Chapter 131 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 131: Extra Story Two


When Lu Jingning received a call from Lu Kongbin, he was still drowsy, lying in bed. It wasn’t until he fully understood the content of the conversation that he abruptly woke up, “What did you say?”


Lu Kongbin’s voice, unfiltered through the communication device, came through: “I said, you little brat, hurry down and open the door! I’ve been waiting downstairs for damn ages!!!”


Lu Jingning: “???”


Lying beside him, Wen Xingchen vaguely heard the earlier conversation. His lazy furrowed brow showed a hint of curiosity, “Is it your dad?”


Lu Jingning didn’t directly answer. He jumped up from the bed and swiftly ran to the window.


Looking down through the gap in the curtain, he could clearly see the two tall figures standing at the entrance.


He fell silent for a moment, then turned back to give Wen Xingchen a deep look, “And your dad too.”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


Lu Jingning was now wide awake in an instant. He hurriedly put on some clothes, his face expressionless as he scanned the somewhat messy environment inside the room. Unable to hold back, he muttered in frustration, “Damn it, should’ve asked Er Ge to lend us Lulu!”


He had previously felt something missing in his new place, and now it dawned on him—it lacked an all-around domestic robot!


Wen Xingchen’s dressing pace was considerably slower. He couldn’t help but lightly chuckle and reminded, “Remember to lock the door later.”


Indeed, it needed to be locked. Can’t let the elders see this chaotic scene, embarrassing.


Upon hearing this, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but grab a pillow and throw it at him.


Listening to Wen Xingchen’s laughter even after being hit, heat flushed Lu Jingning’s face uncontrollably. He muttered resentfully, “Making such a mess, I wonder who’s to blame!”



Lu Kongbin didn’t actually come with Wen Muqiao. They coincidentally met at the door.


Despite a slight easing in their relationship after becoming in-laws, each encounter still couldn’t avoid a standoffish air between them.


In this recent period, a rare moment of peace during the war, everyone had a bit of free time. Yet, as soon as they had this free time, they started contemplating the future.


These matters, some trivial and some crucial, were now on their minds. Among them, undoubtedly, the most concerning was the monumental event of continuing the family line.


For this reason, the two fathers, without any prior arrangement, made this trip, leading to this “encounter.”


Lu Jingning invited the two inside, poured each a cup of tea very obediently, then stood by, observing them, curious about the intentions of these two.


Lu Kongbin and Wen Muqiao already knew each other’s purpose, so they sat there, maintaining a reserved demeanor, waiting for the other to start.


For a while, the conversation veered off in various directions, none touching the main subject.


Wen Xingchen had been sitting silently on the nearby sofa. After a few hours, he couldn’t stay silent any longer.


He sat up, lightly tapping the coffee table with his slender fingertips, a faint curve on his lips, “So, rushing over early in the morning, what is it for?”


Probably due to wandering too much outside, the constantly changing Omega spouses, Wen Muqiao finally realized his previous mistake. Recently, he decisively proposed to Yu Zhi again, persistently asking for marriage until finally obtaining the certificate.


After remarriage, with Yu Zhi mediating between them, it somewhat eased the relationship between father and son.


Wen Muqiao still carried a trace of guilt in his heart. At this moment, he cherished this hard-won affection even more. He appeared more afraid of his son than before. Hence, Wen Xingchen didn’t ask, making Wen Muqiao unable to bring it up. He could only desperately signal Lu Kongbin, hoping he’d bring up the topic.


Lu Kongbin had previously hinted to Lu Jingning about the issue of procreation, but it didn’t end well. Seeing this situation, he couldn’t help but give Wen Muqiao a sarcastic look, “Are your eyes malfunctioning?”


This old man, normally he wouldn’t miss anything, yet now he’s trying so hard to make him the scapegoat?


Wen Muqiao was retorted, and both corners of his lips drooped.


After a moment of silence, he turned to Lu Jingning, his expression unchanged as he said, “Ningning, your dad is here today because he has something to tell you.”


Lu Jingning looked up at Lu Kongbin, “Dad, what’s the matter?”


Despite cursing Wen Muqiao in his mind countless times, Lu Kongbin forced a smile on his face.


After organizing his thoughts, he asked in a coaxing manner, “Well, Dad is getting old, and I’m thinking maybe it’s time to retire in a while…”


Chapter 131: Extra Story II


Lu Jingning chuckled, “What are you thinking? Given the current war situation, the military won’t allow you to retire for another twenty or thirty years, I reckon?”




Lu Kongbin choked, fell silent for a moment, then continued, “What I meant was, don’t you feel your mom is actually quite lonely staying at home all the time?”


Lu Jingning didn’t catch on, blinked at him in confusion.


Lu Kongbin said, “Well… You and Xingchen have been married for quite a while. Although I know you’re both in a rising phase in your careers, young people sometimes shouldn’t just focus on work. You should also consider other things, think more about the future.”


“Other things?”


Lu Kongbin looked at him expectantly, “Kid, can you understand what Dad is saying?”


Under his sparkling gaze, Lu Jingning fell silent for a moment, then earnestly said, “Dad, if you’re worried about inheritance issues, you don’t need to consider us.”




Lu Jingning patted his hand gently and spoke sincerely, “Even if you and Mom give us another brother or sister, I won’t have any objections.”


As if to completely reassure Lu Kongbin, he added solemnly, “Big Brother and Second Brother probably think the same way. So, don’t burden yourself with these thoughts!”




Wen Muqiao, who had been quietly listening nearby, couldn’t hold back and sprayed the tea he’d just sipped all over when he heard the last two sentences.


Lu Kongbin’s face twitched viciously, his expression suddenly colorful and especially splendid.


Wen Xingchen, suppressing the smile at the corner of his lips, pulled Lu Jingning closer and whispered softly in his ear, “Dad means, when will he get to hold a grandchild?”


Lu Kongbin had never been more satisfied with Wen Xingchen, so understanding. He was almost moved to tears, “Yes! That’s what I meant!”


Lu Jingning was initially stunned, then, feeling the warmth brushing against his ear, he couldn’t help but blush slightly.


He glared at Lu Kongbin, unamused, “Can’t you just say it straightforwardly? Why beat around the bush like this?”


It’s not like I’d be upset!


Lu Kongbin grumbled in his mind, looking expectantly, “So, are you agreeing?”


“How did you conclude that?” Lu Jingning, contrary to his usual easygoing demeanor, felt his face growing hotter as he spoke, “As you said, Xingchen and I are in a critical phase in our careers, with important positions at hand, constantly having to visit the battlefield. When do we have the time?”


Though he had anticipated this answer early on, Lu Kongbin still looked visibly disappointed.


Lu Jingning glanced at him, suggesting earnestly, “Instead of coming to me, why not talk to Big Brother? He’s been married longer than us and there’s been no sign of a child. Isn’t he anxious too?”


Lu Kongbin’s expression turned serious, “How do you know I’m not anxious?”


[In the first galaxy, Lu Jiyuan sneezed repeatedly: ???]


Seeing his dad’s genuinely distressed expression, Lu Jingning comforted him by putting a hand on his shoulder, “Rare that you’re here. Stay for a meal, Old Lu?”



After lunch, the two dads left with low spirits.


Once Lu Jingning saw them off and returned to the room, the door was gently closed by someone waiting in the corridor.


Raising his head, he saw a tall figure enveloping him almost entirely.


Lu Jingning lifted his gaze, “What’s up, Wen Ge?”


Wen Xingchen bent down, almost at eye level with him, a faint smile in his deep eyes, “Really not considering it?”


Knowing what he meant, Lu Jingning felt his face heating up but retorted, “Consider what?”


Wen Xingchen gazed at him for a while, his expression soft, clearly not buying Lu Jingning’s act of feigned ignorance, “Actually, I’m looking forward to it. What do you think we should do?”


Lu Jingning tilted his head, his voice involuntarily lowering, “You know how hard I’ve worked to stabilize my position in the military. If now…”


Before he could finish, his lips were softly sealed, muffling the remainder of his words.


This kiss was deep and long, spreading a myriad of pheromones freely in the air.


When the person in his arms softened completely from the kiss, Wen Xingchen gently released him, his tender voice filled with endless indulgence, “No rush. Anytime is fine. I’ll wait for you.”


Feeling a bit dizzy from the kiss, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but curse inwardly.


Damn, using charm again, always breaking the rules!

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