Chapter 13

Chapter 13 


Today went roughly like this. In the afternoon after finishing the pheromone test, the Omega freshmen present all went crazy. By the time they emerged from the theory test in the evening, it was all the Alpha freshmen’s turn to go crazy one after another.


The virus-like rumour of the so-called “S-class Omega” continued to spread and by the end of the evening, the whole school had gone completely mad.


Some couldn’t wait to see what this S-class Omega was all about. While many remained sceptical, their scepticism didn’t last long as the following afternoon the results of all the freshmans’ divisions were officially announced.


The information boards were packed with people, from those who were happy to have made it to the faculty of their choice, to those who were upset that they missed out.


The one in the far corner only had sixty names on the bulletin board. It looked much emptier than the other few that gave off the impression of being densely packed.


This was the list of new students admitted to the quadruple faculty this year. The number of places available was still as scarce as ever, but it was still the most talked about at the announcement site.


Standing at the corner to read the list were many other senior students.


At the top of this list were two freshmen with S-class pheromones that stood out in particular.


Both of them were assigned to Integrated Class 3. One was named Wen Xingchen and the other was Lu Jingning. One was an Alpha and the other an… Omega.


Yes, an Omega managed to enter the Imperial Navy’s Great Integrated Warfare Faculty!


The moment this list was announced, the whole school inevitably remembered Lu Jingning’s name as he was destined to be extraordinary.



Because he was already assured of his admission in advance, Lu Jingning did not go to read the faculty division announcement. Instead, he huddled under his blanket and slept all morning.


He has always loved to sleep since he was a child and was always taking a nap no matter what he had to do. He didn’t know if it had anything to do with his own somewhat special pheromones.


Lu Jingning was sleeping there when Yan Hebin went out. When he came back, he found that this person was still in the same position and never moved, so he couldn’t help but go to the head of the bed and tap him gently with the LCD board: “Still sleeping? Don’t you want to get up and look at the course schedule?”


“What course schedule?” Lu Jingning dazedly pulled open his covers.


Yan Hebin said, “The faculty division is over and the course class timetables are out. There are classes starting this afternoon, so if you want to keep sleeping, you have to check if there are any classes first.”




Lu Jingning froze slightly for a moment and brought the communicator at his bedside over to see that there was indeed a new document waiting to be read.


Sending these messages out so quickly at this time… He had a bad premonition about this.


When he opened it, he found out he actually had a class scheduled for this afternoon.


Pheromone Manipulation. At first glance, it seemed like a class with a particular haughty title. It was something that he was never exposed to in high school.


Lu Jingning ruffled his messy hair, casually looked through his communicator and found a dozen unread messages.


Three or four of them were from Qingcang. He took a look at them. The bulk of the message informed him that the faculty selection was over. The other also expressed regret for not being able to enter the same class with him before finally reminding him that there was class in the afternoon and that he shouldn’t oversleep.


At this moment when he was asleep, this old friend, who knew him excessively well, never came to disturb him.


Other than these messages from Yu Qingcang, the rest came from his old man, Lu Kongbin.


While the tone of the first few messages seemed fairly calm and was mostly asking about his final class placement in a pretentious manner, the next few looked like they were clearly getting progressively more and more impatient.


Later, he probably called the school personally to ask about it. His tone was suddenly extraordinarily uplifting, even after never receiving any reply, he only sent over an audio clip.


Lu Jingning yawned and didn’t think much about it. He lazily pressed the play button.


Lu Kongbin’s voice was instantly played without reservation: “How worthy of my son Ning. To have straight S-class pheromones! You really have some resemblance to myself in my youth hahaha! Congratulations on your entry into the Quadruple Faculty, but this is only the first step, it’s up to you to unify the Imperial Navy now. Show them how good Lu Kongbin’s son is, hahahahahaha…”


The latter did not finish speaking when Lu Jingning turned it off directly with a shake of his hand.


Turning back with a head full of black lines, he met the judging eyes cast by Yan Hebin and curled the corners of his mouth awkwardly, “Ahem, my dad is like that.”


He said, “Your father is very energetic.”


Lu Jingning: “……”


Why did a word like “energetic” sound so strange when applied to someone as old as Lu Kongbin?



After everything, Lu Jingning had class in the afternoon, so he could only get up reluctantly.


He didn’t bother to go to the canteen at mealtime, and just heated up a thermos lunch box before eating it, seeing that it was almost time to head out.


He had just worn his shoes when he heard Yan Hebin suddenly ask, “Are you not going to put on your uniform cap?”


Lu Jingning looked outside at the somewhat sunny stars and casually responded, “Ah, no, I’m not afraid of getting a tan.”


He didn’t really mean anything by it, so he didn’t say much and continued to focus on building his mecha model.


Lu Jingning carried his satchel out of the door. Only when he was halfway to his destination did he seem to understand the reason why Yan Hebin had asked him that before he left at the door.


He didn’t go out in the morning, so naturally he didn’t know the uproar he was causing in school.


As the Integrated War Faculty was the most elite institution in the whole school in terms of the entire student population, in order to encourage the students to respect these elites, the bulletin board not only neatly and uniformly listed out all the selected candidates, but also featured photos of all the elite new students. After this morning, almost all those present had already clearly memorised Lu Jingning’s appearance.


It was because of this that he kept receiving stares from all directions while walking around, as though he was the new man of the hour.


But Lu Jingning had thick skin, so he just accepted the stares and even enjoyed it as he walked slowly.


His presence silenced the otherwise lively classroom for a moment.


The sudden appearance of an Omega in a room full of Alpha, no matter what, would always bring about strong incongruities.


Lu Jingning walked in without glancing at them, and unsurprisingly saw a familiar figure, so he walked over and asked with a smile, “Is there anyone sitting here?”


From his angle, the seat next to Wen Xingchen was indeed empty, but the others knew that Jian Luan, who had just been here, had temporarily gone to the washroom.


Everyone had expected Lu Jingning to be rejected without question, but instead they heard Wen Xingchen respond indifferently, “Sit down, there’s no one there.”


Then, without changing his expression, he saw him pull Jian Luan’s backpack out from under the table and casually throw it onto the seat at the back.


His movements were so skilful and natural that it was as if he was just carelessly disposing of a bag of rubbish.


The crowd: “???”


Lu Jingning, of course, was nonchalant and simply shoved his bag into the drawer and sat down with a big grin.


When Jian Luan came back, he found that there was an extra person in his seat. When he got a good look at that person, he suddenly took a look at Wen Xingchen a bit sadly, but he dared not say anything in case it might anger him and walked towards the back row with an aggrieved face.


The others didn’t dare to mess with Wen Xingchen, so they actively gathered around Jian Luan’s side and whispered to pry, “What’s the situation with the two of them?”


Jian Luan put the bag back down and said expressionlessly, “Do you know why some grandmas can live for hundreds of years? That was because she always minded her own business!”


The crowd: “…”


Jian Luan coldly and solemnly dismissed them. As he looked at the two who were sitting next to each other in the front, he could not help but look up at the ceiling.


He never imagined that a man like Wen Xingchen would be the lustful type after falling in love, simply careless about the way he treats his friends!


Thinking of this, he looked up again and the two were glued together now. He didn’t know what to say, the two tightly clasped hands were very visible.


Jian Luan: “……”


What a disgrace. Flirting and touching each other in public! It’s a disgrace!



The two in front of him were comparing their hand strength, completely unaware of what was wrong with their actions.


Wen Xingchen: “You do have quite a lot of power.”


Lu Jingning: “Right? How else could I be S-class, hehehe.”


Wen Xingchen: “That, I really didn’t think of it before.”


Lu Jingning: “What? An Omega can’t be S-class?”


Wen Xingchen: “Before the test, I didn’t think I would be S-class.”


After hearing him add this, Lu Jingning felt much better and revealed an arrogant smile, “So, Wen Xingchen, you should be more careful from now on! I’m determined to become number one among the new students!”


Wen Xingchen lowered his eyes to glance at the overly dazzling face and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly, “Go for it.”


Lu Jingning: “…”


Sometimes this guy was really annoying, always looking so unconcerned with the world, blandly encouraging others like this. It’s no wonder that whoever came to pick a fight last time got pissed-off half-to-death instead.


It always sounded like a concealed provocation! F-ck!


Thinking of the straight up cancerous Alpha he saw last time, Lu Jingning suddenly developed a hint of interest.


He wondered if that man’s pride was hurt and swollen after the results of the faculty selection was released?


The bell rang outside as a sturdy figure stepped into class on time, walking in through the door, “Hello everyone, I’m your teacher for the Pheromone Manipulation, Jihan.”


Lu Jingning froze slightly when he saw the newcomer, not expecting it to be the same invigilator who said he might not teach him during the theory test the other day.


Let’s just call it a kind of karma.


After introducing himself, he cut to the chase: “So, in order to get to know you better, I will invite you all to come up and demonstrate your pheromones one-by-one in our first class, so please be ready.”


Someone hesitated, but still asked weakly, “Teacher, do you mean… everyone?”

Jihan: “Yes, everyone.”


As soon as he finished his sentence, everyone fell silent.


Those who were able to enter the Quadruple Faculty are all at least A-class elites and were naturally confident about their pheromones.


Under normal circumstances, there would be no problem showing it in public, but in this case – there was an Omega in their class!


The crowd subconsciously cast their eyes towards Lu Jingning in horror.


Everyone knew about the relationship between the Alpha-omega pheromones and its masked ability. Was the teacher preparing them to cause a large-scale rutting scene or was it simply to test their patience?


Either way, it was just their first class, were they going to cause such a ruckus?


What the author wants to say: 

Lu Jingning: Tremble, mortals~


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