The whole company knows that He Yunsheng is secretly in love with Xi Feng.

Content tag: Urban romance, abusive love
Author: Jin Gang Quan/金刚圈
Artist: /
Alt. Name: 你所以为的暗恋

A depressive melodramatic story, there is scum out there, be careful before entering!
Short story not VIP, update not guarantee!

Xi Feng has been a straight guy all his life, and when he and He Yunsheng met, Xi Feng who has no idea that He Yunsheng is a homosexual, keep trying to be friends with He Yunsheng.
But one day, Xi Feng finally knows that He Yunsheng is a gay and at the same time someone has spread a photo of them coming in to a hotel together, and that’s when things started to get awry…

Table of Contents