This Sly Dragon’s Getting a Little Too Close For Comfort Prologue

*Contains smut



“Master…” a voice called out. It sounded like someone in pain, but he was too far away to actually know if that was the case. Right now, he was comfortably floating somewhere. He felt light, like he was in a safe place, away from everything else. 


Nothing to complain about, apart from the strange feeling in his lower regions. But even that felt far away right now. Was someone there? 


He didn’t have to wonder for long. As he was about to drift back to that comfortable floating place again, a particularly rough thrust forced him back to his senses. 


“Ah..!?” His eyes snapped open in reflex to get a better sense of what was happening, but he couldn’t immediately see what was right in front of him. Not only were his eyes filled with tears, they were also still re-adjusting to the blinding light coming in from the curtains.


“Master’s so sloppy…” the voice hummed out, nuzzling his face against Zhennan’s before licking the trail of drool leaking from the corner of his mouth. 


Says the one who’s responsible for turning him into the said sloppy mess in the first place!


At that moment, some semblance of clarity returned to Zhennan as the other’s ministrations suddenly sped up. He could feel it churning up his insides and almost regretted regaining his consciousness so soon. 


“Huahua is… sorry to master… but won’t master… bear with it… a bit more?”


Looking up at the unrepentant rascal who he had raised for the last 100 years, he couldn’t help but feel a little wronged. 


It wasn’t that he didn’t feel good, but… hadn’t they been at it for a few days already?!


“Huahua, be good and … let’s ah… rest for a bit?” He had to put quite some effort into making sure his words didn’t come out as punched out moans instead.


However, instead of being the good, obedient boy that he’s always been, Huahua only kept working on his sweet spots. 


“Mm… just a bit more, master. Be a good mate for Huahua.”


Huahua gave him a chaste kiss before one of his two hands that were previously holding down Zhennan’s wrists started reaching out towards Zhennan’s belly. With his remaining eye (the other had been gouged out in an incident), he looked straight into Zhennan’s eyes with an intense fervor. 


Zhennan felt like he was about to be swallowed whole and eaten up, but before he could stop the stupid dragon from casting the marking spell again, a newfound desire seeped into him. It made him want to comply with the dragon’s request of being a good mate for him. It made him want to be stirred up by Huahua and completely ruined by him. 


This sly dragon…!


He knew it was the work of the Heart’s Desire ability that had the power to alter a subject’s state of mind and desires after they look into the eyes of the spell user, but as both of the dragon’s p/nises began growing larger and swelling inside him, he felt it more and more difficult to want to ask Huahua to take it out too.


“Does master… feel good too?” He asked as traced his fingers somewhere slightly above Zhennan’s pubic bone. He was drawing a claiming mark.




Zhennan did not want to reply, because what the f/ck is he supposed to say in this situation? If he says yes, it’s embarrassing and if he said no, he would be lying.


His silence however, only made Huahua worried that the effect of the spell he cast might’ve been too strong. 


“Master?” Huahua frowned and stopped moving inside him.


“?” For a second, the lack of movement felt unbearable to Zhennan as well. It must’ve been the work of the claiming mark that caused the host to feel the same sensations as the caster. 


It was originally intended as a spell to keep slaves from inflicting damage on it’s owner, and any damage caused by the slave was also supposed to cause splash-back damage. But who knew this crafty dragon would go modify the spell and use it in moments like these? (Though, Huahua only thought that his master wasn’t enjoying it so he decided to share what he was feeling with his master so they could both feel good together.)


“Does it feel good?” Huahua asked, as he finished drawing the claiming mark.


Zhennan felt so hot he could spill anytime soon. He could feel what Huahua felt, and how warm and soft he was wrapped around both his p/nises. At this moment, he finally understood how the other felt. What he now couldn’t understand was how this stupid dragon’s self-control was so great. Right now, it really felt like Huahua really did go easy on him these past few days. If it were him, he would’ve gone crazy already, moving at such a slow pace and being this gentle. 


Thinking about Huahua’s gentleness made his p/ssy and assh/le twitch. Clenching and unclenching around the now unmoving rods inside, he grew wetter and hotter imagining Huahua being rough with him.


Meanwhile, Huahua wrapped his arms around Zhennan’s body and pulled him up so that he was now sitting on both those annoyingly enormous dragon p/nises. They shifted slightly deeper inside him. One was pressing against the entrance of his womb even.


“…!?… t-too deep…”


Huahua smiled, “you’re finally properly responding, master,” before he started licking at his face.


Ah? Were there tears rolling down his face? When did he start crying?


“It feels good for master too, huh?” Huahua looked down between both their bodies before continuing, “master’s always been weak to pleasure…”


Zhennan followed Huahua’s line-of-sight, only to quickly avert his eyes again. Just when did he cum again?! Huahua’s chest was painted in white. Not to mention, his own p/nis which was covered in its own splutter again. He knew it wasn’t from previous rounds because Huahua always took extra care to wipe clean his body every time it became soiled with various fluids.


Despite just climaxing, Zhennan wanted more. It was not that he didn’t feel over-sensitive, but there was a part of him that still felt unsatisfied. It must be due to the claiming mark that he felt that way, and because of that, he felt that Huahua was a little pitiful. 


As Huahua was about to reach out towards the windowsill to grab a piece of silk cloth to wipe him off, Zhennan placed his arms around the dragon’s neck for leverage before lifting hips, slowly letting both the dragon p/nises slide out of himself before thrusting them both back deep inside him. Huahua was shocked and grasped Zhennan’s waist with both hands to support him.


“… let go…” Zhennan whispered.


Huahua seemed confused, “master, you shouldn’t-”


“Why won’t you m-move faster?” Zhennan continued shaking his hips to chase some delicious friction between them, “it’s not like… ah… I’ll break if you’re a little mmph… rougher…”


Seeing his mate so lewd, it is only natural as a pureblooded dragon that he desired to give his mate what he asked for. He had initially suppressed his darker desires to tear down all his mate’s inhibitions and make him lose himself in pleasure, but seems like he won’t have to go to extreme lengths to make his mate want such things after his master himself asked so prettily like this.


“Apologies in advance, master…” Huahua breathed out. Before Zhennan could realize what he meant, the grip on his waist tightened just a little before they lifted his entire body, and then slammed the two rods back inside him.


“Ahh..! Fwah…! Hha!” Zhennan really wanted to eat his words, but he also didn’t want Huahua to hold back for his sake either. 


As the base of both his p/enises swelled, he started mercilessly dragging the knot in and out of both of Zhennan’s holes, f/king them loose. The wet squelching noises of their obscene love-making got louder and louder as the slapping sound of skin-on-skin echoed across the room.


“Fweels good… don’t stwop..” Zhennan moaned into his ear before Huahua’s bit down on his shoulder. “Rwight there… gonna cum..”


He was so close, and he could feel that Huahua was reaching his limit too…


The mark of claim on his belly pulsed twice, in sync with when both of them came together.


He could feel Huahua filling his insides with warmth, it was so much that some was starting to leak out from where they were connected too. But he was too tired to care, in fact, he was starting to drift off once again. Huahua shifted their bodies so he was more comfortable, but even then, the dragon still refused to pull out, only slowly patting his master’s back gently, as if to comfort him.


“…take it out…” Zhennan muttered with the last of his energy.


He could feel Huahua frown slightly even without looking, “sorry master, can’t. Knot.”


Zhennan wanted to cry. The stupid dragon had cum inside and even knotted him. What if he got pregnant? He could still feel his stomach continue to bloat as his seed continued spilling inside him.


Perhaps Huahua too could feel his mate’s distress, so he only lifted Zhennan’s face slightly so he could look into his eyes as he pat his hair.


“Shh… it’ll be over soon, master…”


“Uwa… more…” And that was the last thing Zhennan remembers seeing. Those ruby-red jewels, before his consciousness faded to black again.


A/N: Heyo! Welcome to my original series that I wrote, hope you enjoy it as much as I do. This is supposed to be my speed-writing practice, and hopefully it won’t go over 20 chapters and will be finished by the end of March or Feb if I’m optimistic. Also, please leave a like and comment, I really appreciate it. It would be awesome if you could share your thoughts and constructive criticism with me too as I would like to improve!

I thought some steamy smut to start off would be good, hehe. I hope you’ll stick around for the story that is to come though, if you like dragons like I do, there’s plenty of fluff and dragon-rearing to come ^^ Of course, the story between Zhennan and Huahua hasn’t really occurred yet, this is just a a preview of what’s to come 😀


  1. Raratata

    Is there going to be mpreg? (ФωФ)
    Man this chapter was hawtttt, can’t wait for this novel to pile up in chapters before I binge it (>.<)y-~

  2. lin

    Huahua is such a considerate mate…such a tasty first chapter! How convenient that Huahua has the tools to totally fill his master up…

    • hoenibean

      To totally fill his master up, you say?
      Hehehe, well of course, they’re made for one another after all~

      I’m glad you like it :3
      There’ll be more yummy H scenes in the future posted haphazardly between the main story chapters, even if they are counted as ‘extras’ and happen after the couple gets together, I promise!

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