Chapter 14 – Let you become the honorable young madam Qi


Xing Zhongwan didn’t know at this time that when he was just making a joke, there was someone that took it seriously.


I feel satisfied after looking at the trimmed up hair. The craftsmanship he used to trim his mother’s hair with back then was not forgotten. If you ignore the bald spot on the left side of the forehead, it is still not bad, but Qi Yun can’t see it, so who cares.


Xing Zhongwan cleaned up and decided to push Qi Yun back inside, it was also time to eat lunch. Qi Yun raised his hand and touched his own head. The shoulder-length hair that was disheveled had been cut short. Seeing that Qi Yun’s hand was about to move to touch the bald spot, Xing Zhongwan quickly took Qi Yun’s hand, “Come on, let’s go to eat.”


Qi Yun was visibly stunned but held it back. Xing Zhongwan looked at their held hands in surprise. What the f/ck, as two grown men, what is this… a chill passed down his spine.


Xing Zhongwan pulled his hand away and Qi Yun didn’t say anything. Wanwan’s hands were quite big with very slender fingers. For a girl to have hands like this was… quite rare… 


Xing Zhongwan coughed awkwardly and pushed Qi Yun’s wheelchair while walking back.


“You are good at taking care of others.” Qi Yun said suddenly. Xing Zhongwan’s heart was full of mixed feelings. Brother, did you think I was willing? Apart from my mother, there’s no one else I’ve treated as well as I did her, apart from you that is. After finishing my mother’s affairs, Laozi will quickly leave.


Thinking like this in his heart, Xing Zhongwan’s mouth became playful and crass.


“Who made you become my fiance? If I don’t take care of you, then who will.” After speaking, he couldn’t help but get goosebumps. Xing Zhongwan, is it really appropriate for you to harass a sick person like this?


But Qi Yun used to be pretty disgusting too, and nothing wrong with telling a few jokes.


As expected, Qi Yun stopped talking and Xing Zhongwan thought he had successfully disgusted him. Who would think that Qi Yun didn’t think that way, and thought that it was already good enough for someone to accompany him.


At lunch time, Xing Zhongwan asked Qi Yun if he was unwell and whether he wanted to eat upstairs or in the dining room. Qi Yun shook his head, meaning that he didn’t want to go back upstairs.


Xing Zhongwan asked the housekeeper to bring out the meal and pushed Qi Yun to the table. The maids around all bowed their heads and dared not speak. Qi Yun was used to lying down so he didn’t feel it, but now that he’s sitting in a wheelchair, although he was so thin and unable to see, this still made them all feel frightened. Although the person in the wheelchair couldn’t see with his eyes, he had a strong presence. It was unimaginable to think of what he would be like if he really got better in the future.


Xing Zhongwan placed the chopsticks into Qi Yun’s hand, “Do you have any strength? Can you pick it up?” Qi Yun stiffly grasped the chopsticks, his fingers were very inflexible. Xing Zhongwan used his own chopsticks to place some greens in his bowl. “You have some vegetables in your bowl, try to pick them up.” 


Qi Yun did so, and it took a long time to muster up the strength to pick up the greens. The hand holding onto the chopsticks was trembling and he was about to put it into his mouth when they landed on his blanket-covered lap. Everyone around took a deep breath but none of them dared to speak. Xing Zhongwan naturally took the vegetables that fell on the blanket and grabbed Qi Yun’s frozen hand. “That’s normal, let’s try again. It’s alright.”


Qi Yun expressionlessly held his chopsticks again, trying to pick up the vegetables in the bowl. The old housekeeper on one side almost couldn’t catch her breath, but surprisingly Qi Yun was not angry and even obediently did it again. The old housekeeper couldn’t help but begin to reevaluate Xing Zhongwan who was sitting next to Qi Yun. Since this man came, the third young master Qi seemed to be faintly changing in some places.


Originally, the old housekeeper didn’t take this person too seriously, but when she knew more about the real person, the old housekeeper was more scornful. The Xing family really made a wishful calculation and sent a man over to pretend to be Xing Zhongjie. It was so daring. Since the missus on the other side didn’t say anything, she also joined in on the act, calling this ‘Miss Xing’, Miss Xing. He was supposed to be an insignificant person. Unexpectedly, he was a little fox hiding in the dark, and very perceptive. It seemed that she had to report to the missus. The third young master Qi’s and attitude towards this man was also beginning to change.


After trying several times, Qi Yun finally put the greens into his mouth. Xing Zhongwan was happy and clapped his hands. “I knew you could do it, look… your chopsticks are able to grasp the vegetables.”


Qi Yun was amused at Xing Zhongwan’s way of exaggerated praise that one would usually give to a child. Although his face was still expressionless, he thought this kind of Wanwan was a little cute. He tried to hold something else using the chopsticks and it went smoother this time. The moment Qi Yun placed it in his mouth and ate it, warmth flowed through Qi Yun’s heart, and this warmth came from the woman sitting next to him.


Xing Zhongwan looked at Qi Yun with a smile, and the maids on the side looked on with shock. It’s too beautiful. He used to have such a fierce and sullen look, but after smiling a little, even the flowers in the room were about to thank them for the dazzling sight.


Qi Yun put down the chopsticks to eat a few bites, Xing Zhongwan asked, “Eat more? No way, are you finished eating?”


Qi Yun faintly said something, “It tastes bad.”


After hearing him say that it tasted bad, the knees of the maid responsible for the cooking went soft. Qi Yun’s voice hasn’t recovered. The hoarse and low sound was indeed unpleasant to hear but the man sitting down with his dull eyes and his suppressive presence was the former third young master Qi could make others shiver with just one glance.


“I’ll…go and remake it..!” 


The words came out choppy.


Qi Yun didn’t seem to hear it and turned his face to Xing Zhongwan. “It’s not as delicious as what you made.”


Xing Zhongwan resignedly put down his chopsticks. Yes, he wanted to eat my cooking. It was his fault that he made him crave for his food, and he could only blame himself for this.


He got up and went into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and took a look before choosing a few digestible dishes and put them in the sink, turned around and asked Qi Yun, “It’ll take half an hour. If you’re tired, I will carry you up first.”


Qi Yun said. “No.”


Xing Zhongwan didn’t give up. “There will be a smell of oil and smoke.”


“It doesn’t matter.”


Xing Zhongwan turned his head helplessly. Was it all in his head but, don’t you think Qi Yun was being a bit clingy like this…


“All of you, leave.” Qi Yun looked to the front, the breathing of the people around him made him feel uncomfortable.


“Third young master Qi, I’ll wait at the side,” the old housekeeper carefully took a step forward. Qi Yun picked up the bowl at the table and threw it in the direction of her sound. The beautiful bowl shattered with a crisp sound at the feet of the old housekeeper.


Someone was already shaking, and the old housekeeper bowed down. Her face was pale.


“I’m not dead yet, it’s not your turn yet to call the shots here!” The old housekeeper took a few steps back, said yes, turned and left. She couldn’t help wiping a handful of sweat from her forehead before leaving.


Several maids rushed out in fright and it was finally quiet and peaceful. Qi Yun closed his eyes, he heard the sound of sizzling vegetable oil in a pan through his ears and felt a little better.


Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help but stick his head out, “Why are you looking for trouble with an old lady? Although she did neglect you before, she was also just a pawn. What’s the point of frightening her? What if something bad happens? Can you find someone else to replace her that’ll be more worry-free than her?”


Qi Yun didn’t reply for a long time and Xing Zhongwan set the vegetables out in front of Qi Yun, “I will warm up some soup, it will be ready soon.”


“She is one of my mother’s people and almost watched me grow up. It’s not that she didn’t treat me well. After I became crippled, she changed. All the good things in the past disappeared with it. Even if she was instructed to be here by my mother, she is still a little sincere, she will not stand by idly just to watch me rot in bed.”


Xing Zhongwan threw the tomato into the pot, “Have you not seen enough greedy people who want to have it both ways?


Qi Yun froze for a moment, and the corner of his mouth curled, “You are not one of them.”


Xing Zhongwan laughed out loud, “Don’t be so arbitrary, be careful that I might’ve poisoned the soup.”


Qi Yun’s meal went very slowly. There was a lot of soup ladled out, and Xing Zhongwan was not in a hurry. He was telling jokes on his own. Qi Yun didn’t speak for a long while, but he was in a good mood.


After he finished drinking a small bowl of soup, Xing Zhongwan stuffed a small towel into Qi Yun’s hand.


Qi Yun wiped his mouth stiffly, and Xing Zhongwan looked at his chin with a sigh. The people who came out of the Qi family were different. Even if they were blind and paralyzed, they were different from others, and they also wiped their mouths differently. What Qi Yun just did even looked better than what ordinary people would do.


Qi Yun slowly placed the small towel in his hand back on the dining table, “The food is delicious, you’ve learned to cook before?”


Xing Zhongwan leaned back in his chair. He didn’t deliberately learn to do it, and it was all for his mother. He and his mother depended on each other, so of course, he had to give her the best and make her the most comfortable. Who made him so smart that he could pick up everything quickly.


“Are you complimenting me?” Xing Zhongwan raised his brows and looked at Qi Yun’s expressionless face. Qi Yun nodded unexpectedly


The tease that Xing Zhongwan wanted to make suddenly couldn’t come out of his lips.


“I’ll carry you upstairs, you sat for too long today.”


Xing Zhongwan squatted down in front of Qi Yun. With a pair of thin hands around his shoulders, Xing Zhongwan carried the person on his back and walked steadily.


Xing Zhongwan’s hair touched Qi Yun’s nose and a scent of pine wood lingered in his nose.


“You still have sensation in your legs. It’s not hopeless if you want to stand up. Do you want to try rehabilitation or find a doctor you trust to make a diagnosis?”


Xing Zhongwan carried Qi Yun on his back to the second floor. In fact, this idea wasn’t just one that was hanging in the air. Even if Qi Yun’s legs could not be restored to how they were before, it was good enough if he could stand.


The man on his back did not respond for a long time, and Xing Zhongwan won’t say any more if the other was unwilling.


When he arrived in the room on the third floor, Xing Zhongwan put Qi Yun on the bed and covered the quilt. The handrail guards of the toilet have been installed. Xing Zhongwan went in and looked around and was very satisfied.


When he walked to Qi Yun’s bed, he found his face facing him.


“You have something to say?”


Qi Yun’s Adam’s apple moved, “Do you want me to stand up?”


Xing Zhongwan was asked this. The question was a bit weird, did it matter if I wished it or not? Xing Zhongwan, who had long forgotten his own teasing of others, looked at him puzzledly.

Xing Zhongwan was silent and Qi Yun was a little uncomfortable. Don’t look away. I will realize your wish and let you become the honorable young madam Qi…


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