Chapter 16 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 16 


Their classes happened to be arranged next to each other. As soon as the bell rang, Yu Qingcang squatted directly at the classroom door. When he saw Lu Jingning and the others coming out, he excitedly waved his hand and exclaimed, “Over here, over here!”


Lu Jingning walked at the front, followed leisurely by Wen Xingchen. Jian Luan, with unsteady steps, was at the back. The soreness throughout his body made him feel like every cell in his body could fall into a deep sleep at any moment. He had never wished so intensely to be a pampered Omega, otherwise, he wouldn’t be on the verge of death with no one showing any concern.


Unexpectedly, Yu Qingcang, who usually seemed careless, was surprisingly attentive. When they walked together towards the cafeteria, he noticed Jian Luan’s discomfort and immediately came over, firmly supporting him. 


Jian Luan felt his legs finally steady, and he couldn’t help but look at him gratefully. “Thank you, bro.”


Yu Qingcang gave him an incredibly friendly smile, then discreetly glanced at the two people in front of them. He leaned closer to Jian Luan and lowered his voice. “Did something stimulating happen to your class’s Alphas? They all seem on the verge of death. Did it occur during class?”


Jian Luan remained silent. Seriously, is this guy here just to gossip?!


Meeting Yu Qingcang’s expectant gaze, he gave a wordless glance of indifference. “Do you know why Xiao Ming’s grandmother can live…”


Before he could finish, Yu Qingcang eagerly interrupted him, his face showing signs of suppressed laughter. Eventually, he patted Jian Luan’s shoulder with deep empathy and concern, asking, “How’s your knee doing?”


Being patted like that, Jian Luan’s already weak legs almost gave in again. Fortunately, he quickly grabbed Yu Qingcang’s arm, using it for support. His face instantly darkened. “Do I look ‘fine’ to you right now?”


If he had known this would happen, he would have chosen to be in a group with Wen Xingchen. Who could handle such a close-range impact of those pheromones? 


Yu Qingcang finally couldn’t hold back his laughter. “No worries, no worries. Once bitten, twice shy. You’re welcome to submit to Lu Jingning’s terrifying dominance together with me!”


Jian Luan couldn’t help but roll his eyes and finally burst out, “Get lost!”


Hearing the commotion from behind, Lu Jingning curiously asked Wen Xingchen, “When did those two become so close?”


Wen Xingchen didn’t even turn his head. “Just now, probably?”


At the cafeteria, the four of them found a seat and sat down.


Before the meal began, Yu Qingcang quietly envied the collective Alphas of Class 3 again. Suddenly, he remembered something. “By the way, the school is going to hold the Traditional Basketball Tournament soon. It’s said to be organized by academies. Both of you S-class individuals should participate, right?”


Wen Xingchen took a bite of his food without saying a word, but it was evident that he wasn’t very interested.


However, it was clear that Yu Qingcang’s words weren’t directed at him.


Sure enough, Lu Jingning next to him looked over with genuine interest. “Traditional basketball tournament? Imperial Navy University is still organizing such an old-fashioned event?”


Yu Qingcang replied, “Well, it’s to quickly integrate the new students into the school’s culture. I just received the news. The official announcement should be made tomorrow. I say, Lu Jingning, as the only S-class Omega in the entire school, don’t tell me you’re not preparing to make a grand appearance at a time like this. It’s not like you.”


“Who said I’m not going?” Lu Jingning smiled. “Isn’t this the perfect opportunity for Alphas to show off? I love playing against Alphas the most! Just wait until I release my pheromones directly. Hehehe…”


Jian Luan, who had been quietly eating his meal, lost control of his legs upon hearing this and nearly knelt down again.


Damn it!


“What are you thinking? How can you use pheromones?” Yu Qingcang cleared his throat. “It’s called the Traditional Basketball Tournament for a reason. Naturally, the more orthodox are tested. If everyone starts using pheromones, what’s the point? It will turn into complete chaos on the court.”


Lu Jingning let out a disappointed “Oh. Well, that works too. It doesn’t make much difference to me whether I use them or not.”


Yu Qingcang’s expression carried a hint of anticipation. “According to the seniors, the basketball tournament is usually when Alphas demonstrate their prowess in front of Omegas. Although our Quadruple Faculty are known as an ascetic bunch, every one of us can be considered elite. Let’s see if we can take this opportunity to attract some Omegas from other academies.”


Lu Jingning raised an eyebrow. “Ascetic bunch? Do you think I’m invisible?”


“Don’t joke around. You’re definitely the most beautiful Omega in the world!” Yu Qingcang’s words suddenly choked in his throat as he caught sight of something behind Lu Jingning. He quickly corrected himself as he still had a strong will to survive. “Y-yes! You’re, of course, the most beautiful Omega in the world! But we lowly ordinary Alphas don’t dare to have any thoughts. Well, aside from looking for other Omegas, what other choices do we have?”


Lu Jingning nodded. “True, you’re right. I suppose you mortals wouldn’t dare to harbor any ideas about me.”


Meanwhile, Wen Xingchen, who had been quietly eating, glanced at Lu Jingning, seemingly lost in thought.

On the side, Jian Luan continued to quietly eat his meal, his eyes subtly brightening as he listened to their conversation. A Traditional Basketball Tournament? Applause, cheers for Omegas! Oh, he desperately needed a sweet and delightful little Omega to free him from the terrifying shadow of that devilish Omega and comfort his wounded heart. This event was perfect for him!



As expected, the news about the Traditional Basketball Tournament quickly spread among the freshmen in the first year. Lu Jingning, Yu Qingcang, and Jian Luan enthusiastically signed up, but surprisingly, Wen Xingchen, who had shown little interest before, also submitted his application.


When Ren Jin learned about Lu Jingning’s participation while visiting his dorm, he became extremely excited. He immediately grabbed his communicator and ran out, declaring that he would inform the members of the support group about this groundbreaking news. They must organize themselves and show their support for the “Light of the Omegas” in-person.


Lu Jingning didn’t pay much attention to it. On the day of the basketball tournament, he confidently stood among the Quadruple Faculty’s tent wearing his jersey.


As students from other faculties passed by, their gazes lingered briefly on Wen Xingchen before firmly settling on Lu Jingning, the legendary S-class Omega.


Leaning against the railing, Lu Jingning lazily raised his eyes, not paying much attention to the growing crowd. He then leaned towards the person next to him and said, “Why do these people keep staring at me? Are they gathering intelligence?”


Wen Xingchen glanced at his brilliant golden hair and casually replied, “It’s probably because you’re eye-catching.”


Lu Jingning followed his gaze and lightly tugged on his hair, frowning slightly. “Is that so? Should I consider changing my hair color?”


Wen Xingchen responded, “No need. The golden hair looks good on you.”


Lu Jingning nodded. “Alright then, I won’t dye it!”


Wen Xingchen was picky about everything, so if he said it looked good, then it must truly look good.


As the two of them chatted casually, the students in the resting area observed discreetly, feeling deeply moved. Judging from the number of people in the resting area, only eight individuals came from the Quadruple Faculty. It seemed insufficient compared to the grand preparations of the other faculties, which had a total of around twenty to thirty players. However, everyone knew that despite their small numbers, the Quadruple Faculty excelled individually. In terms of basketball, they were not to be underestimated, especially with two S-class powerhouses among them.


Although the classification of pheromone levels was just a measure, an individual’s pheromones often directly affected their physical abilities. This unique advantage would undoubtedly come into play during the Traditional Basketball Tournament.


The pressure on the other faculties was undeniably immense. However, if they could defeat the Quadruple Faculty on the court, even in just one game of the Traditional Basketball Tournament, they could proudly claim, “I once defeated an S-class player.” It would undoubtedly elevate their reputation!


Moreover, there were so many exquisite and attractive Omegas present today.


In the Imperial Navy University’s typical environment of limited Omegas, this scene was enough to ignite the fierce fighting spirit of all the Alphas, making their blood boil.


What if, by chance, a graceful basket shot caught the eye of a certain Omega, paving the way for a beautiful romance?


As the spectators gradually filled the stands, all the Alphas couldn’t help but feel restless, eagerly wanting to display their majestic prowess before the Omegas.


In the Quadruple Faculty’s preparation area, Jian Luan actively warmed up, posing with a casual yet handsome stance while occasionally glancing towards the stands.


So damn flirtatious.


Lu Jingning, who was not accustomed to warming up, stood by and watched. When he noticed Wen Xingchen sitting still, he couldn’t help but ask, “Why don’t you get moving?”


Wen Xingchen leaned back in his chair. “No need. I might not even get to play.”


Lu Jingning thought it made sense and didn’t say much. His gaze inadvertently swept over the entrance to the stands, coincidentally catching sight of a group of people entering. He let out a soft “Oh.”


The newly arrived group was composed entirely of Omegas, clearly arriving as a team. Their sudden appearance made them the most eye-catching scene, drawing the attention of the other Alphas, who turned their heads.


Awooo, this is spring! They loved the Traditional Basketball Tournament!


At that moment, the referee blew the whistle, indicating that the first match between two faculties was about to begin.


The players from the Second faculty and the Quadruple Faculty stood up one after another, feeling the gazes of the Omegas in the stands. Everyone straightened their spines instinctively.


As they walked towards the stage, they subconsciously raised their chins, wanting the audience to get a clear view of their magnificent, handsome faces.


The cheers and support grew louder. The group of Omegas who had just entered appeared extremely excited. However, as the last player from the Quadruple Faculty leisurely followed the team onto the court, it was as if a unique switch had been pressed. All the Omegas in the audience instinctively stood up.


The sudden burst of sound seemed to transport everyone to another dimension.


“Ah! Lu-bro, look at me! I love you!”


“Lu-bro is so handsome! Beat those Alphas to death!”


“Long live the Omega light! I’m Lu-bro’s brainless fan!”


“Wuwuwu, today’s Lu-bro is breaking the sky!”


“I’m in love! I’m Lu-bro’s little fangirl!”



Originally, the Alpha players who were striding confidently towards the stage stumbled for a moment, almost falling flat on the ground. When they regained their composure and looked back, they saw Lu Jingning wearing a black coat on his shoulders, one hand loosely in his pocket, and the other waving nonchalantly towards the stands.


In this carefree and rascally manner, a variety of screams echoed through the air.


Alphas: What the fvck???


What happened to the deep bonds that couldn’t be erased between Alphas and Omegas? What happened to attracting the Omegas with our suave and elegant demeanor? Can’t you look at us, too, instead of just staring at a single Omega?


The Alpha-to-Omega ratio in the Imperial Navy University was already suffocating, and now, on top of that, they had to be wary not only of other Alphas but also of Lu Jingning, who didn’t look the least bit like an Omega?! 


It was too difficult! The love lives of these Alphas were truly too difficult!


Author’s note: Lu Jingning: It’s too difficult to conceal this damn charm!


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