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Chapter 10

       Xu Ye felt like he had been doused cold by a bucket of water, his face froze, and he lowered his head in frustration. At this moment, his wrist was grabbed by a warm hand and before he could react, he was pulled into a firm chest. Above his head, there was a man’s low and smiling voice, “Only I can hold you.1Xu Ye was asking before if he could hold him and here he was saying that only he could hold Xu Ye and not the other way


       The light scent lingered on the tip of his nose, and he could feel the steady and powerful heartbeat in his chest as Xu Ye put his arms around his waist, curled up his legs, and lay in his arms completely relaxed. He finally found himself hopelessly addicted to it. Even though the temperature in the house was set at a comfortable level for naked bodies, he just wanted the warmth in this embrace.


       The man’s hand descended from his head, gently stroking his smooth back.


       Nothing erotic, just soothing.


       “This afternoon, you were resisting so fiercely. Why?”


       Xu Ye’s body obviously stiffened for a moment, and after a moment of silence, he opened his mouth and said, “I went out with friends in the circle before, and a group of people got drunk, so they found a hotel to rest. I didn’t drink too much and was woken up in the middle of the night by screaming from next door, the sound was terrible… I asked someone to open the door, only to find out that the two who stayed next door had actually lost control of themselves after drinking and raped a young male waiter…” He paused for a moment before continuing, “When I entered the room, I saw that the waiter was covered in blood…on the bed sheets and also on the carpet…and called 120 to save his life. After that I never went out with those people again, I heard that the matter was settled with money.”


       It was not uncommon for the pampered sons of a wealthy family to get together and let loose, but it was something that Xu Ye couldn’t tolerate, and then he kept a distance from those people after that. The shocking sight of that incident cast a shadow over him. So later, even though Xu Ye let others use intense methods to induce pleasure, and used some toys appropriately, he never allowed others to really use their sexual organs to enter his body.


       “Did my actions this afternoon remind you of this?”


       He nodded.


       “You have trauma on this matter, and you dare to choose a stranger to be your master. Are you not afraid that I will do to you what some doms do?” The man asked.


       “I thought at the time that if you forced me to do something I didn’t want to do, I could resist.” Xu Ye answered honestly.


       “Why didn’t you resist this afternoon?”


       “You said you would ensure my safety.” He tilted his face up, and his eyes glowed like obsidian under the light.


       What kind of illogical trust is this? The man was stunned, then lowered his eyes and smiled, “Xu Ye, although I will try my best to keep the situation under control, I don’t know what you’ve been through and I can’t predict your reaction perfectly every time. That was the case this afternoon, and even though I stopped in time, I still made you feel overly panicked, I’m sorry.”


       He was apologising.


       Xu Ye was completely stunned and looked at him closely with a pair of big eyes.


       There was no trace of teasing in the eyes of the man in front of him. The man was serious.


       “…It’s because of me, it has nothing to do with you…It’s because I forgot to do what you asked…” Xu Ye said. The apology made him nervous instead, and the guilt that swept over him made him unconsciously clutching at the man’s shirt.


       “Relax.” The hand that rested on his back patted him gently, “This is not an apology from a master to a slave, but an apology from me to you as an equal. The master-slave relationship is a matter between two people, and I will take on the responsibilities that come with being a master, and you will need to give feedback and cooperate, such as the communication like now, so that I can get to know you better.” The man’s hand stroked his back, leaving a warm touch, “To ensure that I can sense your tolerance boundaries in time for some situations, I will let you pick a safe word. Whenever you say that word, I will stop anything that could hurt you.”


       “Can any word be used?” Xu Ye blinked.


       “Preferably not common words, or words that may be used frequently in the course of behaviour, such as ‘don’t’, ‘stop’, ‘it hurts’, and so on. Such words will make it impossible for me to tell if you are really in danger and it may also arouse my interest in continuing to go deeper.”


       Xu Ye thought about it, looked at him, thought about it again, and finally made up his mind, “Can I use your name as the safe word?”


       The man looked directly at him with his dark black eyes, “You don’t know my name.”


       “No, I don’t know.” He buried his head down again in frustration, his voice muffled with strange emotions, “So if you don’t tell me, I won’t have safe words for a day.”


       The man smiled, “Don’t regret it when the time comes.” With that, he gave him an uncomfortable slap on the buttocks, the pain woke him up and Xu Ye sucked in a breath. “Next time you’re punished I might blow your ass open.”


       “You won’t.” Xu Ye raised his eyebrows, his tone full of determination. After a while, he seemed to remember something and asked, “I have a question…”


       “Go on.”


       “If… I mean, if I had made preparations at that time, would you… have done it?” He finished speaking intermittently, his cheeks flushed again.


       “Would you like for me to continue?” The man asked with a smile.


       He didn’t speak and held his tongue for a long time. He finally buried himself in the man’s arms and moved his head up and down slightly.


       The man couldn’t help laughing, “Aren’t you afraid?”


       “…I don’t know.” Xu Ye’s face was burning hot. At that moment he was aroused by the man’s provocation, and found that he did not reject the man’s entry, and even had a little expectation in his imagination.


       “No.” The man gave him the answer.


       “Why?” Xu Ye was surprised, he obviously reacted back then, didn’t he?


       “Some things lose their meaning if they go too fast, and it’s my pleasure to be in charge of the rhythm of it all.” The man said leisurely.


       Sure enough, all doms are control freaks. Xu Ye thought.


       They chatted a lot. As Xu Ye guessed, the man had a wide range of knowledge. He had read almost all the books in that study room. They had a lot of common understanding, and the topics jump from travel, sports, and movies to finance and corporate culture, and to psychology. The man’s theoretical sophistication in BDSM was outrageous. When he said that Foucault2Paul-Michel Foucault was a French philosopher, historian of ideas, writer, political activist, and literary critic. Foucault’s theories primarily address the relationship between power and knowledge, and how they are used as a form of social control through societal institutions. used ‘infinite imagination of desire’ to describe this irrational relationship, Xu Ye smiled empathetically. In the process of being controlled, he couldn’t see himself, but he could imagine his body flushed and humiliated when he was whipped. Such imagination stimulated his desire and gave him pleasure. This was not substantially different from ordinary men masturbating to an AV3adult video. The man told him about the development history of SM, the psychological needs of sadism (the tendency to abuse) and masochism (the tendency to be abused), and also talked about the current situation of the entire domestic circle.


       Xu Ye would offer some of his own opinions and ask questions from time to time. Now he understood why a dom has many subs because the ratio of the number of people between the two was very different. The reason why the number of subs was much higher than the number of doms was that most of the time subs only need to simply obey, while dom needs to control everything by himself which was actually quite tiring. If you compare BDSM to performance; the dom, as the main character, had to organise everything from the script onwards, from the timing of the scenes to the handling of props and expression language. In a sense, everything the dom did was in service to the sub, to give him pleasure. So an excellent dom must be very calm, while he controlled the sub, he must also control himself. And those doms who only use tyrannical means to satisfy their own desires were not welcome.


       Xu Ye quietly looked at the man beside him and felt very lucky in his heart.


       He was undoubtedly the best of the doms. He was strong and gentle, like a king, possessed dignified decisiveness to kill, but also has gentle tenderness.


       Time passed quickly, and before he knew it, the clock was ticking past nine, Xu Ye asked, “Don’t I need to go to the cage tonight?” He remembered that the man once said that he would give him orders every Saturday night.


       “No need.” The man patted his still slightly red buttocks, “After taking a bath, put on the ointment and go to bed. I put the ointment by your bedside.” Xu Ye nodded and heard the man add, “If you can’t sleep or wake up from a nightmare, you can call me on my mobile. You have to have breakfast ready by eight o’clock tomorrow morning.”


       Xu Ye thought he would not be able to sleep.


       He didn’t have difficulties sleeping in a bed other than his own, but it was too early for him. He hadn’t been in bed before ten since he was at university.


       This day’s slave life was new and interesting to him. He entered the state much faster than he had imagined. When he lay down, his mind was peaceful, not full of confusion and entanglement as usual. All those desires that couldn’t be aroused and had nowhere to go, restless emotions, doubts about himself, and trivial matters at work seem to have disappeared, and his mind and body relaxed on the soft bed.


       The only voice in his head was that of the man, low and gentle, echoing faintly.


       He fell asleep quickly and was woken up by the alarm clock next to his pillow at seven o’clock in the morning.


       It had rained last night, quite heavily by the looks of it, but he hadn’t known anything about it. It seemed a long time since he had slept so deeply. Xu Ye got up and stretched his muscles in the courtyard. The leaves were still covered in raindrops and the air smelt damp.


       At half past seven he returned to the house, took off his clothes, put on his apron and began to make breakfast. Uncle Ye had already prepared the ingredients last night and specially told him how to make fried eggs well. Despite the theoretical guidance, it was still difficult to put into practice. It was either too raw or too burnt. After frying six eggs in a row, Xu Ye finally had a finished product that looked good. The man asked for a simple breakfast of bread, fried eggs, ham or bacon, juice or milk.


       It was five minutes before eight o’clock when everything was laid out on the table, and Xu Ye stood hovering at the entrance to the stairs. In fact, his curiosity about the man had reached its peak, and he had been calculating the thoughts of ‘He would definitely not wear a mask when he sleeps’, and ‘If I go in now, maybe I can see his face’ and other thoughts. But a voice on the other side warned him ‘He forbids you to see and you should not violate’, and ‘If you do this, you will be punished severely’, so he hesitated, pacing around like an ant on a hot pan. It was only when he saw the man in the light grey mask coming down the stairs that he hid his regretful little thoughts and smiled up at him, showing his neatly set teeth, “Good morning, Master.”

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Chapter 9

       “Now do you know if I am feeling it?” The upward trailing ending tone intoxicated him as the man intensified his tongue lapping at his ear. The wet and soft touch teased the weak ear, which made Xu Ye couldn’t help but tremble involuntarily. “Looking at your reddened chest from the whipping, your buttocks that were exposed outside your apron when you washed the dishes, the way you cried at my feet, and now, your trembling body…” He paused and sucked Xu Ye’s reddened earlobe in his mouth, and rubbed it lightly with the tip of his tongue and teeth, every word entered into his ear along the capillary, “Everything is going to give me some sensation.”


       A low gasp escaped Xu Ye’s throat, tinged with suppressed urgency. He was unable to resist such ambiguous and extreme verbal teasing, he could only let the tide of emotion turn over as his strength seemed to be pulled away little by little. He leaned forward on the man unconsciously, the frequency of each other’s heartbeat and breathing intertwined, closer, more intimate, more uncontrollable.


       “Look at you, we’re just merely talking and it already excites you…” The man’s hand on his back slowly slid down, his fingers lingering in the crease, and slowly pulling it out to close it, getting infinitely closer to Xu Ye’s hidden area without actually entering it. Xu Ye was helpless against his teasing and was slowly cooked like a potsticker. “Little slave, you are so lewd.” The last two words were spoken close to his ears, and his lips touched the part where the delicate vein of his ear could be seen, causing him to pant unbearably. The transparent liquid seeped out from the aroused lower body, like pitiful tears. Xu Ye couldn’t help reaching out to touch it but was firmly restrained.


       “Tell me, what do you want?” The man’s fingers stopped at the entrance of his arsehole, and his voice was full of temptation.


       “Master, it hurts…” Xu Ye was so turned on that his ability to think was gone, he just looked at the other party mournfully, rubbing his lower body on the bathrobe.


       “That’s not an accurate answer.” The man’s fingers circled viciously behind him.


       “Hold me…” He struggled to utter these two words with a flushed face, feeling that his whole body was roasted. The feeling of being forced to beg someone for sex made Xu Ye unable to lift his head in embarrassment, and there was only one sentence in his chaotic mind, “Please let me cum…”


       The man hooked his lips and smiled, “If you’re asking, shouldn’t you be a little more sincere?”


       Xu Ye’s eyes closed as his ability to think was clouded by his desire, and he opened his mouth again in desperation, “Master, en…please hold me…”


       “Not so fast, I need you to recall the rules.” The man pressed his lower back and pressed him into his arms. “What did I ask you to do after cleaning?” Xu Ye tilted his neck softly, staring at him blankly. It wasn’t until he was slapped on the butt that his eyes became clear. “… Lubrication.” He finally remembered, and his face went white, it was something he had forgotten to do after the shower.


       Xu Ye was a little flustered to find that at some point the lust in the man’s eyes gradually faded, replaced by that familiar, unsettling, smirking expression.


       “Since you begged me like this, I shall make your wish come true.” Before the words were out of his mouth, the fingers that had stopped outside his arsehole squeezed in abruptly, making  Xu Ye cry out in surprise, and wanted to shrink forward, only to be held against the man’s body tightly.


       The closed canal was forcibly stretched open by the intruding foreign object, and the dryness increased the resistance and made the discomfort intensify. Xu Ye buried his head in the man’s chest, trembling and panting, trying to soften his waist and force himself to adapt. As the invading fingers reached the second one, the friction of the penetration caused pain in the canal. He whimpered and tightened the muscles on the inner thigh, pleading almost in tears, “Master…it hurts… “


       “It’s too early to call it pain. My size is many times thicker than this, which can give you a good sense of what pain is.”


       He wants to do it without lubricant!


       Xu Ye, who understood what it meant, turned pale. He was trembling all over and wanted to push away the person who was suppressing him, but he was pressed hard by the person on the kitchen bar. In terms of strength, he was no match for the opponent, which exacerbated Xu Ye’s panic.


       “Don’t move.” The eyes behind the mask were as cold as frost and snow, and a condescending sense of oppression came immediately. “You know very well that I can do anything to you, and if I want to use you, you must spread your legs and let me use them, whether you are ready or not. Since you’re too lazy to do the preparation, I don’t mind letting you wet yourself with your body’s own fluids. You can pray that later you have enough blood to make things go well for me.”


       Xu Ye’s face turned pale in such shock, even his desire disappeared, and he cowered in fear. When the man forcibly pulled one of his legs away, he grabbed the man’s arm with a firm grip and screamed with his eyes closed. The shrill ‘don’t’ echoed in the room, with a bit like a heartbreaking scream.


       Time seemed to stand still. There was no sound or movement, only the uncontrollable trembling of Xu Ye’s body. He opened his eyes cautiously and met the gaze of the man looking down at him from behind his mask.


       The man didn’t do anything, just looked at him quietly, his dark black lashes forming a small projection that made his eyes look even deeper. Such a subdued posture gave Xu Ye a deeper understanding of who was in charge, and he didn’t dare to move a muscle beneath him.


       “Remember this lesson, slave, there will be no next time.” The man let go of his hand.


       It took Xu Ye a long time to calm down from the panic he had felt just now. He realised that the man was letting him go, so he lowered his head and whispered, “Master, I’m sorry…”


       “Get up.” The man took out a wet towel and wiped his hands.


       Xu Ye didn’t feel the hardness and coldness of the bar countertop until now, and slowly got up. He was so frightened just now that his legs went numb and almost fell over.


       The man wrapped his arms around his waist to support him to stand still. The man lowered his head to examine his lower back and legs carefully, and asked, “Does it hurt anywhere?”


       “No.” Xu Ye felt an inexplicable emotion in his heart. He sniffed and said, “No, it doesn’t hurt.”


       “Go upstairs and get dressed, the chef will be here soon.” The man glanced at the wall clock on the wall and said.


       Xu Ye went obediently.


       The man’s home chef was a very talkative uncle surnamed Ye, who was a little fat, with curved eyebrows and kind eyes. He didn’t mention where he worked, but Xu Ye felt that there was a hidden aura about him, the calmness in his cooking that was similar to that of the chefs in his restaurant. The ingredients were all brought by the uncle, and the pattern changes every meal. He started with the selection of ingredients and explained to Xu Ye in great detail the preparation and key points of each dish, including a lot of knowledge about nutrition. As for things other than cooking, he didn’t mention a word.


       Xu Ye learnt very seriously, washing and chopping vegetables in a decent manner, and while peeling the potatoes he asked, “Uncle Ye, how long have you been working here?”


       “Almost two years.” The old man took a look and frowned, “The skin is too thick, keep your movement light.”


       “Uh.” He looked up and scanned the ground floor and asked softly, “Does Uncle Ye know what his full name is?” This was a tricky question. Xu Ye actually didn’t know what the man’s name was, and the man didn’t even tell him his last name, but it was as if he knew everything when he asked about it this way, just that he couldn’t tell which characters were which because of the many homophones in Chinese characters1Xu Ye was asking the character in the man’s name.


       The chef looked up at him, “Why don’t you ask him yourself?”


       “…I’m embarassed.” The trick didn’t work, Xu Ye concealed his disappointment and made excuses. The uncle squinted his eyes and smiled, which made him feel like he was being seen through. He thought to himself that this uncle was just a tricky old fox who wouldn’t fall for a trap. After peeling potatoes for a while, he couldn’t help asking: “Were there more people….living with him in this house before?”


       The uncle cut the green pepper and smiled, “You’re too embarrassed to ask him, but you have the nerve to ask me?”


       Xu Ye lowered his head in frustration, grabbed three peeled potatoes and went to cut them, the knife clattered on the chopping board, and he could be seen incredibly frustrated from the back of his head.


       Dinner was still served by the masked man, and he was responsible for tidying up after eating. During the whole process, the man didn’t say anything except “Bring another bowl”. Xu Ye didn’t dare to look at the man’s face after the fright in the afternoon, and now he was doing things in silence, not daring to say a word. After he heated a cup of milk for the man and put it on the tea table as requested, he was left standing in a state of confusion without being given his next order.


       The man sat on the sofa and patted the position beside him. Xu Ye thought for a long time, but didn’t remember the command gesture, and looked at him blankly.


       “Xu Ye, come and sit down.”


       He was taken aback. The man called him by his name, meaning to return him to his equal status. He stood for a while, with tangled struggles on his face, and finally walked over to sit down, gritted his teeth, and asked in a muffled voice, “Do you not want me?”


       The man seemed a little surprised, and asked with a smile, “Why do you think so?”


       “I made you angry, and you don’t even want to punish me.” Xu Ye lowered his head, his dark brown hair covered his eyes, and he looked a little depressed.


       “Do you think that I didn’t punish you because I want to get rid of you?” The man laughed when he saw that he was really upset about what happened this afternoon, “If I wanted to end a relationship, I would have made it very clear.”


       Xu Ye pursed his lips and turned to look at him.


       “As for me not punishing you, it’s because I think you have learned your lesson. Punishment is not something I am keen on, nor should it be something you are obsessed with. I punish you only to regulate your behaviour and to reinforce your awareness of your identity as a slave. You should remember this.” The man took a sip from the white porcelain cup on the table and handed it to him, “It’s not hot anymore, drink it. You ate too little tonight.”


       Xu Ye took the cup, and the warm milky fragrance passed over the tip of his nose along with the warm vapour, making his nose a little sore.


       “Did I scare you this afternoon?” The man’s voice was very gentle and magnetic and easily attracted his attention.


       Xu Ye nodded, then shook his head again after a while.


       When the man saw his dumbfounded look, he laughed softly and said, “Scared silly?”


       “Master, am I free to move about now?” Xu Ye asked suddenly.


       “Of course. Now is the time for equal dialogue, so you can tell me what you think and let me know how you feel.”


       He saw Xu Ye tilt his head and drank the milk from the glass, then licked the froth from his lips, and put the glass down. As if mustering up the courage, moved a little closer to the man, paused, moved a little closer and stammered, “I want to…” He looked at the other party and changed his wording, “Can I… hold you.”


       Seeing him looking at him with a red face, the man smiled, and his thin lips parted slightly, “No.

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Chapter 8

       The man carried him straight into the guest room. Xu Ye blushed and asked to wash by himself. After he took a shower, he stood in front of the bathroom mirror to examine the marks on his body.


       His skin was quite fair, making those whip marks very visible, like bright lines on a canvas, creating a decadent and seductive appearance. The whip marks on the chest and back were in perfect harmony, symmetrical from side to side, and his buttocks were red like a ripe peach, which was more pleasing to the eye when it was drenched in water. The redness of the whip marks was striking, but not a single spot of skin or blood was visible. The man’s control of the force was at the highest level. This made Xu Ye secretly wonder how many subs he had practised with.


       He wiped off the water with a bath towel, and then went downstairs in a bathrobe.


       Several dishes were still steaming on the large western table, but the chef had already left. The man sat at the table waiting for him, the mask on his face was replaced by a lighter silver mask. Xu Ye took off the bathrobe with some disappointment and hung it on the hanger. He would have liked to have seen the chef, at least with a third person present he could have covered the marks with the robe.


       The body was once again completely exposed to the air and to the man’s sight. Xu Ye didn’t even dare to recall the scene just now—he was bullied to the point of crying like a child. It was so embarrassing and humiliating, that he now blushed unconsciously at the sight of the man.


       The man inspected him for a while, then patted his thigh lightly with his right hand.


       Xu Ye’s mind searched his brain like an electrical charge for a response to this command and quickly walked over to him and knelt down at his feet.


       “Good boy.” The man patted his head, “Let me tell you about the rules of dining. When the chef comes over, you will open the door, help him cook and send him away, and then come to inform me about the meal. I will let him teach you cooking techniques, and you must try your best to learn them. During the meal, you will keep kneeling by my lap unless I make a special request. After the meal, you will be responsible for clearing the tableware and washing the dishes.” Seeing Xu Ye’s somewhat stiff expression, he asked, “Is there a problem?”


       “Master, will I have to eat on my knees from now on?” He was frowning, he couldn’t get his hands on the food at all…


       The man looked at him and curled his lips, “Today I can allow you to sit and eat.”


       Xu Ye was taken aback for a moment, and immediately reacted, shaking his head like a rattle, “No need, master, I’d better kneel.” His buttocks were red like that, and the kneeling posture didn’t hurt, but once he sat down, it would hurt like hell, and it was equivalent to hitting him all over again.


       “Slave, it breaks my heart that you don’t want a rare benefit when I offer you one.” The smile in the man’s eyes intensified.


       This was not a benefit. This was simply punishment in disguise! Xu Ye cried out in his heart, with an aggrieved expression on his face, “Can I wear lighter clothes when I’m learning to cook? Bathrobes and nightgowns are inconvenient…”


       “You can wear the house clothes from the wardrobe in your room.”


       “I have no problem…” His stomach growled twice. He hadn’t eaten anything since morning, and he was already hungry now.


       “Go serve the rice.” The man ordered.


       Xu Ye rummaged through the kitchen cupboard and took out two bone china bowls with a vertical pattern and gold applique. First, he served a bowl of rice from the rice cooker, placed it in front of the man with both hands, and then the chopsticks and gave them to him. Then he went to fill his own bowl, took the chopsticks and knelt down. In the meantime, he took a few moments to glance at the dishes on the table.


       Curry beef, Longjing shrimp, scrambled egg with green pepper, broccoli in soup, and braised Chinese cabbage.


       The nutritional balance of meat and vegetables was just well proportioned. It seemed that his master paid attention to his diet.


       It was only when he started to eat that Xu Ye realised he didn’t need to think about how to serve the food at all. With the man taking care of everything, all he had to do was eat.


       Xu Ye didn’t like to eat broccoli, so he left all the broccoli the man gave him in the bowl, and tried to throw it away when he went to get his second bowl of rice. As a result, when he looked up, he saw the chopsticks with the broccoli in front of him. The man looked at him with a smirk and ordered, “Open your mouth.”


       Xu Ye took the broccoli with a bitter face, took a few bites perfunctorily, and swallowed it.


       “Do you want to finish the bowl, or do you want me to feed you the rest of the plate, one bite at a time?”


       “I can’t eat it…” Xu Ye muttered sullenly and ate the broccoli in the bowl.


       He was a fast eater. The disharmony in his family had made him feel insecure since he was a child, and the same goes for eating. He was the only one at the big dining table, and he was always used to taking a few quick bites and leaving. Later on, he was busy with work, and he wanted to do everything perfectly so that Xu Ting would not look down on him, so he was not too careful about eating. In addition, he was hungry today, and he ate more fiercely, and he finished the whole bowl in no time.


       “Why are you in such a hurry?” the man asked.


       He was stunned, “I’m used to it, and it’s sort of efficient.”


       “It’s not necessary.” The man picked up a piece of beef and put it in his bowl, “Eating too fast will put a strain on your stomach and make you sick in the long run. Besides, you don’t need to rush, and even if you finish eating, you’d have to kneel here until I’m finished. So, slave, you must learn to enjoy the taste of food slowly.”


       Xu Ye thought about it, deliberately increased the number of times of chews, and slowed down the speed.


       Although he lived alone, there were part-time workers cleaning the house on a regular basis, and he rarely cooked by himself or do much dishwashing. So his movements were very rusty. In addition, the feeling of being naked and wearing an apron was very uncomfortable… Well, the most important reason was that the man leaned against the kitchen bar and looked at him, making his hands and feet stiff.


       “Master…” Xu Ye held the plate that he accidentally chipped, and said awkwardly, “I get nervous when you look at me like that.”


       “Break one and you’ll be punished with an hour on your knees.” The man had no intention of looking away and laughed, “That’ll help you hold it steady, my slave.”


       Afterwards, Xu Ye really held it very firmly, until it was dried and put into the disinfection cabinet, and not a single dish was broken.


       The man sat on the sofa in the living room and summoned him, and Xu Ye quickly appeared like a summoned beast.


       This terrible obedience was something he couldn’t extricate himself from. But this feeling made him feel relieved, to let himself go, to focus all his attention on that man, and to obey.


       “Lie down on my lap.” The order was simple and direct.


       He leaned on the man’s leg a little shyly but got a slap on the buttocks. Although it was not heavy, it triggered the pain before, and he let out an “Ack”.


       “Up a bit.”


       Xu Ye moved forward like a caterpillar, his naked lower body rubbing against the surface of the man’s trousers, arousing tiny desires in his body. He was almost going crazy, he was clearly sexually frigid before, how could he look like he couldn’t resist the slightest temptation now?


       The more he tried to control it, the more uncontrollable it became. He tried to extinguish the small flames, but when the man moved his legs slightly as he turned to his side to get something, the feeling brought by the friction was transmitted to his limbs, completely burning up Xu Ye’s fire.


       As he sensed the reaction of Xu Ye’s lower body, the man chuckled and said, “Slave, although I’m glad that your body is so sensitive, you cannot cum without my permission, so you’d better restrain yourself lest I use another way to help you restrain yourself.”


       “Yes, Master.” Xu Ye blushed and lowered his head.


       He shivered as something cold landed on his buttocks, and then felt a warm hand slowly push the thing away, stroking his buttocks. The cool sensation penetrated his skin, which was very comfortable.


       The man was rubbing medicine on him.


       Xu Ye was in a daze for a moment. When he had been with Camel, although the other party was not vicious, he was not as meticulous as the masked man. Most of the time, he dealt with the wounds from the whipping by himself. He hesitated for a long time, and said softly, “Thank you, master.”


       The man’s hand movement paused, and he said, “You can move freely within my sight in the afternoon, and you don’t need to report to me when you leave for a short time like going to the bathroom.” After he said that, he rubbed him for a while and patted him on the back, “Okay, get up.”


       In the afternoon, a man checks his email on a tablet. Xu Ye picked a comfortable position and lay down on the cushion by the window to read a book, which was a copy of ‘Chinese Cuisine and Culture’ drawn from the bookshelf. He had been so exhausted the last few days that he felt relaxed by the greenery and soft sunshine outside the window. His eyelids were heavy, he glanced at the sofa not far away in a daze, curled up and fell asleep peacefully.


       It was already four o’clock in the afternoon when he woke up, and a thin blanket was covering his body.


       “Are you awake?” A deep voice came from behind him.


       As soon as Xu Ye turned his head, he saw the man in a bathrobe standing at the entrance of the building. The loosely tied bathrobe had a wide open neckline, revealing his good figure. His pale bronze skin was muscular but not overly toned, his slender physique enhanced by the muscular lines, and Apollo’s belt under the abdominal muscles was very sexy. He had obviously just had a shower, his body still smelling damp and fresh, and the mask on his face had been replaced with a pure black one.


       He took a bath at this time, it should be because he went to the gym just now.


       When he saw Xu Ye staring at him, he smiled and said, “Why are you blushing?”


       Xu Ye looked away, and muttered in a low voice unwillingly, “I used to have an Apollo’s line before…”


       “You can go to the gym on the second floor on Sunday morning. If you are free, I will teach you.” The man took a couple of sips from a bottle of mineral water from the kitchen and added, “You’re not bad in that shape now, you’re soft to hold.”


       What do you mean, soft? Does that mean I have no muscles? Xu Ye glared at him.


       The man suppressed a smile and said, “Slave, are you provoking me?” He grabbed Xu Ye’s arm, tore off the thin blanket that was covering his body, and let him stand naked in front of him.


       The distance was too close, and Xu Ye only felt his heart beating a little chaotically.


      “You’re no good anymore after a good sleep. Who allowed you to wear a blanket, huh?” The man lowered his head and whispered in his ear. The breath landed on Xu Ye’s ears, causing a burst of tingling sensation. Such deliberate teasing made his brain almost congested. Xu Ye subconsciously wanted to back away, but someone grabbed his waist forcefully and pressed his body against it.


       Through the bathrobe, Xu Ye could clearly feel the arousal of the other party. The eyes behind the mask were in danger of gradually waking up.

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Chapter 7

       He had to be obedient. Obedient to this powerful man and said words that made him lose his dignity. Such behaviour made him feel ashamed. The shame of being controlled was entangled with the pain in his back, making his body go wild.


       Desire swept through him like the wind and waves.


       “Tell me what you’ve done wrong.” The man stood in front of him and lifted his chin up with the top of the bamboo stick, forcing him to kneel and tilt his head back.


       “I used the wrong honorifics…..Master.” Xu Ye answered quickly.


       The man seemed to be waiting for him to continue. As he saw his innocent expression of silence, he pursed his lips and said, “Looks like I really need to help strengthen your memory in some more profound ways.” He raised his hand and dropped the bamboo stick, pulling out a 1.2 metre-long black and white snake whip, “You like it, don’t you?” The man swayed the whips with a faint smile, “I’ll make you whole.”


       Xu Ye’s face turned pale. It was the same whip he had just taken off and tried, and he knew how painful it would be to be hit by it. At this moment, Xu Ye had a look of fear in his eyes, and pleaded, “Master…”


       Unperturbed, the man said in a deep voice, “First is the kneeling position.” The whip sprang out like a snake, and directly hit the inner side of the pair of thighs, precisely avoiding the vulnerable part between the legs.


       Xu Ye cried out in surprise and his body shook. As the pain spread, he bit his lip as he separated his joined legs to shoulder width and straightened his body.


       “And then there’s this rule.” The man raised his wrist, and a clear whip mark was left on Xu Ye’s fair body, from the left chest to the lower right. “Remember, what position did I tell you to be in?”


       “On my knees….until you allow me to change….” Xu Ye was gasping because of the pain, and also because of his surging desire.


       When being treated roughly, part of the pain and pleasure was transformed. Some people are turned on by this. However, there was a blurred boundary where the pleasure disappeared when the pain went above a certain level. This boundary varied from person to person. Sometimes some people push themselves to the limit due to excessive pursuit of the excitement brought by pain. Once this happened, only more pain could stimulate them, and accidents were prone to happen. At first, Xu Ye thought that he too had become numb to ordinary pain, but now he realised that was not the case. Camel once whipped him all over his body without arousing his desire, but in this man’s hands, he was so sensitive that he was hardly like him.


       “What was your posture when I came in?” The man slowly turned the handle of the whip against the left breast where the tip had just been swept, grinding the poor little bud. Xu Ye’s trembling continued to intensify, his hands twisted together behind his back, sweat seeping from his palms, and he replied tremblingly, “…standing.” His watery eyes were pleading, “I was wrong, Master…”


       “A very sincere look.” The man looked at him with a smirk, “Unfortunately you used the prop without my permission and left a mark on your body, such behaviour needs to be taught a lesson.”


       The whip is swept sharply down the left breast, diagonally, over the upright cornel, in perfect symmetry with the previous whip, forming a sharp cross in front of the body. Xu Ye’s screams and gasps were mixed together, pain and desire were intertwined on his face, and his eyes were misting with moisture. The part between the legs that was slowly raising its head was suddenly grasped by someone.


       Xu Ye looked at the half-squatting man in horror, only to hear him say leisurely, “The point of punishment is to teach you a lesson, not to give you pleasure.” Then, a light c-ck ring clasped around his semi-erect root.


       The desire after being bound by foreign objects did not subside, but rather it made it stand upright even more ostentatiously. This situation made the role of the clasp more obvious. Various noises rushed to his mind, and the pain in the inner thigh become more numb. There seemed to be a small electric current rushing through the chest, causing it to itch like needle pricks. The pain in the back somewhat subsided, and his whole body burned.


       It was desire, burning like fire.


       Xu Ye arched his body helplessly and impatiently and got a hot blow on his buttocks. The man stood in front of him and looked down at him, “Slave, now I’m going to give you a chance to reflect. Think carefully, and then tell me what you did wrong today. If there is concealment and lies, you know I have the right to do anything to you.”


       Xu Ye’s chest rose and fell violently with the gasp. He closed his eyes for a while to force himself to calm down, and then he said these words almost in one breath, “I didn’t obey your order to kneel in the cage, I have looked at and used your instruments without permission, I have left marks on your body that belong to you, I have used the wrong honorifics for you, and…”


       Be controlled, dominated, bound.


       Such feeling invaded his mind, forming a barrier layer by layer, making him almost completely lose the ability to resist, forgetting everything outside. Only the masked man in front of him controls his sight, his thoughts and his actions.


       There is no need to hesitate, no need to recognise, no need to think. Just obey, act and surrender.


       Xu Ye looked at his master with those misty eyes and completely gave up on himself, “The late arrival in the morning was not due to company commitments, but because….I overslept and I deceived you….”


       The man smiled, and the corners of his mouth curled into a beautiful arc. He stretched out his hand and gently touched the top of the slave’s head as if comforting. “As a reward for your honesty, I will give you a privilege in the next punishment.” He put down the snake whip in his hand and said, “You can choose any tool hanging on the wall, and bring it to me. It is up to me to decide how it will be used.”


       Xu Ye instinctively tried to get up, but subconsciously stopped. He didn’t get the order to get up, so he looked up at the man with some resignation.


       “If you want to give up this privilege, I have no objection, slave.” The man sat comfortably on the sofa and watched him struggle with conflicts, enjoying it.


       Xu Ye resigned to his fate and walked forward on his knees. The carpet was thick and soft, and his knees didn’t hurt, but the arousal between his legs trembled with every movement, rubbing and touching his body, stirring his desire. However, the overflowing desire was stuck in that damned ring, and such repression made him almost go crazy.


       He struggled to move to the wall and finally chose a leather paddle with a short handle that looked relatively light. In his opinion, a paddle with a larger area of force would be less powerful than a whip. When he returned to his master and clapped the hand paddle over, the man smiled and said, “Not going to go round and have a closer look at the others this time?”


       Xu Ye gave the man a sorrowful look, then lowered his head to avoid the teasing gaze. There were several red marks on his body, and his eyes were tinged with lust, but he was desperately restraining himself, his helpless panting looked pitiful.


       “Turn around.” The man gave an order.


       He turned around and maintained a kneeling posture, with his back to the owner on the chair.


       When there was a blind spot in one’s field of vision, people would unconsciously feel insecure. He couldn’t see the movement of the person behind him at all, couldn’t predict, couldn’t judge, and couldn’t anticipate it. Xu Ye could only tense his nerves and wait for his action. But the person behind him seemed to deliberately increase this deterrent force, and there was no movement for a long time. Xu Ye almost collapsed from the overwhelming tension and his voice shook a little as he tentatively said with a trembling voice, “Master…”


       With a snap, the slap landed on the left buttock, which was even more painful than the whipping just now. Xu Ye cried out in pain, his eyes turned red, and his heart was filled with regret—Why did this thing hurts so much even when you hit with it!


       The man got up and took something, walked up to him, and ordered, “Open your mouth.”


       Xu Ye opened his eyes wide, but before he could react, the man had already cupped his jaw, forced him to open his mouth, pressed his tongue, stuffed the bright soft yellow ball in and pulled the clasp tight behind his head.


       It’s a gag. After he wore it, his mouth couldn’t be closed, nor he could speak, and the ability to swallow was also lost, and saliva could only drip through the gaps.


       “This is a small one. If next time you speak without my permission, there are a bunch of bigger ones waiting for you over there.” The man lifted his wrist and looked at his watch, and scanned Xu Ye’s panicked eyes. He said in a deep voice, “Next, I will use this paddle to slap your buttocks twelve times as punishment. If you dodge, the count will start from the beginning. Now put your hands on the ground and lift your buttocks up.”


       Xu Ye slowly crouched down, and the seam of his buttocks opened up a little bit because of his movement.


       The sense of humiliation was overwhelming.


       The shame of exposing his most intimate parts to others in this position was compounded by the silver threads dripping from the corners of his mouth, which he could not close because of the gad made this feeling even more profound. The painful swelling of his lower body made him aware of his growing desire under such circumstances. A warm liquid moistened the corners of his eyes, and he closed them.


       One stroke, then another, alternating between his buttocks.


       There was no room for bargaining in the cruel punishment from the man. There was a pause of about ten seconds for each blow so that the slave could fully feel the pain caused by each blow. Xu Ye’s moans and pants through the gag ball melted together, making it indistinct. Lust and pain were entangled together in an unpredictable way. He felt that he was like a small boat capsized in the waves of emotion, he was thrown high with the surging waves, and then fell into them, heaving and sinking. Sweat dripped on the carpet, and tears were suppressed in the corners of his eyes.


       When the twelve strokes were over, he felt a hand quickly remove the evil ring that had been binding him. And at that moment, he completely collapsed.


       Tears broke in his eyes as his climax gushed out.


       His legs trembled and fell limp, but the man took the first step to support his body that had lost its centre of gravity, carefully avoiding the part that had been whipped just now. After undoing his gag, he massaged his chin with his hands very gently, as if he didn’t mind getting Xu Ye’s saliva on him.


       Xu Ye leaned weakly in his arms, wrapped in the man’s faint scent. He said hoarsely, “Master, I was wrong…”


       “I forgive you.” The man looked down at him and spoke softly.


       The tears accumulated in his eyes suddenly flowed down uncontrollably, he hurriedly blocked it with the back of his hand, but the other party grabbed his wrist.


       “Why are you crying?” The black eyes behind the mask looked at him serenely.


       “I don’t know.” Xu Ye’s eyelashes were wet with tears, and his face was flushed, “It may be because of the pain, or it was too intense just now… I don’t know, I just feel like I’m going crazy. It’s like I’m really enjoying the feeling of being enslaved… It’s completely perverted….” He spoke intermittently, his voice choked up, “When I’m treated like this, I feel like I don’t have to think about anything. I don’t have to think about anything in my head, it’s very comfortable… I think I might be broken….”


       This was the first time he has truly expressed his thoughts like this and told another person about those entangled contradictions and anxieties, doubts and insecurities.


       “Don’t worry, I won’t break you.” The man smiled and stroked his hair like a small animal, “There are many ways to get pleasure, and the interaction between us is just one of them. You don’t need to feel guilty for feeling pleasure and relaxation in this way. Our relationship is based on the premise that you are willing to give yourself to me so that I can gain the right of mastery, otherwise, I have no right to force you to kneel at my feet. So, relax Xu Ye, this is just your way of life. Accept it, and accept yourself as you are.”


       Xu Ye was stunned for a while, then suddenly asked sullenly, “Will Master also get pleasure because of me?”


       The man smiled and said, “Of course.”


       “But you didn’t react at all.” Xu Ye moved his body as if he was touching something.


       “Little slave, the punishment for groping your master without permission will be severe. You’d better think clearly before doing it.”


       When he heard this sentence, the paw that had been moving under the man’s waist froze immediately.


       “It’s getting late, go to your room to clean yourself, and then go downstairs to eat.” The man helped him up. When the man saw him grimacing in pain, he simply picked him up by his arms.


       Xu Ye was startled, “Master…”


       “What, you think I can’t carry you?”


       “I’m afraid that you won’t be able to hold me steady when we go down the stairs, and it will be even more painful when I fall.” Xu Ye blinked.


       “Oh?” The man deliberately pressed the spot on his inner thigh where he had been whipped just now.


       Xu Ye took a breath and was sincere.

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Chapter 6

       Xu Ye was speechless as he followed him to the second floor. The man pushed open the door of a room, “This is the guest room. Everything is newly prepared and is now for your use. If you have any requests for any of the furniture or decorations, you can let me know and I will replace them for you. You can also put your personal belongings here, but I will not allow other people to use this room while we maintain this relationship. In this room you are free, and when I allow you to return to this room, I agree to remove you from your slavery.”


       The room was also spacious and bright, decorated in warm yellowish tones, with a separate bathroom and balcony. There was a soft and wide bed in the middle, with a bookshelf, wardrobe, TV, and an IMAC on the computer desk. Xu Ye felt very satisfied, these were almost the same as his apartment.


       “Come in.” The man opened the bathroom door.


       The window opened onto the side of the white single-person bathtub, and the shelves on the wall were neatly arranged with various bottles and cans. A frightening number and variety, all of which Xu Ye noticed were unopened. The man opened the white cupboard door, and Xu Ye’s eyes fell on those neatly placed transparent packaging bags, and he turned red from the top of his neck to the top of his head.


       Those were the household enemas that Camel had used on him. At that time, he used all means to find ways to get pleasure, and he also tried many new and brutal gameplays.


       The man looked at him, “As the master, I will touch and use your body in any way I want. Therefore, in this house, no matter when and where, I ask you to keep yourself clean. You must use these tools skillfully to clean your body. If you can’t, tell me now and I’ll teach you. “


       “I can.” Xu Ye’s was already burning red as he scanned the cabinet for various cleaning tools such as long, thin, soft brushes and responded in a soft voice.


       The man closed the cabinet door with a playful smile on his lips, “Very good. If you don’t clean to my satisfaction, I’ll punish you. And I will not be lenient when I use you just because you hurt yourself while cleaning.”


       “Yes…Master.” Xu Ye blushed and responded stiffly with his eyes fixed on the floor.


       “Over there are all sorts of lubricant and enema fluids, if there isn’t one of these that you like, you can let me know and I will prepare it for you.” He pointed to the bottles and jars, “Make sure your insides are well moistened every time you clean your body, if you are unfortunate enough to forget and I happen to be using you…” The man stopped the sentence here and looked at Xu Ye with a smirk that made his body tense. “You know very well who will have a harder time when the time comes..”


       There was also a well-equipped fitness room and an oversized study room with bookshelves on three walls, like a mini library on the second floor. “When I allow you to move freely, you can use these places as you like. If you have a book you like, you can take it back to your room and read it. If you want to take it away, write down the title of the book and leave it on the table.”


       After the tour of the second floor, the man led him and briefly paused on the third floor. “The third floor is my private area, including the bedroom and my workspace. I need absolute silence when I rest, and you are not allowed to enter without my permission.” After he said that like it was not a big deal, they came to the fourth floor.


       As he pushed open the slightly heavy door, Xu Ye’s blood seemed to heat up all over his body.


       It was a room half-surrounded by transparent glass. As he looked up, he could see the blue sky and the dazzling midday sun. The man pressed a button on the wall, and a curtain was slowly drawn down over the window, blocking the daylight from the top.


       The most eye-catching item was the hook hanging from the steel beam in the middle of the zenith1The zenith is an imaginary point directly “above” a particular location, on the celestial sphere. The scale of the execution frame was much larger than he had seen in the club that day, and it had more functions. The lift-up massage table was placed to one side. Two large unbleached oak cabinets were placed against the wall. As for what was inside, Xu Ye felt that he could guess roughly. The room was covered in a cream-coloured velvet carpet, which was very soft to the feet. In the middle of the room was a black single sofa covered with white fox fur. Surrounding the entire room was all kinds of whips and wrist cuffs hung neatly as if all of it was on display, with some of the brass hooks left empty.


       “Everything here is new and has been sterilized, and some are still on the way in.” The masked man spoke up, probably sensing Xu Ye’s confusion. Xu Ye’s heart skipped a beat, at the fact that this man had such a delicate way of dealing with subs.


       “This room is called a cage. Just like its name, every time you enter here, you must be in a state of absolute obedience. I am your only master, and you only exist to obey my orders.” The man sat on a black leather chair, and with a low voice he said, “Come and kneel down.”


       Xu Ye did so, and his knees touched the carpet very softly.


       “From today onwards, you will arrive here every Saturday morning at nine o’clock and leave making breakfast on Sunday. If you cannot come, you must tell me in advance. I will order you to enter the cage every Saturday night. If I have no other orders, you must remain in the cage in a kneeling position.” He paused, and took a silver pointer2a stick is a solid rod used to point manually at hand, “Kneeling is a common posture for slaves. In this case, you must do your best to remain steady in whatever I do to you until I give you permission to change your position. When I tap my thigh, you are asked to kneel quickly at my side.”


       “Hands behind, legs apart, knees are at shoulder-width apart.” The man said, hitting various parts of Xu Ye’s body with the pointer in his hand, and the force was not too hard. “Straighten your spine and tuck in your waist. Hold your head up and show me your body.”


       Even with his clothes on, Xu Ye could clearly feel the touch of the pointer. It seemed that when he was with this man, his body became particularly sensitive. He straightened his body as required, and his gaze fixed on the man sitting in front of him.


       Satisfied with his kneeling posture, the man spoke again, “As a slave, you must treat me with respect and obedience. You must use honorifics when speaking to me. I allow you to address me as ‘sir’ when a third person is present. When I ask you to take an object, you must hand it to me in a kneeling position with both hands. I allow you to stand when a third person is present. When you walk with me, you must be behind me, not overtaking me, not walking alongside me, and cannot be more than two steps away. Do you understand?”


       “Understood, Master.” Xu Ye answered quickly. In fact, he had some aversion to these rules. They made him feel ashamed on the inside.


       “Very well. From now on, if you misbehave, I will punish you.” He tapped the pointer in his hand, “There is only one rule about punishment—whatever pleases me.”


       Xu Ye’s face turned pale, and he said, “Master, you once said that you would guarantee my safety.”


       “Don’t worry, I have many ways to get you punished under the premise of safety, and I promise you that every one of them will be memorable.” The man stood up, and the tall figure covered the light in front of Xu Ye, causing him to be in a trance for a moment. It was as if he was literally being dominated by this powerful presence before him, losing the ability to think until he heard the unresistable command from his mouth.


       “Slave, go to your room and clean yourself up, then come back to your cage.”


       The cleaning process was extremely difficult.


       In fact, Xu Ye had no experience in doing it by himself, and he had entrusted others to do it a few times before. This time he insisted, or he would be embarrassed. Because in his view, he was the dominant one before, ordering others to give him pleasure, but facing this man whom he called ‘Master’, he was a humble subordinate, thus instinctively resisting his power and dominance of the other party.


       By the time he returned to the fourth floor, nearly an hour had passed.


       The man was not there.


       The sunlight swayed among the branches and leaves, falling on his naked body to form small and shifting patches of light. He felt the softness of stepping on the cashmere carpet with his bare feet, and Xu Ye slowly walked around the cage, looking closely at the whips of different materials and shapes. He took one of the snakewhips off and tried it on his own arm. He didn’t use too much strength but it left a red mark, which was hot and painful.


       He opened one of the oak cabinets, and it was full of hand and foot shackles, gag collars, nipple clips, low-temperature candles, restraint tools, and rings of various materials of different sizes that dazzled him for a while. The other cabinet was just as he had expected. It was filled with all kinds of electric products in strange shapes and dazzling arrays, including some dangerous-looking electric shockers. One of the largest vibrators made him break out in a cold sweat, it was the size of one that could kill a man.


       “Are these toys to your satisfaction?” The man’s lazy voice came from behind, with dangerous air approaching freezing point.


       Xu Ye’s mind trembled, he turned around and knelt down. “Sorry, while you were away, I…” The explanation was cut off in half. His face was a little pale, and he knew very well that he had just used ‘you3less formal tone’ in a hurry.


       A cold light flowed in the eyes behind the mask, and the man didn’t say anything for a long time.


       Every minute of silence was torture. Xu Ye looked at him in bewilderment, like a child caught in the act of doing something wrong. He didn’t even realise that his emotions were being controlled by others, minute by minute.


       The man pulled out a two-finger-wide bamboo stick and walked behind him. In a cold voice the man said, “Tell me who you are.”


       Xu Ye was a little confused, but he didn’t dare to turn around to look at him.


       Soon, there was a crisp ‘pop’ and Xu Ye whimpered as a red mark appeared on his back.


       “Tell me who you are.” The same command for the second time.


       “Your slave.” He replied warily, his voice was a little weak, and his back was tense.


       This time the bamboo stick in the man’s hand did not fall. “Repeat who you are.”


       “I am your slave,” he replied quickly.


       “Tell me about your rights.”


       “I don’t have any rights.” The pain in his back gradually became clear, and it was burning.


       “Tell me your obligations.” No emotion could be captured in his words.


       “To make you… happy?” Xu Ye thought about his choice of words and trailed off the end of the sentence into a question.


       There was another crisp sound, and the bamboo strip fell neatly on the other symmetrical side of his back. Even though he tensed his body to defend against it, it still hurt.


       “Tell me your obligations.” The command was repeated.


       “I exist for the sole purpose of pleasing you and making you happy.” As he said this, Xu Ye dropped his head, and his naked body trembled slightly.

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Chapter 5

       The White Crane Group was made big by Xu Ting. He was a shrewd businessman who knew how to steer the rudder by reading the wind and exploring the water to avoid reefs. It took a lot of hard work to build up a chain of hundreds of restaurants from a single cafeteria to the present day.


       When Xu Ye, who inherited the business from his father, first entered the business, he was assigned to be a small manager in a cafeteria chain, where he was involved from the bottom in the extremely trivial tasks of stocking and selling, setting up the shop, assigning work and managing accounts. He was a quick and serious learner and even worked as the kitchen’s assistant for two months, wandering around the kitchen every day in order to understand the freshness of different ingredients and their preparation. Two years later, he was promoted to regional manager, responsible for the management of dozens of stores in the entire southeast region.


       These days, young master Xu had been in a bad mood these days. His subordinates all speculated that it was because of the quality of materials used in one of the shops, which has led to complaints from customers. But Lily, the secretary, felt that there was another reason because when she entered the manager’s office several times to deliver coffee, she found him staring at the phone from time to time as if he was waiting for a call.


       At the meeting on Friday afternoon, he was clearly agitated. He sat in the middle of the huge conference table with a dark face, listening to the turnover analysis made by his subordinates, his eyes shifted from the PowerPoint presentations several times to his mobile phone, which was sitting next to the folder on the table.


       This made Lily a little curious. She had been the secretary of the Young Master Xu for a full year, and many female staffs were jealous of her to be able to use her closeness to obtain some favour. At first, she did have a few thoughts in her mind, thinking that with her good looks and body, she might be lucky enough to get his attention and become the wife of the young master. So she dressed up carefully every day and seized every opportunity to show off her moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and physical qualities. Later, she realised that she was just like a peac-ck spreading its feather, and didn’t get any special attention from him at all. As time goes by, a lot of frustration builds up. It wasn’t until she saw him playing with the young master of the Liu family that she realised that he didn’t like women, and finally regained some confidence.


       This prince was usually indifferent to everyone, and he didn’t have any regular companions around him. However, he had been looking at his phone incessantly for the past few days. Could it be that the peach finally blossomed? Lily handed him the compiled materials as she guessed in her heart.


       “Are these all the things need to be signed today?” Xu Ye frowned as he looked at the thick pile of paper.


       “The first three are to be given to the Chief Financial Officer at a later date.” Lily classified them carefully.


       As the weekend approached, the anxiety in Xu Ye’s heart became stronger and stronger. The delay in the arrival of the masked man’s text message almost exhausted his patience. He was looking forward to that text message, so the wait became a torment. He forced himself into his work, concentrating on the A4 papers in his hands, but in the end, he only read the rough outline and signed his name. “We’ll talk about the rest next week, you go out first.” He closed the folder, closed his eyes, and rubbed his temples.


       At this moment, the phone rang suddenly.


       Xu Ye suddenly opened his eyes, grabbed the phone and said, “Hello.”


       The person on the other end said something briefly, and all Lily heard before she left was the young master Xu Ye, who had always been calm, almost yelling, “What do you mean you can’t find anything?” She closed the door fearfully to cut off the sound. As a secretary, she naturally knew what to do and what not to do.


       The caller was Liu Jing. Xu Ye entrusted him to investigate the masked man but Liu Jing found nothing. This made Xu Ye feel it was hard to believe. With their connections, they couldn’t get anything about that man.


       “If you go any further, you’ll be in deep shit, Ah1A Chinese prefix used with a shortened form of peoples’ given names to express familiarity, roughly equivalent to Mister or Miss. Ye. It’s not easy to reach out to the east of the city, not to mention the fact that you won’t get anything, and you could break your arm there.” Liu Jing warned him like this.


       The clue pointed to the east side of the city, where the Black Eagles were based and where the club was located.


       He sighed a little reluctantly. Indeed, he should not go any further.


       Dinner was served in a nearby restaurant. He went round twice without taking anything from the seemingly extensive buffet and ended up with a little mushroom soup and a small lamb chop. In fact, he was so tired of dealing with quality incidents and the media these days that he slept very little and had little energy, so much so that he didn’t even bother to drive and asked his driver to take him home.


       He had long been tired of Xu Ting and Zhou Jia’s separate pursuits and moved out to rent a place as soon as he entered university. Xu Ting handed him the key to a villa, but he refused to accept it. Later, he earned his own money and bought a duplex flat, which he designed and decorated himself. Although the space was not big, it was very comfortable to live in.


       Xu Ye, who was physically and mentally exhausted, took a shower and fell asleep. When he woke up at night, he fumbled with his phone to check the time. When he saw the screen clearly, he lost all sleepiness in an instant.


       A new message appears on the screen.


       “Saturday morning at 9 o’clock, Building 8, Hanguan, Huashan road, north of the city.—Your master”


       Xu Ye sat up, read it carefully several times, and saved the number in his contacts. He filled in the masked man in the name field and later changed it to Y. He remembered that it was the word on the masked man’s room sign.


       Hanguan. He knew that place, it was a villa area with extremely beautiful scenery. It was built about 10 years ago on one of the best pieces of land on the edge of K city, surrounded by mountains and lakes. The developer was the Golden Eagle Group, which was laundered by the Black Eagle Group. The house in Hanguan had not been listed for sale, and there had been no news of its transfer in the past few years. A year ago, a pampered son of a wealthy family in the circle boasted that he wanted to get a suit by the seaport, but he failed after exhausting all methods and connections. In the end, he had to admit defeat and dance a striptease in front of them, making everyone laugh for months.


       Could the masked man really have something to do with Black Eagle?


       His black pupils behind the mask, his slender fingers holding the whip, and the vaguely dangerous aura emanating from him, if any, made people feel excited.


       Xu Ye tossed and turned in thought for a long time and finally drifted off to sleep.


       When he woke up the next morning, the time displayed on his phone was past 8:45. The excitement of last night also made him forget that he hadn’t set an alarm for Saturday, and the exhaustion of the past few days made him oversleep.


       Even without the traffic, it was obviously impossible for him to arrive before nine o’clock.


       When he thought of this, he was a little depressed. After some consideration, he decided to reply to a text message first.


       “Master, I’m sorry. I’ll be half an hour late because of a company emergency.—Your slave”


       He used a very respectful tone to organize his words, and after it was successfully sent, he began to get up and get dressed without delay.


       When he arrived at Hanguan, it was ten minutes before half past nine.


       This villa area had a lot of security and could be described as heavily guarded. The security guard in black politely asked Xu Ye to get off the car and stood in front of an electronic eye. The security guard then pressed the ‘8’ button, picked up the phone and asked, “Sir, is this your guest?”


       The other party gave an affirmative answer and seemed to say something else.


       The security guard replied, “Yes, sir.” Then he turned back to a nearby black Audi and opened the door of the passenger seat, “Sir, let me take you in and my colleague will park the car for you.”


       Xu Ye tossed the keys to another security guard and got into the car.


       The whole area was large, but there were only a few buildings. The distance between the villas was very far, coupled with the lush greenery, the view was obscured by the tall trees, and only parts of the roofs can be seen from the driveway. It got very good privacy.


       In front of a courtyard with a ‘No.8’ bronze plate, the car stopped slowly. The security guard opened the car door for him and then rang the doorbell for him. “If you’re leaving, please let us know to come and pick you up.” After that, he bowed and left without another word, very well trained.


       The electronic lock opened and made a clicking sound. Xu Ye pushed the door open and entered.


       The high ceiling made the living room on the first floor look very spacious, and the huge floor-to-ceiling window design provided an open visual effect. The sunlight shone through the white gauze curtains obliquely, weakening the clear black and white colours of the whole room. The use of soft decorations such as beige and grey softens the colour of the room, and the placement of a large number of green plants echoes the tall trees outside the glass window, adding to the vibrancy of the room. The fireplace and hanging antler-shaped decoration bring some Scandinavian style. The furnishings in the house were simple, clean and tidy, and made people feel very comfortable.


       Xu Ye quickly looked around, and his eyes fell on the black leather sofa, facing that person.


       The man was sitting and looking at the tablet computer in his hand. He still wore a mask on his face, which was dark blue and covered most of his face. It was decorated with some tiny diamonds that glowed in the daylight.


       When he saw that pair of deep, unreadable eyes staring at him indifferently. Xu Ye couldn’t help becoming nervous, and opened his mouth to call, “Master.”


       “Are you done with the company’s affairs?” The man’s voice was still calm and relaxed.


       “Yes.” He felt a little guilty when he answered, after all, lying was not his strong point.


       “Good.” The man stood up, “I will show you around this place, which is where you will come every week from now on. I will tell you clearly and distinctly what is expected of you in your designated area. You can ask questions during this process.”


       “Oh.” After Xu Ye responded, the man glanced at him. He pursed his lips and changed his words, “Yes, master.”


       The man began his explanation. “This house has been built with appropriate materials to block out sound and sight to ensure that nothing inside the house could be seen by prying eyes. You are safe and secured here, so I ask that you remain naked in this room.”


       This request made Xu Ye a little nervous, mixed with some inexplicable excitement.


       —I really have some masochistic constitution. He thought with some self-loathing.


       “Do you know how to cook?” The man paused in the open kitchen.


       “I can do some, but I can’t cook well.” After all, he had been a kitchen assistant for two months, so he could make something edible. As for the taste…


       The man thought for a while and said, “From now on, you will prepare breakfast every Sunday. I will let the chef come over for other meals, but I ask you to learn as much as you can.”


       “Let the chef cook?!” Xu Ye’s eyes widened, “But just now you asked me to stay naked…”


       The man smiled, “I will give you special permission to hang a long nightgown on the hanger on the first floor, and wear it when the chef comes. If you feel uncomfortable, you’d better learn to cook and satisfy my tastes as soon as possible.”

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Chapter 4

       Xu Ye was sure that this person was different from those bed partners he had met before. In terms of technique, this masked man could have beaten those men by a mile.


       The shortness of breath intensified the desire that hung in the air and everything seemed to start to deviate from the original track.


       Xu Ye’s mind robbed by desire was in a state of confusion. His whole body was shivering with feverishness as he let the riding crop invade his vulnerable area. He even took the initiative and parted his legs slightly, allowing it to wander on the inside of his thighs. The shivers came in wave after wave, and the excitement shot up through his brain, piling layer after layer of sensation on top of each other, infinitely pushing him ever closer to the brink of collapse.


       “The third order. No ejaculation until I allow it.” The man stood still in front of him, rubbing his pen-s inch by inch with the whip, from the tip to the root, light and heavy, sometimes rough and sometimes soft.


       “Hng…” Xu Ye finally couldn’t help moaning, his eyes were misting up, and even his focus was blurred.


       However, just as everything reached that impending point, the man stopped, and the whip slapped against the tip of the delicate pen-s.


       Xu Ye could no longer think, and he couldn’t bear to use his hands. However, his hands were tied behind his back, and he didn’t dare to move. His body trembled unbearably, his fingers curled up, and his whole body tense with the desire for a final release. His foggy eyes were filled with confusion and longing.


       Every second was a torment.


       As the whip swiftly and gently slaps down on the side of his pen-s, he finally got permission.


       “Now you can cum.”


       The white glow shot up from the groin like an arrow to the top of the head, and a glorious light exploded in front of Xu Ye’s eyes before he went blank. In an instant, his limp body curled into a ball and fell to the ground on its side. The man quickly crouched down and wrapped his arms around Zu Ye, let him lean into his arms, and untied his hands. Xu Ye could feel the softness of the sheepskin gloves, and he could also feel the warmth of the man coming through his shirt. As the afterglow of his orga-m subsided, he found that the corners of his eyes were a little wet.


       The man’s arms were strong, with solid muscles under his shirt. There was a very faint scent on him, like some familiar men’s perfume. Xu Ye’s mind wandered, but he couldn’t think of anything, and just leaned quietly in his arms. It was as if nothing around him existed and his body just relaxed, like a baby returning to the mother’s body.


       He hadn’t felt like this for a long time. He was happy and at peace.


       When he gradually came to his senses, he opened his eyes and saw a rather playful gaze behind the mask. His heart skipped a beat, and he hurriedly stood up. His eyes swept over the muddy liquid on the carpet, and his face was on fire as he dryly said sorry.


       “Did you enjoy the course of events just now?” the man asked leisurely.


       “Yes.” Xu Ye replied honestly.


       “So, do you think I’m qualified to be your dom?”


       The roots of Xu Ye’s ears were hot, and he nodded while pursing his lips.


       The man smiled, “Unfortunately, in my opinion, you are a troublesome novice, a sub who can’t find his place, and has a lot of thoughts in his head that I don’t like.”


       When he heard this comment, Xu Ye turned pale. He was silent for a moment, and said, “I know I’m not a qualified sub, but I will try my best. So… please teach me.”


       The man looked at him with a smirk, “No, I never teach my sub. You are not my student, but my property, to be controlled, dominated and used by me. I have just proved to you what I can do, and I am going to present you with my standards. You can measure this standard for yourself, and if you can meet it, I will consider accepting you. If not, get dressed and get out of here.” He paused, his eyes sweeping over the Xu Ye, “First of all, I need to remind you that I didn’t order you to stand up just now.”


       Xu Ye was startled and knelt down again. This time there was no hesitation.


       “Much better. In this room, I don’t have the habit of talking to standing subs.” The man sat down on the single sofa, “What I want is a sub who is in a state of absolute obedience under my control, aka, a slave. “


       At those words, Xu Ye’s eyes widened.


       “I demand absolute obedience from my slave and of course I will use training to achieve this. I can make him experience shame, pain, desire and many other emotions, and I will also use props and means to give him pleasure and satisfaction. He will be asked to give up all autonomy and leave everything to me, but at the same time, I will provide him with shelter and safety. When there is a deviation, I will give him guidance. I can ensure that all behaviours are safe and controllable, both physically and mentally.” The man looked at him indifferently, “Do you have a question?”


       “If I promise to be your slave, do I have to be like them …… the ones downstairs on their knees ……” his throat was dry.


       “I’ll ask you to do that if I need to.”


       “But I can’t do it when you suddenly ask me to kneel down in public, like when I’m working ……”


       “I will control all the scales.” The man cut off his words neatly, “How you are trained is my business, you don’t need to worry about it. What you need to consider carefully is whether you are willing to hand over your body to a stranger whom you know nothing about.” He got up, “Now you can go to the bathroom and take a hot shower. Everything here is sterilised and clean. I’ll be back in half an hour. If you want to go, just leave.”


       When the door closed, Xu Ye slowly got up. He dips into the bathroom, disoriented, and turned on the water to soak himself in the jacuzzi.


       His mind was a mess.


       He wanted relief and peace of mind that comes after an orga-m, but he couldn’t stand being treated like a slave, at least not in public. He didn’t know anything about the masked man, let alone how he would be treated. However, if he thought about it carefully, the man just now showed not only his skills but also his delicacy. Like he said, he had the ability to give him a sense of pressure and security, and Xu Ye was not sure if he would ever meet someone like that again in the future. He thought about it over and over again, so much so that his head was splitting yet he was still at loss.


       It was like a gamble where he had to put himself on the line and bet on a strange man.


       Xu Ye got dressed and was about to leave, but then stopped at the door. In the end, he took off the clothes he put on one by one. The man came back when his trousers were halfway down, and Xu Ye was startled. His feet wrapped halfway around his trouser legs, his centre of gravity was unsteady and he fell on the bed.


       The man was still wearing a mask, and his voice was cold, “Do you want me to go back and let you put it on?”


       “No… I just want to take them off…” Xu Ye pulled off his pants and underwear together in embarrassment.


       There was a hint of amusement in the man’s eyes.


       “Just now you didn’t say that I can wear clothes while staying here. I mean…” Xu Ye gritted his teeth, and finally choked out a sentence, “I am willing to be your slave.” In fact, he had just made up his mind that if he was forced to do something he didn’t want to do, he would resist and cut him off. Until then, he wanted to enjoy the pleasure brought by the man’s skill in exchange for being a slave.


       The man seemed to hide a hint of an insightful smile under his deep black lashes, and his eyes were as bright as stars. “So, is this your final decision?”


       “Yes.” Xu Ye took the initiative to kneel down this time.


       The man lifted his chin and made him look at himself. This was the first time the man directly touched his body with his fingers, which made Xu Ye a little nervous.


       “Xu Ye, I accept you as my slave. From this moment on I am your master. Everything about you belongs to me and is at my disposal. All your rights will come from my giving, and at the same time, you will enjoy my protection and care.” Like a ritual, the man finally placed his hands on top of his head, stroked his hair, and gave his first command. “From now on, you will refer to me as Master until I ask for a change of title.”


       Xu Ye pursed his lips, and gave him a vague response, “Yes…Master.”


       His voice was very soft, and he was trying to force himself into the role, temporarily forgetting the so-called shame.


       “Next, I need to clarify a few rules. No interruptions until I give my permission.” The man sat down on the sofa.


       Xu Ye found that his gaze began to follow this person unconsciously. In fact, there was always a natural elegance to his posture whether he was standing or sitting. His figure looked thin under the clothes, but if he took his clothes off, he should have well-proportioned muscles, and this imagery caused his mind to wander a little. Just as he began to speculate about the face beneath the mask, he saw that pair of cold eyes looking at him coldly.


       Xu Ye’s gaze narrowed and he ducked his head to avoid it.


       “Focus your mind, slave. While I don’t intend to punish you tonight, I don’t mind trying to get you to focus in some special way. Now, go over there and fetch a whip of your choice.” The man’s tone was cool and calm as he gave the order, and it sounded sensual in a different way.


       Xu Ye liked his voice, which was one of the reasons why he was willing to try to become a slave. He got up and walked around the training room, then chose a soft-looking sheepskin whip and returned to the bed, handing the whip over with one hand.


       The man didn’t take it and just looked at him blankly.


       After ten seconds of staring at him, Xu Ye came to his senses, knelt down and handed the whip with both hands.


       This time the man took it.


       “Your code of conduct is terrible, but that’s not the point tonight, so I forgive you for being rude. From now on, remember everything I say carefully.” He flicked the whip out of his hand, and the sound of it breaking the air flew past Xu Ye’s ear and hit the ground with a dull thud.


       Xu Ye flinched. The whip was so close that he could feel the air flowing from the side of his face the moment it was raised, and for a soft whip to make such a crashing sound through a heavy carpet, showed the strength of the user. He was shocked by the man’s control over the whip. Now he understood that no matter what whip he chose,  the man could make it hurt so badly that it would break his skin and bleed as long as he wanted it to.


       He knelt stiffly. He focused all his attention on his ears, listening carefully to every word the man said.


       “First, self-discipline. As your master, I have all the rights to control your body, so I will not allow you to have intimate relationships with anyone else. Once you go to another dom, I will abandon you without hesitation. Of course, if you have a clever way of stepping into other boats without me finding out, by all means, try it.” The man’s fingers stroked the white handle of the whip, and there was a hint of arrogance in his tone, “Second, trust. A slave needs to have absolute trust in his master. I need to know everything you feel, both physically and mentally. When I ask you a question, you must answer it truthfully. I will not allow you to hide or lie to me, and if you do so, you will be punished severely. Third, identity. I am the master, you are the slave, and you obey me. So you must do your best to satisfy me, not me to cater and satisfy you, keep this in mind.” He paused, “Now you can speak.”


       Xu Ye thought for a while and asked, “Will you take other slaves….Master?” He hastily added the title.


       “Planning to call me ‘you’?” The man turned the handle of the short whip.


       “…Will you1said in a more respectful tone accept other slaves?” Xu Ye thought for a while and changed his words to more respectful ones.


       “If I like.”


       Xu Ye’s face was a little ugly, “But you ask me to discipline myself.”


       “Slave, you are not serious about remembering the third rule.” The man’s black eyes had a cold glint in them, “The rules I use to restrain you don’t mean they also apply to me. You don’t have to expect fairness in this relationship, because there is none.”


       Aggrieved, Xu Ye moved on to the next question, “How should I contact you next time?”


       “I will let you know the specific time and place by text message.”


       “You have my number?”


       “Next question.” The man curled his lips but did not answer.


       “None for now.”


       “Then the conversation is over.” The man held up the mask on his face, “Put the whip back where you found it and put your clothes back on.”


       His orders were always clear and concise. Xu Ye quickly finished and followed him down the stairs.


       “Do you want to leave or do you want to sit with me for a while?” Outside the banquet hall on the third floor, Xu Ye was somewhat flattered by the man’s question. All he could think about was what he would do if the other party asked him to ‘kneel by my lap now’, but he was surprised that he was given a choice.


       When he saw Xu Ye’s slightly dazed expression, the man smiled, “You are not yet fit to appear as a slave in such a situation.” Sweeping the gratitude from the slave’s eyes, he added leisurely, “A slave who is not well trained will disgrace me.”


       Xu Ye’s face darkened instantly.


       Did this guy still have a venomous streak in him?


       He wasn’t quite ready to meet people as a slave, so he chose to leave. It felt cool to drive at night with the convertible. All the way Xu Ye was thinking about the moment when he collapsed and fell into his arms. Every cell in his body seemed to remember everything he had felt at that time, even the light scent of his body.


       He dialled Liu Jing’s phone number, “Help me find someone.”

I blinked and got confused, what’s the second order? Then I realised, the second order is to not move around…
Fun fact, Marvin in the previous chapter actually called Xu ye as 小傢伙 that I translated as little guy but could also be translated as a brat which is basically Xu Ye attitude this whole time. A bratty attitude in the BDSM term

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Chapter 3

       It was just about finding a bed partner. If he didn’t want to, no one could force him to do anything.


       As he thought of this, Xu Ye pursed his lips, “Okay.” He followed Marvin to the sunken circular sofa area on the east side of the venue, where there were four people sitting and one kneeling. This area seemed to be the most comfortable in the entire venue, and everyone seemed to keep a distance from this area intentionally or unintentionally, and even many gossipers who came with them just now stopped at a certain distance.


       Marvin sat down on the sofa, patted his legs, and the slave who had been following him immediately knelt beside his legs.


       “Found a new target so quickly.” One of the men smiled. He looked about thirty years old, dressed in a dark suit and a light blue tie. The slave kneeling beside him had a harness over his head and his head was hanging low so that Xu Ye couldn’t see his face clearly.


       “Newcomer?” The second young man who spoke seemed to be of mixed race, with light brown curly hair, and green-brown pupils. After looking at Xu Ye up and down, he commented, “Very beautiful.”


       Xu Ye didn’t like being described like this, it made him feel like a sissy. So he said, “Thank you, you look beautiful too.”


       In his opinion, this was a counterattack, but the other party obviously didn’t think so. Instead, he accepted it calmly, smiled and rubbed into the arms of the person next to him. The dark-haired man next to him patted his head lovingly.


       “You two, don’t get tired of it.” Marvin said helplessly, “This is not my person, he turned me down flat out.”








       All three seemed surprised.


       “He wanted a one-on-one relationship. So I decided to recommend a very reliable candidate to him.” Marvin said, looking at the man who had been sitting on the other side of the table without making a sound with a half-smile.


       Xu Ye also looked in the direction of a man wearing a black gilded mask covering most of his face, only his eyes and mouth were exposed. His lips are beautifully shaped, and slender beneath the curve of his jaw. He was wearing a white shirt with vertical symmetrical white pleats down the front to give it a chic look, and silver collar and sleeve buttons. He was leaning against the back of the sofa, sitting with his long legs crossed, his left arm stretched out and resting on the upper edge of the back of the sofa. At this moment, he was looking at Xu Ye standing in the middle of the circle with his black eyes, holding a big wine glass in his right hand with slender fingers, and the champagne in the glass was swaying slightly.


       For some reason, Xu Ye was a little nervous. Obviously, this person didn’t say anything, didn’t do anything, but his mere gaze disrupted the rhythm of his breathing. It was a sense of oppression, an invisible sense of danger.


       “Your so-called candidate refers to me?” The man withdrew his gaze and said to Marvin, “When did I ever say I needed you to make an introduction?” His voice was deep and mellow, like wine that had been buried for a long time, and when opened, the room was filled with fragrance.


       Xu Ye frowned. He felt humiliated by the reaction of the other party, who made him feel like a commodity to be looked over and selected, so he said, “I came here with him just out of curiosity. As you can see, I’m just a newcomer, I just stepped into this circle, I don’t have any experience, and I don’t understand the relationship between you. All I want is to find a partner who can satisfy me, so please don’t make fun of me.”


       “Oh? Which of our words do you think offended you?” The man spoke very slowly, and every word was very clear, “Or is it that your low self-esteem is affecting your mood and you want to blame it on others?”


       It was true that Xu Ye was a little over-sensitive because of his orientation, but it was really embarrassing for him to be exposed in public like this. With a gloomy face, he squeezed his fists to suppress his anger. He didn’t want to get himself into trouble the on his first visit here, so he wanted to leave as soon as possible. “I’m sorry to disturb everyone, excuse me.”


       “Want to escape to a certain corner and imagine meeting someone who will change you?” The man seemed to take in all of Xu Ye’s momentary astonishment. He smiled, with a trace of sarcasm, “You want a dom that satisfies you, but do you think you can be the sub that satisfies the other party?”


       Xu Ye clenched his fist so tightly that his nails almost pierced his palm. He looked up at the man with some anger, “Of course I can.”


       The masked man put down his wine glass and stood up. Xu Ye was 1.78 meters tall, while the opponent was over 1.85 meters tall. When he walked in front of Xu Ye, his sight rose from the top to the bottom, and his sense of oppression increased dramatically. The muscles of Xu Ye’s whole body tensed up, and the tension felt like ants crawling and gnawing on every inch of skin, it made him wish he was like a cicada that could escape immediately after shedding its shell.


       “Your name?” After a long silence, the man spoke.


       Xu Ye was startled, and looked at him, hesitating in his heart. Marvin on the side smiled, “I advise you not to give up this opportunity, he doesn’t ask people’s names very often.”


       “You don’t want to tell me, do you?” The eyes behind the mask were as black as the deep night.


       “Xu Ye.” He finally said it out.


       “If you hesitate a moment longer, my patience will run out.” The man put his hands in his trouser pockets, turned around and took a few steps, paused and said, “Come with me.”


       Xu Ye chose to follow and followed him to the elevator. “I don’t have permission to use it.” He remembered what Rabbit had told him.


       The man glanced at him, then scanned the pure black electronic card in his hand, and the elevator door opened.


       They reached the fourth floor. That was an area Rabbit hadn’t taken him to and had not even mentioned to him. Xu Ye looked curiously at the neatly arranged doors on both sides of the long corridor. There were not many rooms, and none of the doors had a number plate on them, just some fancy English letters. He saw an M and a K.


       The man stopped in front of the door engraved with a golden Y, and swiped his card to open it.


       At first glance, Xu Ye thought it was just a slightly larger, ordinary five-star suite, as boring as the hotel suites he had stayed in. But when the lights were all lit up, he was completely stunned.


       At the far end of the room, there was a large space separated by floor-to-ceiling glass. On the wooden shelves were various instruments of torture and sex toys. Chains and shackles dangled from the top, execution racks and massage tables were placed in the corners, and on the floor was a thick white cashmere rug. This was a fully functional training room.


       The masked man walked in first, adjusted the lights to focus on the middle of the room, and said calmly, “Come here.”


       Xu Ye did not move for a long time. These things made him want to run away but ignited a fire of desire in his heart. The feeling of those whips falling on the body, those painful and torturous sensations…was like a temptation full of stimulation. He couldn’t tell whether it was more of fear or desire, and he was stuck in his place.


       The man didn’t urge him on but just looked at him quietly.


       Eventually, Xu Ye still walked over, stood under the light, and asked, “Can you tell me your name?”


       Obviously, he was seeking for a sense of security.


       Strange places, strange tools, and strange men all made him feel danger, but he couldn’t persuade himself to stay away from this danger and longed for something that could change him, so he wanted to know some useful information.


       Unfortunately, the other party did not answer.


       “If I reject you later, you don’t need to know my name. If I accept you, I will let you call me by something more appropriate than my name.” The man’s voice was low and sweet, “This is my private area, and no one can come in without my permission. There are no cameras here, no one can spy on you, and you are safe. Next, I ask you to show me your qualities as a sub. I will have three orders that you will need to obey and I will decide what I will do based on your attitude.” He folded his arms against the wall, looked at the person in front of him leisurely, and issued the first order, “First, take off your clothes, all of them. “


       Xu Ye looked at him for a moment, then lowered his head and made a move. First the thin suit, then the shirt, and then the trousers, one by one they fell to the floor, exposing his body curves. During the whole process, the man’s eyes never left him. Xu Ye felt his body gradually getting warmer, maybe it was because of that gaze, or maybe it was because of the light above his head. When he got to his underwear, he paused, then looked up at the man again, but when he met his inscrutable gaze, he blushed and simply stripped himself naked in one breath.


       The man looked up at his watch and said, “A very poor result.”


       Xu Ye’s ears turned red, and his spine tensed up. It was the first time he had ever been ordered around in such a way. The SM games he played in the past did not have this kind of enslavement, but purely physical whipping.


       “Kneel down and put your hands behind your back.” The slow and calm tone of his voice carried a sense of invisible oppression.


       When Xu Ye heard this order, he was stunned for a moment, and moved his lips but said nothing. He finally lowered his body stiffly to cover up the resistance in his eyes. The moment his knee touched the carpet, he lowered his head and bit his lower lip.


       With a smile on his lips, the man took a pair of dark brown sheepskin gloves from the drawer and put them on, then tied Xu Ye’s hands behind his back with leather handcuffs. He lifted Xu Ye’s chin with a dressage whip, making him look directly at him, he asked, “Humiliated?”


       At this moment, apart from the unwillingness and anger in Xu Ye’s eyes, there was also helplessness and panic in his eyes, as he tried to calm down like an angry puffer fish.


       “If you treat this relationship with this attitude, no dom can satisfy you. You are not willing to become a sub, so you can’t experience the joy that a sub can get.” The man looked at him condescendingly, “This kind of relationship is actually very much like a role-play, or you can think of it as a two-player game. You and I are equal in person, but here, after entering the role, I am the ruler, and you have to surrender to me. I give you the command to handle and use your body and to take pleasure in it. You are at my disposal and take pleasure in absolute obedience. In this process, there should be pleasure for both parties, and it’s not just abuse of one side and humiliation of the other side. If you do not want to, I have no reason to force you to do anything, and so the game need not begin. Do you understand?”


       Confusion filled Xu Ye’s eyes, “I’m not sure if this is what I want…I just…”


       “What are you not sure about? Not sure if you are a sub?” The front end of the riding crop in the man’s hand slowly descended from his chin along his adam’s apple, drawing a line on his body without leaving any traces. Then it stroked across his chest gently and stopped on his chest, and the hard leather whip slowly rubbed against the nipples. Xu Ye shuddered, and his body leaned backwards. Suddenly, there was a quick, precise blow to the other nipple. The blow was not very hard, and by the time the pain had subsided both buds were already standing up, making them look very attractive on the white body.


       As if a catalyst had been thrown into the mix, his heartbeat began to speed up, and the sensitivity of the body was awakened. Xu Ye was caught off guard by this change.


       “As a subject, you have no right to refuse.” The man’s voice was as gentle as a cello, but with an unquestionable force. He bypassed Xu Ye and disappeared from his sight. The whip landed behind him, from the nape of his neck to his waist, hovering and continuing downward. “Here, I am the master. Every part of your body belongs to me. If you resist or avoid, I will punish you, and the severity of the punishment will increase in turn.”


       Xu Ye couldn’t see his next move, so he could only sense his movements with his whole body.


       The touch, which was light or heavy, left unpredictable tracks and rough textures on his skin, like stroking and teasing.


       Time seemed to slow down.


       His breathing gradually became heavy, and Xu Ye unknowingly straightened his upper body. When the whip moved down from his waistline to his tailbone and penetrated unhesitatingly along his buttocks, his body instinctively leaned forward to avoid it. The next thing he knew, he got a whip on his buttocks, much stronger than the first time, leaving a clearly identifiable red mark on his buttocks. Xu Ye grunted in pain and shuddered helplessly, the little brother between his legs which had been indirectly awakened by the sensation, was completely erect.


       The man’s voice sank, “Don’t move around if you don’t want your buttocks to burst open.”

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Chapter 2

       A week later, in the evening, Xu Ye appeared in a dull and plain bar on the eastern outskirts of the city.


       He had lived in K city for so many years, he thought he had been around the block and seen it all, but he never knew there was a bar there. The shop was small but had a nice environment, and he even saw some expensive foreign wines stocked in the liquor cabinet. What kind of business is there in a place like this? He wondered.


       Two young bartenders were lazily staying at the bar, and when they saw him approaching, one of them asked, “What can I get you?”


       Xu Ye took out a crumpled piece of paper from his suit pocket, with a name written on it, “I’m looking for him.”


       The bartender smiled, and with a thoughtful look he said, “That doesn’t sound like a personal name.”


       “I know.” He looked at the word ‘White Rabbit’ on the piece of paper with an unnatural expression on his face, “I was referred by David.”


       The note had been commissioned by Liu Jing, who had asked him to submit a very detailed medical report before doing so. He couldn’t say exactly what the details were, except that there were layers of interpersonal relationships in between, and this note was about a person who could take him to a certain place. At first, he thought it was a prank and threw it in the trash. Only after Liu Jing repeatedly assured him that he was not trying to make fun of him did he decide to come and have a look.


       The bartender grinned, “Just kidding, please follow me.” After he said that, he walked out of the bar, and came to the elevator. He took out a black magnetic card and swiped it, and the elevator door opened. Xu Ye went in with him. The bartender presses the floor button 2, and the elevator went up.


       “Your name is Xu Ye?” the bartender asked suddenly.


       “That’s right.”


       “I am the white rabbit, you can call me Rabbit, or Hare.” The bartender looked up at him,


       Xu Ye couldn’t help but laugh, “From the fairy tale?”


       The rabbit smiled, “Yes, I am the guide, just like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.” He continued, “You can also choose a nickname for yourself and use it as your name in the circle. Of course, if you don’t mind, you can also use your real name.”


       At this moment, the elevator arrived and the door opened.


       Inside was a large room, divided into many small single rooms.


       “This is a separate locker room where you can store your personal belongings in the lockers. All communication devices are prohibited in here, so please put your mobile phone inside.”


       He did as he was told. Rabbit handed over a silver electronic card, “Keep this card safe, it identifies your membership.” Then he was led up the other side of the stairs.


       On the third floor was a large banquet hall with crystal lamps emitting crystal clear light hanging high in the air. The people in the venue were wearing all kinds of costumes, some of which were very excessive and gorgeous. What shocked Xu Ye even more was that some people in the venue were kneeling, with their upper bodies naked, wearing something like a dog collar around their necks. These people were kneeling beside others randomly with their gazes lowered. Xu Ye set his eyes on the person wearing a half-face mask with feathers. The man was leaning his head against the lap of a tall man on the sofa, who was looking over his shoulder.


       The rabbit coughed lightly, and said in a low voice, “It’s impolite to stare at other people’s slaves for a long time.”


       Xu Ye’s eyes flickered and he averted his gaze.


       He was beginning to understand what kind of place he was in.


       This was a BDSM club. BDSM was a relatively special kind of sexual relationship, that included various forms of bondage and training, domination and submission, sadism and masochism, etc. The two parties involved are divided into dom (dominant) and sub (submissive), with the dom being the master who issued orders, and the sub voluntarily obeyed, which led to the so-called ‘master-slave relationship’. Those who were kneeling were the so-called ‘slaves’. Xu Ye glanced over there again, and his eyes met with the man sitting on the sofa. His eyebrows twitched, and he quickly moved away.


       Rabbit handed him a stack of documents, “The club is for members only. The senior management approved your membership application yesterday, so I brought you in. There are a lot of rules that the members need to be strictly followed, so please make sure you read them carefully.”


       Xu Ye flipped through it, and the first entry was ‘It is prohibited to reveal the identity of a member in any way, anywhere, or to act in a way that would compromise the safety of the club.’ It seemed that these clauses were to protect the privacy of this club and improve the club’s information security. “Do I need to sign it?” Xu Ye asked.


       “No need, these are just notices. Whether you agree or not, you must abide by them from the moment you walk through the door, and you will be severely punished if you violate them.” Rabbit’s eyes were arched, but there was an unquestionable force in his voice, and he said, word for word, “Better not risk trying, or you’ll regret it.”


       Xu Ye subconsciously nodded. He didn’t know who the club belonged to, but he knew whose territory it belonged to. A certain big shot who started from the underworld once used this place as his lair, and he still dominated this area after being cleansed. The establishment of the club here must have been acquiesced by that person. As he listened to the rabbit’s confident tone, these rules had a strong deterrent effect on the members, meaning that the enforcers of the penalties must have the power to override the wealthy and powerful members.


       Who could be the owner here?


       Xu Ye suppressed his curiosity and followed Rabbit to the dining area. The bone china serving trays were filled with exquisite food, including a variety of snacks and beverages. “The club is open every night, and there are some classes and demonstrations on weekend evenings. You can chat and make friends here, and if you see a dom or sub you like, you can take the initiative to chat with them, or you can leave your contact information for a private meeting. However, please note that you must not touch any slave who has a master without permission, this is also mentioned in the rules.”


       Xu Ye frowned and said, “Do slaves have to kneel like this?”


       “That’s not necessarily the case. Different partners have different ways of dealing with each other. But as a slave, all actions will be aimed at satisfying the wishes of the master.” Rabbit smiled, “There are many features on the first and second floors of the club, You can go down and walk around, but you don’t have the authority to use the elevator, so please use the stairs on that side. If you don’t show up here for more than three months, you will be considered to have forfeited your membership. For the rest of the day, please do as you wish.” After he finished speaking, Rabbit shook his hand and left.


       Xu Ye felt a little stuffy in his head, so he found a corner and sat down, looking through the densely packed regulations.


       The BDSM circle had always been secretive. They had their own unique ways of behaviour and a set of strict standards for entering the circle. Xu Ye didn’t know how he passed their selection, and after entering here in a daze, he felt a little overwhelmed. He looked on in silence at this unfamiliar and huge meeting place, at these strangers who were having fun on their own, and his eyes were full of confusion. He didn’t know what he was looking for, and even in the midst of it, he didn’t have the answers he was looking for.


       “Hey.” A brief voice caught his attention. Someone sat across from Xu Ye, and it was the man who had just met his eyes. He was just in his early thirties, and he looked very handsome in a black-collar military uniform. He was holding a riding crop in his black leather gloved hand, and with a big smile on his face, he asked, “You don’t have a dom?”


       Xu Ye was stunned for a moment before he realized what he was talking about, pursed his lips and said, “How do you know what I’m looking for is dom and not sub?”


       The man smiled broadly, revealing a mouthful of white teeth, “It’s very obvious.”


       He frowned, “Where does it show?”


       “Everywhere…is visible.” The man deliberately teased him, his eyes lingering on him, “Your panicked eyes, the way you sit uncomfortably, and the way you speak, tsk, so cute, a newcomer.”


       Xu Ye’s ears reddened slightly and he said in anger, “Get away from me.”


       The man chuckled. He seemed to be born with an aura that attracts attention. After he sat down, Xu Ye clearly felt that more eyes were gathering on their side. Some people were intentionally or unintentionally approaching this side and gathered together to whisper about their backgrounds. Being noticed in this way made Xu Ye feel uncomfortable.


       “My name is Marvin. Little guy, are you interested in trying out what I have in my hand?” He said, flicking the whip in his hand, “It’ll make you happy.”


       “No.” Xu Ye didn’t want to be entangled, and got up to leave, but was stopped by the riding crop. His eyes grew cold, and he said, “It’s not polite to stop someone with a whip, is it, sir?”


       “It is also impolite not to respond to someone after they have given their name, newcomer.” Marvin looked at him with a relaxed expression.


       “I’m sorry, I’m not going to use my real name, and I haven’t thought of one yet.” Xu Ye replied very straightforwardly.


       “How straightforward.” He withdrew his whip, “Can you tell me the reason, why you refuse me?”


       “You have a slave, don’t you?” Xu Ye glanced at the white-feathered masked man kneeling in a corner not far away.


       “It turns out that you don’t accept one-to-many relationships. It’s really troublesome.” Marvin tapped the riding crop lightly on his palm and suddenly smiled, “I can recommend a good dom who has no subs, is very skilled and has a good temper, which is rare for a newcomer. But also, he has high requirements, as for whether you can catch his eyes, it depends on yourself.” After he finished speaking, he stood up, and said slightly provocatively, “Do you want to meet him?”


       Xu Ye was stunned. Deep down in his heart, he was a little moved by this kind of game, as if the secrets that had been suppressed in his heart all year round were put into a room full of secrets, and it seemed no longer so different and unbearable. But he had some conflicts. He was afraid that he would unwittingly lose his integrity and dignity and become one of those slaves. So he was at a loss as to whether this was what he wanted.


       “Don’t you dare even try?” Marvin shrugged with a smile in his eyes as if he felt regretful.

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Chapter 1

       The night was quiet and the galaxy was bright. Outside the white gauze curtains that were gently blown by the wind, there was a sandy beach gently caressed by the waves. There were two empty goblets on the wine cabinet by the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the faint colour of the red wine still remained on the walls of the clear glass.


       On the huge European-style round bed, a naked man had his body spread wide to form big1big = 大, that character looks like a man spreading his body wide character. Upon closer look, his hands and feet were tied to the four sides of the bed legs by leather ropes. His body was covered with bright red marks, which were the marks of being whipped by something long and thin, and in some places, there were even beads of blood oozing out, which looked seductive and bewitching on his fair skin. The man’s face looked young, with a high nose bridge that outlined the contours of his face more linearly. At this moment, he was panting with his eyes closed, his red-scarred chest heaving violently.


       A pair of hands wandered over him, stroking and kneading vigorously to bring out the eroticism of it all. The bound man was not able to resist at all, and could only let the hands touch any part of his body. The moment his hand moved to his lower body, he opened his eyes.




       The voice was as cold as his ink-black eyes, without any hint of lust. The man who was holding the sensitive part between his legs was startled, and asked, “Are you calling it off?” The bound man looked expressionlessly at the ceiling and said, “You’re not good enough to turn me on, and I don’t want to waste any more time.”


       Such words obviously hurt the other man’s nerves. With a gloomy face, he rolled over and got out of bed, untied the knot tied at the foot of the bed, and then took off the black riding crop hanging from his wrist and put it on the bedside table. Before he dressed up and left the place, he dropped a sarcastic comment, “Is it because I’m not good enough, or perhaps the Young Master Xu libido’s level is too low?”


       Xu Ye, who was still lying in big character form without moving, frowned and closed his eyes tiredly.


       That was right.


       It was his problem.


       His repulsion of the opposite sex in relationships came from a few sexual encounters he’d had as a child. His father, Xu Ting, and his mother, Zhou Jia, got married because of the family business. They were model parents in front of others, but they got along coldly with others. Giving birth to him was just a task of carrying on the family line. Zhou Jia loved to travel and spends much more time going out with her male companion than at home. Xu Ting often found time to bring different women home. When eight-year-old Xu Ye came back from school, he looked up and saw his father pinning a woman on the french window on the second floor and making love to her. He was so terrified that his whole body stiffened and the flesh-on-flesh contact made him throw up. This scene then became his nightmare, which in turn developed into a psychological disorder.


       As he grew up, he found out that he had no desire for women. He tried to have a few girlfriends, and every time it came time to raise his gun he ran away. He tried psychiatrists, medication, and other methods, but he failed repeatedly, and he couldn’t even get an erection in the face of all kinds of women in bed.


       It was a wealthy second-generation surnamed Liu who brought him into the same-sex circle. At that time, Xu Ting’s catering business had already reached all over the country, and his fortune had soared. Xu Ye, who was a sophomore, also began to join the vanity fairs of these rich and young people to indulge in a life of luxury. These pampered sons of a wealthy family had a lot of games that trifled with the law, some Xu Ye couldn’t accept it at all and didn’t participate in it. Liu Jing was one of those who openly came out of the closet. He was a top2or gong and often had some beautiful men around him. After getting acquainted with each other, he saw that Xu Ye had no interest in women, so he simply tempted him to try men, and was even generous enough to send the boy with long eyelashes beside him to spend the night with Xu Ye.


       That night, the other party’s initiative made Xu Ye feel a different kind of excitement for the first time. He spent the night tormenting the long-eyelashed boy again and again, almost making the boy collapsed. When he sent him back to Liu Jing the next day, he blushed and apologized repeatedly. Liu Jing laughed loudly, patted him on the shoulder and told him not to be so violent next time. After that, Xu Ye often called him to play together.


       But soon, Xu Ye found that his desire was constantly declining. He even gradually lost interest in men. At that time, he had already graduated from university and joined Xu Ting’s company. He started as a novice and gradually took on important responsibilities.


       What really changed him was a video on someone’s phone at a party. The lawless young master tied up a subordinate who offended him with a rope and whipped him and took a video to show off.


       Strong rope, fragile flesh. The red marks of the whip, the whimpering neck.


       Xu Ye sat on the spot with a flushed face, looking at the blindfolded man on the mobile phone, a certain part of him sleeping between his legs under the table suddenly hardened uncontrollably. That night, he couldn’t sleep in bed at all, and he fantasized about being tied up. He took pleasure in this fantasy and then he was spent after getting some release.


       He began to actively initiate SM3Sadomasochism, and when he found himself craving it more and more intensely and relying more and more on pain for pleasure, he began to collapse. He felt like a monster, a pervert, a disgusting guy who needed to be abused to get off. He began to hate himself for it, but he kept on relying on the sensations and was unable to stop like he was on drugs.


       At this moment, Xu Ye was not only physically exhausted but also mentally. The man who left just now was called Camel, which was of course not his real name, but just his nickname in the circle. The relationship between Xu Ye and him lasted for almost half a year. He had a good touch, and he could satisfy Xu Ye at first, but then gradually lost his effectiveness, which made both parties completely exasperated.


       Xu Ye had gradually become numb to the pain, unable to get the pleasure he wanted. He was worried that if this continued, he would really become sexually impotent.


       He needed one last hope to clutch at.

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