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Morbid Addiction

Chapter 78

       Chen Yuncheng couldn’t help but want to get up after sitting on Ning Junyan’s lap for a long time, but Ning Junyan hugged him and refused to let go.

       “Am I not heavy?” Chen Yuncheng asked, after all, he was tall and not too slender.

       Ning Junyan said, “I can hold you, I want to hold you forever.”

       Chen Yuncheng asked him with a smile, “Why are you so clingy?”

       Ning Junyan said, “Because you have ignored me for a long time.”

       Chen Yuncheng gently combed Ning Junyan’s hair with his fingers, “I was too busy a while ago, and the fair just ended today.” As he spoke about this, Chen Yuncheng felt a little excited again and told Ning Junyan about the people he had met at the fair and how many orders he had signed in the past few days.

       Ning Junyan’s expression was very flat, but his eyes kept looking at Chen Yuncheng without moving away as if he was listening to him very seriously.

       After a while, Ning Junyan asked him, “So have you made enough money?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Give me a few more months, and I will pay you back 100,000 yuan first.”

       Ning Junyan shook his head slowly, “I don’t want you to pay back the money. You said you would move back, and the contract is still with me.”

       Chen Yuncheng’s tone was a bit hesitant, “Move back?”

       Ning Junyan asked him, “Do you not like my house? Let’s sell it and buy it again, and write our two names on it.”

       Chen Yuncheng was stunned for a moment, looked at him and said, “There’s no need for that, you’ll have to spend money on renovations.”

       Ning Junyan said, “It’s fine, you can decorate it however you want.”

       Chen Yuncheng thought of the iron chains in Ning Junyan’s room, and suddenly a lot of bad memories associated with it rose. He then said, “No need, the house is pretty good now.”

       “It’s too far away from your work,” Ning Junyan said.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Actually, I’m thinking about getting a loan to buy a car.”


       Chen Yuncheng hugged Ning Junyan’s shoulders. He felt a little tired since it was late, he leaned on Ning Junyan and said, “Sun ge gave me advice. He said that even if you have no money, you do something to keep your appearance even when you don’t have the means to when you are in business. You need to be vain, otherwise, people will think you can’t make money and will be less willing to talk business with you. So I’m considering buying a second-hand BMW that I can pay for with a mortgage.”

       Ning Junyan said, “If you need money, just tell me.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled and said, “Where else can I use your money?”

       Ning Junyan said: “You are all mine now. Who else’s money do you want to spend if not mine? Boss Sun?”

       “How can you even be jealous of Boss Sun?”

       Ning Junyan’s words were not reasonable in the slightest, “No one can do it. It can only be me.”

       Chen Yuncheng held his face and kissed him, “Okay, it can only be you.”

       It was too late, and Chen Yuncheng planned to leave.

       Ning Junyan was unwilling to let him go.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “You are on duty in the hospital, and I’m messing with you here. Do you count as dereliction of duty? What if there are emergency patients halfway through?”

       Ning Junyan frowned slightly as if thinking about this question seriously.

       Chen Yuncheng coaxed him, “Can I come over tomorrow night?”

       Ning Junyan glanced at him and said, “Move back.”

       Chen Yuncheng thought for a while, “Okay, let’s discuss it slowly tomorrow night, okay?”

       Only then did Ning Junyan let Chen Yuncheng get up from his arms.

       Chen Yuncheng stood up, and when he saw that Ning Junyan had also gotten up, he was about to turn around and walk towards the door, but at that moment, the mobile phone that Ning Junyan had been keeping on his desk rang.

       At this hour, there was no telling who would be calling Ning Junyan.

       Ning Junyan glanced at the incoming call, connected it, and in a slightly cold tone answered, “What’s the matter so late?”

       There was a faint voice coming from the phone, Chen Yuncheng couldn’t hear it clearly. It sounded like a woman’s voice, somewhat agitated.

       Ning Junyan’s expression remained unchanged, but he stood up straight, and his eyes became serious. He said, “Don’t be nervous, I’ll go to the emergency room now. You guys just follow the car.”

       The person on the other side of the phone said a few more words and ended the call.

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

       Ning Junyan stuffed his mobile phone into the pocket of his white coat, put his arms around Chen Yuncheng’s waist and led him outside, and said as he walked, “Nothing, my father is not feeling well, my mother has called an ambulance to bring him here now.”

       Chen Yuncheng asked in surprise, “Is it serious?”

       Ning Junyan said, “It’s okay, you can go back first, I’ll take you downstairs and call you a taxi.” After he said that, he lowered his head and kissed Chen Yuncheng on the lips, then stretched out his hand and opened the door of the office.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t stop, but said, “I’ll stay with you.”

       Ning Junyan shook his head, “I’ll take care of it. There’s no need for you to stay and face my mother.”

       Chen Yuncheng knew that an ambulance had been called to bring him to the hospital and that Ning Junyan’s father’s illness was certainly not as light as Ning Junyan’s tone of voice. He had no feelings for Ning Junyan’s parents, but he cared about Ning Junyan. No matter what the relationship between their family was, they were his blood relatives after all, and Chen Yuncheng wanted to stay with him.

       They took the elevator downstairs.

       Ning Junyan’s expression was very calm.

       Chen Yuncheng could not help but hold his hand.

       Ning Junyan turned his head, rubbed his forehead against the top of Chen Yuncheng’s head, and said, “It’s okay, wife.”

       Chen Yuncheng felt that these words were more like Ning Junyan comforting himself, so he nodded and repeated, “It’s okay.”

       He insisted that he refused to go, so Ning Junyan took him with him to the emergency hall, and soon after he arrived, he heard the sound of an ambulance.

       Chen Yuncheng knew that he couldn’t help, so he followed Ning Junyan far away, watching him trot towards the ambulance, and when Ning Zhanghong was carried off from the ambulance and put on a movable bed, Ning Junyan instructed the doctor on duty at the emergency department to arrange for tests to be done immediately.

       “Electrocardiogram and Echocardiography,” Ning Junyan said in a quick and steady tone as he followed the propelling hospital bed forward while pressing his stethoscope to Ning Zhanghong’s left chest to examine him.

       Chen Yuncheng saw the pale and painful face of the middle-aged man on the hospital bed. Immediately afterwards, he saw Shu Rong running behind the hospital bed in a hurry. Shu Rong had no makeup on and was wearing a sleeveless dress with a tense expression.

       Shu Rong also saw Chen Yuncheng, she slowed down briefly, and then quickly followed without talking to Chen Yuncheng.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t care. He followed them and saw Ning Zhanghong being sent for examination. Ning Junyan followed into the examination room. He could only wait outside, and Shu Rong was also waiting outside.

       “Auntie,” Chen Yuncheng took the initiative to greet Shu Rong.

       He didn’t know if it was because of the lack of makeup, Shu Rong’s whole face looked very pale. She sat on a chair in the waiting area, looked up at Chen Yuncheng, still maintaining that well-bred attitude, and asked, “Why are you here?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “I’m here to find Junyan.”

       “Oh,” Shu Rong didn’t continue to pursue, just nodded, stood up again, and walked back and forth restlessly. The air-conditioning in the hospital was sufficient. She was wearing thin clothes and unconsciously hugged her arms.

       When Chen Yuncheng saw this, he took off his coat and helped her put it on.

       Shu Rong turned her head to look at him, then looked down at the coat dr4p3d over her shoulders, took it off and handed it back to Chen Yuncheng, “Thank you, it’s not necessary.”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “It’s too cold here, Auntie. You should put on.”

       Shu Rong showed a forced smile, “I’m not used to the smell of alcohol and tobacco.”

       Chen Yuncheng was stunned for a moment, he realized that he had eaten out tonight, and his coat had a lot of alcohol and tobacco smell on it, but he didn’t mention it when he got close to Ning Junyan just now. Chen Yuncheng put back his coat and said, “I’m sorry.”

       Ning Junyan was busy all night, accompanying Ning Zhanghong to do various examinations. It was only until dawn that Ning Junyan walked out of the examination room.

       Shu Rong stood up suddenly and asked, “How is it?”

       Ning Junyan didn’t answer, he walked up to Chen Yuncheng and said to him, “You should go back and rest soon, I have to get ready for the operation.”

       Chen Yuncheng couldn’t help but grabbed his arm, “You’re going to do surgery now? You haven’t slept all night.”

       Ning Junyan raised his hand to stroke his hair, and said, “It’s okay.”

       Shu Rong kept looking at them.

       After Ning Junyan and Chen Yuncheng finished talking, they turned to Shu Rong and said, “Acute aortic dissection. It must be operated on as soon as possible. I will do it myself.”

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Chapter 77

       It was the first time Chen Yuncheng wore a suit and tie, and he was suddenly a little embarrassed when he looked in the mirror. The shop assistant at the counter helped him tidy up his collar and cuffs and kept complimenting him on how good he looked.

       So he took a closer look at himself in the mirror and saw that he was indeed quite good-looking. He just had his hair trimmed yesterday, revealing a smooth and full forehead. Perhaps it was because of his personality, his facial features were soft, especially when he smiled. His eyes were curved in a way that made people feel close to him.

       Guan Anlin was different, as long as he didn’t smile, his whole body from his eyebrows to the corners of his jaw gave people an illusion of ruthlessness, especially when he wore a suit, he looked even colder. He stood in front of the mirror and looked at himself for a long time. He was obviously very satisfied with this look. He deliberately raised his face and slightly raised his head, revealing his sharp jaw angle, and raised his eyebrows at Chen Yuncheng.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t bother to talk to him, asked him if he had chosen, and went to check out after Guan Anlin had chosen.

       Chen Yuncheng spent a total of nearly 4,000 yuan on two complete suits, and that was even at a discounted price. When he signed the receipt after swiping his card, his heart was bleeding.

       He warned Guan Anlin, pointing out that he bought this set for him, and told him to take good care of his clothes and only wear them on important occasions in the future.

       Guan Anlin said, “When we have money in the future, we shouldn’t just buy it randomly.” After coming down from the menswear floor, Guan Anlin also bought a pair of sunglasses at the mall, which he felt matched the suit perfectly and made him look like a ruthless character from a movie.

       The fair lasted for three days. Chen Yuncheng took the liquor brand he represented to participate in the fair. He did not have the money to apply for a well-located booth, so he found a corner on the outside, but there were still many customers passing by.

       During these three days, Chen Yuncheng put out many business cards. He got to know a lot of wine manufacturers and even signed a great number of orders on the last day, which was a great harvest for him.

       Chen Yuncheng was in a good mood. On the last day of the fair, he asked Guan Anlin to drive the packed things back to the store and then called all the employees in the store to have a meal with the two female college students he invited to work at the fair.

       The two female college students were very beautiful and were particularly fond of Chen Yuncheng. Chen Yuncheng also took good care of them and didn’t ask them to drink while eating. Because he was in a better mood, he took off his coat, leaned on the back of the chair with only his shirt on, smoked a cigarette and smiled as he watched Guan Anlin and the others clumsily chatting with two female college students.

       When they finished eating, Chen Yuncheng asked Guan Anlin to send the two female students back to school. He put his arm around Guan Anlin’s shoulders and walked to the side to give him a few words of advice.

       Guan Anlin was a little unhappy, “Who do you think I am? I’m a decent person.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled.

       Guan Anlin asked him, “Where are you going?”

       Chen Yuncheng seemed to smile even more happily, and said, “I’ll go find Ning Junyan.”

       Guan Anlin made a ‘tsk’, not wanting to comment.

       Chen Yuncheng let go of the hand that was holding Guan Anlin’s shoulder, raised his hand and waved to tell everyone to drive safely when they go back. He put his suit jacket on his arm and went to the side of the road to hail a taxi.

       Tonight, Ning Junyan was working the night shift at the hospital. Chen Yuncheng felt it was a pity, but he really wanted to see him, so he called him just now to ask if he was busy.

       Ning Junyan said, “Not busy.”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Let me come to see you and bring you some supper.”

       Ning Junyan said to him, “Just bring yourself.”

       Chen Yuncheng got into the taxi and leaned his head back against the back seat, raising his hand to cover his face after a while. He was a little dizzy after drinking, but there was a wave of inexplicable excitement. He didn’t know whether he was excited that the fair was going well or that he was going to see Ning Junyan next.

       During the three months that he had put his life on the line to make money, it wasn’t that he and Ning Junyan hadn’t seen each other, but they really couldn’t see each other much, sometimes once a week, and sometimes even when he had made an appointment to go over at night, he would break it.

       He knew that Ning Junyan was unhappy, but actually, he also missed Ning Junyan very much. When he was really tired, he wanted to go to Ning Junyan and sleep in his arms, so that he could do nothing and think about nothing, but he thought of what Shu Rong said to him, and the fact that he still owed Ning Junyan 200,000, forced himself to give up his thoughts, put on a cold face and continued to work hard.

       Soon. Chen Yuncheng always said to himself, everything was getting better and better. It really did get better and better, so good that he couldn’t help but want to see Ning Junyan and share his happiness with him.

       The inpatient building was very deserted at night. Chen Yuncheng walked in and put on his coat. He stood in front of a mirror in the lobby on the ground floor, straightened his collar, pushed his hair upwards, patted his cheeks with his hand, and with a flushed cheek turned to the elevator.

       The little excitement and joy never dissipated, causing the corners of his mouth to rise slightly.

       The ward was also very quiet at this time. It was almost bedtime and many of the ward doors were closed, with only the faint sound of people talking coming out.

       Chen Yuncheng walked all the way to the door of Ning Junyan’s office, raised his hand and knocked lightly on the door.

       Ning Junyan’s deep voice came out, “Please come in.”

       Chen Yuncheng opened the door halfway and leaned in to look at him.

       Ning Junyan was wearing a white coat and was sitting behind his desk. On the desk was a thick book that looked like he was reading. He raised his eyes to look at Chen Yuncheng at the door, but didn’t get up, and leaned back slightly on the back of the chair.

       Chen Yuncheng smiled and said, “I’m coming in.”

       Ning Junyan didn’t say anything and just looked at him quietly.

       Chen Yuncheng had been wearing this suit for a few days and had already gotten used to it by now, but he felt embarrassed when he stood in front of Ning Junyan. He walked into the office and closed the door behind him.

       Ning Junyan looked at him carefully from head to toe with calm eyes, and said to him, “Come here.”

       Chen Yuncheng walked up to Ning Junyan, and looked down at him, “What’s the matter?”

       Ning Junyan slowly raised his hand, his long thin fingers holding the bottom edge of Chen Yuncheng’s tie and wrapping it around his index finger before suddenly pulling him hard on his tie, pulling him down to bend over and kiss him on the lips.

       It was an emotionally intense kiss they hadn’t seen each other in over a week.

       Chen Yuncheng quickly became full of emotion under the influence of alcohol, and the way he bend over made him a little uncomfortable. When Ning Junyan hugged his waist, he obediently straddled Ning Junyan’s lap and put his arms around Ning Junyan’s shoulders.

       It wasn’t an easy kiss to end.

       Chen Yuncheng soon felt Ning Junyan pull the hem of his shirt out of the waist of his suit trousers, his warm palm burrowing in to press against the skin of his waist.

       As the hand continued to be restless, Chen Yuncheng forced himself to end the kiss, pressed Ning Junyan’s hand, and said, “What are you doing?”

       Ning Junyan said coldly, “What are you talking about?”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him and smiled slightly.

       Ning Junyan’s hand reached into Chen Yuncheng’s hair, grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, saying, “Didn’t you dress like this to seduce me?”

       Chen Yuncheng hurriedly said, “Don’t pull it, it hurts!” He regretted that he didn’t ask the barber to cut his hair shorter and let Ning Junyan find a chance to pull his hair.

       Ning Junyan didn’t let go but just relaxed his grip. His eyes slid all the way from Chen Yuncheng’s face, past his Adam’s apple, his collar, to the open chest of his suit jacket, and asked him, “What do you want to do dressed like this?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “What kind of clothes do you wear? Isn’t this formal attire? Who wears a suit to seduce people?”

       Ning Junyan nipped at the upper edge of his tie knot with his teeth, slowly pulled it away, pressed his lips against his protruding Adam’s apple, and said, “You just want to seduce me, take off your clothes quickly, and cut the crap.”

       Chen Yuncheng suspected that no matter what he was wearing, in Ning Junyan’s eyes, it would look like he was trying to seduce him, so he said helplessly, “Stop making trouble, this is your office, and you are still on duty today.”

       Ning Junyan stopped and looked up at him, “Then what are you doing here?”

       Chen Yuncheng cupped Ning Junyan’s face with his hands and said, “I miss you, Yanyan. Not only does my body miss you, but my heart misses you too.”

       Ning Junyan looked like a wild beast that had been tamed suddenly, put away all the sharpness, raised his arms to hug Chen Yuncheng and leaned against the back of the seat, his palms pressed against Chen Yuncheng’s back, and said, “There is a bed in the duty room.”

       Chen Yuncheng closed his eyes, the corners of his mouth turned up slightly, and said, “Don’t even think about it.”

Chen Yuncheng: Who wears a suit to seduce people?
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Chapter 76

       On the second day after he returned, Ning Junyan transferred 100,000 yuan to Chen Yuncheng’s card, but he didn’t even call Chen Yuncheng beforehand, not even giving him room to refuse.

       Chen Yuncheng received a text message alert from the bank, and sat in front of the store in a daze for a long time, then called Ning Junyan, “Ning Junyan.”

       “Hm?” Ning Junyan was still at work, standing at the nurse’s station looking through the patient’s medical records while answering Chen Yuncheng’s call.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Let me put myself as the collateral to you.”

       Ning Junyan’s clean fingertips tapped on the report sheet in front of him. He stopped turning the pages, and said, “Then, move back in.”

       The nurse who was sitting in the nurse’s station and was immersed in writing suddenly raised her head, opened her eyes wide to look at Ning Junyan, and then quickly lowered her head.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Give me a little more time, I promise you, it will be soon.”

       Ning Junyan asked him, “How fast is soon?”

       Chen Yuncheng replied, “I am going to be swamped soon. Since I want to do this, I want to do my best. When I can afford to pay you back, we’ll live together, okay?”

       Ning Junyan said, “What kind of collateral is that for me? You just like to coax me.”

       At this moment, another nurse happened to walk in, pulled out a chair and sat down. She heard Ning Junyan’s words, showed a terrified expression, carefully looked at Ning Junyan’s face, and confirmed that she did not identify the wrong person.

       Ning Junyan asked him again, “What if you don’t make enough money?”

       Chen Yuncheng suppressed his shame, and said in a low voice, “Then I’m yours too, so I promise I won’t push you away in the future, okay?”

       After a moment of silence, Ning Junyan said, “I’ll go prepare a contract, so you can sign it.”

       Chen Yuncheng couldn’t help but smile when he heard the words, “Do you think it’s useful?”

       Ning Junyan said, “It may not be useful to others, but it ought to be useful to you. You should remember what you said to me today.” After he said that, Ning Junyan closed the medical record, handed it to the nurse and turned to leave.

       The nurse took the medical record book, her mouth reacting faster than her brain, and called out to him, “Chief Ning!”

       Ning Junyan turned to look at her.

       The nurse next to her hurriedly bumped her with an elbow. She came back to her senses and asked, “Are you still reading the medical records? Shall I put it away if not?”

       Ning Junyan said, “Put it away first, I’ll come over later.”

       After Ning Junyan left, the two nurses came together and were surprised to see each other.

       “What did you call him for?”

       “I don’t know, I just called out suddenly.”

       “Who was he talking to on the phone? A girlfriend? I haven’t heard that he has a girlfriend.”

       “How do I know? I just heard it when I came over. It scared me! Did you hear that? Ning Junyan is acting like a baby, it’s terrible.”

       “I don’t know how many people are about to get their hearts broken.”

       “What kind of heartbroken? What you said is hilarious, I haven’t seen anyone who dares to chase him.”

       “Unrequited love is also a cause for a broken heart.”


       Chen Yuncheng received a copy of the mortgage contract from the same city courier that night, and Ning Junyan printed out all the shameful words he said on the phone and asked him to sign.

       When he was sitting by the bed looking at the contract, Guan Anlin moved closer to read it, but Chen Yuncheng quickly blocked it with his hand.

       “What?” Guan Anlin was not very happy, only saw the words of the mortgage loan contract on it, and asked, “What did you mortgage?”

       Chen Yuncheng folded the contract, stuffed it back into the envelope worriedly and put it under his pillow, “Don’t worry about it.” Then he said, “I’m going out for a while now, help me keep an eye on the business.”

       “Where are you going?” Guan Anlin asked.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “To the distillery.”

       He told Ning Junyan that he would be very busy these days and that was not a perfunctory reply, since he decided to get an agent, there would be a lot of things to do next.

       The first thing he did was to take three days to visit a distillery located in another province personally. The distillery was quite small, but the production environment was good, and because it was small, it was easy to connect. Chen Yuncheng suggested that he would like to change some of the goods into small packages when he picked up the goods, and the other party also expressed that they could discuss it.

       After he returned, Chen Yuncheng started visiting hot pot restaurants in the city. He first visited several chain stores with good business and offered to put the wine on consignment in the shops without paying for it. The hot pot restaurant would be paid according to the number of pieces sold. He also had small custom-made billboards and posters that he hoped to place in the shops for free publicity.

       In the beginning, he encountered a lot of rejections, and even couldn’t even meet the boss in many cases, but he didn’t have time to be depressed, so he immediately rushed to the next one, and continued to have the audacity to approach the owner to talk about business.

       At first, Sun Shiliang introduced him to a close friend who runs a hot pot restaurant and asked him to deliver wine there. Later, Chen Yuncheng expanded his scope and found some small shops and Chinese restaurants with good business, and gradually began to improve.

       It was just that it was too tiring. Even if Chen Yuncheng was driven out by his foster father to steal money when he was a child, he was not as tired as he was now. He had to work late into the night almost every day, sometimes not even having time to eat, and could only buy a loaf of bread on the side of the road to eat.

       In addition to this, there were all sorts of social engagements. Chen Yuncheng was not a smoker, but over time he found that there was no way to avoid it and he became addicted to smoking.

       Once Chen Yuncheng came back from a social event and drank too much. The taxi took him to the entrance of the trade market. He stumbled into the market alone, and when he reached the entrance of the shop, he couldn’t find the key, so he sat down on the ground against the roller shutter door.

       Chen Yuncheng raised his head and stared at the sky in a daze. The night sky of the city had neither stars nor moon, it was just pitch black, the night was thick and sticky, not bright at all.

       After a while, Guan Anlin heard the sound and opened the small door. He saw Chen Yuncheng sitting at the door, and froze for a moment as he asked, “Are you okay?” As he said that, he reached out to help Chen Yuncheng up from the ground, and took him inside.

       When Chen Yuncheng entered the room, the first thing he did was to run to the bathroom and vomit.

       Guan Anlin looked disgusted and opened the window to disperse the smell of alcohol, then lit a cigarette to make the air in the room even more polluted. He then leaned against the door and asked him, “Why are you so desperate?”

       Chen Yuncheng vomited enough, got up, rinsed his mouth and face with cold water, and slurred, “fvcking…”

       “Who is fvcking with you?” Guan Anlin thought he was swearing.

       “His mother wants to steal him from me. If I don’t make more money, I have no confidence. It was his mother who took him away before.”

       Guan Anlin originally wanted to ask who is this his mother was, Having heard about this before, he suddenly realized and asked, “You mean Ning Junyan?”

       Chen Yuncheng felt uncomfortable, so he took off his clothes and lay down on the bed.

       Guan Anlin finished his cigarette, stood by the bed and looked at him, saying, “You’re just that desperate for him, huh?”

       Chen Yuncheng opened his eyes and felt that the light was too bright, so he raised his arm to cover his eyes and said, “Turn off the light.”

       Guan Anlin walked to the door and turned off the lights in the room, leaving only the street lights shining in from the windows in the room.

       When Guan Anlin was climbing up to the upper bunk, Chen Yuncheng said, “I thought that if I had been willing to work hard earlier, Zhou Yan would not have killed someone.”

       Guan Anlin moved for a moment, then sharply turned around and sat on the edge of the top bunk bed, the iron bed shifting with his movements as he said, “All you see is Zhou Yan, and that wild man of yours.”

       Chen Yuncheng said in a vague voice, “Isn’t there still you? I have no relatives, only brothers left. You are all doing very well, I’m serious.”

       Guan Anlin lay face up on the bed and whispered, “Isn’t it nauseating?”

       The next morning, Guan Anlin woke up first. He got out of bed and saw that Chen Yuncheng was still sleeping soundly. He suddenly couldn’t bear to wake him up and closed the door gently as he went out alone.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t get up until after ten o’clock, his hangover hadn’t passed, and he had a terrible headache, so he got up and took a shower and changed into clean clothes before coming out to the shop.

       He ate instant noodles for breakfast in the store. Chen Yuncheng watched the newly recruited driver last month and Shi Peng stocking up together, and Wu Xiaozhu helped them count with the stocking list.

       Because he spent too much time running outside, he wanted to leave Guan Anlin in the store. Seeing that Shi Peng had almost been able to do things properly, he went to hire another delivery driver, and after discussing with Sun Shiliang, he replaced the van with a pickup truck.

       He had been so busy for two or three months, the season has entered midsummer, and every day before noon, the disturbing cicadas began to chirp in the trees in front of the shop.

       The liquor that Chen Yuncheng promoted had opened up in the market, and the business at the tobacco shop was getting better and better.

       At this time, Guan Anlin was crouching at the door waiting for customers to come to him.

       When Chen Yuncheng walked up to him, he saw his gaze falling on the legs of a woman in a short skirt at the entrance of the shop across the street and couldn’t help but slap him on the head.

       Guan Anlin raised his hand to cover his head, “What?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Come with me to the fair next week, I’ve applied for a booth.”

       Guan Anlin said, “Okay.”

       Chen Yuncheng was thinking about something, and after a while, he said, “Buy two suits.”

       Guan Anlin looked at him, “Are we going to wear them?”

       Chen Yuncheng nodded.

       Guan Anlin said, “I’ve never worn a suit, should I buy it from Taobao?”

       Chen Yuncheng thought for a while and said, “Let’s buy it at the mall.”

Taobao ftw actually.. Taobao cheap and sometimes you can get a good quality from there…

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Chapter 75

       Chen Yuncheng let Ning Junyan hold him in his arms and said to him, “I can’t borrow your money anymore.”

       Ning Junyan bowed his head and kissed Chen Yuncheng’s hair.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “This money is used to invest in a business. It’s different from the need to save someone’s life as soon as possible. This time, it’s not necessary. I slow down and take my time. As long as I work harder, I can always make money.”

       Ning Junyan tilted his head, rubbing his cheek against the top of his head, as if he could not enjoy this intimate touch more, and said, “Then what am I going to do with the money?”

       Chen Yuncheng said “Huh?” and gave him a puzzled look, “What?”

       Ning Junyan said, “I want to make money to provide for my wife.”

       Chen Yuncheng couldn’t help but laugh when he heard the words, “I don’t want you to provide me.”

       Ning Junyan said, “Then you admit to being my wife?”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled and did not speak.

       Ning Junyan said again, “Then you can provide for me, I will give you all my money, and you will buy me everything in the future.”

       Chen Yuncheng said: “Whatever you want now, I will buy it for you if I can afford it. You don’t need to hand over the money to me.”

       Ning Junyan was silent for a while, and said, “Don’t you think that’s unfair?”

       “How is it unfair?”

       Ning Junyan cupped Chen Yuncheng’s chin with his hands, lifted his head and looked at him with a serious expression, “You think I can spend your money, but you can’t spend mine. Do you put us on an equal footing inside your heart?”

       Chen Yuncheng thought for a while, and answered him seriously, “This is different. What I need now is not such a small amount of money for daily expenses. Doing business is very risky, and the money I invest may not always pay off. So how can you ask me to take a risk with your money? And also I still owe you money.”

       “You also refuse to use my money for daily expenses, you don’t even live in the house, and you don’t want the clothes, what do you take me for?” Ning Jun Yan’s tone was a little cold like he was really angry.

       Chen Yuncheng tried to sit up, but he first pushed away Ning Junyan’s hand that was pinning him down, and just as he braced himself to leave Ning Junyan’s embrace, he was grabbed back by Ning Junyan again.

       Ning Junyan put his arms around him, and said coldly, “What are you running for!”

       Chen Yuncheng had no choice but to continue to let Ning Junyan hold him, and said, “I am very serious about this relationship, don’t say that to me. Perhaps because I am too serious about this, sometimes I don’t know how to deal with it.” After he finished speaking, Chen Yuncheng looked up at Ning Junyan, he was always afraid that if he did not do well enough in some things, one day it would affect the relationship between him and Ning Junyan.

       Ning Junyan was stared at by Chen Yuncheng for a long time, his eyelashes drooped, his eyes became soft, and he asked Chen Yuncheng, “So what are your plans for this money?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “I’m going to find a way to borrow it, and I’ll think of a way.”

       Ning Junyan asked again, “What way?”

       “A bank or some financial institution,” Chen Yuncheng had been looking at various financial institutions for loans, hoping to find one that was slightly more reliable.

       Ning Junyan asked, “Do you want to try a mortgage loan1A mortgage is an agreement between you and a lender that gives the lender the right to take your property if you fail to repay the money you’ve borrowed plus interest.?”

       Chen Yuncheng was a little strange, and said, “What to take as collateral? I don’t have anything as collateral.”

       Ning Junyan lifted Chen Yuncheng’s face and looked at it, then stretched out his hand to lift the quilt to take a look that they were both still undressed. Chen Yuncheng quickly pulled back the quilt and then heard Ning Junyan say, “Take your body as collateral.”

       Chen Yuncheng was angry and amused and said, “My body is only worth 100,000 yuan?”

       Ning Junyan said flatly, “And no one wants it but me.”

       Chen Yuncheng did not agree, “That’s not necessarily true.”

       Ning Junyan suddenly rolled over and pinned him down, and said in a cold tone, “It’s not necessarily true indeed. Don’t even think about it.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him with a faint smile, “Knock it off.”

       Ning Junyan relaxed his strength, lay on Chen Yuncheng’s body, and said, “Give yourself to me as collateral, and I’ll give you the money. If 100,000 yuan is not enough, I’ll try to earn more, and I’ll give you as much as I want.”

       Chen Yuncheng raised his arms to hug him, and suddenly felt sourness in his heart, and said, “Enough is enough. Only in your heart, I am worth so much money.”

       Ning Junyan said, “Everything all good now?”

       Chen Yuncheng answered him, “Let me give it some thoughts again.”

       They woke up very early the next day, and Ning Junyan drove to pick up Gu Yaojia and the child, and then rushed to Zhou Yan’s hometown Central Court.

       When she arrived at the court, the trial had not yet started. When Gu Yaojia wanted to enter the court with her son in her arms, she was stopped by the bailiff and the child was not allowed to enter.

       Gu Yaojia was in a difficult position and begged the bailiff for a few minutes, but was not accommodated.

       Ning Junyan then said, “You can leave the child to me and go in.”

       Gu Yaojia heard the words and looked at him.

       Chen Yuncheng said to Gu Yaojia, “Let him watch the child while the two of us go in and listen to the court hearing.”

       Gu Yaojia had no better choice and handed over the child to Ning Junyan.

       The child cried all of a sudden as he was handed over to the strange man.

       Chen Yuncheng saw that Ning Junyan frowned, looking a little at a loss, and asked him, “Are you going to be fine?”

       Ning Junyan just nodded.

       Gu Yaojia comforted the child for a while and only when she heard that the court was about to start inside did she go in with Chen Yuncheng and find a seat.

       When Zhou Yan was brought out by the bailiff, he glanced in their direction, looking slightly agitated, but soon he stood in the defendant’s position with his back to them.

       Chen Yuncheng hadn’t seen Zhou Yan for several months. His hair was cut very short, and after being locked up in the detention centre for so long, he looked surprisingly paler and fatter

       Gu Yaojia sat next to Chen Yuncheng, staring at Zhou Yan’s back with red eyes.

       The trial was a bit dull, the legal aid agency had appointed a lawyer for Zhou Yan, but because Zhou Yan had already pleaded guilty, the lawyer only tried to defend him as lightly as possible.

       Midway through the trial, Chen Yuncheng came out and saw Ning Junyan sitting on the bench outside, looking at the sleeping child lying on his lap, with no emotion in his eyes.

       “Asleep?” Chen Yuncheng walked to him and asked him in a low voice.

       Ning Junyan raised his head and gave a soft “hmm”.

       Chen Yuncheng was suddenly curious about Ning Junyan’s thoughts, and asked him, “Do you think the child is cute?”

       “No,” Ning Junyan replied without thinking.

       Chen Yuncheng stretched out a hand to him, “You really don’t want a child at all?”

       Ning Junyan took Chen Yuncheng’s hand and touched it to his lips, “I don’t need one, you’re enough.”

       The trial lasted until noon and was adjourned for an hour, and the verdict was not delivered until the afternoon.

       Zhou Yan was convicted of intentional homicide and theft and sentenced to fifteen years in prison for both crimes. He said in court that he would not appeal.

       Gu Yaojia suddenly got up at this point. She left the courtroom and went out to hold the child and tried to come in, but was stopped by the bailiff at the door, so she shouted Zhou Yan’s name.

       Zhou Yan turned around.

       Gu Yaojia cried and said, “Look at your son!”

       The bailiff quickly took Gu Yaojia out.

       Chen Yuncheng watched as Zhou Yan cried bitterly, and couldn’t help but got his eyes. He waited until Zhou Yan was taken away by the bailiff, then got up and left the court.

       Outside the courtroom, Gu Yaojia was sitting on a bench, holding the baby and crying all the time, while Ning Junyan stood beside her and calmly handed her a tissue.

       Gu Yaojia reached out and took it, unable to even say the word ‘thank you’ properly.

       Chen Yuncheng came over and stood beside Ning Junyan. Ning Junyan glanced at him and handed over the whole pack of tissues, “Do you need it?”

       “No,” Chen Yuncheng said and just stood a little closer to Ning Junyan. The back of his hand lightly touched the back of Ning Jungyan’s hand, until Ning Junyan grabbed his hand and held it firmly.

       They waited until Gu Yaojia recovered a little before leaving, and drove Gu Yaojia home for two hours.

       When they said goodbye, only Chen Yuncheng got out of the car, and Ning Junyan sat in the driver’s seat without moving.

       Holding the sleeping child in her arms, Gu Yaojia said to Chen Yuncheng, “Cheng ge, thank you.”

       Chen Yuncheng shook his head, hesitated, and said, “If it’s possible, would you like to take your child to visit Zhou Yan?”

       Gu Yaojia replied, “I don’t know, do you think it’s good for the child?”

       Chen Yuncheng can’t answer this question. Zhou Yan was his friend, and from his point of view, he would always think more about Zhou Yan. He knew that Zhou Yan must very much hope that his son can visit him. As for whether it was good for the child, he really couldn’t figure it out either.

       “It’s okay,” Chen Yuncheng said, “You could think about it, after all, you are the child’s mother.”

       Gu Yaojia nodded, and she asked Chen Yuncheng, “Cheng ge, are you and Dr. Ning—”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Yeah?”

       Gu Yaojia smiled, “It’s nothing, thank you for coming to pick me up, do you still have to rush back now?”

       Chen Yuncheng replied, “Yes, Dr. Ning has to go to work tomorrow.”

       Gu Yaojia said, “Be careful on the road, and send me a message when you arrive.”

       “Okay,” Chen Yuncheng said. He stepped back and waved to Gu Yaojia, turned around and opened the car door, returned to the passenger seat, and said to Ning Junyan, “Let’s go.”

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Chapter 74

       Zhou Yan’s court hearing started at 10:00 am on Wednesday. Before that, Chen Yuncheng would need to pick up Gu Yaojia and then drive nearly two hours to get to the court. If they didn’t want to leave early in the morning, they had to drive to Gu Yaojia’s hometown the day before, stay for one night, and pick up Gu Yaojia the next morning.

       It didn’t matter how Chen Yuncheng arranged it, but Ning Junyan’s time was too valuable. In order to accompany Chen Yuncheng to the court hearing, he had purposely adjusted his duty and took annual leave.

       When Chen Yuncheng thought about it, he seemed a little sorry for Ning Junyan, who had already accompanied him on several trips for Zhou Yan’s affairs. However, Chen Yuncheng couldn’t help but want to rely on Ning Junyan again. Probably because there were too few people he could rely on since he was a child. At this time, he especially hoped that Ning Junyan could be by his side.

       Tuesday’s departure was a little later than expected because Ning Junyan was on duty the night before and encountered an emergency operation at dawn, which delayed them a whole morning.

       Ning Junyan drove over to pick up Chen Yuncheng in the afternoon.

       Chen Yuncheng was explaining some things to Wu Xiaozhu in the store when he saw Ning Junyan arriving, he immediately said, “Wait for me for two minutes.” Then he went into the room to pack his things.

       Guan Anlin was sitting on a small chair at the door of the shop playing mobile games, when he saw Ning Junyan coming, he stood up and walked towards him.

       Chen Yuncheng simply packed some things and carried a small backpack, and came out with a few bottles of mineral water in a plastic bag. He carried his things to the store door and saw Guan Anlin talking to Ning Junyan. But when he came near, Guan Anlin stopped talking and said to him, “Be careful on the way.”

       “What are you talking about?” Chen Yuncheng asked suspiciously.

       Guan Anlin said, “I asked him if he wanted to have a cigarette, seeing as he didn’t seem to be in good spirits.”

       When he heard that, Chen Yuncheng turned his head to look at Ning Junyan and saw that he looked really haggard. He was on duty last night and had gotten up in the early hours of the morning to do emergency surgery, so he must be very tired by now.

       “Let me drive,” Chen Yuncheng said to Ning Junyan.

       Ning Junyan did not refuse this time, nodded and said, “I’ll sleep for a while.”

       As Chen Yuncheng drove out of the city onto the highway, Ning Junyan put the back of the passenger seat down and lay on his back in the car to catch up on his sleep.

       There was very soothing music playing in the car, and Chen Yuncheng turned the volume down very low, not wanting to disturb Ning Junyan’s sleep. He remembered the last time he drove to Zhou Yan’s hometown with Ning Junyan. That time Ning Junyan drove the whole time, while he slept in the car for a long time. They were not together at that time, and he was still full of hope that he could successfully find Zhou Yan.

       Halfway through the trip, Chen Yuncheng stopped the car at the rest stop and went to the bathroom.

       He hesitated when he got out of the car, wanting to wake up Ning Junyan, but seeing how soundly Ning Junyan was sleeping, he could not bear to call him, so he opened the car door and got out alone.

       Today was neither a weekend nor a holiday. There were not many cars at the highway rest stop, and only a few cars were parked far away in the spacious parking lot.

       A gust of wind blew towards his face, and Chen Yuncheng immediately felt a chill.

       Spring seemed to be getting shorter and shorter these years. After winter, once the weather turns cold, it felt like the weather always rushed into summer, as if there were only two seasons left in a year, and half of them were long summers. When he went out, he only put on a long-sleeved jacket over a short-sleeved T-shirt.

       Chen Yuncheng turned to look at Ning Junyan, then returned to the car gently, took off his coat and covered Ning Junyan, and was left with only a short sleeve.

       When he returned from the bathroom, he saw from the car window that Ning Junyan seemed to have moved, so he walked over, pulled open the passenger door, stood in front of him, and asked softly, “Are you awake?”

       Ning Junyan blinked his eyes and opened them slowly. He then stretched out his hands towards Chen Yuncheng after seeing him, and said, “Wife, hug me.”

       Chen Yuncheng burst out laughing and said in disgust, “Nuts.” Although he said so, when he saw no one was around, he still reached out and hugged Ning Junyan, and asked him, “Do you want to go to the bathroom?”

       Ning Junyan said, “Not going.” He lowered his head and saw the coat on his body, and stretched out his hand to grab it for Chen Yuncheng to put it back on.

       Chen Yuncheng tried to refuse, “You will be cold when you sleep.”

       “It’s not cold.” Ning Junyan put on his coat and even zipped it up patiently. “You can turn on the air conditioning1refers to the warm and cold conditioning if you’re cold.”

       Chen Yuncheng asked him, “Then shall we continue to set off?”

       Ning Junyan nodded and said, “Let me drive.”

       “That won’t work,” Chen Yuncheng refused him, “What if you get me killed if you drive when you are tired?” After he said that, he raised his hand to help Ning Junyan close the passenger’s door, and walked around to the driver’s seat to get in the car.

       Ning Junyan adjusted the back of the chair, took a bottle of water and unscrewed the lid. He took a sip slowly and put it back, and after Chen Yuncheng started the car, he said, “I won’t get you killed, you don’t have to be afraid of anything when you’re around me, if you’re really in danger, I’ll protect you with my life.”

       Chen Yuncheng had already driven the car slowly out of the parking space. When he heard Ning Junyan’s words, he couldn’t help slamming on the brakes. He glanced at him and said, “Don’t say such things.”

       Ning Junyan continued, “I am willing to do anything for you, so you can’t just refuse my request in the future.”

       Chen Yuncheng let go of the brakes and felt that Ning Junyan was too troublesome. He was so passionate one second and started talking nonsense the next second, making Chen Yuncheng so unsettled, that he could only glare at him in the end.

       They arrived in the county where Gu Yaojia’s hometown was located in the evening. Chen Yuncheng had already contacted Gu Yaojia before. Gu Yaojia insisted on accommodating them, but Chen Yuncheng found an excuse to refuse and only said that he would pick her and the child up early in the morning.

       They randomly found a clean-looking restaurant on the side of the road to have dinner, and then drove to the hotel they had booked.

       Chen Yuncheng booked a double-bed room. He thought that since they were both tired from the half-day drive and had to continue tomorrow, a double-bed room would allow both of them to rest well.

       But when they opened the room, Ning Junyan was not satisfied and asked the front desk to change them to a king-size room.

       Chen Yuncheng lowered his voice, approached Ning Junyan’s ear, and said, “Don’t you want to rest well?”

       Ning Junyan said calmly, “I sleep better with you in my arms.”

       Chen Yuncheng felt a little bashful, and saw the hotel receptionist watching them and waiting for them to decide, so he said, “Let’s change.”

       But when they arrived in an unfamiliar room in an unfamiliar environment, with Ning Junyan and Chen Yuncheng lying in the same bed, obviously not just to cuddle him and sleep better.

       Chen Yuncheng was also aroused by him, raised his arms to hug his shoulders, lying on his back to look at him, “Aren’t you tired?”

       Ning Junyan said, “I slept all afternoon.”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “But I drove all afternoon.”

       Ning Junyan pressed against his earlobe and said, “Then you rest. It’s my turn now.”

       After he was done, Chen Yuncheng didn’t even want to move a finger, so Ning Junyan held him in his arms, reached out and took a tissue from the bed and wiped the marks on his body.

       Chen Yuncheng looked up at the ceiling and said, “Suddenly I want to smoke.”

       Ning Junyan said, “It’s not good for your health.”

       Chen Yuncheng turned to look at him, “Is indulgence good for your health?”

       Ning Junyan looked straight into his eyes and said flatly, “It’s not good to hold back either.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled.

       Ning Junyan brushed aside the hair on Chen Yuncheng’s forehead with his fingers. Chen Yuncheng’s hair had grown a little longer, allowing Ning Junyan to insert his fingers into the middle of his hair. Ning Junyan stroked his slightly sweaty forehead and said, “So you have to tell me if you want to.”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled and said nothing, not pursuing the question of who wanted this more.

       Ning Junyan continued, “Not only your physical needs, but you also have to tell me about other needs too.”

       Chen Yuncheng asked strangely, “What are the other needs?”

       Ning Junyan propped his head up with one hand and said slowly, “The 100,000 yuan you need now.”

       Chen Yuncheng sat up from the bed at once, turned to look at Ning Junyan, showing a surprised expression, and quickly realized, angrily said, “Guan Anlin!”

       Ning Junyan frowned, “Don’t call other men’s names on my bed.”

       Chen Yuncheng ignored him and just asked, “Did he tell you that?”

       Ning Junyan said, “Shouldn’t you reflect on the fact that you still need someone else to tell me such things?”

       Chen Yuncheng sighed, and said to Ning Junyan, “I can’t borrow any more of your money.”

       Ning Junyan reached out to him, “Come here.”

       Chen Yuncheng asked, “What for?” But he leaned over anyway.

       Ning Junyan held him tightly in his arms and said, “You have to cuddle and talk.”

       Chen Yuncheng said helplessly, “Okay, okay. Let’s cuddle and talk.”

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Let’s continue tomorrow, I should take a shower too

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Chapter 73

       Chen Yuncheng went back to the shop quite late the next day. At that time, the store had already opened, and Shi Peng was already moving goods at the door.

       When Shi Peng saw Chen Yuncheng, he greeted him, “Cheng ge!”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled at him.

       Shi Peng asked curiously again, “Did you spend the night out last night?”

       Chen Yuncheng’s attitude was quite calm, and he replied, “Yes.”

       Shi Peng didn’t think there was anything wrong either, so he said “oh” and went back to moving the goods.

       Chen Yuncheng stretched his stiff shoulders as he walked inside. After being handcuffed to the bed for a long time last night, he woke up early this morning feeling stiff and uncomfortable in his joints. He couldn’t help but feel that he wasn’t getting any younger, and at the same time, he also cursed Ning Junyan hard in his heart.

       When he entered the room, Guan Anlin just came out of the bathroom, looked up at him, and said nothing.

       Chen Yuncheng bent down to find the phone charger by the bed, plugged the phone in and charged it, and said to Guan Anlin, “I’ll call Sun ge later to see if I can invite him to dinner tonight, why don’t you come with me?”

       Guan Anlin said Guan Anlin said in a cool and lingering tone, “No more fooling around with men tonight?”

       Chen Yuncheng turned to look at him, stretched his shoulders, and said, “I don’t want to see him for a few days.”

       Guan Anlin noticed his movements and asked, “What happened to your shoulder?”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t answer, and after a while, he blushed slightly.

       When Guan Anlin noticed it, he was baffled and a little angry. He always felt that Chen Yuncheng must have done something shameful.

       It was not that Chen Yuncheng really didn’t want to see Ning Junyan, but he was really busy these days. After taking the time to chat with Sun Shiliang and the liquor agent that Sun Shiliang introduced to him, they all advised him to be cautious about taking over the agency of a small brand, fearing that he would not be able to sell the goods.

       Above all, Sun Shiliang chatted with him for a long time and told him that he might as well try to take a small number of goods first and see if the goods could be sold. He could sell them in their shop anyway and market them when he had customers, and if he had repeat customers, he could consider getting into them officially.

       After some consideration, Chen Yuncheng followed Sun Shiliang’s suggestion and sold a small amount of the wine in the store. At the same time, he divided the wine into small glass bottles and gave it to the customers who came to pick up the goods for tasting and received a lot of positive feedback.

       When Chen Yuncheng bought goods from the manufacturer again, the people from the winery persuaded him to use a local first-level agent. He was a little tempted, probably asked about the price, and then began to think about the bank loan.

       This was not an easy task for Chen Yuncheng. Although the money needed was not much, he did not have enough credit to take out a loan, and he did not have any assets under his name to take out a mortgage. Sun Shiliang had a way to introduce him to outside lending institutions, but he didn’t recommend him there, because to put it bluntly, those lending institutions could handle unsecured loans, and they had to bear a lot of risks, so the interest was very high, which was equivalent to a loan shark.

       Sun Shiliang saw that Chen Yuncheng was in a difficult position, and said to him, “How about this, I will give you an advance of your year’s income according to last month’s turnover, and you can take it first. We will settle the account at the end of the year.”

       Chen Yuncheng was stunned for a moment, and said, “He was not receiving a fixed salary, but a monthly commission based on his turnover, and his next income was unknown, so Sun Siliang was lending him a sum of money without interest and then counting it towards his monthly repayment.

       Sun Shiliang said, “It’s okay. I didn’t have a chance to thank Dr. Ning for helping me last time, and he didn’t want gifts. I know you two are close, so you should find a way to return the favour for me.”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t know what to say for a while.

       Sun Shiliang simply transferred more than one hundred thousand to Chen Yuncheng, but it was still not enough, and Chen Yuncheng still needed to find a solution for the remaining money.

       Guan Anlin knew that Chen Yuncheng needed money, so he said to him, “Go ask your man for it, he is so rich.”

       Chen Yuncheng held the lunch box and gave him a cold look.

       Guan Anlin said, “What are you looking at me for? I didn’t say anything wrong.”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Because of Zhou Yan’s incident, I haven’t paid off the money I owed him. How can I continue to borrow from him?”

       Guan Anlin finished the food in the lunch box in two bites, temporarily tossed the empty lunch box at his feet, lit a cigarette, breathed it into his lungs hard, and said, “Then what do you think?”

       Chen Yuncheng asked, “What do you think?”

       Guan Anlin said, “Even if you two men can’t get married, you will never be a family. So even the money must be calculated so clearly, huh?”

       Chen Yuncheng felt that the meal was tasteless, but he didn’t want to waste it, so he put all the rest of the meal into his mouth in one go, chewed for a long time with his mouth puffed up, and then said, “I can’t spend his money even if he is a woman.”

       Guan Anlin scratched his scalp with his fingers, “I thought you were the woman.”

       If Chen Yuncheng hadn’t chewed and swallowed the food in his mouth, he felt that he could spray it on Guan Anlin’s face, so he stared at Guan Anlin with a mean expression.

       Guan Anlin quickly said, “I’m just describing your relationship, isn’t one of you playing the male and one playing the female? I don’t know what to say, why are you glaring at me?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Just shut up.”

       Guan Anlin no longer entangled with him about men and women matter and continued, “I just thought that if you really want to be together, there’s no need to be so concerned about it, it’s not like you’re not going to pay him back, what’s so hard to ask. If I had 100,000 yuan in my hand today and you came to borrow it from me, I would guarantee that I would lend it to you without you even typing the IOU1An IOU (abbreviated from the phrase “I owe you”) is usually an informal document acknowledging debt.. After a long time, aren’t your relationship with him better than with mine? Even Sun ge was willing to lend you money, right?”

       Chen Yuncheng was silent for a while, and said, “It’s not the same.” He picked up the two empty lunch boxes on the ground and threw them in the trash can.

       He had just taken two steps when Chen Yuncheng received a phone call from Long Zhanyu.

       Long Zhanyu seemed to be very busy, and told him in a hurried tone, “Zhou Yan’s case would start trial next week.”

       Chen Yuncheng was a little surprised, “So fast?” He thought it would take at least half a year.

       Long Zhanyu said: “The trial of their accomplice who stole the vehicle has been completed here, so they can directly copy the case file over there; as for the intentional murder, he turned himself in and gave a complete account of the crime. He has pleaded guilty and had a good attitude until now, so the case is handled quickly.” After he said that, Long Zhanyu couldn’t wait to hear him continue talking and just said, “Something’s up, I’ll hang up.”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t even have time to say thank you when he heard the voice of call ended tone from the phone.

       He couldn’t help turning his head to look at Guan Anlin.

       Guan Anlin was still enjoying his after-meal cigarette, and looked up at him, “What’s wrong?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Zhou Yan’s case will be brought to trial next week.”

       Guan Anlin said in a cold tone, “Oh,” and then added, “It was an early trial, it’s good.”

       Chen Yuncheng walked to the trash can, threw away the two lunch boxes, turned around and saw Guan Anlin still squatting in front of the store smoking, so he walked behind a pillar and called Ning Junyan.

       Ning Junyan was off duty tonight, and when he answered the phone, his surroundings were very quiet, and he called out in a deep voice, “Yuncheng.”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Where are you?”

       Ning Junyan answered him, “Still in the hospital and haven’t got off work, miss me?”

       The corners of Chen Yuncheng’s mouth could not help but turn up slightly, and said, “I miss you.”

       Ning Junyan said, “Then let me come pick you up.”

       Chen Yuncheng replied, “Okay.”

       When he returned to Guan Anlin’s side, Chen Yuncheng looked down at him and said, “I’m going out tonight.”

       Guan Anlin raised his head, frowned, looked at him for a while, and finally said, “Try borrowing money from him.”

       Chen Yuncheng did not reply.

       As he sat on the bed in Ning Junyan’s bedroom, Chen Yuncheng stretched out his hand and shook the iron chain on the head of the bed gently. He no longer felt anything when he saw the pair of handcuffs now. He also knew that Ning Junyan had ordered a collar for him, which he kept in the drawer of his bedside table, together with the ring he had proposed with earlier.

       To Chen Yuncheng, whether to wear these things or not is just a matter of taste, and Ning Junyan would not force him, and would definitely not hurt him.

       When Chen Yuncheng complained about shoulder pain, Ning Junyan would patiently massage his shoulders, and next, he would remove the handcuffs from the chain, and let Chen Yuncheng put his hands around his head and hug his shoulders.

       Ning Junyan came out of the bathroom without any clothes on, went to bed to hug Chen Yuncheng and kissed him.

       Chen Yuncheng hugged Ning Junyan back, greedy for his tenderness, but he was also a little absent-minded.

       Ning Junyan asked him, “What’s wrong?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Zhou Yan’s case will be tried next week.”

       Ning Junyan lay on the bed, let Chen Yuncheng pillow his shoulder, and gently touched his face and neck with his fingers, “Do you want to go?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “I’m going, and I’ve told his girlfriend that when the time comes, I’ll pick them up and take the kids with me.”

       Ning Junyan asked, “Can children be brought into court?”

       Chen Yuncheng looked up at him, “I don’t know.”

       Ning Junyan pinched Chen Yuncheng’s earlobe with his fingers and rubbed it. Chen Yuncheng raised his head slightly and took the initiative to kiss Ning Junyan’s lips.

       As his lips parted, Ning Junyan said to Chen Yuncheng, “I’ll go with you.”

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Chapter 72

       As soon as Guan Anlin entered, he eyed Ning Junyan warily.

       Ning Junyan didn’t say anything and sat directly beside Chen Yuncheng’s bed. He knew that Guan Anlin was looking at him, and he didn’t avoid his gaze.

       Chen Yuncheng went to pack some things briefly, and said to Guan Anlin, “I won’t be coming back tonight.”

       Guan Anlin’s gaze at Ning Junyan suddenly became fierce.

       Ning Junyan stood up from the bed, glanced at Guan Anlin, and then walked outside.

       Chen Yuncheng followed behind him, and Guan Anlin grabbed his wrist when he went out. Chen Yuncheng patted the back of Guan Anlin’s hand and said, “Lock the door well later.”

       Although Guan Anlin was very reluctant, he finally let go of Chen Yuncheng’s hand.

       In the store outside, Shi Peng was lying on the counter chatting with Wu Xiaozhu. It was past six o’clock at this time, and the trade market was closed, and they were about to close the store.

       Chen Yuncheng said to Shi Peng, “I have something to go first today, you can have dinner with Lin ge.”

       Shi Peng nodded and watched Chen Yuncheng go out of the store. He then watched him follow Ning Junyan into the Land Rover.

       When Guan Anlin came out from the inner room, Shi Peng asked him curiously, “Is Cheng ge going out to eat with his friend?”

       “Yes,” Guan Anlin replied impatiently.

       Wu Xiaozhu kept tilting her body to look outside, and said, “That Dr. Ning is so handsome.”

       Guan Anlin looked unhappy, “How handsome is he?”

       Wu Xiaozhu didn’t seem to notice his displeasure, “Just very handsome, it’s rare to see such a handsome man around, and he’s talented too.”

       Guan Anlin turned to look at her.

       Wu Xiaozhu noticed Guan Anlin’s gaze, and shrank back, “It goes without saying. What are you looking at me so mean for.?”

       Guan Anlin snorted coldly and didn’t say another word.

       Ning Junyan drove Chen Yuncheng to eat first. Instead of going to the crowded city centre this time, he chose a small restaurant not far from home.

       Chen Yuncheng seemed to be in a good mood, even if there was a traffic jam on the road, he still hummed softly to the music of the radio.

       Ning Junyan glanced at him, “So happy?”

       Chen Yuncheng turned his head and smiled at him.

       Ning Junyan raised his mouth slightly, “How much wine did you drink just now?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Just a little bit. I was asked to try the taste before you came.”

       Ning Junyan asked him, “Is it the wine that you are going to sell?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “I’m still thinking about it.” After he finished speaking, he was silent for a while, and then said, “I’ve been wondering lately if I could do something else.”


       Chen Yuncheng said, “I’m still thinking about it.”

       The wine he tried today was from a new friend he had met at the trade market. The wine he tried was a small brand of baijiu that was being promoted because it had not yet entered the local market, and he was told that the brand wanted to recruit regional agents.

       Chen Yuncheng tried the wine and it tasted really good, not inferior to the same type of famous brand baijiu, so he had some thoughts.

       It was not an easy decision to make, as the funds required for a small brand agent were not too much, but it would not be a small amount for him. The main thing he was considering was that he might not be able to sell the goods after taking them.

       Doing business was bound to be risky. His character had always pursued stability, and he had never had any ambitions until he fell in love and began to desperately want to do something about it so that he could have the ability to hold the relationship firmly in his hands.

       Ning Junyan said to him, “Just do whatever you want.”

       Chen Yuncheng nodded. But he still planned to talk to Sun Shiliang first, preferably to talk to the agents that Sun Siliang had introduced him to as well, but then he would inevitably have to socialise, and smoking and drinking and all that would be unavoidable.

       After dinner, they returned to Ning Junyan’s house.

       When Chen Yuncheng left last time, he had a bad fight with Ning Junyan, so he couldn’t help but recall the experience of meeting Ning Junyan’s mother here.

       He subconsciously took a look at the whole room, and it seemed to be the same as when he left. It was still deserted and clean, just like in a hotel.

       When he entered Ning Junyan’s room, Chen Yuncheng was stunned for a moment. He walked slowly to the head of the bed, stretched out his hand to pull the iron chain fixed on the wall, and asked in a slightly panicked tone, “What is this?”

       One end of the iron chain was fixed to the wall, and the other end hung down to hang over the head of the bed, with a pair of leather handcuffs on it. It was not very long, but not long enough for a handcuffed person to go to the bathroom, and probably only long enough for a person to lie on the bed.

       Ning Junyan followed Chen Yuncheng into the room, he closed the door expressionlessly and locked it with a click.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t want to admit that he was scared.

       Ning Junyan walked towards him slowly, his tall figure blocking the light as he stood in front of him.

       Chen Yuncheng looked up at him.

       Ning Junyan extended his arms to hug Chen Yuncheng, and Chen Yuncheng struggled weakly. Ning Junyan did not let go but sat down beside the bed, let Chen Yuncheng sit on his lap, and said, “Don’t be afraid.”

       Chen Yuncheng breathed a little sharply and said, “You’ve let me go, why even put chains on it?”

       Ning Junyan whispered in his ear, “Do you really think you can get away? You’ll have to come back one day and obediently let me lock up.”

       Chen Yuncheng exerted himself to turn his head to look at him.

       Ning Junyan’s expression was very calm, and his eyes were very sincere. He just looked at him intently, without any crazy and hot emotions.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Really?”

       Ning Junyan held his wrist, rubbed his fingertips lightly between his wrists, slightly lowering his head against the back of his neck and said, “Of course it’s true, but if you don’t want it, I won’t force it.”

       Chen Yuncheng knew that he wasn’t serious, and couldn’t help pinching his face.

       Ning Junyan turned over and pinned Chen Yuncheng on the bed. He stretched out his hand to pull the handcuffs on the iron chain, and said to Chen Yuncheng, “Because they are half installed, I always feel that they should not be wasted.” After he said that, he looked up at Chen Yuncheng.

       Chen Yuncheng turned his head to look at the handcuffs, and said, “I don’t want it.”

       Ning Junyan didn’t force it, just lowered his head and kissed him.

       After a long kiss, Chen Yuncheng felt weak all over and felt Ning Junyan stroking his wrist again. He knew that Ning Junyan had not given up yet, so he said, “I still have to go take a shower.”

       Ning Junyan stretched his hands to press the buckle at the end of the iron chain. The handcuffs were movable, and he untied them from the iron chain. He very gently pressed his lips against Chen Yuncheng’s and said to him, “I’ll help you wash.”

       After being stripped and handcuffed, Chen Yuncheng regretted it. In fact, he didn’t agree, but he didn’t refuse firmly. The feeling of not being able to move his hands was so bad that all he could do was allow Ning Junyan to carry him into the bathroom.

       The hot water washed over his body and Chen Yuncheng stood in the bathtub, feeling like a child waiting for his parents to bathe him.

       Ning Junyan took off his clothes, stepped into the bathtub and stood in front of him, patiently and meticulously taking off the shower head to help him rinse.

       Chen Yuncheng felt that he somewhat did not understand Ning Junyan, “Why do you want to imprison me?”

       Ning Junyan spoke hot words of love in a calm and indifferent tone, “You don’t know how sexy you are like this.”

       It was true that Chen Yuncheng really didn’t understand, but he could see that he had indeed made Ning Junyan sexually interested.

       Ning Junyan turned off the water, squeezed the shower gel into the palm of his hand, and gently smoothed it evenly on Chen Yuncheng’s skin.

       Chen Yuncheng was tormented by the slippery touch, and couldn’t help but said, “I can’t hold you if you’re handcuffing me like this.”

       Ning Junyan glanced at him, “It’s alright, I will hold you. You don’t have to think or do anything, just accept everything I give you.”

       Chen Yuncheng whispered, “Pervert!” Then Ning Junyan raised one of Chen Yuncheng’s legs slightly, and his hands covered in foam meticulously cleaned his body from the inside out.

       After the shower, Ning Junyan wiped off the water on Chen Yuncheng’s body, carried him out and put him on the bed, before pulling his hands above his head and locking the handcuffs back onto the chains.

       Chen Yuncheng’s whole body was exposed in front of Ning Junyan, and he couldn’t stand it any longer and said, “Cover me up.”

       Ning Junyan sat by the bed and looked at him quietly, and said, “No.”

       Chen Yuncheng said angrily, “Then let me go!”

       Ning Junyan reluctantly pulled off the quilt to cover Chen Yuncheng, then got in himself, hugged Chen Yuncheng and kissed him.

       Chen Yuncheng breathlessly said, “If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t agree.”

       Ning Junyan stopped, and whispered softly in his ear, “I don’t want to lock anyone except you.”

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Chapter 71

       Ning Junyan drove Chen Yuncheng back to the trade market. It was a weekend and the market was really busy, so he didn’t park his car in the parking lot outside but drove directly to the entrance of Chen Yuncheng’s store.

       There were two customers in the store, Wu Xiaozhu accompanied them to look at the goods, while Guan Anlin was at the door of the store, holding the delivery note and preparing the goods to be delivered today.

       Then he saw a Land Rover parked behind their van.

       With a cigarette in his mouth, Guan Anlin looked into the Land Rover, and sure enough, he saw Chen Yuncheng and Ning Junyan.

       Chen Yuncheng was sitting on the passenger side and seemed to be about to get out of the car when Ning Junyan, who was in the driver’s seat, suddenly pulled him over and kissed him on the lips.

       Guan Anlin couldn’t help cursing ‘fvck’ immediately, and the cigarette dangling from his mouth fell to the ground. Then he looked around nervously and found that no one was paying attention, so he was a little relieved.

       At this time, Chen Yuncheng had already opened the door and got out of the car, but Ning Junyan didn’t stop by and drove away directly.

       Guan Anlin walked towards Chen Yuncheng, with a bit of anger, “Are you crazy?”

       Chen Yuncheng ignored him and walked to the side of the van, picked up the delivery notes that Guan Anlin had casually placed on top of the paper box and asked, “Is everything ready? I’ll help you.”

       Guan Anlin pulled his arm and asked nervously but in a low voice, “Did you really go and get a room with him last night?”

       Chen Yuncheng glanced at him, “Don’t need help, do you? Then I’ll go in first.” He pushed Guan Anlin’s hand away and went in to help Wu Xiaozhu to deal with customers.

       It took some time to sign the form with the customer before eating at noon, and it was past one o’clock when Chen Yuncheng picked up the box lunch that Wu Xiaozhu bought for him and ate it. He sat on a chair at the door of the store, holding the box lunch and eating the cold meal.

       Guan Anlin walked up behind him, pulled Chen Yuncheng’s collar away with his fingers, and saw rough hickey marks and even bite marks all around Chen Yuncheng’s neck and collarbone.

       Chen Yuncheng’s hands were occupied, and he couldn’t slap his hands away, so he just raised his arms to avoid, “What are you doing?”

       Guan Anlin pulled a chair from the store and sat beside him, with a serious expression on his face, “You really can’t change it, can you?”

       Chen Yuncheng had eaten late at breakfast and was not very hungry at this time, the cold food did not taste good, he put his chopsticks on the lunch box and said with a sigh, “What should I change?”

       Guan Anlin said in a rare heartfelt manner, “I’m telling you this because I treat you like a brother, otherwise if it was someone else, do you think I would care? You’ll be laughed at later if word gets out that you’re with a man.” He didn’t read much, and he didn’t know much about homosexuality, but his most simple idea was that Chen Yuncheng would be ridiculed, and he didn’t want to see his brother ridiculed by others.

       Chen Yuncheng was silent for a while, and said, “But what should I do if I like him?”

       Guan Anlin was stunned by the words.

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       Chen Yuncheng looked at Guan Anlin’s expression, and continued, “I just want to be with him, the kind that can’t be done without him.”

       Guan Anlin was a little confused, “How can you not be able to do it without him? Have you ever tried to find a woman?”

       Chen Yuncheng smiled, “Are you stupid? You’ll know if you like it or not when you start dating yourself, if you can get hard, do you still need to try?”

       It was rare for him to speak so vulgarly, but he didn’t want Guan Anlin to keep dwelling on this matter with him. He had already made up his mind to accept his relationship with Ning Junyan, and his brother couldn’t change anything whether he accepted it or not. However, if Guan Anlin could understand him, he would naturally be the happiest.

       For several days afterwards, Guan Anlin remained somewhat sullen and unhappy. He still wanted to say something, but he found that no matter what he said, Chen Yuncheng couldn’t listen.

       Chen Yuncheng went to the job market and recruited another labourer to help Guan Anlin with his deliveries.

       The labour was very young, only nineteen years old, and his name was Shi Peng. He just came out of his hometown to work.

       Chen Yuncheng helped Shi Peng rent a single room outside the market for him to live in, but Shi Peng used to stay in the shop until late these two days before going back to the place where he lived outside, probably because he didn’t like to be alone.

       It was past 5:30 in the afternoon, and the market hadn’t closed yet, but there were no customers inside.

       Guan Anlin had just returned from delivering the goods, got out of the car, and walked into the store, opened the freezer, and took a bottle of Coke. He asked Wu Xiaozhu while drinking, “Where’s Cheng ge?”

       Wu Xiaozhu pointed to the outside, not knowing exactly which direction she was pointing, and said, “He’s outside chatting with someone.”

       Just as Shi Peng got off the passenger side, he saw a dark grey Land Rover parked behind their van, and a tall and handsome man got out of the car, so he stopped and stared at him.

       Guan Anlin heard the sound of the car and came out of the shop, frowning fiercely when he saw Ning Junyan.

       Ning Junyan asked him, “Where is Chen Yuncheng?”

       Guan Anlin said, “What do you want from him?”

       When Ning Junyan passed by him, he whispered, “Take him out for the night.” Then he went straight into the shop without looking at Guan Anlin.

       Wu Xiaozhu had met Ning Junyan when Sun Shiliang invited him to dinner last time and knew that he was Chen Yuncheng’s friend. When she saw him coming, she immediately said, “Are you looking for Cheng ge? I’ll call him and ask him to come back.”

       Ning Junyan nodded, “Thank you.”

       Guan Anlin looked at Ning Junyan’s back with a gloomy face.

       Shi Peng walked up to Guan Anlin at this moment, and asked, “Who is it, Lin ge?”

       Guan Anlin said impatiently, “Don’t pry.”

       After waiting for a few minutes, Chen Yuncheng came back from the outside. The weather was getting warmer every day recently, so Chen Yuncheng wore a light blue coat today, and his hair was a little longer than it had been during the New Year, making him look extra young.

       When he saw Ning Junyan from a distance, he smiled, walked in quickly, and asked, “Why did you come over without calling me?”

       Ning Junyan said, “The work has been temporarily adjusted this afternoon, so I came over since I had time.”

       Chen Yuncheng was holding a mineral water bottle with a small half bottle of clear liquid in it, and he shook it in his hand.

       Wu Xiaozhu lay on the table and asked him, “What is that, Cheng ge?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Baijiu1white wine.” He then said to Ning Junyan: “Wait for me.” After he said that, he went into the inner room.

       Ning Junyan followed in and closed the door behind him.

       Guan Anlin stood at the door of the shop and watched them, lit a cigarette irritably, then he saw Shi Peng walking towards the inside, and quickly reached out his hand to stop him, “What are you doing?”

       Shi Peng said, “Going to the bathroom.” He had wanted to go to the bathroom since he had just returned but ended up seeing Ning Junyan interrupting for a bit, and only now did he think about it again.

       Guan Anlin rolled his eyes at him, “Don’t go.”

       Shi Peng was puzzled, “Why?”

       Guan Anlin didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and pointed in the direction of the public toilet, “Go over there if you’re in a hurry.”

       Chen Yuncheng put the mineral water bottle next to the TV cabinet and went into the bathroom to wash his hands. He saw Ning Junyan when he came out, and asked, “Why are you here suddenly?”

       Ning Junyan said, “Come to pick you up.”

       Chen Yuncheng immediately understood what he meant, and asked, “Today?”

       Ning Junyan looked at him, “Not good?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Is it too late to book a hotel now?”

       Ning Junyan said, “You can go to my house.”

       Chen Yuncheng turned his gaze away and said, “Alright.” After he said that, he reached out to pick up the mineral water bottle just now, and said, “My friend gave me some wine, can you help me try how it tastes?”

       Ning Jun extended his hand to take it, unscrewed the lid and smelled it, and said, “I don’t know baijiu.”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Drink a little bit, I think it tastes quite fragrant.”

       Ning Junyan looked up at him, “I’m driving.”

       “Right,” Chen Yuncheng said with some regret as he brought the bottle over and said, “I still want you to try the taste.”

       Ning Junyan said, “It’s not impossible.”

       “Huh?” Chen Yuncheng looked at him suspiciously.

       Ning Junyan said, “You should take a sip first.”

       Chen Yuncheng picked up the bottle obediently, took a sip of the wine, and just before he swallowed it, Ning Junyan kissed his lips.

       Ning Junyan licked the taste left in his mouth and said, “Well, it smells good.”

       Chen Yuncheng’s heart inexplicably fluttered, hugged Ning Junyan, and whispered in his ear, “Will this be considered drunk driving?”

       Ning Junyan said in a low voice, “I don’t think so.”

       As soon as he finished speaking, someone knocked on the door from outside, and Guan Anlin’s voice came in, “What are you doing?”

       Ning Junyan replied without thinking, “I’m fvcking you—”

       Before he finished speaking, Chen Yuncheng covered his mouth tightly to prevent him from continuing. At the same time, he gave him a vicious glare, pushed him away and went to open the door, “It’s nothing, you can come in.”

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Chapter 70

       The window of the room was open, and the heavy blackout curtains were not closed, but only covered with a layer of gauze. After the lights in the room were turned off, the light shone through the curtains and the outline of the canopy of trees on the roadside could be seen faintly.

       The express hotel was located in the downtown area, with a street right outside the window. The buildings were not very high, and although it was late at night, you could still hear the sound of cars driving by from time to time, and even the sound of jokes and footsteps of a group of people passing by.

       This gave Chen Yuncheng the illusion as if he could be heard by those people passing by downstairs if he made a little louder noise. So he would bite his lips unconsciously at that time, making only a small sound from his nostrils.

       Ning Junyan was silent at this time, Chen Yuncheng could only hear the sound of breathing constantly echoing in his ears, and through the faint light, he saw that Ning Junyan’s gaze was focused and sharp, and he did not move away from his face even for a second.

       Chen Yuncheng felt that he was probably not looking good at this time, his face was flushed, and his neck and forehead were covered with sweat, so he raised his hand to cover Ning Junyan’s eyes. When he was halfway up, because of Ning Junyan’s vile movements he rested it helplessly on Ning Junyan’s arm and held his arms tightly.

       It was a weird feeling. It was neither bad nor uncomfortable, it was just out of control. The feeling of abandoning the shame of opening up your most private self, giving it all up to the other person’s control, and everything was out of your hands; the feelings of happiness and pain were given to you by the other party. Chen Yuncheng never liked this kind of feeling, but because it was Ning Junyan, he wanted to give him everything.

       It was in this complex emotion that Chen Yuncheng’s body tensed up more and more, and he was afraid that he would not be able to control himself, so he extended his hand towards Ning Jun Yan and called out to him, “Yanyan.”

       From childhood to adulthood, it was only during the four years with Ning Junyan that he briefly felt that he could rely on this person. Although he had always taken care of Ning Junyan in life, psychologically he relied on him because Ning Junyan would never hurt him.

       Ning Junyan then picked him up and let him sit in his arms.

       There was a wind blowing in from outside the window, the gauze curtain was blown higher and higher, and the sweat on Chen Yuncheng’s body was also dried by the wind.

       But the heat remained undiminished and was penetrated even deeper as if even his thoughts and soul were imprisoned. Chen Yuncheng tensed the backs of his feet and clung to Ning Junyan’s shoulders, breathing hard.

       At the last moment, Chen Yuncheng heard Ning Junyan whispering in his ear, “I love you.”

       Chen Yuncheng’s mind went blank, and along with the most extreme of human senses, these three words echoed repeatedly inside his head.

       He needed the feeling of being relied upon and valued so much, and he loved these words so much that for a moment he even thought that Ning Junyan was so cunning that every time he was enjoying the ultimate in pleasure in the future, he would probably think of Ning Junyan’s ‘I love you’ words for the rest of his life.

       The next morning, Chen Yuncheng slept until late, when he woke up and found himself in Ning Junyan’s arms again, leaving him no room to move.

       When he tried to move, Ning Junyan woke up behind him and wrapped his arms around him even tighter.

       Chen Yuncheng opened his mouth to speak and found that his voice was hoarse, “What time is it?”

       Ning Junyan closed his eyes, and when he spoke, his lips were pressed against his hair, softly as if kissing him, and his voice was lazy and hoarse, “I don’t know.”

       The blackout curtains had been drawn, and the room was dimly lit, but there was faint white light coming in through the top of the curtains.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Don’t sleep again.” He wanted to go back to the shop in the morning to help out, there were more customers coming in over the weekend and he felt that there would be too much work left for only Guan Anlin and Wu Xiaozhu.

       Ning Junyan didn’t wish to let him go, and asked vaguely, “What are you going to do? Want to do it again?”

       Chen Yuncheng was instantly startled awake by him, “No more.” Last night, they had tossed and turned until midnight, and now he could still feel the pain in that place.

       Ning Junyan was probably also tired, closed his eyes and said, “Then sleep with me for a while, darling.”

       Chen Yuncheng got goosebumps when he heard Ning Junyan calling him that, and couldn’t help but want to throw Ning Junyan’s arm away. He said, “Can you stop calling me that?”

       Ning Junyan said, “You’re not happy to be called wife either.”

       Chen Yuncheng turned over and looked at him, and said, “Be normal, why don’t you just call me Chen Yuncheng?”

       Ning Junyan opened his eyes.

       Chen Yuncheng looked at his sleepy look and suddenly found him cute, smiling as he kissed his forehead and said, “Get up.”

       Ning Junyan raised his hand to ruffle his hair, and lifted his upper body slightly with his arm supporting him, looking at him, “Continue the date?” It was the weekend, and he was not on duty.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “I’m going back to work.”

       Ning Junyan was expressionless.

       Chen Yuncheng came closer to kiss him again.

       Ning Junyan didn’t respond, and let him kiss for a while before he rolled over and pressed himself against him for a while longer.

       When he came out of the hotel, Chen Yuncheng glanced at the time, it was already past ten o’clock in the morning.

       When he booked the hotel, he didn’t bother to order breakfast, so he guessed that breakfast was also out at this time, so he and Ning Junyan went to a nearby breakfast restaurant.

       Chen Yuncheng asked Ning Junyan to sit down, went to the order window and ordered two bowls of porridge, a basket of steamed buns, a basket of siu mai and two tea eggs, and brought them back on a plate.

       Chen Yuncheng had felt thirsty since he woke up in the morning and hadn’t had any water. Now he picked up the bowl and drank several mouthfuls of porridge.

       Ning Junyan took a tea egg, carefully peeled the shell, and handed it to Chen Yuncheng, “Wife, eat the egg.”

       Chen Yuncheng nearly choked on a mouthful of porridge, and he glared at Ning Junyan with great dissatisfaction.

       Ning Junyan was silent for a moment, stared at the tea eggs in his hand for a while, then changed his words, “Mr. Chen, eat the eggs.”

       Chen Yuncheng felt so angry and amused that he could not help but kick him under the table.

       Ning Junyan looked indifferent, did not look down, and asked, “So you’ve started seducing me under the table now?”

       Chen Yuncheng desperately denied it, “I didn’t!”

       Ning Junyan said, “It’s okay.”

       Chen Yuncheng took the peeled tea egg from his hand and said with a smile, “Nonsense.”

       It was quite late and there weren’t many customers in the shop at this time of day, so the two of them sat in the corner and ate their breakfast in a fairly leisurely manner.

       Ning Junyan asked him, “Do you want me to help you later?”

       “Help with what?” Chen Yuncheng was eating a siu mai, “Help in the store? No need.” He was in the shop almost exclusively to talk about business and goods sales, so Ning Junyan couldn’t be of much help, and it was impossible to ask Ning Junyan to do things like carrying goods and making deliveries.

       Ning Junyan leaned on the back of the chair and looked at him, “So our date is over? When’s the next time?”

       “Next time, eh?” Chen Yuncheng seemed to be thinking about this question very seriously.

       Ning Junyan said, “Tonight?”

       Chen Yuncheng felt happy about dating, not having to work and going out to dinner and a movie, and also being able to sleep with a handsome man. Who wouldn’t want to date every day? But his wallet couldn’t take it. He glanced at Ning Junyan and said, “Some other time, next week?”

       Ning Junyan frowned.

       Chen Yuncheng said, “I don’t have any money, I have to save up to pay you back.”

       Ning Junyan said, “I can continue to lend you money.”

       If the chopsticks in Chen Yuncheng’s hand hadn’t been holding siu mai, he would have thrown it in Ning Junyan’s face.

       The smile in Ning Junyan’s eyes flickered away as he took out a key from his pocket, placed it on the table and pushed it in front of Chen Yuncheng.

       Chen Yuncheng knew this key. It was the one he had borrowed from Ning Junyan’s house before.

       Chen Yuncheng stared at the key without saying a word.

       Ning Junyan said, “I took back the spare key from my mother’s place. I’m worried that I won’t have it with me one day, so can I put a spare one at your place?”

       Chen Yuncheng looked up at him and put down his chopsticks.

       Ning Junyan continued, “I’m not asking you to move back.”

       Chen Yuncheng stretched out his hand and took the key.

       Ning Junyan added, “Maybe you’re tired of getting a room in a hotel and want a change of taste.”

       Chen Yuncheng laughed when he heard the words, “I’ll think about it.”

       When he heard Ning Junyan mention his mother, he couldn’t help asking, “Did you tell Auntie what I told you about Yu Jie last time?”

       Ning Junyan said, “I told her, but what to do with it is her business.”

       Chen Yuncheng thought that there was nothing else he could do, so he nodded, “Alright.”

Sorry for not updating for like 2 weeks? or more? Things have been kinda rough for me irl and I decided I need to step up my game and I need to focus more on my main work to recover some financial expenses(my laptop broke down *cough* because I’ve been using it to do my freelance job) and since I am not a fan to do translation or updates by phone, I just didn’t update it until I can get myself a new one… Sorry to keep you guys waiting for long

I actually want to keep the notes short, but something just caught my eye on the other series I am translating that someone commented the work I am doing is an edited MTL. I don’t know that I need to clear this up again. I am clearly an MTL. Although I am taking Chinese lessons and was born in a Chinese family, I am not on a native speaker level (English is not my first language too btw). I used a machine translation help to translate. So if it really bothered you to read the series I am translating, I cannot magically become a native speaker in a day, so you can wait until an HTL picked it up or an official publisher picked it up. Sorry for the long rant, I just want my reader to understand that I am not trying to con y’all to think this is the best version out there you can have, but I am always doing my best to translate all the work I am posting ʚ₍ᐢ. .ᐢ₎ɞ

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Chapter 69

       Chen Yuncheng and Ning Junyan went to the restaurant upstairs for dinner. The place where they ate was a Cantonese restaurant with a quiet environment. The reason why Chen Yuncheng decided to eat here was mainly because of the good reviews on the internet and the price was not too expensive.

       They sat down facing each other. When ordering, Chen Yuncheng looked at the menu repeatedly, and asked Ning Junyan, “What do you want to eat?”

       Ning Junyan leaned on the back of the seat in a relaxed posture, his gaze falling on him, and said, “Anything you want.”

       Chen Yuncheng then randomly ordered a few dishes.

       As they waited for their food to be served, the two sat facing each other, with Ning Junyan only looking at Chen Yuncheng, seemingly without the intention of speaking. Chen Yuncheng couldn’t stand the awkward atmosphere and asked him, “You’re not on duty tomorrow, right?”

       Ning Junyan shook his head.

       Chen Yuncheng thought to himself, that they were going out for a meal like this in the name of a date but it was made so formal that everyone was uncomfortable, so he said, “Is there nothing you want to tell me?”

       Ning Junyan said, “If you don’t know what to say, you can try to seduce me under the table.”

       Chen Yuncheng was stunned for a moment, and then he couldn’t help laughing out loud. He picked up the water glass and took a sip slowly, saying, “Knock it off.”

       Ning Junyan clasped his hands and put them on the table, “It wasn’t important to eat and watch a movie in the first place.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him and asked, “Is it only important to get a room?”

       Ning Junyan said, “That’s how you look at me?” His eyelashes drooped slightly, and then he raised his eyes to look directly at Chen Yuncheng, “I just want to be with you.”

       Chen Yuncheng’s heart skipped a beat and subconsciously avoided Ning Junyan’s gaze. He picked up the water glass and drank a few more sips until he drank all the lemonade in the water glass, he said, “I see.”

       After eating and watching a movie, Chen Yuncheng chose a Hollywood war movie. He didn’t read the movie reviews on the Internet, but he just read the theme and thought it was pretty good. After it officially started, he felt that the content was a bit uncommunicative.

       It had been a long time since he went to the cinema to watch a movie. The heating in the theatre was too high, and he sweated a little after sitting for a while, so he took off his coat.

       Because it was Friday, the audience in the movie hall was full. When Chen Yuncheng bought the tickets, except for the front seat, there was only the corner in the last row. He and Ning Junyan were sitting in the corner now. The angle was not very good, but at least it seemed more comfortable than being too close to the front, and he was a little more at ease, not worrying about someone wondering why two men were sitting together watching a movie.

       When the movie was narrated through long empty shots, Chen Yuncheng started to be absent-minded. He turned his head to look at Ning Junyan. The light from the screen hit Ning Junyan’s face, making his nose look particularly straight, and his eyes seemed to be shining seductively.

       Ning Junyan noticed his gaze, leaned over and kissed him on the lips, turned back and continued watching the movie without saying anything.

       Chen Yuncheng’s heartbeat quickened a few beats, and he couldn’t help but look at the people sitting next to him. He felt a little relieved when he noticed that no one was looking at them. For a moment, he felt like a teenager in love, sitting in the corner of the movie theatre with his lover, unable to stop looking at and thinking about each other.

       As he thought of this, Chen Yuncheng felt a little funny. This love seemed to come too late, but it seemed just right. If it wasn’t for Ning Junyan, perhaps he would never have felt this emotion in his life.

       In between the movie playing, Ning Junyan turned his head and kissed Chen Yuncheng’s hair, then said against his temples, “If you look at me again, let’s leave.”

       Chen Yuncheng was not very interested in this movie, but he felt that Ning Junyan was quite fond of it, so he said, “No, let’s not go, let’s watch it before we leave.”

       Ning Junyan extended his hand and held Chen Yuncheng’s hand, then continued watching the movie.

       After the movie ended, Ning Junyan went to the parking lot to drive.

       Chen Yuncheng booked an express hotel and chose a slightly more expensive room. He felt awkward when he handed in his ID card to open the room, but Ning Junyan looked very calm beside him, with a serious expression as if he was attending some academic conference in the hotel.

       The rooms were in very average condition and could only be considered clean and tidy.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t know whether Ning Junyan disliked it or not, but he guessed that he didn’t dislike it, because after entering the door, Ning Junyan didn’t even look at the whole room, he just raised his hand and locked the door, grabbed Chen Yuncheng’s hand and held it behind his back, pressed him against the wall and kissed him down.

       The coat was easily taken off, and Chen Yuncheng accidentally stepped on it when it fell to the ground. He subconsciously wanted to bend down to pick it up, but Ning Junyan hugged his waist and carried him off the ground. He carried Chen Yuncheng on his shoulder, walked a few steps inside, and threw him on the bed.

       Chen Yuncheng couldn’t be considered light and compact. When he fell on the bed, he felt the mattress sink suddenly, and his whole body was turned upside down on it. Then he saw Ning Junyan standing by the bed, had taken off his jacket, his slender fingers on his neckline, moving patiently and sharply to unbutton his shirt.

       “I’ll take a shower first!” Chen Yuncheng couldn’t help but said.

       Ning Junyan paused slightly in his movements and said unhappily, “Go take shower after you’re done.”

       had just sweated in the cinema, he was a little squirmy, propping himself up to sit up and look at Ning Junyan, “No, shower first.”

       Ning Junyan stopped and looked at him and said in a cold voice, “Go take that shower.”

       Chen Yuncheng got up from the bed, hadn’t forgotten to pick up the coat he had dropped on the floor, and went into the bathroom.

       He locked the door, and didn’t turn on the water to take a shower immediately, but took out the lubricant and condoms he bought from his jacket pocket, stood in front of the large mirror in the bathroom, and shamefully raised his hands to cover his face.

       After a while, Chen Yuncheng came out of the shower, and said to Ning Junyan, “Go take a shower.”

       Ning Junyan was still wearing his shirt, looked up at him, got up and went to the bathroom.

       Chen Yuncheng sat on the big bed. He came out with his clothes on. At this time, he took off his trousers. After hesitating for a while, he didn’t take off his underwear, and he didn’t take off his long T-shirt. He sat and pulled the quilt to cover his legs.

       The room was air-conditioned and the temperature was just right, not too cold and not too hot.

       The sound of water coming from the bathroom stopped after a while.

       As he sat on the bed, Chen Yuncheng felt uneasy. Actually, he could have acted more at ease. He could also have picked up his mobile phone and pretended to play a few games casually, but he didn’t. He was just waiting for Ning Junyan to come out earnestly.

       The bathroom door opened, and Ning Junyan walked out from inside.

       When Chen Yuncheng looked up at him, his breathing stopped slightly, because Ning Junyan was wearing nothing but an open white shirt. He just showed his beautiful male body so frankly, walked all the way to the bed, bent one leg and knelt on the bed.

       Ning Junyan lowered his head and kissed Chen Yuncheng’s lips.

       In order to cooperate with him, Chen Yuncheng tried to raise his head, his neck tensing to highlight the sharp knot in her throat.

       Ning Junyan held Chen Yuncheng’s arms, trying to push him down on the bed.

       Chen Yuncheng stuffed something into his hand at this moment, Ning Junyan looked down and saw that it was lubricant and condoms.

       Although his ears were already red, Chen Yuncheng still said cheekily, “I washed it clean.”

       Ning Junyan rubbed his forehead against Chen Yuncheng’s, his breathing heavy as he asked, “You want me to go in?”

       Chen Yuncheng put his arms around his neck, “Haven’t you always wanted to?”

       Ning Junyan pressed his forehead and looked at him with open eyes, “Is it okay to want to?”

       A smile appeared in Chen Yuncheng’s eyes, “Yes.”

       Ning Junyan was silent for a while, and said, “I want you to wear a collar and have you kneel on the bed while I tug on your collar and enter from behind.”

       Chen Yuncheng choked for a moment, “That is not allowed.”

       Ning Junyan said, “Okay.”

       At this time, Ning Junyan was not as forceful as when he first entered the room. He lay on the bed with Chen Yuncheng in his arms, kissed Chen Yuncheng slowly and gently, and said, “Can we get married?”

       Chen Yuncheng also hugged him back, and raised his head slightly, with a confused expression, “Are you going to get married on the first date?”

       “What are you afraid of?” Ning Junyan pressed his palm against his waist and slowly moved down, asking him at the same time, “Are you afraid that I will leave you one day, or have you been preparing to leave me all along?”

       Chen Yuncheng indulged in Ning Junyan’s gentle movements, and couldn’t help but want to discuss this issue with him, “Then what are you worried about? Even if we don’t rush into marriage and live together, we are still together, and there will always be a day when everyone feels right.” He looked into Ning Junyan’s eyes, “Isn’t the reason I’m here today is to tell you that I love you?”

       Ning Junyan suddenly bit him roughly on the collarbone and said in a cold voice, “Really? I don’t believe it.”

       Chen Yuncheng felt the pain, and stretched out his hand to push him, “Don’t bite, don’t bite.”

       Ning Junyan said, “Not unless you open your legs, hurry up.”

The author has something to say:
I also said it on Weibo yesterday that I decided to reduce the number of words I update each day a little in order to maintain my state of writing

Ning Junyan went from 0 to 100 in a blink of an eye, truly the heart of Haitang’s man and ofc the author decided to do it in this chapter

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