Chapter 132 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 132: Extra Story Three


Before, Lu Jingning didn’t feel anything was amiss, but after Lu Kongbin’s push for marriage, he indeed felt that something was missing in this home.


He mentioned this inexplicable feeling to Wen Xingchen. After a moment of contemplation, Wen Xingchen asked, “How about getting a pet?”


Lu Jingning was momentarily taken aback by the suggestion, but upon second thought, he smiled brightly, “I think that’s a great idea!”


According to Lu Kongbin, it was about making the home livelier. Besides, they were both ‘little brats,’ so having a pet wouldn’t hurt.


With this thought in mind, Lu Jingning immediately took out his terminal, reclined on the sofa, logged into the Star Network, and started browsing through nearby planets’ pet stores.


Watching Lu Jingning’s swift and resolute actions, Wen Xingchen couldn’t help but smile. Naturally, he leaned in closer and, looking at the myriad of photos on the screen, asked, “So, what kind of pet do you want?”


Without hesitation, an idea flashed through Lu Jingning’s mind, and he replied, “A cat!”


Wen Xingchen didn’t have strong opinions on the specifics. Upon hearing Lu Jingning’s choice, he glanced at him instinctively, a faint curve appearing on his lips.


Lu Jingning, resembling a mischievous cat himself, piqued curiosity. What would it be like for him to have a cat?


At this moment, completely immersed in the passion to add vitality to their home, Lu Jingning failed to notice Wen Xingchen’s smile. As his gaze fell on one of the photos, his eyes lit up. He raised the terminal slightly and asked, “How about this one?”


“You decide.”


Wen Xingchen always indulged Lu Jingning unconditionally, especially in such trivial matters.


However, as Lu Jingning looked up, their eyes met. He raised an eyebrow, casually responded, and then leaned in, lightly pecking the lips that were offered.


Lu Jingning didn’t expect him to take advantage of the situation like this. Annoyed yet amused, he glanced at Wen Xingchen. “So, should I place the order?”


“Go ahead.”



Interstellar logistics nowadays were very efficient. The next morning, the new member of the household arrived.


Lu Jingning had chosen a pure black Persian cat. A small tuft of white fur on its neck resembled a tidy little bowtie. Its two eyes—one blue and one yellow—observed the unfamiliar surroundings with a vigilant glint.


As Wen Xingchen was out, Lu Jingning took responsibility for receiving the delivery. He carried the cage inside and placed it on the living room table after opening it.


He intended to release the kitten, but his movement made the cat retreat further, curling into a dark ball, intensely vigilant.


Thus, man and cat stood frozen, staring at each other in complete silence, the surroundings eerily quiet.


Lu Jingning: “…”


He had never raised a pet before and was genuinely inexperienced. After a long silence, he patted his knees and stood up, “Whenever you want to come out, just come out. I’ll go see where to settle you for now.”


Due to continuous battles in recent years, the pet industry market was exceptionally low. So encountering a customer, the pet store was particularly polite. Along with the Persian cat, a large box of pet supplies arrived, filled to the brim.


Cat climbing frames, slides, food bowls, water bowls, snacks… and more.


Lu Jingning looked at them and felt a headache coming on.


Damn, why did it feel like taking care of a cat was more complicated than raising a child? Did they really need so much equipment?!


His gaze wandered around the room and eventually settled on the relatively spacious balcony. Thus, he moved everything on the ground there in one go.


Lu Jingning couldn’t remember the last time he did such tedious chores.


Back home, they had Lulu, the all-purpose domestic robot. After marriage, due to frequent missions, they rarely stayed at home, usually cleaning once a week. Now, organizing these pet supplies made him more tired than going into battle.


However, encountering these pet items for the first time, Lu Jingning still found them somewhat fascinating. He played around while tidying up, and time slipped away unnoticed.


After fiddling with a pet nail clipper for a while, he picked up a small flashlight-like object, pressing it out of curiosity. A red dot projected onto the floor ahead.


A laser pointer? What’s this for?


He blinked curiously, pondering the purpose of the device, when suddenly, a black shadow whizzed past him. Immediately, a childish meow rang out, “Meow~!”


The little kitten, finally daring to leave the cage, swung its black paws and leaped directly onto the red dot.


With cautious paws covering the spot where the red dot had landed, it took quite a while before the kitten gingerly moved its paws away.


Expecting to find its ‘prey,’ the kitten was bewildered upon releasing its claws, only to find emptiness before it, leaving it staring with puzzled eyes.


Lu Jingning, lost in thought and unknowingly releasing the button, suddenly realized the situation and couldn’t help but burst into laughter at the little black cat’s bewildered expression.


Somewhat aware of the tool’s purpose, Lu Jingning’s playful side got the better of him.


As the red dot moved around the house, the kitten’s agile figure darted around like the wind.


Unfortunately, catching such a red laser light was impossible.


Lu Jingning, amused, couldn’t help but laugh, “Oh, you silly thing!”


Whether or not the cat actually understood, it momentarily bared its teeth in response.


This only made Lu Jingning laugh even harder. He flicked the light to a high shelf, where the water pot was placed.


The playful kitten, enticed by the light, eyed the target, narrowing its eyes slightly. With its two differently colored eyes—one blue and one yellow—a sharp glint flickered, and it pounced.


“Boom!” A loud crash echoed.


Startled, Lu Jingning rushed over to find the shattered pot and a mess around it. And there sat the initiator, the black shadow, now damp and sitting in the middle, its fluffy fur completely drooping, making it appear much smaller. Its two watery eyes now held a look of innocence.




Lu Jingning sighed heavily and gestured towards it, trying to remain as calm as possible, “Let’s go, I think we should probably take a bath first.”


Unwilling to comply, the kitten didn’t intend to accept his kind call, promptly turning and running away.


Gritting his teeth, Lu Jingning called out, “Stop right there!”


The kitten: “Meow~!”


Thus, man and cat engaged in an intense battle at home. What started as a small spillage of water soon spread across every corner.


Finally, teeth clenched, Lu Jingning stood up from behind the sofa, looking at the cat in his hands and sneered, “Run? Have the guts to keep running!”


In response, the little creature let out a fierce meow.


Then, it wildly struggled, but its short limbs proved futile in Lu Jingning’s grip.


Lu Jingning carried it and marched into the bathroom, shutting the glass door behind.


As the sound of water started, there was a ruckus inside.


“Bathing, be quiet!”


“Keep this up, and I’ll send you back!”


“Damn, do you know how much I spent to get you?!”


“Wow, you smelly cat, you dare scratch me?!”



When Wen Xingchen returned, he didn’t find Lu Jingning in the living room. Instead, what he saw resembled a war zone aftermath.


He blinked, hearing commotion coming from the bathroom direction. Without even taking off his coat, he hurried over, “Aning?”


With the sound of the door opening, both the big and small combatants inside the bathroom turned to look.


In that scene, Wen Xingchen froze in his tracks.


He suddenly seemed to experience what one might call a double critical hit.


Lu Jingning was completely covered in soap bubbles, even pink foam clinging to his hair ends, and the struggling kitten in his arms wasn’t any better.


Though almost entirely covered in bubbles, the kitten remained fiercely defiant, emitting a determined meow.


Wen Xingchen cleared his throat, coughed, and managed not to burst into laughter.


Lu Jingning saw Wen Xingchen and almost instinctively activated the SOS mode, “Wen Ge, come help, this little rascal is really hard to handle!”




Wen Xingchen responded and casually hung his coat on the handle before joining the bath-time battle.


However, a faint smile lingered around his lips, barely concealed.


He could almost anticipate what it would be like if Lu Jingning had to take care of a child. One rascal was already a handful, let alone two. That would probably lead to chaos sooner or later.


Helping out, he casually asked, “Have you thought of a name for it? What are you planning to call this troublemaker?”


While dealing with the squirming little creature, Lu Jingning didn’t dare exert too much force. Feeling a bit powerless at the moment, he blurted out in response, “Call it Charcoal, or Charcoal.”


“Charcoal?” Wen Xingchen raised an eyebrow.


Lu Jingning gritted his teeth, “It’s black, small, and has an explosive temper, isn’t that like Charcoal?”


The kitten, initially resigned to being handled by the duo, suddenly seemed to understand something. It raised its head and let out a fierce “Meow!” towards Lu Jingning.


Unfortunately, the overly cute and childish tone of its voice made it sound more like it was trying to be adorable.


Wen Xingchen gently rubbed its head, “Welcome to our family, Charcoal.”

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