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Rules of love

Chapter 30

       Before he met Suo Yang, Shen Huiming felt that flying was troublesome and tiring. Sometimes it only took two hours of flying distance, but counting back and forth, he spent most of the day at the airport.

       However, it was different after getting to know Suo Yang.

       He suddenly felt that the sky was a unique meeting place for him and Suo Yang. Every time he was flying, even if he was not on Suo Yang’s flight, he would feel that he had a secret connection with the other party.

       It was so romantic.

       To be thirty and still pursue romance might be laughed at when you tell people about it.

       But wonderful romance was as unattainable as love, and the deliberate pursuit of it was far less profound than this.

       He sat still and heard the voice of Suo Yang greeting other passengers.

       Suo Yang had a good voice, and this good voice always greets others in the same way but said many more beautiful things to him.

       Shen Huiming was secretly snickering there and felt like a villain gaining powers.

       He sat there, stroking the coffee-stained book with his fingers, listening to Suo Yang saying hello to everyone as if he was enjoying a certain musician’s solo at a concert.

       This was his man.

       Even if he was not at the moment, he would be in the future.

       Shen Huiming felt that people still need to be a little confident.

       The plane took off, broke into the clouds and left Berlin, and for a few short hours, they attended a wedding and stole a blessing from God.

       The return was the same as the arrival, with a connecting flight in Moscow, they would not reach the destination until the next afternoon.

       It was midnight when they boarded the plane again, after twelve o’clock, Shen Huiming finally used part of the time to finish all the work.

       Even though he had to hurry up and do everything he could on such a trip, he didn’t feel tired, on the contrary, he enjoyed it, and he attributed it all to Suo Yang.

       It was said that a person who fell in love was like a perpetual motion machine; they could always remain excited and never feel tired.

       Shen Huiming now thought that this might be true.

       It was already late at night after the plane took off again, and there were very few first-class passengers. Except for Shen Huiming, there were only two other passengers left.

       As usual, Suo Yang served other passengers first before finally coming to Shen Huiming’s place.

       He smiled and asked Shen Huiming, “Sir, do you need something to eat?”

       It was already night anyway, and he was the last one, so Shen Huiming boldly joked with Suo Yang, “Why don’t you call me Mr. Shen this time?”

       Suo Yang smiled and handed him the menu, “Have a look?”

       Shen Huiming took the menu and opened it, only to find a note inside.

       He raised his head and looked at Suo Yang. The other party was as calm as if nothing had happened, he took the note and opened it directly in front of Suo Yang.

       There were only two words in the note Suo Yang wrote to him: Good night.

       Shen Huiming smiled, put the note in the book at hand, and said to him, “I want to have a cup of coffee.”

       Suo Yang said softly, “It’s already late, are you sure you want coffee?”

       “I’m sure.” Shen Huiming asked, “And would like to invite you to have a cup too.”

       Suo Yang, “I’m sorry, we have rules against ……”

       “If not now, how about some other time?” Shen Huiming said, “I won’t force you to break the rules, but, give me a chance to buy you a coffee later?”

       Suo Yang looked at him helplessly and smiled, and said to himself, what an opportunity to drink coffee, the 24-hour date has already been set then.

       “So, are you sure you want a cup of coffee?”

       Shen Huiming closed the menu and said to him, “You can help me decide.”

       Suo Yang took back the menu and told him to wait a moment.

       It was already this late, and Suo Yang hoped that Shen Huiming could have a good rest and sleep, although it was a little difficult on the plane.

       But how so he did not have to get coffee?

       After he went back, he thought about it and poured Shen Huiming half a glass of red wine.

       When Suo Yang gave the red wine to Shen Huiming, he found that the other party was opening the book and staring at the note inside. In the dark cabin, Shen Huiming’s behaviour made him feel a little soft.

       The night and the dim light could easily give rise to ambiguity, Suo Yang walked over lightly, trying not to disturb other passengers, put the red wine on the table gently, and then sat next to Shen Huiming.

       Shen Huiming was a little surprised and closed the book to look at him.

       “Isn’t this against the regulations?” He deliberately made a joke about Suo Yang.

       Suo Yang said softly, “You can change shifts and rest in the stratosphere during midnight flights.”

       Shen Huiming looked at him with a wine glass and didn’t speak for a while.

       “Forget it.” Shen Huiming turned his head and looked out the window.

       At this time, there was a river of stars outside the window, and it was so dreamy that it was somewhat unreal.

       “What’s wrong?” Suo Yang asked.

       Shen Huiming moved his eyes from the star river to Suo Yang reflected in the glass window. He chuckled and said, “I dare not stare at you like that, the atmosphere is too good. I’m afraid I won’t be able to control myself and go over to kiss you.”

       Suo Yang’s heart skipped a beat at Shen Huiming’s words, and he clenched his palms subconsciously.

       Shen Huiming turned around and smiled, “Don’t be nervous, I can still control myself for the time being.”

       Of course, Suo Yang knew that he was just all talk. Shen Huiming was a man of discretion and would never act recklessly.

       But he had to admit that the other party’s words did make him nervous, and he suddenly wondered if Shen Huiming was really going to come over and kiss him, would he accept it or would he dodge it?

       “So, relax.” Shen Huiming drank his red wine, squeezed Suo Yang’s wrist with a smile and said, “Be my guest, I invite you to look at the stars.”

       Together, the two turned in the direction of the window and looked out at the stars.

       In all his years of flying, what kind of nights had he not seen?

       Starry ones, dark clouds, no matter what kind of high altitude night he should not find it rare, yet at this moment he felt that this starry sky was different from every day in the past.

       Because in the past, there was no Shen Huiming to look at the stars with him.

       Suddenly, Shen Huiming said, “The moon.”

       Suo Yang returned back to his senses, leaned closer to Shen Huiming’s side slightly, poked his head over, and saw the bright moon, which was soaked in the river of stars and moonlight, quiet and lonely.

       He suddenly remembered a saying—the moon under the sea is the moon in the sky, and the person in front of him is the person in his heart.

       The person in front of him?

       He turned to look at Shen Huiming.


       The plane landed at 1:40 pm, and the crew made all preparations to see off every passenger.

       After Shen Huiming got off the plane, he immediately sent a message to Suo Yang, asking him what his plans were for later.

       He knew that Suo Yang would not look at his mobile phone for a while, so he found a coffee shop at the airport and waited.

       The coffee shop at the airport also became their unique dating spot.

       When Suo Yang switched on his phone, he had already changed out of his uniform and was heading out. When he saw Shen Huiming’s WeChat, he immediately gave the other party a callback.

       He was not a person who liked to call, but the other party’s message had been sent for a long time and he desperately wanted to reach that person.

       Shen Huiming was quite surprised that Suo Yang called, he answered with a smile, “Are you done?”

       There was no greeting, but it seemed more intimate.

       “Yes, I’ve just finished.” Suo Yang asked, “Where are you now?”

       “Starbucks.” Shen Huiming looked back in the direction he had come from, “The one leading to the baggage claim, will you be passing by?”

       “Then I’ll go over to you,” said Suo Yang, “Are you driving? I can drive you back.”

       Shen Huiming smiled.

       Not to mention that Shen Huiming didn’t drive here at all, even if he drove, he would have had to say that he hadn’t.

       “Sure, I’ll wait for you.” He liked to wait for Suo Yang, he wouldn’t feel anxious even if he had to wait for a long time.

       Shen Huiming, who had finished his work, was very relaxed at the moment, sipping his drink while looking through Suo Yang’s Weibo.

       He looked at every place Suo Yang went and the post he made on Weibo, and felt that this person was really serious and cute.

       Shen Huiming wished to write down every city the other party had been to. In some places, Suo Yang would casually post a photo of the scenery, which he saved, thinking that maybe the two of them would go back to that place together and take a photo together later.

       He was thinking about it, but he didn’t know whether Suo Yang would give him this chance and whether they had the time.

       When Suo Yang went to look for Shen Huiming this time, he didn’t startle him like before, even though he could pass behind him, he still walked around to the bar and walked through the main entrance.

       As soon as he came in, Shen Huiming saw him and raised his hand to greet him.

       Suo Yang walked over with a smile and sat opposite him.

       “What are you doing?” Suo Yang asked.

       “Looking at your Weibo.” Shen Huiming turned the phone screen to show him, “I’ve been here too.”

       Suo Yang looked over and found that it was the banks of the Seine River in Paris.

       “And, the day before you went, I was there.”

       This was three years ago when Shen Huiming was accompanying his parents on their holiday.

       “Three years ago on the banks of the Seine, we were only a little bit close to meeting each other.” Shen Huiming said, “I don’t know if this is considered fate or not?”

       Suo Yang looked at him with a smile in his eyes, “Are you talking nonsense again?”

       “Of course not!” Shen Huiming was very serious, opened WeChat, found his father’s circle of friends, and deliberately turned to the one from three years ago to show Suo Yang, “I have proof.”

       Shen Huiming himself never posts on Moments, and rarely even takes photos.

       Fortunately, his parents had taken quite a few photos there at the time and posted them in order to show off.

       He showed it to Suo Yang, “Not nonsense, right?”

       Suo Yang didn’t expect that the two of them could have such a ‘connection’ that he couldn’t tell whether he should be happy or regretful. He thought for a while and said, “It was kind of fate, I guess. We almost met three years ago but missed it, and after three years of going round and round, we still met.”

       Suo Yang’s words were very pleasing to Shen Huiming, and he thought it was a bit of a pity at first, but when he said it like this, it seemed a bit like fate.

       “Yes, it’s fate,” Shen Huiming said, “We were destined to meet each other. Although it was three years later, the result is still the same.”

       Suo Yang smiled at him, but in his heart, he felt that it was a bit too nauseating for him to say such words.

       “Are you tired?” Shen Huiming said, “You probably didn’t rest well on the plane.”

       “It’s alright, I’m used to it.”

       Although Suo Yang said so, Shen Huiming didn’t need to think about it to know that he must be tired.

       Shen Huiming tidied up, got up and asked Suo Yang to leave together.

       “Let’s have a simple lunch,” Shen Huiming said, “After you go back and have a good rest, will you have free time next?”

       Suo Yang thought of the ‘24-hour appointment’ between the two.

       “24 hours is not possible for the time being.” Suo Yang said, “However, I can discuss with my colleagues about changing shifts to free up time.”

       When Shen Huiming heard the first half of the sentence, he thought he had no chance in the near future, but he didn’t expect Suo Yang to be willing to change shifts for him.

       “So you’re actually looking forward to our date, aren’t you?”

       Suo Yang walked beside him, smiled and didn’t intend to answer.

       Just when Shen Huiming thought he wouldn’t say anything more, Suo Yang suddenly said, “Yes, I’m quite looking forward to it.”

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Chapter 29

       Suo Yang felt that what he could not resist the most was probably someone like Shen Huiming whose jokes were mixed with half-truths and frank sincerity. One minute you were laughing at him, and the next you were brought under his control.

       Shen Huiming was smart and scheming, and the two of them would always go back and forth. However, this man would not always use tricks on himself, and when the right time came, he seemed to say something sincere without meaning to, which often poked at the heart.

       Suo Yang leaned on the back of the chair and thought: If Shen Huiming wants to play with anyone’s heart, it would be easy to do so.

       The few hours in Berlin seemed to have suddenly flown by and they had to return to the airport before they knew it.

       On the way back, Suo Yang took a picture of the scenery outside the car window with his mobile phone, opened Weibo, and checked in as usual.

       The photo was of a church. In fact, he felt a little regretful that he had just forgotten to take a photo when he was attending that wedding. It was quite worth commemorating it anyway.

       Shen Huiming asked curiously, “What are you doing?”

       Suo Yang never thought of hiding his Weibo account, there was absolutely no need for it, anyway, his Weibo was full of check-in records in various cities, and it was nothing to be ashamed of.

       If there was something that might embarrass Suo Yang, it was probably that this kind of ‘ritual’ might be a bit childish and funny in some people’s eyes.

       He handed the phone to Shen Huiming, “I’m posting one in every place I go.”

       Shen Huiming glanced at it, and there were nearly a thousand Weibo posts.

       “Actually, many of them are duplicate cities,” Suo Yang said. “I’ve been flying for so many years, and when I used to fly domestic flights I often had to visit two or three places in a day.”

       “It was tiring, wasn’t it?”

       “It was quite enjoyable.” Suo Yang said with a smile, “I also got to eat good food from everywhere.”

       Perhaps when you were doing what you like, no matter how busy you were, you would not feel tired.

       It was rare for Shen Huiming to envy someone, but he felt that Suo Yang was the kind of person who lives very clearly, knowing what he wanted and only wanting what he wanted.

       People with clear goals were always full of charm.

       When they arrived at the airport, the two parted. Before it was time for Shen Huiming to check in, he found a random coffee shop and waited while working.

       There was something Suo Yang was too embarrassed to tell Shen Huiming face to face, so after they parted, he sent a message to the other party—

       I had a good time these few hours, thank you.

       Suo Yang was actually a little ashamed, even if he didn’t really understand how busy Shen Huiming was, he could still imagine it. When he went to the coffee shop to look for Shen Huiming, the other party was busy reading documents while waiting for him, which made Suo Yang a little uneasy.

       He didn’t like to owe others, for fear of wasting other people’s time and feelings.

       However, he couldn’t tell Shen Huiming not to make time for him anymore, because he suddenly found that he was very selfish and enjoyed spending time with the other party very much.

       He began to seriously consider the relationship between the two, and it was clear that the scales in his heart had tipped dramatically towards Shen Huiming.

       However, it was too hasty to make a decision now, and Suo Yang has his own worries.

       He was worried that he was fascinated by Shen Huiming’s tenderness just because he had no one to accompany him for too long.

       He was also worried that Shen Hui Ming was only seeing a part of him now and that after spending time with him, he would be like others and find him boring.

       Just wait a little longer, just a little longer.

       Suo Yang was a little nervous, he hoped that Shen Huiming would be a little more patient with him.

       It was only when he was changing into his uniform that he suddenly remembered that he had forgotten something very important. On the plane when he arrived, Shen Huiming had slipped him a note, which he had forgotten later in his busy schedule.

       After changing his clothes, Suo Yang searched his pockets, touched the neatly folded note, opened it, and smiled after reading the line.

       Shen Huiming wrote: My name is Shen Huiming, nice to meet you.

       What kind of play is this?

       Suo Yang laughed out loud.

       “Yang ge, what are you laughing at?” A guy in the same class leaned over to read it, but he didn’t see a word, and Suo Yang had already put away the note.

       “Cut it out, don’t show it if you are not going to give me a look.” The guy said, “Some passenger must have slipped it to you again.”

       As he adjusted his uniform, he muttered, “It’s a bad idea to fly with you!”

       “Why?” Suo Yang turned to look at him.

       “Why?” The other party grimaced aggrievedly, “Why do you say? All my handsome, natural and unrestrained charms are covered by your light! Flying with our company’s top-notch beauty, who would still see mediocre people like us!”

       Suo Yang chuckled lightly, “Knock it off.”

       “But it’s true,” the two tidied up and went out together, “Yang ge, to be honest, when I first came here, I had a crush on you for a few days!”

       “…What?” Suo Yang didn’t know this guy very well. They had flown together a few times, but there wasn’t much contact. Moreover, he didn’t know that this guy was also gay. When he thought of the two of them that night in Moscow staying in the same room suddenly felt a little weird.

       “I’m serious,” the boy said with a hey smile, “but don’t stress about it, right now I have nothing but feelings of admiration for you.”


       Suo Yang suddenly felt that he had reached mid-life.

       “Mainly because I can’t afford to climb high, hahaha,” the two went to a meeting together, and the guy whispered in Suo Yang’s ear, “What kind of big boss haven’t you seen? This young flight attendant is no match for them.”

       When he heard this, Suo Yang felt that something was wrong, and argued softly, “That’s not true.”

       The other party listened, smiled, and bumped Suo Yang with his shoulder, “I saw everything.”

       “Saw what?” Suo Yang subconsciously frowned, feeling that something was wrong, he quickly stretched it out.

       “You came here with a guy just now, right? He’s pretty handsome. I’ve seen him on the plane.”

       Suo Yang understood, he was with Shen Huiming and was seen.

       Originally he wanted to say something, but Suo Yang suddenly felt that it was unnecessary.

       He didn’t know this person well, so why talk so much? Anyway, this was all his own affairs, others could think what they liked, and he was not obliged to explain his life to everyone.

       When he saw that Suo Yang didn’t speak, the other party only regarded him as acquiescing.

       “So that’s why it was the clear choice for me to stop this early, how can I compete with someone on my terms!”

       “It’s not the conditions that make this kind of thing better.” Suo Yang’s voice was a little cold. Although the other party didn’t say it clearly, he was treated as a snob in his words, which made him a little unhappy, despite his displeasure, he said politely, “It’s the heart.”

       The other party wanted to say something, but was blocked by Suo Yang, “The crew chief is here, let’s hurry up and go to the meeting.”

       After he finished speaking, Suo Yang quickly walked towards the direction of the crew chief, without giving him a chance to say more.

       That was how it was originally.

       Suo Yang thought: In this kind of love, especially the adult’s love, it is impossible not to consider the conditions of both parties. But shouldn’t you be sincere in the first place? If one is not sincere enough, what’s the point if the conditions are good?

       In this kind of love, it was not about how much money you have, how many houses and cars you have, but how much sincerity you have.

       After the meeting, Suo Yang took out his mobile phone and not surprisingly received a reply from Shen Huiming.

       The other party replied: I am the one who should say thank you, I haven’t taken a vacation for a long time.

       Suo Yang smiled and didn’t reply to the message.

       The crew began to prepare for the flight. In fact, Suo Yang knew very well that every time at this time there were countless people waiting to board the plane, but this time he felt very different because there was somebody in those ‘countless people’ waiting for him.

       When he stood at the door of the cabin to greet the passengers, although he knew he shouldn’t be, he was still distracted as he looked for Shen Huiming.

       The first-class passengers arrived and boarded the plane one by one. He had a professional smile on his face and professional speech skills on his lips. Everything was in order, but when it came to Shen Hui Ming, something went wrong.

       To everyone else, he said, “Hello sir, welcome to this flight.”

       And when Shen Huiming appeared, Suo Yang smiled so much that his eyes were curved. He just looked at him and said, “Mr. Shen, good evening, I wish you a pleasant journey.”

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Thanks to the little angels who voted for me or irrigated nutrient solution during 2020-05-04 06:19:14~2020-05-05 06:24:54~

Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard!

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Chapter 28

       Suo Yang found that he was not very good at rejecting Shen Huiming. When facing this person, he couldn’t say ‘I’m undeserving of your affection’ as politely and distantly as he did to other people.

       However, in the end, it was just a matter of him not wanting to refuse.

       He knew all too well what was happening because Shen Huiming was not the only one who was looking forward to that date.

       “Then you’d better arrange something exciting.” Suo Yang looked at him and smiled, “If it’s boring, there really won’t be a next time.”

       Shen Huiming laughed when he heard it, “So if I behave well, I can have a next time.”

       Suo Yang smiled without saying anything and walked forward quickly.

       After the two came out, they first went to buy a pair of trousers for Shen Huiming. Suo Yang said jokingly, “Mr. Shen, you know my family’s conditions, and I can’t really afford to buy the same type of trousers to compensate you.”

       Shen Huiming followed him into the shop and said with a smile behind him, “I don’t know much about your family’s condition, but on another matter, you are indeed a bit of a bully.”

       “Huh?” Suo Yang looked back at him suspiciously, “What?”

       “Why do you call me Mr. Shen again?” Shen Huiming said, “It’s really out of place.”

       Suo Yang smiled apologetically, “I’m used to it.”

       During the conversation, the clerk greeted them and said hello to them. Suo Yang meant to ask the clerk to help choose a pair of suitable trousers for Shen Huiming, but Shen Huiming said, “No, since you are the one who is paying, of course you have to choose it.”

       It was pointless for the clerk to choose.

       This was a matter in which Suo Yang was not in a position of saying anything, so he could only let the other party do as he pleased.

       Shen Huiming followed behind Suo Yang who had his eyes on the trousers on the shelf peacefully, while he stared at Suo Yang.

       It was a subtle feeling, like a couple shopping, but it felt really sweet.

       Both Shen Huiming and Suo Yang were people who went to shopping malls for nothing. Even if they needed to buy something, they would go straight to a certain store with a clear goal, and leave quickly after choosing. “Window shopping” was never a term that existed in their world.

       But both made an exception for the other.

       Suo Yang had no experience in buying trousers for others, and he was afraid that the one he chose would not suit the other party’s wishes. He took a good look at one pair and looked back at Shen Huiming.

       “Relax and choose anything,” Shen Huiming could see his thoughts, “Even if it’s a skirt you chose for me, I would happily wear it.”

       Suo Yang smiled, “How do you know that I plan to buy you a skirt?”

       Shen Huiming liked to see the way he joked around, with a touch of cute slyness.

       He felt that not everyone could see this side of Suo Yang, which made him very proud.

       “I can give it a try.”

       Suo Yang laughed out loud, then turned back, raised his hand and picked up the pair of trousers hanging on the shelf.

       It was actually just a very common pair, and Suo Yang tried to be as conservative as possible in order not to make any mistakes.

       Shen Huiming took it over, “I’ll try them on.”

       He followed the clerk to the fitting room. Suo Yang followed behind and watched his back.

       When Shen Huiming went to try on his trousers, Suo Yang stood in front of the huge mirror and waited. He looked at himself and suddenly felt a little strange because he couldn’t imagine that he was gradually getting into an intimate relationship with someone.

       His solid world has been shattered, as Shen Huiming waited for the opportunity to stand by his side.

       This feeling was not as terrible as he had imagined; on the contrary, he liked it a bit.

       And so, it was really impossible for a person to live on an island that was really isolated. There would always be a light boat with a fisherman on board.

       When the two came out of the store, Shen Huiming was wearing the trousers Suo Yang bought for him, and when he walked his steps felt lighter.

       Shen Huiming said, “Now I am almost a light year ahead of all my love rivals.”

       Suo Yang smiled helplessly, “There really were love rivals.”


       Shen Huiming had done his homework before and wanted to take Suo Yang for a stroll around Berlin.

       But the time was short, only six hours, in fact, excluding the time on the road, it was less than six hours, and it was still in the morning. The most exciting part of the world would not wake up until night, so they couldn’t make it this time.

       After the two left the airport, they went to have a simple meal first, and then planned to just take a short walk.

       Night parties and performances, unique food and beer, at least today, were out of the question.

       However, Shen Huiming didn’t feel regretful, he always had the feeling that time and mood slowed down when he was around Suo Yang’s side, and everything became relaxed and long-lasting, even if the two of them enjoyed the shade under a tree for a whole day, they wouldn’t feel bored but very comfortable.

       All the plans were put on hold but they unexpectedly had a novel experience.

       They wandered aimlessly after the meal, passed by a park in the middle of the street, and went in for a walk, unexpectedly caught a wedding.

       At that time, they saw a church as soon as they passed through the garden in the middle of the street. Shen Huiming and Suo Yang were not religious people, and they were not interested in churches, but when they passed by, they saw two people in suits walking inside while holding hands, surrounded by a dozen relatives and friends, cheering and surrounding them.

       Shen Huiming and Suo Yang slowed down, looked at them, and were suddenly called by one of the couple’s family and friends, inviting them to come along to the wedding.

       Suo Yang subconsciously wanted to refuse, but Shen Huiming agreed with a smile.

       Shen Huiming turned to look at him, “Let’s go, and get some happiness1the translation is 沾沾喜气 which means hoping that some luck and happiness (marriage happiness and luck) come to you. I’m not sure what’s the proper translation of it.”

       Suo Yang smiled helplessly and followed him inside as if accepting his fate.

       Attending the wedding of two strangers was a bit unbelievable to say the least, but when Suo Yang stood at the end of the procession with Shen Huiming as the couple walked into the church, Suo Yang was able to blend in a little bit with the atmosphere.

       In Berlin, you could see gay people walking by holding hands everywhere, and even kissing on the corner of the street.

       Same-sex marriage was legalized here a few years ago, and such weddings were nothing new.

       It was certainly not new to the locals, but it was an unusual experience for Shen Huiming and Suo Yang.

       They sat in the chairs at the back of the church and witnessed the moment when the two men became legal lovers with their relatives and friends. Neither of them could understand German, but they seemed to understand it all, and every word really stuck in their hearts.

       When the two exchanged rings and kissed together, Shen Huiming turned to look at Suo Yang.

       He didn’t know what Suo Yang was thinking, but at this moment he suddenly felt that he was taking advantage of the situation because, in this church, it wasn’t just the lovers, when God heard and blessed the couple, perhaps God could also be distracted to come to see them both and hear their heartbeats.

       Shen Huiming greedily stole a little God’s blessing from the couple and made a wish that if possible, they would return to this church together one day in the future.

       It was a kind of vow fulfilment wish.

       When Shen Huiming and Suo Yang walked out of the church, they were dazzled by the sun and they raised their hands to cover their foreheads almost at the same time.

       They looked at each other and smiled at the gesture, and Suo Yang said, “The weather is really nice.”

       The two people standing in front of the church looked up at the blue sky together. At an altitude of 30,000 feet, there should be planes flying by at this moment. They couldn’t hear the rumbling sound, but they must exist.

       Shen Huiming said, “Can I ask you a more personal question?”

       “Go ahead.”

       “Have you ever thought about the kind of person you would spend your life with?”

       Suo Yang put down his hands and walked down the steps.

       Shen Huiming followed him, and the two sat on the pew in front of the church.

       “I thought about it when I was a kid; when I was a teenager.” Suo Yang replied, “But later I found out that what I think about this matter is actually not important.”

       “Why do you say that?”

       “Because imagination belongs to imagination, and reality can never make you feel so happy.” Suo Yang said, “But when you were a teenager, you didn’t understand this truth, and you always fantasized about some very beautiful things. When you grew up and saw everything clearly, you would know how childish you were at the beginning.”

       Shen Huiming smiled, “Alas, in that case, I am still very childish now.”

       Suo Yang looked at him.

       “Because I still fantasise about such things now,” Shen Huiming said, “When I attended the wedding just now, do you know what I was thinking?”

       Suo Yang looked at him and didn’t speak, but he had his own guess in his heart.

       He said to himself: Don’t be too sentimental.

       Shen Huiming said to him, “I’m not telling you.”

       “Huh?” Suo Yang couldn’t hold back and smiled inexplicably.

       “It’s a secret,” Shen Huiming deliberately messed with him, “Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to tell you everything? What if you feel that you have understood me thoroughly, and there’s nothing new left?”

       Suo Yang shook his head and smiled, “Why are you like this?”

       “This is just how I am,” Shen Huiming rested his hand on the bench next to Suo Yang’s, and when the wind brushed by, it was as if the wind could blow each other’s body heat over, “especially childish.”

       Suo Yang leaned against the back of the bench and smiled, looking at the kites in the distance, feeling that the sky of Berlin was so beautiful that he was intoxicated.

       Was it just the Berlin sky?

       Of course not.

       But Shen Huiming could have secrets, and so could he.

       Suo Yang put the secret in his pocket and didn’t want to reveal a word to the other party, because he knew that Shen Huiming was not in a hurry to dig out his secret. Even though the other party had a telescope in his hand and didn’t intend to use it, he did not want to spy on each other ‘from a distance’. One needed to approach slowly, and then slowly walk in.

       “I imagined that the person I would spend the rest of my life with would be a flight attendant,” Shen Huiming said suddenly, “working a lot, with the days and nights upside down, but enjoying the work.”

       Suo Yang looked at him in surprise.

       “That person would always be very polite and distant to people, but he was going to give me a nickname,” Shen Huiming said thoughtfully, “I think his surname should be Suo.”

       Suo Yang sighed and laughed at him, “I thought you weren’t going to tell me?”

       “I take it back, it’s hard to guess a man’s mind,” Shen Huiming looked at him, “It’s something I fantasised about as a teenager anyway, so it’s not out of the question to tell you about it.”

       “Teenager?” Suo Yang glanced at him with a stern smile, “Nonsense.”

       “That’s right, I’m talking nonsense.” Shen Huiming was very calm, “It’s something I was imagining when I was thirty years old, and I don’t know if it will come true in the future.”


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Chapter 27

       It was very easy to hold Suo Yang’s hand, but he shouldn’t hold it for too long.

       This was similar to the slogan: ‘Although a strong wine is good, don’t be greedy.’

       Shen Huiming didn’t want to bear the consequences of drinking greedily now.

       He just shook it, and when the sunlight came through the clouds, he let go of the other’s hand.

       But that feeling lasted for a long time, and it gradually became sweeter from the bottom of Shen Huiming’s heart.

       How many years had it been since he had felt this way? Since he started working, people had lived indifferently, it was difficult to feel touched, and it was difficult to have the sweetness that hits the bottom of his heart.

       This reminded him of the sweets his parents had bought in advance during the Chinese New Year’s Eve when he was a child. He was explicitly forbidden to steal the sweets and had to wait until New Year’s Eve, but he wouldn’t behave and steal one when his parents weren’t looking to double the sweet portion.

       Suo Yang was the candy he ate in advance.

       Suo Yang kept pretending to be asleep. He couldn’t even think during the time Shen Huiming was holding his hand; all his attention was on the warmth and force coming from the other side until the alarm clock on his phone woke him up.

       When he opened his eyes, he subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief, as if he was afraid of being seen through, he quickly took out his mobile phone and said, “I have to go back.”

       The bad weather had passed and the sun was out.

       After a night of fierce wind and rain, autumn was in full swing.

       Shen Huiming stood up with him and walked towards the door.

       Suo Yang said, “Someone will call you later, see you at the airport.”

       Shen Huiming smiled at him, “See you at the airport.”

       Suo Yang looked at him, and felt a little guilty.

       Logically speaking, Shen Huiming should be the one who felt guilty, but Suo Yang averted his gaze first.

       The two said goodbye, Suo Yang turned and prepared to leave.

       “Suo Yang.” Shen Huiming suddenly stopped him.

       When Suo Yang turned around, Shen Huiming said to him, “Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, live a more relaxed life.”

       These words were obviously nothing out of the ordinary, but they suddenly seemed to be more soothing than the sunlight outside the window.

       Suo Yang smiled at him, nodded and said “Okay”, then walked downstairs quickly.

       He didn’t even wait for the elevator, because he didn’t dare to linger for a moment too long.

       When Suo Yang returned to the room, his colleague had already changed his clothes and was waiting to leave. When he saw Suo Yang coming back, he jokingly said, “Staying out all night, huh!”

       Suo Yang was a little embarrassed, and casually replied, “I met an acquaintance, and we chatted for a while.”

       He glanced at the time and saw that it was too late to take a shower, so he could only run to the bathroom to wash up quickly and put on his uniform.

       On the way from the hotel to the airport, Suo Yang took out his mobile phone and found the song that Shen Huiming had played for him last night. As he listened to the song, he felt as if he had gone back to a few hours ago and was watching a man named Suo Yang chatting and drinking with a man named Shen Huiming as an outsider; time seemed to be slowed down, every movement and every look of them slowed down. Suo Yang could see clearly when the two looked at each other, there was a smile in their eyes.

       It was impossible to deny it.

       Suo Yang sighed and found himself being drawn to Shen Huiming.

       The weather turned fine and the flight conditions were good.

       The passengers boarded the plane again, and Shen Huiming sat in the cabin again.

       Almost three hours passed quickly, and they arrived at Berlin Schönefeld Airport from Moscow without incident.

       It was still morning here when they arrived in Berlin. When he got off the plane, Shen Huiming couldn’t help but sigh, after such a trip, the jet lag was making him completely messed up.

       He found a place to sit after getting off the plane and connected to the WiFi to send a message to Suo Yang.

       After all the passengers had left, Suo Yang and the others had a lot to do, and it would be a long time before they were all done.

       They had six hours of free time and would be ready to return by late afternoon.

       Suo Yang remembered to turn on the phone after finishing his work, and the first message he received was from Shen Huiming.

       Shen Huiming said: I’m waiting for you by the elevator leading to the exit, there is a coffee shop.

       After looking at the time the message was sent, Suo Yang found that the other party had been waiting for a long time, so he quickly replied: I just finished my work, where are you?

       Shen Huiming had drunk half a cup of coffee and was reading a document at the moment. After receiving Suo Yang’s message, he raised his hand and took a picture of the coffee shop.

       Suo Yang sent: Wait for me a moment, I’ll come over to you.

       He declined his colleague’s invitation, and before he even had time to change his uniform, he walked quickly towards the coffee shop.

       The feeling that someone was waiting for him was very subtle, which makes Suo Yang feel both ashamed and at ease.

       He had always disliked being waited on, even if it was a meeting with Zhou Mo or a colleague, he would always be the one to arrive early.

       It was the first time someone was waiting for him, and it made him feel like he was in a foreign country but with a home waiting for him, so he was so eager to return.

       Suo Yang followed the exit and soon found the coffee shop. The coffee shop was open on all sides, and there were very few customers inside. Shen Huiming was sitting on the sofa at the far end.

       The other party was looking at the notebook very intently and did not notice him coming from behind.

       Suo Yang stepped lightly, steadied his heavy breathing, and then slowly approached.

       In front of Shen Huiming was the laptop, and in his hand was the half-drunk coffee and the book ‘On Love’ by his side.

       Suo Yang stood behind and looked at him secretly for a while as if admiring a painting hanging in an art gallery, while others were looking at the painting, he was looking at the people in the painting.

       When he had seen enough and his breathing had calmed down, Suo Yang walked over to Shen Huiming and said, “Mr. Shen, I’ve kept you waiting.”

       Shen Huiming was too focused on the documents, when someone suddenly spoke next to him, which startled him, and accidentally knocked over the coffee with a wave of his hand.

       Half a cup of coffee, half spilt on the table, half spilt on the ‘On Love’.

       For convenience, Shen Huiming had already removed the outer cover of the book and put it at home. At this time, one-third of the white hard inner cover was smudged into a brown colour.

       Suo Yang didn’t expect such an accident, he quickly took out a tissue and apologized while helping to deal with the aftermath.

       Shen Huiming moved his notebook aside, picked up the book and said, “Not bad, the book smells like coffee.”

       After Suo Yang wiped the table, he frowned and said apologetic words. Shen Huiming laughed at him, “That’s enough, apologizing too much makes me feel like an unreasonable bully.”

       Suo Yang looked at the soiled book in his hand and smiled wryly, “Fortunately it didn’t spill on you…”

       But then, before he finished speaking, he found that Shen Huiming’s pants were also stained with coffee stains.

       A few drops of coffee splashed on his thigh, and Suo Yang couldn’t conveniently wipe it, so he could only pass a tissue over and let Shen Huiming do it himself.

       But coffee stains were so stubborn that they couldn’t even be washed off, let alone wiped.

       This time Suo Yang really felt sorry.

       “It’s okay,” Shen Huiming said, “it’s just a pair of trousers.”

       Suo Yang knew that Shen Huiming’s pair of trousers was not cheap.

       However, the most important question now was not how much the trousers were worth, but that he couldn’t just wander around in a pair of dirty trousers.

       “Did you bring a change of clothes?” Suo Yang asked.

       Shen Huiming shrugged, “That’s all I brought with me on this trip.”

       Suo Yang sighed slightly, and said, “Then… I’ll go change my clothes first and then buy you a pair of trousers.”

       “Ah?” Shen Huiming was a little surprised.

       “After all, it’s because I got it dirty,” Suo Yang said, “I’ll pay you a pair.”

       Shen Huiming smiled, “I’m a bit torn.”


       “You have luggage, right? Do you have spare trousers? Actually, we are about the same height, so you can lend me a pair temporarily.” Shen Huiming said, “However, if this is too personal, so I’m sorry.”

       Suo Yang didn’t speak.

       “On the other hand, the fact that you bought me trousers,” Shen Huiming looked at him with a smile, “I’m quite happy that you bought them for me, it’s a gift.”

       He let out a deliberate “tsk” and rubbed the centre of his eyebrows, “It’s a hard choice.”

       Suo Yang was amused by him, “Don’t worry about it, I only brought a pair of trousers, and I’ll have to change myself to it later.”

       He put the empty coffee cup on the tray and prepared to return it to the bar, “Clean it up and wait for me for a few minutes. There is a bathroom across the street. I’ll go change my clothes.”

       Shen Huiming obediently obeyed and sat down peacefully to wait for Suo Yang.

       He watched Suo Yang in uniform walking towards the bar, his tall and straight back was really pleasing to the eye.

       The other party walked out of the coffee shop, took the suitcase and went into the bathroom.

       A few minutes later, Suo Yang, who had changed into casual clothes, came over, still wearing the same shirt and jeans, so refreshing that Shen Huiming couldn’t take his eyes off it.

       “I just checked, there is a men’s clothing store right after you go out,” Suo Yang said, “Let’s go buy you trousers first.”

       Shen Huiming got up, packed his things and walked out of the coffee shop with Suo Yang.

       The two walked out side by side, and Suo Yang told him that he had six hours of free time.

       “Six hours…” Shen Huiming tentatively said, “Then can I apply to take up your six hours?”

       Suo Yang smiled, “The bet?”

       “No, no, no, that doesn’t count,” Shen Huiming said, “A proper date takes a whole day, twenty-four hours, and wouldn’t I be at a loss if I was only given six hours?”

       “Twenty-four hours?”

       “That’s right.” Shen Huiming smiled, “The person in front of you is just so greedy, he wants to hog your twenty-four hours.”

       Suo Yang looked at him, not knowing what to say.

       “It’s a bit bad, isn’t it?” Shen Huiming said, “It’s kind of bad, anyway, you have to be willing to admit defeat. When the time comes, free up your time and listen to my arrangements.”

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Chapter 26

       As long as it exists, is it perfect?

       Suo Yang had never thought about this question, but when Shen Hui Ming said this point of view, he suddenly felt that it was not unreasonable.

       It had always been in his mind that the world was full of cracks, irrespective of people or things, but where there was a crack, there was naturally a flaw. And a flaw was a far cry from perfection.

       He regretted this flaw, but Shen Huiming looked at this issue from another angle and regarded the flaw as an irreplaceable perfection.

       This concept made Suo Yang feel fresh, and his breathing suddenly became easier.

       Suo Yang was a person with a strong sense of self. He would listen to other people’s opinions, but seldom agree with them and accept them, and very often he could understand that they had a point, but he was still willing to stick to his own side of the world.

       But as it turned out, always sticking to one side of the world solidified thoughts and perspective, and this was where all his confusion comes from.

       By looking at things from a different perspective, many problems could be solved accordingly.

       He envied Shen Huiming’s positive thinking, which was probably the opposite of his—the world of optimists.

       What would happen between them as a pessimist met an optimist?

       Shen Huiming raised his hand and looked out of the window through the wine glass, “Actually, I said too much, what it boils down to is that I want to tell you…”

       He turned around and looked at Suo Yang through the glass. The man in his vision became distorted in shape, even a little comical.

       Shen Huiming said with a smile, “No matter how many layers of surfaces I look at you, what you are distorted into, we all know that you are you, because you are Suo Yang himself, so you are unique and perfect enough.”

       People would not change their minds just because of someone else’s words, let alone become confident enough to really believe how much more perfect they are.

       This was something that both of them knew very well.

       Shen Huiming said these things just to let Suo Yang know that he understood him and was willing to get closer to ‘every single one of him’.

       In any relationship, ‘understanding’ was far more heartwarming than ‘love’, and the bonding of the soul is more valuable than the bonding of the body.

       After hearing Shen Huiming’s words, what he cared about was not whether he was perfect in the eyes of the other person, but whether this person was looking at him attentively.

       Suo Yang raised his hand, clinked glasses with Shen Huiming lightly, and said with a smile, “Thank you for the bedroom philosopher’s enlightenment.”

       “I’m not just a philosopher in the bedroom.” Shen Huiming and Suo Yang looked at each other with a smile and took a sip of wine.

       Suo Yang chuckled lightly, “Does Mr. Shen have a side that I don’t know about?”

       “A lot, you can understand it slowly.” Shen Huiming said, “But before we get to understand each other, can we have a discussion first?”


       “Change the way you call me,” Shen Huiming said, “You always call me Mr. Shen, which makes me feel like I’m on the same level as Jiang Tongyan in your heart.”

       When Jiang Tongyan was mentioned, Suo Yang was taken aback. He had almost forgotten about this person.

       He smiled, “How is Mr Jiang doing these days? Very busy?”

       “Busy, busy defending against me.” Shen Huiming beat around the bush to try to let Suo Yang know that Jiang Tongyan was already having a story with someone else, “He’s so busy that he’s bruised and battered.”

       Suo Yang laughed out loud, “It’s pretty good.”

       “I’m to blame,” Shen Huiming said, “I shouldn’t mention him. How can we give him a part in the conversation when we are alone?”

       Suo Yang shook the red wine in his hand, raised his hand and drank the rest in one go, then asked, “What would you like me to call you?”

       “It’s hard for me to say when you ask that.” Shen Huiming said as he pretended to put some act, “I’m also quite bashful.”

       Suo Yang looked at him with a smile, “Since we are all bashful people, I’d better call you Mr. Shen.”

       “…Don’t be ridiculous, when did you learn to joke around.”

       Suo Yang sat beside him and smiled, and said after a while, “Huiming?”

       This was already a very close term of endearment for Suo Yang.

       He had always kept a safe and secure distance from others. He was polite and courteous to anyone, never overstepping his bounds, even with his close colleagues and friends, and always maintaining his poise.

       He was somewhat afraid of intimacy. He always felt that when two people fall into an intimate relationship,it would expose many unseemly flaws. He was terrified that people would be disillusioned with him.

       Getting him to start an intimate relationship was harder than getting him to fly for a month without a break.

       But ever since he met Shen Huiming, he always seemed to be hooked forward and couldn’t help but follow.

       He suddenly remembered about ‘reinforce and conquer each other’ that the two of them had talked about before, and was afraid that he might really have to be superstitious for once.

       Shen Huiming understood the principle of when to stop as soon as he saw a deal, the name ‘Huiming’ was probably already the limit for Suo Yang, and he would be embarrassed to say more.

       What’s more, there’s no need to be so nasty, like Zhou Mo who used to say ‘hubby’ every day. Not to mention that he and Suo Yang hadn’t reached that point yet, even if they really did, they probably wouldn’t be able to say it.

       People have different ways of getting along with each other, Suo Yang was slow to warm up, and now this was already a rapid progress.

       Shen Huiming poured some more wine for the two of them, and Suo Yang, who had originally said he would only drink one glass, went on to drink a second.

       Afterwards, the two of them didn’t talk about those ambiguous topics anymore. They just sat there looking out of the window, saying some innocuous words one after another.

       At some point, Suo Yang’s voice became softer and his response frequency became lower and lower. Shen Huiming turned around and found that the other party was sitting there holding an empty wine glass with one hand and one hand just resting on the arm of the chair, surprisingly asleep.

       It was probably because he was really too tired and had drunk some red wine to relax his nerves.

       Shen Huiming quietly looked at the person leaning there and fell asleep. He looked at Suo Yang’s slightly flushed face from drinking, and he felt extremely at ease in his heart.

       When he was giving a ‘lesson’ to Suo Yang, he was very eloquent and logical, but in fact, he wasn’t that open-minded either.

       He knew that Suo Yang definitely didn’t have expectations for love, and which adult who had been shattered by reality wouldn’t be like that?

       Love was there just to balance their lives. Of course, it was good to have it, but no one was going to force it.

       You couldn’t ask for it. True love was always something that could be found but not sought.

       Before meeting Suo Yang, Shen Huiming always thought that his love would never come. Love could be written in books, painted in paintings, made into sculptures and placed in cathedrals, but it would never come to him.

       They were all just a mediocre, a boy or girl next door1used to describe someone who is completely ordinary, not rich, famous, etc. kind of people. They were not so lucky.

       But the Gods were kind, and Yue lao2is one of the gods of Taoism, in charge of men and women of marriage god did not forget him when he tied the red thread.

       Suo Yang was the kind of person that someone would fall in love with at first sight, after all, who wouldn’t like someone who was good-looking?

       However, he was also too good at turning people away. A man who always felt that when he was understood, he would be abandoned.

       Dull? Bland?

       Shen Huiming looked at the sleeping Suo Yang and remembered what the other man had told him before.

       That’s not true.

       Suo Yang had been hurt by love before, right? Shen Huiming laughed bitterly in his heart. Had this person experienced some failed relationship and was that why he thought like that?

       He didn’t know what others think of Suo Yang, but to him, Suo Yang was not indifferent at all, and the more he spent time with him, the more he wanted to embrace him.

       In the early morning when the wind and rain gradually subsided, there was his beloved sleeping beside him.

       It was so romantic that Shen Huiming felt that his heart had returned to his early twenties, full of expectation and enthusiasm.

       Suo Yang had become his oasis. It was a place where he could rest and adjust when he was tired of fighting in the adult world with its many thoughts, and be reminded that life really was a very gentle thing.

       As Shen Huiming watched the sky grow brighter, he secretly reached out his hand and carefully took hold of the other man’s hand.

       Suo Yang’s hand was warm and soft, like a magnolia flower floating on the surface of hot spring water.

       Do you know what it means to have your heart beats in excitement?

       When Shen Huiming gently held Suo Yang’s hand, he felt that he couldn’t help but feel his heart pounding for this person.

       Actually, Suo Yang woke up the moment his hand was held, his heart tightened, and he subconsciously wanted to open his eyes but restrained himself.

       He didn’t move and continued to pretend to be asleep, forcing himself to calm down, for fear that the sudden violent beating of his heart would wake up this still sleeping morning and that the heartbeat would reveal his mood.

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Chapter 25

       It was not often that Suo Yang felt this close to someone. Not in terms of spatial distance but in terms of distance in his heart.

       People were probably like this. The more they grew up, the harder it was to accept the advances of others. Their defensiveness would increase with age. When a person approaches, they would subconsciously think about the other party’s intention.

       It might seem too utilitarian and too realistic to say this, but this was true. Every adult who had been in society had a lock on their heart.

       It was precisely because of this that people always say that after leaving the campus, there would be fewer and fewer sincere friends.

       Suo Yang was not the type of person who could easily make friends with others. He was so used to being alone all these years that he had forgotten what it was like to have company. On many stormy days, what he thought about was when the weather would clear up and when was the time to take off; but instead, he thought that the atmosphere was just right at this moment.

       The atmosphere was just right for a glass of wine.

       Shen Huiming seemed to have seen through his thoughts, or maybe he just happened to have the same thoughts as him.

       He asked, “There is red wine in the wine cabinet. Would you like a glass?”

       Suo Yang smiled, “Then I’ll have a glass.”

       Shen Huiming got up and walked to the wine cabinet.

       Suo Yang cleaned up the finished meal boxes in front of him, put all the rubbish in a bag and put it aside, then turned to look at Shen Huiming who was opening the wine.

       He walked over, took out the wine glass to wash it, and when he came back, Shen Huiming was already waiting for him.

       “This wine is not bad,” Shen Huiming said, “but it needs time to wake up for a while1it means that Shen Huiming is letting the wine be exposed to the air for a while. If it is a young wine, a longer time exposed to air will help open it up to show more complexity and soften the tannins. If it is an older wine, a little time exposed to air will wake it up from its long slumber to revive its liveliness.”

       Suo Yang saw that he had poured part of it into the decanter.

       “No rush.” Suo Yang put the glass away, “The night is still long anyway.”

       While waiting for the wine, the two sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and watched the unsightly night scene outside.

       The strong wind was swirling with branches and rain, and the lightning was accompanied by rumbling thunder, which was very similar to the end-time scene in the movie.

       Suo Yang said, “This kind of weather is what I fear most.”

       When a person was willing to confess his weaknesses to you, it proved that he had begun to accept you.

       Shen Huiming asked, “Because of your job?”

       “Part of the reason,” Suo Yang’s voice was very soft, but he was not anxious. He just told him a very common thing calmly, “It seems that since high school, evening and windy weather would make me feel horrible.”

       “Evening and windy days?”

       “Yes, to put it simply, if I am outside at such a time, I will feel anxious and sometimes experience heart palpitations and dizziness.” Suo Yang smiled, “I even went online to find out what this was all about.”

       “Did you find out the results?”

       Suo Yang laughed out loud, “The internet says it’s called ‘sundowning syndrome’, which is generally a series of emotional and cognitive function changes that occur in Alzheimer’s patients at dusk.” 

       Shen Huiming didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Alzheimer’s disease?”

       “Hahaha yes, dementia,” Suo Yang laughed in a relaxed manner, “When I saw this, I immediately closed the webpage.”

       Shen Huiming shook his head, “So that’s why when there is any problem, you can’t just check it online. You will just find out that you are terminally ill.”

       “So until now, I didn’t know why I am like this.” Suo Yang said, “But now I rarely think about it that much. The bad weather will only make me anxious because the flight is affected.”

       Shen Huiming looked out of the window, or rather, he was looking at Suo Yang reflected in the glass window.

       He was silent for a while, then said, “I think there is one possible answer.”

       Suo Yang looked at him.

       Shen Huiming smiled, “But I’m afraid of offending you when I say it.”

       “Still worried about that now?” Suo Yang deliberately joked with him, “Why didn’t you consider this issue when you bought the ticket for this flight?”

       Shen Huiming lowered his head and smiled.

       After a while, Shen Huiming restrained his smile and said seriously, “Maybe it’s because of a lack of security.”

       The smile on Suo Yang’s face gradually faded, and he seemed to be looking out in a daze.

       “I don’t dare to speculate on your psychology without permission, and I’m not sure if you’re aware of this problem.”  Shen Huiming said, “Evening signifies the junction of the day, an ambiguous period of time in which it is easy to give rise to emotions that would not be visible during the day. It was like a hook that hooks day to the night, and in bringing out the night, it also brings out the restlessness and desires of the people along the way.”

       Shen Huiming turned to look at Suo Yang, “I don’t know if anyone has told you this, but you’re really very good. We don’t really have a deep friendship, but I can feel that you’re doing your best to do what you like, and I admire you for that alone.”

       How should one describe this feeling?

       It was like a secret that one didn’t discover, but it was suddenly exposed by others. In an instant, a chill ran down your spine, and your palms were sweaty.

       Suo Yang was a proud person, and his pride was not the arrogance of raising his chin and looking down on others but the feeling that he was forged with a bronze wall that could not be violated. He felt that he should be infallible, flawless, and be praised everywhere he went.

       In order to maintain this state, he had to take a deep breath at the beginning of each day, and he must be full of energy no matter how tired he was.

       But there was a person who was telling him tactfully: Suo Yang, you are not confident.

       Pride and confidence were two entirely different things

       The crux of Suo Yang’s problem was that he had never been sure of himself. He felt that he was not good enough and that he had to live more attentively to get by.

       At the end of every day, he felt that he had not grown at all. He denied himself every day, and at the same time, he had to pretend to put on an arrogant look of superiority. He thought he had played the proud So Yang very well, but he didn’t expect that Shen Huiming would see through him so easily.

       As he saw that Suo Yang hadn’t spoken for a long time, Shen Huiming secretly thought it was bad and that he had said too much.

       Suo Yang had a strong defensive mentality. If one talked too much, he would lock the door instead.

       As for Suo Yang, after what he said, the two of them may go on two extreme paths. One was that Suo Yang opened up his heart to him and treated him as a close friend, and the other was to bid him farewell.

       He didn’t know if he was being too smart or too stupid in saying those things.

       For a while, he was dumbfounded.

       Ever since he met Suo Yang, Shen Huiming felt that every step he took was a gamble.

       “The wine is almost ready.” Shen Huiming stood up, “I’m going to pour a glass.”

       Suo Yang nodded but did not speak.

       When Shen Huiming went to pour the wine, Suo Yang kept looking at the people in the room through the window. He was full of questions, and he couldn’t figure it out at all.

       When Shen Huiming returned with the wine glass and handed it to him, Suo Yang asked, “Am I being obvious?”

       Shen Huiming was stunned for a moment and smiled, “Not really, although it seems like I’m being unmodest to say so, I believe that there are only a few who can tell.”

       He laughed not only because of Suo Yang’s question but because, since the other party asked such a question, it meant that Suo Yang had not rejected him because of this.

       This was a good sign.

       Suo Yang frowned with a look of disbelief. He really didn’t understand how Shen Huiming had found this out.

       They had only met a few times, and they usually had very shallow conversations. Suo Yang has never shown any ‘weakness’ in front of each other.

       What was going on?

       Suo Yang suddenly felt that Shen Huiming was a scary person, so smart that he wondered if this person had opened his sky eye2a higher sense of knowledge or some people would say the third eye.

       “If I say I’m just guessing, does it appear that I’m not sincere?” Shen Huiming sat down again and took a sip of his wine.

       “So, it’s not a blind guess.” Suo Yang said, “Can you tell me about it?”

       “I’m still very accurate in reading people,” Shen Huiming said with a smile, “Of course, there are times when I miss the mark.”

       He held the wine glass in both hands, hesitated for a moment, and said to Suo Yang, “This is how things are in this world. No matter how well you disguise yourself, but when you meet someone who really has his heart set on you, he can see the flaw at a glance.”

       Shen Huiming said jokingly, “I don’t mean to be sarcastic about my love rivals.”

       Suo Yang also laughed, took a sip of wine and said, “There is no such thing as a love rival.”

       “Suo Yang,” Shen Huiming stopped joking and said to him seriously, “Actually, many times, words are the palest in comparison, and the best way to make a person affirm himself is not the praise of others, I believe you don’t lack this at all.”

       Suo Yang looked down at the wine in his hand.

       Yes, he had never lacked praise.

       From childhood to adulthood, whether it was parents, teachers, classmates or friends, even if it was just a passenger that he had the pleasure of having met once, had always praised him.

       He didn’t even understand why this was the case. Why was it that he couldn’t identify himself when he should be standing up straight and thinking he felt incredibly good?

       This emotion has plagued him for years and even nearly broke him a few times.

       “I’ve tried to find the answers before,” Suo Yang said, “I always thought that all diseases have their causes, and I could solve this problem by finding the root of the problem, but strangely enough, I found that I couldn’t find the cause at all.”

       He took a sip of wine, “Many people’s character flaws initially come from their family, but in fact, I always think I came from a good family. My parents were respectful of each other; they were strict with me but never hurt me, and I was able to feel their love.”

       Shen Huiming sat beside him and listened quietly.

       “If it’s not originated from the family, where is it from?” Suo Yang said, “Emotionally? I’m not afraid of you making fun of me. I’ve never formally walked into a relationship, and I think things like relationships are too heavy for me, and I can’t afford it easily. I don’t trust other people or myself, and I don’t believe that perfect love really exists.”

       “Actually, perfect love really doesn’t exist.” Shen Huiming smiled, “It hurts the perfectionist.”

       Suo Yang shrugged, “Probably.”

       “Perfect love isn’t even common in works of art. All love has its uniqueness. But if we have to dwell on ‘perfection’, I think every love is perfect.” Shen Huiming said, “As long as it exists, it is perfect; even if it’s like cracked porcelain, it’s still a work of art. So love is art, and the pursuit of love is the pursuit of art, and you say that art is perfect? ​​It doesn’t matter if it is beautiful art or ugly art, but where it is art, it is perfection. The same goes for people. Everyone is a work of art. In a way, there is no perfect person, but everyone is perfect.”

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Chapter 24

       How exactly should Suo Yang’s voice be described?

       It was clean and clear, like a ray of light penetrating the clouds.

       In the past, when Shen Huiming was dealing with all kinds of people, he would try to analyze the logic and behaviour style of the other party through their appearances out of his businessman’s instinct. He was good at predicting the next move in advance after the other party made their first move. This was the kind of foresight a businessman must have.

       But when he met Suo Yang, his original framework of dealing with people was no longer applicable.

       He was reluctant to guess or analyze the actions that Suo Yang might take next. All of his logical analysis of Suo Yang was wiped out, and he just wanted to follow his heart and be sentimental.

       Now Shen Huiming was so sentimental that even hearing Suo Yang’s voice felt extremely healing.

       “Coffee.” Shen Huiming looked up at him with a smile, “Black coffee.”

       Suo Yang originally wanted to appear tense and to suspend Shen Huiming’s appetite, but the other party asked for coffee, which made it impossible for him to not remember their first meeting.

       “On an empty stomach…”

       “It’s not an empty stomach this time,” Shen Huiming smiled, “I just ate a piece of small cake while waiting for the plane.”

       Suo Yang laughed, looked at him helplessly, and said: “Okay, please wait a moment.”

       It was funny. It was like a bubble suddenly appeared in a pool of stagnant water.

       While waiting for Suo Yang to come over with coffee, Shen Huiming flipped through the book and turned to the first page again, where the story begins.

       The first sentence of the whole book—In this world, there is nothing stronger than the desire for love.

       If it were before, Shen Huiming would not agree with this sentence at all and even sneered at it, but now, as he looked at the clouds outside the window and thought about the person who would be coming over with coffee later, he felt that this statement hit him right in the heart.

       On a whim, he tore off a sheet from his notebook, quickly wrote a line, and stuffed it into Suo Yang’s trouser pocket when the other party came over.

       Suo Yang looked at him, didn’t ask any questions, just smiled, put his coffee away and turned to leave.

       For the next few hours, everything went on as usual. Shen Huiming didn’t cause trouble for Suo Yang, and Suo Yang didn’t express special attention to him because there was an ‘acquaintance’ of his own sitting in the cabin.

       They both knew only too well that Suo Yang was in the middle of his work and that Shen Huiming should not disturb him, nor should he be distracted. This was the self-control he should have, at the very least.

       However, Shen Huiming didn’t feel bored during the seven hours or so he spent on the connecting flight to Moscow. He flipped through books, processed the documents sent by the assistant before he boarded the plane, and then took a short nap. The time passed like this.

       For him, it was never possible to have a dull moment of free time. For a long time, Shen Huiming wished that he could have 48 or even 72 hours a day, and the things that he needed to deal with were simply endless.

       Under such circumstances, he was willing to divide his attention and time to be close to Suo Yang, which was enough to show how irresistible Suo Yang’s allure was to him.

       When the plane arrived in Moscow, the weather conditions were not very good, it was overcast, and it looked a bit bleak.

       They had more than two hours of transit time and needed to change to another terminal to board the plane.

       Shen Huiming walked out with the other passengers, and before he got off the plane, he took a second look at Suo Yang and thought that even if there was a row of flight attendants standing there, Suo Yang was the only one who stood out.

       This was not because love was blind, Shen Huiming thought; this was a fact.

       It would take another two or three hours to arrive in Berlin after taking off from Moscow. While waiting to board the plane, Shen Huiming had already started planning how to invite Suo Yang to take a walk in Berlin together after landing.

       Berlin was a place he was looking forward to. After all, in his shallow understanding of the city, it should be colourful and full of a strong artistic atmosphere. In such an environment, it seemed easier for people to indulge in it and become emotional. In this way, it would be easier to open up and not to mention that it was where Suo Yang had his first international flight, so there should be unique emotions here. Shen Huiming felt that this place was perfect for the two of them to spend some time together.

       However, the saying that plans would never be able to catch up with changes1this would be similar to ‘People may make plans in their minds, but God decides what they will do.’ would always be true.

       Lightning and thunder began to strike outside half an hour before their boarding time.

       Thunder and lightning weather was a terrible situation for flying. People like Shen Huiming who flew around all year round knew this all too well.

       He got up, walked to the window, looked at the sudden rainstorm outside and the lightning that split the sky in half, and suddenly had a bad feeling.

       A few minutes later, Suo Yang found him.

       “We probably won’t be able to fly.” Suo Yang was just taking his chances to see if Shen Huiming was waiting obediently at the gate, but to his surprise, he actually saw him at the window.

       “I have a hunch,” Shen Huiming spoke as a thunderclap rumbled, and Suo Yang frowned, “It doesn’t matter to me. I originally came here for you.”

       Shen Huiming was so straightforward that Suo Yang forgot how to respond for a moment.

       Shen Huiming smiled and said, “It’s alright, I’ll follow the arrangement, but it seems you need to appease the other passengers.”

       At this moment, the broadcast sounded, announcing the news of the flight delay.

       To everyone’s surprise, the delay was a long one, and the flight did not take off until late at night.

       The sudden change of weather made many passengers restless. Shen Huiming sat on the side and looked up from time to time.

       The airport staff tried their best to calm everyone down. Shen Huiming looked at the time and felt that he might have to stay here tonight.

       At ten o’clock, they were told that they would not be able to take off today, and the airport staff took them to the hotel.

       Before leaving the airport, Shen Huiming sent a WeChat message to Suo Yang while there was still WiFi, telling him about his current situation.

       Suo Yang replied to him: OK, I will contact you later.

       From the airport to the hotel, Shen Huiming felt how bad the weather outside was at the moment.

       Indeed, it was impossible to take off in such conditions.

       As he sat on the bus and looked up at the dark sky, he suddenly felt uneasy.

       How many times had Suo Yang encountered such a situation over the years? How many times had he encountered an unexpected situation during a flight? Has he ever been afraid?

       Shen Huiming frowned and tried not to think about it as much as possible, he couldn’t accept any bad thoughts sprouting up.

       They were taken to the hotel, where first-class passengers were accommodated in a deluxe room, which was not bad.

       Shen Huiming’s cell phone was almost out of battery right now, so he changed his clothes, charged his cell phone, and waited for Suo Yang to contact him.

       There was still lightning and thunder outside the window, and it felt like the end of the world, with the wind and rainstorms causing the branches to be broken.

       He was a little worried about Suo Yang and was surprisingly a little anxious as he waited.

       In order to ease this lousy mood, Shen Huiming turned on his laptop and started working.

       At almost twelve o’clock, Suo Yang finally sent a message.

       Suo Yang said that he had also arrived at the hotel and asked Shen Huiming how things were going on his side.

       Shen Huiming: Everything is safe, but I am a little worried about you.

       Suo Yang had just entered the room with his colleagues and felt relieved after seeing Shen Huiming’s message.

       He replied: Have you eaten anything tonight? I brought a boxed meal back.

       Five minutes later, Suo Yang knocked on Shen Huiming’s door.

       Shen Huiming did not eat anything at night, but it was not because he couldn’t eat. The airport prepared a very good dinner box for them, but he just didn’t have an appetite at that time.

       What’s more, even if he had eaten, he would have to say he hadn’t; otherwise, how could he get Suo Yang to come to his door?

       He opened the door and saw Suo Yang had already changed his uniform and wearing a light-coloured striped shirt and jeans. He looked like a refreshing college student.

       Suo Yang held two sets of meals in his hand and said with a smile, “The steward took care of me and gave me two portions.”

       Shen Huiming looked at the person in front of him and was a little dazed. This feeling of having a familiar person visit him late at night while he was temporarily settled in a foreign country was very heartwarming.

       Despite the strong wind and heavy rains, lightning and thunder outside, the atmosphere in the room was not affected at all. Because of Suo Yang’s appearance, the atmosphere became warm and soft.

       The two sat on the carpet and used the hotel’s promotional brochure to pad their meal box. They just sat on the floor and ate their dinner, which was several hours late.

       They were like old friends, chatting in the dim light of the room. Suo Yang was no longer on the edge, after all, he was tired enough for today.

       “By the way,” Shen Huiming reached for his phone, “I heard a song by accident that day.”

       He opened the music software and searched for ‘Berlin’.

       Before the start of this trip, Shen Huiming had checked countless information related to Berlin, even including the song.

Sometimes darkness, it creeps in
to my body while I’m sleeping.
and I watch you fall,
from the pedestal,
where you’ve rested for so long.

       Suo Yang sat there, looked at the swaying branches outside the window, and listened in fascination, while Shen Huiming sat opposite him and looked at him.

       Shen Huiming didn’t know what Suo Yang was thinking at the moment, but what he thought was: When you fall from the pedestal, I can catch you.

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Berlin song

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Chapter 23

       When Suo Yang first saw Shen Huiming’s name, he thought he had read it wrong, or maybe it was just someone else with the same name.

       But soon he realized that this was Shen Huiming’s strategy, and the guy was discharged from the hospital without telling him at all.

       Suo Yang was not the least bit upset. Instead, he looked at the passenger list and smiled. A colleague next to him asked, “What’s wrong?”

       “Nothing.” Suo Yang politely responded with a smile.

       Suo Yang wondered if Shen Huiming had ever thought that his whereabouts had been revealed before he even boarded the plane. This so-called surprise made him at a loss whether to cry or to laugh

       For the first time in his career, Suo Yang was a little distracted as he went to get ready after the meeting.

       Suo Yang suddenly remembered the first time he met Shen Huiming on the plane. On that occasion, just like now, he was given the list of first-class passengers during the meeting. However, at that time, he did not feel any strange emotions when he saw the name Shen Huiming, and at that time, he did not know that he would later become so involved with this person.

       At this moment, Shen Huiming, who had completed the check-in procedure and was walking to the VIP lounge, took his mobile phone and wanted to send a message to Suo Yang, but he was afraid that he would affect the other party’s work, so he could only force himself to suppress such thoughts.

       He went to the waiting room and received a cup of coffee. When he sat down and was about to drink, he remembered that he had been told by Suo Yang on the plane not to drink coffee on an empty stomach.

       Shen Huiming got up with a smile and went to pick up a small cake that was individually wrapped.

       He didn’t expect he would be so obedient. After Shen Huiming sat down, he took a photo of the coffee and cake in front of him, ready to find a chance to ask for praise from Suo Yang.

       This was the first time Shen Huiming went to Berlin. He was not sure if Suo Yang would stay there and how much free time he would have if he did. However, he took the time to prepare himself properly so that if Suo Yang said he had enough time by then, they could just walk around Berlin.

       Just a casual walk, not really a date.

       Shen Huiming was very cunning. He believed that there should be a complete setup for dating. Meeting, eating, walking, and even watching movies were not considered real dates.

       He anxiously waited for the boarding announcement. He, who has always been calm, even got up from time to time to check the news at the boarding gate.

       This was what it felt like to want to meet someone so badly as if he had smelled the aroma of the other person from a long distance and couldn’t wait to follow this faint fragrance all the way.

       Shen Huiming was holding the half-read copy of ‘On Love’ in his hand, which almost became his ‘love bible’.

       Because Suo Yang had spoiled the ending in advance, Shen Huiming actually started to read the first 120 pages and kept rereading the previous parts again and again.

       He felt that, at least at this moment, his relationship with Suo Yang was more suitable for the first eleven chapters. He refused the entertain the idea of the so-called ‘Romantic Terrorism1it was actually the 18th chapter’, and he only needed to discuss ‘Romantic Fatalism2and Romantic Fatalism is the 1st chapter in the book’ with Suo Yang.

       During his stay in the hospital, Shen Huiming gave serious thought to the relationship between them and what attracted him to Suo Yang.

       Although everyone says that love has no reason and that any love that has reasons would collapse on the first blow.

       But in fact, Shen Huiming felt that everything that happened in the world had its reasonable reasons, including love.

       The emergence and development of love follow the same principle—to touch the soft part of your heart.

       Love was not without reason at all. The first time Shen Huiming saw Suo Yang, he saw the rare calmness and tenderness in the people around him. Although Suo Yang always maintained a ‘professional’ attitude, the just right sense of distance attracted him.

       As they spent time together afterwards, Shen Huiming felt more and more that Suo Yang’s life was like a beautifully wrapped gift box that everyone wanted to take for themselves, but the price was so high that many people had to turn away.

       But he wanted to go out of his way to get it back at a high price, not to get a glimpse of what was inside, but to untie the packaging that was binding him and give him freedom.

       Shen Huiming felt that Suo Yang was yet another kind of himself, a person who was raised high by life and forced to tighten his nerves.

       Therefore, he wanted to be Suo Yang’s hero, or at least allow the other person to be unrestrained when he was by his side.

       The most clichéd metaphor to describe the relationship between the two he imagined was that Suo Yang was a swimming fish, and he wanted to be the everlasting lake for this fish3in a sense Shen Huiming wanted Suo Yang to be able to keep swimming on and on because he would be the lake that has no end.

       It was challenging and fun.

       Shen Huiming waited for a long time and finally got the boarding notice.

       He took his book and walked towards the boarding gate with his ticket and passport in his hand.

       Here we are again.

       Finally, we meet again.

       He won the bet anyway, albeit with a little less than honourable tricks.

       Shen Huiming smiled and walked towards the shuttle bus, which was going to take him to Suo Yang’s side, and he was looking forward to his reaction when he met him.

       Suo Yang stood there to greet the first-class passengers, dressed in a neat uniform, with a decent smile and standardised conversation.

       When Shen Huiming walked up, he looked at Suo Yang from afar, and the two of them looked at each other without any unusual reaction from Suo Yang.

       When Shen Huiming arrived in front of Suo Yang, Suo Yang smiled and said, “Hello Mr. Shen, welcome to this flight.”

       Shen Huiming smiled at him and nodded, responding, “Hello.”

       After he said that, he went inside and found his place.

       Thirteen hours. The journey was divided into two parts.

       For the first time, Shen Huiming felt that the long flight time was a good thing.

       Suo Yang greeted the passengers and returned to the cabin to continue the service in order. He helped the passengers to place their carry-on luggage and asked them what their needs were.

       Shen Huiming sat there peacefully the whole time, but his attention was focused on Suo Yang.

       His voice.

       His smile.

       The way he lifted his arms as he helped people set up their luggage.

       And that waistline.

       The uniform shirt was tucked neatly into his trousers, and even the belt uniformly distributed by the airline seemed to be a limited edition of a luxury brand on Suo Yang.

       The only one of its kind in the world.

       Everything seemed like yesterday once more4a reference to The Carpenter-Yesterday Once More song. Shen Huiming seemed to have returned to the day he left for New York when a flight attendant called Suo Yang caught his attention and made his long and tiring journey full of mystical tales.

       Ultimately, Suo Yang was very professional and held himself to a very high standard of professionalism.

       He would not let the presence of Shen Hui Ming interfere with his working routine. He treated the other party as ordinary passengers during the whole process, following all the procedures and regulations, without even any unnecessary pleasantries.

       Safety demonstrations routine, after that broadcast tasks routine.

       Shen Huiming listened to Suo Yang’s voice on the speaker and tapped his fingers on the cover of the book with pleasure.

       His fingers landed on the word ‘love’, as if he was tapping on the door of the heart one after the other as if notes were popping out of it.

       The plane took off, and once again, Shen Huiming and Suo Yang flew together into the blue sky and into the clouds, and Shen Huiming felt as if he understood why Suo Yang liked this job.

       It was so romantic.

       Leaving the footprints of his life at an altitude of 30,000 feet, the footprints were the notes, and each route was the lines of the music scores5stave, and not everyone could write such a tune.

       Now, it was not only Suo Yang who had left footprints in his life, but also love who stepped in and forced himself into this life.

       Their relationship sprouted in the blue sky, and it would also sprout and bloom here.

       Shen Huiming looked out the window and watched as they moved further and further away from the familiar city, as they were wrapped in clouds and their love was as sweet and soft as a cloud-shaped cotton candy.

       Does Suo Yang like to eat cotton candy?

       He vaguely remembered that Suo Yang seemed to say that he didn’t like sweets very much.

       But it didn’t matter. He just had to eat this one. Keep this one and put it in his mouth, and let it melt little by little for a lifetime.

       In the midst of Shen Huiming’s wild thoughts, the plane reached the stratosphere, Suo Yang came over, stood beside him, leaned slightly and said, “Mr. Shen, can I get you something to eat?”

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Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard!

Here’s another update 🙂
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If you guys realise, Suo Yang said the exact same thing when he met Shen Huiming for the first time, just that in the past, he addressed Shen Huiming as Sir but now, he is calling his name

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Chapter 22

       The opportunity was definitely there, and Shen Huiming had been waiting for this opportunity.

       However, the fact that he was hospitalized seriously affected his progress with Suo Yang and once again proved that ‘Your health is your most precious asset’.

       When one’s health was poor, one’s efficiency in pursuing others was forced to decrease.

       After Suo Yang met Shen Huiming in the hospital, he never saw him again until Shen Huiming was discharged from the hospital.

       In fact, Suo Yang was worried about him. However, on the one hand, he had to fly all over the place, and on the other hand, he did not want to show too much concern for the other party. It was not his style to be too attentive.

       However, the two of them kept in touch with each other, and before Suo Yang left the hospital, Shen Huiming successfully added his WeChat.

       WeChat was much more convenient than texting.

       Several times, when Suo Yang landed, he subconsciously wanted to report his position to Shen Huiming, but most of the time he held back. The only time he didn’t was when he flew to New York again, and that night he stayed at the same hotel as his colleagues on the same shift.

       This time he declined the invitation to go to the bar and stayed at the hotel alone under the excuse that he had a ‘headache’.

       At night, just after it rained in New York, he stood by the hotel window and smoked a cigarette.

       The cool air refreshed his mind and made him not sleepy. He hadn’t smoked for a long time, and he almost choked when he took a puff.

       It was on this night that Suo Yang suddenly began to admit that he had some concerns. He used to think that he would not care too much about anyone because he was taught to love himself more since he was a child.

       His parents had their own education method, which always regulated and constrained Suo Yang’s life. Even though he had lived alone for many years without his parents, the rules he strictly followed since childhood had been engraved in his bones and could not be changed.

       Don’t like others easily, and don’t be kind to others easily because everyone is selfish, except for parents; no one would love you without limits, and it was not worth your selfless love.

       These were the principles that his parents taught him.

       Suo Yang always felt that what his parents said was right, that perfect, unreserved love could only be found in literature or artworks that had not been embellished; Romeo and Juliet, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai1The Butterfly Lovers(梁山伯与祝英台) is a Chinese legend of a tragic love story of a pair of lovers, Liang Shanbo (梁山伯) and Zhu Yingtai (祝英臺), whose names form the title of the story., none of them were real.

       If they did exist, they were few and far between.

       It was said that people would meet 29.2 million people in their lifetime, and the probability of two people falling in love was only 0.000049%.

       Influenced by his parents’ ideas, Suo Yang had also become a ‘love pessimist’ and thought that such things could never be found.

       He thought he would never meet such a person in his life who could hit his nerves, but accidentally, this person seemed to really appear.

       Suo Yang was on guard while dealing with it. He thanked Shen Huiming for not rushing in and knocked on his door calmly.

       He casually took a picture of New York late at night after the rain and sent it to Shen Huiming.

       He didn’t say where he was, but he believed Shen Huiming would recognize the nearby landmarks.

       Shen Huiming was a bit flattered to receive the message. Although in this relationship, it was not that he was the one who always took the initiative while the other party stayed indifferent. At times, Suo Yang would respond to him, but after all, there were very few times he would take the initiative to send messages.

       It was noon in China, but the picture sent by the other party was midnight.

       This feeling of two worlds crossing and overlapping made Shen Huiming Ming feel somewhat fascinated.

       On one side was the warm light of an autumn day, and on the other was the cool rain of an autumn night. One was warm, and one was cold. After he had given some thought to it, Shen Huiming raised his hand and took a picture of the view outside the ward and sent it to Suo Yang.

       After Shen Huiming finished sending the photo, he then said: When will we meet again in New York?

       Suo Yang smiled, held his cigarette in his mouth, typed with both hands, and replied to Shen Huiming—it depends on when you will be discharged from the hospital.

       The two didn’t talk for long. Shen Huiming remembered that it was already late at night there and urged Suo Yang to get some rest.

       He was now all too aware of the importance of a good night’s rest, and staying up late was not an option.

       Suo Yang was still not sleepy when he lay down. He took the phone to look at his previous chat records with Shen Huiming. When he realized how stupid his behaviour was, he quickly turned off the phone and went to sleep.

       He had a dreamless night, but when he woke up in the morning, he received a greeting from Shen Huiming.

       —Good morning. It should be dawn on your side of the world.

       Suo Yang sat on the bed hugging the quilt and smiled. When someone inquired him about a good morning, his annoyance vanished instantly.

       Regarding that bet, both of them kept it in their minds.

       Originally, when Shen Huiming brought up this bet, he intended to follow the will of God. He always felt that there was an invisible hand between him and Suo Yang that was connecting them. Otherwise, how could he explain the previous coincidental encounters one after another?

       So, at the very beginning, he didn’t want to do anything deliberately. It would have been the most romantic thing to have a willow grow out of nothing2to hardly do anything to reap the outcome3.

       However, when he was finally discharged from the hospital and returned to the company to deal with the accumulated work for two days, he felt that to leave everything between him and Suo Yang to destiny was a little bit unfair to Fate.

       Fate was only responsible for letting them meet, not for the subsequent development.

       It was up to them to decide how far they would go.

       It was up to them to plant the ‘cause’ and taste the ‘fruit of the ‘cause’  by themselves. In the end, whether it would be good or bad, whether they would be satisfied and happy or whether they will end up with regret. The responsibility should be their own, not Fate.

       What’s more, Shen Huiming discovered that Suo Yang was actually looking forward to it as much as he did.

       Since this was the case, how could he let Suo Yang down?

       Shen Huiming got discharged from the hospital and didn’t tell Suo Yang. He was going to give him a surprise.

       It was not difficult to know where Suo Yang would fly on a certain day. Shen Huiming expedited the visa application, freed up time, and bought a plane ticket.

       The flight to Berlin took nearly thirteen hours, with a flyover in Moscow.

       When Shen Huiming set off to the airport with his simple luggage, he couldn’t help but think: It was not easy to court a flight attendant. You have to have the money and the time.

       The streetscape kept receding, and Shen Huiming was getting closer and closer to the airport.

       At this time, Suo Yang didn’t know anything about Shen Huiming’s whereabouts. He had just arrived at the airport and was about to go to a meeting.

       Before he left home, he was still sending a message to Shen Huiming. At this time, he didn’t know that Shen Huiming had been discharged from the hospital, and he was about to win their bet.

       Suo Yang stood in front of the bathroom mirror and adjusted his uniform again, making sure that he was in perfect condition.

       He walked out of the bathroom and went to the meeting with other colleagues in the team.

       He had to fly to Berlin today. The first international flight in his flight attendant career was to Berlin, but he hadn’t had the opportunity to fly this route since then.

       He liked the place quite a lot.

       When all the staff are there, the meeting begins.

       The first-class passenger list was handed over to Suo Yang. He looked through the information of each passenger as usual and then saw the familiar name—Shen Huiming.

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Chapter 21

       When Shen Huiming was in high school, he wrote a composition on the topic “The life I want to live”.

       At that time, he wrote that he hoped that one day he could travel around the world and leave his footprints in every place where there was a story to tell.

       Of course, this dream was never realised simply because of nothing more than a lack of time.

       In recent years, he suddenly discovered that people always skillfully put shackles on themselves. When he first started his business, he wished to have 48 hours a day to work. At that time, he thought that he would retire early when he had made enough money and that he should not spend all his life at work.

       However, the more time passed, the more he found that he couldn’t stop, not only because it was impossible to ‘earn enough’ money, but more importantly, he was carrying a whole company, many projects and a stable livelihood for dozens of employees on his shoulders.

       He couldn’t stop.

       It was the same for getting hospitalised for the operation. The doctor had said a long time ago that he had to take care of his health, and even when the doctor ordered him to be hospitalised, he put off coming to the hospital until the end of a project.

       “What’s on your mind?” Suo Yang brought a chair over and sat near the edge of Shen Huiming’s bed.

       Shen Huiming turned the page and said with a smile, “Wondering if you can do fortune-felling.”

       Shen Huiming’s speech tempo was completely normal, but when he said the words “Wondering if you”, Suo Yang’s breath unconsciously soared.

       When Shen Huiming finished his words, he knew that he had thought too much and started to laugh at himself again. He had to admit that his thoughts were more active when he was hung up by Shen Huiming.

       “Why do you say that?”

       Shen Huiming told Suo Yang about the beautiful life he had imagined in his middle school days, “I really dared to think about it at that time, but it is probably like this in adolescence, not thinking about things that are too realistic.”

       After hearing what he said, Suo Yang laughed softly, “In fact, there is a profession that can really do that.”

       He pointed at himself, “Travelling around the world and leaving footprints in countless cities.”

       Shen Huiming was stunned for a moment, then smiled, “It really is.”

       The two looked at each other, and Shen Huiming said, “I never thought that my adolescence dream would be fulfilled by you for me.”

       Suo Yang likes this kind of ambiguous rhetoric as if the two of them were involved in a past life and a present life.

       He found that he still seemed to like those romantic settings in his bones, but he knew very well that romance in this world is like stargazing in the daytime; you knew it was there, but it just wouldn’t let you find it.

       The same goes for love.

       “Do you know what I wanted to do when I was in middle school?”

       Shen Huiming asked curiously, “An astronaut?”

       Suo Yang smiled, “Why an astronaut?”

       “Actually, it could also be a pilot, it feels like you enjoy the feeling of flying.”

       “I really enjoy this feeling now. I’ve been working for many years, but I still find the experience of going through the clouds amazing,” Suo Yang suddenly smiled slyly, “However, this is me now. Back in middle school I actually wanted to be an archaeologist.”


       “Yes, wearing a small vest, take a small shovel, and go digging in a deserted place.” Suo Yang smiled, “It was a time when I was lulled into a fascination by various tomb-raiding novels.”

       Shen Huiming laughed, “I didn’t expect you to read those novels.”

       “Of course I do.” Suo Yang also laughed, “At that time, I didn’t listen properly in class, so I put the novel in the middle of the textbook and read it secretly.”

       “I was the same, but I thought you’ve always been that kind of good student.”

       The two started chatting like this, perhaps because Shen Huiming on the hospital bed lost his usual impeccable elite style, which made Suo Yang relax his nerves subconsciously.

       The two were no longer trying to go through the motions of a back-and-forth through a relationship that had not yet fully unfolded. Rather, like two perfectly ordinary friends, chatting about grounded and light-hearted topics.

       Shen Huiming said, “Then I should be glad you didn’t go to the archaeology with a small shovel.”

       “How so?”

       “In that case, the two of us may not meet.” Shen Huiming looked at him with a smile, “After all, if I could still have a chance encounter with you doing that kind of work, either I’d be a grave robber and be caught by you, or I’d be living in a tomb.”

       Suo Yang was amused by his words and couldn’t help laughing. The two men, who had removed their delicate masks, were actually joking around like that.

       Ever since the two met, it seemed that Shen Huiming could surprise Suo Yang every time they met.

       In his past experience, the more people got along, the more boring they became, and he himself was a prime example of this.

       He was very aware of his significance. Because of his appearance, it was easy for people to be interested in him, but often, after spending time with him, he would become more and more boring.

       The legendary “A beautiful beauty, but have no soul”?

       He was never one of those people who, the deeper you dug, the more stories there were to tell, and while he was superficially light-hearted, he was indeed always empty.

       He was a pool of water, too clear to even keep fish alive.

       He was waiting for someone to oxygenate his pool of water so that water plants could grow at the bottom of the lake and the suffocated fish could come back to life.

       He suddenly felt that Shen Huiming seemed to have this possibility.

       But the problem was, it was only a possibility. Suo Yang was full of expectations, but he didn’t dare to jump to conclusions.

       It was a good idea to socialise as friends first. After all, a ‘favourable impression’ did not translate to ‘love’. There were many prerequisites for falling in love, and they were not yet at that stage.

       There was no need to be in a rush, provided that Shen Huiming was willing to take the time to take it slow with him.

       The two of them had been talking for more than an hour when the nurse came to do rounds.

       Only then did Suo Yang remember that he hadn’t even asked Shen Huiming what kind of surgery he had undergone.

       When the nurse left, he asked Shen Huiming, “Will you be in the hospital for a long time? If it’s stomach surgery, it’s quite serious, right?”

       Shen Huiming didn’t tell him too much and really didn’t want the other party to think that he was using his illness to seek sympathy.

       “If I recover well, I can go home to recuperate in a few days.” Shen Huiming said, “Actually, it’s my own fault. I don’t pay attention to my health usually, and even after the doctor reminded me, I didn’t pay attention to it. It was all my own doing.”

       When Suo Yang looked at the man who had lost a round of weight in front of him, he couldn’t say that he felt distressed, but he did feel that it was quite unpleasant.

       “Even if you’re busy with work, you also need to pay attention to your health,” Suo Yang said. “If your body breaks down, there will be nothing left.”

       Shen Huiming looked at him with a smile in his eyes and said softly, “Yes, it’s true that I didn’t care before, but I’ll have to care more in the future. After all, apart from work, I have the motivation to live longer.”

       Suo Yang looked at him.

       Shen Huiming smiled, “Okay, I won’t say it anymore. It’s weirdly embarrassing to say it too bluntly.”

       As soon as he said this, Suo Yang understood even if he didn’t say the next words.

       “Even if it wasn’t for this,” Suo Yang looked at him, looking down and flipping through the ‘On Love’ that was placed by the hospital bed, “you should still live a good long life.”

       Shen Huiming watched him flip through the book to the page with the bookmark.

       Suo Yang saw that on that page, Shen Huiming had underlined a certain sentence with a pencil—What do I love about her? Almost everything about her.

       It was like a hint, evoking his fantasy of what Shen Huiming was thinking when he read that sentence.

       Was the other party also asking himself what he loved about him?

       But Suo Yang believed that they were just two people who did not know each other, and no one would love everything about the other.

       He closed the book and said with a smile, “It’s time for me to go.”

       Shen Huiming was a little reluctant, but he had to let the man go.

       Suo Yang stood up and stacked the books beside him.

       “I’m flying to London this afternoon.” Suo Yang said, “Eleven hours.”

       “It’s hard work.” Shen Huiming sat on the hospital bed and looked at him because he knew that the other party was leaving, but he didn’t know when the next meeting would be. As a result, his eyes were reluctant to blink.

       “It’s not too hard,” said Suo Yang, smiling, as if on purpose, “It’s still nineteen hours to New York, remember?”

       Shen Huiming smiled, “Of course I remember.”

       The two stared at each other in silence for a few seconds, and then Suo Yang prepared to leave.

       “By the way,” Suo Yang said to Shen Huiming before walking away, “recuperate well, our bet is still on. I will wait for you on the plane. If there is a chance.”

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Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard!

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