Don't be in a hurry to drink the soup, and wait for me to stubbornly kiss you in front of Granny Meng.

Content tag: younger gong, first person POV, BE
Author: Have Wine/有酒
Artist: /
Alt. Name: 死在婚礼之前

This is roughly the story of a dog liberal arts student x a cat science student.

I thought that if I walk with you, it would be for a lifetime. But I don’t know how far the end of a lifetime really is.

I thought it was at least far enough to share until we are both old. But I died before the wedding.


*I’ve already clarified on Weibo that this book has no model and is not an adaptation of real events.

Please don’t believe the rumours on social media of “whoever that claimed is the model of this book”. (´ー`)

Table of Contents