Chapter 12

Chapter 12


It was obviously impossible to keep a low profile about this kind of thing. It was quickly spread by dozens of people from the originally small Omega group.


Many people didn’t dare to look for Lu Jingning, so they quietly went to see Ren Jin, who had actually seen the test result at the time. After getting a reply of confirmation, they only felt that the world was a little too much like a fantasy novel plot.


Omegas who were able to enter the Imperial Navy to study often had the ambition of joining the army, but as everyone knew, Omegas were always inferior to Alpha under the influence of pheromones. To hear of an S-class concentration Alpha, would already be an enviable thing after looking at their own sad C to B-class pheromones.


But it was different now. In this year’s batch of Omegas, they also had an S-class among them!


The Omega freshmen were all very excited and it was as if a radiant light suddenly opened from the skies and a rainbow bridge first emerged, washing away the dark haze.


This was probably the prideful feeling of making others feel envious!


Look here, there was another owner of S-class pheromones! He was also an Omega just like them!


When Ren Jin returned to the dormitory surrounded by the crowd, the Omegas in the entire school had already formed a “Brother Lu Fanclub” in tacit understanding, while he became the president of the fanclub with great honor.


At this time, everyone did it on a whim, and no one knew how well-known this president would be in the future.


And Lu Jingning, the sole subject, didn’t know that he had already had a fanclub full of fellow brother and sister fans. At this time, what he was thinking about was the last project of the quadruple faculty tonight, which caused him the most headache. Project, codenamed: The Theory exam.


The evaluation for one’s level of pheromone concentration was just an entry requirement for entering each faculty. As long as it is higher than the minimum requirements of each faculty, it will be converted into corresponding test scores.


The quadruple faculty that Lu Jingning wanted to go to was the one with the highest requirements for pheromones and regardless of whether one was an Alpha or Omega, all of them had to be class A or above.


This was enough for others to see how high the entry requirement was.


The S-class Lu Jingning has no doubt satisfied the entry requirements, so it was directly converted into 200 test points. Plus the 280 points he obtained in the previous practical test, he had a total of 480 points. Such an absolute high score was actually enough for him to safely enter his top choice, the Integrated Warfare Faculty.


Following Lu Jingning’s original intention, he was too lazy to participate in the theory test in the evening, but the Imperial Navy University required all freshmen to be present, otherwise all the test scores obtained before would be voided.


So he had no choice. When he saw that the time was approaching, he could only insert a laser pointer into his trousers pocket for writing his name and student number, before staggering to the test site for the prospective students of the Quadruple Faculty.


The moment he entered the door, everyone looked at him ceaselessly before going back to doing their own thing.


This time before the exam was actually very suitable for cramming, but after the afternoon pheromone test, nearly 3 out of 4 people failed to obtain the A-class rating, so they were automatically disqualified from getting a place at the Quadruple Faculty. As such, most did not take this theory test too seriously, getting together in twos and threes to chat with each other.


At first, Lu Jingning didn’t care too much. Seeing that Yu Qingcang hadn’t come, he just found a place to sit down, but before he could find a comfortable position and take a nap, he heard a few scattered words as they entered his ears.


“Hey, have you heard that crazy rumor on the Omegas side, saying that they have an S-class ranker this year.”


“Ah? An S-class Omega, are they collectively dreaming?”


“Hahahaha, could it be that they were agitated after hearing that we also have an S-class pheromone ranker on our side?”


“That bullsh-t is exaggerated. An S-class Omega? My old grandmother, grandfather, and my great grandmother as well as my great grandfather have never seen one before.”


“Actually, I understand their dissatisfaction, but who asked them to be born as Omegas.”


“Yeah, if it is in other fields, they have it easy in the palm of their hands, but I have to say that joining the army is really not suitable for them.”


“But it’s really too much this time, yet everyone is still saying that there is an S-class among them like it’s the truth.”


Lu Jingning’s eyes that had just closed slowly opened again. His eyes were blurred as he looked towards the other side. He looked at the people who were enthusiastically discussing this, stretched out his muscles, walked over lazily, before suddenly raising his hands and slapping the table heavily.


“Bang!” There was a big sound and although he withheld his power, the huge movement still attracted everyone to look over.


Those Alphas were inevitably startled and were about to have a heart attack. When they saw his unmistakable blond hair, the foul language in their throats was forced back inside.


They might’ve been unfamiliar with Lu Jingning at first and underestimated Lu Jingning before this, but during the actual combat test, this guy’s performance in dismantling the mecha with his bare hands was overkill. No one dared to treat him like an ordinary Omega.


Knowing that this man was too irascible, several Alphas exchanged glances, wishing to travel back in time and space to strangle their overly talkative self.


Damn, how can you forget that there is such a Master Omega in the examination room!


Seeing that Lu Jingning didn’t speak for a while, someone tried to smile dryly, trying to do something to save himself: “Well, fellow classmate… what we did just now, we didn’t mean to look down on Omegas.”


Others also laughed dryly and echoed: ” Yes, yes, we really didn’t mean that.”


Lu Jingning slightly raised the corners of his mouth. Following the eyes of the audience, his own eyes narrowed and his voice was not loud, but it was enough for everyone in the examination room to hear it clearly. He spit out two words slowly: “It’s me.” 


The Alpha freshmen were a little dazed: “Huh?”


Lu Jingning said in a calm tone: “The rumored S-class Omega is me.”


The Alpha freshman laughed dryly: “Fellow classmate, stop joking.”


Lu Jingning lowered his eyes lazily and flickered his eyelashes: “Do I look like I’m joking?”


The smile on the Alpha freshmen’s faces suddenly froze under his gaze, unable to speak.


Just judging from his calm attitude and arrogant stare, it really didn’t look like it.


However, it is indeed difficult to accept that there was an S-class Omega after all those Alphas had failed the pheromone concentration test!


So, the rumors were true?


For a moment, it was as if time stopped at a push of a button as the audience suddenly fell into a strange silence.


Wait, the amount of information is too large, give them more time to process it.


When Wen Xingchen and the others entered the examination room, they saw such a scene.


Yu Qingcang set up a company with the two people in this dormitory after the practical test. Because he was too nervous, he didn’t feel the strange atmosphere in the room. He glanced at Lu Jingning and rushed over excitedly: “Lu Jingning, I heard that in your batch of Omegas, there was someone with an S-class pheromone? Without asking, it must be you, right?! Hurry up and spill it!”


Their fellow freshmen: “…”


Lu Jingning smiled slightly and was about to open his mouth when a man in a military uniform strode in and interrupted their conversation with a serious tone: “Everyone, return to your places and check your documents. The exam will start immediately. From this moment onwards, noise is prohibited.”


As his icy gaze swept across the room, an invisible sense of oppression instantly made everyone shudder.


There was no expression on that face and when his eyes passed over Lu Jingning, he paused for a moment, revealing a smile, if it could even be called a smile: “Oh, it’s you. That S-class pheromoned Omega?”


When his voice sounded out, all the Alpha freshmen subconsciously covered their chests and there was a clear and distinct sound of gasping from every corner.


With how things have developed, there was no need for Lu Jingning to prove himself. It can be said that he has directly obtained the official stamp of certification.


No matter how much one was unwilling to believe it, Lu Jingning’s S-class pheromone certification was authentic.


Many of them were about to cry.


What’s more was that there were Alphas that were eliminated because they couldn’t reach an A-class ranking, yet there really was an S-level Omega here?


What was wrong with this world?!


Lu Jingning was very happy to see this kind of development. When he met the man’s gaze, he said with a smile: “It is me. Nice to meet you, teacher~!”


“I may not be your teacher.” The man looked at him but still had a very business-like tone, “However, welcome to the Integrated Warfare Faculty.”


Following Lu Jingning’s actual combat test score, added together with the bonus score from the pheromone concentration ranking, even if he gets a 0 in the theoretical test, he already has enough points and it can be confirmed in advance that a seat in the Quadruple Faculty has already been reserved for him.


He was also the first Omega student since its establishment to join the Integrated Warfare Faculty.


With such absolute honor to be bestowed upon oneself, if it were someone else, they’d probably work hard to improve their total score. However, Lu Jingning only felt a headache when he saw the contents of the theoretical test. His intention to try and score even just one point did not exist at all.


When the topics of the theory test were displayed on the virtual screen in front of him, he only used his laser pointer to sign his name on it. After completely entering his student ID number, he lay down on the table and fell asleep.


The other Alpha freshmen who were working hard to get as many test points as possible raised their heads inadvertently, just in time to see the person who was extremely out of place in a group of straight backs: “…”


F-ck, was he even trying to take the exam?! This kind of mentality is wrong, completely wrong!!!


The author has something to say:

Lu Jingning: Can you blame me? [Shrug.jpg]



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