They had dinner with several colleagues in the company. As the head of the finance department, He Yunsheng was in charge of all the food, lodging, and transportation on this trip. When he goes back, he will be responsible for the reimbursement to the company.

       Someone suggested that they go for singing after dinner, but the deputy manager was obviously was not interested. He said that everyone must be too tired today and should go singing another day. So the person gave up, and a group of seven people walked back to the hotel from the place where they ate.

       Xi Feng did not find a chance to be alone with He Yunsheng, because on the way back, He Yunsheng was chatting with two female colleagues in the unit, although most of the time it was the two of them talking, and He Yunsheng listened quietly.

       Xi Feng had no choice but to slow down and followed He Yunsheng behind him, secretly looking at his back.

       He Yunsheng never looked back, but he could feel Xi Feng’s attention on him. He still felt uncomfortable in his heart and chatted with his two female colleagues carelessly.

       Back at the hotel, Xi Feng followed He Yunsheng into the room. He reached out his hand and locked the door with a soft click.

       He Yunsheng had just turned on the light in the room and looked back at him.

       Xi Feng inexplicably felt that the sound of the door lock seemed to carry some unusual implications.

       He Yunsheng walked to his suitcase and knelt down to start packing again.

  Xi Feng turned on the TV and sat on the edge of the bed without changing the channel. He glanced at He Yunsheng’s back from time to time and was a little surprised that He Yunsheng seemed to pack things up endlessly. They came over for a business trip and not moving. Why are there so many things to pack? But he can’t ask these questions.

       He Yunsheng finally stood up after packing for so long. He looked at Xi Feng and asked, “Are you going to take a bath? If you are not, I will take a bath first.”

       Xi Feng said, “Go ahead, I’m not in a hurry.”

       He Yunsheng went into the bathroom with his pajama shirt and pants.

       Only then did Xi Feng take off his shoes and lean back with his upper body propped up on the bed with both hands. He moved his neck to relax his body and took a look at the time that suddenly popped up in the upper right corner of the TV. It was already 9:00 pm.

       There was a slight movement from time to time in the bathroom. After ten minutes, Xi Feng heard the sound of the shower nozzle turning on and the sound of the water rushing in the bathtub.

       He stared at the ceiling and somewhat let his imagination run wild.

  He Yunsheng’s white and slightly slender body that he had seen and touched that night appeared before his eyes again. His mind wandered, and this kind of fantasy slowly dissipated as the sound of water continued in the bathroom.

       Xi Feng glanced at the time on the phone. It was already nine fifty. He Yunsheng took a very long bath. In any case, if a man lives too finely, his heart will gradually drift in an abnormal direction. Of course, He Yunsheng was a sissy, and he also admits it. At least, it means that even if he is an older man, he still prefers soft and tender animals.

       He Yunsheng came out of the bathroom after taking a shower for nearly an hour. At first glance, he saw Xi Feng staring at the ceiling in a daze. Without saying anything, he walked to the dressing table and wiped his face with lotion.

       His action was not because he lives an exquisite life, but it was because he has dry skin. After washing his face every day, he habitually wipes his face with lotion; otherwise, it would feel too uncomfortable to even stretch the skin on his face.

       During this process, He Yunsheng saw from the mirror that Xi Feng was looking at him from behind. He felt a little bit annoyed, but he felt it was inconvenient to express it. He only speeded up his movements, wiped his face, and said to Xi Feng, “Go take a bath.”

       Xi Feng said, “Okay.” After all, he was going to stay out for several days. He would pay attention to basic hygiene even if he usually doesn’t. Before going to the bathroom, he grabbed a pair of clean underwear and went in.

       The bathroom was still filled with water mist, mixed with the sweet fragrance of shower gel, which he smelled from He Yunsheng when He Yunsheng passed by just now.

       He reached out to close the door when he suddenly heard He Yunsheng’s phone ring.

       The phone only rang once, and He Yunsheng quickly picked up the phone and said, “Hello? Deputy manager?”

       Xi Feng’s action of closing the door slowed down, leaning his head against the door and quietly listening to his call.

       “Now?” He Yunsheng seemed a little surprised but quickly said, “Okay, just send me the address.”

       Xi Feng instantly thought of some strange things, but he himself quickly denied this imagination.

       He Yunsheng was still on the phone. He said, “Okay, I’ll go right away.” Then he hung up.

  Xi Feng stood at the door and thought for a while, reminiscing about the content of the call just now. It sounds like the deputy manager tells He Yunsheng to go out at night. At the thought of this, he couldn’t help it and stretched out his hand to open the bathroom door and walked outside.

       When he returned to the room, He Yunsheng had changed his clothes. He was sitting on the bed and was changing his pants. As he took off half of his pajama pants, his two white thighs were revealed. Seeing Xi Feng suddenly come out, He Yunsheng subconsciously wanted to cover himself.

       When Xi Feng saw it, he could only pretend not to see it and forced his gaze to stay on He Yunsheng’s face, “You’re going out this late?”

  He Yunsheng gritted his teeth and moved quickly to take off his pajamas and put on his trousers. He stood up and pulled the zippers and buttons and said, “The deputy manager asked me to get a copy of the information for him. It might be useful for the expo tomorrow.”

  ”Where to get them?” Xi Feng asked again.

  He Yunsheng bent over and grabbed the phone on the bed and saw that the deputy manager had already sent him the address, then said, “It’s in the city. I’ll take a taxi there.”

  Xi Feng said immediately, “I will accompany you.”

  He Yunsheng refused without even thinking, “No need.”

  Xi Feng saw that He Yunsheng had already begun to put on socks. He quickly went back to the bed and put on his shoes and socks.

  He Yunsheng stood up, took the wallet and room card and put it in his pocket, and said: “It’s really not necessary. You can stay and rest early.” After that, he walked outside.

  Xi Feng hurriedly chased after him and closed the door hard, and grabbed He Yunsheng’s arm in the corridor.

  ”Let go!” He Yunsheng disliked Xi Feng’s completely unreasonable and unyielding attitude very much.

  Xi Feng immediately let go but did not stop and followed He Yunsheng to the front of the elevator, “I’m going with you, I’m worried about you going out alone at this late.”

  He Yunsheng pressed the elevator and coldly replied, “You’re sick!”

  Xi Feng raised his hand and touched his chest, and said, “Yeah, it’s probably lovesickness.”

  The moment He Yunsheng heard these words, He Yunsheng couldn’t help but want to raise his hand and hold his chest. He felt that he was angered as well as disgusted to death by him.

  There was no one in the elevator.

  Two people went in one after the other. Xi Feng reached out and pressed the first floor. When the elevator door slowly closed, He Yunsheng looked at Xi Feng and said, “I recently saw a term on the Internet that is quite apt to describe you.”

  Xi Feng asked with interest, “What?”

  He Yunsheng said, “Straight man cancer1直男癌 [zhí nán ái]: “Straight man cancer”, unpleasant features of men who are chauvinistic, radical, or narrow-minded. For example, such men disregard personal hygiene, explicitly or implicitly despise women, abhor the rich, or blame others only for their own misfortunes..”

  Xi Feng had also heard of this term. He knew that it was not a positive term, but he was not angry about it. He wanted to say that it would not be as serious as “cancer”, and he’s a bit of a macho man at best. Later he hesitated and didn’t say anything for a while. He changed his words and said, “Why is it straight? Isn’t it bent for you?”

  The feeling of tightness in the chest came up again. He Yunsheng forcibly endured it and did not talk to Xi Feng again.

  Coming out of the hotel, He Yunsheng beckoned for a taxi at the roadside.

  He didn’t continue to reject Xi Feng. In fact, he didn’t know how he could refuse because he had already given up on maintaining his dignity, but the other party obviously couldn’t accept it or refused to accept it.

  After getting on the taxi, He Yunsheng read the address to the driver according to the address sent to him by the deputy manager.

  Xi Feng sat beside him and asked, “What is so important about this? Can’t Xiao Zhou or I run the errands?” Xiao Zhou is the other young guy in this line.

  He Yunsheng did not speak but just glanced at his phone from time to time.

  Xi Feng suddenly leaned close to his ear and asked, “Is the deputy manager not at the hotel?”

  He Yunsheng subconsciously wanted to avoid it, but when he heard what Xi Feng said, he turned his head to look at him, “How did you know?”

  Xi Feng said, “I heard him talking on the phone during dinner today, and it seemed to be a woman. Didn’t he refuse to go singing later?”

  He Yunsheng had actually guessed something, but he lowered his voice and said to Xi Feng, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

  Xi Feng smiled, “You are the only one I told to. Don’t worry.”

  He Yunsheng didn’t know what to say, so he looked forward.

  Xi Feng looked at his profile and said, “I know you still care about me.”

  The driver of the car took a look at them from the rearview mirror.

  He Yunsheng keenly caught that look and couldn’t help but move to the side, wanting to be a little farther away from Xi Feng, but Xi Feng refused to let him go and moved his butt along, trying to get himself closer to him.

  After arriving at the destination, Xi Feng took the initiative to pay, and He Yunsheng took the opportunity to pull the door and get out of the car first.

  After Xi Feng paid the driver, he followed him down and saw that this was the outer wall of a residential area. There was only a street light far away, and the surrounding environment was dark, and there were no pedestrians. Across a wide road is a commercial building. The address sent by the deputy manager is opposite the commercial building, but no one was waiting for them here.

  He Yunsheng had already taken out his cell phone to make a call. He contacted the person who wanted to give the document and walked towards the front while making the call.

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