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Special Q&A

Questions About Chu Yu and Xu Ye’s Sexual Orientation


Host: Mo Qingcheng



Mo: Tell me your name.

Xu Ye: Is the host mentally retarded?

Mo: (Rolling up his sleeves) Hey, kiddo. Know who your real father is!

Chu Yu: (raised his head and glanced at the host coldly)

Mo: (rolling down his sleeves)…Forget it, I’ll spare you this one time.



Mo: What is your age?

Xu Ye: Twenty-eight.

Chu Yu: Twenty-nine.

Mo: Tsk tsk, you two are just a year apart but surprisingly have different auras…



Mo: What are your respective characteristics?

Xu Ye: (blushing a bit) Sub, shou.

Chu Yu: Dom, gong.



Mo: Where did we first meet?

Xu Ye: A BDSM club called East Coast.

Chu Yu: Yeah.



Mo: How did you come to know each other?

Xu Ye: I felt that I was… frigid and wanted to find something new to try. Then he was brought to him by a bastard named Lion.

The lion outside the field: Ah-choo…

Chu Yu: He is a newcomer, like a hedgehog, which makes me interested.



Mo: What’s your first impression of the other person?

Chu Yu: timid, not confident, thirsty for desires, newbie, easily nervous and shy.

Mo:…Did you see through him at first sight? Who are you, Sherlock Holmes and Conan?

Xu Ye: (glancing at Chu Yu sullenly)

Chu Yu: (Lowering his eyes and smiling) Correction, my first impression is that he has bright eyes and is very cute when he is shy.

Xu Ye: (blushing) Well… He’s a dominant person who exudes a kind of intimidating aura. Because he wears a mask, he has a sense of mystery.



Mo: What do you like about the other person’s character?

Xu Ye: Meticulous.

Chu Yu: Truthful.



Mo: What do you dislike about the other person’s character?

Xu Ye: Nothing.

Chu Yu: Nothing.

Mo: Men in love, tsk tsk…



Mo: What are your zodiac signs? Blood type?

Xu Ye: Aquarius. B.

Chu Yu: Scorpio. A.



Mo: How do you call each other?

Xu Ye: It’s the most pleasant to call him Master. When outside, I call him Sir, and occasionally I call him by his name.

Mo: Calling each other by name happens only in bed, right?

Chu Yu: Our exercise areas are not limited to beds. I call him many things; slave, his name, prince, baby…

Xu Ye: (blushing) Master…don’t tell him this…

Mo: I can’t listen anymore. It’s too cheesy…



Mo: What’s your favourite way for the other person to address you? Why?

Xu Ye: Well… My name, those two words sound good when he says them.

Chu Yu: Name. He was so full of emotion.

Mo: Of course he was so full of emotion. When he called you that, he was being held down by you…



Mo: If you compared the other person to an animal, what would it be?

Xu Ye: I always feel like some kind of large carnivorous feline…

Chu Yu: Deer.

Mo: Isn’t they natural enemy…



Mo: What gifts did you give the other party?

Xu Ye: I gave perfume and ties.

Chu Yu: Ring.

Xu Ye: (Raised his hand, there was a silver ring on his ring finger)

Chu Yu: There is also a nipple ring.

Xu Ye: (blushing)…



Mo: What gift do you hope to get from the other person?

Xu Ye: If it’s from him, anything is good.

Chu Yu: Himself.

Xu Ye: I have always been yours.

Chu Yu: Yeah. (reach out and touch Xu Ye’s head.)

Mo: Don’t show affection in front of me!



Mo: Do you have any dissatisfaction with each other? If so, what is it?

Xu Ye: (continues to blush) That… when we do it, I will always be forced to say some very embarrassing things…

Chu Yu: You don’t like it because you haven’t gotten used to it yet. Just try it a few more times.

Xu Ye: (Sad) Master…

Chu Yu: I have no dissatisfaction with him.

Xu Ye: Master, I was wrong…I have no dissatisfaction with you either!



Mo: What bad habits do you have?

Xu Ye: Not confident.

Chu Yu: Excessive control.



Mo: What have you done to make the other person angry?

Xu Ye: Running away from him, sleeping in the same bed with others, taking medicine indiscriminately, and last time mentioned letting him have a child with another woman…

Chu Yu: (Looking at him) It’s all in the past.

Xu Ye: (nods)

Chu Yu: (Thinking for a moment) Sometimes I go overboard. However, he usually doesn’t really get angry; it’s more like he’s being coquettish.

Xu Ye: …



Mo: To what extent is the relationship between the two of you?

Xu Ye: (turns away)

Chu Yu: The degree of being inseparable, like glue and paint.



Mo: Who confesses first?

Xu Ye: Me.

Chu Yu: It doesn’t matter. In my eyes, “you belong to me” is also a form of confession.

Xu Ye: (Eyes brightened)



Mo: How much do you like the other person?

Xu Ye: If I leave him, I won’t be able to sleep, I’ll be anxious, and I’ll be very uncomfortable.

Chu Yu: I will always be by your side.

Mo: Can you not seize every opportunity to show off your love in everytime?!



Mo: Do you think this kind of liking can be called love?

Xu Ye: Yeah.

Chu Yu: Of course.



Mo: What’s the one thing the other person said that you couldn’t refuse?

Xu Ye: No matter what Master says, I will never refuse.

Chu Yu: When he said ‘hug me’.



Mo: What is the biggest thing you can allow the other party to do?

Xu Ye: I have no right to restrict Master’s actions…

Chu Yu: Interact with other people within normal limits.



Mo: What will you do if the other party exceeds this limit?

Xu Ye: He will not exceed the limit. I fully trust him.

Chu Yu: I will personally eliminate all the things that are not good for him.

Mo: …so ruthless.



Mo: What do you like most about the other person’s body?

Xu Ye: Chest, very warm.

Chu Yu: Every inch.

Xu Ye: (blushing)



Mo: What kind of appearance in the other person arouses your desire the most?

Xu Ye: When taking off the bathrobe…

Chu Yu: Trembling in my arms and calling ‘Master’.



Mo: When do you feel nervous when you are together?

Xu Ye: When I was whipped…

Chu Yu: When I almost lost him.



Mo: Have you lied to the other party?

Xu Ye: In the beginning, yes, but not anymore.

Chu Yu: There are things that I would hide, but I would never lie to him.



Mo: Have you ever had a quarrel?

Xu Ye: Except for the time when I couldn’t help shouting because I was being scolded by the Master at the club… there probably isn’t any.

Chu Yu: No.



Mo: When do you feel happiest?

Xu Ye: Every minute with him.

Chu Yu: Me too.

Mo: …Forget it. I’m not going to complain anymore.



Mo: When did you feel ‘I am loved’?

Xu Ye: When he hugged me.

Chu Yu: When he obeys my commands and accepts the whipping even when he’s afraid.



Mo: How do you express your love for him?

Xu Ye: Companionship.

Chu Yu: Protection.



Mo: Which plant do you think looks similar to the other person?

Xu Ye: Maple tree.

Chu Yu: White rose.



Mo: Is there anything hidden between the two of you?

Xu Ye: No.

Chu Yu: Yes. (Turning to Xu Ye) Sorry.

Xu Ye: It’s okay, Master… I don’t want to know those things.



Mo: Is the relationship between the two of you publicly acknowledged by those around you?

Xu Ye: Yes.

Chu Yu: Yes.



Mo: Where was the first night?

Xu Ye: Hanguan No.8.

Chu Yu: The bed in the master bedroom.



Mo: What were your thoughts on the first night?

Xu Ye: Well… I’m a little excited but also a little nervous.

Chu Yu: His body fits me very well, and it feels very pleasant to hold him.



Mo: What was the first thing you said in the morning after your first night?

Xu Ye: He was not there that morning…

Chu Yu: Sorry, I have some urgent matters to deal with that day.

Xu Ye: I understand, Master.



Mo: How many times a week do you do it?

Xu Ye: (blushing)

Chu Yu: To ensure quality, about three times or so.



Mo: What kind of sex is it?

Xu Ye: (continues to blush)

Chu Yu: (Looking at Xu Ye and smiling) All kinds of ways.

Mo: Damn it, I don’t want to ask anymore…



Mo: Where do you feel the most?

Xu Ye: (blushing, whispering) Chest and below…

Chu Yu: front end.



Mo: Where does the other person feel the most?

Xu Ye: (blushing) The place that’s used for…

Chu Yu: It’s enough that only I know his sensitive spots.

Mo: So possessive…



Mo: Who takes the lead in sex?

Xu Ye: Master, I try to do it occasionally…

Chu Yu: When he takes the lead, everything is fun.



Mo: Where do you usually have sex?

Xu Ye: Home.

Chu Yu: home.



Mo: Where else do you want to try it?

Xu Ye: (Glancing at Chu Yu) Everything is up to Master.

Chu Yu: (Laughing) Next time, I might try it outdoors.


Mo: Is bathing done before or after sex?

Xu Ye: Once before and after.

Chu Yu: Yeah.



Mo: Does the gong usually cum inside?

Xu Ye: (blushing and nodding)

Chu Yu: Yes.



Mo: Which posture do you prefer?

Xu Ye: (Purses lips) The ordinary kind.

Chu Yu: (Lip hooking) Usually, the rear-entry style will make you feel better.

Xu Ye:…Please, stop talking…



Mo: Which props used during sex impress you the most?

Xu Ye: That… vibrator with a tail…

Chu Yu: If you like it, we can try another animal tail next time.

Xu Ye: (hurriedly) Don’t…

Chu Yu: What impressed me most was the scene where he was tied to the massage table with a rope.



Mo: Have you ever had sex with anyone other than the other person?

Xu Ye: …Yes.

Chu Yu: Yes.



Mo: Next question. Do you think your skills in that area are good?

Xu Ye: …not very good.

Chu Yu: (Smile) This kind of question should be answered by the other party.



Mo:…Okay, do you think the other party’s skills are good? Can they satisfy you?

Xu Ye: (Looking at Chu Yu with a blushing face) When he holds me… it’s always very satisfying every time…

Chu Yu: Sometimes he can be too shy and nervous, and that kind of expression makes me more excited. It feels good to hold him. It makes me happy every time.



Mo: What do you want the other person to say during sex?

Xu Ye: (Blushing) I love you.

Chu Yu: Every word is good, especially when he tells me how he feels. (Looking at Xu Ye) I love you.

Xu Ye: (with bright eyes) Master…

Mo: You go on. I’m going to vomit for a while.



Mo: What do you like to see in each other during sex?

Xu Ye: (furious) Why are there always questions like this?!

Chu Yu: (reaching out to touch Xu Ye’s head to express comfort) How do you like me to hold you?

Xu Ye: (with a bright red face) I like Master no matter what…

Chu Yu: (laughing) I like the way he cried and begged for mercy because of emotion.



Mo: What is the most exciting place to have sex so far?

Xu Ye: His office.

Chu Yu: For now.



Mo: What do you think is the most difficult situation when it comes to love?

Xu Ye: His duration is too long…

Chu Yu: When he is too tense, his body cannot relax.



Mo: Has the shou ever initiated sex?

Xu Ye:…I was drunk at that time!

Chu Yu: (Laughing)



Mo: What was the gong’s reaction at that time?

Xu Ye: At that time, I was in a daze, but in the end… we did it.

Chu Yu: Encourage him to try the feeling of being in a car. And let him be on top1at that time Xu Ye asked to be the top(gong) instead of just being on top and Chu Yu let him to be on top(being on top of him) as he requested.

Xu Ye: (On the verge of crying but without tears) I didn’t mean what I said at all…



Mo: Would you do it with someone other than the other person?

Xu Ye: No.

Chu Yu: No.



Mo: How would you react if you found out that the other person had sex with someone other than yourself?

Xu Ye: I will feel uncomfortable.

Chu Yu: (Glancing at the host coldly) This won’t happen.

Mo: …don’t look at me like that. This question is not mine…



Mo: Has the gong ever forced himself on you?

Xu Ye: No… well, it should be said that we stopped when there was no substantial entry.

Mo: Uh, why?

Chu Yu: (Looking at Xu Ye gently) He cried.

Mo: You become soft-hearted when he cries… Jerry is right.

Chu Yu: I just wanted to scare him. I didn’t really do anything.



Mo: When was the first time? With who?

Xu Ye: (Looked at Chu Yu, embarrassed) When I was a sophomore… I was introduced to a MB by Liu.

Chu Yu: (Indifferently) Freshman year, and a sub who is a few years older than me.



Mo: Is this person your ideal type?

Xu Ye: Yes.

Chu Yu: Yes.


Mo: Where is your favourite place to be kissed?

Xu Ye: Mouth.

Chu Yu: (Looking at Xu Ye) Oh?

Xu Ye: (Blushes and anxious) Master…

Chu Yu: (Laughing) Little liar.

Xu Ye: (Speechless and choked)……

Chu Yu: As for what I said, below.



Mo: Where do you like to kiss each other the most?

Xu Ye: Mouth…

Chu Yu: Lower abdomen. He will be full of emotions.

Xu Ye: …Please.



Mo: What do you think about when you make love?

Xu Ye: I feel like I’m going to die.

Chu Yu: I want to love him more.

Mo: This answer is really not on the same level…



Mo: Do you like or hate doing this with the other person?

Xu Ye: (Red face and softly) I like it.

Chu Yu: Why do it if you don’t love it?

Mo: That’s right…



Mo: What if someone else asks you for sex?

Xu Ye: Refuse.

Chu Yu: Refuse.



Mo: What if you knew someone was pursuing the other person?

Xu Ye: There are many people who like Master (laughs), but he is mine.

Chu Yu: It depends on the situation.

Mo: What do you mean it depends on the situation?

Chu Yu: It depends on the situation of the person. If they dare to cross the line… (lips raised)

Mo: Don’t smile like that. I feel chills all over…



Mo: This question… What would you do if the other person was r4p3d by someone else?

Xu Ye: …Master cannot be r4p3d.

Chu Yu: (Suddenly) No one would dare.

Mo: Damn, don’t show off your murderous intent…



Mo: What should you do if the other person suddenly loses interest in you?

Xu Ye: Think about what is wrong with myself.

Chu Yu: Change my approach to arouse his interest.



Mo: When do you feel the saddest?

Xu Ye: When the Master is angry.

Chu Yu: When I don’t get trust.



Mo: When do you feel happiest?

Xu Ye: When Master hugged me, I meant a simple hug…

Chu Yu: (Looking at Xu Ye) Are you not happy with the not-so-innocent hug?

Xu Ye: (Blushing)… also happy

Chu Yu: (Touching Xu Ye’s head) When I see you happy, I will be happy too.



Mo: Let me ask separately. Chu Yu first. Which of Sub’s behaviours disgusts you the most?

Chu Yu: Presenting one face upfront while concealing a different one behind. A facade of pretence and deception.



Mo: Xu Ye, which behaviour of Dom disgusts you the most?

Xu Ye: Violence that hurts sub.


Mo: What kind of person would you never make friends with?

Xu Ye: Hypocrites, those who do bad things behind the scenes.

Chu Yu: A person who tends to follow the crowd.



Mo: Apart from each other, who is the person closest to you?

Xu Ye: Leopard and Liu.

Chu Yu: (Thoughtfully after listening) The two of them?

Mo: …You’re not going to kill them, are you?

Chu Yu: (Glancing at the host) Not really. For me, it is Chu2Chu Xuan, maybe? It’s only written Chu tho and Chu Qin.



Mo: What leisure and entertainment activities have you been engaging in recently?

Xu Ye: Master is teaching me how to play Go.

Chu Yu: He learns quickly.

Mo: Really? So talented.

Xu Ye: (Biting his lip with a red face) Because there will be a punishment every time you lose…

Mo: What type of punishment?

Chu Yu: Type not suitable for children.

Mo: …I surrender to both of you.



Mo: Tell me about the luckiest thing in your life?

Xu Ye: Meeting Master.

Chu Yu: Falling in love with him.



Mo: The most precious thing you are willing to give to the other party for safekeeping?

Xu Ye: Heart.

Chu Yu: All the time in the rest of my life.

Mo: I’m done asking. You two can go and do whatever you want…

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Extra 2 – The Young Masters’ Chess Game

       In early summer, the sky was filled with thunderclouds, and the whole sky became gloomy.

       The teacher was still explaining the math problems tirelessly on the podium. Chu Yichen propped his head on his hands and looked out the window. A bolt of lightning fell in the distance as if splitting the whole world in half. The rain came in torrents, blown by the wind, and crackled against the glass windows.

       The window next to him was not closed, and the rain blew in and wet his shirt. The surrounding students were affected and moved their chairs inward. The teacher glanced to his way and continued teaching as if nothing happened.

       No one dared to ask him to close the window or even get up to close the window.

       The reason was simple. This private high school was the property of Golden Eagle, and Chu Yichen was the son of Chu Yu, the leader of Golden Eagle.

       Those who studied here were all children of rich and influential people. They had long learned from their fathers the tact and sophistication of adapting to the situation, bullying the weak and fearing the strong. If Chu Yichen hadn’t been taciturn and reserved, with a cold face all the time, he would have been welcomed with open arms every day, making him very popular. In the face of the Chu family’s financial resources and power, everything he did could be tolerated. It was rare for Young Master Chu to be in the mood to be exposed to the rain, so his classmates naturally did not dare to spoil his mood.

       The school bell finally rang, and the teacher said a few words to pay attention to safety during the weekend and then dismissed school.

       Chu Yichen put the textbook into his school bag, stood up and walked out. His gaze fell on the corner of the corridor. He stopped, and his eyes darkened a bit.

       A handsome boy was being surrounded. One of the girls, with a blushing face, handed over the exquisitely wrapped paper bag in her hand under the cheers of the surrounding classmates. The boy curved his lips and smiled, accepted it gently, and then thanked her politely. The girls were excited and chattering around him like a flock of sparrows.

       “Yichen.” The boy saw him and walked over from the crowd. He asked in surprise, “Why are your shoulders wet?”

       “It just started raining, and the windows were not closed.” His explanation was concise.

       “Why don’t you close the window?” The boy looked at him incomprehensibly for a while, sighed, grabbed his arm and walked downstairs. Chu Yichen’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he let him pull him downstairs.

       There were already bodyguards waiting at the door, holding umbrellas and taking their schoolbags.

       “Do you have any clean clothes in the car? Hurry up and change into another one. You’ll catch a cold if you get wet like this.” The boy said and glared at him. “This grown-up still needs me to worry. Being an older brother is really not easy.”

       Chu Yichen looked at him with deep black eyes and said, “You are only half a year older than me.”

       The other person raised his eyebrows, “That’s why I’m older than you. Speaking of which, you’ve almost never called me ‘gege’ since you were a child.”

       “Chu Yunhan, I have never regarded you as my older brother.” He said slowly as if he was serious.

       The other party was stunned and smiled helplessly, “If I had known I should have beaten you more when I was a child, I can’t even beat you now.”

       “If you hit me, I won’t hit you back.”

       “Alright, let’s go back early. Dad will be anxious soon.” Chu Yunhan took two steps and suddenly remembered something and asked, “Is grandpa’s birthday tomorrow?”


       “Then we can have a good fight at the old house tomorrow.” Chu Yunhan has always been a fan of Go.

       “Okay.” Chu Yichen looked at the expectant face, his expression softened.

       The two got into the car and drove off in two different directions.

       When Chu Yichen arrived home, the old Uncle Ye was wielding a spatula in the kitchen. The aroma of rice overflowed, making people want to eat. Xiao Xun arranged the tableware neatly and asked, “Master, are you hungry?”

       “A bit.” Chu Yichen scanned the empty living room and asked, “Are they out?”

       Just then, the door opened, and the two people who came in brought a wet smell of rain. Chu Yichen looked at the two people who were wet, with a faint smile on his lips and called out, “Father. Dad.”

       Xu Ye’s eyes lit up when he saw him, “Yichen really arrived home earlier than us. I won this time.” After saying that, he turned to the man next to him and said proudly, “You agreed to the bet. Next week, accompany me to Los Angeles to watch a game.”

       “Okay.” Chu Yu smiled helplessly, took the dry bath towel from Xiao Xun, wrapped Xu Ye in it, and said, “Go take a hot bath first. You walked too fast, and half of your body was wet already.”

       Xu Ye saw that Chu Yichen’s shoulders were also half wet, so he put his arms around his shoulders and walked upstairs. As she walked, he asked, “Son, are you also taking a romantic walk in the rain, perhaps with a young lady? If you don’t tell me, I’ll have someone investigate…”

       Chu Yu looked at their backs with a faint smile on his lips and told the butler, “Postpone the dinner for half an hour.”

       At the dinner table, Xu Ye personally served him a bowl of chicken soup. After watching him take a sip, he asked, “Does it taste good?”

       “It’s okay.” Chu Yichen replied.

       “Your Dad made it.” Chu Yu looked at him and said.

       “…It tastes very good.” He drank it in one gulp.

       Xu Ye couldn’t help but reach out and touch his head, “I didn’t raise you for nothing.” After saying that, he handed the bowl in front of him to Chu Yu, “You have stayed up late recently.”

       Time had changed their appearance, and the two men, who were nearly fifty years old, had subtle wrinkles at the corners of their eyes. However, the warmth between them had never faded. Today, Xu Ye was a successful businessman. The White Crane Group, under his leadership, had become a comprehensive enterprise spanning finance, e-commerce, catering and entertainment industries. The Golden Eagle, controlled by Chu Yu, was also flying higher and higher with the help of Chu Qin and Chu Xuan. Their story became a legend, and Chu Yichen was also part of this legend.

       From a helpless orphan to the beloved son of two business tycoons, this unique luck has become the talk of many people after dinner.

       Chu Yichen had heard how his classmates slandered him. They seemed friendly and flattering on the surface but turned their backs and called him ‘a bastard with two fathers’. They laughed at him, discriminated against his family, and insulted his father. This was why Chu Yichen’s temper became colder and colder as he grew older.

       And he never felt bad about it. Ever since he took Xu Ye’s hand and entered this family when he was six years old, he had regarded these two people as the brightest light in his life. The love Xu Ye gave him was gentle and meticulous. He cared about his warmth and feelings and gave him tolerance and understanding. What Chu Yu gave was rational guidance and stern encouragement. In his heart, he always regarded his father as his goal and worked hard in his direction bit by bit. He watched their love, grew up under the protection of the two, and gradually became a tough and reserved boy.

       “You will be in your senior year of high school soon. Do you have any goals for college or major? Foreign countries are also acceptable,” Chu Yu said.

       “I want to stay in the country.” Chu Yichen put down his chopsticks and said seriously, “Father, I have thought about it for a long time. Regarding that question, I think I have the answer.”

       Both of them stopped and looked at him quietly.

       “I want it.” Chu Yichen pursed his lips as if he had made up his mind, “I want the position of head of the Chu family.”

       A trace of surprise flashed in Xu Ye’s eyes, and he looked at Chu Yu with some worry.

       The man’s expression was very calm, as if he had already expected it, without a trace of ripples, “Reason?”

       “I have something I want to get.” Chu Yichen lowered his eyes, his eyelashes hiding the emotions in his eyes, “Such a thing can only be obtained when I sit in that position.”

       Chu Yu’s eyes were as deep as the sea, “You should understand that if you want to sit on a high position, you must have the strength to occupy it. Otherwise, if you lose your seat, the consequences of falling from a high place will be tragic.”

       “I understand.” He said slowly and seriously, “Father, I hope you can teach me so that I can have the ability to sit firmly on it. No matter how difficult it is, I want to give it a try.”

       Xu Ye sighed lightly and said nothing.

       Chu Yu was silent for a moment and said, “This kind of lesson is not like your academic studies, where you can complete everything by just sitting in a classroom. In addition to the relevant knowledge of managing a business, I also need to train your judgment, adaptability, management and communication skills, as well as techniques such as calculation, methods, and speculation through practical work. You will step into the real world step by step, so I won’t allow you to ‘try things out.'” He paused, “Yichen, I’m only going to give you one chance. If you give up halfway through, we’ll strip you of your inheritance rights and dump you on the other side of the planet to fend for yourself.”

       The boy sitting at the dining table thought for a while and said, “I accept it.”

       “Okay. You don’t have to go to school starting next week, and all your courses will be rescheduled. After studying for a month, come to Golden Eagle to be my assistant.” After Chu Yu finished speaking, he got up and went upstairs.

       Xu Ye looked at his son with a solemn expression, patted the empty seat next to him and said, “Yichen, sit here.”

       He walked over and sat down.

       “Personally, I don’t wish for you to take on this position because the higher the position, the more dangerous it becomes. Even a powerful man like your father often feels exhausted in such positions. I hope you live each day happily, learning a profession you enjoy without pressure and doing things you love.” Xu Ye gently stroked the boy’s hair, “Today, you truly made me feel that you have grown up. You can now make decisions for your own future. I don’t know what you want to achieve, but since you are willing to work for it, I won’t stand in your way. The learning process will be challenging. If you ever feel tired, just let me know. I can secretly hide you away and rest for a while.”

       Chu Yichen couldn’t help but laugh when he heard the last sentence, “Dad, aren’t you afraid of Father’s whip?”

       Xu Ye’s face turned red, “I’m already so old. Why would he still be hitting me?”

       Chu Yichen leaned his head on Xu Ye’s shoulder and said, “I will study hard.” He had always been a cool-headed person, and it was rare for him to show childlike affection and dependence in front of Xu Ye.

       Xu Ye put his arms around his shoulders and asked, “Would you like another bowl of chicken soup?”

       “…Forget it.”

       Today was Chu Guangyue’s eightieth birthday. The family of three went to the main house to congratulate the old man on his birthday.

       The old house was bustling with people coming and going. Chu Yichen, wearing a black suit, stood behind Chu Yu, calmly waiting for his father to introduce him to the politicians and businessmen who came to celebrate his birthday, with a vague aura of calmness and indifference.

       Chu Guangyue’s eyes fell on him for a long time, and he asked Xu Ye beside him, “Has this child made a decision?”

       Xu Ye was stunned for a moment, then smiled, “Yes.”

       The old master Chu glanced at Chu Yunhan, who was standing not far away talking and laughing with his peers, then turned to Chu Minran, the slightly younger son of Chu Xuan, and said, “Among the younger generations, he is the only one who can take charge of the Chu family. But I’m worried…” The words broke off here, and the old man didn’t say anything further but only sighed softly.

       Xu Ye frowned slightly as he looked at Chu Yichen, who had already entered the role and was advancing and retreating in a controlled manner.

       In a green courtyard, Chu Yunhan, dressed in a white suit, stood on a wooden bridge and scattered fish food to the bottom of the bridge out of boredom. Feeling someone standing next to him, he turned his face sideways and met Chu Yichen’s gaze. There seemed to be many emotions in those dark eyes, but none of them were clear. They were like black holes, making people feel inexplicably in danger.

       “When did you start enjoying socializing?” Chu Yunhan asked.

       Chu Yichen smiled lightly, “If you want to get something, you have to pay some price.”

       Chu Yunhan was puzzled and asked with a blank look on his face, “Huh?”

       Chu Yichen didn’t say anything. He grabbed a handful of fish food from the bag in Chu Yichen’s hand and sprinkled it on the pond. The koi carp swarmed under the bridge, slapping the water and making bursts of water sounds while fighting.

       Two figures, one black and one white, stand on the arch bridge. From a distance, they look like two competing chess pieces on a chessboard.

       Chu Yunhan didn’t know at that time that his life would be intertwined with the person next to him, entangled in love and hatred.

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Extra 1 – Master’s Desire for Control

       On a late spring night, the hour hand was at an angle of ten o’clock.

       On the fourth floor of Hanguan No. 8, the training room called the Cage was brightly lit. Chu Yu sat on the sofa, his dark eyes looking quietly at the naked man in front of him.

       Xu Ye had a collar around his neck and was kneeling on the carpet with his hands on the ground. In his mouth, he held a thin long biscuit, and his face filled with an expression of restrained impatience. After a while, an ‘ngh’ sound was heard, Xu Ye’s body trembled, and he lowered his head. The biscuit in his mouth was bitten off, and the crumbs fell to the ground.

       This was the fourth one that had been broken. The reason why he bit off it was not because he was hungry, but because…

       Lust surged through his body, staining his skin a light crimson. Between Xu Ye’s round buttocks was a rabbit’s tail that was constantly twitching. The white fluff on it trembled and looked very cute. However, in the secret back hole covering it, there was a huge vibrating and rotating di-do. The obvious protrusions on the column rubbed against the intestinal walls, squeezing the sensitive glands and causing him to resist moaning with a sobbing voice.

       Seeing Xu Ye biting his lip and looking at him in sorrow and embarrassment, Chu Yu narrowed his eyes slightly and pressed the remote control in his hand.

       The thick di-do buried deep in the back hole increased the amplitude and frequency again. Xu Ye gasped and arched his back, lowering his body even lower. His trembling legs were almost unable to kneel, and his whole body was trembling. “Master…please…” he whimpered and begged for mercy.

       “I told you. Every time you fail, I’ll speed up the speed.” The man said slowly, “You only have one last chance. Hold it in your mouth for ten minutes. You are not allowed to bite it off, you are not allowed to drop it, and you are not allowed to ejaculate before I give you permission. Of course, you can also give up, and then Shen Jiayan will be at my disposal.”

       Xu Ye’s eyes were filled with water. He tremblingly picked up the last long biscuit on the plate and bit it gently. The mechanically operated di-do in the back hole strongly squeezed the sensitive points on the inner wall time and time again. The numbing pleasure went straight from the groin to the brain, and the unrestrained sexual organ between the legs was raised high. He could only endure it, suppressing the desire that was about to burst out in his body. The fuzzy guttural voice that escaped sounded like pleading or moaning and combined with his posture, it added a bit of lustful charm.

       Tortured by desire, time seemed to last forever. Xu Ye finally couldn’t help crying because he could only sob softly while holding the biscuit in his mouth. Tears overflowed from the corners of his eyes, and fell on the carpet.

       “Do you want me to let him go so badly?” Chu Yu squatted down, raised his chin, and gently stroked the slightly red and swollen wound on Xu Ye’s lip with the pad of his thumb, his eyes as dark as the sea. He said slowly, “Every time I see this wound, it makes me want to tear him apart.”

       Xu Ye didn’t dare to move and couldn’t speak. He just looked at his Master and whimpered. The suppressed lust rolled through his body, making him clutch the carpet tightly.

       It was his fault. It was he who brought Shen Jiayan back from the United States to help him build White Crane’s e-commerce platform; it was he who didn’t realize the other party’s feelings for him until it was too late; it was he who drank uncontrollably; got half-drunk at the annual meeting, and then went to the terrace with Shen Jiayan in a daze.

       The moment he was embraced by Shen Jiayan, there was a momentary lapse in his mind, and he softly called out, “Master?” Then everything went out of control like a wildfire. The gentle and careful kiss rolled over his lips, gradually becoming more intense, taking away his breath bit by bit. When Xu Ye realized what had happened and started to struggle, Shen Jiayan was like a hungry beast, suppressing him with force, ravaging his lips and tongue roughly, and kissing him as if he was going to devour him. By the time Leopard and a group of bodyguards pulled Shen Jiayan away and knocked him to the ground, Xu Ye’s lip had been bitten. Shen Jiayan looked at him, smiling wildly and a little desolately, “I’ve hurt you, and Chu Yu won’t let me off easily. Whether I can be safe from his hands depends on you. Xu Ye, how much affection do you have for me?”

       When Chu Yu saw the wound on his lip, the low pressure in the room was almost suffocating. The seven bodyguards, including Leopard, knelt down and received twenty lashes without saying a word, and Tang Can, the head of the execution hall, took the punishment himself. The soft whip used for punishment was added with black gold thread. These bodyguards were trembling in pain but did not dare to make a sound, which made Xu Ye, who was watching from the side, feel like a knife was twisting in his heart. If the bodyguards who failed to protect him were treated with such harsh punishments, the treatment for Shen Jiayan, who forcibly kissed him, would be even more terrifying. However, Jiayan had been his college classmate for four years and working partner for a year, and Jiayan had helped him solve the challenges in platform construction, assisting the White Crane in advancing step by step. He had no affection for Shen Jiayan, only appreciation. It would be a pity for such a young man with unlimited potential to be ruined. That’s why Xu Ye interceded for Chu Yu even though he knew the man was furious. At that moment, the man’s cold gaze seemed to freeze the room.

       “You want me to let him go?” Chu Yu looked at him expressionlessly, “Okay.”

       He gave Xu Ye a chance. However, the first four biscuits were broken, leaving only the last one.

       Even his jaw was trembling, and the swelling desire made it almost impossible for Xu Ye to think. He instinctively curled up and knelt down, barely raising his head to look at the Master in front of him with hazy eyes, like a small rabbit caught by a ferocious beast with no way to escape, he anxiously awaited the other party’s decision.

       Chu Yu’s gaze passed over the swollen genitals under Xu Ye’s body and fell on the wound on his lips, his eyes as dark as night. He raised the collar, making his slave stand upright. The changed position intensified the stimulation of the vibrator. Xu Ye, who was already unable to control himself, grunted even harder and trembled all over. In this situation, he couldn’t stand at all, and his whole body was leaning on the man’s arms. The biscuit in his mouth was not broken, and his face was slightly pale.

       Chu Yu knew Xu Ye’s physical reaction very well. This situation had reached its limit, and he would not be able to bear it any longer. The man turned off the remote control switch in his hand, held his waist with one hand, clasped the back of his neck with the other, and kissed the slender biscuit. Fragments fell to the ground, while some found their way into Xu Ye’s mouth. The kiss was gentle and lingering. The moist tongue licked the wound on his lip like a caress. The contact between lips was very gentle, as if they were carefully treating a treasure that had been buried for thousands of years.

       Xu Ye raised his face to respond to the kiss, and the tears in his eyes fell from the corners of his eyes and were gently wiped away by his Master with his slender fingers.

       “Ahn, Master…” The moment the man held the upright c0ck between his legs, he trembled and said, “I can’t bear it anymore, please…”

       “You can cum.” Chu Yu’s hand only moved up and down a few times, and with a cry-like gasp, a stream of white turbidity spurted out and splashed on him. Xu Ye, who was lost in the afterglow of orga-m, had his long eyelashes half drooped and leaned softly in the man’s arms. It took him a while to recover, and he murmured, “Master…”

       “Slave, you soiled my clothes. How should I punish you?” The man pressed him against the wall, kissed him gently from the neck down, leaving many marks, and then used his tongue to touch the pale rose-coloured nipple. He rolled the tip into his mouth and licked and sucked.

       “Hmm…” Xu Ye felt as if the restlessness that had just settled within him had sprouted anew, bursting forth like spring grass breaking through the soil. He then replied with a blushing face, “As long as Master likes it, anything is fine.”

       “Take off my clothes.”

       Having received the order, Xu Ye reached out to touch his Master’s chest, unbuttoned his shirt one by one, and took off the shirt stained with his own semen. Then he gently unbuckled his belt and took off his pants and underwear. The thick c0ck was pressed against his lower abdomen without any restraint. Xu Ye’s face turned redder, and there was shy longing in his eyes.

       The man moved closer, trapping him completely between himself and the wall, grabbing Xu Ye’s hand and placing it on his c0ck, looking at him with burning eyes.

       “Master, do you want me to do it with my hands?” Xu Ye obediently held the hot long shaft with his long fingers and asked softly.

       Chu Yu chuckled, lifted one of his legs, hung it on his waist, and slowly pulled out the di-do on his asshole. His fingers gently drew circles on the hole, and the breath blowing against the ear was ambiguous and erotic, “Put it in your mouth here.”

       Xu Ye shivered, leaning his back against the softly wrapped wall, trying to raise his legs and then guide the thick erection to aim at the dilated hole. Standing on one leg like this made it a little difficult for him to move. He finally inserted the tip in, and the sphincter muscle that was once again stretched by the foreign object contracted suddenly, making the man groan.

       “This little mouth is so hungry. Are you so eager to let me cum for you?” Chu Yu said teasing words while lifting his other leg, letting him hook it around his waist, and then holding his tight buttocks, he pushed himself up and fully penetrated without any gentleness.

       Xu Ye gasped and put his hands around his neck. At this moment, almost all the weight of his body fell on the part where the two of them were joined together. His c0ck entered so deeply that he couldn’t help but tremble, “Master… it’s too deep, ugh…”

       “Tell me who you are.” The man held his waist, pulled out slightly and then pushed in. He already knew this body well and deliberately squeezed the sensitive points hard.

       “Ah─” Xu Ye raised his neck and gasped in response, “I am your slave. Everything about me belongs to you…”


       “Uhng, I’m your slave… Ahn─Master, it’s too fast… Please… everything about me belongs to you…” His words were shattered by the fierce invasion, and his eyes were filled with tears. The misty fog gradually appeared, trembling and rising with the man’s frequency, “Please… I only belong to you… Master, uhn─Slow down, please slow down… I can’t stand it anymore… Ahh─”

       The sound of flesh hitting each other and the sound of the sticky liquid stirring in and out of the hole were mixed with Xu Ye’s louder moans and cries. The hot c0ck invaded that secret path again and again, stirring up all desires and occupying all emotions. His back rubbed against the soft anti-shock wall, and his body seemed to be on fire. Pleasure flew through his limbs, gathered in his lower abdomen, and spurted out.

       On weekdays, considering Xu Ye’s physical strength, Chu Yu had always been restrained in having sex and would control the number of ejaculations of his slaves in a timely manner. But tonight, he had no restraint and rushed into that tight and hot wet hole, letting the man cum in his arms again and again. Until the end, he cried loudly and begged hoarsely under him, “Master, I can’t cum… please forgive me… wuwu… spare me…” Finally, he leaned softly against the man’s chest and fell asleep exhaustedly.

       This time, it was really harsh. Xu Ye didn’t even wake up while taking a shower and cleaning his back hole. Chu Yu looked at his peaceful sleeping face, sighed softly, dialled Tang Can’s number and said, “Let Shen Jiayan go.”

       When Xu Ye woke up at noon the next day, Chu Yu was sitting on the sofa by the bedroom window reading a book. Seeing that he was awake, he sat down by the bed and gently rubbed his waist, his movements very natural. They had been together day and night for many years, and they had already understood each other and had a tacit understanding of each other.

       “Master.” Xu Ye hugged his arm and said softly, “I pleaded for Shen Jiayan not because I have other feelings for him. The only person I love in this life is you, and I only belong to you.”

       There was a faint smile in Chu Yu’s eyes, “He’s taking the flight to Washington tomorrow night. You can go see him off.”

       Xu Ye was stunned and said in surprise, “Master is not angry anymore?”

       The man looked at him and said, “I am learning to be generous.”

       Xu Ye curled her lips and smiled, “Master, if you are free tomorrow night, can you accompany me to see you off at the airport?”

       Chu Yu thought for a moment and said, “Okay.”

       In the crowded airport, the young smart Shen Jiayan looked at the two people in front of him and said helplessly, “Seeing you guys coming to see me off together makes me feel really complicated.”

       “Have a good trip.” Xu Ye, wearing a loose sweatshirt, said with a smile.

       Shen Jiayan’s eyes fell on the crimson hickey on his neck. He turned to the man standing next to Xu Ye and asked, “Why did you let me go?”

       Chu Yu looked at him calmly, “I won’t do anything to make him sad.”

       “The person who forcibly kissed Young Master Chu’s person can still escape alive. When I think about it this way, it’s quite a sense of accomplishment.” Shen Jiayan chuckled, waved the boarding pass in his hand, and said to Xu Ye, “Xu Ye, if he makes you sad, remember to come to me.”

       Xu Ye looked sideways at the person next to him and met the gentle gaze with a smile as clear as the breeze, “That day will not come. Take care.”

       Outside the window, a huge plane roared towards the sky. A warm hand grasped his, and the same silver ring on his ring finger touched, reflecting dazzling light.

       In this life, please let me always love you in my own way.

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The story of Xu Ye and Chu Yu concludes here. During the process of writing this manuscript, there were delays and numerous revisions, but today it can be considered complete.

The initial intention behind writing this story was merely to explore a different flavour. I had been immersed in a light and fresh style for too long and wanted to write something different. After much thought, I decided to delve into the BDSM theme. I used my own interpretation to depict what seems like kinky behaviour. A man with an intense desire for control and a sensitive, lonely, and insecure man establish a master-slave relationship to satisfy their desires. One controls and the other submits, understanding, tolerating, and changing in their interactions, and finally, they fall in love and become lifelong partners.

The overall tone of the entire novel is light-hearted, without excessively sadistic or uncomfortable scenes. All the foreshadowing becomes clear in the ending—about the names of the Chu family’s three brothers, about Chu Guangyue and Qin Yuxuan, about that tie, about Chu Yu’s promise to Xu Ting, about the love of Ye Yu’s love.

“Surrender” is the first Danmei novel that I have written with all my heart. To make the characters more well-rounded, the second half was overturned and rewritten. It was really sad to see that large section deleted (laughs). Fortunately, it finally looked like what I wanted, complete and beautiful, like an amber, wrapped in my feelings about love.

I hope you like this story too.

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Chapter 53 – I Belong to You [End of Main Story]

       The lives of the two were very harmonious. On the third day after announcing their relationship, Chu Yu had all of Xu Ye’s belongings moved from the small apartment to Hanguan No. 8. The original guest room was completely abandoned. Xu Ye rolled on the big bed in the master bedroom every day to watch movies, calculate profits, answer phone calls, and play games. Occasionally, he would sneakily eat snacks on the bed, but after enduring ten lashes, this habit quickly changed.

       Xu Ye’s personal career was also going smoothly. When the main building of Donglin’s resort was completed, he took a funny selfie wearing a safety helmet with a sense of accomplishment. He slyly swapped Chu Yu’s phone with his own when Chu Yu wasn’t paying attention, changing the wallpaper to his own face. The next day, the second young master was in a meeting with a sullen face. His expression softened instantly when he saw Xu Ye’s face light up on the screen. After answering the phone, his mood improved significantly, which made the silent cadres all breathe a sigh of relief. In private, these cadres were willing to get close to Xu Ye, but due to the strict order of the Second Young Master, ‘to not say anything that shouldn’t be said’, no one dared to mention the shady things in the Black Eagle Organisation in front of Xu Ye.

       After making their relationship public, Chu Yu would always be accompanied by Xu Ye whenever he appeared on formal occasions. There was a complete tacit understanding between the two people’s eyes, words, and gestures. People became more and more accustomed to seeing them together. Many people approached Xu Ye in order to curry favour with the Second Young Master, but Xu Ye’s attitude was always polite but distant. He never interfered with Chu Yu’s decisions for the sake of others. In his eyes, if Chu Yu’s position deviated from the world, then he would rather believe that the entire world was wrong. Someone once made sarcastic remarks to him in front of him, but Xu Ye laughed it off without refuting it and did not even tell Chu Yu afterwards. When those words reached Tang Can’s ears, he was so angry that he sent someone to beat the man severely. After the Second Young Master found out, he didn’t say anything and turned around and destroyed the man’s company. From then on, no one dared to be disrespectful to Xu Ye in person.

       In early winter of that year, the Chu family’s eldest grandson was born. Chu Qin, who had now become a father, took his children back to his old house whenever he had free time so that Chu Guangye could enjoy the joy of having grandchildren. Chu Yu liked this little nephew very much and often teased him.

       It snowed for the first time that night. Xu Ye sat by the window, bowed his head and was silent for a long time before speaking hesitantly, “Master, if you like children, you can… you can have one, um… two are fine. Actually, I don’t mind if you have children of your own.”

       The man looked at him sideways and asked, “Who are you going to let me have a child with?”

       Xu Ye pursed his lips and said, “As far as I know, there are plenty of women who would be willing to have children for you.”

       “You don’t mind if I sleep with someone else, do you?” There was already a faint sense of oppression in the deep voice.

       He avoided that line of sight uncomfortably and hummed softly.

       Chu Yu’s face was cold, “How should I arrange after her pregancy? Will she come to live with you at Hanguan No. 8?”

       Xu Ye froze and said, “If you are willing, I have no objection.”

       “After the child is born, I will be its father, and that woman will be its mother. We will live together and raise it. What are you going to do with the excess?”

       The word ‘excess’ was like a sharp knife piercing Xu Ye’s heart. He lowered his head, his eyes were red, and he suppressed the sadness in his heart and said, “I can leave…”

       “That’s enough!” Chu Yu suppressed the anger in her heart and said coldly, “Kneel down.”

       Xu Ye had never seen such an angry expression on his face before. He trembled and knelt down.

       The man pinched his chin and asked him to look at him. He slowed down his words and said in a deep voice, “I’ll ask you again. You don’t mind if I sleep with someone else, do you?”

       Xu Ye felt as if he was delayed by the angry gaze, and there was water in his black eyes, “Master, I can give you everything, but I can’t give you children. If you want to have it, I am not willing to be your obstacle.”

       The man’s gaze was clear and sad, and it was clear that Chu Yu was equally heartbroken. He sighed helplessly, looked at the man kneeling in front of him, and said, “None of us three brothers are our father’s biological sons.”

       Xu Ye was startled and looked at him in surprise.

       “When my father adopted me, I was just born. I was left outside the police station. I heard that I almost froze to death. My birthday is the day he adopted me.” He saw Xu Ye looking at him in surprise with his dark eyes. The man reached out and touched his face, “Don’t you think it’s strange? To give names like Chu Yu and Chu Xuan to the second and third child, but the oldest one’s name is Chu Qin, which is out of place?1it might be coz the word Qin is not usually used as given name but surname, so the eldest son name is like surname+surname” He paused and said, “We existed to commemorate a person named Qin Yuxuan. He is the person my father spent his whole life remembering.”

       “It is rumoured that the old master Chu destroyed the Water Snakes Gang because of a dead brother…” Xu Ye said.

       “If it weren’t for Qin Yuxuan, there wouldn’t be the Golden Eagle today, and similarly, there wouldn’t be me as I am now.” The light reflected in Chu Yu’s deep eyes, emitting a gentle glow. “He saved my father’s life, and the two endured hardships together for many years. My father once promised to rise to prominence with him. Before that ideal could be realized, he was schemed against and killed. My father never had a woman in his life, never married. Though he never said it aloud, we all knew that Qin Yuxuan was the one he loved. Even though he’s no longer here, he has always been unforgettable.”

       Xu Ye didn’t expect such twists and turns and felt a little sad for a moment.

       “Xu Ye, I have always envied such a relationship until I met you. I was now convinced that I had such a relationship. I have never considered having children with a woman, and I will never consider it in the future. If I decide to expand our family, I will discuss it with you, and we’ll adopt together in our shared name. I will respect your opinion because you are the one I intend to grow old with.” Chu Yu’s eyes seemed to contain the stars and the sea, deep and bright.

       “Master…” These words made Xu Ye feel warm in his heart. He whispered with some shame, “I’m sorry I made you angry.”

       “You know your mistake?”


       “Okay, now that you admit your mistake, let’s talk about punishment.” The man curled his lips, “You will be in charge of tonight’s pre-sleep exercise. You are not allowed to stop until I am satisfied.”

       “…Master, I can’t do it…please…ahng…” Before he could beg for mercy, he was already pressed between the soft quilts.

       Outside the window, snow fell gently, spreading over the sky and earth.

       Inside, warmth filled the room like spring, where joy was profound, creating a world of its own.


       In the spring of the next year, Donglin Resort officially opened. The Second Young Master of Golden Eagle came to unveil the monument in person. Under the red velvet cloth, the two words ‘Ye Yu2from Xu Ye and Chu Yu’ were engraved in huge letters on the blue-grey stone.

       Together, they mean brilliance.

       In late spring, Chu Yu and Xu Ye registered their marriage in the UK and became legal partners in the presence of relatives and friends of both parties.

       The moment he put on the ring, Chu Yu leaned over and kissed Xu Ye’s hand, “I promised your father that I would love you for the rest of my life, and Xu Ye, everything I have belongs to you”.



Before I met you, I drank my fill of loneliness. After I met you, I tasted happiness.

I thought it was you who made me surrender. Only in the end did we realise that we all had surrendered to love.

Just like two planets coincidentally intersecting in the universe, our mutual attraction altered our trajectories, and we have revolved around each other since then, never to be separated.

Until the end of the universe and the end of life, I still don’t want to say goodbye to you.

[End of story]

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It’s an ancient text. Let it sink.

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Chapter 52 – I Love You

       After Xu Ye cleaned himself thoroughly from the inside out, he came to the door at the end of the third floor with some confusion. As far as he knew, this should be a small meeting room where Chu Yu sometimes conducted remote meetings or summoned senior executives to discuss business matters.

       When he opened the door and walked in, he noticed something different at first sight. The long table was gone, and in the middle of the conference room filled with electronic screens was a white soft bed on which a large box was placed.

       “Open it.” Chu Yu sat on the leather swivel chair and gave him the order.

       The moment he took off the lid of the box, Xu Ye froze, and his face was on fire again. He looked at the man with an embarrassed and pitiful expression and softly called, “Master…”

       “You know what my next order is.” The second young master sat leisurely with a smile on his lips, “Let’s get started.”

       Xu Ye bit his lip, and his face turned red. He then stood in embarrassment for a while and reached out tremblingly to pick up the two furry hairpins placed on the top of the box and clipped them on his hair, one on the left and the other on the right. As a result, there was a pair of white fox ears on his head, which shook cutely when he turned his head. He looked at Chu Yu sadly and saw that the other party had no intention of stopping, so he had no choice but to continue.

       Xu Ye felt a little regretful now. If he had known that he would wear these things, he might as well have just worn a pair of thongs given by Chu Xuan… The third young master indeed knew his brother’s peculiar taste and interests very well.

       In his thoughts, his Master’s commands were irrefutable. He fastened the collar with the silver bell and put on a pair of wide bracelets with white fluff. Then he stared at the two-finger wide white ribbon and asked the man for help, “Master, I don’t know where this is used.”

       Chu Yu smiled faintly, “Leave that one alone and continue.”

       Xu Ye put on the matching anklet and opened the black cardboard box at the bottom. His hands shook, and he called out with a pleading look on his face, “Master, can we skip this part…”

       The man looked at him with a sly smile, “Are you bargaining with me?”

       Xu Ye’s face turned pale, and he climbed into bed with some grievance. he picked up the bottle of lubricant in the box and applied it to his fingers. Then he lay down, slowly opened his legs in an M shape, and used his fingers to expand his ass hole little by little.

       The naked body was flushed with a seductive pink colour, and his lower abdomen, tensing and relaxing intermittently, rose and fell with each breath. The fingers inserted between the buttocks spread open the entrance, stirring within and creating a lascivious sound. Xu Ye’s moans from time to time were like the fluttering feathers of flying birds, falling lightly on the water, stirring up ripples of desire. When he could insert four fingers at the same time, he stood up with a flushed face and took out the thick massage stick with a fluffy white tail. After applying lubricant, he slowly pushed it toward the depths between his thighs under the watchful eyes of his Master.

       “Woo… Master…” Xu Ye’s eyes were filled with mist, and he spread his legs wide, exposing his shamefully contracted pale rose-coloured hole in front of the man’s eyes. When the whole thing was inserted, he lay on the bed, unable to breathe. Suddenly, all the electronic screens hanging on the walls and ceiling lit up.

       He was startled and froze completely when he realized that the person on the screen was himself photographed from different angles.

       When he was lying on his back, the screen above his head was like a mirror, completely reflecting his frightened and helpless expression. His naked body was decorated with small decorations, and the long white tail between his slender legs made him look even more alluring. He was like a captured demon fox that was put on a collar and shackles with no way to escape.

       He shrank his body; the position of the hard vibrating di-do inside his body changed and squeezed the sensitive inner walls, and an uncontrollable moan escaped from his mouth.

       “Don’t you think it looked good on you?” Chu Yu came to the bedside, narrowed his eyes slightly, leaned over and teased the buds on his chest that he had marked.

       “Uhng…no… it doesn’t look good…” Xu Ye looked at his gasping self on the screen, feeling embarrassed and ashamed. He closed his eyes and tilted his head to one side.

       Chu Yu chuckled, “Then I’ll make you look better.”

       Before he finished speaking, the di-do in his hole suddenly vibrated rapidly. The sudden stimulation made Xu Ye scream. The foreign object was raging inside his body; the bulging part squeezed the sensitive glands without mercy, and the c0ck under the crotch gradually stood up. Xu Ye looked at himself trembling and moaning on the screen and begged for mercy with a shy cry, “Please…turn it off…hng…”

       The man turned off the remote control switch and asked, “Want me to change your tail?”

       “No…” Xu Ye said with a blushing face, “I don’t want to use these… Master, please… hold me…”

       Chu Yu sat down on the edge of the bed, wrapped his hand around his head with white ears, and asked deliberately, “How do you want me to hold you? Like this?”

       Xu Ye’s face was full of grievances, and his eyes were wet. It took him a long time to muster the courage to whisper, “I want Master… to put it in…” Such a proactive request for pleasure made him blush all over with shame. Unexpectedly, the other party did not intend to let him go easily and continued to ask, “Where do you want me to put it in?” He saw that Xu Ye could not speak; the man smiled and shook the remote control in his hand, “If you don’t want to say anything, we will continue.”

       Xu Ye almost cried and replied hurriedly, “Insert it inside…inside my body…please…”

       Chu Yu took off his bathrobe and got into bed. He lay on his back and leaned on the pillow. He spread his legs slightly, revealing his semi-hard c0ck and said, “If you want, try to appease it.”

       Xu Ye crawled over on hands and feet and knelt obediently between the man’s legs. The tail hanging behind him was driven by the movement and shook slightly. He leaned down and took the c0ck that he loved and feared in his mouth, and started licking it.

       The moment the semi-hard genital was wrapped in the soft mouth, Chu Yu let out a deep breath. The warm and soft tongue rubbed every sensitive spot between the legs, like a kitten licking its food plate, sometimes lightly and sometimes heavily. Ambiguous sounds leaked from the mouth, like a catalyst that fueled the hair of desire. The man’s heavy breathing seemed to be a sign of recognition, making the cat even more attentive. As the frequency of swallowing and gagging gradually increased, the sexual genitalia in the mouth became hotter and harder.

       He hooked his fingers around Xu Ye’s collar to bring him closer. Chu Yu pulled out the di-do buried deep inside Xu Ye and said in a deep voice, “Sit up.”

       As a slave, Xu Ye had no room for resistance. He spread his legs and knelt, aligned the small opening behind him that had been ravaged by the di-do with the thick erect c0ck, and sat down bit by bit. The feeling of his asshole being completely stretched made his legs tremble, and the hot and hard weapon mercilessly violated the secret hole that was not meant for sexual intercourse, but he felt shameless pleasure.

       “Open your eyes.” Chu Yu’s slightly hoarse voice was sexy.

       Xu Ye gasped and followed the order, watching himself appear on every screen as he swung his waist and took another man’s c0ck into his body. The picture changes with the controller in Chu Yu’s hand, from different angles and directions, and can even be zoomed in to every detail of the lubricant being squeezed out after the tender hole was invaded by the man’s thick c0ck. Like a series of lustful and charming paintings, stimulating Xu Ye’s uncontrollable desire. When there was still a bit left, he sat down directly since his legs were weak, and the pressure of his weight made his c0ck push deeper.


       All the support of the whole body was concentrated in that one place, and this feeling of being completely penetrated was both painful and pleasurable at the same time. He dared not move anymore, so he had no choice but to ask the man for help, “Master…”

       “Keep going if you want to.” Chu Yu leaned on the soft goose feather pillow and looked at him leisurely.

       Xu Ye’s eyes were full of mist, like a child who was bullied and wanted to cry but didn’t dare to cry. He didn’t know what to do. His hands and feet were stiff, so he tentatively moved his waist, raised his hips a little, and then sat down slowly. He did it again and again, and finally, he felt something. He gradually relaxed his body and tried to adjust the angle to hit his sensitive points when swallowing the c0ck in. However, such actions made him feel shy, especially when he could see himself. The sense of shame and desire for desire were mixed together, and even the moans were sobbing, pitiful and cute.

       In fact, Chu Yu endured the hardship very well. Xu Ye’s clumsy movements and sometimes nervous contractions made him very tormented. The look of being bullied made him feel funny and distressed, and he wished he could just turn over and hold him down for a good fvck. The reason why he had been enduring it was because Xu Ye’s behaviour was always too passive. One-sided control was not fun for lovemaking, and the interaction would make it more harmonious. As Master, Chu Yu must cultivate the slave’s desire for himself and encourage him to ask for what he wants.

       This kind of intercourse process was extremely difficult for Xu Ye. He couldn’t even let himself reach a climax when his arms and legs were weak, let alone satisfy Chu Yu, who had always been long-lasting. He looked at the other party helplessly and begged in a trembling voice, “Master…I can’t…please…”

       “If you want me to take the lead, you have to follow my standards.” Chu Yu glanced at the erect c0ck between his legs with a deep look, “Tie the ribbon.”

       Xu Ye knew now what this white ribbon was for. To wrap around the base of the hard c0ck. He heard the man’s deep voice, “You’d better tie it tight. If you cum before my permission, I will make you cum until you can’t cum anymore.” Xu Ye’s fingers trembled, and he endured the pain and tightened it.

       “There is a clasp on the inside of the bracelet. Fasten it yourself.” The second command came.

       Xu Ye put his hands close together in a daze. When he reached a certain angle, he only heard a click, as if he had been handcuffed and couldn’t move any further.

       “Don’t close your eyes, don’t say no, do you understand?”

       Xu Ye bit his lip and nodded.

       Chu Yu rolled over and pinned him down, taking back the initiative. The bound hands were fixed above his head, and the man raised his calves and put them on his shoulders, leaning down to press him down. After switching positions, the angle of the c0ck that lay across the body changed, causing the person underneath him to tense up, gasp uncontrollably, and the silver bell around his neck made a pleasant sound.

       Everything seemed to be back on track.

       The hot and hard friction in the tunnel, the entering and withdrawing, made Xu Ye feel extremely at ease. He relaxed his body and let the other person take charge of everything. The man awakened his desire, but he kept a slow pace, neither light nor heavy. Xu Ye twisted his waist a little impatiently, with a longing expression on his face.

       “Master…I want…”

       “What do you want?” Chu Yu asked.

       “I want..hng…go faster…”

       “Should I teach you manners and rules again?”

       “Ngh… Master, please faster…”

       Satisfied with the answer, the man pushed up hard, one more violent hit to stimulate the pleasure glands, making Xu Ye cry out in disbelief.

       “Tell me how you feel.” The man asked while straightening his waist and moving.

       Xu Ye gasped and did not answer.

       Chu Yu’s eyes dimmed, and he hit that sensitive spot hard and continuously, forcing tears out of Xu Ye. Xu Ye whimpered and spoke, “Ahng… Master…it’s too deep… You’re going to break me… Hngh—please, be gentle… wooo…”

       Practice makes perfect. The ability to provide real-time feedback had begun to bear fruit under his training. Xu Ye was like a shy flower that fully bloomed in his hands.

       The hard c0ck was wreaking havoc in the body that was bent just right. The satisfaction brought by the insertion and the emptiness that arose when withdrawing alternately made Xu Ye completely hypnotised. Everything was blurred, and only the supreme pleasure generated by the two people’s tightly attached bodies dominated everything.

       “Look at yourself.” The man’s low whisper seemed to come from distant outer space, vague and psychedelic.

       Xu Ye looked at the other him in the mirror with his dark eyes moistened by tears.

       On his fair body soaked in lust, there were traces of marks left by the man’s kisses. He trembled with the rhythm of the man’s impact, one after another, and the silver bell around his neck shook and jingled at the same time. Although there were tears in the corners of his eyes, the expression on his face was one of joy and satisfaction. When he raised his neck and moaned passionately, there was a kind of intoxicating charm, as if he was yearning for that person’s gaze, hugs, and kisses all the time, looking forward to his deeper possession.

       It turned out that this was what he looked like when being held by Chu Yu…

       “Your beauty only belongs to me.” The man bit his nipple lightly, leaving his mark in his whimpering voice.

       At the moment when the climax was approaching, the restraints on Xu Ye’s front were released. During the violent thrusts like a storm, his Master issued an order, “Call my name.”

       “Chu Yu… um…” Xu Ye’s eyelashes were wet with tears and trembled. He looked at the other party like a devout believer and said softly, “Chu Yu, I love you…”

       The man’s movements paused for a moment, and then he leaned down and kissed his lips, pushing in hard, merging the two people’s joints together seamlessly.

       “I love you too.”



       Xu Ye’s sudden confession made Chu Yu, who had always had strong self-control, completely lose control and did him over and over again. The next day, the second young master got up refreshed and went to work, but Xu Ye lay on the bed and couldn’t get up.

       “I had a meeting this morning…” The person who was tortured to the point of having only half a life left stared at the other person dully as if he dared not speak out in anger.

       “Sorry, I will be more careful next time.” The man sat sideways on the bed and pinched his waist in a good-natured way. “You can use the small conference room on the third floor for remote meetings.”

       Xu Ye thought about last night when the screen was full of himself crying and begging for sex. He blushed and said aggrievedly, “I don’t need that room…I won’t go into that room in the future…”

       Chu Yu couldn’t help but chuckle, patted his butt and said, “Get up and tie my tie.”

       Xu Ye climbed up from the bed, holding his waist. When he took the tie, he was stunned and asked, “Master, this is…”

       “Does it look familiar?” the man asked.

       How could you think it was familiar with this hand-embroidered model with tiny silver rhombus patterns on a dark blue background?

       “Originally, I bought this as a birthday gift for you, but something happened, and I thought I lost it.” Xu Ye looked at the tie in his hand, recalling the panic at the time, and sighed and said, “You can wear another one. Something like that happened the day I bought it, and I’m afraid it would be…unlucky for you to wear it.”

       “I wear it to alert myself.” The man stroked the inconspicuous scar on his forehead, with distress in his eyes, “I once made such a mistake because of my carelessness, and I almost lost you.”

       Xu Ye was stunned, lowered his eyes and smiled. He raised his hand and wrapped the tie around Chu Yu’s neck. His slender fingers tied a neat knot under the collar and tightened it. Stare at the person for a while and say, “It looks good.”

       The man touched his head and said, “Have a good rest at home and leave work matters to your subordinates. Apply the ointment on the bedside every two hours. The strength wasn’t controlled well last night, and your back is a little congested.”

       Xu Ye’s cheeks were hot. He threw himself back on the bed and said, “See you later.” without raising his head.

       Chu Yu went out with a smile.

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Chapter 51 – Birthday Party (Part 2)

       While they were talking, the main person on the topic came over.

       Chu Yu was dressed in a deep blue suit with a crescent-white shirt, a silver-grey diagonal-striped tie neatly fastened, and the silver buttons on his suit shimmered coldly under the lights. The whole person appeared handsome and imposing, exuding a regal aura that effortlessly captured everyone’s attention. As he approached, the five young men immediately stood up, finding it hard not to feel nervous in his presence.

       “It’s almost time.” The man only had eyes for the one person he cared about.

       Xu Ye, who was wearing a white suit, stood up, took the goblet in his hand, and followed him to the centre of the vacant field. The silver bell in Xiao Xun’s hand rattled and made an ethereal sound. Then, the place gradually became quiet.

       After Chu Yu looked around, he said, “Thank you all for taking the time to come to this dinner. In fact, in addition to celebrating my birthday, there is a special reason for inviting you here today. I want to share my joy and happiness with you all.” He paused and continued, “I just heard a saying that everyone’s love is finite, like the sand in an hourglass that keeps falling and is eventually consumed.”

       When he heard this, Xu Ye raised his eyes and looked at him in surprise.

       The man looked at him sideways, his black eyes filled with depth and insight. He said in a steady tone, “But the person by my side is the one who makes me willing to turn that hourglass at any cost. Today, I officially introduce him to everyone. His name is Xu Ye, the one I love unconditionally, the person I trust without reservation, and the partner I will spend my life with. In the days to come, I hope everyone can give him the same respect and support as you do for me.” He overheard Xu Ye’s words outside the window, and it warmed his heart. From Xu Ye, he gained an unreserved trust that he would never bear to live up to in his life. This was his answer.

       A wave of astonishment swept through the room. For those who didn’t know the inside story, this revelation was a bit hard to digest at first, but everyone understood the meaning of these words. After tonight, the name Xu Ye would quickly spread throughout the upper echelons of society. He would be the focus of attention from all quarters, with some showing respect while others displayed disdain and contempt. However, everyone would have to tread carefully in their treatment of him because behind him stood the man named Chu Yu.

       “Finally, thank you again for coming, and I wish you all a good night.” Chu Yu raised his glass, clinked it with the glass in Xu Ye’s hand,  and they both drank the champagne amidst a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘Congratulations’. Then, he opened his palm toward Xu Ye, clasped the slightly nervous hand, and smiled, saying, “Let’s go meet the guests together.”

       Xu Ye nodded, his obsidian eyes shining with warmth.

       That night, he was introduced to many people by Chu Yu, including some familiar faces wearing new skins. What surprised Xu Ye was that Lion was actually the boss of an entertainment company with many famous models and artists under his management. Pharaoh was a lawyer who specialised in economic cases. Tom was a professional manager and had been considering changing jobs recently. Jerry was a jewellery designer, and the nipple ring on Xu Ye’s chest was his work.

       Both Chu Guangye and Xu Ting sent people to deliver gifts. Chu Qin and Chu Xuan also came to congratulate him. The third young master handed the gift directly to Xu Ye and said with a smile, “Open it and take a look.”

       Xu Ye opened it in confusion. When he saw the thing clearly, he blushed as if on fire and thrust the box back into his hand.

       “It’s not for you. You have no right to refuse it.” Chu Xuan’s peach blossom eyes smiled ambiguously, “Be good and wear it to him at night. My second brother will definitely be pleased.”

       “…If you want to wear it, you wear it yourself.” He turned around and left with a blush on his face, almost knocking over the cup in Chu Yu’s hand.

       “What is it?” The second young master asked, looking at his fleeing figure.

       Chu Xuan held back a smile and opened the box. Inside was a pair of transparent mesh thongs.

       When he saw Xu Ye standing far away with such shyness that the tips of her ears turned red, Chu Yu couldn’t help but chuckle.


       After sending off the last batch of guests, Xu Ye breathed out a sigh of relief.

       The man hugged him from behind and asked, “Are you tired?”

       Xu Ye shook his head. His face was slightly flushed after drinking, and his dark eyes were a little excited. He looked like a delicious peach. “Wait a minute…” As if he remembered something, he ran upstairs and brought down a small box, handing it to Chu Yu with both hands.

       The box contains a bottle of perfume. The sea-blue liquid was placed in a clear carved crystal bottle, which looked very beautiful under the lamp.

       Xu Ye explained slowly, “Because I didn’t know what you needed, so I bought the brand you usually use. I’ve smelled it, and the aftertaste is very light and pleasant. You should like it. Uh, if you don’t like it, the bottle is quite unique. Just keeping it around as a display is also good…” He looked at the man awkwardly and said softly, with some shyness, “Master, happy birthday…”

       “I will use it.” Chu Yu had a gentle smile in his eyes and raised his hand to touch Xu Ye’s cheek, “I’ll only have the scent you like on me.”

       Xu Ye arched his eyebrows.

       “But I want you more than gifts.” The man’s eyes were like a black hole that wanted to suck everything in, and his mesmerising voice made people addicted. “Go take a shower, and then come to the room at the end of the third floor.”

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Chapter 50 – Birthday Party (Part 1)

       To host the second young master’s birthday dinner, Hanguan No. 8 was forced to take on a completely new look.

       The space on the first floor had been rearranged by xiao Xun, freeing up a large area. The long dining table placed next to it was covered with a dark purple velvet tablecloth, and silver-rimmed bone china plates held fresh fruits and desserts. In glasses of various shapes and sizes, liquors of different colours shimmered splendidly under the lights. The servants stood neatly aside, waiting for the call.

       From the decoration to the utensils, there was a subtle luxury in every detail. Just like when they picked up a wine glass, one wouldn’t know that the brightly coloured c0cktail in the glass was made by a specially invited top bartender, nor would one find that the seemingly ordinary stemmed glass was hand-blown by a Czech craftsman. While paying attention to quality, being meticulous and not ostentatious, this was in line with Second Young Master Chu’s style.

       At exactly seven o’clock, guests began to arrive. Men dressed in suits and voluptuous ladies in elegant dresses gathered in small groups, engaging in conversations. The scene was filled with alluring shoulders and beautiful backs, and glasses clinked together, creating a lively and extraordinary atmosphere.

       When Liu Jing and the other five arrived, Xu Ye and Chu Yu were greeting the guests at the door. Xu Ye gestured and said something while Chu Yu listened attentively with a gentle smile on his lips.

       The sight left the five of them exchanging glances. Their social circles were far removed from the Chu family, and any encounters were distant. However, they had witnessed Chu Yu’s imposing presence; one glance with an expressionless face could silence everyone. There were even rumours that he recently initiated a brutal purge within the Black Eagle, with cruel and harsh methods. They really didn’t expect that this fearsome man also possessed such a gentle side.

       “You are here.” Xu Ye saw them and greeted them with a smile. The five people he invited were all friends who hang out together. They all know each other’s hobbies and orientations, and they were considered like-minded in the circle of second-generation business elites.

       After he finished introducing them one by one, Chu Yu nodded politely, “Welcome.” The cold dark light in his black eyes swept across their faces, and everyone froze unconsciously. After greeting them, he turned to Xu Ye and said, “It’s too cold outside. Why don’t you go in and chat with them for a while?”

       Xu Ye responded and led his friends into the house. As soon as he entered the door, five people gathered around the corner of the sofa as if they were trying to force him to confess. Liu Jing asked straight to the point, “Are you and Second Young Master Chu together?”

       “Yes.” He admitted frankly.

       “You’ve got a lot of nerve!” Another person said, “This is not how you play for excitement. I was so scared that my legs were weak when I received the invitation letter from the Chu family. I was wondering if I offended the Second Young Master Chu in some way. It wasn’t until I saw it was a birthday celebration that I could breathe again.”

       Several others nodded in agreement.

       “Leaving aside other matters,” Liu Jing furrowed her brows, “have you considered what will happen to you if you don’t handle your relationship with him well?”

       Xu Ye thought for a while and said, “If the other party is him, there shouldn’t be such a problem as ‘not being able to handle it well’.”

       Liu Jing couldn’t laugh or cry, “You are playing with fire. It is difficult for people of the same sex to get along with each other. The gap between you two is too vast, and your status is not equal at all. With his methods and capabilities, he could swallow you whole, leaving nothing behind, not even a trace.”

       “I understand what you mean.” Xu Ye said, “This was also a problem I was worried about, so I ran away from him at that time.”

       Liu Jing was shocked, “The dom you told me about at that time…is he him?”

       “Yes.” Xu Ye smiled brightly, “When I first found out about his identity, my initial reaction was fear. I didn’t want any involvement with him; I just wanted to run away. Looking back now, I feel fortunate that I didn’t run too far at that time. I understand your concerns, and I’ve considered the potential problems that might arise in the future. But I think, instead of worrying about things that haven’t happened yet, it’s better to seize the moment and enjoy the present.” He paused and lowered his eyes, “Some people say that love is finite, like the sand in an hourglass; once it runs out, it’s gone. If that’s true, before my last grain of sand falls, I’m willing to dedicate all my time to him.”

       After hearing his words, several people were speechless for a moment. After a moment of silence, Liu Jing sighed softly, “I’ve got to hand it to you. After all these times, you’re the craziest of us all.”

       “But having said that, Second Young Master Chu seems to be quite nice to you.” The one with newly dyed yellow hair said, “It’s the first time I’ve seen him smile like that. It feels like seeing Ultraman.”

       Xu Ye blinked, “He always smiles like that. In fact, he is very easy to get along with.”


       Everyone slandered: That’s just you! Getting along with someone who looks like a monster is definitely eerie!

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Chapter 49 – No Regrets

       In these ten days, both of them were physically and mentally exhausted. It was quite a challenge to get a good night’s sleep, and by the time they woke up, it was already late in the morning.

       The two of them were facing each other. Every time Xu Ye looked at Chu Yu’s sleeping face at close range, his face would turn red unconsciously. He tentatively asked in a soft voice, “Master, are you awake?” When he saw that the man was still sleeping peacefully with his eyes closed, he boldly approached him and pecked him lightly on the cheek, and then, like a little thief stealing a treasure, he happily tilted his head and looked at him.

       Unexpectedly, the arm on his waist suddenly retracted and held him closer in his arms, pressing against each other. There was a faint smile in Chu Yu’s opened black eyes, “Not behaving well so early in the morning.”

       The little thief blushed in embarrassment after being caught red-handed by someone on the spot, “Master, uh, good morning.”

       “Did you sleep well last night?” His palms went down his smooth back, stroking his body.

       “Yeah.” The fluffy head nodded slightly.

       “If you dare to take those random pills again…” Chu Yu slapped his butt hard, “I’m going to slap your butt with a belt until it blooms, do you understand me?”

       “Yes, understood clearly.” Xu Ye stayed in his arms and answered obediently.


       The maple leaves in late autumn were as red as fire. Under the stone bridge, three or five koi carp were resting peacefully in a place where the sunlight couldn’t find them.

       In the courtyard, with the sound of gurgling water, the two of them sat side by side on a long wooden bench, sipping tea leisurely and watching the clouds floating in the high sky. A black Kangal Shepherd dog walked around the two men, wagging its tail.

       Xu Ye touched the big dog’s head and said, “Caesar is in a good mood today. Normally, at this time, he would sit in the sun at the door of the main house and ignore me for a long time.”

       “He is very close to you.” Chu Yu put down the teacup in his hand, “Caesar is a fighting dog. He has killed many ferocious opponents. He is usually very arrogant and ignores everyone except us. He even bit one of the bodyguards who fed him, so the old man has been personally feeding him.”

       Xu Ye looked at the big dog with a front paw on his leg, scratched its chin and said, “It seems you have given me face, Mr. Caesar.” The big dog made a guttural sound that expressed comfort and simply put his head on Xu Ye’s lap.

       “Dogs are very sensitive to smells.” The man next to him said with a smile, “It is close to you because you smell like me.”

       Xu Ye’s face suddenly turned red, and he abruptly changed the subject, “Um…have you finished handling all your matters?”

       “The overall situation is settled; the remaining cleanup will be handled by the elder brother for a more secure resolution. I am responsible for making the decisive actions, and he is responsible for appeasing people’s hearts.” Seeing him looking at him with a vague understanding, Chu Yu’s gaze deepened, “About what happened before. You never asked me for the truth, and I never provided you with an answer. Now that everything has concluded, I should give you the right to choose.”

       Xu Ye’s eyes were shocked, and he looked at him a little helplessly.

       Chu Yu’s eyes were like everlasting stars, casting a gentle radiance, “I can tell you everything without reservation. But you need to be prepared; the truth might not be as you imagine, and my actions might be difficult for you to bear. The Golden Eagle has reached today not with sweets but with iron and blood. Standing in this position, I possess a cruelty and ferocity that you have not witnessed. So, once you choose to know the truth, you also choose a path leading into darkness. You will have to accept my methods, abandon your previous notions of good and evil, right and wrong, and unconditionally trust me, agree with me, and follow me.”

       “If I choose not to ask, will you… never tell me the truth?”

       “Yes.” The man raised his hand and caressed the scar on his forehead, “I will give you an undisturbed, forever pristine and beautiful world, allowing you to stay by my side as innocently and happily as before.” Chu Yu suddenly paused, with a hint of reluctance in his eyes, “These two choices were forced on you by me, and it’s not fair to you, Xu Ye. Forgive me for my selfishness.”

       Xu Ye’s eyelids were slightly drooped, and his eyelashes trembled like insect wings. Mixed emotions surged in the clear black and white eyes, but the gaze was bright and soft, like a fishing fire in the dark night, just waiting for someone to return. He rubbed Caesar lying beside him with his hand, thought quietly for a moment, and finally sighed softly, “I give up my choice.”

       Chu Yu’s eyes moved slightly, staring at him with his dark eyes.

       When their eyes met, Xu Ye’s clean and handsome face had a heart-warming tenacity and gentleness, like a natural jade stone, with its own aura. His voice was very steady, “You are my Master. I am willing to give you all my trust, and I am willing to stay by your side in the way you want.”

       Like a high-stakes gamble, he willingly placed himself in the hands of a man named Chu Yu. From now on, the future, life, and everything else would be under the control of the other.

       The tenderness in Chu Yu’s eyes turned into a vast sea in an instant, and he slowly curved the corners of his lips, “Will you regret it?”

       “No regrets.” Xu Ye’s voice was soft but firm.

       The wind swayed the branches and blew the dry leaves off, swirling them to the ground. Winter was approaching.

       Chu Yu put his arms around the waist of the man next to him and let him lean on his shoulder. When he spoke again, he had already made up his mind, “The people who attacked you are people from within the Black Eagle Organisation, and the mastermind is Song Yueran. She lied that you r4p3d him and used the young leader’s feelings for her to attack you.”

       Xu Ye was stunned, and after a moment, he frowned deeply, anger igniting in his eyes, “She actually…”

       This truth really caught him by surprise. He asked himself if he had ever done anything to warrant an apology from Song Yueran. He was drugged by her but did not pursue it. It was awkward, but he avoided her everywhere. It was only when he was confronted at the door did he uttered those harsh words. He never expected her to resort to such ruthless measures, almost costing Leopard his life.

       “I wanted to lock her up for a few days to teach her a lesson and then let her go. However, I received information that Song Wanhua was secretly mobilizing people, inciting emotions and planning to take action against the old man. There are too many people in the Black Eagle Organisation, and the area is wide. It takes some time to investigate the situation thoroughly, so I had to leave you here temporarily.”

       Xu Ye felt chills all over after hearing this. During internal strife, it was difficult to tell those who were loyal, and those who were ready to betray around him, and one wrong move would lead to a loss. Chu Yu’s understatement of ‘investigating the situation’ seemed to carry layers of danger that he felt terrible just by imagining it.

       Fortunately, he returned safely.

       Xu Ye put his head against his neck and reached out to grab the warm hand. Although he said nothing, Chu Yu could still understand the uneasiness in his heart and comforted him, “It’s all over. Golden Eagle has officially acquired Wanhua, and this company will no longer exist. Those who have hurt you will never appear again.”

       “Are they… all dead?” Xu Ye asked softly.

       The man raised the corners of his lips but did not answer. He took his hand, put it to his lips, kissed it, and asked, “Where do you want to eat tonight, my prince?”

       Xu Ye blushed, retracted his hands, and stammered, “Whatever… you just decide…”

       Chu Yu skillfully skipped over the specific details and the final outcome.

       Song Yueran had become a pet in the hands of a top trainer, with no self, no thoughts, and no feelings other than obeying orders. Song Wanhua failed to rebel and had no way to escape. He was shot to death in a dock warehouse of Wanhua Group. After Xu Ye was injured, the senior cadres of the Black Eagle Organisations were all punished without exception. The eighteen thugs were unlucky; they became the outlets for the frustration of these cadres who had nowhere to vent their anger. Among them, their small leader was even worse. He fell into the hands of Tang Can, the head of the execution hall, and was unable to live or die. All the members of the Black Eagle Organisation, which Song Wanhua had drawn in, were purged, and several large-scale conflicts were summarily concluded by the police as armed robberies.

       Xu Ye wouldn’t know any of this.

       This was the third path that Chu Yu chose for him. To tell him the truth, but shield him from the brutal and violent details. The man wore an armor of boundless darkness, protecting a realm of pure whiteness. He carefully safeguarded his only weakness, ensuring complete protection.

       The next day, the news of Golden Eagle acquiring Wanhua did not stir up any ripples in Xu Ye’s world.

       The night before, he moved back to Hanguan No. 8 from his old house with Chu Yu. The man was like a lion who had returned to his own territory. He couldn’t wait to get his scent all over Xu Ye’s body and pressed him down on the sofa and did it several times. He had barely let him go, but when they went into the bathroom to take a shower, the emotions flared up again, and he didn’t stop until Xu Ye couldn’t cry anymore.

       At this moment, Xu Ye’s back was sore, and his legs were aching. He was lying on the sofa eating oranges. He only glanced at the TV when the news was broadcast and went to study the construction progress report. There were many things he had to worry about recently, such as Donglin’s project progress, which waist massager to buy, and the upcoming Chu Yu’s birthday.

       The second young master had always kept a low profile. For his birthday, he only invited some close friends to have a c0cktail party at Hanguan No. 8. This year was the same, but what differed was that two rows on the guest list were reserved for Xu Ye.

       “You can invite family and friends over,” the man said to the slave kneeling between his legs. “I will formally introduce you to all the guests during the toast.”

       Xu Ye was startled and looked at him with his bright black eyes.

       Chu Yu chuckled, “Are you surprised?”

       “A little.” He answered honestly.

       “After our relationship is made public, you will be under a lot of pressure. Many people will spare no effort to use vicious language to slander you, discredit you, deny all your achievements and abilities, and they will portray you as a shameful person who sells himself for personal gain.” The man paused and asked, “Are you afraid?”

       Xu Ye shook his head, “I don’t care about this. As long as I work hard, one day, I will let these people see my success. Besides, true successful individuals at the top don’t care about what jealous people below say.”

       “More mature than before.” The gentleness between Chu Yu’s brows turned into a smile at the corner of his lips, and he reached out to lift his chin, “My slave, I will wait for you to step by step walk to my side, stand side by side with me, and share life together.”

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Chapter 48 – I’m Back (II)

       Xu Ye thought that going to bed meant doing it, but Chu Yu just held him and kissed him for a while and said, “Go to sleep.”

       The room darkened, and a warm yellow wall lamp in the corner gave off a faint light like a firefly. His naked body was sunk between the soft mattresses, and the only sound in his ears was the steady breathing of the other person. Xu Ye kept his eyes open, watching the man before him, who had closed his eyes to sleep, illuminated by a faint glimmer.

       In his twenty-eight years of life, he never thought that one day he would keep such a person in his heart, trust him wholeheartedly, rely on him without any fears, and willingly surrender everything.

       It was a strange feeling, like a comet that had travelled alone for a long time and finally changed its trajectory due to strong gravity and fell to the solid surface. To be accepted, to be tolerated, and never again to have to walk alone with secrets he was too ashamed to reveal.

       Xu Ye was looking at the man quietly, but unexpectedly, the man suddenly opened his eyes. He panicked, quickly closed his eyes, and pretended to sleep. Chu Yu chuckled and said, “After staring at me for so long, you’re closing your eyes now?”

       Xu Ye couldn’t pretend anymore; his eyelashes fluttered, and he opened his eyes. The dim light hid the blushing embarrassment on his face, and he murmured, “Master, I didn’t mean to disturb your sleep, I’d better turn around.” He said it awkwardly, truly turning to the side and earnestly shifting a bit toward the edge of the bed.

       The man didn’t speak; Xu Ye only felt the bed move, and then the arm stretched out from behind, wrapped around his waist and pushed him back. When his back pressed against that warm and solid chest, the touch on his back made Xu Ye freeze completely.

       The skin-to-skin contact was completely unobstructed by clothing. Both of them were naked, his back and Chu Yu’s chest, his waist and hips and Chu Yu’s lower abdomen, fitting together closely.

       Xu Ye was a little incoherent, “Master, you…”

       “Shh—” The breath behind his ear softly brushed the back of his neck, slightly warm. A warm hand was placed on Xu Ye’s waist, and his slightly bent body was fully embraced. Chu Yu’s voice was soft and gentle, like the feathers of a young bird, soft and fluttering behind his head. “Close your eyes, relax your body, feel the frequency of my breathing, and then adjust your rhythm.” The man’s voice has a hypnotic magic that makes people easily addicted, “I will be behind you and hold you until you fall asleep.”

       The gentle voice lingered in his ears like a breeze, and his chest’s slow and similar rise and fall was like a tide, gently caressing every tiny gravel on the beach. Xu Ye leaned back slightly, relaxed his tense body, and gently closed his eyes.

       There was no erotic embrace, just comfort and companionship.

       The night was dark, and everything was silent.

       In this way, he sank little by little into the dream of the deep sea.

       He waited for Xu Ye to sleep peacefully. Chu Yu raised his hand and gently stroked the scar on his forehead. In the past ten days, he had simultaneously pacified and ruthlessly wiped out the rebel forces that Song Wanhua had set off in the Black Eagle Organisation. The enemies who were involved in the underworld were naturally not easy to handle. He himself was attacked several times, and several of his bodyguards were killed or injured. The moment he rushed back under the stars and saw Xu Ye crying, he suddenly felt that all his suffering was worth it.

       Under the gorgeous sceptre lay splattered blood, echoed agonizing screams, and lurked ugly desires. Once grasped, no matter how burdensome, it could not be easily relinquished. Yet, this was his way of protecting Xu Ye.

       No one could touch his weakness easily.

       Xu Ye moved uneasily in his deep sleep. Since that accident, he often woke up in the middle of the night and curled up unconsciously when falling asleep. This self-defensive posture stems from his deep inner insecurity. The impact of that incident on Xu Ye was not as light as he made it seem. The fear of dying still lingered in his subconscious, coming out to cause trouble from time to time. And Chu Yu’s departure made the situation more serious until it was impossible to sleep.

       The man kissed his naked back, hugged him tightly, and whispered comfortingly, “I’m back…”

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