Chapter 14 – Who's one is delicious?

Chapter 14 – Who’s one is delicious?


The black dragon still didn’t eat Jian Luo’s vegetables filled with love in the end. His dragon savior was very arrogant and after a few glances at Jian Luo, he flew away mercilessly, taking a cloud with him.


Jian Luo looked at the black dragon’s back and sighed: “It seems that Brother dragon doesn’t like vegetable salad!”


Secretary Jin just came back from eating and waved, “Luoluo, come here.”


Jian Luo looked to the side sideways and smiled when he saw Secretary Jin: “Is there something wrong?”


“It’s nothing.” Secretary Jin pulled back the fringe on her temples and said with a smile, “It’ll be up to here for today. You can go back earlier.”


Jian Luo was surprised: “Is this all right, but it doesn’t seem like it’s time to get off work.”


Secretary Jin said quickly, “It’s okay, you can go back after you’ve finished your work today. Of course, you can continue to play for a while if you don’t want to go back. I’m just letting you know.”


It was difficult for Jian Luo to control the smile on the corner of his mouth.


Oh my god.


What kind of magical welfare company is this?


If he were to die, he wanted to die here!


Jian Luo said embarrassedly: “Then I have a vegetable salad here. Do you want to eat it?”


Secretary Jin pretended to be reserved: “Is that okay?”


“It’s not much.” Jian Luo gave her the meal box: “It was originally for Brother dragon but he doesn’t seem to be interested. It’s a waste if you don’t take it.”


Secretary Jin quickly took it: “Then, I won’t hold back.”


There was urgent news that the marshal was to go to the palace and it seemed that he would not be back again so Secretary Jin came to leak it to Jian Luo as soon as she got the news.


Hey, wasn’t she smart and witty1She’s so happy she got a free salad from Jian Luo.!?


After Jian Luo gave her the salad, she waved her hand: “Then I’ll get going.”


Secretary Jin smiled: “Goodbye!”


Jian Luo turned around and was about to leave. The little dragons around were very curious about this human being and they all came over and wanted to get close, but they were afraid of Lu Shifeng, so they didn’t dare to get too close.


There was a little dragon with a big courage and he came over secretly.


Jian Luo rubbed on the dragon’s scales: “What do you like to eat?”


The small dragon shook his head in dissatisfaction and patted his tail on the ground. It felt very angry. This human dared to touch the head of a noble dragon!


Jian Luo smiled and walked out the door: “Forget it, you won’t understand me anyway, so I’ll leave now.”


The small dragon stared dumbfoundedly as the human figure disappeared.


Who was the one who didn’t understand?


Come back if you dare!


Of course it was impossible that Jian Luo would come back. He went to the cafeteria to clean up and was about to leave. The information bracelet on his wrist kept receiving messages.


A person named Kazuki sent a message: “Don’t you want to consider coming to Moonlight? Come to us and you’ll have the opportunity to cultivate new varieties of vegetables.”


To grow new vegetables!


Jian Luo’s eyes lit up and he was convinced.


The military base was not far from Moonlight. He said, “Okay, I’ll go take a look.”


Kazuki was very happy: “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”


Jian Luo made an agreement with her and got ready to go there by car. Firstly, it was because he really hoped to cultivate new types of vegetables. The taste of chili peppers have long haunted him in his dreams.


Second was because…


Jian Luo still wanted to buy a house.


However, if you need a Dark Star account to buy a house, and if you require a major contribution to Dark Star, it is definitely not possible to just be an anchor. However, it may be feasible if he were to cultivate new types of vegetables.


When the new vegetables are successfully cultivated, he will apply for a household registration, then maybe he will be able to buy a house for his family!


“We will be arriving at Moonlight at the next station. Passengers who want to get off please take your belongings and exit in an orderly manner.”


The electronic sound of the machine came from the car’s small speaker.


Jian Luo came back to his senses and got out of the car. The Moonlight Hotel was really just like what he’s heard. It was a crescent-shaped building of a brilliant and beautiful golden moon.


He opened the information bracelet and sent a message to Kazuki: “I’m here.”


Not long after the message was sent, a figure appeared at the door. It was a little girl wearing a pink skirt and she looked very young.


Kazuki walked up to Jian Luo: “Hello.”


Jian Luo shook hands with her: “Hello, I’m Jian Luo.”


“I know, I know. It’s too late to explain, but come with me quickly.” Kazuki pulled him into the restaurant in a panic.


Jian Luo was dragged away by her in a daze.


The inside of the hotel is even more resplendent. If the military base only looked golden from the outside, but only had a stylish interior, then this place looked tame on the outside and had a very luxurious appearance on the inside!


The two stopped when they reached the kitchen.


Kazuki said, “You want the right to cultivate vegetables, right?”


Jian Luo was honest: “Yes.”


“Then, you can start by making some special dishes.” Minyue glanced at the time: “Hurry up.”


Jian Luo thought that she was being secretive, but didn’t seem like she was in a hurry: “Are you in a hurry?”


This could be counted as a small kitchen, but although the place was small it was complete, the vegetables and meat were placed in order on the freezer shelf with all kinds of kitchen utensils of the best quality.


Kazuki lowered her voice: “Then, let me tell you the truth. Today is our boss’s inspection day and what he cares about the ​​most is one’s value. Do you know how precious the seeds of vegetables are? You humans don’t bring much to the table. The cost of failure when cultivating is very heavy, so it is difficult to obtain a position as a cultivator.”


Jian Luo: “So what?”


“That’s why you have to prove your worth!” Kazuki’s little tiger fangs pointed sharply: “If you succeed, the boss will definitely use you again.”


Jian Luo looked at her and was silent for a long time: “So you mean, you lied to me. In fact, you didn’t have a quota on the people who are allowed to cultivate vegetables, right?”


Kazuki coughed a little embarrassedly: “Is this important if the ending is good and all the same?”




After such a reminder, Jian Luo finally realized the seriousness of the matter. In fact, the little girl was right. The right to cultivate was indeed not so easy to obtain. He has to work hard!


He can’t make snacks anymore.


A serious dish is coming!


“Do you need these ingredients?”


“You can use it.”


Jian Luo started to work in earnest. He would work hard to obtain a household registration. On the other side, a top-level luxury car stopped at the entrance of Moonlight and two people got out of it.


Lu Shifeng was wearing a military uniform. With a straight posture, his military cap was held in his slender hands. The man’s face was cold as he glanced at the restaurant indifferently.


Nie Yan came from behind him: “Let’s go.”


Lu Shifeng said: “It’s your inspection day, why did you drag me out here?.”


“My subordinates reported to me that they dug up a good cook.” Nie Yan’s body seemed to be plated with gold: “They should be of good value.”


Lu Shifeng said, “I remember that I asked Secretary Jin to send you an email saying that I will not be ordering Moonlight’s meals in the future.”


The two of them have already walked to Moonlight’s entrance and the waiters stood in a row. Bowing in unison, they said loudly: “Welcome to Moonlight!”


Nie Yan twisted the ring on his finger with a shrewd smile on his face: “It’s not too late to try it first before coming to a conclusion.”


Lu Shifeng sneered: “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll take the chef’s head off if it doesn’t taste good?”


Nie Yan was taken aback.


To be honest, when Lu Shifeng was moody, it’s hard to say what he would do.


“You take it easy.” Nie Yan pushed up his glasses: “His Majesty recently asked you to allow others to have a kind impression of you.”


Lu Shifeng said lazily, “Take the chef’s head off kindly?”




The conversation was over.


The two of them went to the top floor together. If the decoration in the hall was splendid before, then this was on a whole other level. It was really priceless. As the wealthiest man in the world, Nie Yan has thoroughly implemented the word “wealth” to the maximum.


Nie Yan spoke as he walked: “Did you see the ruby ​​in the middle? I bought it from Neptune for 3,000,000 credits. Its function is to attract wealth from the town building. Not bad, right?”


Lu Shifeng lifted his eyelids and glanced: “It is indeed very good at attracting wealth.”


Nie Yan’s mouth curled into a smug smile: “Really?”


Lu Shifeng said slowly: “Wasn’t it what attracted you to it2He’s saying the previous owner sold it, so now the previous owner is wealthy. While Nie Yan was the one who spent money and bought it.?”




If you weren’t a dragon, I’d really fight you today.


The two walked in while talking. They would soon reach the dining table. From a distance, they saw three dishes on the table.


Lu Shifeng took the time to relax: “I didn’t know that Moonlight had become so confused to this point.”


Nie Yan was also stunned. He raised his eyebrows and said, “These are just appetizers.”


Kazuki, who was guarding the table next to him, bit the bullet and said, “Boss, these three dishes are all for dinner.”




Nie Yan and Lu Shifeng came closer and saw what the dishes were. In the middle was a plate of fried shrimp. The golden and crispy shrimp were beautifully arranged, and the delicate plating raised the shrimps to another level. On the left was an egg custard and on the right was four meatballs.


They were all fragrant and seemed very tasty.


Nie Yan calmed down a little and asked Lu Shifeng to try: “Have a taste.”


Lu Shifeng ate two mouthfuls to show him some courtesy.


Nie Yan was a little proud: “How is it? I paid a lot of money to invite them.”


Lu Shifeng said lightly, “Not bad.”


“That’s good then.” Nie Yan made a sound: “The military will continue to order from Moonlight, are there any other problems?”


Lu Shifeng put down his chopsticks: “No, I already have a chef.”


Nie Yan didn’t believe it, the chef he invited at a high price and was willing to spend the quota on, already prepared this unparalleled taste. What other heavenly genius could beat him?


Even if there was someone like that, he’s never heard any news of a chef of such a high caliber in Dark Star at all. 


Thinking of this, Nie Yan was confident, “Your’s is definitely not as good as mine.”


“Not as good?” Lu Shifeng sneered: “The dishes on the table are far worse than mine.”


Nie Yan did not believe in heretics: “Really? Then I’ll have to see who’s chef is the true genius.”


Lu Shifeng tapped his fingertips on the table: “I’m also very curious about the talent you hired at a high price.”


T/N: Erm, excuse me, Lu Shifeng… Did you just diss your future hubby’s cooking? Just wait. Just you wait…


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