Chapter 3 – The Marshal is a picky eater

Chapter 3 – The Marshal is a picky eater


The Dark Star gourmet audits follow a certain procedure.


First of all, the newly submitted dishes will be pushed to the latest creation page for the netizens to review. If there are 10 people who have tasted it, at least 7 people will need to give a passing review. Only then will this dish be certified.


When this oddly shaped potato hit the shelves, it was not too popular. 


But there will always be those who are curious.


People in this interstellar age liked to cook meat, so many of the food columns consist of meat recipes with new tricks. New vegetable dishes are rarely added. It’s not that vegetables are not delicious, but the variety of vegetables are few and there is no need for new recipes if they are just boiled over and over again…




When a smear of yellow appeared amongst the clumps of meat, the potato managed to catch the attention of many.


Soon, many people of the Dark Star ordered this dish out of curiosity. As soon as they received their order, they found that this potato was different from the soft, glutinous boiled potatoes they had in the past. This one looked hard.


As soon as they saw this, some people frowned and almost gave a failing review without trying it first.


It was too vile to be wasting food and vegetables for the sake of attracting attention!


But their curiosity was too great, so when they gave the recipe a taste, it led to reviews like this… 


“Wtf, these are not the potatoes I know.”

“fvck boiling potatoes!”

“God, it’s so delicious.”


Originally, the people of Dark Star thought that boiled potatoes were delicious. However, on this day, everyone felt the fear of being seduced by deep-fried food. For a time, almost all those who have tasted it gave it a passing review, resulting in the passing rate of up to 90% after tasting the dish.


“Hurry and mass produce these!”

“It tastes so damn sweet.”

“Potatoes have successfully caught my attention.”


Such a high pass rate not only attracted diners, but naturally also the attention of the platform’s moderator.


The platform moderator found this anomaly while sorting the data on a daily basis: “How could there be such a high pass rate?”


A colleague came over and took a look: “Did many newly registered accounts give it a passing review repeatedly in order to get it certified?”


It’s not like this has never happened before. Some anchors were not good at cooking so they used underhanded methods.


The platform’s moderator also looked at it seriously: “I will contact the system management to check it out.”


Their colleagues also felt strange when they saw the data so they simply stopped working to watch the commotion: “It’s been a long time since we last scanned the data.”


The big data brain sifted through the data.


The final conclusion was slowly presented on the screen: [No similar accounts]


It was inconclusive!


This time, the platform moderator and their colleagues were stunned. Apart from a few popular anchors, currently no one could achieve a pass rate of over 90%!


The colleagues were all hyperventilating: “Quick, try and taste it.”


The moderator was also curious and hurriedly grabbed some virtual fries from the terminal before giving it to a colleague: “Taste it.”


What the system recorded was the most optimal time when the fries tasted the best, which was when they were fresh out of the pan.


It was golden, crispy and warm. It drastically changed from the soft and glutinous texture they were familiar with. The aroma of the plants seems to be concentrated by the oil. It is crispy and oily but not greasy. It was wonderful.


The moderator and the colleague looked at each other before falling silent.


After half an hour has passed.


The colleague said: “I still want to eat some.”



The moderator said: “We can’t eat it anymore. According to the terminal, we can only taste this unsigned product once.”


It wasn’t just them who felt this way, there were others too.


All those who have tried two bites of the french fries felt frantically refreshed but after they saw that the product was not yet available for purchase, the comments area was full of grief.


“Has the anchor not signed a contract yet?”

“I’ll order 10 first!”

“I just contacted my friends. They all said I was just exaggerating and that there’s no better way than boiling it!”


The colleague looked at the comments with a smile: “It is estimated that the Dark Star chef has started something new. Hurry up! Hurry up and sign a contract with him. Contact this anchor!”



A military base stood above Sky City’s planet. It looked like it was only the size of an island but it is the most solid military force on the entire planet.


In the Empire, the three most powerful factions were:


The Sacrificial Church, with their divine powers that reach the skies;


The Consortium, who control and are the lifeline of the empire’s economy; and


The military who lead the armed forces.


“Secretary Jin.” The little adjutant sitting outside stopped the woman who came out: “Are you alright?”


The woman known as Secretary Jin stopped. It was no surprise that she was a very beautiful woman, with boastful breasts, slender thighs and tame blonde hair. Her delicate and beautiful face however, was full of sorrow at the moment.


The little adjutant guessed: “The Marshal… hasn’t eaten yet?”


Secretary Jin nodded.


The little adjutant’s mood also sank. This was the most difficult time for the entire army. Their Marshal was extremely picky about food. They were not anorexic but paid close attention to it and were extremely picky.


The top chef in the universe was placed in front of The Marshal; but after taking two bites slowly, he gave an evaluation: “Plain.”


He gave the chef such a big blow that he almost packed up and went back to his hometown.


Secretary Jin sighed, “Originally, the marshal was willing to eat a few bites of this current chef’s cooking but he won’t eat any now.”


The adjutant’s mood became even more difficult: “The marshal usually goes out to the battle field and because of conditions then, he could only drink the nutrient solution. Now peace has been restored to the interstellar worlds, but he still can’t eat delicious food. It is inevitable that his mood will become worse.”


If he was in a bad mood, the pitiful ones will soon be them.


Secretary Jin noticed the golden coloured food in the adjutant’s hand: “What are you holding?”


“Oh, you’re talking about this?” The adjutant took the fries and casually put them into his mouth before chewing twice: “Nothing special, it was just uploaded by a new anchor on the list…”


Halfway through chewing them, he stopped.


Secretary Jin wondered: “Were you… poisoned?”


The adjutant’s eyes widened and he couldn’t believe the taste in his mouth. It was crispy and soft. The aroma of potatoes was brought out by the oil. The momentary revelry of his taste buds were fleeting, making its scent addicting!


“I…” The adjutant shivered and looked at Secretary Jin: “Secretary, we have a good relationship, right?”


Secretary Jin narrowed her eyes: “What are you going to do?”


A few minutes later–


They logged into the Food Network with Secretary Jin’s information terminal and successfully swiped down for french fries with her account. The adjutant smiled happily.


Then before he could eat it, Secretary Jin put the fries in her mouth.


The next second, a moment of surprise appeared on Secretary Jin’s face.


The adjutant looked forward to her appraisal: “How is it? Isn’t it delicious?”


Secretary Jin was silent for a while: “Order 20 copies to be sent here.”


“What are you doing eating this much? Aren’t you trying to lose weight?” 


The adjutant muttered: “It’s from a newcomer and he hasn’t signed a contract yet.”


Secretary Jin touched her chin: “Do you think the marshal would like to eat this?”


The adjutant subconsciously said: “How is that possible? The marshal only eats the cooking of Interstellar Chefs. As for this little-known person…”


Halfway through he was silent.


After all, the fries were delicious too.


The two looked at each other and said in unison, “Let’s buy it and try!”




And here, the creator of French fries, Jian Luo was at home, hard at work peeling corn.


Jian Luo sat under a tree in the yard. The corn was freshly harvested from his home. They usually peeled them and handed them over so they could be exchanged for star coins to support the family’s living expenses.


The younger brother squatted on the ground while he was peeling them. There was sweat dripping from his head.


Jian Luo tossed the corn aside: “Ah Sheng, do we have watermelons here?”


What was the essence of summer? Watermelons!


In the scorching heat, to pick a big, sweet and refreshing watermelon to chill before cutting it open and taking a bite into it…


His younger brother, Jian Sheng raised his head: “What is a watermelon?”


Jian Luo snapped his attention out of his imagination: “Okay, just pretend I didn’t say that.”


After a while, he will go on the Internet to find the fruit. If it wasn’t for the fact that there were a lot of high-tech things here, he would’ve suspected that he was not in the future, but in ancient times.


Su Liang came out of the house: “It’s hot now so don’t sit there. Go inside and rest for a while, mom saved some oil today.”


Jian Sheng’s eyes lit up: “We’re eating French fries?!”


Su Liang patted her younger son’s head: “En.”


Jian Luo stood up slowly behind: “Mom, how many potatoes do you have? Let’s not eat french fries today, it does not fill the stomach.”


Su Liang said, “One left.”


“That’s fine, let’s make a potato pancake and eat it.” Jian Luo smiled: “That way we can eat more.”


Su Liang was taken aback for a moment. She had never heard of such a thing, but seeing her son’s assured appearance, she suddenly felt confident.


Her son has changed a lot after the incident, his personality has also become cheerful.


That’s good, Su Liang thought, although the family was not rich, as long as her two sons could be well. She will be able to rest well even if she dies.




There was a sound from Jian Luo’s information terminal. He opened the message and found that it was a message sent to him by the food website.


He clicked on it and there was a message inbox. A person named [Moderator] sent a message: “Hello, your food has passed our preliminary review. We intend to sign a contract with you, please provide your resident ID and photo.”


Jian Luo thought for a while: “Do you provide any benefits?”


He’s not stupid. How can he sign the contract when it comes up and not talk about the benefits? Could you be more realistic? Everyone talks about money these days, okay?


The other party was stunned for a while. He didn’t think that there would be such direct people in this world!


The moderator thought for a while: “Platform users are able to give ratings out of 5/5 points. If someone buys your food and gives it a 5/5, we will recommend it on our page based on your popularity. As the largest live broadcast network, it won’t hurt to sign up with us here.”


Jian Luo thought about it. That seemed reasonable. He then said, “I don’t have a Dark Star registration, I only have a temporary Peace Paradise household registration. Will that be a problem?”


After the message was sent, there was no reply.


The moderator himself was stunned. He thought that such a clever mind should’ve been a qualified chef, or a newcomer with an aura, but the other party was actually just a human!


Jian Luo waited for a long time: “I can’t sign?”


“No.” The moderator hesitated before replying: “If you have a Peace Paradise account, the ratio will be 7 to 3.”


Jian Luo: “7 for me and 3 for you?”




Moderator said: “7 for us and 3 for you.”




It’s been a long time in Jian Luo’s life since he has suffered from this kind of anger!


What was this, racism?!




“Reason.” Jian Luo said simply: “I need a reasonable explanation.”


The moderator could feel the anger of this human being through the screen. He said: “Because humans live on the Dark Star and are blessed by the Dark Star. However their contribution is negligible, so your contributions to the Dark Star are deserved.”




What a righteous front.


What an irrefutable reasoning.


Jian Luo was silent for a while before replying. “Okay.”


The moderator was happy: “Are you signing the contract?”


Jian Luo: “I’m sorry, let’s work together again next time if fate allows it.”


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