Shen Huiming and Suo Yang laughed as the hairdresser kicked them out. They stood at the door, and Shen Huiming turned back and waved to the people inside.

       The hairstylist stomped his foot hard and then turned around and went back to his work.

       When Shen Huiming looked away, he found that Suo Yang was looking at him, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

       “It’s nothing, I just think he cut it well.”

       “Does that mean that I’m quite handsome now?”

       Suo Yang smiled, “Yes, very handsome.”

       Shen Huiming suddenly discovered that being happy was such a simple thing. Being praised by someone you like could make you feel good all day long.

       “Let’s go.” As the two of them walked towards the parking place, Shen Huiming asked, “Are you hungry? What time do you plan to have lunch?”

       Suo Yang hugged the eternal flower bear in his arms, and sang a song: “Romance is not a warm dinner…”

       Shen Huiming heard Suo Yang sing for the first time, and asked, “Is it true that people with good voices also sing well?”

       “Aren’t you focusing on the wrong thing?” The two walked to the side of the car, Suo Yang opened the door and sat in, put the bear on his lap, waited for Shen Huiming to get into the car and said, “The point shouldn’t be…”


       Shen Huiming’s unexpected joke made Suo Yang laugh out loud.


       “Don’t just neglect me,” Shen Huiming started the car and said in a good mood, “Romance is a matter between two people.”

       Suo Yang didn’t retort, nor did he know what to say, so he simply stopped talking, and looked down thoughtfully to fiddle with the eternal flowers.

       Shen Huiming turned on the stereo in the car, and deliberately found the song that Suo Yang sang just now.

       He was not a person who listened to songs very often, but it just so happened that he had liked this song a lot.

       [Love does not stop, how brave it takes to go to the end of time.]

       It really took a lot of courage for a person to be willing to part with half of their world to exchange it with another person.

       Shen Huiming drove his car and arrived at his company’s downstairs within a few minutes.

       Suo Yang asked, “What are you doing here?”

       Shen Huiming turned off the stereo and unfastened his seat belt, “I just remembered something, I need to go back to the company to deal with it, just a few minutes, will you accompany me up?”

       Suo Yang wanted to refuse, but Shen Huiming didn’t give him a chance to refuse: “Come on, come up and have a cup of coffee, it was sent by Tongyan a while ago.”

       Suo Yang smiled when he heard Jiang Tongyan’s name.

       He put the Immortal Flower Bear in the back seat and got out of the car.

       “Does Mr. Jiang know that we are dating?” Suo Yang deliberately asked as he followed Shen Huiming to the office building.

       “If you haven’t told him, then he shouldn’t know yet.” Shen Huiming said, “However if you don’t mind, we can give him a surprise.”

       “A surprise?”

       “Well,” Shen Huiming pushed open the revolving door and led Suo Yang inside, “When you fly to New York next time, I’ll join you. Won’t it be a surprise if we both hold hands to meet him?”

       “…I’m afraid it would frighten him instead?” Suo Yang smiled helplessly, “It’s better not to mess with him.”

       The two entered the elevator, and Shen Huiming looked at Suo Yang through the mirror of the elevator.

       “You didn’t refute.”

       “What?” Suo Yang didn’t understand.

       “I just said that the two of us went to see him hand in hand.” Shen Huiming turned around, “You acquiescence?”

       Suo Yang finally found out that Shen Huiming was actually quite good at teasing people.

       “I didn’t hear that one.” He said deliberately not following the other party’s idea like a child throwing a tantrum.

       Shen Huiming liked to see Suo Yang like this, throwing a little temper, which was much cuter than being polite in a standard way.

       The elevator door opened, and as soon as he walked out, he came straight to the front desk of Shen Huiming’s company.

       “Mr. Shen!” The girl at the front desk saw that it was Shen Huiming and stood up to greet him.

       Shen Huiming responded with a smile and led Suo Yang to his office.

       “This floor is all yours?”

       “I rented it.” Shen Huiming was very calm, “I can’t afford it.”

       Suo Yang smiled, “To be honest, I always thought you relied on your family’s background to get your business going before.”

       When the two of them arrived at the door of Shen Huiming’s office, the assistant heard the sound and poked his head out from the office next to them.

       “Mr. Shen? Aren’t you not coming today?”

       “Something came up,” Shen Huiming opened the office door and let Suo Yang in. “An Jie, make a cup of coffee and bring it here.”


       The assistant went to make coffee, and when Shen Huiming entered the room, obviously nothing was wrong, but he still had to pretend to be busy for a few minutes.

       Suo Yang said, “Really, there is no need to trouble yourself.”

       “That won’t work,” Shen Huiming walked behind his desk, pretending to rummage through it, but actually acting on purpose, “It’s rare for you to come here, so I have to take care of you.”

       Sometimes, for some people, it was really easy to make a fool of themselves in trying to be smart.

       Shen Huiming originally only wanted to come to the office and take Suo Yang around the company, which was to let the other party have a brief look at his workplace. But to his surprise, an important phone call really came, and the call took half an hour.

       Shen Huiming’s assistant brought coffee and put it on the tea table in front of Suo Yang, and greeted him politely.

       Suo Yang said softly, “Thank you, don’t worry about me, you should go back to work.”

       The assistant didn’t know his relationship with Suo Yang, so he just regarded him as a friend, and said with a smile, “I still have something to do, so I’ll go take care of it first, call me anytime if you need anything.”

       Suo Yang nodded to him with a smile, then looked at Shen Huiming who was standing by the window talking on the phone.

       This was not the first time he saw Shen Huiming at work. When they first met, the other party had spent almost the whole night reading documents on the plane.

       Shen Huiming was very busy, Suo Yang had always known that but the difference in the profession makes one feel worlds apart. He didn’t understand Shen Huiming’s projects, and he had never worked in such a workplace, and he still couldn’t imagine how Shen Huiming would look in the company.

       Now, he saw it.

       From the morning’s trip to the lake in the park to this moment, Suo Yang felt as if he had quickly skimmed through Shen Huiming’s thirty years, of childhood, and adolescence, and now, from youthful to graceful, it seemed that Suo Yang had never lacked class.

       Shen Huiming was dressed casually, but when talking with the other people, he still had the poise air surrounding him.

       Calm and wise. They chatted about topics that Suo Yang couldn’t understand, but Suo Yang still looked at Shen Huiming in a daze.

       He liked smart people. Really smart people not only had high intelligence, but also had fascinating emotional intelligence.

       Shen Huiming’s ability to support such a large company by himself at a young age was enough to show how good this person was.

       Suo Yang picked up the coffee and took a sip.

       The aroma was rich and mellow, with a long aftertaste.

       It was a bit like Shen Huiming’s feelings for him.

       Perhaps because of his work, the last thing Suo Yang had ever lacked was patience. He was used to waiting; waiting for passengers to board, waiting for take off, waiting for landing, and now, waiting for Shen Huiming to look at him after he was busy.

       Drinking coffee and waiting for the other party, turned out to be a kind of enjoyment.

       Shen Huiming was actually a little anxious, he was afraid that Suo Yang would get impatient after waiting for a long time, but if the work matter was not handled properly, he probably wouldn’t be able to rest for the remaining ten hours or so today, so he had to deal with the other party, and finally got it done.

       When he hung up the phone, he breathed a sigh of relief, rubbed his brows, and turned to look at Suo Yang.

       The person on the sofa looked at him with a smile and said to him, “Your coffee has gotten cold.”

       Shen Huiming came over, sat down beside him, and found that Suo Yang’s cup was empty.

       He took a sip, and the taste of the cold coffee changed when it was in his mouth. He did not continue to drink it, but asked Suo Yang, “Did you wait long?”

       “No.” Suo Yang got up and went to the water fountain next to him to get him a cup of water, “It’s a break?”

       Shen Huiming looked at him with a smile, and took the water glass, “How come you are still being considerate to me even now?”

       “Aren’t you working hard?” Suo Yang sat back beside him, “I feel thirsty after listening to you talk for so long.”

       “This water is quite sweet.” Shen Huiming took a sip, pretending to be surprised.

       “You don’t need to follow along,” Suo Yang sat down with a smile, “It’s a bit childish.”

       Shen Huiming laughed out loud, “Okay, got it.”

       The two looked at each other and laughed together.

       Shen Huiming finished his water and got up to take Suo Yang to prepare to leave, after all, he couldn’t really waste his time here for the date he hardly managed to get.

       When the two went out, the assistant happened to come over and asked Shen Huiming to sign some documents.

       The three of them stood at the door, and Shen Huiming signed with a swipe of his pen.

       “Mr. Shen, are you going out?”

       “Yes, don’t contact me if there’s nothing to do today.” Shen Huiming turned his head and said softly to Suo Yang, “Let’s go.”

       The first part was a very formal tone, but the tone for the latter part instantly became gentle.

       The assistant stood aside and watched the two leave, feeling that this ‘friend’ was not so simple.

       Shen Huiming took Suo Yang around his company and then went downstairs. Suo Yang couldn’t help but praised a few words, and Shen Huiming said, “It’s very good, the effect has been achieved.”

       Suo Yang looked at him, “Only now do I realise that a distinguished young man with a successful career can also be very naive occasionally.”

       The two walked out of the office building, Shen Huiming opened the door for Suo Yang, “Do you hate it?”

       Suo Yang got into the car and looked up at him, “No.”

       That’s good.

       Shen Huiming looked at him and smiled, then returned to the driver’s seat by himself.

       After tossing and turning for so long, both of them were hungry, so Shen Huiming looked at the time and said, “Let’s go eat something first, and then watch a movie together?”

       “Sure.” Suo Yang said, “I’ll choose the restaurant this time.”

       He gave an address, and Shen Huiming was surprised when he heard it, “You don’t speak a foreign language, do you?”

       The place to eat that Suo Yang said was near the University of Foreign Studies.

       “That’s right,” Suo Yang said, “Haven’t I told you before? I majored in English, and when the airline came to recruit me in my senior year, I didn’t think I’d actually get accepted.”

       He really hadn’t said it.

       “There’s something,” Shen Huiming started the car, and drove Suo Yang over there, “I probably haven’t told you about it.”

       Shen Huiming smiled, “How else can we say that we are destined for each other? If I hadn’t gone abroad, you would have been my junior.”


       “I went to a university abroad, but I took the college entrance examination at that time.” Shen Huiming looked at him, “I was also admitted into foreign language university.”

       Shen Huiming was three years older than Suo Yang, three years above him.

       If Shen Huiming had stayed in China to study at the university, at least for a year, the two would have been seniors and juniors on the same campus.

       Although he was not sure whether what Shen Huiming said was true or not, Suo Yang was willing to believe it was true, just like after he met Shen Huiming, he began to believe in the so-called ‘Romantic Fatalism’.

       “Then, today this junior will take the senior to taste the delicious food near the University of Foreign Languages,” Suo Yang said, “Not only is there a lot of delicious food, but there are also many handsome men and beautiful women.”

       Shen Huiming smiled, “Handsome guys and beautiful women? I don’t really need this. Isn’t there a foreign language most handsome guy sitting next to me?”

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