Chapter 32


At this moment, inside the mothership, they were completely unaware of what was happening below.


The one sent to retrieve the treasure from the leader quickly returned, carrying a bottle of potion with an exquisite appearance.


The pirate leader received it and couldn’t help but admire it before pouring a few drops into a cup, offering it with a smiling expression to Lu Jingning.


Lu Jingning’s gaze paused on the liquid in the cup for a moment, but without hesitation, he picked it up and drank it all in one gulp.


This direct approach astonished the pirate leader, who had never encountered such a forthright Omega. After a brief moment of surprise, he burst into laughter. Just as he was about to say something, Lu Jingning suddenly reached out and snatched the bottle of potion, downing it in one go.


The interstellar pirates: “??!!”


The sudden turn of events caught the pirate leader off guard, and before he could react, Lu Jingning, with a satisfied smile in his eyes, licked his lips provocatively.


That precious item they had plundered during a raid was capable of driving any Omega into a state of ecstasy and near-death. They would rarely use it even in times of leisure.


Witnessing the Omega before him wasting this precious substance, the pirate leader was initially angered. However, as he beheld that captivating face in front of him, he found it hard to maintain his anger in the face of such mesmerizing eyes.


In any case, after today, everyone would have to meet their maker, so what did it matter if the treasure was used or not!


The pirate leader thought, and a smile crept across his face as he pulled Lu Jingning closer and said in their common tongue, “You’re truly the most exceptional Omega I’ve ever seen. Since you’re in such a hurry, I’ll satisfy your desires!”


The potion’s effect took hold quickly. Lu Jingning felt a surge of scorching heat spreading through his body, followed by intense dizziness. Before he weakened completely, he grabbed a nearby chair and sat down, panting heavily.


The interstellar pirates saw the signs that Lu Jingning was about to go in heat and couldn’t help but rub their hands with wicked intentions.


Other Omega students in the vicinity seemed to anticipate what would happen next, and many of them instinctively covered their eyes, unable to watch.


Jing Yuqi had completed the task as instructed by Lu Jingning earlier, thinking he was preparing something extraordinary with the triggering agent. However, seeing the scene unfold with Lu Jingning now about to succumb to the effects of the potion, he couldn’t help but wonder, “What does he intend to do? Give a live show?!”


Ren Jin had not anticipated that the situation would escalate like this. He anxiously clutched his head, calling out, “Lu bro!”


Although he had complete faith in Lu Jingning, the current situation left him unsure of what to do.


As Lu Jingning was surrounded by the interstellar pirates, Ren Jin’s thoughts weren’t about whether they could overpower the pirates but instead focused on finding a weapon to confront those ruthless criminals.


Just then, as the pirates with lecherous expressions approached Lu Jingning, they seemed to hit an invisible barrier and jerked back simultaneously. Their faces turned pale, and the next moment, as if electrified, they hastily retreated.


The scent of Lu Jingning’s pheromones exploded outward, making them feel as though countless needles were stabbing their scalps, and their brains were filled with resistance and repulsion.


Driven by their survival instincts, their first reaction was to escape, but under the influence of the potion, Lu Jingning’s pheromones erupted with a force even more unrestrained than ever before. As if innumerable invisible hands gripped their throats tightly, the overwhelming oppression left them weak and feeble, unable to muster enough strength to retreat effectively.


With loud thuds echoing around, many pirates closest to Lu Jingning knelt to the ground, their contorted expressions filled with agony.


Those a bit farther fared better, but they still staggered and lost their footing, their arrogant expressions turning grim.


The sudden turn of events bewildered the Omega students in the area, leaving them momentarily dazed. Many of them unconsciously sniffed the air, detecting the alluring scent of plum sauce-like pheromones, completely unable to comprehend why the interstellar pirates seemed to have encountered a deadly gas attack.


Lu Jingning’s whole body burned like a fireball as he sat heavily in the chair, panting heavily. He glanced at the nearest pirate leader, who had already collapsed, attempting to crawl away.


Narrowing his crimson eyes, Lu Jingning pressed the pirate leader’s pant leg with his foot and spoke in a low, hoarse tone, “Stay and enjoy yourself. Where do you think you’re going?”


Naturally reliant on Omega pheromones for energy supply, the Pu Star people had never encountered such a situation before.


The pirate leader’s face turned as pale as paper. As he looked at the angelic face before him, it seemed more frightening and terrifying than any demon.


He saw the other pirates, who had already lost consciousness, and bit his lip, summoning all his strength to pick up an ion gun nearby and aimed it at Lu Jingning, his finger ready to pull the trigger.


But suddenly, a supremely powerful aura surged forward, as if an invisible force pressed down on the pirate leader. His remaining strength was stripped away, and he felt darkness enveloping him, losing consciousness entirely.


Lu Jingning could sense his consciousness slipping away bit by bit, but the boundless flow of pheromones within him still surged relentlessly, allowing him to unleash his emotions without any restraint.


Glancing at the unconscious pirate leader before him, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but sneer, “Such a waste!”


Mustering his last bit of reason, he raised his head and took a deep breath, gritting his teeth to utter, “Ren Jin, what are you waiting for? Get organized! Close the doors! Fight back!”


Each word sounded like a heavy toll on their hearts, striking chords deep within the Omega students.


Ren Jin was the first to react, and he noticed several distant interstellar pirates stumbling toward the exits. Without hesitation, he picked up a weapon and swung it at the back of the pirates’ heads.


Under the overwhelming influence of Lu Jingning’s potent pheromones, even the small amount inhaled left the pirates feeling extremely dizzy and weak, despite their normally robust physiques. As Ren Jin playfully knocked them out one by one, they collapsed to the ground, completely incapacitated.


Other Omega students were now wide awake, and they enthusiastically joined the battle. In no time, they had subdued all the “helpless” pirates.


The situation here unexpectedly caught the attention of the patrolling teams outside, and upon discovering the anomalies, support teams attempted to attack. However, with Lu Jingning seated in the center, he was like a formidable biological weapon, fortifying the defense of the hall. The bewildered patrolling teams rushed inside without regard for the consequences, but even before they reached the hall, their legs gave out, and they fell to their knees one by one.


Of course, some noticed something was amiss on their way and tried to launch a surprise attack. However, no matter how robust their intentions were, they could not resist the harsh reality. Just as they were about to take a step forward, the overwhelming concentration of pheromones they inhaled instantly deprived them of consciousness, causing many to faint.


Among the pirates who had been restrained in the hall, there were a determined few who refused to faint. Yet, they watched in despair as their companions continuously rushed forward to meet their doom, feeling their minds on the verge of exploding.


Having experienced countless life-and-death situations, and even being determined to die alongside the others, the pirates had never before felt such hopelessness and helplessness.


Under the overwhelming oppression and the torment of double destruction, no one was spared. Every member of the pirate groups present in the hall succumbed to unconsciousness.


After a long period of turmoil and struggle, the surroundings suddenly fell silent. All the Omega students stopped their actions, standing amidst the fallen interstellar pirates, feeling somewhat bewildered and as if everything that had happened was too surreal.


After all, just a moment ago, those pirates were still eagerly trying to absorb their pheromones, but now, how did they all end up lying there like dried fish?


Ren Jin was the first to come back to his senses. He dropped the stick in his hand, not caring about it, and immediately rushed to Lu Jingning’s side, asking with concern, “Brother Lu, are you okay? How do you feel now?”


Lu Jingning’s face was flushed, clearly already in his heat. The pheromones diffusing from him were frantically searching for something to latch onto, but even so, he tightly held onto the last thread of sanity. “Jin, help me to the control panel… We need to… turn off the communication interference first!”


Ren Jin knew nothing about operating such a complex control panel, so he could only follow Lu Jingning’s instructions and assist him to get there.


Lu Jingning’s body was burning like a flame, and he shook his head heavily, struggling to focus his vision. Finally, amidst the chaotic equipment, he found the control button. He stretched out his hand and pressed it with force, fully deactivating the communication interference system.


Ren Jin saw his body sway faintly and hurriedly supported him, asking, “Brother Lu, what do we do next? How should we proceed?”


Lu Jingning pushed him away and sat heavily on a nearby chair, breathing heavily. “Next?”


He glanced weakly at the others and turned his gaze to Jing Yuxi. “Next… Jin, it’s up to you now.”


Jing Yuxi was taken aback. “Up to me? What do you mean?”


Lu Jingning felt he was just one step away from utter chaos. Panting, he closed his eyes wearily. “Go… issue instructions to the other pirate fleets… as for what… to send… it’s up to you… just make yourself happy…”


Jing Yuxi: “?!?!”



The sudden restoration of communication stabilized the previously chaotic Imperial Navy formation. However, the actions of the interstellar pirates confused the commanders once again.


It seemed like a completely different commander had taken charge on the other side. The previously clear objectives of the pirate fleet suddenly switched to a mode of sending people’s heads in a variety of ways, leaving the Imperial Navy scrambling to cope. They even began to suspect if the pirates had set some traps they had not discovered.


Amidst the chaotic battle, the special operations team had silently infiltrated the mother ship.


“What’s going on? Why is it so quiet?” Kang Hanyun held her firearm, moving cautiously, but the further they went inside, the more she felt that something was off.


As the mother ship of the interstellar pirates, it was unnaturally quiet here. There wasn’t even a single patrolling guard, let alone any sign of life.


Wen Yexi furrowed his brows slightly, and he spoke, stating the only possibility, “Could someone have beaten us to it?”


Kang Hanyun chuckled softly, “Don’t be silly, that’s impossible.”


Her words came to an abrupt halt when she caught a whiff of an aroma. The familiar scent of pheromones brushed past her nose, making Wen Xingchen’s expression momentarily astonished. His calm demeanor showed a hint of difficulty in maintaining composure.


However, before he could say anything, Wen Yexi’s voice sounded beside him, “It smells like Omega’s pheromones. This scent…”


Wen Xingchen detected a trace of peculiarity in his brother’s tone and turned to look at him. He saw Wen Yexi’s usually composed expression now revealing an unprecedented hint of agitation. It seemed like he sensed Wen Xingchen’s gaze, and his slightly hoarse voice held restraint as he said, “I suppose someone is in heat. Do you have Alpha suppressants with you?”


Wen Xingchen had already sensed the overly revealing allure in the air, arousing his desires, but witnessing Wen Yexi’s demeanor, he suddenly became more aware. As if a bucket of cold water had been poured over him, he momentarily regained his clarity.


This was the first time he had seen his usually composed brother requiring an Alpha suppressant to maintain his calmness.


Could it be that his brother was also similarly affected by Lu Jingning’s pheromones…


Kang Hanyun looked at Wen Yexi with shock, “A suppressant? Are you serious?”


Without replying, Wen Yexi took out a suppressant from his portable pouch and injected himself with it. His expression began to return to normal.


Then, Wen Xingchen spoke, “Give me one as well.”


Kang Hanyun: “…”


She even began to suspect if her Alpha pheromone receptor was experiencing some issues.


After injecting the suppressant, Wen Xingchen felt the restlessness in his body calm down a little. However, since he had marked Lu Jingning previously, he was much stronger than Wen Yexi. Even though the pheromone concentration in the air was still relatively weak, he needed to exert considerable self-control to manage his emotions.


Seeing Kang Hanyun’s expression, Wen Xingchen calmly said, “If it’s inconvenient for you to go in, stay outside and provide support. The two of us will go in.”


Wen Yexi had no objections, only adding with utmost seriousness, “Let’s keep in contact at all times.”


Kang Hanyun nodded, still a bit dazed, “I’ll stay here and wait, ready for communication!”


Wen Yexi also had no objections, but he remembered something very important, “Hanyun, do you have Omega suppressants with you? Give me one.”


Even in normal situations, it was a standard practice to inject suppressants when dealing with an Omega in heat. However, this Omega was none other than Lu Jingning.


Kang Hanyun was about to fetch it but was stopped by Wen Xingchen.


Sensing the gazes of the two, he calmly said, “The suppressants won’t work on him. I’ll handle it.”


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