Chapter 15 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 15 


When Lu Jingning stood up, all eyes in the room fell on him simultaneously. The four Alphas in his group were ignored and couldn’t do anything about it. It was inevitable because of the “one Omega among tens of thousands of Alphas” setting, which destined them to receive vastly different levels of attention.


As Lu Jingning walked towards the stage, Jian Luan calmly approached him and whispered, “When we test later, lean towards my direction. Don’t worry, I’ll try to control the intensity so that I can lighten your burden a bit.”


Based on their camaraderie in life-and-death situations on the battlefield, Jian Luan was trying to be considerate. However, Lu Jingning casually patted his shoulder and said, “Thanks, but I think you should take care of yourself first.”


Jian Luan replied, “Huh? I’m doing this for your own good!”


Lu Jingning smiled, “I’m doing it for your own good too.”




Jian Luan watched as Lu Jingning casually walked to the far opposite side of him, and couldn’t help but sarcastically gesture at hin in frustration. He couldn’t understand why Omegas nowadays didn’t follow the delicate and gentle path. Why were they so strong-willed? Accepting protection doesn’t mean they have to distance themselves so deliberately.


Thinking that, Jian Luan took his position.


Hmph, how ungrateful!


Seeing everyone in their positions, Ji Han raised his notebook again and said calmly, “Let’s begin.”


Although hesitant at first, the students in the final batch adjusted themselves and started releasing their pheromones. The four Alphas currently on the stage were not as strong as Wen Xingchen, but their pheromone intensity was above average in the class. The simultaneous release caused other students sitting in their positions to feel a certain level of oppression.


Although Lu Jingning appeared nonchalant earlier, the difference between standing from a distance and being on the stage was huge. As the only Omega in the class, everyone subconsciously looked towards him.


For a moment, the atmosphere was unusually silent. The invisible pheromones restrained and countered each other, creating a turbulent undercurrent. While the others actively showcased their abilities, Lu Jingning stood still, not even moving his posture.


Some people had already stood up from their seats, showing concern.


Was he feeling uncomfortable? Or did he faint from being immersed in such intense Alpha pheromones?


Indeed, no matter how strong someone appeared, being exposed to the impact of Alpha pheromones from such a close distance was undoubtedly challenging for an Omega.


Just as some people were considering whether to go on stage and rescue him, they suddenly saw Lu Jingning slowly raise his arm and bring it to his mouth, then let out a leisurely yawn.


Everyone: …


Everyone: ????


What the hell, wasn’t he supposed to faint?!


Ji Han happened to witness this scene as he finished recording and he furrowed his brow. “Lu Jingning, do you still have the strength to release your pheromones?”


After yawning, Lu Jingning’s eyes seemed to be a little watery. He blinked away some of his drowsiness and replied, “Teacher, have you finished observing the others?”


Ji Han was speechless. “Just take care of yourself.”


Lu Jingning chuckled, “Okay, then I’ll begin.”


While the other Alphas on the stage struggled against each other, they were initially worried about whether they would overly affect this Omega classmate. However, he seemed completely unaffected, which almost made them spit blood.


But when Lu Jingning finished speaking, they became alert again.


After all, they were in a public setting. If they were uncontrollably affected by the Omega’s pheromones and ended up performing something like forcibly pushing someone down, they would feel ashamed for the rest of their military school life.


No, absolutely not!


So, the Alphas on stage, including Jian Luan, instantly focused their minds and tightly controlled their rationality.


Lu Jingning, seemingly unaware of their unusual tension, casually raised his eyelashes.


In that moment, it felt as if the Alpha pheromones that had been lingering in the air solidified. Immediately after, an invisible force pressed down heavily, freezing the entire airflow in the room.


Whether it was the people on stage or those standing in front of their seats, they all involuntarily felt a bit absent-minded.


It was a feeling they had never experienced before. It was as if something was tightly restraining their limbs, rendering them unable to move even a millimeter.


After a two-second pause, the aura that had been quietly surrounding Lu Jingning suddenly exploded.


A powerful gust of wind erupted from his position, spreading outwards in all directions. The Alphas in the room, even those far away, instinctively moved their noses, sensing a tangy and cool scent that resembled green plum sauce.


Undoubtedly, it was an incredibly enticing aroma.


For a moment, the Alphas couldn’t help but be dazed. However, instead of the uncontrollable impulse they had imagined, they felt an electric current flowing through their bodies, causing their limbs to uncontrollably tingle with a subtle numbness.


Unpredictably, under the influence of the released pheromones, a sense of unease emerged.


However, as soon as the potent pheromones were released, they swept through the entire classroom, completely devouring the Alpha scents that filled the venue.


In such a dominating manner, the pheromones completely overwhelmed the entire space.

At this moment, no one was worried about going into estrus anymore.


Now, they could clearly feel that their hearts had no intention of stirring, but under the dual physical and psychological pressure of this mysterious force, even maintaining a standing posture felt incredibly difficult.


The Alpha students all looked at Lu Jingning with a mix of awe and fear.


What kind of devilish Omega was he?!


Unlike Wen Xingchen’s S-class Alpha pheromones that exuded an overwhelmingly oppressive aura, making them feel subservient in his presence, Lu Jingning resembled a queen. Under the physiological and psychological pressure, they subconsciously wanted to… kneel and worship.


Hmm? An Alpha actually wanted to kneel and worship an Omega?! What the hell was going on!


As the word flashed through their minds, all the Alphas couldn’t help but feel embarrassed, realizing that either the world had gone mad or they had gone mad themselves.


And at this moment, they could only struggle to maintain their last shred of dignity as Alphas. However, the excruciating headache made their legs tremble uncontrollably.


The Alphas on stage, the closest to Lu Jingning, fell to their knees one after another with a soft “thump.” Jian Luan, who lasted a bit longer in comparison, also collapsed to the ground after a few seconds.


With a demonstration like that, the others in the room couldn’t resist the domino effect. Even those who wanted to save face and grit their teeth to remain standing couldn’t hold on for more than two seconds. One by one, they knelt to the ground.


Fortunately, the classroom door was tightly shut during the class. Otherwise, if someone happened to pass by, they would witness a large-scale worship scene.


Lu Jingning, satisfied with the results, quietly retracted his pheromones. The oppressive feeling gradually subsided, and all the Alphas felt a lightness in their bodies. They subconsciously felt a sense of relief, as if they had just survived a catastrophe.


The people who knelt down helped each other stand up, their faces looking a little pale. When their gazes fell upon Lu Jingning, their eyes carried a complex mix of emotions, but they silently agreed not to ask any questions.


A group of Alphas had been brought to their knees by an Omega. If news of this spread, their Alpha dignity would be utterly destroyed.


Thinking this way, they turned their heads to look at Wen Xingchen.


No wonder he was S-class. They were just A-class Alphas, after all. They couldn’t possibly compare!


Wen Xingchen could feel the gazes from all directions, and without guessing, he knew what they were thinking. He lowered his eyes, allowing a hint of surprise to flash past, and he couldn’t hide a slight smile at the corner of his mouth.


Wen Xingchen didn’t kneel down, and that was great!


With the course progressing to this point, everyone was paralyzed, and the remaining activities for the day couldn’t continue.


Ji Han decided to switch today’s activities for a theoretical lesson instead.


As the dismissal bell rang, everyone walked out of the classroom feeling drained. After just one class, they felt as if their energy had been completely drained.


Ji Han tidied his teaching materials and out of the corner of his eye, he saw a figure preparing to leave. He suddenly called out, “Lu Jingning.”


Lu Jingning looked up in confusion, “Is there anything else, teacher?”


Ji Han furrowed his brows slightly, hesitated for a moment, and reminded him, “Remember not to release your pheromones too easily in the future.”


Lu Jingning realized and waved his hand with a smile, “Don’t worry, I understand.”


“Okay, you can go now.”


Ji Han watched him leave with a complex expression.


After all, he was a semi-S-class pheromone holder, but under Lu Jingning’s pheromone influence, he wouldn’t have been able to stand if not for the support of the lectern. This S-class Omega freshman seemed to be beyond his expectations.


Author’s note: The aroma of pheromones determines who is the protagonist and who isn’t. Green plum sauce is the best aroma you can have. It’s tangy and sweet, and especially alluring. Officially certified! (Am I being self-indulgent?)


T/N: Hey there! There is plenty more where that came from, so stay tuned! And stay healthy! Straighten your posture, so some stretches and drink some water before continuing hehe~

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  1. orcawithsalt

    hahaha I also agree! Although there are still those who underestimate Omega when it comes to ‘strength ability’, people’s behavior does not discriminate. omega can protect themselves, but the alphas are still being nice and very responsible when it comes to protecting omega. they are like the interactions of men and women in real world.

  2. Mndless

    I personally prefer the scent of tree resin mixed with a bit of citrus and rosemary scent. Rosemary is one of my favorite scents, but acacia gum and other tree resins have a lovely woody complexity and spicy quality to them that really compliments it well. Citrus helps to lighten the overall scent, but other herbs like verbena or mint would be similarly suitable.

  3. rrr

    I have never liked ABO novels, but so far, I like this one! maybe the omega here isn’t so much like an omega, that is why. good work translating !

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