Chapter 52 – A Jealous Human

Chapter 52 – A Jealous Human


The entire dining table was suddenly dead silent, and even someone as airheaded as Jian Luo could feel that he probably said something that shouldn’t have been said?


Jian Luo hesitated: “What’s wrong?”


The dragons looked at each other, and their hearts were quite complicated. If they said something, the Marshal might be unhappy. But they couldn’t not say it after eating Luoluo’s food. If they didn’t even tell the truth, could they even be considered friends now?!




After a sad silence, someone with a fair conscience finally gave a compromising answer: “This is going to be different between different dragons.”


“Yes, yes.” A little soldier also echoed: “And depending on the situation, the dragon’s scales can actually change.”


Jian Luo was very curious: “Really?”


The little soldier bit his bullet and nodded: “Yes, for example, you can see that my scales are cold now, but a while after I eat, the temperature will change.”


Another said: “My scales are hot right now.”


Jian Luo was very curious.


When the soldier saw his bright eyes looking at him, he smiled shyly: “Do you want to touch it?”


Jian Luo didn’t think this was something inappropriate, so he nodded, and was very amazed: “You are a golden dragon!”


The little soldier’s face was a little red: “Yes.”


The dragon family is actually a very proud race in its bones, but they do not usually show it often. Now that he was being asked by Jian Luo, he couldn’t help but feel a little shy and proud, especially after being looked at with such admiration.


The soldier coughed lightly: “A golden dragon is nothing special…”


“It’s very beautiful.” Jian Luo loved gold so much. The dragon arm in front of him had a layer of light golden scales, which shone in the sun and were extraordinarily beautiful. Just as he reached out to touch it, someone grabbed his hand.


Jian Luo was stunned. He raised his head.


Lu Shifeng looked down at him condescendingly, and said solemnly, “What are you groping?”




Jian Luo was very aggrieved: “I got the consent of others!”


“You can touch it if they agree?” Lu Shifeng pulled him to the side and stood there: “If you come here to eat, then just eat. Don’t simply grope others.”


Jian Luo pouted.


A few small soldiers were very nervous when they saw Lu Shifeng coming. Firstly, it was because the dragon king’s hostility was not really hidden, and secondly because when everyone was still a young dragon, there was not any one of them that did not undergo the dragon king’s training.


It was a traumatizing experience okay?!


The soldiers were vicious fighters on the battlefield, but in front of Lu Shifeng, they were all inexplicably honest, like elementary school students seeing the headmaster.


Lu Shifeng glanced at them and said, “Start eating. If it’s not enough,ask the kitchen to deliver more.”


The soldiers said earnestly: “Yes!”


Then, Jian Luo was pulled away and returned back to his initial hotpot table. Jian Luo was very dissatisfied: “I really didn’t force myself on others to touch their scales.”


Lu Shifeng sat down beside him: “I know.”


Jian Luo was curious: “You know, yet you still blamed me?”


“Outsiders can’t touch the scales of the dragon family casually.” Lu Shifeng said lightly: “Sometimes it will cause you to get into trouble.”




Was this his point?


It happened that Secretary Jin was next to him, so Jian Luo didn’t rely on Lu Shifeng anymore, but looked sideways at Secretary Jin curiously: “Secretary Jin, you are also of the Dragon family, so what’s the trouble?”



She was the one who was about to get shot even though she didn’t do anything.


Secretary Jin picked up a piece of meat in the pot, dipped it in the sauce and stuffed it into her mouth: “It depends on the situation. Generally, if you already have a partner, it is best not to touch the scales of other dragons, otherwise it will easily lead to conflict.”


Jian Luo didn’t know there was such a thing: “Then if it’s just to normally appreciate their scales. What other way is there to do so?”




How can someone from the same dragon clan want to appreciate the scales of the same clan member?


It’s as strange as if a human suddenly wanted to start touching each other’s hands, right?


If you were not from the dragon clan, you basically had no chance to touch the scales of a dragon. After all, the dragon clan valued their privacy very much, but she didn’t know why the others were very close to Jian Luo and were willing to allow it.


Secretary Jin glanced at Jian Luo and said casually, “Um, that should be fine, but it’s best not to touch it.”


Jian Luo nodded as if he understood, “I see, maybe touching it will make others unhappy and cause me to get hurt.”


Secretary Jin glanced at Lu Shifeng. He did not say anything, so she didn’t dare to speak.


In the current situation, she was not worried that Jian Luo would get hurt, but rather another innocent dragon, but she dared not say or ask it.


The little adjutant was rather stupid: “Sorry, if you really like it, Luoluo, you can touch me. I’m half-gold, so you can touch…”


Secretary Jin hurriedly interrupted him and started coughing: “Cough!”



The little adjutant closed his mouth, glanced at Lu Shifeng secretly, and met the Marshal’s half-smiling gaze. There was a hint of danger mixed in the cheeriness.


The little adjutant’s strong desire to survive made him change his words: “You can’t ever touch me!”


Jian Luo fell silent.


Lu Shifeng put some meat into his bowl: “Eat.”


Sitting cross-legged, Jian Luo began to focus on the bowl. He took a bite of the meat and said, “I’m a little full. I’m going to go to the restroom, you guys eat first.”


Secretary Jin said, “7878.”


When Jian Luo left, Secretary Jin and the little adjutant accompanied the marshal to eat. They were very cautious when they ate with the marshal, but fortunately, the little adjutant didn’t mean anything by it and was therefore easy-going. In order to liven up the atmosphere, he took the initiative to talk a little bit about fun things to watch online to relieve boredom.


As he talked, the little adjutant went a little off topic and started to talk about some emotional issues: “I saw a couple on the Internet yesterday. They were people of different races together. It was quite rare.”


Secretary Jin was curious: “Which race?”


“Vampires and humans.” The little adjutant pursed his lips and smiled: “They were amazing.”



Secretary Jin’ face was full of black lines. What’s so amazing, their marshals was also with a human being, how was this amazing!?


Lu Shifeng was interested: “Oh?”


When the assistant saw Lu Shifeng’s interest, he was also excited: “But blood clans are a little different from humans. Humans have better personalities, and they are more clingy. While the character of the blood clan is more arrogant.”


Lu Shifeng had a different opinion: “Clingy?”


His tone sounded a little wrong.


The little assistant coughed lightly: “Yes, yes.”


Of course, in front of the Marshal, he was still somewhat restrained: “Actually, they would be more suspicious. For example, if they find out that their partner had some ambiguous rumors with someone else, they will definitely get angry and jealous. If it is a special day, always remember your anniversary. Otherwise, they will be unhappy. Also, their partner has to kiss and hug them every day, so clingy.”


Secretary Jin thinks it’s nothing: “Isn’t that what love is all about? Without this process, what kind of love would that be?”



The Lord Marshal was silent.


The meal went by quickly following their chat and discussion, especially for those soldiers who were fortunate to eat hotpot after returning from the mission, so much so that they ate till their stomachs broke. When they went back, they were going to show off. You’ve never ate this before, right? It’s a new product! It’s delicious!


Compared to them, Jian Luo himself didn’t eat much.


“I’ll tell someone to bring you some holy dragon fruit?”


Lu Shifeng sent him back to his room.


“No, no.” Jian Luo fell back on the bed and lay down: “I’m really not hungry, but I feel a little bloated. I don’t know what’s wrong with me these days, I’m not very hungry.”


He was lying flat on the bed, but his lower abdomen that used to lie flat was slightly bulging. It was not very obvious, but there was a curvature.


Lu Shifeng stood by and watched for a while before saying, “You have a bump.”


Jian Luo was stunned for a moment, and subconsciously touched his stomach: “Is it there? Could it be that I actually ate too much, causing it to grow?”



Lu Shifeng sat down beside him: “When you were full before and lay down, there was no such bump.”


The corner of Jian Luo’s mouth curled up: “So you paid attention to these?”


The Marshal did not feel embarrassed at all, but frankly replied: “The changes are too obvious, I didn’t need to observe it specifically.”


Jian Luo sighed.


He used to think that his pregnancy was very mysterious and a bit unbelievable, and surreal. 


But now that he suddenly had a baby bump, it made him feel amazed. When he touched his stomach, it seemed that there was a slight bump. This feeling of progress and being within reach is the most moving.


Lu Shifeng said, “You take a break, I’ll go wash up first.”


Jian Luo: “…Oh.”


Hmph, dog man, even if I’m pregnant, you won’t know how to touch your cub. Go take a bath, you will be washed to death.


After being heartbroken for a long time, Jian Luo habitually opened the Interstellar web to watch the news. 


A few days ago, he officially authenticated his account online because of the potato incident, but now that he’s logged in to take a look, he had: 100,000 fans.


These were some more recent comments:

“Anchor, I knew you were wronged!”

“I like your potato chips the most.”

“Now that Lord Chenguang has been arrested, I hope you can release genuine potato chips.”




Jian Luo suspected that he would not be able to keep up with the times if he did not surf the Internet for a day. With doubts in his mind, he clicked on the homepage of Interstellar web.


There was a piece of news on the hot search list: [Star Live Broadcasting Network anchor, Lord Chenguang is suspected of illegal planting, which has caused harm socially. He has been detained and sentenced to life imprisonment. 】


It should be mentioned that the Interstellar Live Broadcasting Network can be said to be a relatively large live broadcast website in the whole of interstellar space. Its decline made many people sigh, but it has also allowed countless other websites to take the opportunity to rise. Among them, Jinjiang Live Broadcasting Network was one worthy of the biggest dividend:

“The anchor of genuine potato chips is on Jinjiang Live Broadcasting Network.”

“Everyone can go to Jinjiang and spend 1 star dollar to taste the real thing!”

“Luoluo cooking is super delicious!”


Because of the commotion this time round, they manage to hit the jackpot. It became a free wave of advertisements for Jian Luo. His fans are also crazy for him too. Not only did his number of followers on Interstellar web rise like crazy, when Jian Luo opened his information bracelet, he found that his followers on his live broadcast account were also increasing rapidly.


Jiang Jiang also took the opportunity to contact him: “Luoluo, you are really amazing, driving traffic to our website by yourself. If I hadn’t just asked for a leave not long ago to upgrade the server on the spot, I might be overwhelmed by now.”


Jian Luo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “It’s nothing. It’s what I should’ve done.”


“That, Luoluo, I have something to discuss with you.” Jiang Jiang sent a message to him: “I’m thinking, basically, you were there when Jinjiang first established our website. There weren’t many anchors at that time, but you still stayed here till now and I’m really grateful that you’ve contributed so much to the site.”


Just as Jian Luo was about to reply, another message came: “Now that our contract is about to expire, I don’t have any other plans and want to renew the contract with you, but this time will be different. I know you should have some money in your hand, so if you want, you can hold a stake in Jinjiang Live Broadcasting Network.”


Hold a stake?


Jian Luo hadn’t thought about it before, but Jiang Jiang’s proposal was not inconceivable.


“Yes, invest in our shares.” Jiang Jiang explained to him in detail: “Actually, you don’t need to do too much, you just need to come up with some money to invest in shares, the accounts will later be split.”


Jian Luo asked, “Can I buy as many shares as I want?”


Jiang Jiang didn’t force him: “Of course.”


“Okay.” Jian Luo responded: “I have about 400,000 in my hands now, and I want to buy some shares.”


At this moment, Jian Luo is actually quite familiar with the situation in Jinjiang. Although the traffic has increased, it was not optimistic. The cost of server maintenance has also increased, as it matured as a website. It needs customer service staff, auditors, etc. It’s not something Jiang Jiang can afford alone. He needs shareholders, which makes sense.


Firstly, he wanted to invest in Jinjiang because he was really optimistic about the future development of Jinjiang, and secondly, he wanted to relieve Jiang Jiang of his urgent financial burden.


Jiang Jiang was overjoyed: “Okay Luoluo. Let’s make an appointment tomorrow to confirm the contract?”


Jian Luo had no objection: “Okay.”


The two roughly agreed on the time and place before stopping. After Jian Luo discussed it with him, he started watching other gossip news.


After he felt very refreshed, he didn’t expect another news to spoil his mood. It was written in a very exaggerated manner: [Details of the sweet romance between the little princess and the marshal]




Ho, isn’t this exciting.


Jian Luo lay on the bed and changed his position. As he did so, he clocked on the news, reading a little before progressively seeing this very exciting article. It spoke of the previous love-hate relationship between Lu Shifeng and the little princess. The Lord and the little princess were alumni of the same school when they were still students. At that time, the two people’s grades were very close as classmates, so their relationship was very ambiguous.


After graduation, he joined the military and although Marshal Lu spent a lot of his time managing the army, the little princess was still able to get the pity of the marshal and was the only woman who can enter and leave the military at will. After combining these facts, it basically meant that the little princess and the marshal were in love.




How stimulating.


Jian Luo became inexplicably excited when he saw it. He once said that there was no way Lu Shifeng did not have some romances when he looked like this. Who would believe it?




The bathroom door opened.


The marshal came out wearing a nightgown. His tall and handsome figure looked eye-catching and his hair was still dripping.


Jian Luo sat up: “Have you finished washing up?”


Lu Shifeng nodded lightly.


“That’s right.” Jian Luo turned over and decided to focus on the course of the gossip. Along the way, he said, “I just scrolled through something on the Interstellar web. Guess what I have stumbled across, it has something to do with you.”


Lu Shifeng wiped his hair casually with a bath towel: “What do you mean? Is it regarding how many new parenting encyclopedias have been published by the hospital recently?”



Jian Luo had to say: “Tell me about your past relationship with the little princess.”


Lu Shifeng’s movement of wiping his hair slowly slowed down, and he said, “You just finished reading?”


Jian Luo: “En, yes.”


Inexplicably, Lu Shifeng thought of what the little assistant said today, saying that humans were prone to be more jealous in a relationship. Maybe they will also lose their temper. Will Jian Luo be like that too? The Marshal Lord glanced at Jian Luo with a little bit of a hope that was not easily noticed.


Sitting cross-legged on the bed, Jian Luo expressed his opinion: “If you want me to say it, I don’t think the little princess is very good.”


Lu Shifeng was satisfied in his heart. Sure enough, what the little adjutant said was not wrong. Although Jian Luo was a man, he was not immune to the usual stereotype.


Jian Luo added another sentence: “In my opinion, what I have to say is that it is obvious that Secretary Jin is more suitable!”




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