Chapter 15 – I will take responsibility for you, Wanwan.

Chapter 15 – I will take responsibility for you, Wanwan.


Xing Zhongwan tucked in Qi Yun and went back to his room to call Cheng Zhengzhe.


The phone rang for a long time before it was answered. Cheng Zhengzhe was furious on the other end of the phone, “Who do you think you are? Do you know that it’s the middle of the night right now and Laozi has to sleep?”


Xing Zhongwan distanced himself from the phone for a bit, “Seems that you had some good sleep recently, don’t you need to work overtime?”


The voice on the other end immediately became quieter, “Lao Xing, it’s you? Is that so obvious now huh…? Hehe..he.”


“Come on, cut the crap. I remember you said you had a one-night stand with a doctor who was an expert in ophthalmology. Do you have her contact information?”


Cheng Zhengzhe instantly sobered up and sat up from his bed, “When were you interested in blond chicks?”


Xing Zhongwan coldly snorted, “Is it possible to let her come visit?”


Cheng Zhengzhe chuckled lightly, “To let her come visit your home, just how did you think this up?”


Xing Zhongwan said, “Don’t just ‘haha’ at me. Do you know what I’m trying to do?”


Cheng Zhengzhe hugged the pink pillow next to him, “Lao Xing, you care too much about Qi Yun, ah. Going as far as to ask around for a doctor for him. This isn’t your usual style of doing things. Could it be that you swing the other way now?”


Xing Zhongwan was much too eager to throw the phone from his hand, “You’re a transvestite but you’re still a straight man as straight as steel so it’s not Laozi’s turn to become gay. His and my family has some… er, well there are some things I still can’t explain clearly to you. Just do this one task well. Don’t bother about the rest. Hanging up now.”


“Hey, don’t hang up, hey!”


Cheng Zhengzhe still had the phone grasped tightly with a dazed expression. He then quickly called Xue Qing. The deafening music on the other side of the tone made Cheng Zhengzhe almost throw out the pink pillow in his arms.


“What do you want? Laoniang is busy, why did you call?” The woman’s voice on the other end of the phone was very unpleasant. Cheng Zhengzhe increased the volume, “I think you have to go back to China to see Lao Xing. Don’t let him get stuck in the muddy Qi family.” 


There was a sound of high heels clicking and after a while, the sound of music disappeared.


“What do you mean, you sissy! How could Lao Xing have some kind of connection with the Qi family?”


“Anyway, don’t ask too much. Just take some time to fly back and see Lao Xing take the doctor by the way.”


“What doctor?” Xue Qing felt a headache coming.


“It’s not easy for Lao Xing to get out of the mess in the country. We can’t just watch him walk down that old path again.”


Xue Qing’s eyebrows scrunched up. “First tell me, how did he get involved with the Qi family?”


Cheng Zhengzhe took a deep breath,”Laoxing is now doing all the work for Xing Zhongjie by pretending to be her for Qi Yun. “


“What the f/ck!” Xue Qing almost kicked the high heels off her feet, “This is even more impossible than the sun rising from the west. With Xing Zhongwan’s attitude, he’s willing to serve other people? Laoniang can’t wait to see this. Quickly call that doctor, I’ll take some time off to fly back.”


After Zing Zhongwan hung up the phone, he went to take a shower. He changed his clothes and he went back upstairs, feeling refreshed. To tell the truth, he didn’t like cooking very much. The smoke and oil were all really bad for the skin… When he changed his clothes, he realized that the many shopping bags he brought back from last time contained a few sets of clothing for Qi Yun… The allowance given by the Qi family was still spent on Qi Yun.


He went to the third floor and took the clothes out of the shopping bags. “I bought you some clothes. I’ll let you try them. Even if one is lying down, even as an ill person, we must wear presentable clothing so our moods will be good. With a good mood, the body will recover quicker.”


Qi Yun opened his eyes and listened to Xing Zhongwan indifferently as he said a bunch of baffling things.


Xing Zhongwan took out a shirt and decided to let Qi Yun try it on. Qi Yun gave the material a feel, “How much do they give you a month?”


Xing Zhongwan scratched his head and said a figure.


Qi Yun snorted coldly, “With the money they gave you, you won’t be able to afford this shirt.” Xing Zhongwan laughed, his slender eyes became sharp. He couldn’t tell that Qi Yun, just after feeling the material, could guess this.


Yes, the Qi family gave him a lot of money, but compared to Qi Yun’s previous expenses, it was completely incomparable. Xing Zhongwan did spend a lot of his own money. But he doesn’t care. Money is replenishable, after spending it, he can just earn more.


Qi Yun loosened his hand that was holding the shirt, “Open the third drawer of the desk. There is a safe in it. Come here and open your hand for the code.”


Xing Zhongwan opened his hand and Qi Yun wrote a few numbers on the palm of his hand. “There is a stack of bank cards in it. Take out the third one.”


Xing Zhongwan did so, “Got it.”


“There is also a note in it with a row of contact numbers on it. Remember the sixth one.”


Xing Zhongwan memorized it silently, “Anything else?”




Xing Zhongwan closed the safe and walked to Qi Yun’s side.


Qi Yun tilted his head, facing Xing Zhongwan, “Keep this card, you can use it to buy whatever you want in the future. The money the Qi family gave you is not enough.”


Xing Zhongwan just wanted to say, I have money. Plus, how can I use an ill person’s money?


Qi Yun spoke in front of him, “As a girl, you shouldn’t spend money. This is just what I should do.” Qi Yun turned his head away a little in embarrassment after he said it.


Xing Zhongwan was petrified in an instant as he held the card. Girl…what f/cking girl, Laozi… Laozi! Since you’re letting me use this card. I’m going to max it out!


“Call that number. The other person will know what to do. You just need to find a way to get me out of here and take me wherever the other person specifies.”


Xing Zhongwan waved the card in his hand. “Can I ask who the other person is? What if I take you out and something happens to you, won’t the Xing family tear me up?”


Qi Yun touched his faintly aching legs, “It’s someone who can be trusted, but it can’t be known to anyone in this house.”


Xing Zhongwan nodded, he is not nosy. Since Qi Yun said so, it should be no problem. After all, Xing Zhengping would not be so obedient about moving his mother back.


“You haven’t told me yet, what did Xing Zhengping promise you? Do you have some leverage in the situation?”


Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help rolling his eyes to the sky. That stubbornness still hasn’t gone yet.


“I already told you…”


“Don’t use being my fiancee as an excuse. I have long disowned the Xing family a long time ago. Even if my mother was involved with Xing Zhengping, it would be useless even if I persisted.”


F/ck. Qi Yun, what do you want me to say? To tell you that I’m the dumb boy who was thrown away by you back then for saying I wanted to make you my wife, that I was here to specifically thank you on behalf of my mother…


I’ll even make the hairs on my own body stand if I said that.


Xing Zhongwan didn’t speak for a long time so Qi Yun couldn’t help but also back off. Wanwan was not an ordinary person. He can’t keep pushing her, it’ll only scare her…


“You…I only just wanted to protect you.”


Xing Zhongwan pondered. You should protect yourself first, still thinking of protecting me? Then after thinking a bit more, he realized this person didn’t mean any ill will. I thought too much and became narrow-minded.


“It has something to do with my mother, but I can handle it. Don’t think so much.”


Xing Zhongwan said vaguely.


Qi Yun didn’t ask anymore. Xing Zhongwan obviously didn’t want him to know too much. His heart felt inexplicably uncomfortable.


“It’s okay if you don’t say it now, we will live together in the future, and I will know sooner or later.”


Which one says we want to live with you all the time?


Xing Zhongwan almost threw the card out of his hand. Is it not enough now? He still wants to enslave me for eternity.


“After all, you have stayed by my side and taken care of me. You won’t find anyone else good in the future, so I’ll marry you.”


Qi Yun’s ears were red and Xing Zhongwan’s face turned pale.


“I will take responsibility for you, Wanwan.”


Pa-ta, the card in Xing Zhongwan’s hand fell to the ground…


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