Chapter 8

       Xi Feng’s legs are long and he is fast. He ran over in two steps and saw the old lady still chasing He Yunsheng, and quickly grabbed her by the arm and pulled her aside. Because Xi Feng used too much strength, the old woman’s legs were unsteady and she nearly fell again, and she kept cursing, “Shameless!”

       He Yunsheng did not respond, he just suddenly squatted down, reaching out and picking up something on the ground.

       Xi Feng looked over and discovered that He Yunsheng’s glasses had been knocked out just now. Not only his glasses were knocked out, when they were pulling and tugging, no one knew who stepped on it, but now the lens has broken.

       He Yunsheng sighed silently.

       But after the old lady cursed him for being shameless, she seemed to be exhausted. She started crying again, covering her face, and said, “Go and see him, tell him clearly to give up.”

       He Yunsheng’s face slowly became red and swollen. He held the broken glasses in his hand, and calmly said to the old lady, “I have made it clear to him, and we haven’t been in contact for the past three years. So there’s no point for you to look for me.”

  The old lady burst into tears. If it weren’t for Xi Feng’s support, she would have slipped and fell to the ground. She said, “He won’t listen to anyone, just go and talk to him. If you hadn’t seduced him in the first place, he wouldn’t be in this state now.”

       Xi Feng saw He Yunsheng’s face turned unsightly. He wanted to say something but found himself unable to intervened because he knew nothing about He Yunsheng’s past, and he wasn’t even sure what they were arguing about.

       He Yunsheng finally persuaded sincerely, “You should go. If you let me meet with him now, there is no guarantee that things will not develop in the worst way.”

       The old lady was stunned, it’s unclear what she recalled, but she was lost in thought for a long time. She pushed Xi Feng away and turned and left slowly.

       At first, Xi Feng felt that the old woman’s action against He Yunsheng was too despicable, but now he felt pity when he saw her staggering at an old age, so he couldn’t help but go after her and ask, “Are you okay?”

       The old lady didn’t say anything and pushed him away with force to continue walking forward.

   Xi Feng looked at her back, couldn’t help but looked back at He Yunsheng, and asked, “Is it okay for her to leave like this?”

       He Yunsheng also looked at her back, closed his eyes and said, “There’s nothing I can do.”

       There was nothing he could do. Their lives are tied in an intractable situation, and even if they spend their entire lives, they wouldn’t be able to find a solution.

       Xi Feng watched He Yunsheng still clutching his broken glasses, and asked, “Are you okay? Can you still drive?”

       He Yunsheng seemed to come back to his senses. He squeezed the frame with his fingers, raised his head and said to Xi Feng, “Can I trouble you to drop me off at noon to pick up a file? I have an appointment with a client.”

       Xi Feng was taken aback, and said quickly, “Oh, no problem.”

       When they were arguing before, the company’s colleagues were all watching from a distance. But now that they saw He Yunsheng and Xi Feng got into the car, they dispersed.

       Xi Feng pulled open the driver’s seat and sat in. He then saw two female colleagues passing by their car arm in arm. They smiled and glanced back at him, suddenly feeling embarrassed.

       He Yunsheng got on the passenger’s seat, rubbed his eyes tiredly, turned his head and said to Xi Feng, “Do you want to adjust the seat position?”

       Xi Feng had long legs. He was curled up in the driver’s seat, looking a little bit cramped. But at this time, Xi Feng’s attention was on the two female colleagues, and he did not hear He Yunsheng’s words.

       He Yunsheng then leaned over to help him pull the adjustment lever under the driver’s seat.

       Xi Feng suddenly saw He Yunsheng bury his head against his legs. He was startled and ducked to the side.

       He Yunsheng paused for a while, but in the end he continued to move and pulled the adjustment lever to help Xi Feng move the seat back for a while.

       “Don’t worry,” He Yunsheng sat up straight and said, “I don’t have AIDS, and I don’t think of you that way.”

       Xi Feng’s entire body was pressed against the car door. He could only feel that his heart was beating wildly, and his attention was still focused on the He Yunsheng sudden approach just now. He saw a part of He Yunsheng’s white neck, and even smelled a faint smell, not knowing whether it was shower gel or perfume. When he finally reacted, He Yunsheng had finished speaking for a while, and Xi Feng could only say awkwardly, “I didn’t mean that.”

       He Yunsheng leaned his head back on the back of the chair. His nearsighted eyes were deprived of glasses all of a sudden and it became a little out of focus. He squinted his eyes slightly to get used to the blur in front of him, and said, “Anyway, thank you.”

       There have been many unpleasant experiences between him and Xi Feng, but like what happened just now, when everyone shunned him, only Xi Feng stood up to help him.

       Xi Feng was silent for a moment and asked him, “Where are you going?”

       Xi Feng started the car, and he slowly drove forward. He has been holding his driver’s license for a long time, but he has not driven much, so he appears to be extra cautious.

       He Yunsheng looked tired, and sat next to him without saying a word.

       Xi Feng focused on driving and didn’t dare to be distracted.

  After arriving at the destination, He Yunsheng got out of the car to get the document. Xi Feng parked the car in the parking lot on the roadside and waited for him. After a while, he saw He Yunsheng coming out of the building next to him, squinting slightly and looking around, so he honked the horn.

       He Yunsheng followed the sound, and stood beside the car door and said to him: “Let’s eat first, and then go back eating.”

       “Oh, okay,” Hearing He Yunsheng’s suggestion, Xi Feng agreed without hesitation.

       After Xi Feng got out of the car, the two of them walked along the side of the road. Before walking to the restaurant, He Yunsheng saw an optical shop, so he went in and got a new pair of glasses, and then came out to get back after the meal.

       Later, they could only find a western restaurant nearby. They went in and sat down. He Yunsheng said, “I’ll treat you as a thanks for accompanying me on this trip..”

       When Xi Feng heard the words, he said quickly, “It doesn’t matter, I’ll pay.”

       He Yunsheng didn’t have the strength to argue with him, and only said, “Let’s put the matter aside after eating.”

       While waiting for the meal, Xi Feng looked at He Yunsheng on the opposite side, and finally couldn’t help but ask, “What was that just now…?”

       He Yunsheng didn’t want to answer, “It’s nothing.”

  Xi Feng grabbed the phone, turned the screen on for a while, then locked it again. After turning over and over, he couldn’t help saying, “I won’t tell anyone. In fact I thought about it for quite a while afterwards, and I think I can understand it.”

       He Yunsheng looked at him, “Understand about what?”

       Xi Feng said quickly, “Understand about people like you…”

       As a result, He Yunsheng let out a laugh that sounded like a sneer, “People like us, huh.”

       Xi Feng was embarrassed again, his mouth moved and said nothing.

       He Yunsheng took a deep breath and said, “That was my ex-boyfriend’s mother just now.”

       Xi Feng had already guessed it in his heart, but at this time his attention was a little off, he asked He Yunsheng, “You have an ex-boyfriend?”

       He Yunsheng felt a little funny, “If I don’t have an ex-boyfriend, how do you guys know that I am gay?”

       Xi Feng didn’t actually mean that. He just suddenly thought: Then did He Yunsheng have sex with his ex-boyfriend? How did he do it?

       Perhaps He Yunsheng has suppressed the thoughts for a long time. He raised his hand and wiped his face, “We have been together since college and have experienced a lot of things. But three years ago he planned to get married, we broke up at that time.”

       Although he said the words very simply now, but at that time, the two people had a big fight.

       He Yunsheng’s ex-boyfriend’s name is Xu Fengjie. He was a senior at his university, a grade higher than him. At that time, Xu Fengjie took the initiative to pursue He Yunsheng, and it took almost a year for the two to get together. Xu Fengjie treats him very well, and He Yunsheng also likes him very much. In the years they have been together, they rarely even quarreled.

       Then when Xu Fengjie was in his early thirties, he was unable to bear the pressure of the family, and he dated a woman he met on a blind date.

       He didn’t tell He Yunsheng about the woman at the beginning, even until they were talking about marriage and getting married. He Yunsheng only knew about it from others.

       He Yunsheng was disgusted at the time. He packed his things and moved out of the house they bought together. He didn’t expect Xu Fengjie wanted to continue to maintain a relationship with He Yunsheng while planning to get married.

       It was later at the time when Xu Fengjie pestered He Yunsheng on the street that he was seen by others. After he was seen by other colleagues, the fact that He Yunsheng is gay was spread throughout the company.

       “Is he married?” Xi Feng asked, wondering in his heart why his mother would come to pester He Yunsheng when that man was already married.

       He Yunsheng nodded, took a sip of lemonade on the table, “He was married, and divorced three years later.”

       Xi Feng was stunned, and asked incomprehensibly, “What does his mother mean by looking for you?”

       He Yunsheng held the water glass in silence for a while, then slowly said, “He attempted to commit suicide due to depression. He said he wanted to see me, so his mother hoped that I could meet him and told him that there’s no possibility for us two in the future.”

       Xi Feng suddenly felt heavy. He didn’t understand why, but he felt quite uncomfortable. He stared at He Yunsheng for a long time and said, “Don’t go…”

       He Yunsheng said, “I didn’t plan to go, and breaking up means everything is over. From now on, his life has nothing to do with me.”

       Xi Feng didn’t want He Yunsheng to see his ex-boyfriend, but he didn’t know why he thought that way. It was as if he was worried that He Yunsheng would feel weak when he went to see him, and then they would get back together. After all, the man has been divorced, and He Yunsheng was still alone, right?

       As he thought of this, Xi Feng couldn’t restrain his curiosity, and asked, “What about your family? Can they accept it?”

       He Yunsheng said in a calm tone, “My father has passed away, and my mother remarried when I was very young. Now she has her own family.”

       Xi Feng said in a low voice, “I’m sorry.”

  He Yunsheng smiled, “It’s fine. You made the right decision to stay away from me. The feeling of being looked at by everyone with strange eyes is really uncomfortable. I’ve been holding back these words for a long time, and I haven’t found anyone to talk about those things. I feel a little more comfortable saying those out loud. “

       Xi Feng lowered his head, crossed his fingers and rubbed his thumb uncomfortably.

       The waiter brought the meal they ordered.

       He Yunsheng said, “Let’s eat, we should go back after eating.”

       After eating, Xi Feng rushed to pay the bills, so He Yunsheng did not insist.

       They went to pick up He Yunsheng’s glasses on the way back, and when they returned, He Yunsheng was the one who drove instead.

       Xi Feng sat in the passenger seat and kept secretly observing He Yunsheng’s from the corner of his eyes until his mobile phone rang. The call came from Xu Qing, and Xi Feng suddenly didn’t want to answer it. But the phone kept ringing. He Yunsheng glanced at him and said, “Why don’t you answer it?”

       So Xi Feng answered the phone, and Xu Qing asked him if he had eaten lunch. He said, “I went out with my boss for an official business.”

       Xu Qing complained, “You are still being exploited during the lunch break?”

       Xi Feng could only laugh dryly and said, “I’ll tell you when I come back.” Then he hung up the phone.

       He thought He Yunsheng would ask him something, but He Yunsheng didn’t ask anything. He just drove the car quietly until he went back to the company’s underground parking lot. He Yunsheng parked the car and turned his head, and said to Xi Feng again, “Thank you.”

       Xi Feng always felt that the relationship between him and He Yunsheng would change after this time, but in the end it seemed like nothing had changed.

       Of course, He Yunsheng doesn’t look at him coldly when he meets him occasionally in the company, but at most he just nods to him.

       As the time passed, no one mentioned the rumours about him and He Yunsheng again, plus Xi Feng already has a girlfriend. It was just a joke to begin with, and no one really thought Xi Feng was a homosexual.

       Everyone is gradually forgetting this matter, even He Yunsheng seems to have forgotten about the matter. The only person who still cares about it is Xi Feng.

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