “Can I see him through the glass?”

       Ning Junyan said to her, “You won’t be able to see him, go back and rest.”

       Guan Anqin nodded.

       Long Zhanyu went to the branch office. Because of the possible involvement of intentional murder, the case was now under the jurisdiction of the branch office, and Yu Jieren was still locked in the interrogation room of the branch office.

       The deputy captain of the fourth squadron, Zhang Zheng, who is in charge of the case, was Long Zhan Yu’s senior in the Police Academy. Zhang Zheng saw Long Zhanyu while smoking in the corridor, and raised his hand to greet him, “Xiao Long, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

       Long Zhanyu smiled, “You guys are busy with big cases every day, how can you have time to see me?”

       Zhang Zheng smiled when he heard this and tossed him a cigarette.

       Long Zhanyu stood beside Zhang Zheng and lit a cigarette. He took a slow puff and then asked, “How about that Yu Jie?”

       Zhang Zheng looked at him, “I heard that he was captured by your people?”

       Long Zhanyu nodded, “I know the victim.”

       Zhang Zheng said, “This man was very stubborn. He insisted that the other party hit him. Then they pushed each other, and he fell to the ground, the other party took two steps back and was hit by a car.”

       At that time, Long Zhanyu asked someone to restrain Yu Jie. After calling the command centre, he followed Guan Anlin to the hospital. He listened to the general situation of the follow-up investigation on the phone, and now he asked carefully, “What about the surveillance? The car that hit him didn’t have a dashcam?”

       Zhang Zheng shook his head, “That place is a surveillance blind spot. The car that hit the person was a very old broken van without a dashcam. And it was dark at the time. The driver said he didn’t pay attention to the situation on the side of the road and only suddenly saw someone rushing out.”

       Long Zhanyu asked again, “Where are the witnesses?”

       Zhang Zheng answered him, “I’m still looking.” After speaking, he glanced at Long Zhanyu, “So concerned? Should I hand it over to you guys?”

       Long Zhanyu laughed, “Okay, you can borrow me as a labour force for free. I will definitely not let Yu Jie go.”

       Zhang Zheng heard the words and said, “I mean it. I’ll apply tomorrow for a temporary transfer of personnel from your squadron.”

       Long Zhanyu looked towards the lighted interrogation room, “Can I ask him a few words?”

       Zhang Zheng said, “Go ahead.”

       In the interrogation room, Yu Jie sat alone on a cold wooden chair with his hands handcuffed to the small table in front of him.

       Long Zhanyu walked in and sat down on the chair opposite him.

       Yu Jie looked at him and said nothing.

       Long Zhanyu said, “Guan Anlin has finished his surgery and his life is not in danger.”

       Yu Jie smiled and said, “Really? That’s really great.”

       Long Zhanyu said again, “That place downstairs of your company, you know that there is a blind spot for surveillance, right?”

       Yu Jie didn’t answer, just asked, “Is this a formal interrogation, officer?”

       Long Zhanyu had no paper and pen in front of him, nor did he use a computer to record. Obviously, it was not a formal interrogation. He did not answer Yu Jie’s question, but continued, “You must’ve thought that broken van must not have a car recorder, right? Did you know that no one in the nearby office building can see what you’re doing from the windows? Now you must be considering how to plead guilty to be seen as sincere enough to give you a slightly lighter sentence when you are sentenced.”

       Yu Jie had a sincere look on his face, “Officer, I really didn’t push him on purpose. Look at my face, it’s the marks where he pushed me to the ground and bruised me.” There were very obvious scratches on his face.

       Long Zhanyu nodded, “It’s okay, you should think about it yourself.”

       He came out of the interrogation room and found Zhang Zheng, “Show me the surveillance.”

       Zhang Zheng said yes, but then said, “We have checked the surveillance in detail, and it is true that nothing was captured.”

       Long Zhanyu said, “I want to find all the vehicles that passed by at the time of the incident. There will always be a dashcam to capture the process.”

       Zhang Zheng was a little surprised, “Are you going to find them one by one now?”

       Long Zhanyu said to him, “A lot of dashcams are going to overwrite the recordings. If the owner of the car didn’t notice it, and we delayed it for a long time, I’m afraid I won’t be able to find the records for that time. It’s best to contact the car owner in time for tomorrow morning before work.”

       Zhang Zheng looked at him for a while, put his arms around his shoulders and led him outside, and said, “Go, I’ll find someone to go with you, and also, I’ll ask Captain Xia to call the fifth squadron tomorrow and borrow you for two days. “

The author has something to say:
Some readers have a bit of hatred for the character of Long Zhanyu. It doesn’t matter, but please don’t be malicious to the author. The author did not discredit a certain profession, and all the characters serve the plot and do not want to convey any point of view through a web article. The main purpose of writing the article is to share the meng1cuteness points.

Everyone should never learn about a certain profession or group through online articles, because the author’s understanding is very little and one-sided. Entry-level police officers work very hard and there is no saying that they do not handle criminal cases. If you want to have a detailed understanding, you can watch documentaries or something. The trivial matters you think have certain consequences are all criminal cases, and they are all handled by the police at the police station, but they only have certain jurisdiction for some areas.

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