It was just about finding a bed partner. If he didn’t want to, no one could force him to do anything.


       As he thought of this, Xu Ye pursed his lips, “Okay.” He followed Marvin to the sunken circular sofa area on the east side of the venue, where there were four people sitting and one kneeling. This area seemed to be the most comfortable in the entire venue, and everyone seemed to keep a distance from this area intentionally or unintentionally, and even many gossipers who came with them just now stopped at a certain distance.


       Marvin sat down on the sofa, patted his legs, and the slave who had been following him immediately knelt beside his legs.


       “Found a new target so quickly.” One of the men smiled. He looked about thirty years old, dressed in a dark suit and a light blue tie. The slave kneeling beside him had a harness over his head and his head was hanging low so that Xu Ye couldn’t see his face clearly.


       “Newcomer?” The second young man who spoke seemed to be of mixed race, with light brown curly hair, and green-brown pupils. After looking at Xu Ye up and down, he commented, “Very beautiful.”


       Xu Ye didn’t like being described like this, it made him feel like a sissy. So he said, “Thank you, you look beautiful too.”


       In his opinion, this was a counterattack, but the other party obviously didn’t think so. Instead, he accepted it calmly, smiled and rubbed into the arms of the person next to him. The dark-haired man next to him patted his head lovingly.


       “You two, don’t get tired of it.” Marvin said helplessly, “This is not my person, he turned me down flat out.”








       All three seemed surprised.


       “He wanted a one-on-one relationship. So I decided to recommend a very reliable candidate to him.” Marvin said, looking at the man who had been sitting on the other side of the table without making a sound with a half-smile.


       Xu Ye also looked in the direction of a man wearing a black gilded mask covering most of his face, only his eyes and mouth were exposed. His lips are beautifully shaped, and slender beneath the curve of his jaw. He was wearing a white shirt with vertical symmetrical white pleats down the front to give it a chic look, and silver collar and sleeve buttons. He was leaning against the back of the sofa, sitting with his long legs crossed, his left arm stretched out and resting on the upper edge of the back of the sofa. At this moment, he was looking at Xu Ye standing in the middle of the circle with his black eyes, holding a big wine glass in his right hand with slender fingers, and the champagne in the glass was swaying slightly.


       For some reason, Xu Ye was a little nervous. Obviously, this person didn’t say anything, didn’t do anything, but his mere gaze disrupted the rhythm of his breathing. It was a sense of oppression, an invisible sense of danger.


       “Your so-called candidate refers to me?” The man withdrew his gaze and said to Marvin, “When did I ever say I needed you to make an introduction?” His voice was deep and mellow, like wine that had been buried for a long time, and when opened, the room was filled with fragrance.


       Xu Ye frowned. He felt humiliated by the reaction of the other party, who made him feel like a commodity to be looked over and selected, so he said, “I came here with him just out of curiosity. As you can see, I’m just a newcomer, I just stepped into this circle, I don’t have any experience, and I don’t understand the relationship between you. All I want is to find a partner who can satisfy me, so please don’t make fun of me.”


       “Oh? Which of our words do you think offended you?” The man spoke very slowly, and every word was very clear, “Or is it that your low self-esteem is affecting your mood and you want to blame it on others?”


       It was true that Xu Ye was a little over-sensitive because of his orientation, but it was really embarrassing for him to be exposed in public like this. With a gloomy face, he squeezed his fists to suppress his anger. He didn’t want to get himself into trouble the on his first visit here, so he wanted to leave as soon as possible. “I’m sorry to disturb everyone, excuse me.”


       “Want to escape to a certain corner and imagine meeting someone who will change you?” The man seemed to take in all of Xu Ye’s momentary astonishment. He smiled, with a trace of sarcasm, “You want a dom that satisfies you, but do you think you can be the sub that satisfies the other party?”


       Xu Ye clenched his fist so tightly that his nails almost pierced his palm. He looked up at the man with some anger, “Of course I can.”


       The masked man put down his wine glass and stood up. Xu Ye was 1.78 meters tall, while the opponent was over 1.85 meters tall. When he walked in front of Xu Ye, his sight rose from the top to the bottom, and his sense of oppression increased dramatically. The muscles of Xu Ye’s whole body tensed up, and the tension felt like ants crawling and gnawing on every inch of skin, it made him wish he was like a cicada that could escape immediately after shedding its shell.


       “Your name?” After a long silence, the man spoke.


       Xu Ye was startled, and looked at him, hesitating in his heart. Marvin on the side smiled, “I advise you not to give up this opportunity, he doesn’t ask people’s names very often.”


       “You don’t want to tell me, do you?” The eyes behind the mask were as black as the deep night.


       “Xu Ye.” He finally said it out.


       “If you hesitate a moment longer, my patience will run out.” The man put his hands in his trouser pockets, turned around and took a few steps, paused and said, “Come with me.”


       Xu Ye chose to follow and followed him to the elevator. “I don’t have permission to use it.” He remembered what Rabbit had told him.


       The man glanced at him, then scanned the pure black electronic card in his hand, and the elevator door opened.


       They reached the fourth floor. That was an area Rabbit hadn’t taken him to and had not even mentioned to him. Xu Ye looked curiously at the neatly arranged doors on both sides of the long corridor. There were not many rooms, and none of the doors had a number plate on them, just some fancy English letters. He saw an M and a K.


       The man stopped in front of the door engraved with a golden Y, and swiped his card to open it.


       At first glance, Xu Ye thought it was just a slightly larger, ordinary five-star suite, as boring as the hotel suites he had stayed in. But when the lights were all lit up, he was completely stunned.


       At the far end of the room, there was a large space separated by floor-to-ceiling glass. On the wooden shelves were various instruments of torture and sex toys. Chains and shackles dangled from the top, execution racks and massage tables were placed in the corners, and on the floor was a thick white cashmere rug. This was a fully functional training room.


       The masked man walked in first, adjusted the lights to focus on the middle of the room, and said calmly, “Come here.”


       Xu Ye did not move for a long time. These things made him want to run away but ignited a fire of desire in his heart. The feeling of those whips falling on the body, those painful and torturous sensations…was like a temptation full of stimulation. He couldn’t tell whether it was more of fear or desire, and he was stuck in his place.


       The man didn’t urge him on but just looked at him quietly.


       Eventually, Xu Ye still walked over, stood under the light, and asked, “Can you tell me your name?”


       Obviously, he was seeking for a sense of security.


       Strange places, strange tools, and strange men all made him feel danger, but he couldn’t persuade himself to stay away from this danger and longed for something that could change him, so he wanted to know some useful information.


       Unfortunately, the other party did not answer.


       “If I reject you later, you don’t need to know my name. If I accept you, I will let you call me by something more appropriate than my name.” The man’s voice was low and sweet, “This is my private area, and no one can come in without my permission. There are no cameras here, no one can spy on you, and you are safe. Next, I ask you to show me your qualities as a sub. I will have three orders that you will need to obey and I will decide what I will do based on your attitude.” He folded his arms against the wall, looked at the person in front of him leisurely, and issued the first order, “First, take off your clothes, all of them. “


       Xu Ye looked at him for a moment, then lowered his head and made a move. First the thin suit, then the shirt, and then the trousers, one by one they fell to the floor, exposing his body curves. During the whole process, the man’s eyes never left him. Xu Ye felt his body gradually getting warmer, maybe it was because of that gaze, or maybe it was because of the light above his head. When he got to his underwear, he paused, then looked up at the man again, but when he met his inscrutable gaze, he blushed and simply stripped himself naked in one breath.


       The man looked up at his watch and said, “A very poor result.”


       Xu Ye’s ears turned red, and his spine tensed up. It was the first time he had ever been ordered around in such a way. The SM games he played in the past did not have this kind of enslavement, but purely physical whipping.


       “Kneel down and put your hands behind your back.” The slow and calm tone of his voice carried a sense of invisible oppression.


       When Xu Ye heard this order, he was stunned for a moment, and moved his lips but said nothing. He finally lowered his body stiffly to cover up the resistance in his eyes. The moment his knee touched the carpet, he lowered his head and bit his lower lip.


       With a smile on his lips, the man took a pair of dark brown sheepskin gloves from the drawer and put them on, then tied Xu Ye’s hands behind his back with leather handcuffs. He lifted Xu Ye’s chin with a dressage whip, making him look directly at him, he asked, “Humiliated?”


       At this moment, apart from the unwillingness and anger in Xu Ye’s eyes, there was also helplessness and panic in his eyes, as he tried to calm down like an angry puffer fish.


       “If you treat this relationship with this attitude, no dom can satisfy you. You are not willing to become a sub, so you can’t experience the joy that a sub can get.” The man looked at him condescendingly, “This kind of relationship is actually very much like a role-play, or you can think of it as a two-player game. You and I are equal in person, but here, after entering the role, I am the ruler, and you have to surrender to me. I give you the command to handle and use your body and to take pleasure in it. You are at my disposal and take pleasure in absolute obedience. In this process, there should be pleasure for both parties, and it’s not just abuse of one side and humiliation of the other side. If you do not want to, I have no reason to force you to do anything, and so the game need not begin. Do you understand?”


       Confusion filled Xu Ye’s eyes, “I’m not sure if this is what I want…I just…”


       “What are you not sure about? Not sure if you are a sub?” The front end of the riding crop in the man’s hand slowly descended from his chin along his adam’s apple, drawing a line on his body without leaving any traces. Then it stroked across his chest gently and stopped on his chest, and the hard leather whip slowly rubbed against the nipples. Xu Ye shuddered, and his body leaned backwards. Suddenly, there was a quick, precise blow to the other nipple. The blow was not very hard, and by the time the pain had subsided both buds were already standing up, making them look very attractive on the white body.


       As if a catalyst had been thrown into the mix, his heartbeat began to speed up, and the sensitivity of the body was awakened. Xu Ye was caught off guard by this change.


       “As a subject, you have no right to refuse.” The man’s voice was as gentle as a cello, but with an unquestionable force. He bypassed Xu Ye and disappeared from his sight. The whip landed behind him, from the nape of his neck to his waist, hovering and continuing downward. “Here, I am the master. Every part of your body belongs to me. If you resist or avoid, I will punish you, and the severity of the punishment will increase in turn.”


       Xu Ye couldn’t see his next move, so he could only sense his movements with his whole body.


       The touch, which was light or heavy, left unpredictable tracks and rough textures on his skin, like stroking and teasing.


       Time seemed to slow down.


       His breathing gradually became heavy, and Xu Ye unknowingly straightened his upper body. When the whip moved down from his waistline to his tailbone and penetrated unhesitatingly along his buttocks, his body instinctively leaned forward to avoid it. The next thing he knew, he got a whip on his buttocks, much stronger than the first time, leaving a clearly identifiable red mark on his buttocks. Xu Ye grunted in pain and shuddered helplessly, the little brother between his legs which had been indirectly awakened by the sensation, was completely erect.


       The man’s voice sank, “Don’t move around if you don’t want your buttocks to burst open.”

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