Xu Ye was sure that this person was different from those bed partners he had met before. In terms of technique, this masked man could have beaten those men by a mile.


       The shortness of breath intensified the desire that hung in the air and everything seemed to start to deviate from the original track.


       Xu Ye’s mind robbed by desire was in a state of confusion. His whole body was shivering with feverishness as he let the riding crop invade his vulnerable area. He even took the initiative and parted his legs slightly, allowing it to wander on the inside of his thighs. The shivers came in wave after wave, and the excitement shot up through his brain, piling layer after layer of sensation on top of each other, infinitely pushing him ever closer to the brink of collapse.


       “The third order. No ejaculation until I allow it.” The man stood still in front of him, rubbing his pen-s inch by inch with the whip, from the tip to the root, light and heavy, sometimes rough and sometimes soft.


       “Hng…” Xu Ye finally couldn’t help moaning, his eyes were misting up, and even his focus was blurred.


       However, just as everything reached that impending point, the man stopped, and the whip slapped against the tip of the delicate pen-s.


       Xu Ye could no longer think, and he couldn’t bear to use his hands. However, his hands were tied behind his back, and he didn’t dare to move. His body trembled unbearably, his fingers curled up, and his whole body tense with the desire for a final release. His foggy eyes were filled with confusion and longing.


       Every second was a torment.


       As the whip swiftly and gently slaps down on the side of his pen-s, he finally got permission.


       “Now you can cum.”


       The white glow shot up from the groin like an arrow to the top of the head, and a glorious light exploded in front of Xu Ye’s eyes before he went blank. In an instant, his limp body curled into a ball and fell to the ground on its side. The man quickly crouched down and wrapped his arms around Zu Ye, let him lean into his arms, and untied his hands. Xu Ye could feel the softness of the sheepskin gloves, and he could also feel the warmth of the man coming through his shirt. As the afterglow of his orga-m subsided, he found that the corners of his eyes were a little wet.


       The man’s arms were strong, with solid muscles under his shirt. There was a very faint scent on him, like some familiar men’s perfume. Xu Ye’s mind wandered, but he couldn’t think of anything, and just leaned quietly in his arms. It was as if nothing around him existed and his body just relaxed, like a baby returning to the mother’s body.


       He hadn’t felt like this for a long time. He was happy and at peace.


       When he gradually came to his senses, he opened his eyes and saw a rather playful gaze behind the mask. His heart skipped a beat, and he hurriedly stood up. His eyes swept over the muddy liquid on the carpet, and his face was on fire as he dryly said sorry.


       “Did you enjoy the course of events just now?” the man asked leisurely.


       “Yes.” Xu Ye replied honestly.


       “So, do you think I’m qualified to be your dom?”


       The roots of Xu Ye’s ears were hot, and he nodded while pursing his lips.


       The man smiled, “Unfortunately, in my opinion, you are a troublesome novice, a sub who can’t find his place, and has a lot of thoughts in his head that I don’t like.”


       When he heard this comment, Xu Ye turned pale. He was silent for a moment, and said, “I know I’m not a qualified sub, but I will try my best. So… please teach me.”


       The man looked at him with a smirk, “No, I never teach my sub. You are not my student, but my property, to be controlled, dominated and used by me. I have just proved to you what I can do, and I am going to present you with my standards. You can measure this standard for yourself, and if you can meet it, I will consider accepting you. If not, get dressed and get out of here.” He paused, his eyes sweeping over the Xu Ye, “First of all, I need to remind you that I didn’t order you to stand up just now.”


       Xu Ye was startled and knelt down again. This time there was no hesitation.


       “Much better. In this room, I don’t have the habit of talking to standing subs.” The man sat down on the single sofa, “What I want is a sub who is in a state of absolute obedience under my control, aka, a slave. “


       At those words, Xu Ye’s eyes widened.


       “I demand absolute obedience from my slave and of course I will use training to achieve this. I can make him experience shame, pain, desire and many other emotions, and I will also use props and means to give him pleasure and satisfaction. He will be asked to give up all autonomy and leave everything to me, but at the same time, I will provide him with shelter and safety. When there is a deviation, I will give him guidance. I can ensure that all behaviours are safe and controllable, both physically and mentally.” The man looked at him indifferently, “Do you have a question?”


       “If I promise to be your slave, do I have to be like them …… the ones downstairs on their knees ……” his throat was dry.


       “I’ll ask you to do that if I need to.”


       “But I can’t do it when you suddenly ask me to kneel down in public, like when I’m working ……”


       “I will control all the scales.” The man cut off his words neatly, “How you are trained is my business, you don’t need to worry about it. What you need to consider carefully is whether you are willing to hand over your body to a stranger whom you know nothing about.” He got up, “Now you can go to the bathroom and take a hot shower. Everything here is sterilised and clean. I’ll be back in half an hour. If you want to go, just leave.”


       When the door closed, Xu Ye slowly got up. He dips into the bathroom, disoriented, and turned on the water to soak himself in the jacuzzi.


       His mind was a mess.


       He wanted relief and peace of mind that comes after an orga-m, but he couldn’t stand being treated like a slave, at least not in public. He didn’t know anything about the masked man, let alone how he would be treated. However, if he thought about it carefully, the man just now showed not only his skills but also his delicacy. Like he said, he had the ability to give him a sense of pressure and security, and Xu Ye was not sure if he would ever meet someone like that again in the future. He thought about it over and over again, so much so that his head was splitting yet he was still at loss.


       It was like a gamble where he had to put himself on the line and bet on a strange man.


       Xu Ye got dressed and was about to leave, but then stopped at the door. In the end, he took off the clothes he put on one by one. The man came back when his trousers were halfway down, and Xu Ye was startled. His feet wrapped halfway around his trouser legs, his centre of gravity was unsteady and he fell on the bed.


       The man was still wearing a mask, and his voice was cold, “Do you want me to go back and let you put it on?”


       “No… I just want to take them off…” Xu Ye pulled off his pants and underwear together in embarrassment.


       There was a hint of amusement in the man’s eyes.


       “Just now you didn’t say that I can wear clothes while staying here. I mean…” Xu Ye gritted his teeth, and finally choked out a sentence, “I am willing to be your slave.” In fact, he had just made up his mind that if he was forced to do something he didn’t want to do, he would resist and cut him off. Until then, he wanted to enjoy the pleasure brought by the man’s skill in exchange for being a slave.


       The man seemed to hide a hint of an insightful smile under his deep black lashes, and his eyes were as bright as stars. “So, is this your final decision?”


       “Yes.” Xu Ye took the initiative to kneel down this time.


       The man lifted his chin and made him look at himself. This was the first time the man directly touched his body with his fingers, which made Xu Ye a little nervous.


       “Xu Ye, I accept you as my slave. From this moment on I am your master. Everything about you belongs to me and is at my disposal. All your rights will come from my giving, and at the same time, you will enjoy my protection and care.” Like a ritual, the man finally placed his hands on top of his head, stroked his hair, and gave his first command. “From now on, you will refer to me as Master until I ask for a change of title.”


       Xu Ye pursed his lips, and gave him a vague response, “Yes…Master.”


       His voice was very soft, and he was trying to force himself into the role, temporarily forgetting the so-called shame.


       “Next, I need to clarify a few rules. No interruptions until I give my permission.” The man sat down on the sofa.


       Xu Ye found that his gaze began to follow this person unconsciously. In fact, there was always a natural elegance to his posture whether he was standing or sitting. His figure looked thin under the clothes, but if he took his clothes off, he should have well-proportioned muscles, and this imagery caused his mind to wander a little. Just as he began to speculate about the face beneath the mask, he saw that pair of cold eyes looking at him coldly.


       Xu Ye’s gaze narrowed and he ducked his head to avoid it.


       “Focus your mind, slave. While I don’t intend to punish you tonight, I don’t mind trying to get you to focus in some special way. Now, go over there and fetch a whip of your choice.” The man’s tone was cool and calm as he gave the order, and it sounded sensual in a different way.


       Xu Ye liked his voice, which was one of the reasons why he was willing to try to become a slave. He got up and walked around the training room, then chose a soft-looking sheepskin whip and returned to the bed, handing the whip over with one hand.


       The man didn’t take it and just looked at him blankly.


       After ten seconds of staring at him, Xu Ye came to his senses, knelt down and handed the whip with both hands.


       This time the man took it.


       “Your code of conduct is terrible, but that’s not the point tonight, so I forgive you for being rude. From now on, remember everything I say carefully.” He flicked the whip out of his hand, and the sound of it breaking the air flew past Xu Ye’s ear and hit the ground with a dull thud.


       Xu Ye flinched. The whip was so close that he could feel the air flowing from the side of his face the moment it was raised, and for a soft whip to make such a crashing sound through a heavy carpet, showed the strength of the user. He was shocked by the man’s control over the whip. Now he understood that no matter what whip he chose,  the man could make it hurt so badly that it would break his skin and bleed as long as he wanted it to.


       He knelt stiffly. He focused all his attention on his ears, listening carefully to every word the man said.


       “First, self-discipline. As your master, I have all the rights to control your body, so I will not allow you to have intimate relationships with anyone else. Once you go to another dom, I will abandon you without hesitation. Of course, if you have a clever way of stepping into other boats without me finding out, by all means, try it.” The man’s fingers stroked the white handle of the whip, and there was a hint of arrogance in his tone, “Second, trust. A slave needs to have absolute trust in his master. I need to know everything you feel, both physically and mentally. When I ask you a question, you must answer it truthfully. I will not allow you to hide or lie to me, and if you do so, you will be punished severely. Third, identity. I am the master, you are the slave, and you obey me. So you must do your best to satisfy me, not me to cater and satisfy you, keep this in mind.” He paused, “Now you can speak.”


       Xu Ye thought for a while and asked, “Will you take other slaves….Master?” He hastily added the title.


       “Planning to call me ‘you’?” The man turned the handle of the short whip.


       “…Will you1said in a more respectful tone accept other slaves?” Xu Ye thought for a while and changed his words to more respectful ones.


       “If I like.”


       Xu Ye’s face was a little ugly, “But you ask me to discipline myself.”


       “Slave, you are not serious about remembering the third rule.” The man’s black eyes had a cold glint in them, “The rules I use to restrain you don’t mean they also apply to me. You don’t have to expect fairness in this relationship, because there is none.”


       Aggrieved, Xu Ye moved on to the next question, “How should I contact you next time?”


       “I will let you know the specific time and place by text message.”


       “You have my number?”


       “Next question.” The man curled his lips but did not answer.


       “None for now.”


       “Then the conversation is over.” The man held up the mask on his face, “Put the whip back where you found it and put your clothes back on.”


       His orders were always clear and concise. Xu Ye quickly finished and followed him down the stairs.


       “Do you want to leave or do you want to sit with me for a while?” Outside the banquet hall on the third floor, Xu Ye was somewhat flattered by the man’s question. All he could think about was what he would do if the other party asked him to ‘kneel by my lap now’, but he was surprised that he was given a choice.


       When he saw Xu Ye’s slightly dazed expression, the man smiled, “You are not yet fit to appear as a slave in such a situation.” Sweeping the gratitude from the slave’s eyes, he added leisurely, “A slave who is not well trained will disgrace me.”


       Xu Ye’s face darkened instantly.


       Did this guy still have a venomous streak in him?


       He wasn’t quite ready to meet people as a slave, so he chose to leave. It felt cool to drive at night with the convertible. All the way Xu Ye was thinking about the moment when he collapsed and fell into his arms. Every cell in his body seemed to remember everything he had felt at that time, even the light scent of his body.


       He dialled Liu Jing’s phone number, “Help me find someone.”

I blinked and got confused, what’s the second order? Then I realised, the second order is to not move around…
Fun fact, Marvin in the previous chapter actually called Xu ye as 小傢伙 that I translated as little guy but could also be translated as a brat which is basically Xu Ye attitude this whole time. A bratty attitude in the BDSM term

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