Chapter 2

Chapter 2


Lu Jingning arrived late. Right now, the freshman challenge was basically nearing its end and the freshman standing on the stage should be the last challenger in line.


He glanced at the competition-matching information board displayed next to him.


The new student’s name was Wen Xingchen and the other one on the stage was a senior in his 3rd year.


If it weren’t for the different coloured medals on the shoulders of both sides, he wouldn’t have been able to easily distinguish between the two. It would’ve been easy to think that this Wen Xingchen was the senior, just judging from the height of these two.


Tsk, Alpha were not good for anything else, but their genes for height were really strong. Even if he himself was 5’8″ and was definitely not short even among the Betas, but 5’8” compared to those Alpha with good genes, he still looked a bit inadequate.


Moreover, this freshman named Wen Xingchen was clearly not just tall.


According to Yu Qingcang’s description, before this man came on, the freshmen were basically being bullied one by one. The situation was completely one-sided, which resulted in the morale of the freshmen side being in a slump for a while.


The situation on the field has now apparently been completely reversed, as Wen Xingchen has now defeated two seniors in a row. With one more win, he will be able to achieve the glorious achievement of entering the school after obtaining a 1v3 win.


The idea of winning three games in a row is quite different from taking a game or two by chance.


It is said that no one at Imperial Navy University has been able to complete such a challenge for three whole years.


At this time, not only had the morale of the freshmen suddenly risen, the instructors of the four colleges who were watching the battle also had a vague hint of excitement on their faces.


Not bad, after sitting on their backsides all afternoon, they’ve finally got the perfect candidate to grab the chance!


Lu Jingning leaned against a nearby pillar, c0cking his head with a meaningful smile.


Just now, he discovered something very interesting.


Although the battle on the field looked exciting, from his quiet corner, he happened to catch a few small, hard-to-perceive movements.


The Alpha freshman on the field seemed to be plotting step by step so he would not recklessly move and lose the challenge.


This discovery seemed a bit unbelievable, and although Lu Jingning was also a bit puzzled by it, he was not too interested in it either, and just tilted his head and yawned lazily.


He was a little sleepy.


It was getting late and he just wanted to get it over with early so he could go back to his dorm and catch up on his sleep afterwards.


Wen Xingchen unsurprisingly lost the challenge and came off the field with that same clear, bland expression on his face as always, seemingly unaffected by the frustration that filled the freshers’ camp.


He would pass through the preparation area on his way out of the field and as he passed through the aisles, a voice with a flirtatious tone suddenly came through, “Nice fight, bro.”


Not much light entered the corner of the preparation area, and it was only when he looked up, did he notice a guy leaning against the side of the wall, looking up at him with a smiling face that was provocative to the extreme.


Wen Xingchen obviously did not expect to meet an Omega here. However, did not have time to indulge in the beauty of the other person and instead wrinkled his brow slightly out of confusion.


With this twisted brow, Lu Jingning more or less guessed what he was thinking and although he was upset, he added with a false smile, “Ah, no, I should say, nice acting.”


Wen Xingchen finally looked at him carefully, and there seemed to be a vague cold light in his deep eyes, full of unknown meaning.


If such a gaze fell on other people, it would indeed be intimidating, but Lu Jingning never cared and leaned lazily against the wall, half-smiling and meeting his gaze.


It was obviously a provocation.


He is the kind of person who has never been afraid of the world.


Wen Xingchen’s voice was low and magnetic: “You noticed?”


Lu Jingning raised an eyebrow, “Will you beg me not to say anything?”


“That’s not necessary.” Wen Xingchen suddenly gave an inaudible soft laugh, a touch of meaningful derision in his extremely polite tone, “Just surprised. I didn’t expect the challenge to put me in so much limelight.”


Lu Jingning: “????”


Did that not sound right? Why did it suddenly seem like he had ulterior motives for talking to this guy?1Why did it suddenly sound like Lu Jingning was flirting with Wen Xingchen? He wasn’t!!


After pondering for a while, Lu Jingning was about to sneer back, however he saw that Wen Xingchen had already turned around and walked away, leaving behind an unspoken “Go for the challenge”, his tall and slender back revealing a sense of calmness and indifference.

If it wasn’t for the dark, evil look in those eyes when he sneered earlier, he was afraid that he too, would have been fooled by his heavenly, ascetic look.


Most of all, he, Lu Jingning, had actually lost to someone in the battle of the tongue?


Lu Jingning took a step forward and was about to go after him when a middle-aged man in a staff uniform walked in and urged him, “X9879, why aren’t you up there yet?”


Inside Lu Jingning’s mind: …… f-ck?


The middle-aged man just entered the door just in time to collide with him head-on. When he got a good look at his appearance he couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment. Suddenly he wasn’t rushing him anymore, “Classmate, if you want to change your mind and abandon the competition now…”


Lu Jingning managed to stop himself from rolling his eyes and said impatiently, “Not changing my mind. There’ll be no forfeits. I’m going up!”


After saying this, he threw his backpack over his shoulder onto the seat next to him. Instead of taking the steps, he braced himself on the ground with one hand and with a slight push, he easily jumped and rolled over onto the challenge platform.


At this time, the crowd had just recovered from the frustration of Wen Xingchen’s defeat and were staring momentarily at the entrance in anticipation of the next challenger.


Before they could register the person in their minds, they were surprised by this excessively unruly appearance.


Their first thoughts were, f-ck, he looks like another pro!


Their second reaction was that this pro looked a bit slender.


Which was followed by, this pro seemed excessively good-looking.


And finally, was this pro a…???


A f-cking Omega?!!!


The deafening cheers lasted less than two seconds, before an eerie silence fell. That was apart from the loud and thick voice coming from a corner, roaring in a ghostly voice: “Aaahh Lu Jingning you’re finally fvcking up! I want to give birth to your monkeys2He want to give birth to his kids, but it’s changed to monkeys in cn meme culture (because it’s more funny haha)!!!”


In the midst of the silence, his shouts were particularly abrupt and clear.


Everyone in the arena subconsciously looked that way, only to see a stout figure twisting his large thick waist in excitement, with a look of anticipation and admiration.


The crowd silently remembered the magnificent face and withdrew their eyes full of disgust.


What kind of mutant species did the Imperial Navy recruit this year?


But… such an ugly person wanted to give birth to his monkeys, they could do the same as well!!!


Lu Jingning on the field of course, also heard Yu Qingcang’s almost passionate shouts. However, out of shame, he stood there expressionlessly with an indifferent attitude like he didn’t know this guy, not even glancing at him with the corner of his eyes.


The one standing in front of him was the 3rd year who had just “defeated” Wen Xingchen, named Zhanshe. His reaction at this moment was almost exactly the same as the others. After a long time, he asked with some uncertainty, “Are you… an Omega?”


Knowing what he was going to say, Lu Jingning briefly warmed his muscles and looked at him with a smirk before asking rhetorically, “Do I look like an Alpha?”


Zhanshe choked, “No, that’s not what I meant.”


Lu Jingning continued to laugh, “Or maybe, after knowing that I’m an Omega, you’re ready to take pity on me and raise your white flag?”


Zhanshe: “Of course not…”


Lu Jingning placed his hands in front of him and rubbed them, raising his eyelashes lazily at the sound of cracking joints, “Since it’s neither this or that, what’s the point of asking so much? Are we still fighting or not?”


He said, turning towards the judge next to him, “May we begin?”


The referee, who was also a senior student, was staring at Lu Jingning’s face, but when he suddenly caught his opponent’s gaze, his face seemed to burn for some reason, and he announced in a panic: “Then, the match begins…!”


The moment the words were spoken, the timer for the match also began to run.


Zhanshe remained somewhat dazed.


It’s not that he hasn’t fought Omegas before.


They also had an Omega in their class and usually skipped the training courses in class.


But today he was on the field as a senior to a freshman who had come to hone his skills, and even though the university had banned the use of pheromones during the competition in order to bridge the gap between the old and new students, as a 3rd year himself he still had the absolute advantage.


Before, he was fine with the new Alpha students, but now he had to hit an Omega in front of a large crowd, and he was afraid that he might not be able to control his strength and hurt him.


While Zhanshe hesitated, Lu Jingning did not have a single intention of doing this half-heartedly at all.


After warming his muscles, the corners of his mouth hooked up slightly, revealing a gangly smile, “Senior, if you don’t make a move, then I won’t be showing any courtesy!”


After saying that, without waiting for Zhanshe’s response, his feet suddenly moved, and in the blink of an eye, he was already close enough to strike.


Zhanshe only saw that excessively good-looking face suddenly magnified several times in front of his eyes, and before he even had time to feel the breath that caressed his skin, he only felt a whirlwind and instantly lost his balance.


In the next second, his entire body was completely in the air.


Before he could react in any way, his vision before him had changed to the row of lights on top of the arena.


After feeling a heavy pain in his back, his whole world fell completely silent.


The turn of events of the competition left Zhangshe a little confused.


The arena was even more eerily silent and ravenous.


The referee froze for a few seconds before coming back to his senses and announcing the result of the clash: “Lu… L-Lu Jingning won!”


It took less than 10 seconds for the combat clock to stop, with a lag of two or three seconds due to the referee being dazed.


Zhanshe looked at the numbers paused on the chronograph board and his mind was full of question marks.


What had just happened? How did he get thrown off the field without warning?


One minute he was worrying on how to take on Omega, the next minute he has… lost?


Zhanshe lay where he was, a little taken aback.


The bizarre turn of events of inexplicably losing to an Omega made him a bit uncomfortable to accept this.


It was at this moment that a face with a broad smile suddenly appeared before his eyes, and the two pairs of eyes met.


Lu Jingning leaned his entire body against  the railing of the challenge platform, looking down at him with a smile, “Senior, I’m offended.”


After two full minutes of silence, the arena seemed to suddenly explode into a complete frenzy.


“Crap, did I just dream that? What did I just see?!”


“What the hell is going on with this Omega? The speed of his movements were unbelievable!”


“What’s going on? It’s fake, isn’t it? Was it a deliberate loss?”


“Although it’s true that Zhanshe senior didn’t move just now, why do I feel that even if he did it wouldn’t have changed anything?”


“That was too fast! That move was really fast! It’s the first time I’ve seen such a crisp and clean fighting technique!”


“My world views have been shaken! Are all the Omegas from the Imperial Navy University monsters?”




In the midst of all the discussion, someone suddenly said from the bottom of their heart, “This Omega is just EXPLOSIVE!”


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