Xi Feng got up in a hurry and didn’t even have time to eat breakfast. He took a taxi to the Qingya neighborhood on Wutong Road. According to the detailed address given to him by He Yunsheng, he found the door of the room where He Yunsheng’s mother lived. He was worried and pressed the doorbell with some urgency. After a while, he heard a ringing inside. But it took a long time for someone to open the door for him.

       He Yunsheng’s mother is in her fifties. She has a daughter who is studying abroad at a university, and her husband who had gone abroad with her work unit for inspection and won’t be able to come back next week. She accidentally fell at home alone, and her left leg was so painful that she couldn’t stand up. She didn’t dare to move carelessly, estimating that she had broken a bone.

       After hesitating, she chose to call her son in another place. He Yunsheng was too far away and couldn’t rush over immediately. At this time, the only person left to turn to is Xi Feng.

       The old lady dragged one leg to open the door for him with difficulty. Xi Feng briefly introduced himself, turned around and carried the old lady, and went downstairs and sent her to the hospital.

       When they went to the emergency room at the hospital, Xi Feng checked and paid for the admission fee to the hospital. Xi Feng ran back and forth, carrying her on his back. He didn’t complain and even paid for the hospitalization expenses first.

       Before she was sent to the ward, all the necessary examinations were completed, and she just needed to wait for the operation tomorrow. Xi Feng finally had time to sit down and take a sip of water.

       The old lady sat on the hospital bed and looked at him, and said, “Thank you so much, so are you just Yunsheng’s colleague?”

       Xi Feng was stunned when he heard this, and he wondered what the old lady meant. But in the end, he was still uncertain and said, “We are good friends.”

       The old lady nodded, “Oh, thank you, otherwise, an old lady like mine doesn’t know what to do at home.” It was probably after experiencing these things today, her tone was unconsciously sad.

       Xi Feng sat on the chair next to the hospital bed, leaned forward, and clasped her hands. He smiled and said, “Auntie, I will leave you my phone number. If something happens in the future, you don’t need to call Yunsheng. You can just call me directly.”

       The old lady also smiled gently, “You are really too nice.”

       She repeated these words no less than ten times today, and Xi Feng began to feel embarrassed after hearing them multiple times.

       By three o’clock in the afternoon, He Yunsheng had already hurriedly flown to Chongfeng City, dragged his suitcase in his hand, and took a taxi directly to the hospital. When he arrived at the ward, Xi Feng was chatting with the old lady while peeling an apple for her with a knife.

       Just after an apple was cut, He Yunsheng walked to the door of the ward hurriedly, he was panting slightly, and said, “Mom, how are you doing?”

       Xi Feng turned his head to look at him. It’s been almost half a year since he last saw him. He Yunsheng seems to have not changed at all, but he didn’t know if he had lost weight from how he remembered him in his heart. He always felt that he seemed to be thinner.

       “You are here?” Xi Feng stood up from the hospital bed and handed the freshly cut apple in front of He Yunsheng subconsciously, “Did you have a hard time on the road? Would you like to have an apple?”

       He Yunsheng was stunned, and said, “No need, you can eat it.”

       Xi Feng stared at the apple, and suddenly remembered who he had cut the apple for, and wanted to turn around and pass it to the old lady, but seeing that she was a little emotional, he cautiously placed the apple on the cup on the bedside table.

       The old lady repeated what happened at home today to He Yunsheng again.

       Xi Feng pulled the chair behind He Yunsheng to let him sit, and went to the bathroom to wash his hands. After washing for a while, He Yunsheng who was already waiting at the bathroom door and called out to him, saying, “Thank you.”

       When facing He Yunsheng, Xi Feng was obviously not as comfortable as he was with the old lady. He tried hard to make his words and behaviors not look too deliberate. He wiped the water on his other hand with his still wet fingers and said, “Don’t mention it. Auntie has been thanking me today.”

       He Yunsheng said, “The incident happened suddenly, and I have no other friends here. I can only call you.”

       In his heart, Xi Feng wanted to say: I couldn’t be happier. But he said, “It’s not a problem. From now on, Auntie will call me directly if anything happens. So you don’t need to rush over if you’re busy.”

       He Yunsheng asked him, “Did you pay for my mother’s hospitalization fee?”

       Xi Feng said, “There’s no rush on this. Let’s wait for a couple of days for your aunt’s condition to stabilize, she’ll be scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning.”

       He Yunsheng also felt that there was no need to pay back the money in a hurry. He just nodded and said, “I have trouble you so much today, so when I have time in a few days, I’ll have to treat you to dinner to thank you properly.”

       Xi Feng said without much sincerity, “You don’t need to be so formal.” But he thought he would definitely go for this meal with He Yunsheng.

       He Yunsheng looked at him and smiled, “I did what I was supposed to do.”

       Xi Feng couldn’t help but look closely at his face, but didn’t dare to be too presumptuous, and asked, “Did you take a leave to come here?”

       He Yunsheng replied, “I will ask for leave next week.”

       Xi Feng then asked, “Do you plan to stay in the hospital tonight?”

       He Yunsheng nodded, “Definitely.”

       Xi Feng asked in a low voice, “Do you need my help?”

       He Yunsheng said, “No, it must’ve been hard for you today. Why don’t you go back and rest early?”

       “What about you?” Xi Feng asked tentatively, “Are you going to accompany her at the hospital in the next few days? Isn’t it too hard?”

       He Yunsheng turned his head and looked inside. From this angle, the old lady lying on the outer hospital bed could not see the two of them. The TV was on, and they should not be able to hear them clearly. He said, “I’ll think about it again at least until the surgery is done tomorrow.”

       Xi Feng said, “Why don’t you hire a caregiver? Find a woman to accompany your mother. Someone you can switch with during the day and night, so you can take some rest as well.”

       He Yunsheng said to him, “Let’s talk about it later, there’s no hurry.”

       Xi Feng had to say yes.

       He Yunsheng said to him again, “Go back and rest.”

       Xi Feng wanted to stay with him for a little longer, but there was no good excuse. So he could only nod his head and say, “I’ll go back first, and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

       He Yunsheng neither conceded nor refused.

       Xi Feng returned to the ward to say goodbye to the old lady and then left the hospital with his cell phone and wallet in his pocket.

       Even though he was thinking of He Yunsheng all night, Xi Feng held back from contacting him. But he went back to the hospital the next morning, bought some fruit and milk, and brought two small cakes for He Yunsheng.

       When he arrived, the old lady had already started the operation. He Yunsheng was waiting outside the operating room by himself. Xi Feng put the things in the ward and only took out two small cakes for He Yunsheng to eat.

       He Yunsheng glanced at the delicate cake and didn’t have the heart to refuse, so he accepted it.

       The old lady’s operation went smoothly. After she finished the operation, He Yunsheng called her daughter who was in college. The young girl was so anxious that she immediately had to take time off from school to come back.

       In the afternoon, Xi Feng said to He Yunsheng, “I’ll stay here and watch Auntie. You go back and take a shower and get some sleep.”

       He Yunsheng did not speak.

       Xi Feng asked him again, “Do you have a place to stay? Have you booked a hotel?”

       He Yunsheng said, “I haven’t had a chance yet.”

       Xi Feng’s thoughts moved slightly and said, “Our company has a partner hotel. So I’ll call and book a room for you directly, so you don’t have to go out and look for it blindly.”

       “Is it okay?” He Yunsheng asked.

       Xi Feng said, “Of course it’s okay.” Then he went and made a call to book a room for He Yunsheng at a partner hotel near the company.

       He Yunsheng didn’t want to trouble Xi Feng to stay in the hospital to take care of his mother. Instead, he inquired in the hospital and hired a professional nursing worker to take care of her temporarily. He has been in the hospital for so long since yesterday. As Xi Feng said, he also wants to find a place to take a break and take a bath and change clothes.

       But he was still not at ease. He waited in the hospital until the evening. The old lady’s situation has stabilized, and today’s infusion was also done. She lay on the bed and asked He Yunsheng to go back and rest. Then He Yunsheng followed Xi Feng to leave the hospital and go to the hotel for repairs.

       He had been persuading Xi Feng to go back all afternoon. There was no need to accompany him in the hospital, but Xi Feng refused to leave. In the evening, they came out of the hospital and ate something casually on the road, and Xi Feng drove He Yunsheng to the hotel.

       When standing at the entrance of the hotel, Xi Feng hesitated and did not offer to follow him in. He now understood what it means to stop, and he is always afraid that He Yunsheng will be scared if he is too eager.

       So he asked He Yunsheng, “Do you want me to accompany you to the hospital later?”

       He Yunsheng shook his head, “No need really, thank you very much already.”

       Xi Feng didn’t want to hear him say thank you. He put his hands in his pants pockets, looked at him for a while, and said, “Then I’ll leave first, I have to work tomorrow, so I can only visit my aunt in the hospital at night.”

       He Yunsheng said, “You are busy with your stuff. My mother’s situation is very stable. There is no need to waste time coming every day. After two days, I will arrange to invite you to dinner. “

       Xi Feng nodded earnestly, “Okay.”

       Two days later, He Yunsheng’s sister rushed back from school, and his stepfather also came back from abroad with the inspection group. He arranged the affairs here and was about to go back.

       Before leaving, He Yunsheng invited Xi Feng to have a meal.

       For this meal, He Yunsheng specially found a Japanese restaurant with a good environment and expensive price. The two sat down face to face. The first thing He Yunsheng did was to solemnly thank him.

       Xi Feng looked at He Yunsheng and said, “If you say thank you again, then I will leave.”

       He Yunsheng smiled when he heard the words. He felt that Xi Feng’s changes were very obvious, mainly in the aspect of being a man, which made him feel that the Xi Feng now was a little bit unlike the original Xi Feng.

       In fact, Xi Feng is still the Xi Feng he used to know. He has his own views on things, but he is no longer blunt. He has experienced a failed relationship and knows that when you cry for candy and no one will give it to you, you should act like an adult and make your own money to buy candy to eat.

       He Yunsheng is also a reasonable person. He asked about Xi Feng’s work here in an ordinary manner and talked to him about the company’s situation, personnel changes, and market changes after Xi Feng left. He just doesn’t mention the grievances between the two people in the past.

       In the end, He Yunsheng asked Xi Feng for the bank account number and said that after he went back, he would return all the expenses that Xi Feng had paid him.

       Xi Feng also only said one sentence, “Okay.”

       When he came out of the Japanese restaurant, He Yunsheng felt that it was a bit cold outside and raised his hand to put on his coat. A leather purse in his coat pocket slipped out and fell on the sidewalk. He immediately bent down to pick it up.

       He saw a car driving close to the edge of the road, very close to He Yunsheng. He subconsciously stepped forward, with one hand around He Yunsheng’s waist, and one hand on his chest to pull him back a step. He resisted the urge to shout at the driver, and just asked, “Is everything okay?”

       Their bodies are still close to each other. When Xi Feng speaks, He Yunsheng’s back can feel the vibration of his chest. In addition, his hands and chest were warm and strong, giving the illusion that his embrace was the safest place in the world.

       He Yunsheng wanted to get rid of this illusion. Xi Feng immediately released his hand, bent down to help him pick up the purse, and handed it to him, saying, “The driver over here drives wilder.”

       “Thank you,” He Yunsheng took it and thanked him.

       Xi Feng suddenly asked him, “Are you getting along well with your boyfriend?” He had been holding this question in for the whole night, and couldn’t help asking it before they separated.

       He Yunsheng lowered his head and rubbed the dust on the purse with his fingers, and said, “We’re fine.”

       Xi Feng made a joke, “It seems that I still have no chance.” Although it sounds like a joke, the deep loss in his tone almost can’t be concealed and diffused.

       He Yunsheng was strangled by this loss in an instant. He had to clear his throat. When he wanted to speak, he heard Xi Feng say, “Go back, I’ll send you off.”

       What happened just now was lightly dismissed, as if the joke was just a joke, and the loss was not really a loss.

       He Yunsheng said, “No need.”

       Xi Feng told him, “My house is very close to the hotel you’re staying at. So we’ll take a car and take you back to the hotel first, and then I’ll go home.”

       He Yunsheng had no reason to refuse, so he nodded.

       When Xi Feng helped him open the car door to invite him into the car, He Yunsheng suddenly realized that Xi Feng gradually began to be in control of the relationship with others, and his request was no longer arrogant, but restrained and measured. So that you can’t refuse, and then he will slowly erode your territory.

       He Yunsheng was in a daze.

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