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When everyone think you got a crush

Extra 2

       He Yunsheng could see that Xi Feng was very nervous about the meal on Saturday night.

       Although at noon that day Xi Feng seemed to be fine lying in bed for a nap, he woke up in the afternoon looking for clothes in front of the closet. After changing two sets of clothes to his satisfaction, there was a thin sweat on his forehead.

       He Yunsheng has been sitting in front of his desk looking at documents on his computer. He raised his head to look out the window. He saw that the light outside was dim, and the sky was so gloomy that it seemed to be densely covered with clouds, so it would probably rain later.

       Xi Feng stood by the bed and folded his pajamas, and said, “I guess it will rain later, and the weather is a bit gloomy.”

       He Yunsheng replied, “It’s okay, we’ll drive.”

       Xi Feng thought of driving and drinking, he asked He Yunsheng, “Does uncle drink?”

       He Yunsheng raised his head to look at him, “Yes, but not much, don’t be afraid.”

       Xi Feng walked behind him, reached out and held his jaw, bent down and kissed him on the lips, and only after a while did he let go of him and say, “Yeah, the thought of drinking makes me nervous.”

  He Yunsheng didn’t expose him. He knew that Xi Feng’s nervousness was not about accompanying his stepfather to drink, but because he regarded tonight as a very formal ceremony to meet his parents. He wanted to tell Xi Feng that he didn’t need to be nervous, but he knew that it was useless to say so, so he should just leave him be.

       Around five o’clock in the afternoon, He Yunsheng went out early with Xi Feng because he was afraid of traffic jams.

       Xi Feng bought two large boxes of health care gifts for the elderly and carried them in his hand. When he went upstairs, He Yunsheng said that he was too exaggerated.

       Xi Feng said, “I said I would buy a woollen sweater for Auntie, and you said it was not necessary.”

       He Yunsheng said to him, “That’s not necessary either, you will scare her.”

       Xi Feng was a little frustrated for a moment as if he was doing nothing right, but quickly regained his spirits and said, “Then I’ll put up with it this time. I will get to know her better in the future before buying something else. When will she celebrate her birthday?”

       He Yunsheng noticed the brief change in Xi Feng’s expression. He said, “When she celebrates her birthday, I will accompany you to choose gifts.”

       Xi Feng couldn’t conceal his excitement, because he couldn’t hug He Yunsheng because of both hands carrying things, he could only smile and say, “Okay.”

       He Yunsheng rang the doorbell.

       He Yunsheng’s mom’s voice soon came from inside. She said, “Coming—” with a long trailing voice, showing some excitement.

  Regarding He Yunsheng’s homosexuality, her mother did not readily accept it at the beginning. But after so many years passed in the tug-of-war between mother and son, she gradually realized that her son really could not accept women, and really will only be with men. If this is an unchangeable fact, it is always better to have a fixed and suitable partner than to watch the child alone for the rest of his life.

       The door was opened from inside. He Yunsheng saw that his mother was wearing a goose-yellow cardigan, her hair probably also purposely blow-dried, and the whole person was tidied up very vigorously.

       Mom looked at He Yunsheng first, then at Xi Feng, and said, “Come in.”

       Xi Feng handed her the gift he had brought. She reached out and took it, but then said, “You’re too kind, I haven’t had a chance to thank xiao Xi properly for what happened last time.”

       Xi Feng said quickly, “You’re the one who’s too kind, auntie. Last time, I just did a little help, but you still remembered it after so long.”

  He Yunsheng’s stepfather was a traditional and decent man who wouldn’t accept that his child was gay, but He Yunsheng wasn’t his biological son. So he had a good grasp of this boundary, and both welcomed He Yunsheng and Xi Feng politely, but not caring about their personal relationship.

       Mom greeted them and sat them down. Although there were only four of them, she still prepared a table of dishes.

       He Yunsheng said to his stepfather, “I’m driving, let Xi Feng accompany you for a couple of drinks.”

       The stepfather nodded and walked to the wine cabinet to get the wine.

       Xi Feng was somewhat reserved and his whole body was stiff as he sat in the chair. He Yunsheng passed behind him, reached out to pat him on the shoulder before he went to the seat next to him and sat down.

       Mom sat down and started to look at Xi Feng. She had a good impression of Xi Feng from the beginning, as opposed to her great dislike for He Yunsheng’s previous boyfriend, even though they had been separated for several years.

  In fact, she has to look into her way of thinking carefully. It was nothing more than the fact that she cannot accept He Yunsheng being with a man at that time. No matter how she looked at Xu Fengjie, she found him nasty and annoying. Now that she already accepted this fact, seeing Xi Feng’s tall, handsome, polite and respectful attitude when he ran up and down for her in the hospital. He felt that Xi Feng was really a good choice for a long-term relationship.

       No one took the relationship between He Yunsheng and Xi Feng to the dinner table. They all acquiesced in their hearts, and on the surface, they are still treated as ordinary friends and colleagues.

       But such an attitude is already very good for them.

       When he came out from his mother’s house, He Yunsheng realized that it was raining.

       The underground parking lot of the old community was full. His car was parked on the street outside the neighbourhood, from where he had to walk for a few minutes.

       The two of them didn’t have umbrellas.

       Xi Feng stood at the door of the unit building, looked outside and said, “I’ll go back and get an umbrella.”

       He Yunsheng looked at the sky and said, “It’s not necessary, just walk into the car.” After finishing speaking, he walked towards the outside first.

       Xi Feng saw him striding forward, and hurriedly followed, and took off his coat while jogging. He caught up with He Yunsheng, put his coat on top of He Yunsheng’s head, and pulled him towards the front.

       The two of them ran out of the community hand in hand and got into the car.

       He Yunsheng took off his coat and returned it to Xi Feng. When Xi Feng received it, he suddenly said, “Will you accompany me back this New Year?”

       He Yunsheng did not answer but looked at him quietly.

       Xi Feng had drunk some wine, but not much, so his head was clear, just a little excited. After he said this sentence and didn’t say anything for a long time, he shook his head and said, “Forget it, it’s better not.”

       He Yunsheng started the car, and he said, “It’s not appropriate yet.”

       Xi Feng seemed a bit distressed, he lifted his hand to wipe the rain from his hair and face, he said, “My parents will definitely oppose it.”

       He Yunsheng suddenly let out a soft laugh, “You know they will oppose it, so what are you going to do in the future?”

       Xi Feng said, “Even so I still have to say it, but I will go back and say it by myself first.”

       He Yunsheng heard this and turned his head to look at him.

  Xi Feng repeatedly wiped his wet hair with his fingers, “I thought about it, the first time I told them, they will definitely be very angry. You should not go back with me to bear it, I’ll just go and suffer by myself.”

  He Yunsheng suddenly felt sad, as if he saw that image and heard those hurtful words, he said, “You won’t be able to bear it.”

  ”I will,” Xi Feng said with confidence.

  He Yunsheng asked him, “How do you know you can?”

  Xi Feng showed a smile without warning, “Because as long as I think about you, I can carry through whatever pressure I’m under. Isn’t the most terrible thing losing you?”

  He Yunsheng couldn’t respond to Xi Feng’s corny words, but it is undeniable that the softest part of his heart was still touched by the other party.

  During the New Year holidays, Xi Feng went back to his hometown alone.

  He Yunsheng stayed in Chongfeng City and went to his mother’s house halfway to have a New Year’s Eve dinner. He stayed at home alone the rest of the time.

  Xi Feng called him only on the night of New Year’s Eve, and there was no news after that.

  Before Xi Feng left, he had already bought the return ticket. It was arranged that He Yunsheng would pick him up at the airport at 3 o’clock in the afternoon on the fifth day of the year.

  He Yunsheng drove out from home at two o’clock. When he arrived at the airport expressway entrance, he found that there had been a car accident and the entrance was closed, so he had to take a detour and drive to the airport from the old road.

  There was a traffic jam along the way. When he arrived at the airport parking lot, it was already three o’clock. Xi Feng’s plane should have landed for a while.

  He Yunsheng took out his cell phone and found that there was no call from Xi Feng.

  In an instant, He Yunsheng suddenly had an idea in his head: Could it be that Xi Feng couldn’t bear the pressure and didn’t want to come back, or that Xi Feng’s parents had locked him up at home and wouldn’t let him out, forcing him to go to therapy or get married on a blind date?

  These unrealistic fantasies bothered He Yunsheng, making his steps seem hurried and anxious. When he walked into the airport pick-up hall, He Yunsheng realized that those were just delusions, because he saw Xi Feng sitting on his suitcase as soon as he entered.

  Xi Feng’s dark down jacket was not zippered, and he sat on his suitcase with his head hanging down. Because he was too tall, He Yunsheng was a little worried that he would crush the suitcase. He was drooping listlessly from head to shoulders to arms, and his head was downcast.

  He Yunsheng walked up to him.

  Xi Feng raised his head, the corner of his eye was bruised, and the corner of his mouth was also torn. He said, “I got one of my teeth knocked loose.”

  ”Who did it?” He Yunsheng asked.

  Xi Feng said, “My dad.”

  ”You didn’t fight back, right?” nudged him to get him up.

  Xi Feng stood up and moved his neck, “No, he told me not to go back here.”

  He Yunsheng helped him pull the suitcase, “Are you going to go back there?”

  Xi Feng said, “I’ll call my mom first after a few days.”

  He Yunsheng was walking ahead when he suddenly heard Xi Feng call him, “He Yunsheng.”

  He turned around to see Xi Feng stopped.

  Xi Feng said to him, “I can carry on.”

  He Yunsheng nodded, “I know. Would you like to find a place to fill your teeth?”

  Xi Feng raised his hand and touched his cheek, “Let’s talk about it tomorrow, let’s go back and find a place to eat first, I’m hungry.”

  He Yunsheng extended a hand towards him, “Come.”

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Extra 1

       When the alarm clock rang for the tenth time, He Yunsheng reached out and pressed it off. Xi Feng was still asleep beside him, and there was no sign of waking up. He obviously said that he would get up every morning to make breakfast for He Yunsheng. However, it’s been a while that the alarm clock woke up He Yunsheng instead, but Xi Feng still fell asleep and was not moving.

       He Yunsheng got up from bed, put on his clothes and went to the bathroom to wash up first, then went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

       It was He Yunsheng’s own choice to move to Chongfeng City to live with Xi Feng. He knew it was very risky, but he couldn’t resist that excitement. It’s been a long time since he felt this kind of feeling. For a moment, he felt like he had returned to university and just met Xu Fengjie. Even though he still looks calm on the surface, his heart is like a deer that lost its way, charging around violently.

       If you allow your feelings to develop, it will become love. If you restrain it early, it will be nothing more than a rush of excitement in the future.

       He Yunsheng once thought, if he and Xi Feng did not have a past, it would be better if Xi Feng, who appeared in front of him at the beginning, was like this. But after thinking about it carefully, if they really didn’t have a past, he might not choose to come here and try to accept Xi Feng, because he can’t help but worry and doubt. Precisely because of those past experiences, he thought that a man who had experienced separation and loss, but was still devoted to him in the end, shouldn’t this type of person more credible?

       In the end, everything is hypothetical. The last thing you could guess in the world is the human heart, and the last thing you should not gamble on is your own happiness. He Yunsheng was willing to come to Xi Feng and accept him, but he always had reservations in his mind. As long as Xi Feng took a wrong step, he would immediately escape and would not be reluctant to leave. Those who have suffered a loss will cherish themselves more.

       Xi Feng woke up later. He came out of the room with sleepy eyes and went straight to the kitchen and said, “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

       He Yunsheng was frying eggs, “The alarm clock couldn’t wake you up, so I let you sleep a little longer.” Today’s breakfast is tomato omelette noodles. Originally both of them could have gone out to buy breakfast to eat, but Xi Feng was determined to make breakfast for He Yunsheng himself, so the ingredients were prepared and put in the refrigerator. He Yunsheng got up in the morning and handled it.

       Xi Feng hurriedly washed up, He Yunsheng had already cooked two bowls of noodles and brought them to the dining table.

       This house was rented by Xi Feng. A bedroom, a living room and a dining room, a kitchen and a bathroom are just enough for two people.

       Also, the dining room can’t fit a large dining table. There’s only a small square table, and they were sitting face to face.

       Xi Feng grabbed his phone and looked at it while eating noodles, he saw that He Yunsheng was about to finish eating, so he speeded up and finished his noodles in two or three bites, stood up and took the two people’s bowls to the kitchen to wash them.

       He Yunsheng packed his things and prepared to go out.

       Xi Feng’s rental house is very close to the company. They can walk to work every day, but because it’s too close to the company, they don’t go out together, and always go one after the other.

       Xi Feng told He Yunsheng that he didn’t care, and he was willing to make the relationship between the two people public. He felt that if it was made public, He Yunsheng would be able to see his determination clearly, but He Yunsheng disagreed.

       He Yunsheng himself had experienced those rumours, and he was not as optimistic as Xi Feng. In his opinion, if this relationship is made public, it will not only affect their feelings, but also their careers, and he didn’t want his private life to be the talk of others after dinner.

       In the morning, He Yunsheng went to his office and sat there for more than an hour when two business department heads came to his office and started to argue over a project issue.

       This is something that happens from time to time. In the beginning, He Yunsheng was not used to it but now he was able to handle the situation calmly. He listened to the two people arguing over and over while drinking coffee in a calm mood.

       Since the last fight for the position of deputy general manager had ended in vain, the two supervisors simply tore their facade, and the secret fight was changed to an open fight. Sometimes He Yunsheng suspected that the two of them didn’t want to fight for a result, but simply enjoyed arguing with each other about the matter.

       Regarding that project, He Yunsheng has discussed it with the general manager, and he has the result in his mind, but he does not intend to make it public before the right time comes. His face was expressionless as if he was listening to them carefully, but his mind was actually wandering around.

       While drinking his coffee, his eyes drifted across the coffee cup toward Xi Feng’s face who was sitting on the sofa.

       Xi Feng came with his supervisor and said he was here to report on the project plan. In fact, he hasn’t said a word until now, and he has been staring at He Yunsheng in a daze.

       He Yunsheng glanced at him, signalling him to restrain a little and not to be too blatant with his gaze.

       But Xi Feng didn’t notice it. His gaze just swept He Yunsheng’s chin, throat, and neckline a circle, and fell on his white fingers, feeling that his fingers and the pure white bone china coffee cup he was holding were almost the same colour. His fingers were slender, the light pink nails were round and clean, and there were thin calluses on his fingertips. When he held them… Xi Feng couldn’t help straightening his back and swallowing saliva.

       He Yunsheng put down the coffee cup and at the same time, pointed at Xi Feng with his slender fingers that Xi Feng was thinking about. “Xi Feng, tell me about your design plan.” He finally couldn’t listen anymore and interrupted the two supervisors’ endless argument.

       When Xi Feng was suddenly named, he stood up from the sofa at once, quickly recovered his composure, turned around and found the business case he had brought with him, and began to explain it carefully to He Yunsheng.

       There was only Xi Feng’s voice left in the whole office, and He Yunsheng was suddenly in a good mood. His eyes behind the lens dropped down and stared at the coffee cup and his mind continued to wander.

       On Saturday night, He Yunsheng had to go to his mother’s for dinner, and on Friday, he told Xi Feng, “Let’s go together tomorrow.”

       Xi Feng was writing a proposal on his laptop when he looked up at He Yunsheng in surprise.

       He Yunsheng had a dinner party in the evening and had just returned from dinner and drink.

       There is no study room in the one-bedroom apartment, only a desk beside the bed. Xi Feng sits at the table typing while He Yunsheng stands beside the bed undressing. He slowly unbuttons, pulls off his tie, and then loosens the collar of his shirt.

       Xi Feng rubbed his fingers on the keyboard and asked a moment later, “Is it to disclose our relationship to Auntie?” He had always faintly felt that He Yunsheng’s mother knew about He Yunsheng’s sexual orientation, but it was something that’s difficult to ask.

       Then He Yunsheng tells him, “Sort of.” After that, he added, “Are you willing?”

       “Of course,” Xi Feng stood up from the desk suddenly, he walked behind He Yunsheng and wrapped his arms around his waist.

       There was a faint smell of alcohol on He Yunsheng, and Xi Feng lowered his head and leaned close to his neck and took a deep breath, and asked uncertainly, “Is this considered as meeting parents formally?”

       “It’s just dinner,” He Yunsheng didn’t break away from him, “Don’t think about it so much.”

       Xi Feng said: “Nevertheless it’s an important request. Let’s go and meet your mother, let her know that you are living happily with me now, and she can rest assured in the future.”

       He Yunsheng asked softly, “Am I living happily with you?”

       Xi Feng froze at his words. If He Yunsheng asked him that question, then his answer was he was undoubtedly very happy. But if He Yunsheng asked him that question, then he didn’t know what the answer would be and was a bit afraid to hear that answer.

       So he let go of He Yunsheng and said in a casual tone, “It’s only natural for you to be happy. You can eat and sleep well, and your days are not too bad and are blissful. Go take a shower, change your clothes and I’ll take them to the laundry tomorrow for you to dry clean.”

       He Yunsheng looked at him and did not say anything. He opened the cabinet and took out a change of underwear, picked up his pajamas and went to the bathroom.

       Xi Feng stood by the bed, humming and sorting out He Yunsheng’s changed suit jacket, carefully folded it and put it in his bag, intending to leave early for work tomorrow and take it to the laundry first.

       He Yunsheng could still hear the sound of Xi Feng humming in the bathroom, and he knew that Xi Feng’s mood was obviously not as relaxed as it appeared. He knew that his words just now had hit Xi Feng, and was faintly heartless.

       In fact, letting Xi Feng go back with him was to confess their relationship to his mother, showing that he basically approved of Xi Feng. But sometimes, he just can’t help but want to slap him a few words. Who told him to talk so cheaply before, and provoked him again and again for so long.

       Now, if Xi Feng occasionally says things too bluntly, he will immediately realize that he is wrong. First, he carefully apologized to He Yunsheng, and then the big man surrounded him like a bee collecting honey for a long time. He didn’t dare to breathe a sigh of relief until he was sure he was not angry.

       He Yunsheng knew that Xi Feng was having a hard time like this, but he also wanted to point at him and say that he deserved it.

       Two people were lying on the bed at night. Xi Feng habitually put his hand around He Yunsheng’s waist to sleep. He was in a daze, and was about to sleep when he heard He Yunsheng say, “Actually, it’s not bad.”

       Xi Feng let himself wake up to talk to He Yunsheng, “What’s not bad?”

       He Yunsheng said, “Actually, life is not bad now.”

       Xi Feng opened his eyes and stared at He Yunsheng’s silhouette in the darkness for a while and said, “Then let’s continue to make it alright, okay?”

       He Yunsheng was also silent for a while, and replied, “Okay.”

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       The words he heard from Cong Yu kept Xi Feng awake most of the night. He was lying on the bed tossing and turning, and his head seemed to be experiencing a grand fireworks show. They were dazzling and looked far away but seemingly within reach. After the performance was over and calmed down completely, Xi Feng knew what to do tomorrow. He closed his eyes in the dark and fell asleep slowly.

  On the third day after his return, there was a briefing session in the morning. Xi Feng sat in the front row of the venue as the branch’s representative, and He Yunsheng’s seat was a row behind him. He couldn’t stare at the back all the time. It was only by chance when he turned his head, he found that He Yunsheng had come.

       He Yunsheng noticed his gaze and nodded at him. Xi Feng suddenly felt energized. He also nodded, holding the report materials in his hand, with a sense of high-spirited euphoria.

       When Xi Feng went up to give a report, he looked focused and serious. At first, he felt nervous but later became calmer and calmer. He wanted to let He Yunsheng see how he was really like now.

       As soon as the report meeting was over, Xi Feng looked back for He Yunsheng and saw that he had gotten up and left the meeting place.

       But not long after that, Xi Feng received a WeChat message from He Yunsheng and asked him to have dinner together in the evening.

       Xi Feng turned all of his excitement into a seemingly subdued “Yes”.

       Unfortunately, that meal didn’t work out that night.

       In the afternoon, the superior who was with Xi Feng told him to have dinner with him tonight, and the person in charge of the meal was Xi Feng’s former deputy manager in the head office.

       There’s no way to sneak out from this kind of meal. Xi Feng had no choice but to send a WeChat message to He Yunsheng to clarify the situation at night and finally asked whether it could be changed to tomorrow.

       In response, He Yunsheng only replied that he would talk about it tomorrow.

       Xi Feng immediately felt depressed, fearing that this tomorrow would lead to this meal being postponed indefinitely.

       As a result, Xi Feng still did not anticipate that the deputy manager took He Yunsheng for dinner that night.

       When he first saw He Yunsheng in the private room, Xi Feng still could not suppress his excitement. After he sat down, he suddenly realized a problem. The deputy manager seemed to like to take He Yunsheng everywhere, which made him inevitably feel a little uneasy.

       He likes He Yunsheng, and he thinks that He Yunsheng is a perfect and impeccable treasure. It seems that everyone will like He Yunsheng, and everyone should like He Yunsheng.

       He Yunsheng did not know that in the few short steps Xi Feng walked into the room, his head had struggled back and forth, he just stood up with others and greeted them with a smile.

       The meal was nothing more than toasting and drinking.

  Xi Feng was the absolute junior at this wine table. He not only drank the most but also needed to work hard to take care of every high ranking superior and to entertain them. When he saw the other party run out of tea, he immediately poured tea. When he saw someone beckoning to call the waiter, he took the initiative to get up and help call someone.

       If Xi Feng’s mother was also sitting at this table, she would be heartbroken.

       But who would be heartbroken now? Everyone will only think that he is sensible and good at socializing. This is a good thing in the workplace and should be praised. The former deputy manager in charge patted Xi Feng’s shoulder vigorously, saying that he has changed a lot and has a bright future.

       Only He Yunsheng glanced at him occasionally and silently handed him the tea after he finished drinking.

       After eating, they were going to sing according to the deputy manager’s hobby and habits.

       Sitting in the dark corner of the KTV box, Xi Feng could breathe a sigh of relief. When no one noticed him, he quietly stared at He Yunsheng for a while.

       He drank too much, but he didn’t dare to get drunk. How could he afford to get drunk in this kind of situation? He also didn’t grab the microphone, and just lay halfway on the sofa as a listener.

       Later, Xi Feng saw He Yunsheng take out his mobile phone from his pocket and then walked outside while answering the phone.

       He sat up straight involuntarily, hesitating to find an excuse to go out, but there was a bathroom inside the private room, and he can’t seem to find any reason to go out.

       Two minutes later, he saw He Yunsheng hurriedly return to the private room with his mobile phone still in his hand. His brows frowned slightly.

       Since He Yunsheng went out to answer the phone, his frowning brow has not eased. It seems that there is something on his mind, and after sitting restlessly for more than a minute, he suddenly remembered something and got up again and walked out of the private room.

       Xi Feng wondered where He Yunsheng was going, because he hadn’t greeted anyone, so it was impossible for him to just leave without a word. After thinking about it, he couldn’t help it anymore, Xi Feng got up from the sofa and followed him out of the room.

       He was a little unsteady on his feet. When he went out of the private room door, his shoulder hit the door frame, and the pain made him frown slightly.

       After walking out of the private room door, Xi Feng realized that He Yunsheng had not actually gone far, but was standing in the corridor with his back against the wall, looking at him in surprise.

       “Why did you come out?” He Yunsheng asked.

       This question was also what Xi Feng wanted to ask, and before he could say anything, he heard the sound of a person’s footsteps coming from the end of the corridor and turned his head to look.

       Xi Feng saw a young man walking by, wearing a ripped T-shirt, dyed yellow hair, and staring coldly.

       He Yunsheng took Xi Feng’s hand and walked forward, and said as he walked, “Don’t pay attention to him.”

       Xi Feng followed He Yunsheng forward without resisting. He knew what was going on and said as he walked, “Is he Cheng Lei’s boyfriend?”

       He Yunsheng showed a surprised look.

  They were far from the door of the original private room. The young man yelled “He Yunsheng” to catch up. When he was about to reach out to grab He Yunsheng’s shoulder. Xi Feng stopped abruptly, turned around and grabbed the young man’s shirt and pressed him against the wall.

       He was tall, with a sullen face and reeks of alcohol. He looked oppressive. The young man seemed to be frightened. He Yunsheng was also shocked. He quickly grabbed Xi Feng’s arm and said, “Don’t act recklessly!”

       Xi Feng said word by word, “If you dare to pester him again, I will definitely not let you go!”

       He Yunsheng was slightly startled.

       The young man was stunned for a while before reacting, and said, “What is your relationship with him?”

       Xi Feng said: “It has nothing to do with you and your man anyway.”

       The young man was surprised and suspicious, his eyes swept back and forth on the faces of He Yunsheng and Xi Feng.

       He Yunsheng calmed down first. He grabbed Xi Feng’s hand and said, “Let him go.”

       Xi Feng stared at the young man as if he hadn’t heard He Yunsheng’s words.

       He Yunsheng raised his voice, “Xi Feng! Let him go!”

       Xi Feng turned his head to look at He Yunsheng, nodded obediently, and let go of his hand.

       The young man’s hand covered his chest, which had just been painfully pressed by Xi Feng, and took two steps back one after another. He said to He Yunsheng: “You have a man and still come to pester Chenglei!

       Before He Yunsheng spoke, Xi Feng spoke first, “Who is pestering whom? Mind your own business and stop pestering others.”

       The young man was probably still afraid of Xi Feng. He glanced at He Yunsheng and turned away without saying anything.

       There were two of them left in the corridor. The loud quarrel just now was all covered by the high-pitched singing of the two rooms. He Yunsheng looked at Xi Feng, but Xi Feng was not standing still, his back leaning against the wall.

       He Yunsheng’s throat was a bit sore, he gently pressed his hand against his neck, coughed low and said, “He’s a bit misunderstood, he pesters me every time he comes across.”

       Xi Feng said, “I know. You don’t have a boyfriend.”

       He Yunsheng snapped his head up to look at him.

       Xi Feng smiled, with gentle eyebrows, “I know.”

       He Yunsheng suddenly panicked. In a relationship between two people, when one person acts too comfortable, the other person will inevitably be apprehensive. He Yunsheng had been in control of the initiative for a long time when facing Xi Feng. But now he feels that the other party is taking the initiative back a little bit, and he is starting to feel uncertain about the relationship.

       He turned around and walked in the direction of the private room.

       In fact, he can tell Xi Feng calmly and deeply: “Yes, I lied to you, and I am still single, so what? I would rather live my life alone than be with someone like you.” It would definitely hurt Xi Feng’s feelings, but what’s the point? He did not want to hurt Xi Feng, let alone use the other party’s feelings for him to hurt him.

       If the current Xi Feng and the past Xi Feng can be separated into two people, then the current Xi Feng should be the type that He Yunsheng would like. He got entangled with Xi Feng repeatedly in the past, simply because Xi Feng was also this type of person who is mature, gentle and considerate to him. But Xi Feng couldn’t separate his behaviour, and his past injuries were still deep in He Yunsheng’s head, which made it difficult for him to accept his kindness without prejudice.

       He Yunsheng returned to the private room and sat in the corner without saying a word until the end of the party tonight.

       Although he experienced the incident that night, He Yunsheng invited Xi Feng to his house for dinner two days later.

       After Xi Feng sobered up that day, he still clearly remembered what he said to He Yunsheng, but he couldn’t remember how He Yunsheng reacted.

  With everything that was said to this point, Xi Feng began to constantly give himself psychological construction. He felt that this might be his last chance here. If he still doesn’t say anything and He Yunsheng doesn’t respond, then he will have to go back to Chongfeng in two days.

  Because he had agreed to eat the pot-stewed dish made by He Yunsheng’s mother, this meal had to be eaten at He Yunsheng’s house. He originally wanted to invite two more friends, but given the current relationship between him and Xi Feng, it would be awkward to invite someone to come. It was better to have only two of them.

       Xi Feng had no work arrangements in the afternoon, so he went to the mall and bought a bottle of red wine as a gift to take to He Yunsheng’s house at night.

       He Yunsheng had to go to work in the afternoon and couldn’t go back to prepare food in advance. In the afternoon, he called a nearby Chinese restaurant and ordered two dishes. Then he went to the supermarket on the way from work to buy some ingredients. He planned to go back and cook the other two dishes himself.

       It is not the first time that Xi Feng has come to He Yunsheng’s house, and he even has a beautiful memory. Of course, speaking of it now, those erotic memories weres mixed with a lot of bitter embarrassment.

       He sat in the living room for a while, went to the kitchen and said to He Yunsheng, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

       He Yunsheng was cutting vegetables. At this time, the water in the pot was boiling, and he had to put down the kitchen knife to turn off the fire. At the same time, he said, “No, just go watch TV for a while.”

       Xi Feng walked in and picked up the kitchen knife and took over the job of cutting vegetables.

       He Yunsheng turned his head and watched Xi Feng skillfully cutting vegetables, and said, “It seems that you have been cooking by yourself for the past six months?”

       Xi Feng said as he chopped vegetables, “I will cook for myself when I have time. I think I can cook for you after I’m familiar with it.”

       He Yunsheng was silent and did not answer.

       With Xi Feng’s help, the speed was much faster. Before 7:30, two people were sitting at the front of the dinner table with five plates of dishes and a bowl of soup on the table.

       He Yunsheng opened the red wine Xi Feng had brought and poured a glass by himself.

       Xi Feng said, “If you light a candle, there will be a good atmosphere.”

       He Yunsheng looked at him, “It’s not like we’re eating steak.”

       Xi Feng picked up the wine glass and clinked to He Yunsheng’s, “Thank you for the hospitality.”

       He Yunsheng said, “I should thank you for all the trouble my mom caused you before.”

       Xi Feng smiled, “We agreed not to mention it again.”

       He Yunsheng helped him pick up vegetables, “Try my mom’s marinated beef.”

       Xi Feng took a sip and exclaimed, “Auntie’s cooking’s skill is really amazing.”

       He Yunsheng said, “You can go to her for dinner in the future.”

       Xi Feng asked him, “Are you going to come with me?”

       He Yunsheng held his chopsticks in his hand and paused for a moment as he picked up the food.

       Xi Feng asked immediately, “Does your mother know your situation?”

       He Yunsheng replied, “Yes.”

       Xi Feng smiled when he heard the words, “No wonder she always looked at me a little strangely and asked tentatively several times.”

       He Yunsheng said, “Don’t pay attention to her.”

       Xi Feng said, “I’m not. I’m just thinking about what I should say to her.” 

       He Yunsheng lowered his gaze.

       Xi Feng was a little unsure of He Yunsheng’s attitude, and he didn’t dare to go on. He was afraid that if he really pissed off the other party, he would be kicked out mercilessly. Then he would really have no chance.

       Neither of them continued the topic and started to chat while eating.

       When the meal was finished, He Yunsheng went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Xi Feng opened the sliding door of the balcony and went out, wanting to feel the wind blowing. He had drunk the wine, and his whole body was hot from head to toe.

       There was a crashing noise from the kitchen, which sounded like He Yunsheng dropped a bowl.

       Xi Feng immediately turned around and walked towards the kitchen. He saw He Yunsheng squatting on the ground trying to pick up the large pieces of debris, so he stepped forward and squatted and held He Yunsheng’s hand, “Don’t pick it up with your hands.”

       He Yunsheng’s hands were covered with detergent foam, and it felt smooth and sticky. He tried to withdraw his hands, “I’ll pick up the big pieces first and then I’ll sweep them.”

       Xi Feng was unwilling to let him go anyway. He was anxious and waited for He Yunsheng to scold him loudly, but as long as He Yunsheng didn’t become hostile, he could be cheeky and not let go of his hand.

       He Yunsheng just said, “Let go of your hand first.”

       Xi Feng gripped his hand tighter, and his palm was also covered with foam. He felt the surface tension of the foam seem to draw their skin together, although it was slippery, their hand also stuck tightly.

       He stood up and pulled He Yunsheng up, carefully pulling him to avoid the debris on the ground, and then walked to the side of the sink and opened the water to wash his hands.

       He Yunsheng did not refuse.

  Xi Feng wrapped his hands around his waist from behind, grabbing his hands and washing under the stream of water. He felt He Yunsheng’s body tighten in his arms, and he could no longer hold it. He lowered his head to kiss the side of his fair face.

       The passionate and fervent atmosphere burst instantly.

       Perhaps since He Yunsheng invited Xi Feng to his home today, he has no intention to refuse.

       They went from the kitchen to the living room, leaving a mess that no one cares about.

       Xi Feng’s whole body was full of alcohol, and he was a bit puzzled, but there was no room for extra thoughts. He was only able to embrace the person in front of him, rubbing him into his own arms, without leaving a single gap.

       Later, Xi Feng lay next to He Yunsheng and stroked his back with his palm. He said, “Yunsheng, stay with me.”

       After they really slept together, Xi Feng’s head became sober. It was not the first time that he and He Yunsheng had sex. The sex last time did not mean anything, and this time the sex did not necessarily mean anything to He Yunsheng either.

       He Yunsheng did not answer Xi Feng’s inquiry.

       Xi Feng suddenly felt a little bitter, his palm pressed against He Yunsheng’s waist, “So this doesn’t count for anything?”

       He Yunsheng’s voice was hoarse as he said, “Just go to sleep.”

       Xi Feng suddenly became a little angry. He felt like he was being played with. Since he saw him again after six months of separation, he had been very good at controlling his emotions, telling himself not to be impulsive and not to talk nonsense, but when the time came, he still could not bear it somehow.

  He rolled out of bed, picked up the clothes that were messily thrown on the side of the bed, and said while putting them on, “I didn’t come to you to have sex. I hope we can be together, not just for a day or two, not only for half a year but together for a lifetime. Give me an answer, don’t hang me like this, it’s too painful.”

       He Yunsheng sat up and looked at him, “I need to think about it.”

       Xi Feng was held up by that pride, put on his clothes and pants, and said to He Yunsheng, “I’ll wait for you to figure it out, can you give me the answer before I leave?”

       He Yunsheng replied, “I will try my best.”

  It was already midnight when Xi Feng left He Yunsheng’s house. Instead of taking a taxi, he walked slowly along the greenbelt1an area of open land around a city, on which building is restricted. on the street. The pride he has just now has evaporated. Now he began to regret that he separated unhappily after a good reunion. He sent He Yunsheng a WeChat message: “I’m sorry, but I really love you, will you accept me?”

       He Yunsheng did not reply.

       The second and third day, He Yunsheng did not reply.

       On the last day of the official business trip, Xi Feng called He Yunsheng after boarding the plane, but He Yunsheng did not answer.

       Xi Feng raised his hand and rubbed his face, turning off the phone tiredly.

       The question of whether to give up or not became a recurring consideration in Xi Feng’s head when he returned to Chongfeng this month.

       But fortunately, there was something else that distracted his attention during this period. That is, there is a vacant deputy director position in the branch, and now Xi Feng’s immediate superior department head and another business department head are competing with each other.

       Xi Feng is currently the deputy manager of this department. He and the manager get along well. If the manager stands in line, he must certainly meet up to divide the scope of influence on their side at an early time.

  The position between the two competing supervisors is the same. Xi Feng also feels a bit distressed. If his supervisor goes up, of course, it is the best. It is very likely that he will be the next supervisor, but if he doesn’t go up, he will follow and become the object of suppression.

       During this period of time in order to compete, the entire department felt the pressure from the top to the bottom. They seem to want to eat and live in the company and put their soul into work without reservation.

       The open strife and veiled struggle lasted for more than a month. Only when a message came from the head office, all of them died down. The position of deputy director was not promoted from the branch office but was changed to someone from the head office out of nowhere.

       As for who was assigned, no news has been leaked for the time being.

       Xi Feng actually felt fine, but the manager suddenly wilted. He ate several meals with Xi Feng privately and drank a lot of alcohol every time. After drinking, he began to complain about the company’s injustice to him.

       After Xi Feng listened, he persuaded him when he was drinking, and told him that he shouldn’t go and talk outside after drinking.

       Until half a month later, the deputy manager flying from the head office came to the company to report.

       Xi Feng was still working on a job, and the young girl in the office ran outside to watch the excitement. She looked back and said, “I saw the new deputy manager, he is so young.”

       Xi Feng, who came from the head office and had sufficient qualifications, probably knew him. He raised his head and asked casually, “What’s his name?”

       The girl said, “I don’t know. He looks very gentle with glasses and has a good figure. He looks good in a suit and tie.”

       Xi Feng lowered his head to type. After typing two words, he suddenly realized something and looked up again.

       The girl thought for a while and said, “I heard someone say his surname is He.”

       Xi Feng stood up all of a sudden, he was tall, and his legs hung under the keyboard frame of the computer desk. When he stood up, his face wrinkled in pain, but then there was no time to wait for the pain to ease over, and hurriedly walked outside.

       Several other people in the office looked at each other, wondering what he was suddenly excited about.

       Xi Feng inquired about the whereabouts of the deputy manager all the way, and chased to the floor of the general manager’s office, standing at the top of the stairs and dared not to approach any more.

       He knows that the new deputy manager is now in the general manager’s office.

       He waited outside anxiously for more than 20 minutes, and saw the general manager’s office door open, and He Yunsheng was the first to walk out of it.

  The two looked at each other. Just when Xi Feng was about to step forward, he saw several other senior executives, including the vice president, come out of the general manager’s office and greet He Yunsheng with a smile, and Xi Feng stopped again.

       He Yunsheng shook hands with those people as if Xi Feng didn’t exist.

       Xi Feng looked sad, turned and left the stairwell.

       While going downstairs, Xi Feng thought to himself mockingly, maybe he was thinking too much. Of course, He Yunsheng will accept the promotion and transfer to work here, and it may not necessarily have anything to do with him.

       Xi Feng returned to his office and sat down. The internal phone on his desk rang. The secretary’s office called and said that the new deputy manager He asked him to come to his office.

       Xi Feng felt both joys and sorrows in a short period of time. At this point, he couldn’t stand the twists and turns, and calmly replied, “Okay.”

       He left the office and took the elevator to the outside of He Yunsheng’s office. When he was about to raise his hand to knock on the door, he still found his hand trembling slightly.

       He Yunsheng said with his sexy and deep voice, “Please come in.”

       Xi Feng opened the door and went in. He saw He Yunsheng sitting behind the big desk and called out, “Manager He.”

       He Yunsheng held a pen in his hand with a calm expression on his face. After Xi Feng walked in and closed the office door, he got up and walked around from behind the big desk.

       Xi Feng stood in front of him, looking in a daze.

       He Yunsheng sighed secretly as he leaned on his desk. His fingers held the signature pen and gently wiggled it, and said, “I’ve transferred over.”

       Xi Feng didn’t know what to say, so he nodded and said, “I know.”

       He Yunsheng said to him, “I came in yesterday’s flight, and my things are still in the hotel. I haven’t had time to rent a house, can I live with you temporarily?”

       Xi Feng thought he was hallucinating. He couldn’t feel the boundary between the real world and the virtual world. He stared at He Yunsheng with wide eyes.

       He Yunsheng then asked again, “Is it okay?”

       Xi Feng could no longer restrain himself, and while his eyes were red, the corners of his mouth rose up, and he cried and laughed, saying, “Yes, will you stay there for a lifetime?”

       He Yunsheng was infected by his emotions, and his eyes were slightly sore. He said, “It depends on you, whether you can live for a lifetime or not.”

       “Can!” Xi Feng stepped forward and hugged him hard, and then said two more “Can!”

       These three “Can” words were louder than one another, and one was more certain than the other.

       He Yunsheng said in his ear, “Keep your voice down.”

       Xi Feng hugged him tightly, nodded vigorously, and couldn’t say anything else until after several minutes, he said to He Yunsheng, “I love you.”

       He Yunsheng wanted to speak, but before he could say something Xi Feng said, “You don’t need to say anything, just that I love you.”

       I want to give you the best in the world, and if reality is cruel, then I will write a fairy tale for you with my own hands, and we will live in the fairy tale until the end of our lives

   End of story.

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Chapter 21

       In less than a month after He Yunsheng left, Xi Feng took the initiative to secure an opportunity to follow his superiors back to the head office to report to their work.

       Previously, he had to participate in two meetings in addition to reporting on work. There were a few days between the two meetings, and it was already a week later when the second meeting is over.

       So for Xi Feng, a week of a business trip is equivalent to a week full of opportunities.

       After leaving the head office for half a year, Xi Feng reappeared with a different temperament. He was wearing a suit and tie and carrying a briefcase in his hand as he accompanied his superiors into the entrance of the company.

       He met a colleague from the same department in the lobby on the first floor. When the colleague saw him, he was taken aback and called out, “Xi Feng?”

       Xi Feng turned around to look at him, smiled and nodded. He couldn’t delay too much time, and could only say, “I’ll be in touch later.”

       That afternoon, many of the company’s young female employees were talking about it, especially those who knew Xi Feng. They were chatting privately, “Do you still remember that Xi Feng?”

       “The one who was transferred to Chongfeng?”

       “Yeah, he’s back today and looks like he’s become handsome.”

       “He was originally quite handsome, and so tall.”

       “He used to be just okay, and didn’t have a commanding aura as he is now.”

       “What kind of commanding aura, huh?”

       “I can’t say, you will know when you see it yourself.”

       When Xi Feng took the elevator upstairs in the afternoon, he met Xu Qing, who already had a new boyfriend. When she saw him, she had already lost her original resentment and was able to talk to him calmly.

       Xi Feng has always felt a little sorry for Xu Qing, and he spoke sincerely and gently.

       So when Xu Qing said goodbye to him, she couldn’t help saying, “Xi Feng, you have changed.”

       Xi Feng was stunned. He was about to leave the elevator when he stopped to look back at her.

       Xu Qing thought for a while, and said: “Mature, and more manly.”

       Xi Feng didn’t know if he should be happy to hear this comment, but he could only smile and say, “Thank you.”

       He came out of the elevator and walked towards He Yunsheng’s office. Before this trip, Xi Feng went to visit He Yunsheng’s mother and brought some health gifts over, mainly to check on her recovery.

       The old lady heard that Xi Feng was coming here and asked him to bring He Yunsheng some pot-stewed dish that she made herself. She said that He Yunsheng liked to eat it since he was a child, but it was a pity that she didn’t have a chance to get it for him when he came back last time.

       At this time, Xi Feng was carrying a plastic bag with a few bags of lou mei1Lou mei is the Cantonese name given to dishes made by braising in a sauce known as a master stock or lou sauce. in a vacuum packaging bag, which he brought over to He Yunsheng.

       He Yunsheng and their department had just finished a short meeting and was now going back to work at their own desks, so when Xi Feng came in, no one was paying attention to him, so he went straight to He Yunsheng’s small office.

  He Yunsheng was pressing a calculator with his head down and a large report in front of him, he only noticed a tall figure appearing at the office door and thought it was another young man in the department. He looked up before he could open his mouth and saw clearly that the person coming was Xi Feng.

  Xi Feng asked, “Are you busy?”

  Because Xi Feng helped him so much last time, He Yunsheng immediately stood up and said, “Why are you back?” In fact, he knew that Xi Feng was back. He heard two girls talking in the elevator at noon. At this time, he was just pretending to be surprised.

  Xi Feng said, “Ah, I’m back to report to work.” After that, he raised the plastic bag in his hand, “I also brought you something by the way.”

  He Yunsheng thought it was a gift Xi Feng brought for himself, and said quickly, “Why are you so formal? How can I be so shameful to accept your kindness?”

  Xi Feng smiled, walked into his office, put a plastic bag in the only space on the edge of his desk, and said, “I didn’t bring you anything special. It was Auntie and her old man who asked me to bring you something. “

  He Yunsheng opened the bag and saw the vacuumed bags of lou mei inside. He immediately understood it, and couldn’t help but laugh a little, “My mother really, she didn’t have to ask you to bring me these.”

  In fact, Xi Feng hinted that the old lady needed to bring He Yunsheng something. So she thought about it and said that she might just bring some braised beef or pig’s feet. If it weren’t for these things, Xi Feng would look too wilful when he came specifically to find He Yunsheng.

  He Yunsheng still feels uncomfortable, he said, “I really caused you trouble.”

  ”Why are you so polite?” Xi Feng thought that the more trouble the better, and he certainly wouldn’t mind. He said, “I went to visit Auntie specifically, and her leg is recovering well. You don’t have to worry.”

  He Yunsheng could only say, “Thank you.”

  Xi Feng went to look at the plastic bag and said, “Auntie’s cooking skill must be very good, it’s a pity that I haven’t had the chance to eat her hand-marinated beef.”

  He Yunsheng also stared at the beef in the bag and suddenly realized Xi Feng’s intentions. He raised his eyes slightly but quickly glanced at the other person. He didn’t even see Xi Feng’s face, only the tie on his neck. After that, he withdrew his gaze, and gently stroked the edge of the plastic bag with his fingers, saying, “I’ll treat you to it when I have the chance in the next two days.”

  Xi Feng’s smile looked calm as he said, “I’m not going back until next week.”

  He Yunsheng had to say, “I’ll see when it’s convenient, and then I will buy some other dishes and invite a few friends together.”

  Xi Feng tapped his fingers on the edge of the trousers twice, and quickly replied, “No problem.”

  After saying this, Xi Feng received a phone call from his peers’ superiors, so he said goodbye to He Yunsheng and said he had to get busy with his work.

  He Yunsheng nodded, “Go ahead and do your work.”

  Xi Feng came back from this trip with a full schedule.

  The next night, several colleagues from the same department who had a good relationship with him asked him to go out in the evening, first for dinner and then to a bar.

  Xi Feng was dizzy after drinking wine. He wanted to tell everyone how well he had been in the new branch in the past six months. When the words came to his lips, he realized that it was not good and swallowed it back.

  In fact, men are very childish, and men at the drinking table are even more childish. Even if you are in your 40s or 50s, after you have a few glasses of wine in your stomach, the most important thing is to brag. What you know, others don’t know, what others don’t know, you know, and what you can do, others can’t do it.

  In “The Analects of Confucius”, it is said that men in their thirties are often like children. At best, he has just started a family and has children and is forced to take the first step towards maturity.

  In a sense, Xi Feng was also forced to mature, but he himself was willing. Because he has a goal, whether it is a successful career or a happy relationship, he needs to establish a mature mentality before he can gradually reach it.

  As he returned this time, the words Xi Feng heard the most was, “You are not like you anymore.”

  But in this society, who can really live a lifetime wilfully and throw the mess to others to clean up?

  Everyone drank too much wine, and in the end, Xi Feng was the most sober person. He helped each of his friends get a taxi, and helped them to get inside. When he finally left by himself, he noticed that the bar they were drinking at was opposite the gay bar that He Yunsheng had taken him to once.

  Xi Feng stared at the sign and withdrew the hand that originally wanted to stop a taxi. He was feeling a little impulsive and wanted to go in and take a look.

  Before he could move his feet, Xi Feng saw two men walking out of the bar across the street with their arms around each other. One of them was pale and tender and looked very young, and the other man had seen him twice. Each time with He Yunsheng, and even now Xi Feng still remembers his Cadillac.

  He Yunsheng said that he has a boyfriend. For a long time, Xi Feng suspected that He Yunsheng was talking about this man.

  But now, the two men on the opposite side were close to each other. They waited for a taxi on the side of the road and leaned on their shoulders to get into the car. Xi Feng only saw another man chasing out from inside, and handed them something, like a cell phone.

  Then two people got in the car and left.

  Xi Feng stopped hesitating and walked towards the man standing on the opposite side of the road. Xi Feng also knows this person. He is Cong Yu, the owner of the bar. He Yunsheng said that his boyfriend was introduced by Cong Yu. He found himself remembering every word He Yunsheng said very clearly.

  Cong Yu also noticed Xi Feng walking straight towards him. He frowned slightly, then remembered who Xi Feng was, and smiled, “Long time no see.”

  Xi Feng also smiled. He walked across the street and stood in front of Cong Yu and said, “You still remember me, huh?”

  Cong Yu pointed to his head, “If it’s a handsome man, I remember.”

  Xi Feng said, “I was transferred to another branch and am not in this city anymore.”

  Cong Yu nodded, “No wonder, I never saw you come with Yunsheng after that.”

  Xi Feng asked him, “Does He Yunsheng still come often?”

  Cong Yu denied, “No, he is busy at work. It’s already good if he can come once in a month or two.”

  Xi Feng said, “Is it because he is busy at work that it seems that he still doesn’t have time to be in a relationship?”

  Cong Yu smiled when he heard the words, “It’s not necessarily because he’s busy at work that he’s not in a relationship, maybe he still has obstacles in his heart.”

  For the past six months, Xi Feng has been faintly suspecting that He Yunsheng is lying to him. Today, he finally got the truth out of Cong Yu’s mouth. Where did He Yunsheng’s boyfriend come from? It was just a fabrication to get rid of him completely.

  Xi Feng didn’t know for a while if he should be happy about it.

  He smiled bitterly and asked Cong Yu, “The man just now, I used to think he was Yunsheng’s boyfriend.”

  Cong Yu raised his head and looked in the direction where the two people left. “No, but Cheng Lei and Yunsheng have a very good relationship. They’re known to be friends for many years. That little boyfriend of his, to this day, will still be jealous of Yunsheng, suspecting that the two of them have an affair.”

  ”That’s really not the case?” Xi Feng asked.

  Cong Yu looked at him, “I really don’t know, He Yunsheng is quite attractive anyway. Cheng Lei’s boyfriend is less than twenty years old, and keeps a close eye on him.”

  After saying this, Cong Yu asked Xi Feng, “Would you like to go in for a drink?”

  Xi Feng replied, “It’s too late today, let’s do it some other time when I have a chance to come with Yunsheng.”

  Cong Yu nodded, “My pleasure.”

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Chapter 20

       Xi Feng got up in a hurry and didn’t even have time to eat breakfast. He took a taxi to the Qingya neighborhood on Wutong Road. According to the detailed address given to him by He Yunsheng, he found the door of the room where He Yunsheng’s mother lived. He was worried and pressed the doorbell with some urgency. After a while, he heard a ringing inside. But it took a long time for someone to open the door for him.

       He Yunsheng’s mother is in her fifties. She has a daughter who is studying abroad at a university, and her husband who had gone abroad with her work unit for inspection and won’t be able to come back next week. She accidentally fell at home alone, and her left leg was so painful that she couldn’t stand up. She didn’t dare to move carelessly, estimating that she had broken a bone.

       After hesitating, she chose to call her son in another place. He Yunsheng was too far away and couldn’t rush over immediately. At this time, the only person left to turn to is Xi Feng.

       The old lady dragged one leg to open the door for him with difficulty. Xi Feng briefly introduced himself, turned around and carried the old lady, and went downstairs and sent her to the hospital.

       When they went to the emergency room at the hospital, Xi Feng checked and paid for the admission fee to the hospital. Xi Feng ran back and forth, carrying her on his back. He didn’t complain and even paid for the hospitalization expenses first.

       Before she was sent to the ward, all the necessary examinations were completed, and she just needed to wait for the operation tomorrow. Xi Feng finally had time to sit down and take a sip of water.

       The old lady sat on the hospital bed and looked at him, and said, “Thank you so much, so are you just Yunsheng’s colleague?”

       Xi Feng was stunned when he heard this, and he wondered what the old lady meant. But in the end, he was still uncertain and said, “We are good friends.”

       The old lady nodded, “Oh, thank you, otherwise, an old lady like mine doesn’t know what to do at home.” It was probably after experiencing these things today, her tone was unconsciously sad.

       Xi Feng sat on the chair next to the hospital bed, leaned forward, and clasped her hands. He smiled and said, “Auntie, I will leave you my phone number. If something happens in the future, you don’t need to call Yunsheng. You can just call me directly.”

       The old lady also smiled gently, “You are really too nice.”

       She repeated these words no less than ten times today, and Xi Feng began to feel embarrassed after hearing them multiple times.

       By three o’clock in the afternoon, He Yunsheng had already hurriedly flown to Chongfeng City, dragged his suitcase in his hand, and took a taxi directly to the hospital. When he arrived at the ward, Xi Feng was chatting with the old lady while peeling an apple for her with a knife.

       Just after an apple was cut, He Yunsheng walked to the door of the ward hurriedly, he was panting slightly, and said, “Mom, how are you doing?”

       Xi Feng turned his head to look at him. It’s been almost half a year since he last saw him. He Yunsheng seems to have not changed at all, but he didn’t know if he had lost weight from how he remembered him in his heart. He always felt that he seemed to be thinner.

       “You are here?” Xi Feng stood up from the hospital bed and handed the freshly cut apple in front of He Yunsheng subconsciously, “Did you have a hard time on the road? Would you like to have an apple?”

       He Yunsheng was stunned, and said, “No need, you can eat it.”

       Xi Feng stared at the apple, and suddenly remembered who he had cut the apple for, and wanted to turn around and pass it to the old lady, but seeing that she was a little emotional, he cautiously placed the apple on the cup on the bedside table.

       The old lady repeated what happened at home today to He Yunsheng again.

       Xi Feng pulled the chair behind He Yunsheng to let him sit, and went to the bathroom to wash his hands. After washing for a while, He Yunsheng who was already waiting at the bathroom door and called out to him, saying, “Thank you.”

       When facing He Yunsheng, Xi Feng was obviously not as comfortable as he was with the old lady. He tried hard to make his words and behaviors not look too deliberate. He wiped the water on his other hand with his still wet fingers and said, “Don’t mention it. Auntie has been thanking me today.”

       He Yunsheng said, “The incident happened suddenly, and I have no other friends here. I can only call you.”

       In his heart, Xi Feng wanted to say: I couldn’t be happier. But he said, “It’s not a problem. From now on, Auntie will call me directly if anything happens. So you don’t need to rush over if you’re busy.”

       He Yunsheng asked him, “Did you pay for my mother’s hospitalization fee?”

       Xi Feng said, “There’s no rush on this. Let’s wait for a couple of days for your aunt’s condition to stabilize, she’ll be scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning.”

       He Yunsheng also felt that there was no need to pay back the money in a hurry. He just nodded and said, “I have trouble you so much today, so when I have time in a few days, I’ll have to treat you to dinner to thank you properly.”

       Xi Feng said without much sincerity, “You don’t need to be so formal.” But he thought he would definitely go for this meal with He Yunsheng.

       He Yunsheng looked at him and smiled, “I did what I was supposed to do.”

       Xi Feng couldn’t help but look closely at his face, but didn’t dare to be too presumptuous, and asked, “Did you take a leave to come here?”

       He Yunsheng replied, “I will ask for leave next week.”

       Xi Feng then asked, “Do you plan to stay in the hospital tonight?”

       He Yunsheng nodded, “Definitely.”

       Xi Feng asked in a low voice, “Do you need my help?”

       He Yunsheng said, “No, it must’ve been hard for you today. Why don’t you go back and rest early?”

       “What about you?” Xi Feng asked tentatively, “Are you going to accompany her at the hospital in the next few days? Isn’t it too hard?”

       He Yunsheng turned his head and looked inside. From this angle, the old lady lying on the outer hospital bed could not see the two of them. The TV was on, and they should not be able to hear them clearly. He said, “I’ll think about it again at least until the surgery is done tomorrow.”

       Xi Feng said, “Why don’t you hire a caregiver? Find a woman to accompany your mother. Someone you can switch with during the day and night, so you can take some rest as well.”

       He Yunsheng said to him, “Let’s talk about it later, there’s no hurry.”

       Xi Feng had to say yes.

       He Yunsheng said to him again, “Go back and rest.”

       Xi Feng wanted to stay with him for a little longer, but there was no good excuse. So he could only nod his head and say, “I’ll go back first, and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

       He Yunsheng neither conceded nor refused.

       Xi Feng returned to the ward to say goodbye to the old lady and then left the hospital with his cell phone and wallet in his pocket.

       Even though he was thinking of He Yunsheng all night, Xi Feng held back from contacting him. But he went back to the hospital the next morning, bought some fruit and milk, and brought two small cakes for He Yunsheng.

       When he arrived, the old lady had already started the operation. He Yunsheng was waiting outside the operating room by himself. Xi Feng put the things in the ward and only took out two small cakes for He Yunsheng to eat.

       He Yunsheng glanced at the delicate cake and didn’t have the heart to refuse, so he accepted it.

       The old lady’s operation went smoothly. After she finished the operation, He Yunsheng called her daughter who was in college. The young girl was so anxious that she immediately had to take time off from school to come back.

       In the afternoon, Xi Feng said to He Yunsheng, “I’ll stay here and watch Auntie. You go back and take a shower and get some sleep.”

       He Yunsheng did not speak.

       Xi Feng asked him again, “Do you have a place to stay? Have you booked a hotel?”

       He Yunsheng said, “I haven’t had a chance yet.”

       Xi Feng’s thoughts moved slightly and said, “Our company has a partner hotel. So I’ll call and book a room for you directly, so you don’t have to go out and look for it blindly.”

       “Is it okay?” He Yunsheng asked.

       Xi Feng said, “Of course it’s okay.” Then he went and made a call to book a room for He Yunsheng at a partner hotel near the company.

       He Yunsheng didn’t want to trouble Xi Feng to stay in the hospital to take care of his mother. Instead, he inquired in the hospital and hired a professional nursing worker to take care of her temporarily. He has been in the hospital for so long since yesterday. As Xi Feng said, he also wants to find a place to take a break and take a bath and change clothes.

       But he was still not at ease. He waited in the hospital until the evening. The old lady’s situation has stabilized, and today’s infusion was also done. She lay on the bed and asked He Yunsheng to go back and rest. Then He Yunsheng followed Xi Feng to leave the hospital and go to the hotel for repairs.

       He had been persuading Xi Feng to go back all afternoon. There was no need to accompany him in the hospital, but Xi Feng refused to leave. In the evening, they came out of the hospital and ate something casually on the road, and Xi Feng drove He Yunsheng to the hotel.

       When standing at the entrance of the hotel, Xi Feng hesitated and did not offer to follow him in. He now understood what it means to stop, and he is always afraid that He Yunsheng will be scared if he is too eager.

       So he asked He Yunsheng, “Do you want me to accompany you to the hospital later?”

       He Yunsheng shook his head, “No need really, thank you very much already.”

       Xi Feng didn’t want to hear him say thank you. He put his hands in his pants pockets, looked at him for a while, and said, “Then I’ll leave first, I have to work tomorrow, so I can only visit my aunt in the hospital at night.”

       He Yunsheng said, “You are busy with your stuff. My mother’s situation is very stable. There is no need to waste time coming every day. After two days, I will arrange to invite you to dinner. “

       Xi Feng nodded earnestly, “Okay.”

       Two days later, He Yunsheng’s sister rushed back from school, and his stepfather also came back from abroad with the inspection group. He arranged the affairs here and was about to go back.

       Before leaving, He Yunsheng invited Xi Feng to have a meal.

       For this meal, He Yunsheng specially found a Japanese restaurant with a good environment and expensive price. The two sat down face to face. The first thing He Yunsheng did was to solemnly thank him.

       Xi Feng looked at He Yunsheng and said, “If you say thank you again, then I will leave.”

       He Yunsheng smiled when he heard the words. He felt that Xi Feng’s changes were very obvious, mainly in the aspect of being a man, which made him feel that the Xi Feng now was a little bit unlike the original Xi Feng.

       In fact, Xi Feng is still the Xi Feng he used to know. He has his own views on things, but he is no longer blunt. He has experienced a failed relationship and knows that when you cry for candy and no one will give it to you, you should act like an adult and make your own money to buy candy to eat.

       He Yunsheng is also a reasonable person. He asked about Xi Feng’s work here in an ordinary manner and talked to him about the company’s situation, personnel changes, and market changes after Xi Feng left. He just doesn’t mention the grievances between the two people in the past.

       In the end, He Yunsheng asked Xi Feng for the bank account number and said that after he went back, he would return all the expenses that Xi Feng had paid him.

       Xi Feng also only said one sentence, “Okay.”

       When he came out of the Japanese restaurant, He Yunsheng felt that it was a bit cold outside and raised his hand to put on his coat. A leather purse in his coat pocket slipped out and fell on the sidewalk. He immediately bent down to pick it up.

       He saw a car driving close to the edge of the road, very close to He Yunsheng. He subconsciously stepped forward, with one hand around He Yunsheng’s waist, and one hand on his chest to pull him back a step. He resisted the urge to shout at the driver, and just asked, “Is everything okay?”

       Their bodies are still close to each other. When Xi Feng speaks, He Yunsheng’s back can feel the vibration of his chest. In addition, his hands and chest were warm and strong, giving the illusion that his embrace was the safest place in the world.

       He Yunsheng wanted to get rid of this illusion. Xi Feng immediately released his hand, bent down to help him pick up the purse, and handed it to him, saying, “The driver over here drives wilder.”

       “Thank you,” He Yunsheng took it and thanked him.

       Xi Feng suddenly asked him, “Are you getting along well with your boyfriend?” He had been holding this question in for the whole night, and couldn’t help asking it before they separated.

       He Yunsheng lowered his head and rubbed the dust on the purse with his fingers, and said, “We’re fine.”

       Xi Feng made a joke, “It seems that I still have no chance.” Although it sounds like a joke, the deep loss in his tone almost can’t be concealed and diffused.

       He Yunsheng was strangled by this loss in an instant. He had to clear his throat. When he wanted to speak, he heard Xi Feng say, “Go back, I’ll send you off.”

       What happened just now was lightly dismissed, as if the joke was just a joke, and the loss was not really a loss.

       He Yunsheng said, “No need.”

       Xi Feng told him, “My house is very close to the hotel you’re staying at. So we’ll take a car and take you back to the hotel first, and then I’ll go home.”

       He Yunsheng had no reason to refuse, so he nodded.

       When Xi Feng helped him open the car door to invite him into the car, He Yunsheng suddenly realized that Xi Feng gradually began to be in control of the relationship with others, and his request was no longer arrogant, but restrained and measured. So that you can’t refuse, and then he will slowly erode your territory.

       He Yunsheng was in a daze.

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Chapter 19

       The restaurant is not expensive and the dishes are exquisite. At dinner time, guests come and go, surrounded by noisy voices. Xi Feng looked at He Yunsheng on the opposite side and saw him roll up his cuffs and folded his napkins next to him, carefully and delicately.

       Xi Feng felt a little confused for a moment.

  When they first met, he did not think He Yunsheng was like a woman. At best, he was not crude enough. Later, when he knew that he was a homosexual, he suddenly realized that the other party’s meticulousness was actually a feminine expression. Today, he doesn’t think He Yunsheng is like a woman. He was just a gentle and introverted man, who is not crude and doesn’t tolerate things.

       Xi Feng had already ordered the food, and when He Yunsheng sat down, he asked the waiter to serve the food.

       Hot and cold dishes were brought to the table one after another, a total of four dishes and one soup. He Yunsheng looked at the dishes served and said, “There are too many.”

       Xi Feng said, “It’s not much, I have a good appetite.”

       No one moved their chopsticks for a while.

       Xi Feng raised his head and looked at He Yunsheng for a while, and said, “Is it possible that if I take a step back, we can continue to be friends?”

       He Yunsheng answered him, “I’m afraid it’s very difficult, we can be ordinary colleagues, but we can’t be friends anymore.”

       Xi Feng pressed one hand on the edge of the table. He couldn’t help tightening his fingers and swallowed the unwillingness. He had already regressed to this point, and in the end, the other side was not even willing to be friends with him.

       “This trip to the branch office. Develop well.” He Yunsheng said to him.

       Xi Feng pondered for a while, and picked out the words, “I haven’t been to Chongfeng, and I don’t know if I can get used to the life there.”

       “I have been there,” He Yunsheng said, “My mother is over there.”

       Xi Feng was a little surprised and looked at him.

  He Yunsheng’s gaze seemed to look through Xi Feng’s body into the distance, “Remember I told you that she started a new family after my father died? She’s now in Chongfeng City. That’s a nice city, maybe you’ll get used to it soon after you go over there.”

  ”Do you visit her often?” Xi Feng couldn’t help asking.

  He Yunsheng said slowly, “No, her daughter is in college, so if I go there, it will be awkward for the family.”

  Xi Feng suddenly felt disappointed. He originally thought that if He Yunsheng would visit his mother often, maybe they would have the opportunity to meet again.

  He Yunsheng didn’t know if Xi Feng could see through his thoughts, and he just said, “So feeling like this will fade away after a long time apart.”

  Xi Feng understood this truth in his heart.

  He Yunsheng hesitated. He had something to say to Xi Feng, but he didn’t know if it was appropriate to say it, so he fell silent and ate some dishes first.

  Xi Feng thoughtfully helped him scoop a bowl of soup, and then he wanted to help him with vegetables.

  He Yunsheng politely refused, and said to him, “Xi Feng, if you meet a suitable girl after you move, it’s not bad to consider it.”

  Xi Feng was stunned, and asked him, “Do you doubt what I said before?”

  He Yunsheng shook his head, “I just hope you don’t make a fool of yourself, you’re straight, don’t go further and further down this road, it’s a road with no end in sight. People who take this road either look back and choose another path or just die of exhaustion on the road.”

  Xi Feng knew that He Yunsheng would not look back, and he wanted to accompany him on this road, but the other party didn’t accept it. He couldn’t help asking, “Why am I still straight? I’m already bent, aren’t I?”

  He Yunsheng smiled this time, “The body can’t deceive people. You still react to the female body, right?”

  Xi Feng couldn’t refute, he thought he might be bisexual.

  He Yunsheng said, “As long as you can accept women, you will always take the road of getting married and having children. So there is no need to come round the bend and waste your time now.”

  Xi Feng listened quietly, and after a long time asked him, “Are you and your boyfriend happy?”

  He Yunsheng looked at him and said, “Very happy, I think we can have a chance to go to the end, so you don’t have to worry about me. Go live your own life.”

  Xi Feng took a deep breath, lowered his eyes, and said in a deep voice, “I’m really sorry that I have caused you so much trouble for so long.”

  He Yunsheng smiled, “I wish you good luck in the future.”

  This was the last meal that Xi Feng had with He Yunsheng before he left, and neither of them had contact until he left.

  However, He Yunsheng has always been in Xi Feng’s WeChat friends. He Yunsheng never posts to Moments, but whenever Xi Feng posts, he also knows that He Yunsheng will watch it, although He Yunsheng never responded or gave him a thumbs up.

  A new beginning in a new city.

  The company gave Xi Feng time to rent a house two days in advance. The house price in Chongfeng City is not expensive, so he simply rented the house near the company. A small apartment, enough for him to live alone.

  In the first three months after his arrival, Xi Feng felt deeply what it means to devote oneself to work, and his daily work schedule was very full. The new leader is also a young man, full of enthusiasm, and constantly inspires and motivates them. Of course, every effort he makes has also reaped enough returns.

  Unlike in the past, Xi Feng really wants to develop his career this time and has changed all of his bad habits that he used to do so carelessly. Both his colleagues and the leaders have a very high opinion of him.

  Such high-intensity and busy work did not allow him time to look back to grieve for a broken relationship. Only in the middle of the night when he was lying in bed, he would think of He Yunsheng, but he would soon be overwhelmed by drowsiness and fall into his sleep tiredly.

  Three months later, the work in the new company began to gradually get on track, but Xi Feng did not relax. He still devoted most of his energy to work and even went to a training class for a short weekend to conduct business related training.

  Xi Feng himself didn’t even realize that he was quite charming when he focused on his work.

  The branch has recruited many new employees here, and many new female colleagues have praised Xi Feng for his commitment and sense of responsibility. He is young and handsome, and very popular.

  Xi Feng spent his 26th birthday here alone. He was still working overtime that day. After work, he walked back to the rental house. On the road, he saw a cake shop with a ready-made birthday cake that was not sold, so he thought about it and bought the cake for himself.

  When he got home, Xi Feng sat on the living room sofa and put the candles into the cake. The small candles that came with the cake were not enough for 26 candles, so he put only one candle in the middle, lit it and took a picture with his phone, and sent it to his circle of friends. He wrote: Happy birthday, one’s 26th year.

  After sending the post, Xi Feng blew out the candles, cut the cake with a knife, and ate a small icing, and felt tired. So he had to put the remaining cake back into the box and put it in the refrigerator.

  After eating the cake, his mother called him, talked to him about his current situation, and finally said that she wished him a happy birthday.

  After the call, Xi Feng went to take a shower. After the shower, he turned on the TV and lay on the sofa, and began to look through the messages in Moments.

  There are already more than 20 messages under his cake photo, all of them wishing him a happy birthday. He hastily turned over and suddenly found He Yunsheng’s name in the comments. He Yunsheng also left him only two words: Happy Birthday.

  But at that moment, Xi Feng suddenly hugged his phone and rolled over on the sofa happily. He couldn’t contain his excitement. He first clicked on He Yunsheng’s comment to reply. He typed a bunch of words and wanted to say that it was lonely to celebrate his birthday alone. He also wanted to say that he’s been busy at work now, and only has time to celebrate my birthday so late. But he deleted all the words at the end, leaving only two words: Thank you.

  After replying, he locked the phone screen and threw it aside, grabbed the remote control to the TV and pointed it at the TV and changed the channel randomly. After less than two minutes, he picked up his phone again to see that the comments on his circle of friends were still increasing, but after he replied to He Yunsheng with the phrase thank you, the other party did not reply again.


  Xi Feng wondered in a daze, what else do you want the other party to reply? There was nothing else to say.

  It’s just that his mood is constantly fluctuating. He raised his hand to cover his face, thinking that didn’t they say all feelings will fade with the passage of time, but why did it fade so slowly this time? This thick and colorful stroke was directly painted on his heart. At this time, a handful of clear water was splashed on and slowly dripped down. But in the end, the stroke remained there, still as beautiful as new.

  After his 26th birthday, Xi Feng was somewhat starting to get restless. But after all he was too far away, even if he had a desire, it was difficult to move. He also had difficulty in judging whether or not he should do it.

  It’s just that Xi Feng didn’t expect it, that the turning point of things happened on one Saturday morning. He stayed up late last night and rushed to a project. When he was sleeping soundly at more than seven o’clock in the morning, he was awakened by the persistent mobile phone ringtone.

  Xi Feng, who was awakened, was a little unhappy, but he quickly grabbed the phone and saw He Yunsheng’s name.

  All the sleepiness disappeared instantly, he sat up all of a sudden, the quilt slipped down to reveal a strong upper body. He cleared his throat, picked up the phone, and answered in a low voice, “Hello? He Yunsheng?”

  ”It’s me,” He Yunsheng’s hoarse voice rang out, making Xi Feng feel a little excited, “Am I disturbing you?” He spoke with some anxiety and urgency in his tone.

  Xi Feng realized that he might have something, and quickly replied, “No, what’s the matter?”

  He Yunsheng said, “I don’t know if it’s convenient for you to do me a favor, can you go to the Qingya neighborhood on Wutong Road now? My mother is alone at home and seems to have broken her leg.”

  Xi Feng immediately understood the main point, “Is she alone? Can she get up?  Is there any key?” He decided that he would either call the ambulance and fire department to open the door to save her directly, or to rush over and take them to the hospital first.

  He Yunsheng said, “She should be able to get up, but she can’t walk, I really can’t find anyone else, so I can only call you to trouble you.”

  Xi Feng replied, “No problem, I’ll go over immediately and call you if something happened.”

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Chapter 18

       After Xi Feng went back, he fell ill. He has been healthy since he was a child, and he didn’t even catch a cold when he went swimming in the river in winter. This time, he didn’t know what was going on. The night after getting off the plane, he felt cold and dizzy.

       The next day, he was supposed to go back to the company for work. He woke up in the morning still feeling sore all over, so he called for sick leave.

       From yesterday until now, he hasn’t bought cold medicine, and he always felt that he might get better when he sleeps again.

       He slept until the afternoon. He was wrapped in a quilt and sweated. He felt a little better, and the phone on the bedside suddenly rang.

       Xi Feng grabbed the phone and found that the call was from He Yunsheng. He was a bit excited. When he answered the phone, his hand shook, and he almost dropped his cell phone under the bed. He had no choice but to hold it firmly to his face, and answered nervously, “Hello?”

       He Yunsheng’s voice can be heard, “Are you at home?”

       Xi Feng said quickly, “Yes.”

       He Yunsheng then asked him, “Can you get up in bed?”

       Xi Feng replied, “No problem. It’s not too serious.”

       He Yunsheng said, “Then come and open the door for me.”

       Xi Feng froze for a moment. He suddenly jumped out of the bed, and it was followed by a burst of muscle soreness. He got out of bed and found that he was only wearing a pair of underwear all over his body. He didn’t want He Yunsheng to feel disgusted, so he quickly put on his pajama shirt and pants.

       During this process, he kept moving hurriedly, afraid that He Yunsheng was impatient when waiting and left directly.

       Fortunately, when he trotted to open the door, He Yunsheng was still standing outside.

       He Yunsheng heard his footsteps running out of the bedroom and said, “It seems you are okay.”

       Xi Feng immediately couldn’t help coughing twice, and said to He Yunsheng: “Are you here to see me? Come in and sit down.”

       He Yunsheng had indeed come to see him specifically. When He Yunsheng heard that Xi Feng was sick and did not come to work today, he started to feel a little restless. In fact, he should be a little more ruthless, but he knew that after graduating from college, Xi Feng worked in this city alone, with no relatives or close friends, and recently even no girlfriend.

       It would be inexcusable to say that Xi Feng’s illness had nothing to do with him. Now he is sick and lying at home alone with no one to visit him. It’s too pitiful.

       So after leaving work in the afternoon, He Yunsheng came over. He just wanted to make sure that Xi Feng was still alive, and able to come out of his bed, then he could leave without worry.

  But Xi Feng didn’t want to just let him leave. After seeing He Yunsheng, he felt weak and dizzy, and his voice became hoarse and he even coughed. He invited He Yunsheng to the living room to sit down, and then he held the wall to the kitchen to pour water for He Yunsheng.

       “Stop moving around,” He Yunsheng said, putting the plastic bag he was holding on the coffee table in the living room, “I bought you some cold medicine.”

       Xi Feng raised his hand and pressed his stomach. He said, “I haven’t eaten anything for a day. Maybe I need to eat something to stuff my stomach before I dare to take the medicine.”

       He Yunsheng did not speak.

       Seeing that it was still early, Xi Feng thought that He Yunsheng must have come over as soon as he got off work, so he asked, “Have you eaten? Should I order takeaway to eat together?” He asked cautiously, afraid that He Yunsheng would reject him.

       He Yunsheng who heard the cautious tone and anxiety in his voice sighed secretly, and said, “Okay.”

       Xi Feng ordered takeout with his mobile phone, then sat down on the sofa, looked at He Yunsheng, and said, “I thought you wouldn’t come to see me.”

       He Yunsheng said in his hoarse and low voice, “I was afraid that you would die alone at home.”

       Hearing these words, Xi Feng couldn’t help but feel a little lonely. Usually, it wasn’t so bad, but once he was sick or alone, that lonely feeling would be particularly obvious.

       He Yunsheng continued, “So that’s why I decided to come and take a look.”

       Xi Feng said, “Thank you.”

       It is rare for the two of them to be calm and peaceful. The sick Xi Feng does not have that overbearing forcefulness. He Yunsheng also feels that he can talk to him normally, so he said, “Xi Feng, I still want to say a few words to you.”

       Xi Feng suddenly became nervous. He raised his head and looked around, trying to find something else to interrupt the current conversation, but he couldn’t find anything to avoid the situation.

       He Yunsheng didn’t want him to avoid it, even more said, “This will be the last time. I’m seriously telling you that I don’t have any thoughts about you. I hope you won’t come to pester me in the future.”

       Xi Feng lowered his head and did not answer.

       He Yunsheng added, “I’m in a relationship.”

       When Xi Feng heard these words, he looked up at him in shock.

       He Yunsheng’s expression was still very calm, “We came back yesterday. After getting off the plane, I went to see my friend. He confessed to me and I agreed.”

       “Who is it?” Xi Feng couldn’t help asking.

       He Yunsheng said, “You don’t know him, I was introduced to him by Cong Yu. We have been seeing each other occasionally before. We just confirmed our relationship last night.”

       Xi Feng didn’t know how his expression was, but he believed that his face must looked very bad because He Yunsheng frowned slightly when he looked at him as if he was a little worried.

       The more he talked, the more He Yunsheng seemed to annoy him. Xi Feng knew in his heart, but he couldn’t restrain his impulse. He asked, “Do you love him?”

       Since He Yunsheng started this topic, he was mentally prepared, and he replied, “I like him.”

       Xi Feng wanted to find some evidence in his words to comfort himself and said, “Then it’s not love.”

       He Yunsheng said, “But I like to be with him, at least I’m not bothered by him.”

       Yes, his own existence even bothered He Yunsheng. Xi Feng thought to himself, what confidence does he have to care about whether He Yunsheng is enough to love that person?

       At that moment, Xi Feng suddenly felt that the bridge of his nose felt sore and his eyes were a bit painful. He thought this must be because he had a cold. His nose kept running, and now his eyes were hot and he was about to shed tears. It’s not the first time that he was heartbroken. He has been rejected by a girl he likes more than once. Every time he has experienced pain but recovers quickly. It’s the same this time. No matter what happens, it will pass, and he will get better slowly, and then he can consider the next relationship. He won’t cry for this kind of thing.

       He said to He Yunsheng, “I wish you happiness.”

       He Yunsheng nodded, “Thank you.”

       The takeaway was delivered. The warm scene of two people having dinner together that Xi Feng had expected became silent and bitter. He Yunsheng also answered a phone call during dinner, probably because he had an appointment with someone else at night.

       Xi Feng held back this time and didn’t ask him who he was. After the meal, he quietly packed up the lunch box and put it in the plastic bag.

       He Yunsheng stood up and threw the lunch box away when he was ready to leave. He walked to the door of the room, hesitated, and turned back to Xi Feng and said, “Take your medicine and call me if things get bad at night.”

       Xi Feng stood in the living room, nodded slightly, and said, “Okay.”

  When He Yunsheng left, Xi Feng poured a cup of warm water, counted the pills, and ate according to the instructions. He sat in the living room in a daze for a while and felt that the effect of the cold medicine was starting to take effect, and he became drowsy again, so he got up and went back to the bedroom. He lay down and continued to sleep.

       After all, he has good health. After taking cold medicine and sleeping one night, Xi Feng was no longer dizzy and weak the next morning. He only had a runny nose, but his whole spirit had completely recovered.

  He didn’t meet He Yunsheng when he went back to work, and he didn’t meet him for the next week. However, another thing came up. The head of the human resource department talked to him and said that the company wanted to transfer him to the branch in Chongfeng City, and asked his personal opinion.

       Xi Feng sat in the human resources office, and for a moment he felt that the air conditioner was fully turned on. He pulled his tie, and after a reaction time of about five seconds, he replied, “I don’t think there is a problem.”

       This is not his hometown. He had no relatives, no friends, no lovers, and only some painful memories. He could not think of any reason why he had to insist on staying.

  He knew that the company attaches great importance to the business development of Chongfeng City. The young people who have moved the past are all young people who want to work hard in the past to create a new sky. At that time, he would be more tired, but his life would become more meaningful.

       After making this decision, Xi Feng mustered up the courage to make a phone call to He Yunsheng, wanting to invite him to have one last meal before leaving the city.

       He Yunsheng agreed.

  The place where Xi Feng invited him to eat was the Chinese restaurant where the two of them ate for the first time. Xi Feng went to the restaurant first that afternoon. He even remembered the window seat where he and He Yunsheng were sitting, so he went over and sat down, staring at the empty chair across from him.

       There seems to be a feeling like a world away.

  He Yunsheng had worked overtime because of his work and came in a hurry after finishing the things in his hand. He noticed Xi Feng as soon as he came in and said while walking towards him, “Sorry, I was in a hurry to catch up with a report just now, so I was half an hour late.”

       Xi Feng smiled at He Yunsheng and said, “It’s okay, please sit down.”

       He Yunsheng sat down, tidied his hair and glasses, and then asked Xi Feng, “I heard you are going to Chongfeng City?”

       Xi Feng nodded once and spoke in a solemn tone, “I’m leaving here.”

Idk what to feel… 

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Chapter 17

       It was already quite late at this time. He Yunsheng contacted the other party, saying that the agreed address was on the other side of the building, and it would take him a few minutes to walk from here.

       Although it couldn’t be helped, they had to complete the errands for the deputy manager well. He Yunsheng and Xi Feng spent a few minutes walking around to the left side of the building to get the document across the street.

       “Thank you,” He Yunsheng thanked him.

       The man, who probably lived nearby, said you’re welcome, and turned away.

       He Yunsheng took the document, but didn’t read it, and went back to the road to take a taxi.

       This road is a bit more remote than the road where they got off just now, and they didn’t see a taxi for a minute or two.

       Xi Feng said, “How about I call DiDi1app-based transportation company like Uber”

       He Yunsheng looked at him and did not object. He took out his mobile phone and called the deputy manager first, telling him that he had gotten the document.

       Xi Feng lowered his head to look for the taxi app on his phone, and suddenly heard the sound of a motorcycle coming from the street. He subconsciously raised his head to look.

       He saw a motorcycle coming from the left. The lights were a little strong, and he had to squint his eyes.

  In the next moment, the motorcycle drove in front of them, very close to the side of the road. At this time, Xi Feng saw two people on the motorcycle and wondered why they were so close to the street. He then saw the person sitting in the back of the motorcycle reach out and grab He Yunsheng’s cell phone.

  He Yunsheng just finished the call, and the phone had not yet been put down from his ear. He didn’t hold it too tightly, and the other party easily jerked the phone out of his hand.

       He immediately let out a cry of surprise.

       And Xi Feng reacted very quickly. He put his phone in his trouser pocket and chased after the motorcycle.

  Just now, the person on the motorcycle slowed down just to grab the mobile phone, and by this time they have not sped up yet. Xi Feng lunged forward and actually caught the motorcycle’s tail, was dragged forward a few steps, and then he pushed hard to the side and knocked the motorcycle down.

       The man sitting in the back seat who grabbed the phone jumped off when the motorcycle fell, rolled on the ground, quickly got up, and ran to the side, and Xi Feng immediately followed suit.

       He Yunsheng was frightened and yelled, “Xi Feng! Forget it!” The mobile phone is not that important, and if something goes wrong, it will be bad.

       Xi Feng didn’t stop. He quickened his pace and ran after the man into an alley.

       The alley was dark and there was no light and no fork in the road.

       The man turned around and saw Xi Feng chasing him, so he simply threw the looted phone to the ground, and then ran forward with a big stride.

       Xi Feng went up and picked up the phone, and then pressed it to see if the screen was broken. He no longer has the idea to continue pursuing.

       He Yunsheng’s mobile phone was not broken, only one corner was slightly dented, and one couldn’t tell if they didn’t look closely.

       Xi Feng grabbed his mobile phone and returned. Just now, when he poked his head out of the alley, he saw He Yunsheng wrestling with a man.

       Xi Feng suddenly shouted, “Hey!” He raised his hand and ran over quickly while pointing at the man.

       The man saw Xi Feng coming, released He Yunsheng, turned, and ran to the motorcycle lying in the middle of the road.

       When Xi Feng watched him bend down to help the motorcycle and wanted to chase him over, He Yunsheng said, “Don’t chase.”

       Xi Feng hesitated. The man had picked up the motorcycle, jumped on it, started the engine, and ran away. He had to give up and came back to He Yunsheng and asked, “Is everything all right?”

       The man wanted to grab his wallet, but Xi Feng came back before he could succeed. He saw that Xi Feng was big and didn’t dare to wrestle with him, so he slashed through the space between He Yunsheng’s thumb and forefinger and took the opportunity to escape.

  At this time, Xi Feng also saw He Yunsheng’s blood on his hands, and he was suddenly anxious and in pain. He regretted letting the person go like this. He also blamed himself for chasing a mobile phone without regard for He Yunsheng’s safety. He felt very angry, and only managed to stifle a sentence, “It’s all my fault!”

       He Yunsheng watched Xi Feng carefully holding his hands, and couldn’t help but look up and look at his face again. His face full of worry indeed did not seem to be fake.

       The wound is not deep, but the injury is on the hand, so it is extraordinarily easy to be touched.

       Xi Feng took He Yunsheng to a nearby pharmacy and bought alcohol gauze to treat his wounds.

       The two of them sat on the chairs outside the pharmacy. The street was very quiet, and there was hardly even a shadow of a pedestrian.

       He Yunsheng watched Xi Feng’s gentle and meticulous movements. He cleaned the wound first and then wrapped it in gauze. He Yunsheng suddenly said, “I haven’t told you something, but I actually have AIDS.”

  Xi Feng’s scalp numb instantly. He threw away He Yunsheng’s hand and got up from the chair. At the same time he stood up, he realized that He Yunsheng was lying. This was impossible. He said, “You lied!”

  He Yunsheng raised his head to look at him. His complexion was a little pale under the fluorescent light, and he said, “Yes, I lied.”

  Xi Feng quickly sat down again. He grabbed He Yunsheng’s hand that he had thrown away just now, took the gauze, and continued to help him wrap the wound, but a layer of fine sweat soon formed on his head. He didn’t believe that He Yunsheng had AIDS; he was just regretting that he threw away his hand too fast. It was a subconscious reaction, and his body reacted faster than his head.

  On the contrary, He Yunsheng relaxed and let him treat the wound for himself.

  In this silence, Xi Feng felt more and more uncomfortable. With some dissatisfaction, he said, “Is it interesting for you to use these kind of words to test me?”

  ”Yes,” He Yunsheng said, “We’re people from two different circles. I have to make sure.”

  ”What’s the point of not being in the same circle? Before marriage, everyone was in two different circles.”

  He Yunsheng shook his head, “It’s not the same. You don’t understand now, but you’ll understand in a few years.”

  Xi Feng grasped his hand tightly, and later he was worried that it would hurt him and let it go. He said, “If you are worried about this, then it is completely unnecessary. I can assure you of that as a man.”

  He Yunsheng stood up and said, “It’s too late, let’s go back.”

  They used a taxi app to call a taxi back to the hotel, and He Yunsheng didn’t say anything to him after that. He tried to find a topic with He Yunsheng, but He Yunsheng did not respond. Even if he deliberately provoked him, He Yunsheng did not respond.

  This made him feel a little powerless and unsure of how to handle this relationship.

  The next day, they officially started to work. They were running around outside all day with a group of several people in a row. Xi Feng didn’t have time to communicate with He Yunsheng privately.

  After returning to the hotel in the evening, everyone met for a short meeting. After returning to the room, He Yunsheng took a shower and rested in bed early.

  On the fourth day, Xi Feng made the deputy manager unhappy because of a mistake and was criticized in front of everyone. He Yunsheng took the initiative to help him with some friendly advice.

  They didn’t arrange the itinerary on the last day. So everyone agreed to sleep and wake up to go directly from the hotel to the airport.

  When Xi Feng woke up in bed, he glanced at his cell phone and found that it was still early. He turned around and saw He Yunsheng on the opposite bed still buried in the quilt motionless. Suddenly he had a thought, he lifted the blanket and got out of bed, stepped on the carpet, and walked to the opposite bed. He lay down, hugging He Yunsheng with the quilt wrapped around him in his arms.

  He Yunsheng woke up immediately, and he began to struggle, but he was not as strong as Xi Feng. Seeing him struggling, Xi Feng simply pressed his whole body on him and threatened, “Don’t move.”

  ”Let go!” He Yunsheng said angrily.

  Xi Feng was a little aggrieved, “I’m just hugging you, and there is still a quilt. Why does it matter!”

  He Yunsheng said, “Do you know what it means to respect someone else?”

  Xi Feng looked down at him, his forehead almost touched He Yunsheng’s forehead, “You are not someone else.”

  He Yunsheng was so angry that he was about to laugh. But he calmed down instead, eased his tone, and said, “Xi Feng, don’t do this.”

  Xi Feng did not say anything, and said, “You spoke for me yesterday.”

  He Yunsheng said in a dull voice, “I would have said the same thing to other people.”

  Xi Feng supported his head with one hand, but still held him firmly with the other hand, “Do you really hate me?”

  He Yunsheng was silent for a while. If he had to say something, he could only say that he did hate it, but now it doesn’t annoy him that much. But it doesn’t mean if he didn’t hate him, he likes him, he just didn’t hate him. He thought for a while and replied to Xi Feng, “I’m bothered by you.”

  Xi Feng is a little hurt. Even if his heart is made of iron, you will still leave traces if you gouge it out with a knife. Not to mention that his heart is not, and his confidence has already collapsed a little bit.

  He said, “If I don’t bother you, can you give me a chance?”

  ”No,” He Yunsheng said bluntly.

  Xi Feng loosened his hand a little, and then hugged him tightly, saying. “You are not too young anymore. Is it easy to find a man to stay with you for the rest of your life? Why don’t you consider me?”

  He Yunsheng responded coldly, “Then I would rather die alone.”

  Xi Feng was stunned.

  He Yunsheng said, “If everyone in the world is dead, would you still want to be with a dog?”

  Xi Feng released his hand.

  He Yunsheng regretted it after saying this. He didn’t want to be so offensive, and he didn’t want to describe Xi Feng like that. But he was really afraid of the other party’s ability to talk about himself. If he doesn’t say it that harshly, then he will keep getting entangled. So he regretted it but closed his lips tightly without changing his mind.

  Xi Feng rolled off his bed and drop back to sit on the edge of his own bed. His head hanging low, and his broad shoulders slumped feebly.

  He was sad and even wanted to cry a little. He didn’t dare to look up when he heard the sound of He Yunsheng getting up. At that moment, he was so emotionally depressed to the point of self-loathing.

  Until the day when he went to the airport, Xi Feng was still shrouded in a deep and depressed mood. He was a little absent-minded when he talked to the deputy manager, and the deputy manager looked at him in disgust.

  After boarding the plane, Xi Feng leaned on the seat and closed his eyes to sleep. The stewardess brought him meals, and he refused.

  He Yunsheng, whose seat was separated from his by a corridor, asked for his meal. But until he got off the plane, Xi Feng did not eat or drink and was in a daze.

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Chapter 16

       They had dinner with several colleagues in the company. As the head of the finance department, He Yunsheng was in charge of all the food, lodging, and transportation on this trip. When he goes back, he will be responsible for the reimbursement to the company.

       Someone suggested that they go for singing after dinner, but the deputy manager was obviously was not interested. He said that everyone must be too tired today and should go singing another day. So the person gave up, and a group of seven people walked back to the hotel from the place where they ate.

       Xi Feng did not find a chance to be alone with He Yunsheng, because on the way back, He Yunsheng was chatting with two female colleagues in the unit, although most of the time it was the two of them talking, and He Yunsheng listened quietly.

       Xi Feng had no choice but to slow down and followed He Yunsheng behind him, secretly looking at his back.

       He Yunsheng never looked back, but he could feel Xi Feng’s attention on him. He still felt uncomfortable in his heart and chatted with his two female colleagues carelessly.

       Back at the hotel, Xi Feng followed He Yunsheng into the room. He reached out his hand and locked the door with a soft click.

       He Yunsheng had just turned on the light in the room and looked back at him.

       Xi Feng inexplicably felt that the sound of the door lock seemed to carry some unusual implications.

       He Yunsheng walked to his suitcase and knelt down to start packing again.

  Xi Feng turned on the TV and sat on the edge of the bed without changing the channel. He glanced at He Yunsheng’s back from time to time and was a little surprised that He Yunsheng seemed to pack things up endlessly. They came over for a business trip and not moving. Why are there so many things to pack? But he can’t ask these questions.

       He Yunsheng finally stood up after packing for so long. He looked at Xi Feng and asked, “Are you going to take a bath? If you are not, I will take a bath first.”

       Xi Feng said, “Go ahead, I’m not in a hurry.”

       He Yunsheng went into the bathroom with his pajama shirt and pants.

       Only then did Xi Feng take off his shoes and lean back with his upper body propped up on the bed with both hands. He moved his neck to relax his body and took a look at the time that suddenly popped up in the upper right corner of the TV. It was already 9:00 pm.

       There was a slight movement from time to time in the bathroom. After ten minutes, Xi Feng heard the sound of the shower nozzle turning on and the sound of the water rushing in the bathtub.

       He stared at the ceiling and somewhat let his imagination run wild.

  He Yunsheng’s white and slightly slender body that he had seen and touched that night appeared before his eyes again. His mind wandered, and this kind of fantasy slowly dissipated as the sound of water continued in the bathroom.

       Xi Feng glanced at the time on the phone. It was already nine fifty. He Yunsheng took a very long bath. In any case, if a man lives too finely, his heart will gradually drift in an abnormal direction. Of course, He Yunsheng was a sissy, and he also admits it. At least, it means that even if he is an older man, he still prefers soft and tender animals.

       He Yunsheng came out of the bathroom after taking a shower for nearly an hour. At first glance, he saw Xi Feng staring at the ceiling in a daze. Without saying anything, he walked to the dressing table and wiped his face with lotion.

       His action was not because he lives an exquisite life, but it was because he has dry skin. After washing his face every day, he habitually wipes his face with lotion; otherwise, it would feel too uncomfortable to even stretch the skin on his face.

       During this process, He Yunsheng saw from the mirror that Xi Feng was looking at him from behind. He felt a little bit annoyed, but he felt it was inconvenient to express it. He only speeded up his movements, wiped his face, and said to Xi Feng, “Go take a bath.”

       Xi Feng said, “Okay.” After all, he was going to stay out for several days. He would pay attention to basic hygiene even if he usually doesn’t. Before going to the bathroom, he grabbed a pair of clean underwear and went in.

       The bathroom was still filled with water mist, mixed with the sweet fragrance of shower gel, which he smelled from He Yunsheng when He Yunsheng passed by just now.

       He reached out to close the door when he suddenly heard He Yunsheng’s phone ring.

       The phone only rang once, and He Yunsheng quickly picked up the phone and said, “Hello? Deputy manager?”

       Xi Feng’s action of closing the door slowed down, leaning his head against the door and quietly listening to his call.

       “Now?” He Yunsheng seemed a little surprised but quickly said, “Okay, just send me the address.”

       Xi Feng instantly thought of some strange things, but he himself quickly denied this imagination.

       He Yunsheng was still on the phone. He said, “Okay, I’ll go right away.” Then he hung up.

  Xi Feng stood at the door and thought for a while, reminiscing about the content of the call just now. It sounds like the deputy manager tells He Yunsheng to go out at night. At the thought of this, he couldn’t help it and stretched out his hand to open the bathroom door and walked outside.

       When he returned to the room, He Yunsheng had changed his clothes. He was sitting on the bed and was changing his pants. As he took off half of his pajama pants, his two white thighs were revealed. Seeing Xi Feng suddenly come out, He Yunsheng subconsciously wanted to cover himself.

       When Xi Feng saw it, he could only pretend not to see it and forced his gaze to stay on He Yunsheng’s face, “You’re going out this late?”

  He Yunsheng gritted his teeth and moved quickly to take off his pajamas and put on his trousers. He stood up and pulled the zippers and buttons and said, “The deputy manager asked me to get a copy of the information for him. It might be useful for the expo tomorrow.”

  ”Where to get them?” Xi Feng asked again.

  He Yunsheng bent over and grabbed the phone on the bed and saw that the deputy manager had already sent him the address, then said, “It’s in the city. I’ll take a taxi there.”

  Xi Feng said immediately, “I will accompany you.”

  He Yunsheng refused without even thinking, “No need.”

  Xi Feng saw that He Yunsheng had already begun to put on socks. He quickly went back to the bed and put on his shoes and socks.

  He Yunsheng stood up, took the wallet and room card and put it in his pocket, and said: “It’s really not necessary. You can stay and rest early.” After that, he walked outside.

  Xi Feng hurriedly chased after him and closed the door hard, and grabbed He Yunsheng’s arm in the corridor.

  ”Let go!” He Yunsheng disliked Xi Feng’s completely unreasonable and unyielding attitude very much.

  Xi Feng immediately let go but did not stop and followed He Yunsheng to the front of the elevator, “I’m going with you, I’m worried about you going out alone at this late.”

  He Yunsheng pressed the elevator and coldly replied, “You’re sick!”

  Xi Feng raised his hand and touched his chest, and said, “Yeah, it’s probably lovesickness.”

  The moment He Yunsheng heard these words, He Yunsheng couldn’t help but want to raise his hand and hold his chest. He felt that he was angered as well as disgusted to death by him.

  There was no one in the elevator.

  Two people went in one after the other. Xi Feng reached out and pressed the first floor. When the elevator door slowly closed, He Yunsheng looked at Xi Feng and said, “I recently saw a term on the Internet that is quite apt to describe you.”

  Xi Feng asked with interest, “What?”

  He Yunsheng said, “Straight man cancer1直男癌 [zhí nán ái]: “Straight man cancer”, unpleasant features of men who are chauvinistic, radical, or narrow-minded. For example, such men disregard personal hygiene, explicitly or implicitly despise women, abhor the rich, or blame others only for their own misfortunes..”

  Xi Feng had also heard of this term. He knew that it was not a positive term, but he was not angry about it. He wanted to say that it would not be as serious as “cancer”, and he’s a bit of a macho man at best. Later he hesitated and didn’t say anything for a while. He changed his words and said, “Why is it straight? Isn’t it bent for you?”

  The feeling of tightness in the chest came up again. He Yunsheng forcibly endured it and did not talk to Xi Feng again.

  Coming out of the hotel, He Yunsheng beckoned for a taxi at the roadside.

  He didn’t continue to reject Xi Feng. In fact, he didn’t know how he could refuse because he had already given up on maintaining his dignity, but the other party obviously couldn’t accept it or refused to accept it.

  After getting on the taxi, He Yunsheng read the address to the driver according to the address sent to him by the deputy manager.

  Xi Feng sat beside him and asked, “What is so important about this? Can’t Xiao Zhou or I run the errands?” Xiao Zhou is the other young guy in this line.

  He Yunsheng did not speak but just glanced at his phone from time to time.

  Xi Feng suddenly leaned close to his ear and asked, “Is the deputy manager not at the hotel?”

  He Yunsheng subconsciously wanted to avoid it, but when he heard what Xi Feng said, he turned his head to look at him, “How did you know?”

  Xi Feng said, “I heard him talking on the phone during dinner today, and it seemed to be a woman. Didn’t he refuse to go singing later?”

  He Yunsheng had actually guessed something, but he lowered his voice and said to Xi Feng, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

  Xi Feng smiled, “You are the only one I told to. Don’t worry.”

  He Yunsheng didn’t know what to say, so he looked forward.

  Xi Feng looked at his profile and said, “I know you still care about me.”

  The driver of the car took a look at them from the rearview mirror.

  He Yunsheng keenly caught that look and couldn’t help but move to the side, wanting to be a little farther away from Xi Feng, but Xi Feng refused to let him go and moved his butt along, trying to get himself closer to him.

  After arriving at the destination, Xi Feng took the initiative to pay, and He Yunsheng took the opportunity to pull the door and get out of the car first.

  After Xi Feng paid the driver, he followed him down and saw that this was the outer wall of a residential area. There was only a street light far away, and the surrounding environment was dark, and there were no pedestrians. Across a wide road is a commercial building. The address sent by the deputy manager is opposite the commercial building, but no one was waiting for them here.

  He Yunsheng had already taken out his cell phone to make a call. He contacted the person who wanted to give the document and walked towards the front while making the call.

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Chapter 15

       “No need,” He Yunsheng refused firmly.

       Xi Feng paused for a while and then continued to pour some soup into a small bowl and put it in front of He Yunsheng, “I asked my mother, she said that the broken bones can heal faster with drinking some bone soup to replenish calcium.”

       He Yunsheng looked down at the soup bowl Xi Feng had brought in front of him. He could feel the steam hitting his face, but he still refused, “I don’t want it.”

       None of them refused to give in, and it was a little awkward.

       Xi Feng pulled a chair and sat down next to him. He put the bowl in front of He Yunsheng and said, “Don’t make things difficult. It’s just soup, and I boiled it for a long time yesterday.”

       He Yunsheng looked at Xi Feng, “I’m not going to drink your soup. Take it away.”

       Xi Feng’s expression dimmed, and after a while, he said, “Then just take it and pour it out if you are not going to drink it. It’s useless if you don’t drink it anyway.”

       He Yunsheng sat quietly for a while, stood up and poured the soup in the bowl back into the thermos, and then walked outside with the thermos.

       Xi Feng froze in his seat.

       He Yunsheng carried the thermos to the bathroom.

       At this time, all the colleagues had gone to eat lunch, and the corridor was empty without a single person.

       He Yunsheng actually was not a hard-hearted person. But in front of Xi Feng, he would rather pour out the soup. He could detect the change in Xi Feng’s attitude toward him, and whether the other party was serious or just temporarily interested, He Yunsheng did not intend to accept it.

       Since he didn’t accept it, he mustn’t allow the slightest ambiguity, and he won’t give the other party the slightest hope.

       He poured out the soup in the thermos bucket thoroughly. He took out the bones and threw them in the trash can. He Yunsheng brought the empty thermos bucket back and put it in front of Xi Feng, and said, “It’s emptied. You can go now.”

       Xi Feng’s raised hand shook visibly for a few moments. In the end, he held the handle of the thermos barrel. He took a deep breath and stood up, and said, “Go have lunch, and work again after you’ve eaten.”

       He Yunsheng sat back at his desk and replied, “I know.”

       Xi Feng stood up and walked outside carrying the thermos bucket. He Yunsheng looked at his tall back and somewhat always felt it looked a little lonely.

       Xi Feng put the empty thermos on the desk. He sat quietly and felt uncomfortable after a while. He then took the thermos to the bathroom to clean it. In the end, there was oil in the thermos, and after washing for a long time, he stained his hand with oil. He simply squeezed a lot of hand soap into it and continued to rub it vigorously.

       He raised his head occasionally, and Xi Feng saw his desperate reflection when he saw himself in the large mirror in front of the sink.

       He put the clean thermos next to his seat. He was not in the mood to go to lunch, so he lay down on the table and planned to take a nap. He felt that it was really bad for him to be like this. As a man, he should be a little more big-hearted. Otherwise, He Yunsheng might look down on him even more.

       To put it nicely, Xi Feng has a straightforward character, but to put it badly, he is someone with thick nerves. If he likes a person, he will chase the other party until they accept or show a blatant rejection.

       He Yunsheng is the only one who makes him so torn, and it’s all because of He Yunsheng’s gender.

       However, no matter how thick-headed Xi Feng is, he can also be very considerate. Once he likes you, he can give his heart wholeheartedly, regardless of everything.

       He Yunsheng showed blatant rejection to him but did not completely deter Xi Feng. That’s why he believed that He Yunsheng’s rejection was because he was hurt at the beginning.

       Looking back at how he acted, Xi Feng also felt that he really deserved it. If he had known that one day he would like He Yunsheng— but there would be no way to know it earlier.

       That’s the way it is with emotions. Didn’t someone sing it in the song? One person breaks free, and one person picks it up1莫文蔚Karen Mok【陰天Overcast】.

       He Yunsheng broke free. Now he can only pick it up behind him.

       He felt hungry early in the afternoon as a result of not having lunch at noon. In the evening after work, Xi Feng asked for three or two noodles plus two buns in the noodle shop below his house.

       There was a little bit too much chili in the noodles, and he eats a lot that he keeps wiping his nose with a tissue.

       After taking a shower at night, Xi Feng was sitting on the bed in pajamas and surfing the Internet with his mobile phone. He suddenly found out He Yunsheng’s number from the company’s WeChat group, and typed it over and said, “I’ll sing you a song.”

       He didn’t know whether the other party saw it or not. Anyway, He Yunsheng didn’t respond to him.

       Xi Feng cleared his throat and sang a section of Karen Mok’s “Overcast” to He Yunsheng.

  After Xi Feng sang, he felt a little more relaxed, kicked the quilt with his long legs, pulled up half of his head, and closed his eyes to sleep.

       At work the next day, Xi Feng sent a message to He Yunsheng before noon, “Would you like to have lunch together?”

       He Yunsheng did not reply to him.

       Actually, Xi Feng rarely used WeChat to contact He Yunsheng. He felt that it was extremely inconvenient to wait too long for an answer, so he preferred to call. But now, he is always worried that He Yunsheng will not answer his calls, so he feels that WeChat is safer. As long as He Yunsheng doesn’t block him, it’s okay.

       As for going to see He Yunsheng face to face, Xi Feng was a little scared. He Yunsheng’s behavior of pouring out the bone broth hit him too hard, and he was afraid that he would not be able to sustain another blow like that.

       Xi Feng didn’t know if He Yunsheng’s car had been repaired or not, but even if it is repaired, with He Yunsheng’s current state, he should not be able to drive back with the car.

       Xi Feng thought he might be able to mention it to him and help him drive the car back.

       When he got off work in the afternoon, he was waiting for He Yunsheng in the lobby on the first floor, only to see He Yunsheng hurried out of the elevator. Before he could come up and talk to He Yunsheng, the other party had already walked out.

       There was a car outside waiting for He Yunsheng outside.

       Xi Feng walked around to look and saw that it was a Cadillac. He had seen the driver. It was the man who had dinner with He Yunsheng last time.

       He Yunsheng pulled the car door and got in the passenger seat, and left with the man who was driving while talking and laughing.

       Xi Feng let out a deep breath and couldn’t bear to squat down at the company entrance and hugged his head. After holding his head for a while, he let go of his hand and stood up, turned his head, and saw Xu Qing coming out from the entrance gave him a cold look.

       He一always felt sorry for Xu Qing, so he took a half step back and walked around the side to leave.

       This situation lasted for more than a month. Except for the never-answered WeChat, Xi Feng did not say a word to He Yunsheng.

  Sometimes when looking in the mirror, he feels that he has lost weight. He has tried many times to no avail, but he has never attempted to one-sidedly and forcefully harass him. Whether the result will be hopeless or not, Xi Feng himself doesn’t know.

       He didn’t know if it was because God thinks he’s too pitiful. At the end of November, the company arranged an official business trip. It should have been the deputy director of Xi Feng’s department, but the deputy director took time off because his wife had just delivered a baby.

       As a result, finally, an opportunity fell to Xi Feng.

       It was the deputy manager of the company who led a group of seven people to visit an expo in another province.

       This was not something to be too excited about. However, it might be different for He Yunsheng and his colleagues.

       There are only two female colleagues in their group of seven, and the others are male colleagues. They have booked four rooms in the hotel.

       The deputy manager naturally stayed in a room by himself, and the remaining three rooms were standard rooms. The two ladies stayed in one room, and the arrangements for the others have not yet been agreed upon.

       When he got on the plane, Xi Feng saw that He Yunsheng’s seat was in front of him diagonally, and he didn’t even need to turn his head to see He Yunsheng’s every move.

       And He Yunsheng began to sleep shortly after takeoff, and he didn’t know if he was really fell asleep. He didn’t move for a long time.

       A male colleague sat next to Xi Feng and bumped his arm when Xi Feng was watching a movie and whispered, “Let’s stay together in one room.”

       Because in addition to He Yunsheng, there is also a middle-aged male colleague who is also a middle-ranking officer. The young man next to Xi Feng is young and doesn’t want to stay with his superiors in a room.

       When Xi Feng heard it, he just said, “It depends on your leader. I can’t say anything.”

       After getting off the plane, their pre-booked commercial car took them to the hotel and checked in first.

       The pot-bellied middle-aged man glanced at He Yunsheng and then at Xi Feng. Finally, he chose the young guy next to Xi Feng and said, “Let’s stay in one room.”

       After saying that, he even pretended to ask He Yunsheng, “Manager He, is that okay?”

       He Yunsheng didn’t even look at Xi Feng and replied, “It’s okay.”

       The young man has no choice but to nod his head and say, “Aah!”

       Xi Feng stood beside He Yunsheng and handed in his ID card.

      After a while, the front desk of the hotel handed the room card to He Yunsheng. He Yunsheng took out one and pushed it directly in front of Xi Feng from the counter in front of him.

       Xi Feng stretched out his hand and put the card in his pocket, turned around, took his travel bag in one hand and lifted He Yunsheng’s suitcase with the other, and walked towards the elevator.

       He Yunsheng immediately said, “I can do it myself.”

       Xi Feng didn’t speak and walked forward with his head lowered.

       After entering the room, the two of them unpacked their things separately.

       Xi Feng actually had nothing to unpack. He felt uncomfortable after sitting on the plane for a long time, so he sat on the bed and took off his shoes. It was just that after taking it off, he was suddenly worried about whether his feet would smell foul, and he glanced at He Yunsheng, who had put the towel, water cup, and pajamas one by one, and hesitated if he should actually put his shoes back on first.

       They are going to stay here for four nights. He Yunsheng is probably a bit of a clean freak, except for the daily necessities that are inconvenient to bring; He Yunsheng brought everything else.

       Xi Feng only had a small travel bag, thinking that the weather might be cold, and only brought some underwear and socks, not even an extra coat.

       He sat on the bed and looked at He Yunsheng calmly, saying that although He Yunsheng didn’t admit it, he was really a bit girly sometimes.

       It’s just that Xi Feng suddenly found that even the girly He Yunsheng doesn’t seem to feel annoying anymore, but instead, he finds it quite cute.

       He Yunsheng felt disturbed by Xi Feng’s stare. He persuades himself not to get angry and just do his own thing.

       After finishing cleaning up, he raised his head to look at Xi Feng and said, “What are you staring at me for?”

       Xi Feng didn’t dare to speak and provoke him, so he could only look for the remote control and said, “I forgot to turn on the TV.”

       He Yunsheng sat down by the bed, and instead of watching TV, he took out his mobile phone and looked at it for a while.

       On a whim, Xi Feng grabbed the phone he had left by the bed and sent a WeChat to He Yunsheng: “Would you like to go for a walk after dinner?”

  After the message was sent, he heard He Yunsheng’s mobile phone ringing a WeChat alert tone, and he also noticed that He Yunsheng’s movements were noticeably stopped. Of course, He Yunsheng didn’t reply to him, but Xi Feng was satisfied, knowing that He Yunsheng had been seeing his WeChat messages.

The author has something to say:

I would like to explain that Xi Feng was actually tempted long ago and was swayed twice. The first time was when he was guarding He Yunsheng in the hospital, and the second time was when He Yunsheng asked him if he wanted to take care of him for the rest of his life.

He had been thinking about it for so long, and his classmates’ words were just a push to him

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