Chapter 28 – Wanwan, how do you know we can't do it if we don't try?

Chapter 28 – Wanwan, how do you know we can’t do it if we don’t try?


Xing Zhongwan arrived at the Xing family’s estate. Xing Zhengping hardly showed his face to him, however…


“You’ve arrived. I just happen to have something to discuss with you!”


Xing Zhongwan raised his eyebrows, “Saying it with such vigour.. Just spill the beans, what sort of good thing happened to me?”


Xing Zhongwan’s hand touched the corner of a cabinet made of chinese rosewood. This used to be his grandfather’s study. As a child, when his grandfather had not passed away yet, he lived with the Xing family.  


Xing Zhongwan touched the chipped corner of the cabinet and remembered his grandfather’s expression at that time. He had been holding a cane in his hand, “What have you done?”


The young Xing Zhongwan shrank back. He did not dare admit it, but he also didn’t dare to lie. Whispering a yes, he burst into tears. His grandfather just stared at him. Why was he crying before he had even begun to do anything? He just poured a cup of tea and watched him cry.


When he was done crying, he waved to him and raised his hand to wipe his tears.


“Good boy… crying like a little girl. It’s already broken, It’s not like I’ll eat you for breaking this cabinet. Silly child!”


His grandfather smiled and touched his head, Xing Zhongwan shrank into his grandfather’s arms and sobbed softly. 


“Grandpa, I won’t dare to do this anymore. I will study hard and study drama well. Then I’ll sing to grandpa. Don’t be angry.”


The old man laughed and Xing Zhongwan will never forget that hearty laughter.


“Did you hear what I just said?” Xing Zhengping’s question pulled Xing Zhongwan out of his thoughts. Xing Zhongwan looked at him with contempt, “What did you say?”


Xing Zhengping was so angry that he almost got an aneurysm, “You just ignored your own father!?”


Xing Zhongwan sat on the desk with a smile, “So you do still remember that you’re my father. You removed me from the family ledger so I have no relation with the Xing family, ’father’!”


Xing Zhengping convulsed angrily and raised his finger to point at him, “You! You!”


Suppressing his anger he said, “I don’t care about you. The Qi family wants you to marry Qi Yun. What do you think about this?”


Xing Zhongwan was stunned for a moment before he sneered, “How should two men get married? I also want to ask you, my father. What do you think?”


Xing Zhongwan thought to himself, What the hell was the Qi family doing? A marriage?  Between him and Qi Yun? Was this some sort of international joke?


Xing Zhengping coughed awkwardly, “What else can I do? The Xing family can’t overrule the Qi family now. What should I do?”


Xing Zhongwan put his hands on his chest, “Did you agree?”


Xing Zhengping turned his face away reflexively. Xing Zhongwan got up from the desk, “No way!”


After passing Xing Zhengping, he wanted to leave the room. Xing Zhengping anxiously took two steps forward, “As long as you agree, I will sign the consent form tomorrow. Then your mother can enter Xing’s registry at any time.”


Xing Zhongwan turned back coldly, “You’re threatening me using my mother?” Xing Zhengping looked at Xing Zhongwan’s dark face and dared not look again directly. He was much taller than himself when his son stood in front of him, making him seem lacking in prestige.


Xing Zhengping went out of his way, “Anyway, even if you don’t agree and decide to kill me, I will never let your mother enter the Xing family.”


As Xing Zhongwan slowly approached Xing Zhengping, his fists were clenched tightly. Xing Zhengping’s face darkened and he gulped down, “What do you want? You still want to beat up your own father?”


Xing Zhongwan unclenched his fist, “You know I have another way of letting my mother into the Xing family.”


Xing Zhengping’s face turned white, “You don’t know just how much your mother loved the Xing family. You don’t want to tarnish the Xing family’s name so that your mother can’t rest her eyes as she’s in the ground, do you? I know you are very capable now, but as long as I am still the head of the Xing family, your mother can’t enter the Xing family without my approval. Xing Zhongwan, is that clear?”


Xing Zhongwan went to the ancestral hall and placed a stick of incense on his grandfather’s grave. This was the first time he has stepped into this place in more than ten years after being away from home. Looking at the portrait of his grandfather, Xing Zhongwan knelt down and kowtowed to him. Mr. Xing did not like to take pictures all his life, so he only had this portrait left of him when he was young. Xing Zhongwan got up and looked at the face on the portrait that was almost the same as his own. Xing Zhongwan’s eyes reddened. His grandfather never married but he took in his mother as an adopted daughter. She was mostly brought up by his grandfather who taught her how to become a well-known lady in the circle. Xing Zhongwan had never seen his mother’s beautiful face. The mother that he remembered was already in poor health and her face was haggard. She could only hear of her dazzling beauty from other people, because his mother, just like his grandfather, generally did not like her picture taken. There were very few photos of her when she was young. When she passed away, Xing Zhongwan worked hard to find a graduation photo of her for the funeral. Her face was serious but beautiful.


Such an excellent mother married some trash like Xing Zhengping. This was the reason that made him love and hate his grandfather to this day. It was his grandfather who gave his mother a second chance at life but also pushed her into the abyss with his own hands.


Xing Zhongwan blinked and stared at his grandfather’s portrait for a long time. His grandfather’s pupils had a touch of blue. Xing Zhongwan lowered his eyes and what his mother said before her death came to mind. I grew up in the Xing family and watched your grandfather work hard until now. No matter what, you can’t make your grandfather ashamed, or I’d rather die. I won’t have the courage to face him.


Xing Zhongwan slowly closed his eyes and opened them again. If you look closely, you will find that Xing Zhongwan’s pupils also had a faint hint of blue.


Madam Qi raised her eyes and looked at the son she hadn’t seen for a long time. The corners of her mouth raised slightly, “You are my own son, why would I want you to die?”


Qi Yun rubbed his aching knee, “I was carried away by my grandmother as soon as I was born. You have never seen me for as long as I can remember. You have no feelings for me. I might be your son, yes, it’s just a fragile relationship bound by blood. I do believe that you were really happy when I came back to you after grandma died, but that happiness gradually turned into worry as I grew up. All because I did not grow as per your expectations, into a doll that can be manipulated. You started to be afraid. Afraid that you can’t control me and afraid that efforts to obtain power will be in vain. You needed a more obedient heir. Compared to power, what is your son? Even if they are your son, you’ll terminate anyone who stands in your way yourself. Am I right, mother?!”


Madam Qi listened quietly. She took a few steps and sat on the side chair, looking at her son. Although he looked like her, his temperament was just like that old woman, and she liked to go against her!


“You think too much!” Madam Qi patted the dust off her cuff.


Qi Yun raised his head and looked straight ahead, “Is the young fourth master obedient? It seems that he is qualified to be your puppet doll. Mother, I already gave you the conditions, please keep your side of the promise.”


Madam Qi looked at Qi Yun seriously. This son has changed a lot compared to when the accident recently happened. 


Although his eyes were still dull, his legs were still bad and he was sitting down, there was some semblance of his past demeanor. Madam Qi suppressed the panic in her heart and said in a low voice, “Is it worth it? For one person… You actually compromised.”


“You’re holding me hostage here. Leaving me hanging, just to make me compromise. I’ve compromised, mother. Aren’t you satisfied? I’ll do as you say, I only need Wanwan.”


Madam Qi heard the determination in Qi Yun’s words. Yes, this is what she always wanted to hear from Qi Yun’s mouth, and her goal was achieved, but Xing Zhongwan was a variable she never expected.


Qi Yun actually wanted to marry a man? Did he not find out that Xing Zhongwan was a man?


Madam Qi has doubts in her heart, she has never read her son’s mind. After more than a year of humiliation, he even gave up his initial plans for a man. Madam Qi’s heart felt complicated. Qi Yun, even you, my best son, will face something like this today too.


Madam Qi got up and walked to the door, “As you wish!”


When Xing Zhong came back late in the evening, he did not know that Madam Qi had been here. He went upstairs to see Qi Yun. Qi Yun was coming out of the bathroom. The old housekeeper looked up at Xing Zhongwan and quietly exited the room. Xing Zhongwan pushed the person to the bedside but Qi Yun suddenly said, “Let’s go for a walk in the garden.”


Xing Zhongwan pushed Qi Yun for a walk in the small garden. The breeze blowing in front of him was very comfortable. At first, Qi Yun really didn’t know how to start a conversation with Xing Zhongwan, but Xing Zhongwan spoke first, “I went back to Xing’s house today, and Xing Zhengping said you wanted to marry me.”


Qi Yun was stunned when he suddenly heard what Xing Zhongwan said and accidentally broke his fingernails while fiddling with his fingers. Qi Yun frowned and hissed before Xing Zhongwan looked down at him with a funny look, “Don’t get too excited!”


Qi Yun turned his face away in embarrassment, “Did you accept?”


Xing Zhongwan looked at him speechlessly, “How can two men get married? No matter how powerful your Qi family is, the law cannot recognize the legal relationship between two men.”


Qi Yun looked at Xing Zhongwan, “My mother doesn’t know, she thought I still believed that you’re a woman. In order to achieve her goal, she will definitely try to cover it up.”


Xing Zhongwan looked serious, “What did you promise her?”


Qi Yun turned his head away, “Don’t worry about it, even if it’s just my own selfishness. I don’t want you to leave.”


Xing Zhongwan laughed angrily at him, “Qi Yun, wake up, okay? Even if you can get a marriage certificate, it’ll be fake. It has no legal effect, and if I really wanted to leave, can you stop me? Shall we play house and let your mother join us?”


“It’s okay, even if it’s fake.”


Qi Yun’s soft words were blown away by a gust of breeze.


Xing Zhongwan suddenly forgot his anger and covered his forehead, he didn’t know if he wanted to cry or laugh.


After a long time, he said, “You love me too much.”


Qi Yun’s neck turned red again, Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help it and laughed out loud. His laughter startled a few flying insects in the grass.


Qi Yun pursed his lips tightly, “If my legs are good, if I’m not blind, I…I’ll…”


Xing Zhongwan deliberately teased him, “You! What else can you do, bind me to your side like this? Hahaha, can you fight me with such a frail body? Hey! You!”


Suddenly being pulled down, Xing Zhongwan squatted on the ground, something warm on his lips leaned over, and stared at the turbid eyes in front of him with wide eyes.


Laozi was f/cking kissed again.


Qi Yun moved his lips away reluctantly before wrapping  his arms around Xing Zhongwan’s waist. He put his head on his shoulder and sighed softly, “Wanwan, I will get better, please stay by my side until then. When I get better, we will go abroad to get married. I will give you a legal and stable relationship. This right now is only temporary. Maybe what I am doing now is ridiculous to you, but it is the only way I can keep you. We still have a chance, Wanwan. How would you know we can’t do it if you don’t try.”


Xing Zhongwan was dumbfounded as a kiss gently landed on his ear. The air was filled with the scent of pine wood on his body and the medicinal smell on Qi Yun’s body.

T/N: Qi Yun sure like kisses… He should give plenty of kiths to his waifu to show him how much he loves him (─‿‿─)

There’ll be more plot development from now on, as well as dog-blood drama I guess. With just a sprinkle of moments of the MC and ML giggling like middle school kids after playing a prank on those nasty adults lol

The bad adults will get their desserts. Sooner or later.

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