Chapter 3


Amidst the boisterous chatter, Zhan She patted his clothes and stood up from the ground, looking at Lu Jingning, who was smiling uncontrollably, with a complicated expression.


At the preparation meeting the day before, the school leaders had repeatedly stressed that the seniors should play around and not use too much force to just scare the freshmen, as to not undermine their self-confidence.


It was a good thing if they were able to mould themselves right out of the field.


But to someone with Zhan She’s personality, he never makes excuses for his failures, nodding distantly towards Lu Jingning and saying from the bottom of his heart, “You are very strong.”


Lu Jingning was also nonchalant and returned a smile, “You too.”


After the two men casually exchanged a couple of words, the first challenge was officially over by now.


After that, Lu Jingning stood away from the centre of the field, idly and comfortably, even if he was at the centre of attention in the hall. Even the eyes of a few instructors from the eight faculties were drawn away from the battle in the viewing area.


Although the instructors did not say anything on the surface, they could still clearly feel the unsettling waves that were made in the dark.


While the Challenge was ostensibly a platform for the new students to compete for resources, it was also an opportunity for the tutors of the various faculties to better identify the right talent for their faculties.


Just like Wen Xingchen just now, although he failed to complete the final 1v3 challenge, his excellent performance was already enough to put him on the list of these mentors.

Under normal circumstances, it is normal to have a few top students each semester, but these top students have always been Alphas. However, now there was a sudden emergence of a bright Omega, which made things a bit unpredictable.


Although it is said that heroes don’t come from nowhere, there were no shortage of Omega’s who have shone in other fields as they were really at a natural disadvantage in the military branch. No one could be sure that they will be able to stick around for long and predetermined periods of time in the future for their military school career. After all, in the Freshman Challenge, they were not allowed to use their pheromones. But without this rule, it was questionable whether this Omega freshman would have been able to excel in the face of the Alpha’s suppressing scent.


Several of the tutors secretly observed the other, each with their own thoughts in mind.


The students in the arena’s viewing gallery were not at all troubled by the thoughts of these men, watching the proud figure on the field with an excited mood.


Damn, this is definitely the most refreshing Omega they’ve seen in their Alpha career!


Or rather, apart from that face, there was not a single trace of his Omega counterpart from head to toe. He was a real bully!


Lu Jingning waited for a while, apparently getting a little impatient. He wrinkled his brow and asked the judge next to him, “Where is the next person? Is there anyone else?”


The referee’s looked a little embarrassed, “That… student, please wait a little longer. After a while more, we have already gone to find someone.”


The challenge was supposed to be over by now. Wen Xingchen was the last Alpha to take part in the challenge, and after Zhanshe’s win, the other seniors felt they had no chance to participate anymore so they simply went back.


Who would have thought that Zhanshe, A strong Alpha, even among his third years, would be beaten out of the field by a first year Omega?


Who will believe it, even if you mention it!


After a good half an hour later, a figure hurriedly ran in through the entrance.


The referee looked at him like a saviour and didn’t wait for him to return to his senses before he directly brought him up onstage: “The second round of the challenge, officially begins-!”


The dude who was scouted: “???”


A large proportion of the seniors who took part in the challenge were there just to fill in the numbers, and this person was one of them. Before this, he never thought he would actually be on the field, and was even more bewildered to see an Omega standing in front of him at this point.


Lu Jingning had already been waiting impatiently by this time, and all of his politeness was gone. As soon as he heard the referee’s words, he had already rushed over to the other side and smiled slightly: “I’m sorry, senior.”


The senior was mostly taken by his suddenly approaching face, and in the next moment, he completely lost his balance under his opponent’s sweeping leg.


Immediately afterwards, his collar was pulled up and he was thrown out, briefly suspended in the air, before falling, his face coming into close contact with the ground outside the ring.


Lu Jingning clapped his hands together and looked to the referee to remind him, “It’s over.”


The referee was dumbfounded for the second time: “Then, the match is over-!”


Silence once again fell over the arena.


If the last time it happened too quickly to notice, this time the proceedings were quite clear to all who were watching.


His simple sweeping movements were unparalleled in their quality and fluidity, and the speed of his movements showed absolutely superb footwork, not to mention the strength of a single arm that easily lifted the guy. Excluding the level of his ability to use pheromones, this absolutely tough physical standard lied undoubtedly at the top even among the Alphas.


However, when it comes to the real battlefield, the strength of the pheromone’s chi energy is far more critical than physical fitness, and this alone predetermines the huge difference in strength between the three ABO groups.


Let’s just say that this freshman is really strong, but unfortunately, he was an Omega.


This thought flashed through everyone’s mind.


Lu Jingning couldn’t really hear this from the stage, but Yu Qingcang, who was in the viewing gallery, could hear the whispers all around him.


In response, a contemptuous smile appeared between his eyebrows.


Tsk, Lu Jingning will lose out because of pheromones? That also depends on how hard you can get your legs together going up against this one!


Thinking back to the beatings and tears he had shed during that nightmarish time, Yu Qingcang’s expression as he tilted his head towards the ceiling only looked incomparably mournful.


How long had it been since he had knelt in front of this bastard Lu Jingning? It was even more than he had knelt in front of his father.


Only those who have felt it knew that his pheromones were simply much more frightening than all the Alpha’s.


So what if it’s a strong Alpha? Ah… Lu Jingning was the real Alpha killer!



The challenge on the field did not continue, and no sooner had the third responder been called back than a halt was called.


Lu Jingning looked at the old man with white hair who came on stage and wrinkled his eyebrows in dissatisfaction, “Didn’t you say that the challenge would be won after beating three people? Why aren’t we continuing?”


The old man gave him a look, “A group of three is the standard for Alphas, as for the Omega category, you only need to win against two.”


Lu Jingning raised his eyebrows, “Who made the rules? Why don’t I know this?”


The old man smiled gently, “I made the rules, just now.”


Lu Jingning was speechless: “…Who are you?”


The judge next to him couldn’t hold his tongue and whispered a reminder, “Watch your mouth, this is the headmaster!”


Lu Jingning was surprised: “You are Bing Cang?”


Referee: “……” Was the headmaster’s name an optional method to address him by?


The old man smiled but did not say anything.


By this time, many of the freshmen in the audience had recognized the close-ups on the big screen. The stands stood up in unison, throwing a distant salute.


BING CANG, the current president of the Imperial Naval University, was a highly decorated war veteran, and it would be no exaggeration to say that he alone has made the university a success.


Lu Jingning looked at the exaggerated formation around him and felt even more speechless. He always disliked being treated differently, so at this time he even protested frankly, “I don’t need such rules, call someone else up. I want to fight 1vs3.”


Bing Cang glanced at his unconvinced expression and pulled him to the corner without slowing down. He suddenly lowered his voice and laughed, “I just received a call from your old man.”


When Lu Jingning heard this, his back stiffened slightly for a few moments, pursing his lips without saying anything.


Bing Cang showed an outstandingly amiable smile, “Lu Kongbin said that you might want to crash the show today, so I kept an eye on you.”


Lu Jingning snorted unconvincingly, “Isn’t the 1vs3 your own idea, how come too much when it comes to me?”


Bing Cang gave him a look, “It’s true that it was the original rule for an Alpha to win three games in a row, but it’s not necessarily a good thing for an Omega to be so striking right from the start. As I said earlier, by Omega’s standards, 1vs2 is enough.”


Of course, Lu Jingning knew what Bing Cang meant.


It’s not unusual for an Alpha to lose to an Alpha. However, when it comes to being knocked out by an Omega, it’s a different story. Basically, it would be a disgrace. When it comes down to a matter of their pride, there will be no end to it.


Lu Kongbin obviously knew his nature and had specially asked Bing Cang to keep an eye on him, telling him to cause less trouble, lest he shine too brightly and get himself into trouble.


But was he the kind of person who was afraid of being picked on?


Lu Jingning raised his eyelashes and hooked the corners of his mouth disdainfully.


Just as he was about to speak, Bing Cang added with a smile, “Ah, you are indeed very strong but the military school exchange competition is coming up in a bit, and I am afraid that any further fights will affect the morale of the senior students. Little friend, consider it a favour to me today, and if you have any problems in the future, you can always come to me for help, how about that?”


Lu Jingning looked up, only to see Bing Cang winking meaningfully at him.


He thought for a brief two seconds and nodded reluctantly, “OK.”


Regardless, getting to win a 1vs2 today was indeed enough to make others remember him.


Moreover, BING CANG, the headmaster of the Imperial Navy, was the most powerful person in the Imperial Navy, so this promise is quite substantial and worthy of such a favour.


Everyone watched as their great headmaster pulled the Omega freshman to the side and whispered in his ear for half a day before the referee, who was caught off guard and announced the official end of the day’s challenge.


The faces of the crowd were confused.


This script was moving a bit fast, wasn’t it?


Lu Jingning, the party in question, ended it as soon as he said he would and walked out of the arena with his backpack, in full view of everyone, yawning and headed towards Omega’s dormitory building.


He should sleep early, he was so sleepy.


The author has something to say: About the private setting of pheromone use in combat, will be introduced later, there is no hurry, no rush.

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