Chapter 31 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 31


In the transport ship of the interstellar pirates, the detainees were all high-ranking Omega students from the Imperial Navy, each of them curled up in the cabin, looking somewhat lost and helpless.


Most of these students were captured by the pirates during the evacuation process. Many of them could never forget the moment when the enemy broke through the defense zone, as if blood-red blossoms bloomed right before their eyes, fierce and striking.


Amidst the atmosphere of despair, faint sounds were faintly heard, and after a moment, the cabin door opened slightly. At this point, many people didn’t even want to glance at it, feeling numb to yet another unfortunate soul caught on the run.


It was evident that another unlucky soul, caught during their escape attempt, had been thrown in. Lu Jingning was pushed into the cabin by the pirates, acting very convincingly as he struggled for a moment before being tossed into a corner.


As the footsteps gradually faded away and the cabin door closed again, he stopped his act and turned to look, ensuring that they had all left. A sly smile crept across his lips.


It was apparent that this was a special cabin for detaining captives. Besides the smooth walls, there were no additional climbing points inside. The group of Omega students huddled in different corners, looking disheveled and embarrassed.


To be honest, Lu Jingning never expected the pirates to have captured so many Omega students. There were probably no less than twenty people on this one ship alone. The entire Imperial Navy had only so many Omega students. It was evident that the pirates had put considerable effort into capturing them, indicating a far more urgent need for energy than he had imagined.


Frowning, Lu Jingning pondered while suddenly hearing an incredulous exclamation next to him, “Lu bro? Is that you?”


The voice sounded somewhat familiar, and when he turned to look, he found himself locking eyes with Ren Jin, who was in the corner. Lu Jingning was also taken aback, “You were captured too?”


Ren Jin had blood on him and looked extremely disheveled. His expression was originally dismal, but upon seeing Lu Jingning, his eyes instantly brightened, “Lu bro, are you here to rescue us?”


This exclamation made others turn their attention in their direction as well. Gradually, more people recognized Lu Jingning. After all, he was the first Omega to achieve S-class in their prestigious Imperial Navy. He was their pride!


Though he was also captured by the interstellar pirates at the moment, Ren Jin’s astonished cry gave a glimmer of hope to the otherwise despairing Omega students.


So, was he truly here to save them?


*Cough, cough* Lu Jingning felt a bit guilty under their gazes, touched his nose, and looked up at the ceiling, humming, “Well, I guess you can say that.”


Actually, strictly speaking, he had no idea that so many people had been captured. His main purpose in coming here was to deal with the pirates. But, in the end, if he successfully dealt with the pirates, it would naturally result in rescuing the others too. So, one could say he was here to save them, right?


Upon hearing Lu Jingning’s words, the previously tense atmosphere suddenly livened up. One voice rang out abruptly, “Are we supposed to believe anything he says? We’re all trapped here, fighting for our lives. What can he possibly do to save us?”


Lu Jingning looked over and saw an Omega with a gloomy expression, wiping tears as he spoke. Lu Jingning had intended to respond with some retort, but seeing how heartbroken the man looked, he found it hard to say anything, so he chuckled, “Hey, buddy, don’t be so discouraged!”


The Omega sobbed twice, his voice still carrying a sobbing tone, “You don’t understand! You don’t know what those interstellar pirates want to do to us! I heard them talking on the way here. Many students were taken up in batches earlier, and by now, they’ve probably been drained dry and left as mere husks. Those interstellar pirates aren’t even human! They’re treating us like fertilizers!”


These words sent shivers down the spines of others, and Lu Jingning suddenly caught something. He looked into the man’s eyes and his own eyes lit up, “Do you understand the Pu Star language?”


The Omega continued sobbing, “Yes, so what? I’d rather not understand it!”


Ignoring his response, Lu Jingning grabbed the man’s hands eagerly, speaking fervently, “Help me out later, okay?”


Startled by his sudden actions, the man stopped crying for a moment, “What… what are you planning to do?”


Lu Jingning gave him a meaningful smile, “You’ll know when the time comes.”


Ren Jin, as the leader of Lu Jingning’s support team, quickly reassured everyone and made sure they would follow Lu Jingning’s commands.


After a while, the transport ship began to lift off and, upon stopping again, they found themselves inside the mother ship of the interstellar pirates.


As the Omega students were escorted further in, the strong scent of pheromones filled the air, emanating from the pirates. Many Omega students’ faces changed, some even feeling nauseous.


Lu Jingning observed the surroundings while mentally noting the route they took.


The Omega who understood the Pu Star language was named Jing Yuqi. Though he was unwilling, he was eventually roped in by Lu Jingning to be the translator.


As they passed the final door, an overwhelming scent of pheromones assaulted them, making many people’s breathing uncontrollably heavy. They now knew for certain what awaited them.


Energy charging in the energy stones temporarily ceased, and the pirates on the transfer platforms began to gather, preparing for their last feast.


Jing Yuqi’s face turned pale, knowing there was no hope left. Nonetheless, he couldn’t help but ask Lu Jingning, “You said you were here to save us. Are you serious?”


Lu Jingning looked around at the surrounding situation, seeing all the people inside the main cabin almost encircling them. He couldn’t help but show a faint smile, “Of course, I’m serious! It’s time for you to perform!”


With that, he briefly explained what Jing Yuqi needed to do.


Jing Yuqi was incredulous, “You… you’re serious?”


Lu Jingning urged him with a push, “Hurry up! Can’t you see that some of our friends are about to suffer?”


Jing Yuqi looked up and saw some people being taken towards the center of the platform. Determination flashed across his eyes, and he clenched his teeth, shouting in the Pu Star language, “Wait!”


The interstellar pirates were clearly taken aback by the fact that a student understood their language and looked over in their direction.


Under the scrutiny, Jing Yuqi felt his legs go weak, but he mustered his last bit of determination and managed to say, “I-I have a classmate here. He wants to be the first one!”


As soon as Jing Yuqi finished speaking, Lu Jingning enthusiastically waved at the pirates, showing a sincere expression, “Me, me, me!”


The interstellar pirates hesitated for a moment and looked towards their leaders, seeking confirmation.


One of the leaders’ eyes slightly brightened after carefully observing Lu Jingning’s appearance. He smiled and waved, telling his subordinates to bring Lu Jingning up.


As the other Omega who had been taken away passed by Lu Jingning, he gave a grateful yet complex look.


Lu Jingning stood before the leader, and the greedy gaze lightly drifted over the glands on his neck. His eyelashes drooped slightly as he softly reminded in a not-so-heavy tone, but just enough for Jing Yuqi to hear, “Xiao Jing, did you forget something?”


Jing Yuqi returned to his senses and secretly gulped, tremblingly saying in the Pu Star language, “Esteemed pirate brothers, my classmate has a rather special fetish. He thinks that simple pheromone exchange isn’t stimulating enough and wants some… stimulants.”


After speaking, Jing Yuqi glanced encouragingly at Lu Jingning and gritted his teeth to add, “He just said the more, the better!”


The interstellar pirates were clearly taken aback by this absurd request. The leader-like figure laughed heartily after a brief shock, reaching out to pinch Lu Jingning’s flashy face, telling his subordinates, “Go! Bring out the treasure I’ve cherished for years! Damn, let my buddies enjoy it one last time before they die!”


Lu Jingning couldn’t understand their words, but it didn’t stop him from beaming with a brilliant smile.


Of course! Such a crucial moment called for some excitement!



At the entrance of Rescue Station C, figures rushed about in haste.


Several members of the Imperial Patrol Force stood side by side outside, looking solemn.


Wen Xingchen had successfully transmitted the command according to Bing Cang’s instructions, but he never expected that this so-called “XII Plan” would turn out to be a desperate move.


Considering the current situation, even if the mobile team managed to enter the mother ship and destroy the energy source, their chances of survival remained close to zero.


Kang Hanyun shook his thick curly hair, showing no signs of discouragement. His face instead flickered with excitement, “This mission is so thrilling, I love it!”


Wen Yeyu’s tone was calm, “Xingchen, listen to me. After this mission is over, be sure to return home, alright?”


These words carried an air of parting, causing Wen Xingchen to furrow his brow, “We’ll return home together.”


Wen Yeyu looked up at the interstellar pirate mother ship in the sky, his tone still placid, “That’s good. Then, wait for me to come back.”


As Wen Xingchen watched his brother’s profile, his eyes filled with complex emotions. He was about to say something when he suddenly heard a heated argument not far away.


You Zeyang had just been rescued from the ruins, lying on a stretcher with almost no strength left in him, yet his voice was still alarmingly loud, “I’ve said it, a large group of Omega students were taken by the pirates. We must send people to rescue them quickly!”


The members of the rescue team diligently attended to his injuries, and while reluctant, they had to explain the truth, “Sorry, it’s not that we don’t want to save them, but when we went, it was already too late. Those Omega students had been sent to the mother ship by the interstellar pirates, and they might already…”


“Too late? How could it be too late?!” You Zeyang was about to explode right there on the stretcher. His eyes glared intensely at them, teeth clenched, “Just a moment ago, there was a damn Omega, self-proclaimed S-class, dealing with them. How could it be too late in such a short time?!”


The rescue team was left speechless by his questioning, their expressions filled with emotion.


As You Zeyang was about to lose control again, a figure suddenly appeared before him.


Wen Xingchen’s voice was slightly grave, “What’s the name of the Omega you’re talking about?”


You Zeyang was caught off guard by his gaze, but after a moment, he recognized him. He tightly clenched his fist and said, “The Omega who’s in such a hurry to die can only be that Lu Jingning, the one who came with you last time. Who else could it be?!”


Wen Yeyu noticed the unusual situation and followed up with a question, “What happened?”


Wen Xingchen didn’t answer, after a moment of silence, he squeezed out a sentence with tightly pursed lips, “Brother, I’m going to join the XII Plan!”


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