In the afternoon, when Xi Feng went to see He Yunsheng, he also brought two bags of cold medicine. Of course, the cold medicine was not his, but he asked for it from a female colleague in the office.

       The female colleague asked him if he had a cold, but Xi Feng just hummed and didn’t answer.

       At this time, it was the time for the finance department closing period. When Xi Feng entered the large office, he saw that everyone was immersed in work, and no one noticed him.

       This was a good thing for him. The last thing he wanted was to let everyone know that he was looking for He Yunsheng.

       He took a deep breath, thinking that although He Yunsheng had some problems, he shouldn’t discriminate against him, but at the same time he was afraid that he would be treated as the same kind of person as He Yunsheng, so he was struggling internally.

       He Yunsheng is in his small office.

       Xi Feng knocked on the door.

       He Yunsheng thought it was his subordinate, and said without looking up, “Come in.”

       Xi Feng walked in and saw that He Yunsheng did not realize that it was him, so he put the cold medicines on his desk, and at the same time asked, “Is your cold better?”

       He Yunsheng looked up in astonishment, his eyes under the lens showed some surprise, “Why are you here?”

  Xi Feng stood next to his desk with his hands in his pockets. His tall figure blocked the light, giving a sense of oppression. He glanced at He Yunsheng’s computer screen and said, “I hope you don’t catch a cold, I came here to see you.”

  He Yunsheng was a little puzzled, but he said politely, “Thank you.”

  Then the conversation ended.

  Xi Feng noticed some discomfort at this time, but he didn’t say anything and continued to say, “You seemed busy, huh?”

  He Yunsheng responded, “Yes.”

  At this time, someone hurriedly knocked on the door outside, yelling, “Manager!”

  He Yunsheng raised his head and replied, “Please come in.”

  It was an employee from the finance department who opened the door and came in. At first, he was surprised when he saw Xi Feng standing inside, but he didn’t care about what he was doing because of the work at hand, and he hurried to He Yunsheng and told him that there was a problem with the report.

  He Yunsheng then took the report and looked at it, without paying attention to Xi Feng.

  Xi Feng really felt embarrassed at this time, he reluctantly smiled and said, “Then I will go first.”

  The two people in the office didn’t bother to answer him.

  Xi Feng left unhappily.

  Only when he left the office did He Yunsheng raise his head to look at his back, then lowered his head to continue analyzing the reports with the staff.

  When he left the finance department’s big office and walked down the corridor, Xi Feng still couldn’t get rid of that almost melancholy mood.

  He didn’t know what was going on with him, but even when he first met He Yunsheng and was not close with him, He Yunsheng had not been so indifferent to him.

  Xi Feng’s head was in a mess, he found that he could not figure out what He Yunsheng was thinking. At the same time, he was a little at a loss to find out that he didn’t know what he wanted to do to He Yunsheng.

  Does he want to go back to how it used to be? It’s almost impossible, right? He was the one who wanted to end their relation in the first place.

  He felt a little dull in his heart, as if there’s some pressure that’s making him hard to breathe.

  Before leaving work in the afternoon, Xu Qing texted Xi Feng and asked him if he would like to have dinner together at night.

  Xi Feng stared at the phone screen for a while and did not refuse.

  Although it was an invitation to test him by the other party, Xi Feng’s choice to accept it meant that the relationship between the two should continue to develop.

  From that day on, the two began dating.

  He didn’t dare to boast around, because he is afraid to let other people in the company know. So they exchange text messages before work, to pack together for a meal, go shopping, and watch movies after work.

  Xi Feng doesn’t like Xu Qing, but he thinks that feelings of love can be cultivated. As long as two people get along for a long time, they will always gradually become intimate.

  But in the past one or two months, Xi Feng has never come out of his absent-minded state.

  They are still going somewhat strong at the beginning, but after a long time, being with Xu Qing every day feels like completing a task; eating meals that he didn’t want to eat, watching movies that he didn’t want to watch, but because of their relationship, he couldn’t easily refuse.

  Xi Feng felt that he was under a bit of pressure.

  So two months later, after hearing the news of his grandmother’s poor health, Xi Feng resolutely took his annual leave and planned to go back to his hometown.

  Xu Qing was taken aback when she found out Xi Feng was asking for a leave suddenly, and said, “I was going to take time off to hang out with you.”

  Xi Feng hastily apologized, “My family suddenly called me that my grandmother is sick and wants to see me, so I have to go back.”

  At this point, Xu Qing can’t say anything more. She can only compromise, “Then once you go back, we’ll see where we can go on the National Day.*”

  Xi Feng responded with a smile, “Okay.”

  After that, he drove back to his hometown. On the way, Xi Feng kept thinking about his relationship with Xu Qing. If being together does not make you feel happy but only pressure, then shouldn’t he end it as soon as possible for the sake of them both?

  But after going around for so long, the people he likes don’t like him, and the people who like him are the ones he has no feelings for. How difficult is it to meet a suitable person?

  Is it possible that he is destined to be a bachelor in this life?

  Xi Feng took a deep breath, and he felt restless.

  When he returned to his hometown, his grandmother is in good condition. Her body was old and sick, and her condition has been going back and forth again and again every year. When Xi Feng was notified, his mother just mentioned it casually, saying that grandma had been in the hospital, and she didn’t expect that he would just rush back.

  At home, his mother prepared his bed and asked him, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

  Xi Feng immediately thought of Xu Qing, but still replied casually, “No.”

  Mom said, “You can start to think about it.”

  After that, nothing more was said.

  The next day he went to grandma’s house. Since Xi Feng had come all the way back, his father’s siblings were all called back by his grandmother, and the large family had a meal together.

  During the meal, Xi Feng realized that his aunt’s mood was not quite right, and his mother was talking about something in a low voice to the aunt.

  Xi Feng found it hard to ask about it at that time, and later asked his mother after they returned.

  In the end, his mother told him that Xi’s aunt eldest son, who was also Xi Feng’s eldest cousin, was gay.

  Xi Feng was taken aback at the time. He has lived for more than 20 years. Before, he always thought that homosexuality was an uncommon word that only appeared in novels or TV. How come one or two people around him have become homosexual now?

  His mom seemed to sighed with sorrow. She said that the eldest cousin did not get married when he was in his thirties, and later admitted to the family that he was gay. He also had a boyfriend who was beaten out by his dad. Fortunately, there is still a young man at home, otherwise, what should they do if there are two old people left.

  These words made Xi Feng very uncomfortable, and suddenly he remembered He Yunsheng.

  The whole company knows that He Yunsheng is gay, and his family probably knows it too. Speaking of which, He Yunsheng should be in his thirties this year, and Xi Feng doesn’t know how he dealt with these pressures.

  Hearing his mother still rambling, Xi Feng could not help but say, “Homosexuality is not a perversion ……”

  Mom glanced at him, “Young people these days. Anyway, our generation can’t accept it.”

  The topic did not continue.

  Xi Feng and his eldest cousin have been in a good relationship since they were young. But afterwards, as adults, they lived in a different place and eventually broke contact. At this point he hesitated to give his eldest cousin a call. After hesitating for a long time, he finally gave up. What to say after the call? He certainly can’t ask him: Eldest cousin, how come you become gay?

  A week’s vacation passed in a flash.

  For Xi Feng, the escape can only be temporary. When the short escape is over, he still has to come back to work in the company and face Xu Qing.

  Let’s break up!

  This thought is getting stronger and stronger in his head. Sitting on the bay window in the living room the day before work, Xi Feng repeatedly stroked his cell phone, struggling fiercely whether to send a text message to Xu Qing or not.

  Because once they broke up, he had to find another woman again and try to establish another relationship again. And the woman he likes may still not like him, or he can’t find anyone he likes, so he can only find the next Xu Qing.

  In the end, the text message was not sent.

  Xi Feng went to work the next day, carrying a bunch of souvenirs from his hometown. He gave some to his boss and colleagues in the same department, and the remaining two bags are for Xu Qing, and the other is for He Yunsheng.

  The bag for Xu Qing is the same as the gifts for other colleagues, but the one for He Yunsheng was specially selected.

  Xi Feng did not know why he had to select a gift for He Yunsheng, but when he saw some dried wild herbs, he instantly remembered a sweet taste and He Yunsheng at the same time.

  This clean and sweet taste seems to suit He Yunsheng.

  Since that time he left He Yunsheng’s office unhappily, and the two people have not talked directly afterwards. Xi Feng sometimes thinks that He Yunsheng should like him, but sometimes he is not so sure.

  He started to pay more attention to He Yunsheng more than ever, but He Yunsheng completely regarded him as a stranger.

  At that time, he planned to improve the relationship, but after being treated indifferently, he also wanted to give up. Now, Xi Feng bought the present and said to himself that it was just for his colleagues, and he is just like other colleagues.

  Didn’t He Yunsheng bring him raisins? At that time, he refused the gift to hurt the other party, and now he wanted to make amends.

  Unfortunately, Xi Feng did not have the time to send the gift to He Yunsheng all morning. Even if he takes time off for a week, his work load is still the same, and even piled up so much that he is afraid that he will not be free for several days in a row.

  He thought he would have to accompany Xu Qing for lunch, but Xu Qing sent a message before lunch, saying that she had to go out with her colleagues at noon, so Xi Feng was free, and other colleagues did not invited him, so he could only slowly pack up the documents and go out for lunch by myself.

  As soon as he walked out of the company entrance, Xi Feng saw He Yunsheng’s car parked on the side of the road.

  He was a little conscious to He Yunsheng’s car, even he has memorized his license plate number for a long time.

  Xi Feng slowed down.

  He Yunsheng was sitting inside the car, but pulled open the door and walked to the front, saying something to an old lady. The old lady seemed a bit agitated, and He Yunsheng seemed to be trying to calm her down.

  Xi Feng suddenly thought of his big cousin, and he wondered if the old lady was He Yunsheng’s mother.

  As a result, the old lady got more and more agitated as she spoke, and later ran to the front of He Yunsheng’s car and lay down.

  It was time for lunch. Many colleagues in the company went out from the main entrance and just saw this scene. Xi Feng found that many people around him stopped to watch the excitement.

  He Yunsheng walked over to help the old lady up. The old lady was not as strong as him, and after making her stand up with his arm, she suddenly slapped He Yunsheng’s hand and gave him a slap in the face.

  A girl next to Xi Feng covered her mouth and gasped.

  The slap was very hard, and everyone around could hear the sharp sound, and He Yunsheng’s head was also tilted.

  Xi Feng couldn’t bear it anymore, and ran in the direction of He Yunsheng and the others.

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