Chapter 4 – This woman dares to defy me?

Chapter 4 – This woman dares to defy me?


The moderator was stunned.


He was a Dark Star and was born with great pride.


His current mood was like this: I have taken the initiative to sign with you using all my dignity, but this lowly woman1 he’s probably unsure of Jian Luo’s gender and just assumed his gender dares to defy me!? That was what he was feeling.


The colleague next to him was still waiting to eat the french fries. When he saw something was amiss, he quickly asked, “What’s wrong?”


The moderator was silent for a while before saying, “He’s a human.”


“Human!?” The colleague was so surprised that he almost bit his tongue: “This was really surprising. It’s a fact that humans are almost useless other than for growing those vegetables. Even if they are innovative, the proportion of human anchors on live broadcasting websites is only 1%…”


It was really rare nowadays that a human being will get this hard-won opportunity.


The colleague smiled and said, “After the contract is signed, show me his photo.”


The moderator turned the panel to him: “He chose not to sign.”


? ? ?


There was a dead silence in the air.


The colleague came over like a hungry tiger and his eyes were widened: “Is he crazy!? Not signing a contract?”


The moderator pursed his lips: “He was ambitious and not satisfied with the distribution of profits.”


The colleague snorted and understood: “This attitude was not ordinary as a human. Did he wish to be on an equal footing with Dark Stars?”


The moderator was still puzzled.


Such a clever mind, he thought that this person was a good seedling, but his human attitude was too much and not easy to deal with..


After thinking about it again and again, he replied to ‘Jian Nan’: “You have to think carefully. 

There is no better place than us. You are a human being, and it is even more rare to get such an opportunity. Don’t ruin your future.”


‘Jian Nan’ at the other end was making potato pancakes and when he saw the new message, he clicked it, sneered, before simply ignoring it.


It is true that he was quite short on money and could not afford to be arrogant, but it was just a small difficulty.


His younger brother came over and said, “Brother, it smells so good.”


Jian Luo felt that the potato pancakes were almost ready and shoveled it out of the pot. The potato pancakes that just came out of the pot were golden in color, with a crispy film on the outside, but soft inside. The aroma of potatoes seemed to be integrated within the flour, the smell provoking the taste buds.


Su Liang said next to him, “How did you come up with this, Luoluo? This pancake is so fragrant.”


Jian Luo smiled slightly: “Let’s try it.”


Both of them picked up the chopsticks and took a bite each. Although the potato pancakes looked strange and even burnt in some places, this did not hinder the rich aroma and its soft and glutinous taste!


His younger brother’s eyes lit up and he finished eating the potato pancakes in a few seconds.




He was eating too fast.


Jian Luo also gave him what was in his bowl: “Eat this.”


His younger brother couldn’t believe it. Although he wanted to eat it, he didn’t touch it: “Brother, you eat it, I’m full.”


Jian Luo waved his hand: “Brother is growing now and needs to drink nutrient solution, so I’ll give you this.”


His younger brother was a child after all, so he was easily fooled: “Really?”


Jian Luo burst into tears in his heart, with a smile on his face: “Really.”


After that, the potato pancakes were finished.


After the family ate, there was still some time left from lunch break and Jian Luo lay on the cramped bed as he continued to watch the Food Network.


He has generally browsed through on the basics of this website. The anchors mostly rely on making meat delicacies, so there were very few vegetable dishes.


The posted fries now have a total of 160 million hits and 500 comments.


Jian Luo swiped down to read the comments:


“Why hasn’t the anchor signed a contract yet, this annoying little fox.”

“I’ve already refreshed this page eight hundred times.”

“It’s already been a day, why is the website so slow!”


The various feedbacks showed that French fries not only conquered the human beings in the 21st century, but also conquered the stomachs of interstellar people.


If the response of the fries were not this good, then Jian Luo may really have signed the terms that were worthy of humiliating his race, but now the question was, it seems that the response towards the fries were not bad, so could he bet on them?


Just as he was thinking about it, his terminal beeped from a private message.


Jian Luo clicked open the private message and found that it was not the moderator, but a message from a person named “Jiang Jiang”: “Hello, I am the person in charge of Jinjiang Live Broadcasting Network, I have tasted the food you made, I am very interested, would you like to join our website?”


At the end of the message, he left a contact.


Jian Luo hesitated to add him. After adding him, the other party accepted his add request almost immediately and was still very excited: “Hello, hello, are you Luoluo? I’m the person in charge of Jinjiang Live Broadcasting Network, you can call me Jiang Jiang. You may not have heard of me or our website, but don’t worry, we…”


Next, he took a long time to introduce the website.


Jian Luo said, “Can you send me the link to your live broadcasting network?”


Jiang Jiang hurriedly said, “Yes, yes!”


He sent a link and Jian Luo clicked on it. It took a long time to load, and opened up to a full screen of green, which can be said to be very pleasant.


The layout of the website was simple and clear. At a glance, there are few anchors, and almost close to none.


Jiang Jiang waited for a while: “Do you have any questions?”


“Why is your website so laggy?” Jian Luo asked, truly confused, “Is it a problem with my internet speed?”


Jiang Jiang was suspiciously silent for a few seconds: “We just built the website, so the server hasn’t been upgraded yet.”


Jian Luo had some doubts but this person had a good attitude, so he asked, “What about the benefits, do you have any benefits for signing newcomers?”


Jiang Jiang was excited: “Of course, if you are willing to sign with us, it’ll be 3 to 7. You get 7 and we will get 3!”


Jian Luo’s eyes lit up.


He and Jiang Jiang then confirmed some matters. Just in case, he did not sign a long-term contract, but a three-month contract. If the following upgraded website was strong and he can make money, he will continue to sign.


Jiang Jiang agreed immediately.


To be honest, if it wasn’t for the fact that this was a legitimate website, with such an earnest attitude, Jian Luo would have doubts about whether this person was a scammer.


Jian Luo: “If that’s the case, then I’ll take the fries off their site.”


He is someone who just does what he says, so he took the initiative to contact the moderator: “Hello, I’m sure I won’t sign with you for the time being so please take my food off the site.”


When the moderator saw Jian Luo’s message box light up, he thought he had finally thought it out, so a smile appeared on his lips, thinking that Jian Luo finally came to his senses. However, when he opened it, he was stunned when he saw his message: “Are you sure?”


Jian Luo: “Very sure.”


“There is no place with more traffic than our website.” The moderator reminded him: “And once it is on our site, it can only be discontinued. We do not allow the food that has been on the site to be sold elsewhere.”


? ? ?


What an unfair clause?


Jian Luo was a little angry: “What do you mean? Where I sell my food is my own right!”


The moderator explained: “Our website does have this rule, sorry and thanks for your cooperation.”


Jian Luo went to check it out and found that there really is this overlord clause. He was silent for a while, and then sent a message: “Then you will take the fries off the site and won’t sell them, right?”


“You can rest assured that we will only keep the records and do not have the right to sell them.”




Jian Luo directly closed the message box.


At the same time, the fries under his account were removed from the site.


The Dark Star crowd who had been waiting so hard were still waiting for the contract to be put on the site, but when the page was refreshed, suddenly no…?


Everyone was a little dumbfounded:


“Is there something wrong with my eyes?”

“Ah, ah, ah, I just ate one bite.”

“If you said earlier that you were going to take it off the site, I’d switch to a few alt accounts to try a few more bites.”


Not only were the netizens mourning all over the place, but even the little adjutant who had been guarding the military base was stunned. He even refreshed the web page uncertaintly.


Secretary Jin happened to pass by: “What’s the matter with you?”


The adjutant said with grief and indignation: “Those french fries are gone!”


Secretary Jin frowned and walked over quickly: “What’s gone?”


The two of them refreshed the page and they were both dumbfounded, especially Secretary Jin, who was even more grieved and indignant: “How can this anchor be taken off the site like this! What should I do about the marshal? He is so difficult to serve, am I going to be…”


“Going to be what?”


A lazy, half-pressuring voice came from behind.


Secretary Jin was stunned. She turned slowly and saw the man standing at the door. Lu Shifeng’s tall and straight body, as straight as a pinetree, was leaning against the wall. His dark green military uniform wrapped in a slender but explosive waist that was full of strength. As well as his handsome and angular facial features. At this moment his pair of eyes were slightly narrowed and there was some murderous intent in that smile.


“Mar-Marshal.” A layer of cold sweat broke out from Secretary Jin’s back as she turned to her commendable IQ as a Dark Star: “I was talking about your rushed daily schedule and that I didn’t serve you well, arent’ I too incompetent?”


Lu Shifeng raised his eyebrows: “Oh?”


Secretary Jin smiled.


“Is that what she meant?” Lu Shifeng slowly looked at the adjutant again.


Being stared at by the man felt like being stared at by an extremely vicious beast and he felt like he may die in the next second.


The little adjutant was stiff and trembling: “Yes, that’s what she meant.”


Slowly, a sneer appeared on Lu Shifeng’s mouth.


It was a smile that the hunter showed when he was playing with extremely small prey: “Originally, I came here to say that from today onwards, you don’t need to give me actual food. The nutrient solution will do.”


Secretary Jin froze.


“However, since you are so loyal, this marshal won’t spare you the chance before you prove yourselves.” 


Lu Shifeng lifted his eyelids to look at her: “I’m sure Secretary Jin will not disappoint me, hmm?”




No, no, no… this lowly one can’t do it!


Secretary Jin wanted to cry without tears but she knew even more that if she didn’t grasp this opportunity, with Marshal’s devious character, something even worse might happen!


So Secretary Jin had to bite the bullet and respond: “Don’t worry, I will not disappoint you.”


Lu Shifeng gave a light “um”, turned and left.


As soon as he left, the suffocating pressure in the entire space seemed to disappear. The adjutant and Secretary Jin breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.


The little deputy patted his chest: “That scared me to death, that really scared me to death. I thought I was going to die.”


The oppression from more advanced species was really overwhelming.


Secretary Jin gave him a look: “If we can’t get food that will satisfy the marshal by tomorrow, trust me, we will die for real.”


The little adjutant’s face turned white.


“Well, is it still too late to be discharged from the army now?” His brain was obviously not online.

Secretary Jin sneered: “Don’t mention leaving the army. Unless you can leave the entire universe, it’s easy for Lu Shifeng to pick out who he wants to die.”




The little adjutant was flabbergasted.


Secretary Jin thought about it and looked at the page that was removed from the site and said cruelly: “Even if there’s no hope left, let’s try our best. We only have one choice and that is to take the risk!”


T/N: I haven’t been sleeping well these few days, kinda worried about my own future. But ey, that’s good news for yall! Means that I’ll be up translating chapters more often hehe

Well, everyone’s been there, done that, right? Well, I hope me and you will both be able to pass through the classic trials and tribulations of life in the near future. As for the distant future, let’s just think about that some other time.

Seeing Jian Luo face discrimination really hit me close to home and made me think for a bit. I hope wherever you are, that you never have to face any sort of hate or rude treatment just for being a certain race or have a certain preference (as long as you are not hurting anyone). I hope this pandemic ends soon too and we can all get back to our normal lives. Whether you’re a student or working adult, whoever you are, I hope you the very best in life. Drink water 🙂 and try to exercise if you can, it might be tiring but it really is good for you and will pay off when you’re old. And… even if you think that you won’t last that long to reach even your 40s, I believe exercise will also help with your emotions. It helped a little with mine at least haha… er it’s so late here so I’m getting a little philosophical oops. Sorry for ranting, but if you read till here, owo thanks?

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