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Morbid Addiction

Chapter 20

       Zhou Yan looked at Ning Junyan in a panic, as if he didn’t know how to react.

       It was Chen Yuncheng who said, “It has been sixteen years.”

       That year, when the foster father and foster mother were arrested and imprisoned, Ning Junyan left with his parents, Zhou Yan was sent back to his hometown, and Chen Yuncheng entered a welfare institution. After they separated, they did not get together again until this year.

       It should have been a touching scene, but Zhou Yan couldn’t care about it at this time, he still had his own worries.

       Ning Junyan took out his right hand from his jacket pocket and stretched it out in front of Zhou Yan.

       Zhou Yan took his hand and forced a smile.

       When he let go, Ning Junyan asked Chen Yuncheng, “Did I interrupt your conversation?”

       Chen Yuncheng shook his head, “No, how did you know we were here?”

       Ning Junyan raised his head slightly, “I saw it from the office window.”

       When Chen Yuncheng heard the words, he looked up and saw that directly opposite the garden was the inpatient building where Ning Junyan’s department was located, with a glass window facing his office. At that time, Chen Yuncheng glanced down from his office window and vaguely remembered that there was a garden below.

       “Still not off duty yet? Or are you on duty today?” Chen Yuncheng asked.

       Ning Junyan said, “There is an operation in the afternoon, and I just finished it.”

       When Chen Yuncheng heard him say this, he suddenly noticed that his hair was still slightly damp, probably it was not long after he took a shower.

       “Have you eaten yet?” Chen Yuncheng asked him.

       Ning Junyan shook his head.

       Zhou Yan standing beside was somewhat a little irritable, he gently pulled Chen Yuncheng’s sleeve, and whispered, “Cheng ge, I have something to tell you.”

       After he said this, Ning Junyan looked at him.

       Ning Junyan’s eyes seemed calm and did not contain any emotion, but Zhou Yan’s heart trembled for no reason, and for some reason he suddenly recalled the first time he met Ning Junyan when he was a child.

       Zhou Yan was different from Chen Yuncheng and Ning Junyan. He ran away from home by himself when he was only seven years old that year. He was alone on the street and met the foster father. The foster father bought food for him and said he would find him a place to live. He could work in exchange for food and asked him if he wanted to follow. He agreed.

       When Zhou Yan followed the foster father back to the yard, he saw Chen Yuncheng and Ning Junyan. At that time, Chen Yuncheng was tolerable, but Ning Junyan was already quite tall, almost taller than the foster father. Chen Yuncheng was very friendly to him, but Ning Junyan left him with a deep impression.

       He still remembered that when they went into the yard, the foster father called out Chen Yuncheng, saying that he had brought a child back.

       Chen Yuncheng squatted on the steps, greeted him with a smile, and said, “My name is Chen Yuncheng, what’s yours?”

       Zhou Yan, who had been wandering alone for a month or two, was not afraid of someone new and said to Chen Yuncheng, “I’m Zhou Yan.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled and said, “Hello.”

       The foster father went into the kitchen at that time, and only Chen Yuncheng and Zhou Yan were left in the yard. Chen Yuncheng suddenly waved to Zhou Yan and motioned him to go over.

       Zhou Yan approached nervously.

       Chen Yuncheng approached his ear and asked him in a low voice, “How did you come here? Where are your family members?”

       Zhou Yan lied, “I have no family.”

       “Oh,” Chen Yuncheng’s eyes instantly became gentler when he looked at him, probably feeling a little sympathetic to him.

       At this time, Ning Junyan walked out of the room, stopped beside Chen Yuncheng, and looked down at Zhou Yan.

       Ning Junyan, who was already tall, was standing at the bottom of the steps. He looked at Zhou Yan with a cold gaze and did not open his mouth to speak.

       At that moment, Zhou Yan felt a strong sense of oppression, and he subconsciously stepped back several steps, farther away from Chen Yuncheng and Ning Junyan.

       Ning Junyan crouched down beside Chen Yuncheng.

       Chen Yuncheng turned his head to look at him, took out candy from his pocket, and asked him, “Want some candy?”

       Ning Junyan didn’t answer, but just reached out and took the candy, his nimble fingers quickly peeled off the candy wrapper, and then fed the candy into Chen Yuncheng’s mouth.

       The candy was fed to Chen Yuncheng suddenly, and subconsciously opened her mouth to take it in before he whispered, “It’s for you.”

       Ning Junyan just said “um”.

       Zhou Yan looked at them, and at the same time heard his foster father calling him loudly in the kitchen, so he responded and walked towards the kitchen. Before he entered the kitchen, he couldn’t help but look back and saw Chen Yuncheng turning his head to Ning Junyan’s ear. After saying something in a low voice, Ning Junyan didn’t move. After a while, Chen Yuncheng smiled and reached out to pat Ning Junyan’s face, then turned back and continued to look at the middle of the yard.

       The first time he saw Ning Junyan, Zhou Yan was not afraid of him at that time. What made him feel that Ning Junyan was a scary person was the latter half a year together. Ning Junyan almost killed his godfather and was stopped by Chen Yuncheng and the foster mother.

       Zhou Yan was in the corner at that time and did not dare to move a muscle. It almost became difficult to breathe, so this fear of Ning Junyan has spread to the present.

       He originally wanted to chat with Chen Yuncheng in private for a while, but at this time he couldn’t say anything, and could only look at Ning Junyan nervously.

       Ning Junyan said to Chen Yuncheng, “Would you like to accompany me to dinner?”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t answer him immediately but glanced at Zhou Yan.

       Zhou Yan didn’t dare to speak and anxiously waited for Chen Yuncheng’s answer.

       In the end, Chen Yuncheng nodded to Ning Junyan and said, “Sure.”

       Zhou Yan couldn’t help calling out again, “Cheng ge.”

       Chen Yuncheng said to Zhou Yan, “Let’s go together, you haven’t seen each other for so long either, we can talk.”

       Zhou Yan was not in the mood to eat, and he didn’t really want to stay with Ning Jun for an extended period of time. He said, “I have to go see my son. Jiajia should go back to take a bath and rest.”

       Chen Yuncheng knew it was no good to force it and said to Zhou Yan, “Then go, I’ll call you later.”

       Zhou Yan responded quickly, “Okay.”

       Ning Junyan had a very simple dinner. He did not drive, but left the hospital on foot with Chen Yuncheng, went to a nearby fast-food restaurant, and ordered a set meal.

       “Don’t you want to eat something?” Ning Junyan asked Chen Yuncheng.

       Chen Yuncheng shook his head and sat opposite him, “I’ll watch you eat.”

       The fast-food restaurant was brightly lit, and since it was already after dinner time, there were only seven or eight tables of guests, all of whom were far away from each other, so the surroundings around the two of them seemed quiet.

       Ning Junyan ate in a very refined manner. He picked up the cola delivered with the set meal, and then unwrapped the plastic packaging of the spoon, when he lowered his head to scoop the rice, he raised his head and asked Chen Yuncheng, “Are you here to accompany me to dinner?”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled and said, “Yeah.” But then he said, “You eat first, and I’ll tell you something after eating.”

       Ning Junyan said, “You can just say it.”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “I’ll wait for you to finish eating.”

       The spoon in Ning Junyan’s hand didn’t move, he just said, “I told you, you can come to me with anything.”

       Chen Yuncheng hesitated for a moment, and he said, “Can you help Zhou Yan?”

       Ning Junyan didn’t speak, and just motioned Chen Yuncheng to continue with his eyes.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “His son is sick and is now hospitalised in your hospital, he still has to wait for the right time to have an operation, which will cost a large sum of money.”

       When Ning Junyan heard this, he lowered his head and started to eat the food on his plate. While eating, he asked in a flat tone, “How much is a large sum of money?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “A hundred thousand or so, I don’t know how much money he has now.”

       Ning Junyan ate and didn’t speak, Chen Yuncheng looked at him quietly and didn’t want to disturb him, until he stopped to drink water, and when he raised his head again, he said to Chen Yuncheng, “Did you ask me for help or did he ask me for help?”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t answer, but asked, “Do you mean you won’t help if he was the one asking for your help?”

       Ning Junyan looked at him and said, “The price is different.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled, “I’m the one who asked for your help, so tell me what the price is, can I afford to pay it?”

       Ning Junyan didn’t answer for a long time and looked straight at Chen Yuncheng until Chen Yuncheng was a little uncomfortable with his gaze, and then he said, “You can afford it.”



The author has something to say:

Chen Yuncheng was not a big shot in the past. In fact, he and his friends are people at the bottom of the social ladder. They have no money and have never read any books. They always wanted to make a lot of money but had no channels, and most of the time the little money they made was quickly spent ……

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Chapter 19

       From then on, the group of delinquents who lived nearby never came to mess with Chen Yuncheng again. Chen Yuncheng knew that they were talking in private, and they all said that the boy with Chen Yuncheng was a lunatic. No one wanted to provoke a desperate lunatic.

       Chen Yuncheng lay on the bed and did not fall asleep. He put his arms under his head and looked at the scarf hanging in the room. The light in the room was quite dim, but it was not like he couldn’t see anything, at least the outline of the scarf was still barely distinguishable.

       He remembered the events of his childhood, and the way Ning Junyan strangled Guan Anlin’s neck tonight. He felt that Ning Junyan was still a little crazy. There was some paranoia and madness in his heart, but Ning Junyan didn’t become a lunatic after all. He was measured and had a bottom line in his actions, and he was no longer someone who was not in his right mind like when he was a child.

       The next morning, Chen Yuncheng didn’t open the store. He planned to go out.

       When he went out, Chen Yuncheng took off the scarf hanging in the house and put it on his neck. The moment he got out through the half-opened shutter door, he felt a bit awkward and was not used to it, so he went back and hung the scarf back in its original position.

       Chen Yuncheng went to the second-hand car dealer where Zhou Yan worked as a salesman.

       When he first entered, the sales staff in the store thought he was a customer who was going to buy a car and took the initiative to come over to serve him.

       He turned around and didn’t see Zhou Yan, so he asked the salesperson if there was a staff member named Zhou Yan there.

       The salesperson asked, “Are you a customer of his?”

       Chen Yuncheng said “um”, “He contacted me before.”

       The salesman continued, “He no longer works here.”

       Chen Yuncheng seemed surprised, “Why didn’t he tell me.”

       “He hasn’t been here very long,” the salesperson said.

       Chen Yuncheng heard the disdain in the other party’s tone, and continued, “But he still asked me to see the car if I had time?”

       The salesman said, “He may ask you to go to other places to see the car. He has been dishonest from the beginning and stealing our customers.”

       Chen Yuncheng said in surprise, “Really? It’s all commission based anyway, so there’s no point in stealing customers to other shops, is there?”

       The salesman shook his head, “I don’t know.” He didn’t seem to want to continue talking about Zhou Yan and raised his hand to pat the second-hand Audi in front of him, “What do you think of this car? The performance is really good, I can give you a detailed introduction.”

       Chen Yuncheng listened to him for a few minutes, then made an excuse to leave.

       After leaving the second-hand car dealership, Chen Yuncheng called Zhou Yan as soon as possible. The phone rang a lot, but the other party didn’t answer.

       Chen Yuncheng then sent a WeChat message to Zhou Yan, “Call me back.”

       But until the afternoon, Zhou Yan neither called Chen Yuncheng nor even replied to his WeChat.

       Chen Yuncheng contacted Gu Yaojia in the hospital and asked her when Zhou Yan usually went to the hospital to see their children every day.

       Gu Yaojia said to Chen Yuncheng, “He will come every night when he’s done working except when he has a dinner party, he would come very late. He usually comes to the hospital at seven or eight o’clock.” After speaking, Gu Yaojia asked nervously, “Cheng ge, is there something wrong?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “It’s nothing, don’t worry.”

       Zhou Yan arrived at the hospital after seven o’clock in the evening that day. When he got out of the elevator, he saw Chen Yuncheng waiting for him in the elevator room. He suddenly stopped, and his whole body became stiff.

       Chen Yuncheng said to him, “Let’s go. Let’s talk somewhere else, don’t disturb your wife and children.”

       Zhou Yan didn’t move, and with a pleading tone he said, “Cheng ge.”

       Chen Yuncheng walked in front of him. Chen Yuncheng raised his hand and place it on his back while at the same time reaching out to press the elevator.

       Zhou Yan frowned tightly, but in the end, he gave up his resistance and followed Chen Yuncheng downstairs obediently.

       The two of them came to the garden downstairs of the inpatient building. Because the weather was too cold in winter, there were not many people walking in the garden after dinner, and the garden benches were even empty, without a single person.

       Chen Yuncheng and Zhou Yan sat down on the bench.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “I went to the second-hand car dealership where you work today. They said that you didn’t work for long before you quit, and when you were working there, you ate your way out while you were working there and took the customers who came to the dealership elsewhere.” He finished dryly in one breath, “And then you wouldn’t answer my calls or return my texts.”

       Zhou Yan raised his hand and pushed back the hair that fell on his forehead, showing a restless look.

       Chen Yuncheng put one hand on the back of the bench, facing him from the side, “I’ll ask again, what are you doing with Zhang Wenyong and those two X-ethnic people?”

       Zhou Yan didn’t speak and didn’t look at Chen Yuncheng.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “If you don’t say anything, I still have a way to find out.”

       Zhou Yan bit his lip, and after a while, as if he had made up his mind, he raised his head and looked around. Seeing that there was no one nearby, he lowered his voice and said to Chen Yuncheng, “Those X-ethnic people are a car theft gang, they stole a car in the city, and originally drove it directly to the autonomous county over there to sell the stolen goods. Later, Zhang Wenyong somehow got in touch with them, so he found someone to modify the frame and engine numbers of those stolen cars, registered them under someone else’s name over there in the autonomous county, and then sold them back as second-hand cars.”

       Chen Yuncheng was silent for a while and asked, “Are you introducing them to clients?”

       Zhou Yan said, “It was Zhang Wenyong who introduced me to the job of second-hand car sales. He asked me to choose some greedy and careless customers and introduce them to cheaper second-hand cars. It didn’t take long for the boss to notice, so he asked me to pack up and leave. I changed to another second-hand car shop and went to work. “

       “How many cars have you sold?” Chen Yuncheng asked.

       Zhou Yan stretched out two fingers, he saw Chen Yuncheng looking at him, and whispered anxiously, “This business is not easy to do, because people don’t trust me, and Zhang Wenyong did not give me a high commission, but he was willing to lend me money for my child’s medical treatment.”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Of course he is willing to lend it to you, but he doesn’t give you a high commission, because the money is all in his pocket.”

       Zhou Yan grabbed Chen Yuncheng’s arm and said, “Cheng ge, just pretend you don’t know about this. Otherwise, when the police will really investigate later, I’m afraid it’ll implicate you.”

       Chen Yuncheng pulled his arm out of his hand, “No need to wait for later, the police are already investigating.”

       Zhou Yan’s face suddenly turned pale, and he looked at Chen Yuncheng in a panic, “What?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “If you don’t want to go to jail now, just go to the police station and report to yourself, and you may have a chance to get probation.”

       Zhou Yan said, “No, Zhang Wenyong won’t let me go.”

       Chen Yuncheng’s voice was a little cold, “Then go to jail with Zhang Wenyong.”

       Zhou Yan’s face was pale. He suddenly grabbed Chen Yuncheng’s hand and asked, “How did you know? Did the police officer surnamed Long tell you?”

       As soon as he said that, before Chen Yuncheng could answer, both of them heard footsteps approaching from the front at the same time.

       Chen Yuncheng looked up and saw Ning Junyan wearing a dark coat with his hands in his coat pockets, walking towards them along the garden path until he stopped in front of them.

       Zhou Yan also looked over, he didn’t recognize Ning Junyan, and for a moment remembered Chen Yuncheng said that the police had been eyeing them. He instantly thought that Chen Yuncheng had lured the police to arrest him, so he stood up violently from the bench.

       Chen Yuncheng got up slowly. He grabbed Zhou Yan’s arm and found that his muscles were so tense that he was a little puzzled. He said, “Zhou Yan, this is Ning Junyan, do you still recognize him?”

       Zhou Yan was stunned, looked blankly at the tall and handsome man in front of him, and repeated, “You’re Ning Junyan?”

       Ning Junyan’s eyes fell on Zhou Yan’s face, cold and emotionless, he just said, “Zhou Yan, it’s been years since I’ve seen you.”

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Chapter 18

       After dinner that day, Chen Yuncheng took Ning Junyan to play in the abandoned factory building nearby. The open space in the middle of the factory was already overgrown with weeds, waiting for the land to be sold for redevelopment. Usually, there were hardly any people.

       When Chen Yuncheng went there, he didn’t expect anyone and asked Ning Junyan to watch over first. When he tried to get into the empty factory building through the broken window, a stone was thrown at him and hit him right on the buttocks.

       At that time, Chen Yuncheng was a little stunned, and pop his head out of the window, and asked Ning Junyan who was standing by the window, “Yanyan, did you hit me?”

       Ning Junyan didn’t answer but looked in the direction where the stone was thrown. Chen Yuncheng followed his line of sight, only to find a young man sitting on a dilapidated wall over there.

       He was one of those gangsters who used to bully him.

       Ning Junyan didn’t say anything and walked directly toward the boy.

       The young man was acting haughty and smiled when he saw Ning Junyan coming over. He held a small stone in his hand, and said, “What do you want?”

       Ning Junyan bent down and picked up a large stone from the ground, and threw it directly at the young man on the wall. The stone hit the young man on the shoulder, causing him to lose his balance on the wall and suddenly fell backwards.

       Chen Yuncheng was startled, and hurriedly ran over to grab Ning Junyan’s arm and ran out.

       Ning Junyan didn’t know why Chen Yuncheng wanted to run, but he wouldn’t resist if Chen Yuncheng pulled him along. The two of them stepped on the weeds and scraps of the old factory, turned their heads, ran out, and all the way back to their foster parents’ yard.

       It wasn’t dark yet, but the foster father and mother had already returned to the room.

       The two of them ran in. Chen Yuncheng didn’t catch his breath, so he hurriedly locked the courtyard door. Before locking the door, he went out and looked around, and then leaned behind the door and gasped for breath.

      Ning Junyan was also panting, and as he did so, his eyes fell on Chen Yuncheng and noticed that Chen Yuncheng had a long piece of grass dust on his head at some point. He reached out to pick it off, and used the grass to rub it against Chen Yuncheng’s face.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t have the energy to slap him away, and only said, “Stop it.”

       Ning Junyan threw the grass aside.

       After a while, Chen Yuncheng went to pick up the grass and threw it into the trash can in the corner, he said to Ning Junyan, “Don’t mess with them, there are just too many of them. If you mess with them, they will keep looking for you, it’s very annoying.”

       He didn’t know if Ning Junyan heard and understood it or not.

       Chen Yuncheng walked over to the plastic basin, turned on the faucet, splashed cold water, and washed his face. He then raised his head with water all over his face and asked Ning Junyan, “Are you taking a shower?”

       Ning Junyan nodded and walked over.

       Chen Yuncheng took off all his clothes and didn’t bother to enter the basin, so he stepped into the basin and stood directly under the faucet to rinse.

       He didn’t dare to rinse for too long, as he was afraid that the foster mother would hear the voice and scold them for wasting water, so he quickly climbed out and let Ning Junyan, who had already taken off his clothes, go in to take a cold shower, and ran away to get a dry towel to wipe his body.

       The next day, Chen Yuncheng caught a cold.

       He didn’t know why he caught a cold. He was usually in good health, and it wasn’t the first time he took a cold shower, but this time he caught a cold.

       Early in the morning, Chen Yuncheng sneezed several times, yet his foster parents still urged him to take Ning Junyan out to work quickly.

       The foster mother also said to him, “The cold will clear up on its own in a few days, don’t be fussy.”

       Chen Yuncheng felt that he was not being fussy, but that he was dizzy and had little energy.

       The two of them came out of the yard.

       Chen Yuncheng said to Ning Junyan as he walked forward, “Let’s not go far today.”

       Ning Junyan nodded and followed him silently.

       As a result, by noon, they met the group of gangsters. Including the boy he met yesterday, there were five or six people in the other party, all of whom were older than Ning Junyan.

       Chen Yuncheng wanted to slip away, but he was drowsy and didn’t run in the right direction, and was finally surrounded by the group of people in the old factory.

       This was the first time Chen Yuncheng had really seen Ning Junyan fight someone.

       Ning Junyan must have learned about it. However, Chen Yuncheng didn’t understand it either. He knew that some children would learn Taekwondo, Judo, or something. He didn’t know what Ning Junyan had learned, but he fights in a systematic way.

       If it was just an organized martial art style or a series of martial arts routines, Ning Junyan shouldn’t be the opponent of those children who had grown up in society, but he had an unstoppable ruthlessness in him.

       The five or six teenagers had originally scattered in order to surround them, and when at first two people come to him, one of them was beaten by Ning Junyan before the other one shouted for someone to come.

       When the group of people gathered, Ning Junyan first protected Chen Yuncheng in a corner, and would not let anyone approach Chen Yuncheng. Later, he couldn’t hold back too many people by himself. After being pulled away, someone took Chen Yuncheng out and kicked him to the ground.

       It was not that Chen Yuncheng couldn’t resist, but after all, he was several years younger, thinner, and smaller, and his strength was a lot worse than that of the man opposite him. He fell to the ground, the man reached out and grabbed his shirt to pick him up, he lowered his head and bit the man’s hand, heard the other man scream in pain, and then he was slapped in the face, and his ears were buzzing sound.

       Ning Junyan rushed over at this moment, he no longer cared about others, he just pressed the boy who had attacked Chen Yuncheng to the ground and punched him all on the boy.

       The fight turned out to be extremely violent afterwards.

       Not only Chen Yuncheng and Ning Junyan were in a bad state, but the other group was also in a bad state. Ning Junyan’s head was covered in blood, but he still stood in front of Chen Yuncheng, looking at the person opposite him coldly, as if he would fight to the death if anyone dared to touch Chen Yuncheng.

       He didn’t know who in the group of teenagers said first, “Forget it, let’s go.” The others followed him and left. They didn’t want to fight with Ning Junyan, nor did they want to beat him to death here, so they retreated first.

       Only then did Ning Junyan turn to look at Chen Yuncheng.

       One of Chen Yuncheng’s trouser legs was torn, and a wound on his leg was bleeding. His face and eyes were swollen. When he opened his mouth to speak, he frowned when the wound was pulled, but he still asked Ning Junyan, “Are you alright? “

       This was not the first time that these gangsters had clashed with Chen Yuncheng. If it wasn’t for Ning Junyan’s tough attitude, they would not have attacked so hard, so this was the first time that Chen Yuncheng had been beaten so badly.

       But Chen Yuncheng didn’t blame Ning Junyan, he still remembered how Ning Junyan tried his best to protect him.

       When the two returned to the yard with their wounds, even the foster father was taken aback and took them to a nearby small clinic for the doctor to treat the wounds.

       At that time, the doctor examined them briefly and found that neither of them had any broken bones, only soft tissue contusions or skin lacerations. As for whether the internal organs were injured, the small clinic couldn’t detect them.

       The foster father didn’t plan to take them to the hospital. He simply took them back after the wounds were treated. On the way back, he scolded them while walking, blaming them for causing trouble outside and wasting his money.

       Later, Chen Yuncheng would think that it was fortunate that both he and Ning Junyan were lucky to have survived so many beatings without hurting their bones or internal organs, otherwise they might not be alive now.

       After they returned, Chen Yuncheng was in pain as if his whole body was about to fall apart, and all he wanted to do was to lie down in bed and rest.

       But after he and Ning Junyan had gone into the room, the foster mother appeared at the door again and cursed angrily at them.

       Chen Yuncheng sat on the edge of the bed with his head down and did not speak, while Ning Junyan stood at the end of the bed and kept looking at the foster mother who was scolding them at the door.

       After a while, Chen Yuncheng heard that the foster mother suddenly stopped talking. He raised his head and saw the foster mother staring at Ning Junyan with wide eyes, so he also looked at Ning Junyan.

       The lights in the room were not bright, and Ning Junyan had gauze wrapped around his head, but he could still see the expression on his foster mother’s face with a grim calmness.

       The foster mother pointed at him and said, “Why are you looking at me like that? Do you not agree with me?”

       Chen Yuncheng noticed Ning Junyan’s right arm dropping to his side, and the right thumb resting on the trouser leg slowly over the other knuckles between his fingers. He quickly stood up, walked over, grabbed Ning Junyan’s hand, and said, “You’ve hurt your head again, what if it’s even worse now?”

       Ning Junyan didn’t speak, only looking down at his hand that was being held.

       Chen Yuncheng looked at his foster mother and said, “Foster mother, he has a head injury.”

       The foster mother realized that Ning Junyan was originally a fool and did not want to continue to be angry with the fool, so she walked away with a cold face.

       Chen Yuncheng walked over and closed the door, then came back and took Ning Junyan’s hand, saying, “Go to sleep.”

       They didn’t even take a shower, just took off their dirty clothes and climbed into bed.

       Chen Yuncheng was so tired that he didn’t even have the energy to talk to Ning Junyan, so he fell asleep immediately. It was only in the middle of the night that he woke up from the pain of accidentally touching the wound on his leg and felt Ning Junyan sleeping close to him with a bloody smell. Vaguely, he reached out and touched Ning Junyan’s head, and soon fell asleep again.

Ning Junyan is kinda weird ngl, he gave out a psychopath kinda vibe ( ̄□ ̄;)

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Chapter 17

       Guan Anlin actually didn’t want to do anything to Chen Yuncheng. He only appeared here tonight just to meet Chen Yuncheng.

       He heard Chen Yuncheng’s voice in the darkness, and knowing that the other party could not see him, he reached out to stop the man, but he did not expect the man behind Chen Yuncheng to strike without mercy.

       Guan Anlin’s family was poor. After graduating from junior high school, he came out to work in society and was imprisoned for two years. He had fought countless fights since he was a child, and few of them could be his opponent, but the man in front of him was very strong. Once the man grabbed his neck, he held it firmly, and it made him feel suffocated almost instantly.

       He twisted his hand and tried to pull his fingers free while raising his knee to kick at the other man.

       The man reacted quickly, raising his leg to block his leg, and at the same time, his hand was gripping harder, choking Guan Anlin to the point where he almost lost the ability to resist.

       At this time, Chen Yuncheng grabbed the hand that was choking Guan Anlin’s neck, and said hastily, “This is my friend, let go first.”

       The indifferent Ning Junyan turned to look at Chen Yuncheng before slowly releasing the hand that was choking Guan Anlin.

       Guan Anlin stepped back and leaned against the wall, raised his hand to cover his neck, coughed twice in pain, then looked at Ning Junyan next to Chen Yuncheng, and hesitated to raise a hand to strike again.

       This time, Chen Yuncheng grabbed his arm, frowned, and said, “Are you here to fight today?”

       Guan Anlin didn’t speak, but still stared at Ning Junyan fiercely for a while, then turned to look at Chen Yuncheng and said, “I’m here to find you.”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Are you free to have a good chat with me?”

       Ning Junyan stood quietly beside Chen Yuncheng without speaking.

       Guan Anlin said, “I’m free, but you don’t seem to be free.”

       Chen Yuncheng knew that Guan Anlin minded Ning Junyan’s presence here, but he was unwilling to make Ning Junyan leave now for Guan Anlin’s sake, so he said, “We still have plenty of time to talk as long as you want.”

       Guan Anlin turned around and left.

       “Anlin!” Chen Yuncheng shouted at him, “Are you planning to continue following Zhang Wenyong?”

       Guan Anlin stopped, turned around, and said, “What does it have to do with you?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “As I said, Zhang Wenyong only has money in his eyes, and everything he wants you to do is to use you. If he really considered you a brother, he wouldn’t have encouraged you to do those things!”

       Guan Anlin was moved, turned around, and strode closer to Chen Yuncheng, “You think of me as a brother? You think of me as a brother but you would stand by and watch me go to jail?”

       Ning Junyan took half a step forward at this time, blocking half of Chen Yuncheng’s body, and preventing Guan Anlin from approaching.

       Guan Anlin then stopped again, laughed self-deprecatingly, and turned to leave again.

       Chen Yuncheng shouted at his back, “Have you ever thought that if you hadn’t been in jail for two years, you might have been arrested and sentenced to ten or twenty years? I’m sorry, but what else could I have done then?”

       Guan Anlin didn’t look back this time and kept walking along the street, his back gradually becoming blurred under the streetlights.

       Chen Yuncheng sighed.

       Ning Junyan turned to look at him, “Let’s go back?”

       Chen Yuncheng nodded, “Yeah.”

       The two stopped at the door of Chen Yuncheng’s small kiosk.

       Chen Yuncheng’s mood was not too good. He squatted down, unlocked it with the key, and pulled the shutter door halfway up. When he looked up at Ning Junyan, his expression changed into a smile again and said, “I’ll call you a taxi.”

       Ning Junyan stood under the streetlight, his shadow was stretched and half of it overlapped Chen Yuncheng’s body, he asked, “Why calling me a taxi?”

       Chen Yuncheng said with a smile, “You’ve been gone for so long to bring me back, and I can’t take you back again, so it’s not too much to call a taxi for you, right?”

       Ning Jun said, “It’s not too much.”

       Chen Yuncheng lowered his head and used the taxi app to call for a taxi. When he entered the address, he stopped and looked up at Ning Junyan, “Where do you live?”

       Ning Junyan said, “I’ll just get a taxi directly.”

       Chen Yuncheng said quickly, “No, I want to take you back safely.” He handed the phone to Ning Junyan, “You can get lost by yourself.”

       Ning Junyan took his cell phone and entered the address of the community where he lived now.

       When he was typing, Chen Yuncheng stood beside him and looked at him, and suddenly said, “After not seeing you for so many years, you’re still so good at fighting. I thought you’d become rusty after becoming a doctor and rarely fight with people.”

       Ning Junyan returned the phone to him and said, “That’s a human instinct, and it’s impossible to be rusty as long as one lives.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled and tapped the button for calling a car. When he saw that the taxi was coming in five minutes, he put away his phone and said, “But you’d better not get into a fight with just anyone right now.”

       Ning Junyan said, “I know how far I should go. I won’t hurt anyone.”

       “I know you have a sense of propriety,” Chen Yuncheng said, “I’m just afraid you’ll accidentally hurt your hand. You’re going to have an operation, your hand is so valuable now!”

       Ning Junyan looked at him quietly. After a while, he raised his hand and stretched it out in front of Chen Yuncheng. The hand that was very precious in Chen Yuncheng’s eyes was also very beautiful. The fingers were slender, with well-defined joints. The nails were trimmed short and round, and they were also very clean.

       For a moment, Chen Yuncheng almost thought that Ning Junyan was going to touch his face, but Ning Junyan just helped him tidy up the scarf around his neck with his hands, and his movements were gentle. It was clearly the same hand that had just firmly strangled Guan Anlin’s neck, almost choking him.

       When Ning Junyan retracted his hand, he said, “Don’t be upset.”

       Chen Yuncheng froze for a moment at his words and looked at him in a daze.

       By this time, the taxi Chen Yuncheng had called for Ning Junyan had arrived, and the driver parked the taxi on the side of the road.

       Ning Junyan said, “I’m leaving.”

       Chen Yuncheng seemed to have just regained his senses. He watched Ning Junyan get into the car, and followed him to the side of the car, waving to Ning Junyan through the taxi window that was lowered.

       Ning Junyan said to him, “You can find me if you need anything, anything at all.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled again and said, “Alright.”

       The driver turned around and asked, “Can we go now?”

       Ning Junyan said, “Let’s go.”

       Chen Yuncheng took two steps back and stood on the side of the road watching the taxi leave.

       In Chen Yuncheng’s memory, Ning Junyan had never lost a fight with anyone.

       At that time, they lived on the outskirts of the city, surrounded by a factory, a large area of undeveloped wasteland, and old houses and streets cluttering the city-rural area.

       The surrounding environment was messy.

       Chen Yuncheng had a problem with a group of gangsters who hadn’t graduated from the junior high school nearby. In fact, he didn’t offend them, but he was often dirty like a little beggar. The gangsters would cuss him, and even throw stones when they saw him.

       He couldn’t deal with so many of them by himself, so he always hides when he could, and didn’t confront them head-on. It was only when Ning Junyan came that the situation changed.

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Chapter 16

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t move and simply said, “I’m not cold.” He actually had a pretty rough life, and even in the coldest winter, he didn’t wear a scarf or gloves when he went out. And now that he was in a well-heated room, he felt hot.

       Ning Junyan had already put on his coat. When he heard what Chen Yuncheng said, he reached out, took off the scarf, and said, “Let’s go then.”

       Chen Yuncheng felt the softness on his neck disappear in an instant. He saw that Ning Junyan was holding the scarf in his hand, and the other hand opened the office door and walked out, so he immediately followed.

       They passed by the nurses’ station.

       A young nurse raised her head and greeted, “Chief Ning.”

       Ning Junyan nodded, his attitude looking a little cold.

       Chen Yuncheng walked beside Ning Junyan and asked him, “You are already the chief? That impressive?”

       Ning Junyan said calmly, “It’s deputy chief.”

       Chen Yuncheng said with a smile, “That’s also very impressive.” He actually did not know that at Ning Junyan’s age, being able to become a deputy chief surgeon in this top three hospital was not something that could be simply described by the word ‘very impressive’.

       They took the elevator downstairs.

       Originally, Ning Junyan wanted to drive, but Chen Yuncheng said, “Why don’t you take a taxi? I’ll treat you to dinner today. You can have some drink if you don’t drive.”

       Ning Junyan had already pressed the underground floor button, but he then reached out and pressed the light on the first floor and said, “Okay.”

       They passed through the hall on the first floor of the inpatient building and came out of the garden from the main entrance, and the cold wind hit them instantly.

       Chen Yuncheng gathered up his lapel subconsciously.

       Ning Junyan stopped and once again hung the scarf around his neck. He then wrapped it around his neck and said, “It’s cold now.”

       Chen Yuncheng raised his hand and touched the scarf. The scarf was light grey with a dark grey logo on it. He was unfamiliar with these brands, but the scarf’s texture was as soft as cashmere, and the labels were all in English. It shouldn’t have cost cheap, and although the scarf didn’t have a tag, it looked new, and the folds were all neat and tidy.

       “Is this a gift for me, or do you want to lend it to me to wear?” Chen Yuncheng asked with a smile in order to ease the awkward atmosphere.

       Ning Junyan said, “It’s a gift for you.”

       Chen Yuncheng walked with him towards the hospital gate and asked, “Why did you give me a scarf? I’m not afraid of cold.”

       After a while, Ning Jun said, “It looks good.”

       Chen Yuncheng paused in his footsteps.

       Ning Junyan stopped and turned to look at him.

       The scarf was indeed quite nice, fuzzy, and soft around Chen Yuncheng’s neck. It made him look like he was several years younger. It was as if he was a college boy shopping with his girlfriend.

       Chen Yuncheng smiled and said, “Thank you.”

       It was Chen Yuncheng who chose the place for dinner, as he insisted on treating today, and invited Ning Junyan to a hot pot restaurant with a decent ambience.

       This kind of weather was suitable for eating hotpot, and everything was shrouded in a layer of steam.

       When Chen Yuncheng took off his coat, he also took off the scarf. He carefully folded the scarf a few times, wrapped it inside the coat, and then asked the waiter to cover it with a cloth cover.

       When it was time to finish eating, Chen Yuncheng took the scarf out and put it under his nose, and sniffed it. He was satisfied that it did not smell like a hotpot.

       As they stood outside the hotpot restaurant, Ning Junyan said to Chen Yuncheng, “Let me take you back first.”

       “No need,” Chen Yuncheng put on the scarf, then looked up at him, “You should take a taxi and go back to rest.”

       Ning Junyan disagreed and still said, “I’ll take you back first.”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “It’s quite close for me to go back from here, and it just so happens that I ate a bit too much in the evening. So I will take a walk back.”

       Ning Junyan said, “I’ll walk with you.”

       In the end, Chen Yuncheng smiled and said, “Let’s go.”

       They walked slowly along the street together.

       This area was quite close to Chen Yuncheng’s small kiosk. There were old urban areas nearby, where one could see tall buildings as well as old buildings and old shops.

       In this way, walking along the street with Ning Junyan reminded Chen Yuncheng of many things in his childhood.

       Back then, when the two of them went out to steal things, they often went out without any money on them and could not even afford to take the bus, so they walked along the street.

       Their foster parents’ compound was on the city’s outskirts, and they did not dare to steal too often nearby for fear of being recognised. So they could only walk along the street to the intersection of the city centre with dense traffic. The furthest they had walked was for two hours, as Chen Yuncheng remembered.

       Ning Junyan’s shoes didn’t fit. When they got there, they sat down in the shade under the overpass. Ning Junyan took off the shoes, and there was a big bright blister on his heel.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t dare to puncture the blisters, so he just found some toilet paper, kneaded it to make it soft, and wrapped his heel up.

       As the result, when he returned that night, the toilet paper was soaked in pale yellow tissue fluid and bright red blood, and it started to be mushy as it stuck to Ning Junyan’s feet.

       The two of them hid in the room, and Ning Junyan sat on the edge of the bed while Chen Yuncheng squatted in front of him. Chen Yuncheng tore off the toilet paper a little bit, then brought in clean water to wash his feet, and then finally found a band-aid to put on Ning Junyan’s foot carefully.

       After putting it on, Chen Yuncheng squatted in front of Ning Junyan, looked up at him and smiled, and asked him, “Does it still hurt?”

       Ning Junyan shook his head.

       Chen Yuncheng picked up the basin on the ground and went to the yard to pour the water.

       Walking like this put Chen Yuncheng back in a trance. Ning Junyan had grown taller and he himself had grown taller, yet he was still a few centimetres shorter than Ning Junyan.

       It was already dark, and they had been walking for almost half an hour. There were fewer and fewer pedestrians on the road.

       Ning Junyan spoke very little. After Chen Yuncheng gradually found the feeling of being in his childhood, he didn’t think that there was anything wrong with Ning Junyan not speaking. After all, from a long time ago their pattern of getting along was that he spoke and Ning Junyan listened, and he had long since gotten used to it.

       Near the front of Chen Yuncheng’s small kiosk, there was a building whose exterior wall was being repaired. A row of scaffolding was erected against the exterior wall. Pedestrians could only pass through the narrow passage between the shop on the bottom of the building and the scaffolding and had to be careful of the steel pipes under their feet and over their heads.

       Originally, because it was cold in winter and the street was blocked by scaffolding, there were few people in the street. The shops in this area did not do well in winter and were closed early because of the cold weather and the scaffolding.

       The light of the street lamps was blocked by a layer of wooden boards at the height of the second floor, and the narrow passage was suddenly very dark.

       Chen Yuncheng walked ahead and said to Ning Junyan, “Be careful.”

       Ning Junyan gave a soft “um”.

       Chen Yuncheng raised his hand and put the fallen scarf back on his shoulders. As he walked, he thought that when he got to the front of the kiosk, he would help Ning Junyan call for a taxi to take him back. After all, Ning Junyan accompanied him all the way, and since it was getting late, it would be inappropriate to invite Ning Junyan in.

       When he looked up, he saw a man smoking at the end of the narrow passage.

       At that time, Chen Yuncheng didn’t think too much, until when he was almost in front of the man, the red light suddenly went out, and the man stretched out a hand to Chen Yuncheng in the dark.

       Chen Yuncheng subconsciously retreated to the back, and Ning Junyan was behind him who reacted faster than Chen Yuncheng. He grabbed Chen Yuncheng’s shoulders and pulled him backwards, and he stepped around Chen Yuncheng’s side and met the outstretched hand.

       The person in the darkness froze for a moment and then went to push Ning Junyan.

       But no one saw how Ning Junyan did it, the next second he had already grabbed the man’s neck and pushed him backwards. They were already at the end of the passage, so Ning Junyan’s push pushed the man outside the passage, exposing his face to the light of the street lamp.

       Chen Yuncheng saw that the person who attacked him was Guan Anlin.

The author has something to say:

I asked my friend who is a doctor if it was possible to become the deputy director of a tertiary hospital at the age of 30. She said it was difficult, and I thought it was not impossible, so I just display it casually.

By the way, doctor Ningis a great fighter, which will be explained in the next chapter

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Chapter 15

       Chen Yuncheng walked all the way to the elevator, stopped and did not rush to press the elevator. He sent Ning Junyan a WeChat message: “Are you still at work?”

       Ning Junyan quickly replied: “Yes.”

       Chen Yuncheng typed: “Where is your office? Let me pick you up from work.” Then he raised his head and couldn’t help but smile.

       This was the first time Chen Yuncheng had been to Ning Junyan’s office.

       Ning Junyan was not there at the moment and had only left him the password to open the door, and told him to go to his office to rest first.

       Before he came, Chen Yuncheng was still a little nervous, afraid that someone would stop him, and he couldn’t explain why he was here well. It turned out that finding Ning Junyan’s office doorplate was easier than expected, perhaps because the hospital was already too crowded with people, and no doctor or nurse who passed by cared who he was.

       Ning Junyan’s office was not big, with a desk, a sofa, a wardrobe and bookcase, and a small refrigerator.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t touch anything of his stuff and just walked to the front of the bookcase. He looked at it and saw that it was full of medical books, many of which were in English.

       At that moment, Chen Yuncheng really felt the gap between the two people after being separated from Ning Junyan for more than ten years.

       In fact, if he thought about it carefully, there had been a gap between the two since childhood, but at that time Ning Junyan was not in his right mind, so Chen Yuncheng couldn’t feel it. He ran around outside with Ning Junyan every day and felt that he had a silly follower.

       The foster father didn’t like Ning Junyan very much, since Chen Yuncheng wouldn’t bring back more money to the family than he would have if he was taking Ning Junyan out.

       Perhaps at that time, the foster father had thought about sending Ning Junyan away, but then Ning Junyan was still there. Chen Yuncheng would think later that perhaps because Ning Junyan was a fool, no one wanted to buy a fool to raise him back, so the foster father had no choice but to keep him. Anyway, Chen Yuncheng was quite happy to have another person around to play with.

       The little Ning Junyan was very obedient, although he only listened to Chen Yuncheng’s words. He was supposed to be a spoilt child, since he did not know how to do anything in life, and Chen Yuncheng even had to wash his clothes for him.

       When Chen Yuncheng took a large basin to wash clothes in the yard, Ning Junyan squatted beside him and watched him. When Chen Yuncheng finished washing, Ning Junyan would run the water to help him clean his clothes together.

       At this time, they were often scolded. The foster mother would stand at the door to scold them whenever she heard the water rattling too long from her room.

       Ning Junyan had always ignored it, but Chen Yuncheng would quickly turn off the water at this time, carelessly washed the clothes twice and hung them. They were wearing old clothes that looked dirty no matter how clean they were.

       When he returned to his room at night and closed the door, Chen Yuncheng felt the most relaxed.

       He would turn on a lamp and read comic books on the bed. He rented the comic books outside, and secretly put a ten yuan deposit with the owner. After he finished reading one, he would go to change with another.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t even go to elementary school at that time, so he didn’t know many characters. He liked to read comic books because he could see pictures even if he couldn’t read. But Ning Junyan was different. Although he didn’t even know his own name, he knew a lot of words, at least those in comic books.

       So when Chen Yuncheng was reading comics, Ning Junyan lay beside him and read with him, taught him the characters he didn’t know and taught him pinyin and stroke order.

       Once, Chen Yuncheng borrowed a comic back, and when he opened it at night, he found out that it was not a teenage action comic but a girl’s romance comic. He was so disinterested but thought that he had better finish reading it after spending all the money, so he plopped down on the bed with Ning Junyan and flipped through page after page.

       In the end, there were many scenes of the heroine and the heroine making out in the comic.

       Chen Yuncheng was still too young to know what was going on in the world, so he only knew that they were making out, but he didn’t know exactly what was going on. The comic was quite subtle, so he was curious and turned to Ning Junyan and asked, “Can you have a baby like that?”

       There was hardly any expression on Ning Junyan’s face as he stared at the cartoon and said, “I don’t know.”

       Chen Yuncheng was curious, “If a man and a woman lie on the same bed and kiss and hug, they will have a child, why don’t foster father and foster mother have one?”

       Ning Junyan folded his arms under his chin and said, “I don’t know.”

       Chen Yuncheng felt bored, he closed the comic and said, “It doesn’t look good, let’s stop reading it.”

       Ning Junyan said, “Oh.”

       Chen Yuncheng turned over and lay on his back on the bed, quietly listening to the sound of the TV coming from the foster father’s room next door. After a while, he felt an itch in his heart while thinking about the pictures in the comics. He turned his head to look at Ning Junyan, “Did you choose the comic today?”

       Ning Junyan who was also lying on his back at this time, replied, “No.”

       Chen Yuncheng got the urge to tease him and said, “It’s you.”

       Ning Junyan turned his dark eyes to look at him, and said softly, “It’s me.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled and sat up. He reached out and pulled out the comic book from under the pillow and flipping it open to cover Ning Junyan’s face.

       Ning Junyan extended his hand and tried to lift it up.

       Chen Yuncheng grabbed his hand and didn’t let him touch the comic book, so Ning Junyan didn’t move, and kept lying on his back with the book covering his face.

       After a long time, Chen Yuncheng still remembered some of the pictures in that comic, but he and Ning Junyan never rented a girl’s comic to read again.

       Chen Yuncheng waited for more than ten minutes inside Ning Junyan’s office, but he still hadn’t returned.

       Chen Yuncheng did not rush him and just sat on the sofa quietly playing with his phone. The office was well heated and it didn’t take long for Chen Yuncheng to feel a little sleepy, so he put his phone aside, tilted his head back and closed his eyes.

       He didn’t expect that he would fall asleep, and he slept for a long time. When he woke up again, he had a brief blank, unable to remember where he was.

       That was until he opened his eyes and saw Ning Junyan sitting across from him.

       Ning Junyan had taken off his jacket and was sitting behind his desk, looking at Chen Yuncheng all the time. When he saw him open his eyes, he said, “You’re awake?”

       Chen Yuncheng still felt dazed from his sleep, and his arms were a bit numb after maintaining a fixed position on the sofa for a long time, so he first sat up, yawned, and then asked, “When did you come back?”

       Ning Junyan said, “I just came back not long ago.”

       Chen Yuncheng couldn’t help rubbing his eyes and asked him, “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

       Ning Junyan didn’t answer, and just asked, “Still sleepy?”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled, “How long do I have to sleep then?”

       Ning Junyan said, “It’s okay, I can wait for you.”

       Chen Yuncheng glanced at him.

       Ning Junyan looked very calm, and his tone of voice was also very flat that people could not feel his emotions, and sometimes could not understand what he was trying to say.

       Chen Yuncheng stood up, pulled his wrinkled jacket, and said, “No, I’m already hungry, let’s go have dinner.”

       Ning Junyan nodded and stood up too. He reached for the coat hanging on the hanger.

       Chen Yuncheng suddenly said, “Do you remember when we rented the wrong comic book and rented a girl’s comic book when we were young?”

       Ning Junyan said, “Well, Bewitched Treasures.”

       “What?” Chen Yuncheng was stunned for a moment.

       Ning Junyan said indifferently, “The title of that comic.”

       Chen Yuncheng stood there a little dazed, “Really?” He couldn’t remember the name of the comic anymore, if it was really the name, why did he get it wrong then?

       When he was still in a daze, Ning Junyan suddenly approached, raised his hand and hung a soft scarf around his neck.

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him in surprise.

       Ning Junyan just said, “Let’s go, let’s eat.”

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Chapter 14

       Dozen of tables in the lobby of Fuxiang House were already vacant, but there were still five or six tables of guests still drinking.

       Chen Yuncheng came down from the second floor, stood on the side of the road, turned around, and looked at Zhou Yan who was going down the stairs.

       Zhou Yan’s steps were heavy. He didn’t stop until he walked all the way to Chen Yuncheng. He placed his hands in the pockets of his cotton coat, and called out, “Cheng ge.”

       There were no pedestrians on the side of the road at this time. A taxi was parked not far ahead, and the driver was probably waiting for the guests.

       Chen Yuncheng asked Zhou Yan, “I thought you are not working with Zhang Wenyong anymore?”

       Zhou Yan lowered his head and said nothing.

       Chen Yuncheng’s tone was a little irritable, “Speak.”

       Zhou Yan still lowered his head and said softly, “I want to make money for my son’s operation.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him and asked, “Did Zhang Wenyong give you money? What did he ask you to do for him?”

       Zhou Yan was silent for a while, then raised his head and said, “Cheng ge, don’t ask, just pretend you don’t know, okay?”

       “What exactly is it?” Chen Yuncheng repeated in a serious tone.

       Zhou Yan slowly shook his head.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “You have been with Zhang Wenyong for a long time. Don’t you know what kind of person he is? Is his money so easy to get?”

       Zhou Yan raised his hand and rubbed his face hard, “I know, but what can I do? That’s my son, I can’t watch him die!” He paused briefly, and his tone become slightly agitated, “I even discussed with Jiajia  to either not treat him and wait for another one later, but no, I can’t do it.”

       As he said that, he crouched down on the side of the road, and covered his face with his hands as if to hide his intense emotions.

       Chen Yuncheng looked down at him: “Try to borrow it from someone else.”

       Zhou Yan looked up and looked at him, “Cheng ge, you lent me all your 30,000 yuan. Who else can I borrow it from? They know if they lent their money to people like us, I can’t afford to pay it back.”

       Chen Yuncheng stood quietly for a while, “So Zhang Wenyong gave you money and asked you to help him?”

       Zhou Yan pursed his lips, “Cheng ge, if I don’t tell you, just pretend you don’t know. I know that the policeman surnamed Long often comes to disturb you. I don’t want to make things difficult for you in the future.”

       “Paper can’t wrap the fire1the truth will come out,” Chen Yuncheng bent down and put a hand on Zhou Yan’s shoulder, “Something will happen one day.”

       Zhou Yan said, “Then I might as well treat my son’s illness first.”

       When Chen Yuncheng was about to speak again, out of the corner of his eyes, he noticed that two tall figures were walking in their direction along the side of the road.

       He looked up subconsciously, and by the light of the street lamp, he could clearly see the faces of the two people. It was the two X-ethnic people that Long Zhanyu asked him to help pay attention to.

       Zhou Yan also noticed it, he stood up from the ground and looked at the two people as well.

       At this time, there happened to be a table of eight or nine guests who came down from the first floor after dinner. These middle-aged men were all drunk, and they were making loud noises while going down the stairs.

       Chen Yuncheng pretended to be distracted, and while holding Zhou Yan’s arm and pushing it away two steps, he looked at the group of middle-aged people.

       Obviously, these people still hadn’t finished, and they were still talking to each other in groups by the side of the road. Some were calling for a chauffeur, and some were calling for taxis on the side of the road.

       The two X-ethnic people approached and stopped between Chen Yuncheng and Zhou Yan with this group of middle-aged people.

       One of them shouted in broken Chinese, “Is he upstairs?”

       Chen Yuncheng saw Zhou Yan nod at the other man.

       Neither of the two X-ethnic people noticed Chen Yuncheng, including the tall young man who had seen him in the bar didn’t seem to recognize Chen Yuncheng. After getting Zhou Yan’s answer, the two walked toward the stairs.

       In the noisy voices beside him, Zhou Yan said to Chen Yuncheng, “Cheng ge, I have to go back.”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t ask about the two X-ethnic people, but just said, “Are you going back to Zhang Wenyong?”

       Zhou Yan nodded, “It’s getting late, you go back first, and I’ll get you a taxi.” After he said that, he raised his hand to beckon to a taxi that passed by on the road.

       Chen Yuncheng pressed his arm, “No need, I can go back myself.”

       Zhou Yan was silent for a while, and then said, “Guan Anlin is out, he won’t trouble you, right?”

       Chen Yuncheng shook his head, “Don’t worry about me, I hope you will think about your matter again.”

       Zhou Yan didn’t answer, and said, “Then I’ll go up first.” After he said that, he turned and walked towards the stairs leading to the second floor.

       Chen Yuncheng watched him leave until his back disappeared, then turned around and walked along the roadside alone, towards the bus stop in front.

       The bus had very few passengers by this time, so Chen Yuncheng got on and easily found a seat. He sat down with some mixed emotions and took his mobile phone out of his jacket pocket.

       Chen Yuncheng subconsciously found Long Zhanyu’s mobile phone number, but he didn’t press the dial button for a long time. Finally, he backed out and found an account on WeChat that he hadn’t contacted in a long time.

       This person actually had dinner with him at Fuxiang House just now, but apart from the greeting when they met, the two never talked again.

       Chen Yuncheng sent him a WeChat message: “Can you help me get Guan Anlin’s phone number?”

       The other party never replied.

       It was not until Chen Yuncheng returned to his small kiosk and took a simple bath and lay on the bed that the other party replied with a mobile phone number, followed by another message: “Cheng ge, don’t say it me who told you.”

       Chen Yuncheng was a bit amused and replied to him, “No problem, thanks.” After that, he saved the mobile phone number.

       When he looked at the time, it was already past eleven o’clock in the evening, and Chen Yuncheng dialed Guan Anlin’s mobile number.

       The phone rang several times before Guan Anlin picked it up, and said “hello” indifferently.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “This is Chen Yuncheng.”

       The phone was hung up immediately.

       Chen Yuncheng listened to the busy tone on the receiver, took the phone away, glanced at their brief chat, and then made up a text message to send: “Anlin, let’s meet up sometime to talk, just the two of us.”

       Guan Anlin never replied to him, and Chen Yuncheng was not surprised. He threw away his phone and pulled up the quilt, covering most of his face with only his eyes exposed. He sighed secretly and closed his eyes to sleep.

       Chen Yuncheng dragged his feet and did not call Long Zhanyu, he wanted to make another trip to the hospital to visit Zhou Yan’s son.

       Chen Yuncheng still brought a carton of milk and tried to scrape together another thousand yuan in cash. He knew that this amount of money would not be of much use to Zhou Yan, but he really had no money left.

       When he left the kiosk in the afternoon, Chen Yuncheng closed the shutter door and stood at the door of the store. He looked at his small store and suddenly thought that if the whole store was sold out, he wondered if he could get 30,000 to 40,000 yuan for it.

       He didn’t know what to do, and he walked toward the subway station with the milk in his hand.

       Zhou Yan worked outside during the day, and in the pediatric ward of the hospital, Zhou Yan’s girlfriend Gu Yaojia was still accompanying the child.

       When Chen Yuncheng arrived, the child was being given an infusion, the needle was inserted through his scalp. The little one was lying on the hospital bed and looked very pitiful.

       Gu Yaojia looked thin, with no makeup on her face, and little blood on her cheeks and lips.

       Chen Yuncheng sat beside the hospital bed, looked at the child on the bed, and asked Gu Yaojia, “Do you know what work Zhou Yan is doing now?”

       Gu Yaojia stood leaning against the bed and said, “He said he was selling cars.”

       Chen Yuncheng asked, “Is the brokerage fee for selling used cars very high now?”

       Gu Yaojia shook her head, “I don’t know either. But his boss seems to be quite nice and is willing to lend him money.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at Gu Yaojia’s expression and guessed that she didn’t know anything. When she sat for a while and was about to leave, she gave Gu Yaojia one thousand yuan.

       Gu Yaojia was stunned for a while and said, “Cheng ge, I can’t ask for your money. Zhou Yan said you lent him all your savings.”

       Chen Yuncheng shoved it into her hand, “Take it first, I’ll talk to Zhou Yan about it. We grew up together as brothers, when he needs help, there’s no way I’ll leave him alone.”

       Gu Yaojia shrugged it off a few more times but finally accepted Chen Yuncheng’s money.

       Chen Yuncheng came out of the ward and felt his phone vibrate. As he walked towards the elevator, he took out his phone to take a look, and saw that it was Ning Junyan who sent a WeChat message: “I’m back, let’s have dinner together tonight.”

       He didn’t even ask Chen Yuncheng if he was free, as if it was a not-so-polite order.

       But Chen Yuncheng still laughed when he saw it, and replied, “Okay.”

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Chapter 13

       The place where they ate was at Fuxiang House, a local restaurant, and the restaurant was on the second floor along the street. The evening was the best time for the business, the lobby was full of guests when they entered, and there was a lively clamour everywhere.

       Chen Yuncheng followed Zhang Wenyong through the crowd, and a waiter greeted them halfway through and took them to a private room inside.

       As soon as the private room door opened, Chen Yuncheng saw six or seven people sitting around the round table. All of them were young people, two or three of whom he knew.

       Everyone he knew greeted him, and some even stood up and called out “Yong ge,” then nodded to him and called, “Cheng ge.”

       Zhang Wenyong sat on the main seat opposite the door and said with a smile, “Still remember your Cheng ge, eh.” As soon as Zhang Wenyong sat down, someone handed him a cigarette, and then someone took a lighter to help him light it.

       Chen Yuncheng found a seat by himself and sat down.

       The private room was small, with the door closed and the air conditioner on, the whole room was filled with smoke and the air was foul.

       The young man that sat next to Chen Yuncheng originally knew him, but at this time he didn’t talk to him again, and didn’t even look at him.

       Chen Yuncheng was still at ease, he opened his jacket to reveal the cotton shirt inside, glanced around the table, and asked, “Is Anlin here yet?”

       Zhang Wenyong answered him with a cigarette in his mouth, “Don’t be in a hurry, I’ve already sent someone to pick him up.”

       Chen Yuncheng calmly said, “I’m not in a hurry.”

       There were five or six dishes of cold dishes on the round table, no one touched the chopsticks, everyone was smoking and chatting, and only Chen Yuncheng occasionally took a sip from the teacup in front of him, and soon drank the cup to the bottom.

       No one helped him to refill his tea, and the waiter in the old restaurant was not attentive. The waiter only opened the door and asked if he should serve the food, and then never came again.

       Chen Yuncheng put the empty cup back.

       After waiting for about 20 minutes, the door of the private room was pushed open again, and a tall, thin young man came in from the door. The young man looked like he was in his twenties. Because of his single eyelids, his eyes were long and narrow, his nose was high, his lips were thin, and his hair was cut so short that his scalp could almost be seen.

       As soon as he entered the door, Zhang Wenyong stood up immediately and greeted him with a smile, “Anlin, you are finally back.”

       The others followed Zhang Wenyong and stood up to look at the person at the door, and Chen Yuncheng also stood up slowly.

       Guan Anlin stood at the door, his eyes swept across the faces of everyone and finally stopped in front of Chen Yuncheng. He stared blankly at Chen Yuncheng for a few seconds, then walked towards Zhang Wenyong, and called out “Yong ge”, before he raised his hand and hugged him.

       Zhang Wenyong patted him on the back, “You have suffered for the past two years.”

       Guan Anlin didn’t speak and just shook his head.

       After that, Zhang Wenyong introduced him to the young people at this table one by one. Two of whom Guan Anlin knew, while the rest were people he met for the first time.

       Chen Yuncheng watched Guan Anlin shook hands with those people with a calm and indifferent expression, and felt that he didn’t look like the Guan Anlin he remembered at all.

       It was not until the end that Zhang Wenyong pointed to Chen Yuncheng and said to Guan Anlin, “Chen Yuncheng, you still remember him, right?”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t extend his hand, just looked at Guan Anlin earnestly, and said to him, “Anlin.”

       Guan Anlin didn’t respond, and said coldly, “I don’t recognize this person anymore.”

       Zhang Wenyong was smoking a cigarette with the expression of watching a good show. When he heard this, he patted Guan Anlin on the shoulder with a smile, and said, “It’s okay if you don’t recognise him. Let’s sit down to eat first, and then take your time to talk.”

       Guan Anlin’s seat was opposite of Chen Yuncheng. Before he sat down, he took off his dark jacket. Inside was a tight black jumper, which completely outlined his figure. One could see that his chest and arms were all tightly muscled. These were muscles that had been developed over a long period of time doing physical work, not exaggerated but very powerful.

       At this time, Zhang Wenyong called the waiter to serve hot dishes and then asked the accompanying junior to open a bottle of white wine. For a while, the whole private room was lively, and everyone was busy pouring wine and toasting.

       Only Chen Yuncheng was free, no one toasted him, and no one took the initiative to talk to him.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t eat much food. He just glanced at Guan Anlin occasionally as the smoke filled the room. He wanted to chat with Guan Anlin, but he wasn’t sure if Guan Anlin wanted to chat with him.

       Guan Anlin never looked at Chen Yuncheng again except for the moment he first came in.

       Zhang Wenyong didn’t intend to simply let Chen Yuncheng go. When three-quarters of the meal was eaten, he suddenly said to Guan Anlin, “Anlin, you said you don’t recognize Chen Yuncheng, do you mean you don’t want to pursue the past? “

       Guan Anlin probably didn’t expect Zhang Wenyong to suddenly say this. He raised his hand and placed the chopsticks in front of him neatly on the table. He asked Zhang Wenyong, “Yong ge, what do you think I should pursue?”

       The whole private room was quiet and listened to them.

       Zhang Wenyong had been smoking all night. He tapped his finger on the table and said, “For those of us who are out and about, the most taboo thing is not to preach about morality, don’t you think so?”

       Guan Anlin didn’t speak, he was also smoking and stared at the bowl in front of him as if he was a little lost.

       Zhang Wenyong didn’t care if he didn’t get an answer and continued, “At that time you went in so suddenly that we couldn’t look into many things in detail. Now I’m asking you, did someone betray you?”

       He was asking Guan Anlin, but his eyes kept looking at Chen Yuncheng.

       Guan Anlin raised his head and looked at Chen Yuncheng.

       Chen Yuncheng faced them calmly.

       Zhang Wenyong said, “Anlin, don’t be afraid, you are Yong ge’s brother. If something happens, Yong ge will naturally help you out clean up those who should be cleaned up.”

       Guan Anlin looked at Chen Yuncheng. After a long time, he put the cigarette between his fingers to his lips, took a slow breath, and said, “Thank you Yong ge, but there are some things I want to handle by myself.”

       Zhang Wenyong was a little surprised and asked him, “Are you sure?”

       Guan Anlin nodded, “I’m sure.”

       Zhang Wenyong seemed unhappy, his face slumped slightly, and he leaned back on the back of the chair, but still said, “Fine, two years have passed anyway, there’s no rush.”

       After he finished speaking, Chen Yuncheng said to Guan Anlin, “Anlin, can we talk?”

       Guan Anlin looked at Chen Yuncheng, and before he could answer, the private room door was pushed open from the outside. Zhou Yan walked in a hurry, carrying a cold air that had not yet been dispersed, and said, “Yong ge, I’m sorry I just had something, I’m late.”

       After he finished speaking, he saw Chen Yuncheng, and his whole body suddenly stopped in place.

       Chen Yuncheng frowned and looked at Zhou Yan.

       Zhou Yan said softly, “Cheng ge, I didn’t know you were here today.”

       Chen Yuncheng stood up and asked Zhang Wenyong, “Yong ge, I have something to tell Zhou Yan, do you have anything else?”

       Zhang Wenyong didn’t answer, just glanced at Guan Anlin.

       Guan Anlin’s expression was cold.

       Zhang Wenyong spread his hands, “Anlin said he wanted to handle it himself, so from now on, it’s none of my business, so help yourself.”

       Only then did Zhou Yan notice Guan Anlin, with a surprised expression, “Lin ge? You are out?”

       Chen Yuncheng had already walked toward Zhou Yan and said to him, “Let’s go, I have something to ask you.”

       At this time, Guan Anlin called out in a cold voice, “Chen Yuncheng.”

       Chen Yuncheng turned his head and said to Guan Anlin, “Anlin, I’ll find you later, we can sit down and talk slowly.”

       After he said that, he took the lead and walked out of the private room. Zhou Yan immediately followed.

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There are many people who like Chen Yuncheng, but the only one who wants to sleep with him is Ning Junyan


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Chapter 12

       “Are you drunk?” Chen Yuncheng asked Ning Junyan.

       Ning Junyan shook his head and said, “I’m not drunk.” He finally let go of Chen Yuncheng’s hands and sat up from the bed. He got up and walked around the table to get his coat hanging by the wall.

       Chen Yuncheng saw that he was really going to leave, and said, “You’ve been drinking, don’t drive.”

       Ning Junyan paused for a moment, he took out his phone and said, “I’ll call a chauffeur.”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t plan to ask him to stay. After all, he didn’t have any extra room for Ning Junyan to stay here. He just waited with Ning Junyan for more than ten minutes, and then send him off when the chauffeur arrived.

       By this time, the rain had died down, falling so thinly onto the ground that the sound could barely be heard.

       The young chauffeur started the car. Ning Junyan sat in the passenger seat, pressed the window down, and said to Chen Yuncheng, “I’m going on a business trip in two days.”

       Chen Yuncheng nodded, not understanding why he suddenly said this to him and thought that Ning Junyan still had something to say.

       Ning Junyan didn’t say anything.

       Chen Yuncheng had to tell the chauffeur to drive carefully. He then stepped back two steps and stood on the street to wave them goodbye. After the driver drove away, he turned around and went back to his kiosk.

       After tidying up the room, Chen Yuncheng turned off the light and lay on the bed. It was quite late, he drank a little more wine, and drowsiness surged up quickly, and he quickly fell asleep.

       The next morning, after Chen Yuncheng had breakfast, he remembered to send a message to Long Zhanyu, sending the name and address of the hotel where he followed the X-ethnic people last night.

       It didn’t take long before Long Zhanyu called him and said to him, “You don’t need to care about that, we can find out the address, just pay attention to whether he has contacted any local people.”

       Chen Yuncheng frowned, “Officer Long, since you’ve already tracked down his address, is it difficult to keep track of who he is in contact with?”

       Long Zhanyu said, “It’s not difficult, I just don’t want to alert the snake yet.”

       Chen Yuncheng understood what Long Zhanyu meant, and the key issue was not with the two X ethnic people, but with the local people they might have come into contact with, who might be able to recognize the police in their jurisdiction, just like Chen Yuncheng, who had dealt with Long Zhan Yu and the others quite a lot back then.

       He asked Long Zhanyu, “What are these two people doing?”

       Long Zhanyu said, “Don’t pry, but as long as there is enough evidence, we will definitely arrest them. Until then, I’m afraid we’ll have to hold back a bit.”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Okay.”

       He was about to hang up, but Long Zhanyu suddenly stopped him and said, “I’m meeting some classmates for dinner tonight, and I’ll come by your place this afternoon to pick up two bottles of wine and a cigarette.”

       Chen Yuncheng replied, “Okay, police officer.” Only then did the call really end.

       Long Zhan Yu did not make Chen Yun Cheng an informant for nothing. He had taken care of Chen Yuncheng’s business a lot in the past two years. For the family reunion at New Year, the wine was taken from Chen Yuncheng’s kiosk.

       After five o’clock in the afternoon, Long Zhanyu drove his private car to Chen Yuncheng to get tobacco and alcohol.

       Chen Yuncheng carried two bottles of wine, put a cigarette under his arm, and sent it directly to Long Zhanyu beside the car.

       Long Zhanyu did not get out of the car. With a cigarette in his mouth, he took out his wallet from the inner pocket of his jacket, took out a few hundred-yuan bills, and asked him, “How much?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Three hundred and fifty will do.” After he said that, he asked Long Zhanyu, “Do you want to put it in the trunk?”

       Long Zhanyu raised his hand and pressed the door lock, and said, “Just put it on the passenger seat.”

       Chen Yuncheng opened the passenger door, put two bottles of wine under the seat, and placed the cigarette directly on the seat.

       Then he took the money from Long Zhanyu, smiled and said, “Just right, Officer Long.”

       Long Zhanyu said “Um” and asked him, “Is business going well recently?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “It’s okay.”

       Long Zhanyu suddenly moved closer to him and said softly, “Did you know that Guan Anlin was released from prison yesterday?”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at Long Zhanyu, and after a little silence, he said, “I don’t know.”

       Long Zhanyu said, “If he comes to harass you, you can call the police. It is our duty to protect the citizens.”

       Chen Yuncheng’s eyelashes twitched a little as he said to Long Zhan Yu, “Officer Long, smoke less.”

       Long Zhanyu’s slender fingers still held the cigarette he bit with his lips.

       Chen Yuncheng smiled and continued, “If you smoke too much, you will grow old quickly. It’s a pity that you have such a face.”

       Long Zhanyu snorted coldly, turned his face away and said, “You don’t know good stuffs.”

       Chen Yuncheng stepped out of his car, and raised his hand to help him close the door, “Officer Long, take care.”

       As Long Zhanyu drove away, Chen Yun Cheng returned to his kiosk and did nothing but tidy up the containers and was thinking about what to have for dinner when another car pulled up in front of his shop.

       Chen Yuncheng put down the things in his hand, and leaned against the counter to look outside.

       It was a black car. After it stopped, the back door opened, and a middle-aged man in his 40s stepped out. The man was a little fat, but he was tall. He looked tall and strong, giving people a sense of oppression.

       He got out of the car and walked straight toward Chen Yuncheng, showing a smile with little sincerity and said, “Yuncheng, it’s been a long time.”

       “Yong ge,” Chen Yuncheng  smiled back, “It’s really been a long time since I saw you.”

       Zhang Wenyong went all the way to the door of the store, stopped in front of the counter, looked at Chen Yuncheng’s small kiosk, and asked, “You have some buyer here?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Not bad.”

       Zhang Wenyong chuckled and smiled, looking grim, and then said, “Then the business is probably good, it’s more profitable than hanging out with the brothers, right?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “It’s not profitable, it’s just a peace of mind.”

       Zhang Wenyong’s eyes fell on his face, and he said, “You are quite stable. Have you ever thought about how well Anlin’s life has been in the past two years?”

       Chen Yuncheng did not speak.

       Zhang Wenyong then burst into laughter. He reached out across the counter and patted Chen Yuncheng on the shoulder, saying, “I have good news for you, Guan Anlin is out.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked very calm, “Really?”

       Zhang Wenyong looked at him, and stopped laughing, pretending to be surprised, “Why are you unhappy? Before he went in, he always regarded you as his best brother.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled lightly, “Of course, I’m happy for him.”

       Zhang Wenyong said, “Since you are happy, don’t just talk about it, let’s go. I arranged to pick up Anlin tonight, and now I’m here to pick you up.”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t answer him immediately.

       Zhang Wenyong put one arm on the counter and said, “What? You are not going to show some respect even when Yong ge came in person?”

       “It’s not that,” Chen Yuncheng said, “Of course, I have to go to Anlin’s welcome party, Yong ge wait for a moment, I will follow you after I clean up the kiosk and close the door.”

       Zhang Wenyong took two steps away from the counter, lit a cigarette and stood smoking on the side of the road. He looked at Chen Yuncheng’s dilapidated kiosk and sneered.

       Chen Yuncheng turned off the TV, locked the container of tobacco and alcohol, and then went outside, standing on tiptoe and pulling down the shutter.

       During this process, Zhang Wenyong kept smoking a cigarette and watched him from the side.

       After he finished everything, Chen Yuncheng said to Zhang Wenyong, “Let’s go, Yong ge.”

       Zhang Wenyong raised his chin towards the car door, “Get in.”


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Chapter 11

       The taxi Chen Yuncheng called came. The rain was still falling when they got back to Chen Yuncheng’s kiosk. Although it was not as bad as before, a lot of rainwater had accumulated in the low-lying areas of the ground. There were hardly any pedestrians along the way, and the shops were closed. All that was left was the annoying winter rain that misted the sky and the ground.

       As he got off the car, Chen Yuncheng took two steps around Ning Junyan’s parked car and scurried under the eaves of the house, crouched down and used the key to open the door. He opened the rolling shutter to half body height, turned back to look at Ning Junyan, waited for Ning Junyan to get in first, and then he followed.

       After he closed the shutter, Chen Yuncheng carried the heater into the inner room, reached out to turn on the light in the room, and first found a place to plug the heater in.

       This was the first time Ning Junyan had entered Chen Yuncheng’s bedroom. He stood by the door and silently surveyed the entire room.

       Chen Yuncheng stretched out his hand to him, “Go to the fire. Give me your coat, and I’ll wipe the water for you.”

       When he heard this, Ning Junyan looked at Chen Yuncheng, raised his hand and slowly took off the cashmere coat on his body and handed it to Chen Yuncheng.

       He was wearing a soft light grey cashmere sweater underneath, and a white shirt underneath. He unbuttoned two buttons on the collar of his shirt, rolled up his sleeves slightly to expose his wrists, and walked towards the heater.

       Chen Yuncheng took a hanger to hang up Ning Junyan’s coat, and at the same time turned around and said to him, “Sit by my bed,” He then went into the bathroom and took a dry towel to wipe off the rainwater on the coat.

       Ning Junyan sat down on the edge of Chen Yuncheng’s bed, glanced down at the light blue sheets, and pressed his palm against them, sliding them gently.

       It was a double bed, but it was only one and a half meters wide. There was only one pillow and one quilt on the bed, and only the scent of Chen Yuncheng alone could be smelled.

       A scent that was familiar to Ning Junyan.

       The raindrops on the coat were wiped off, but it was still slightly damp when touched. He looked at Ning Junyan and asked, “Are you cold?”

       Ning Junyan shook his head.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Then you can put it on later, it will probably dry after hanging for a while.”

       Ning Junyan just said, “Okay.”

       It was already 9:30 pm. Chen Yuncheng remembered what he had just said about inviting Ning Junyan to drink. He went out to the kiosk to get two bottles of beer at the counter and found some snacks to drink.

       Back in the inner room, Chen Yuncheng moved the small table against the wall to the side of the bed, put beer and snacks on it, and pulled up a chair to sit opposite Ning Junyan. When he was about to open the bottle cap, Chen Yuncheng hesitated again. He said to Ning Junyan, “It’s so cold, why don’t we boil beer and drink it? Is it okay for you to drink?”

       Ning Junyan didn’t answer directly, but asked, “You know how to cook?”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled and said, “This is quite simple.”

       Ning Junyan said, “Fine.”

       Chen Yuncheng got up and found the induction cooker and a small soup pot that had not been used for a long time in the room. There was no other place to put them, and they could only be placed on the small table in front of the bed. He went outside to find red dates, wolfberry and a small bottle of rice wine. He came back and sat down at the table, opened the two bottles of beer, and poured them all into the pot that was cleaned completely.

       Ning Junyan watched his movements and said, “You have everything here.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked very focused, stared at the half-pot of beer in front of him and said, “Occasionally, the uncles and old ladies who live nearby also come to buy things. The nearest big supermarket is still quite far away, but it seems that a small supermarket is going to open up ahead.”

       With the opening of a small supermarket, Chen Yuncheng’s small kiosk might probably be even more out of business.

       Ning Junyan asked him, “What are your plans when the supermarket opens?”

       Chen Yuncheng shook his head, “If the business really can’t go on, the goods that can be returned will be returned, and I will do something else.” He hadn’t really thought about what exactly he was going to do.

       The red dates and wolfberry were added, and half a bottle of rice wine was poured into it. Chen Yuncheng turned on the induction cooker, and soon the hot and humid mist evaporated. The air was filled with the scent of beer mixed with a touch of sweetness.

       Chen Yuncheng stirred the pot with a spoon, and he asked Ning Junyan, “Are you busy with work?”

       Ning Junyan said, “It’s okay, I’m used to it.” After speaking, he added, “There is an operation today, which starts at ten in the morning and ends at four in the afternoon.”

       “That long?” Chen Yuncheng was surprised, “What if you were to have a meal in the middle?”

       Ning Junyan said, “I didn’t eat. I waited until the surgery was over before eating.”

       Chen Yuncheng asked, “You are standing beside the operating table all the time? Don’t you feel tired?”

       Ning Junyan said, “I’m too focused to feel it.”

       Chen Yuncheng gave him a thumbs up, “You doctors are amazing.”

       Ning Junyan didn’t say anything and just looked at him through the steaming mist. The hands that had just undergone the surgery today were resting on the bedside relaxedly. His fingers were long and thin, and the light blue blood vessels on the back of his hands were clearly visible. Further up was the wrist protruding from the edges of the sleeves, his wrist was not very slender but looked very strong, and the prominent carpal bones were clearly visible.

       When the beer was ready, Chen Yuncheng turned down the heat on the induction stove to keep it warm, took a spoon and ladled it into two glasses, then poured the peanuts and peas for the wine into a small saucer.

       He first picked up the wine glass and said to Ning Junyan, “I toast to you.”

       Ning Junyan also reached out and raised the cup in front of him, clinking with Chen Yuncheng, and calmly replied, “Thank you.” He put the cup to his lips and took a sip of warm and sweet beer.

       The room was very quiet, and the sound of the rain outside could be heard, as well as the occasional grunt of the induction cooker heating beer.

       Chen Yuncheng and Ning Junyan chatted as they drank.

       “I was sent to school afterwards,” Chen Yuncheng said, referring to his experience after separating from Ning Junyan. “It was one of those social welfare schools that let me study until I was eighteen. But I failed to get into university, so I just came out to work, and I have done a lot of work over the years.”

       He didn’t hear Ning Junyan’s response, he looked up and saw that Ning Junyan was looking at him intently, as if listening to him carefully, so he continued, “Then I met Zhou Yan. He was sent home at the time, but it seems he ran away before he graduated from high school, saying he didn’t want to stay in that home. At that time I let Zhou Yan follow me and work for someone outside.”

       Ning Junyan said, “I never heard from you.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled when he heard the words, “It’s alright, it’s not like you’re the same as us.”

       They both drank a lot of alcohol, but the boiled beer has a very low concentration. Both of them were sober and only slightly drunk.

       Chen Yuncheng shook the small half glass of wine in the glass and said, “I remember the last time you came to me, you also said that you had an operation in the afternoon.”

       Ning Junyan gave a soft “um”.

       Chen Yuncheng asked him, “Do you want to relax after the surgery?”

       This time, Ning Junyan took a moment before answering him, “No, it’s not relaxation.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him curiously.

       Ning Junyan said, “It’s discontentment.”

       “Discontentment?” Chen Yuncheng shook his head, “I don’t understand.”

       Ning Junyan lay on his back on Chen Yuncheng’s bed, he took a deep breath, closed his eyes and said, “A dissatisfaction after high concentration and tension, do you understand, Chen Yuncheng?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “I don’t understand.”

       Ning Junyan said, “I want more.”

       After saying this, Ning Junyan stopped talking. Chen Yuncheng thought he was drunk and was a little surprised that Ning Junyan was so bad at drinking.

       Chen Yuncheng stood up and walked around the table to the bed, looked down at Ning Junyan, reached out to pat his face, and called out his name softly, “Ning Junyan?”

       Ning Junyan suddenly reached out and grabbed his wrist, opened his eyes and asked calmly, “What time is it?”

       Chen Yuncheng was stunned for a moment and said, “It’s almost eleven o’clock.”

       Ning Junyan said, “I should go.”

       He said these words but never moved, and he didn’t release his grip on Chen Yuncheng’s hand for a long time.

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