It was already quite late at this time. He Yunsheng contacted the other party, saying that the agreed address was on the other side of the building, and it would take him a few minutes to walk from here.

       Although it couldn’t be helped, they had to complete the errands for the deputy manager well. He Yunsheng and Xi Feng spent a few minutes walking around to the left side of the building to get the document across the street.

       “Thank you,” He Yunsheng thanked him.

       The man, who probably lived nearby, said you’re welcome, and turned away.

       He Yunsheng took the document, but didn’t read it, and went back to the road to take a taxi.

       This road is a bit more remote than the road where they got off just now, and they didn’t see a taxi for a minute or two.

       Xi Feng said, “How about I call DiDi1app-based transportation company like Uber”

       He Yunsheng looked at him and did not object. He took out his mobile phone and called the deputy manager first, telling him that he had gotten the document.

       Xi Feng lowered his head to look for the taxi app on his phone, and suddenly heard the sound of a motorcycle coming from the street. He subconsciously raised his head to look.

       He saw a motorcycle coming from the left. The lights were a little strong, and he had to squint his eyes.

  In the next moment, the motorcycle drove in front of them, very close to the side of the road. At this time, Xi Feng saw two people on the motorcycle and wondered why they were so close to the street. He then saw the person sitting in the back of the motorcycle reach out and grab He Yunsheng’s cell phone.

  He Yunsheng just finished the call, and the phone had not yet been put down from his ear. He didn’t hold it too tightly, and the other party easily jerked the phone out of his hand.

       He immediately let out a cry of surprise.

       And Xi Feng reacted very quickly. He put his phone in his trouser pocket and chased after the motorcycle.

  Just now, the person on the motorcycle slowed down just to grab the mobile phone, and by this time they have not sped up yet. Xi Feng lunged forward and actually caught the motorcycle’s tail, was dragged forward a few steps, and then he pushed hard to the side and knocked the motorcycle down.

       The man sitting in the back seat who grabbed the phone jumped off when the motorcycle fell, rolled on the ground, quickly got up, and ran to the side, and Xi Feng immediately followed suit.

       He Yunsheng was frightened and yelled, “Xi Feng! Forget it!” The mobile phone is not that important, and if something goes wrong, it will be bad.

       Xi Feng didn’t stop. He quickened his pace and ran after the man into an alley.

       The alley was dark and there was no light and no fork in the road.

       The man turned around and saw Xi Feng chasing him, so he simply threw the looted phone to the ground, and then ran forward with a big stride.

       Xi Feng went up and picked up the phone, and then pressed it to see if the screen was broken. He no longer has the idea to continue pursuing.

       He Yunsheng’s mobile phone was not broken, only one corner was slightly dented, and one couldn’t tell if they didn’t look closely.

       Xi Feng grabbed his mobile phone and returned. Just now, when he poked his head out of the alley, he saw He Yunsheng wrestling with a man.

       Xi Feng suddenly shouted, “Hey!” He raised his hand and ran over quickly while pointing at the man.

       The man saw Xi Feng coming, released He Yunsheng, turned, and ran to the motorcycle lying in the middle of the road.

       When Xi Feng watched him bend down to help the motorcycle and wanted to chase him over, He Yunsheng said, “Don’t chase.”

       Xi Feng hesitated. The man had picked up the motorcycle, jumped on it, started the engine, and ran away. He had to give up and came back to He Yunsheng and asked, “Is everything all right?”

       The man wanted to grab his wallet, but Xi Feng came back before he could succeed. He saw that Xi Feng was big and didn’t dare to wrestle with him, so he slashed through the space between He Yunsheng’s thumb and forefinger and took the opportunity to escape.

  At this time, Xi Feng also saw He Yunsheng’s blood on his hands, and he was suddenly anxious and in pain. He regretted letting the person go like this. He also blamed himself for chasing a mobile phone without regard for He Yunsheng’s safety. He felt very angry, and only managed to stifle a sentence, “It’s all my fault!”

       He Yunsheng watched Xi Feng carefully holding his hands, and couldn’t help but look up and look at his face again. His face full of worry indeed did not seem to be fake.

       The wound is not deep, but the injury is on the hand, so it is extraordinarily easy to be touched.

       Xi Feng took He Yunsheng to a nearby pharmacy and bought alcohol gauze to treat his wounds.

       The two of them sat on the chairs outside the pharmacy. The street was very quiet, and there was hardly even a shadow of a pedestrian.

       He Yunsheng watched Xi Feng’s gentle and meticulous movements. He cleaned the wound first and then wrapped it in gauze. He Yunsheng suddenly said, “I haven’t told you something, but I actually have AIDS.”

  Xi Feng’s scalp numb instantly. He threw away He Yunsheng’s hand and got up from the chair. At the same time he stood up, he realized that He Yunsheng was lying. This was impossible. He said, “You lied!”

  He Yunsheng raised his head to look at him. His complexion was a little pale under the fluorescent light, and he said, “Yes, I lied.”

  Xi Feng quickly sat down again. He grabbed He Yunsheng’s hand that he had thrown away just now, took the gauze, and continued to help him wrap the wound, but a layer of fine sweat soon formed on his head. He didn’t believe that He Yunsheng had AIDS; he was just regretting that he threw away his hand too fast. It was a subconscious reaction, and his body reacted faster than his head.

  On the contrary, He Yunsheng relaxed and let him treat the wound for himself.

  In this silence, Xi Feng felt more and more uncomfortable. With some dissatisfaction, he said, “Is it interesting for you to use these kind of words to test me?”

  ”Yes,” He Yunsheng said, “We’re people from two different circles. I have to make sure.”

  ”What’s the point of not being in the same circle? Before marriage, everyone was in two different circles.”

  He Yunsheng shook his head, “It’s not the same. You don’t understand now, but you’ll understand in a few years.”

  Xi Feng grasped his hand tightly, and later he was worried that it would hurt him and let it go. He said, “If you are worried about this, then it is completely unnecessary. I can assure you of that as a man.”

  He Yunsheng stood up and said, “It’s too late, let’s go back.”

  They used a taxi app to call a taxi back to the hotel, and He Yunsheng didn’t say anything to him after that. He tried to find a topic with He Yunsheng, but He Yunsheng did not respond. Even if he deliberately provoked him, He Yunsheng did not respond.

  This made him feel a little powerless and unsure of how to handle this relationship.

  The next day, they officially started to work. They were running around outside all day with a group of several people in a row. Xi Feng didn’t have time to communicate with He Yunsheng privately.

  After returning to the hotel in the evening, everyone met for a short meeting. After returning to the room, He Yunsheng took a shower and rested in bed early.

  On the fourth day, Xi Feng made the deputy manager unhappy because of a mistake and was criticized in front of everyone. He Yunsheng took the initiative to help him with some friendly advice.

  They didn’t arrange the itinerary on the last day. So everyone agreed to sleep and wake up to go directly from the hotel to the airport.

  When Xi Feng woke up in bed, he glanced at his cell phone and found that it was still early. He turned around and saw He Yunsheng on the opposite bed still buried in the quilt motionless. Suddenly he had a thought, he lifted the blanket and got out of bed, stepped on the carpet, and walked to the opposite bed. He lay down, hugging He Yunsheng with the quilt wrapped around him in his arms.

  He Yunsheng woke up immediately, and he began to struggle, but he was not as strong as Xi Feng. Seeing him struggling, Xi Feng simply pressed his whole body on him and threatened, “Don’t move.”

  ”Let go!” He Yunsheng said angrily.

  Xi Feng was a little aggrieved, “I’m just hugging you, and there is still a quilt. Why does it matter!”

  He Yunsheng said, “Do you know what it means to respect someone else?”

  Xi Feng looked down at him, his forehead almost touched He Yunsheng’s forehead, “You are not someone else.”

  He Yunsheng was so angry that he was about to laugh. But he calmed down instead, eased his tone, and said, “Xi Feng, don’t do this.”

  Xi Feng did not say anything, and said, “You spoke for me yesterday.”

  He Yunsheng said in a dull voice, “I would have said the same thing to other people.”

  Xi Feng supported his head with one hand, but still held him firmly with the other hand, “Do you really hate me?”

  He Yunsheng was silent for a while. If he had to say something, he could only say that he did hate it, but now it doesn’t annoy him that much. But it doesn’t mean if he didn’t hate him, he likes him, he just didn’t hate him. He thought for a while and replied to Xi Feng, “I’m bothered by you.”

  Xi Feng is a little hurt. Even if his heart is made of iron, you will still leave traces if you gouge it out with a knife. Not to mention that his heart is not, and his confidence has already collapsed a little bit.

  He said, “If I don’t bother you, can you give me a chance?”

  ”No,” He Yunsheng said bluntly.

  Xi Feng loosened his hand a little, and then hugged him tightly, saying. “You are not too young anymore. Is it easy to find a man to stay with you for the rest of your life? Why don’t you consider me?”

  He Yunsheng responded coldly, “Then I would rather die alone.”

  Xi Feng was stunned.

  He Yunsheng said, “If everyone in the world is dead, would you still want to be with a dog?”

  Xi Feng released his hand.

  He Yunsheng regretted it after saying this. He didn’t want to be so offensive, and he didn’t want to describe Xi Feng like that. But he was really afraid of the other party’s ability to talk about himself. If he doesn’t say it that harshly, then he will keep getting entangled. So he regretted it but closed his lips tightly without changing his mind.

  Xi Feng rolled off his bed and drop back to sit on the edge of his own bed. His head hanging low, and his broad shoulders slumped feebly.

  He was sad and even wanted to cry a little. He didn’t dare to look up when he heard the sound of He Yunsheng getting up. At that moment, he was so emotionally depressed to the point of self-loathing.

  Until the day when he went to the airport, Xi Feng was still shrouded in a deep and depressed mood. He was a little absent-minded when he talked to the deputy manager, and the deputy manager looked at him in disgust.

  After boarding the plane, Xi Feng leaned on the seat and closed his eyes to sleep. The stewardess brought him meals, and he refused.

  He Yunsheng, whose seat was separated from his by a corridor, asked for his meal. But until he got off the plane, Xi Feng did not eat or drink and was in a daze.

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