Chapter 1

Chapter 1


“Did you hear that there are actually 50 Omegas in the freshman class this year!”


“No way, that many? I remember our class was only recruiting 20 at the time.”


“I don’t know what the school is thinking, but it’s said that the graduation rate for the last Omega class was less than 10 percent, and even the few that barely graduated ended up being assigned to military hospitals as nurses, all outside the military establishment.”


“It’s not like you guys don’t know that Omega’s are a special group of attributes, and most of them were sent to military schools just to reach the quota, so why would they need to be assigned to the establishment for? It’s not bad if they can graduate!”


“I think you all think too much, maybe the school was just looking to give us students some benefits? You see, even though those Omegas are not fit for battle, they are really provocative. After hanging around a bunch of old men all day, don’t we need a little spice?”


Today was the opening day of the Imperial Navy’s Maritime University and several senior Alphas came to volunteer to greet the new students at the entrance of the school, taking advantage of their free time to gather and chat.


One of the skinny-faced, flat-headed boys inadvertently glanced up and caught a glimpse of a figure walking from a distance and couldn’t help but tone down his voice slightly, “Hey, he’s too damn good-looking!”


The others were drawn to his words as their eyes glazed over a little to take a glance.


The visual impact made the pheromones in their bodies fluctuate darkly. Before they could exchange a few words of insight with each other, they saw that the visitor had already walked up to them.


His golden hair seems to reflect the sun’s energy. With such an excessively good-looking face, just the slightest smile seemed to bring in the light from spring. 


Due to the beauty of his face, which was as beautiful as a handicraft from the heavens, he was instantly recognisable as an Omega.


Although the number of Omegas in the Imperial Navy’s military university was scarce, they were all genetically superior. They would always meet one or two on the campus path from time to time during the week, but never before had they felt vaguely suffocated by just a faint sweep of the other’s eyes like they did just now.


The appeal of such an Omega to an Alpha can be fatal.


The Alphas, who usually pride themselves on their charm, froze for a long time before they seemed to come back to their senses and asked eagerly, “Fellow student, do you need a guide to your dorm?”


Most of the Alpha’s who came to volunteer are also new to Omegas. Being able to ask for a phone number at the beginning of the school year is the first step in getting closer to their dream school life.


In a military academy like the Imperial Navy University, where the Alpha-Omega ratio was close to 99:1, the existence of Omegas were as rare as a national treasure. Although on normal days of school, they did not meet anyone they took a liking to, these sort of sudden attractions do not come often. After meeting someone they really like, they must make a move quickly. After all, everyone knew that the first one to do so would have a better chance.


These Alpha’s eyes were like wolves, but Lu Jingning was used to it. He gently scratched his head, “I’m not going to the dormitory. I just came to ask for directions to our school’s gym, how do I get there?”


The flathead could vaguely sense that this Omega gave off a different vibe than the ones he usually saw. At first, he didn’t think much of it, freezing for a second before replying, “You’re going to the arena?”


Lu Jingning: “Hmm? Isn’t the opening challenge in the arena?”


Someone else responded first and pointed him in the right direction, “See that building with the triangle at the top? That’s it.”


Lu Jingning looked back and instantly understood, smiling and waving at them, “Thanks.”


He carried his shoulder bag which was dangling loosely, and without further ado, turned towards the direction of the arena and strolled off in scatterbrained manner.


Several men watched him leave, exchanging somewhat confused looks and a few quiet words.

Since when were Omegas interested in violent, bloody challenges like that too?

Of course it’s impossible for them to participate. Could it be that he had a date there?

Motherfker. What a beauty, has it already been eaten up by a wolf? How spiteful!


Lu Jingning had long since walked away, unaware of the unimportant thoughts in those people’s hearts, or rather, he never cared.


The communicator in his trouser pocket vibrated lightly twice. He took it out and looked at the caller, before answering it with slight disinterest. He didn’t wait for the person on the other side to speak, instead, he shouted impatiently: “All right, all right. Don’t rush me, I’ll be there soon!”


Through the phone, deafening cheers could be heard on the other end. Even so, such a brash voice completely overwhelmed Yu Qingcang for a moment: “Can you hurry up? Our freshmen team is about to get destroyed!”


Lu Jingning let out a smile, “What? Didn’t you say that all Alphas are good at everything? Now that there’s no one who can fight, you’re actually counting on me, an Omega? Are you not ashamed?”


Yu Qingcang himself was an Alpha. After he heard this, he almost wanted to spit out a mouthful of blood: “Hurry up and get here. If we were able to fight the seniors so easily, that would’ve meant that they had studied at the Military Academy for several semesters in vain. Besides, what’s wrong with counting on you? After you get down and dirty fighting, in what way do you look like an Omega?”


“Are you sure about that?” Lu Jingning raised a brow, “How am I not like an Omega? If that’s the case, why don’t you try finding someone who looks better than me?”


If Yu Qingcang was standing in front of him, he would’ve smashed his communicator directly onto that narcissistic face: “Lu Jingning, it’s none of my business whether you look good or not! Anyway, hurry the f-ck up! Whether you’re an Alpha or an Omega, you’re still a freshman, so if you make us all lose our dignity, don’t think that you will be able to get away with it!”


Lu Jingning held the communicator a few centimetres away from him and waited until Yu Qingcang had finished raging before saying lazily, “Got it, got it. I’ll be right there.”


After saying that, without waiting for his response, he simply hung up.


He looked up at the triangular-roofed building at hand closer before the corners of his mouth rose slightly, “A freshman challenge… Really? Screw it…”


The Freshers’ Opening Challenge was a tradition that has been going on at Imperial Navy University for many years.


All the new students were allowed to challenge their seniors on the opening day of the school year, and if they win, they will be able to secure more military resources for the rest of their studies. It is said that in previous years, those who were able to complete the 1v3 in the Challenger League would become, at the very least, a four-star general in the military after graduation.


That was just a saying. After all, the difference in strength between the new and old students was huge. Let alone a one-vs-three, even if they could defeat a single senior by chance, they will not be able to defeat them in a one-vs-three. It was for this reason that this challenge was also known as ‘The rookie’s death festival’.


Even so, in order to win the military resources, which are regulated very tightly, every freshman who was a little confident in his own strength would have the idea to give it a try.


Anyway, it’s not a big deal getting beat up as soon as school starts. It’s not as if they’ll lose a pound of their flesh.


In this kind of Alpha-ridden military academy, the Omegas were not physically superior by nature. As such, all the Omega freshmen in past years have basically chosen to give up on the challenge in silence out of great self-consciousness. That was why those older seniors subconsciously only thought that Lu Jingning was there to look for someone. They didn’t even make the slightest connection with him to the competition.


Lu Jingning’s family was good and it was a well-known family that owned some mining areas. As such, he didn’t care much for the miniscule school resources, nor was he like those Alpha born with a superiority complex wanting to have a sense of superiority over others.


Saying that he was going to fight for the freshmen sake was very much wrong. It was more like he was preparing to demolish the space containing all-Alphas.


Since he was a child, Lu Kongbin1MC’s father. had always hoped to have an Alpha to inherit the family business, but when Lu Jingning, his third child, was born, he was still an Omega.


Although Lu Jingning didn’t say it on the surface, the weight in his heart never disappeared since he was a child. As he grew older, he acted even more indulgently, like a hedgehog full of thorns, he stabbed whoever he could.


Just before this school year started in the summer, he had just gone through his first heat when the doctor said that his pheromones were a bit peculiar and that he would not be very good at finding an Alpha match in the future.


Recalling the scene, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but feel a bit like laughing again.


Tsk, what’s so great about those Alphas? They still got weak in the knees when they stood in front of him. It’s not like the olden days when the Alphas were strong and the Omegas were weak. Now, whoever had the stronger pheromones and were able to use them better were the real boss!


Lu Jingning thought this, and with one hand on his shoulder bag, he walked into the arena with a wide, confident stride.


He thought Yu Qingcang the husky, would wag his tail and kneel three times to invite him in as their saviour. However, after standing at the door for half a day, he didn’t manage to spot the familiar big guy.


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but wrinkle his brows in displeasure and pulled out his communicator, “What’s wrong with you, Yu Qingcang? I’m at the door, don’t you know to come and pick me up?”


It was only after a long time that Yu Qingcang’s gruff voice came from the other end of the line: “Ahhhhh, wait, wait a little! I’ll come over after I finish watching this game! F-ck, this is too f-cking good!”




Lu Jingning: “You don’t have to come over anymore after watching this game!”


Without giving Yu Qingcang a chance to plead bitterly, he hung up the communication with an expressionless face and looked up towards the centre of the arena.


Lu Jingning couldn’’t see the specifics of the stage from where he is standing now, but he could see the huge LCD screen at the very centre.


The tall boy on-stage happened to kick over the guy opposite him into a crisp. It was a textbook demonstration, without a hint of delay.  It was clear that he too had undergone professional combat training.


Lu Jingning raised his eyebrows thoughtfully, seeming to understand why Yu Qingcang, a no-good guy, had also taken a liking just now.


Even to someone as judgemental and picky as he was, the face on the screen was perfect.


This person’s entire body exuded a faintly cold aura. On the battlefield, that unique aura was ideal for creating a sense of oppression. However, on a normal day, one may attribute it to one of forbidden temptations and a fatal attraction.


But this is only applied to ordinary people. In Lu Jingning’s mind, only one particularly apt adjective remains: pretentious.


The Alpha breed has always come from a high place. It is normal for a slightly stronger one to stand a little more proud.


Lu Jingning stood there for a moment with narrowed eyes before walking towards the registration desk with his backpack.


The challenge was now drawing to a close and the teachers at the registration desk were watching the action on the field with rapt attention, brows full of awe at the outstanding freshmen.


It wasn’t until an information card was thrown on the table that the teacher came back to his senses as an afterthought. He heard the boy say with a smile, “Teacher, I want to sign up.”


His first impression after looking up was of almost being blinded by the brilliant blonde hair.


The teacher, who was responsible for registering new students every year, had not seen such a good-looking student for a long time and was slightly stunned.


This person doesn’t look like an Alpha, does he?


He took the student information card over and scanned it, confirming his suspicions when he indeed saw the Omega’s registered attributes in the information field. He looked a little hesitant and kindly reminded him, “Dear student, although the challenge is an event organized by the school, it’s really not something to be taken lightly. There are many people who forfeit their strength at once and end up in the hospital for ten days to even half a month. Look, do you want to reconsider?”


Of course Lu Jingning knew what the other party was thinking and sneered in his heart, but on the surface he merely raised his eyelashes in a casual manner, “There’s no need to think about it.”


The teacher sighed helplessly at his overly eye-catching face and shook his head as he completed his registration, sighing even more internally.


This kind of delicate and good-looking Omega was well-suited to be placed in the rear as a cheerleader, but he wanted to run towards the battlefield. Now it seems that they could only hope that the seniors on the other side would know how to show some mercy.


After all, it’s a shame to bruise such a beautiful angelic face.


The author has something to say: Good luck, the pit opens today!


ABO interstellar text, pheromone combat application background. The fictional setting is endless. If you do not understand the basic settings, use Baidu2China google..


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