Special Thanks

That’s the end of Perfection by Jin Gang Quan~
I hope you enjoy this novel as much as I do~~

Special thanks to

Hoenika for encouraging me to start translating  danmei and actually dragging me to danmei hole and BL hole
Luukia for helping me to promote my puny wp through her novel
(Check out her novel AlsarDevil OriginThe King’s Favourite Person)
P.S it’s all smut and hot AF
Hoenibean for the support and help with all the chinese idioms I just cannot….
All her novels are also smut and hot AF (Check here~)

Many thanks also for the readers,

Little Yen (check out Yen’s novel here~)
(I really appreciate all of your coffees~) ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ♡‧₊˚
thelazypotato Kii as my first patron~ (check out Kii’s novel here~)

Thanks for the likes and comments~

Jenei Mikaze
mage 1999
Eros Fantasy
My Kokkoro
chinesefanreader (especially you (˵Φ ω Φ˵) I really enjoy reading your comments)
Orange Cultivator
Wandering Ambivert
CKJnovelFANatic (thank you for your kind review in NU (⺣ﻌ⺣))

And all readers I can’t mentioned because I don’t know your names… I really appreciated you guys reading my translation!

Thanks to my translators friends who are also read, help, and encourage me to finish Perfection~
INPRESS (check out Inpress’ novel here~)
Rin (check out Rin’s novel here~)
PiaoPiao (check out Piao’s smut novel here~)
And all the other translators in ABO Universe thank you for the help!
Check out our discord server for more links of danmei novels~

I really appreciate all of you guys! All your likes and comments encourage me so much ><

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  1. knownassociate

    Great read!. Thank you to all who made it possible for those who don’t speak or read the language to enjoy this story. Also thanks for t/l this story to completion.

    • hoenimochi

      You’re welcome!
      Thank you for reading until the last chapter ^O^

  2. Eli


    • Hoenimochi

      Thank you for reading until the end ><

  3. chinesefanreader

    Awww I’m glad my comments helped energize you in any way ♥️ It can seem like your hard work is going into a black hole when no one gives likes or comments, even if you just want to share for something good for its own sake. So a pat on the back means you’re not alone and we appreciate you 😘 I look forward to reading more from you😉

    (aka CKJnovelFANatic)

    • hoenimochi

      Yes! thank you so much for all your comments >< I'm happy that you enjoy this series as much as I do ><


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