Chapter 15 – I have a boyfriend too

Chapter 15 – I have a boyfriend too


While the two were talking, there was a commotion at the entrance before the waiter then respectfully led a person in.


He was a man in a white robe with pure white hair. He was holding a cane in his hand as he walked in dignified and steady steps, He came in under the recommendation of the waiter.


Nie Yan narrowed his shrewd eyes and said with a smile, “It’s really surprising that you are here to pay us an illustrious visit, your grace.”


High Priest Zhan Wentai.


Dark Star’s national idol, a figure who was an expert in astronomy and geography.


Zhan Wentai sat down on the table: “According to my divination, I learned that there will be an unexpected surprise here, so I’ll come over to have a look.”


Nie Yan cheered: “As expected of the high priest, he already foresaw this.”


Zhan Wentai looked at Lu Shifeng in a reserved manner: “Master Marshal is well.”


Lu Shifeng said slowly: “Why do you have to be so polite, your grace? Since you’re already here, come take a seat.”


Zhan Wentai was a rather old-fashioned veteran. After he sat down, he smelled the fragrance of the dishes and spoke after a long silence, “These dishes seem to have the healing scent of dopamine.”


As a businessman, Nie Yan naturally had to weigh the pros and cons: “Would you like to have a taste to make sure, your grace?”


Zhan Wentai picked up his chopsticks and took a bite of the fried shrimp.


Nie Yan asked him, “How is it?”


The veteran Zhan Wentai swallowed the food and said, “It tastes good.”




You are very humorous.


Nie Yan hesitated for a while: “What I’m asking is about the healing power you just talked about.”


“I see.” Zhan Wentai looked at Lu Shifeng instead: “Master Marshal should be more familiar with this taste.”


Lu Shifeng nodded slowly.


Nie Yan was at a loss and he turned his face: “Have you ever eaten this cooking?”


Lu Shifeng held a wine glass, slowly tilted it twice, and slightly opened his thin lips: “It should be more times than you’ve eaten it.”


? ? ?


As a shrewd businessman, Nie Yan would be humiliated often if he didn’t use his brain cells to carve his way through the business world.


He asked slowly, “Could it be that the cook hired by the military is the same as mine?”


Lu Shifeng said, “You’re about right.”


“You’re so sure?” Nie Yan pushed his glasses up, looked at Kazuki next to him and said, “Bring him over, let us meet.”


Kazuki looked hesitant.


Nie Yan had a bad feeling in his heart: “What’s wrong?”


“Boss, Mr. Jian is no longer with us. It’s already 7 o’clock and he has already left.” Kazuki went out of her way: “Because he said he won’t be able to catch the last bus if he didn’t leave!”




The reason was solid!


On the other side


When Jian Luo got out of the car, it was already late. He walked along the path to his house. When he got home, he saw a group of people around the door of the house. The group of people were chattering and the scene made his heart tighten.


Jian Luo walked back quickly and pushed the crowd aside: “Let me pass, let me pass.”


One of the women saw him and whispered, “Oh, Luoluo, you’re back. Quickly, go and have a look. There’s some commotion inside.”


Jian Luo frowned and walked quickly.


It was quite chaotic in the small courtyard. Su Liang was holding his younger brother’s hand while confronting a man and a woman. The man said, “You were the one who stole my star card, but you still refuse to admit it.”


Su Liang was so angry: “You’re giving a false accusation!”


“Am I giving a false accusation?” The man sneered and looked around at the crowd that was watching in excitement: “Everyone here can be the judge. She had a problem with work today, so I went to help, but when I came back, I found that my star card was gone. Later I found it here, was this not theft?”


The onlookers nodded.


A woman stood up and said, “Su Liang, didn’t auntie already tell you, we all know that you have two children at home and that you carry a big burden. However, this kind of thing is really unnecessary. Just listen to auntie and apologize to him. Return his money and it’ll be alright, hm?”


Su Liang’s eyes were red: “Auntie, I didn’t take his star card.”


The aunt sighed: “Su Liang, why are you so stubborn…”


As soon as she finished speaking, a clear voice came across: “I ask you this auntie, did you see my mother steal with your very own eyes?”


The aunt was taken aback.


All of the sudden, all eyes were on her.


The auntie’s eyes blinked guiltily as she coughed lightly, “No, no.”


Jian Luo sneered: “Then why did you decide that it was stolen by my mother?”


The woman was speechless for a moment.


Wu Qiang, who claimed to have had his things stolen, saw that something bad might happen so he spoke in a harsh tone: “What’s the matter with you here?”


Seeing that Jian Luo was back, Su Liang whispered, “Luoluo!”


Jian Luo walked quickly towards Su Liang and his younger brother. He pulled Su Liang aside and said in a low voice, “Mom, what’s going on?”


“I didn’t steal it.” Su Liang’s white face was full of sadness: “I don’t know why it was in my pocket. You have to trust your mother, Luoluo.”


Jian Luo nodded: “Mom, I believe you but you have to explain this to me. From the beginning to the end, so that I can make up my mind.”


Su Liang hesitated: “This…”


“There’s nothing wrong with this.” Jian Luo patiently said, “Mom, don’t treat me like a child anymore. I’ve already grown up. Now that you’ve seen the situation, do you want everyone to continue to wrong you?”


His tone was not aggressive, but firm and weighty.


Su Liang didn’t hesitate and told him: “Wu Qiang wanted to molest me today but he didn’t succeed. He threatened me and said that if I didn’t agree, there would be no good outcome to this. I thought that he would embarrass me at work, but I didn’t expect that he would use this method.”


Jian Luo asked, “How long were you with him?”


“Not long.” Su Liang frowned; “The timetable in our base is chaotic in order to keep up with the harvest time of vegetables so I can’t remember the exact time.”


Jian Luo immediately had an idea. He glanced at Wu Qiang not far away. The man was short and his eyes were a little dull.


Wu Qiang walked over: “What are you mumbling about? Let me tell you, the money on my star card is short and you must pay for it today!”


Jian Luo stood in front of Su Liang, and he smiled: “Brother Wu, did you specifically come here after finding that your card was lost?”


Wu Qiang said “en”: “Do you know that you have to pay me back by today?”


“Brother, why are you making such a fuss?” Jian Luo glanced at the crowd watching not far away, and then looked back: “To be frank, you have seen the situation in our family over the years, my brother and I have been hoping that our mother can find us a father who is indomitable.”


It was unknown which words pleased Wu Qiang, but there was a proud look on his face.


Su Liang gently tugged at Jian Luo’s sleeve from behind.


Jian Luo said softly: “Brother Wu Qiang, I think there is some misunderstanding today. You know my mother’s character, she doesn’t know how to be flexible. If you have something to tell me, I always felt that you were a good match for my mom.”


Wu Qiang’s gloomy eyes glanced at Su Liang, revealing yellow teeth: “I didn’t expect you to be sensible, little brother.”


Jian Luo smiled: “I want to ask Brother Wu, what time did you lose your card?”


Wu Qiang drifted a little: “It was probably around three o’clock in the afternoon.”


The smile at the corner of Jian Luo’s mouth became bigger and bigger: “If you really lost your card around after three o’clock, then you are really amazing. You only found out that the card was lost when you got home so how did you know that you accurately lost it at three o’clock?”


Wu Qiang’s face turned ugly in an instant.


Jian Luo added: “The biological clock of the base is off. Unless you have planned the time to go to visit my mother to harass her, how could you have remembered it so clearly?”


The melon eaters 1Those who watch the drama, but do not interfere.not far away heard this and said:

“We know Mrs. Su’s attitude, she will never steal anything.”

“Don’t bully a woman’s family too much.”


Wu Qiang turned his head and roared, “Shut the f-ck up!”


When he got closer to Jian Luo, he took half a step back in fright: “Uncle, can I ask you to be quieter? I’m afraid.”


Wu Qiang sneered: “You also know how to be afraid?”


Jian Luo patted his chest: “Of course I know. If a dog barks at me, how can I not be afraid?”




Wu Qiang’s face turned blue with anger


Jian Luo held his head high and held Su Liang’s hand: “Mom, I just recorded what was just said. He is suspected of falsely slandering others. Tomorrow, I will accompany you to find the leader of your base to make it clear. They must also have cameras over there so this matter will definitely be cleared up.”


Su Liang’s eyelashes trembled slightly, she was quite moved: “Luoluo!”


Wu Qiang heard a lot of voices talking about him behind his back, but his ugly face didn’t have any fear, instead he was proud: “Report me? I advise you to think clearly. Do you know who my sister is married to? In the entire Peace Paradise, only my sister is married to a dark star.”


After a pause, he leaned down and looked at Su Liang with contempt in his eyes: “Mark my brother-in-law’s words, you will soon be out of job so I advise you to think carefully. The two children in your family still have to go to school!”


As he spoke, Wu Qiang raised his hand, wanting to touch Su Liang’s face. The pair of squinting eyes also seemed to have gathered infinite malice in them, but it was too bad that those hands were stopped in the air. Jian Luo threw his hands down. With a single burst of strength, he folded Wu Qiang’s arm in half, and kicked him between the legs.




A scream resounded throughout the courtyard.


Jian Luo let go of him before kicking him to the ground. He then went up and kicked him two more times in frustration.


“Ah!” Wu Qiang grabbed his crotch on the ground and said fiercely: “You dare to hit me? Just wait, you are so dead and it’s all over for your family!”


Jian Luo stood by and sneered: “Your sister is married to a Dark Star. It’s as if you’re also married to him, why are you proud?”


Wu Qiang said gravely: “You are finished. My brother-in-law will not let you go.”


“Wow, I’m so scared.” Jian Luo looked down at him condescendingly and snorted softly, “Didn’t she just manage to get a Dark Star as a partner? It’s not like it has never happened before.”


The audience was in an uproar as soon as these words came out.


For the people of Peace Paradise, it was either a very good thing or a very bad thing to be involved with a Dark Star.


Wu Qiang sat up and sneered with his eyes: “Only you are not afraid of over-bragging. Who will even look at you? With the condition of your family, let alone the Dark Stars, even humans don’t want to touch you!”


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