Chapter 23 – Qi Yun’s Wife

Chapter 23 – Qi Yun’s Wife


“Isn’t Qi Yun excellent? That child has never let me down ever since birth. He’s unlike any other.”


Madam Qi sat down gracefully and pointed in the direction opposite to her, “Sit down.”


Xing Zhongwan obliged and sat down in front of Madam Qi while Lao Hu poured a cup of tea for each of them. Madam Qi picked up the cup, “Come try and see if the tea from our Qi family is to your liking.”


Xing Zhongwan looked at the woman in front of him who had a smile plastered on her face. She was wearing a mask, making everything seem alright on the outside, even if it was all pretense.


Xing Zhongwan smiled before picking up the cup and taking a sip, “As expected, even the tea from a family as grand as the Qi’s is different.”


Madam Qi looked at him quietly without speaking for a long time. Xing Zhongwan didn’t panic and looked back at her with a smile. The two looked at each other for a long time before Madam Qi suddenly clapped her hands, “You’re really calm, it’s no wonder my son likes you so much.”


Xing Zhongwan played with the cuffs of his sleeves and narrowed his eyes, “Madam. If you have any questions, let’s get straight to the point. Don’t waste your time on me.”


Madam Qi’s eyes fell on Xing Zhongwan’s slightly exposed bracelet, “Do you know what that bracelet serves as?”


Xing Zhongwan rolled up his sleeves, “Madam, please elaborate.”


Madam Qi’s mouth curled up. It looked exactly like how Qi Yun would do it, “You are really a little sly fox, but I like it. I like to negotiate with smart people, I won’t need to waste my energy.”


“What does Madam want to talk to me about?


Madam Qi stood up, “I want you to stay by Qi Yun’s side. Regarding your mother’s matter, I will help you to settle it.”


Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help but laugh, “Although my father is useless, he takes his role as the head of the Xing family very seriously. He will not let outsiders interfere in the Xing’s household affairs. If Madam Qi intends to use power to oppress him, considering Xing Zhengping’s scoundrel-like personality, he will bite back if you pressure him. The change for the family head is just around the corner, if anything comes up, your father-in-law will… Madam, I know you won’t take this risk. You probably won’t meddle with the affair regarding my mother. “


The smile on Madam Qi’s face gradually faded, “I really underestimated you.”


Xing Zhongwan picked up the cup on the table and took a sip. She wanted to threaten me with my mother’s affairs. But there was no way it would happen. The Xing family had fallen a lot but it was impossible to simply interfere. Xing Zhengping was not just mindlessly sitting as the head of the family either.


“Since the third young master trusts you, you should take good care of him and stay by his side. He even gave you the bracelet, so you should continue to be Miss Xing. My son’s health has improved and you have spent a lot of effort on it too. But I also want to remind you that Ms. Xing will always remain as Ms. Xing. You shouldn’t get in touch with the Shen family. Know your place and don’t think about other impossible things.”


Xing Zhongwan suddenly felt that he couldn’t blame Qi Yun for how his personality turned out today. It was already a blessing that with such a selfish mother, his personality did not degenerate much more.


What did her words earlier mean? Since Qi Yun thinks that you are Miss Xing, then you will continue to abide by this role, keeping up with your identity as a nanny to take care of his daily needs without having any delusions about other things. A nanny will and should remain a nanny. He shouldn’t assume anything regarding his position in this situation. If his mother wanted to enter the Xing family smoothly, Xing Zhongwan would have to be obedient, otherwise Madam Qi wouldn’t mind making trouble for him.


Xing Zhongwan sneered, Madam Qi, you really thought it out well.


“Madam, I want to ask you. Is Qi Yun your real son? “


Xing Zhongwan got up, hiding his smile and feeling a chill.


Madam Qi, who was about to leave, stopped for a second, “He is from the Qi family so he should know his duty.”


Lao Hu opened the door and Madam Qi left without looking back.


Xing Zhongwan snorted, this time he really wanted to smoke a cigarette.


Xing Zhongwan was escorted out of the Qi’s house by Lao Hu. This Qi family was really something else, they brought Laozi here but didn’t care to send him back. How am I going to get back? Laozi didn’t drive here.


Xing Zhongwan was so angry that he really wanted to kick down the door. He’s wanted to do it since a long time ago! They were still as wicked as before, even the two guards who stood at the door were the same.


Xing Zhongwan’s cell phone rang, “Where are you? My plane just landed yesterday.”


Xing Zhongwan said with a sullen face, “I will send you a location. Come pick me up, Laozi was kidnapped and then left behind at the front gates.”


A woman’s laughter came over the phone, “Lao Xing, even you also have days like this, hahaha. Send the location to big sister and big sister will pick you up!” Xing Zhongwan endured the urge to throw his phone away and sent his location to Xue Qing. He felt some resentment in his heart, this time he got caught off-guard by this woman and was made into a joke.


Xing Zhongwan put the phone back in his pocket and looked up at the sky. The weather was really damned clear for some day like today. Qi Yun’s panicked eyes flashed in his mind, Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help but sigh. Qi Yun, Ah, Qi Yun, even you also have your moments of panic. You used to be an untouchable person, why would you let Wanwan be your weakness now?


That beautiful fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy from many years ago appeared in Xing Zhongwan’s mind. In the hospital, he took his hand. Although the young boy was under Mrs. Qi’s protection and was a prideful rascal, he was far from the cold-hearted person now. When Mrs. Qi passed away, he was only a half-grown child. In just a few years, his personality changed drastically. During this time, Xing Zhongwan could guess what he had experienced without even thinking about it.


Madam Qi regarded Qi Yun as a tool. A tool for seeking power.


After Mrs. Qi passed away, Qi Yun had no one who cared for him anymore. He had always been alone.


In the lobby of the Qi’s family villa, Qi Yun had been waiting at the door for a long time in a wheelchair. The old housekeeper advised him to eat first, but Qi Yun did not respond, and the servants dared not approach him.


Qi Yun’s face was pale and he looked forward with hollow eyes. It was obvious that he couldn’t see anything but didn’t want to close his eyes. In the evening, the weather gradually grew cooler so the old housekeeper took a blanket to put it on Qi Yun’s lap. Qi Yun turned around indifferently, “What did my mother promise to give you?”


The old housekeeper froze up and suddenly bowed down, “Third young master, I… I…”


“Money, fame and fortune? Or to erase the tens of millions of losses for your son?”


The old housekeeper turned pale, knelt on the ground and kowtowed to Qi Yun, “Third young master… Young master Qi, I can’t help it either. I only have one son and I can’t watch him die like this, Young master Qi.”


Qi Yun listened indifferently to the endless kowtows that reach his ears, “Things shouldn’t have turned out like this way for you and me, Auntie Jiang “


The old housekeeper’s forehead was reddened, and her dull eyes were full of tears. Aunt Jiang fell softly to the ground, “I’m sorry, Master Yun, I’m sorry!”


The man in front of her was the one she raised. She entered the Qi house in her twenties and took care of the little child sincerely and raised him like her own son, but when did it all change? He even used to pull on her sleeves. The little child who once asked for candy now made her tremble with fear with one glance.


The waning warmth of those years can never come back.


As the old housekeeper murmured sorry, Qi Yun turned his head away. He was still waiting, waiting for that someone to come back. The only one who gave him a glimmer of light in the endless darkness, the one who did not give up on him when he was down in the dirt and hated himself.


Qi Yun closed his eyes, before opening his bloodshot eyes, revealing a sense of conviction.


“Go tell my mother that I will accept her demands, but in exchange, she must promise me one thing.”


“I want to marry Wanwan.” The old housekeeper stopped her tears in surprise, “Third young master, this… this…Miss Xing is not…”


Qi Yun interrupted her, “You need not say more. Wanwan is Wanwan. Since you didn’t mention this from the beginning, let whatever you want to say rot inside your stomach.”


For Qi Yun, only that person can be his wife!


“That is to say, everyone was in the act of calling you Miss Xing even though they know you are a man? So Qi Yun may have been misled into thinking you are a woman?” Xue Qing took a sip of red wine, her face was full of disbelief, “Are you filming a drama?”


Xing Zhongwan waved his hand while wearing the bracelet, “I’m wearing his family heirloom and just regarding Qi Yun’s recent actions…” Xing Zhongwan held his forehead, “I really don’t think he knows that I am a man.”


Xue Qing put down the glass, “Do you want to listen to my opinion?”


Xing Zhongwan motioned for her to continue.


Xue Qing twirled the unruly strands of red hair on her head, “With the kind of person Qi Yun is…I’ve never had any contact with him but I’ve heard a lot about him. He is a man who is ruthless, has a cruel heart, not to mention he is just plain ruthless. The list of unscrupulous things goes on and on…”


Xing Zhongwan slapped the table with his palm, “Get to the point!”


“If he could see, he might’ve also pretended that you were a woman!”


Xing Zhongwan swung his palm over but Xue Qing grabbed it, “Lao Xing, don’t take it to heart and think rationally. We all know that your mother’s affair has been your deepest regret for many years. You’re anxious to settle things but Qi Yun has a complex mind. Don’t step into this, you’ll get pulled in again.”


Xing Zhongwan pulled back his hand, “You mean he was playing tricks on me?”


Xue Qing opened his hand, “So what you mean is that when I contacted Chen Ying, the person did not explain everything clearly and that he was never on my side at all. After all, he’s already seen me before but still calmly called me the Young Madam. Just who is the great Shen family? Will they really allow a man to be the Young Madam? I really don’t believe that there’s no one instigating this behind the scenes. There’s something wrong.”


“Qi Yun has endured humiliation for so long, why did he plainly hit rock bottom right in front of you?”


Xue Qing looked at Xing Zhongwan’s face getting darker and darker.


“Either he really likes you or he is using you! Lao Xing, weigh it out in your heart, only you can make a decision about this!”

T/N: Lao Xing, better make up your mind~

Also, talk about bad parenting… Qi Yun’s mother really is something else. That terrible woman… Does she have a reason for being so cold and clinging onto power? And as for the old housekeeper, I can’t say that I’ll be able to forgive her if I were in Qi Yun’s shoes, but at least she has some sympathy for her own son vs. Madam Qi who only regards her own son as a tool.

I hope you’re well and all is good in your lives, if you like cats (i love love love cute fluffy stuff <3) I reccomend you check out Revenge of the Garfield, translated by my friend. Don’t be fooled by the name though, I believe it has minimal face-slapping and more fluffy moments!!

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