Chapter 21

       In less than a month after He Yunsheng left, Xi Feng took the initiative to secure an opportunity to follow his superiors back to the head office to report to their work.

       Previously, he had to participate in two meetings in addition to reporting on work. There were a few days between the two meetings, and it was already a week later when the second meeting is over.

       So for Xi Feng, a week of a business trip is equivalent to a week full of opportunities.

       After leaving the head office for half a year, Xi Feng reappeared with a different temperament. He was wearing a suit and tie and carrying a briefcase in his hand as he accompanied his superiors into the entrance of the company.

       He met a colleague from the same department in the lobby on the first floor. When the colleague saw him, he was taken aback and called out, “Xi Feng?”

       Xi Feng turned around to look at him, smiled and nodded. He couldn’t delay too much time, and could only say, “I’ll be in touch later.”

       That afternoon, many of the company’s young female employees were talking about it, especially those who knew Xi Feng. They were chatting privately, “Do you still remember that Xi Feng?”

       “The one who was transferred to Chongfeng?”

       “Yeah, he’s back today and looks like he’s become handsome.”

       “He was originally quite handsome, and so tall.”

       “He used to be just okay, and didn’t have a commanding aura as he is now.”

       “What kind of commanding aura, huh?”

       “I can’t say, you will know when you see it yourself.”

       When Xi Feng took the elevator upstairs in the afternoon, he met Xu Qing, who already had a new boyfriend. When she saw him, she had already lost her original resentment and was able to talk to him calmly.

       Xi Feng has always felt a little sorry for Xu Qing, and he spoke sincerely and gently.

       So when Xu Qing said goodbye to him, she couldn’t help saying, “Xi Feng, you have changed.”

       Xi Feng was stunned. He was about to leave the elevator when he stopped to look back at her.

       Xu Qing thought for a while, and said: “Mature, and more manly.”

       Xi Feng didn’t know if he should be happy to hear this comment, but he could only smile and say, “Thank you.”

       He came out of the elevator and walked towards He Yunsheng’s office. Before this trip, Xi Feng went to visit He Yunsheng’s mother and brought some health gifts over, mainly to check on her recovery.

       The old lady heard that Xi Feng was coming here and asked him to bring He Yunsheng some pot-stewed dish that she made herself. She said that He Yunsheng liked to eat it since he was a child, but it was a pity that she didn’t have a chance to get it for him when he came back last time.

       At this time, Xi Feng was carrying a plastic bag with a few bags of lou mei1Lou mei is the Cantonese name given to dishes made by braising in a sauce known as a master stock or lou sauce. in a vacuum packaging bag, which he brought over to He Yunsheng.

       He Yunsheng and their department had just finished a short meeting and was now going back to work at their own desks, so when Xi Feng came in, no one was paying attention to him, so he went straight to He Yunsheng’s small office.

  He Yunsheng was pressing a calculator with his head down and a large report in front of him, he only noticed a tall figure appearing at the office door and thought it was another young man in the department. He looked up before he could open his mouth and saw clearly that the person coming was Xi Feng.

  Xi Feng asked, “Are you busy?”

  Because Xi Feng helped him so much last time, He Yunsheng immediately stood up and said, “Why are you back?” In fact, he knew that Xi Feng was back. He heard two girls talking in the elevator at noon. At this time, he was just pretending to be surprised.

  Xi Feng said, “Ah, I’m back to report to work.” After that, he raised the plastic bag in his hand, “I also brought you something by the way.”

  He Yunsheng thought it was a gift Xi Feng brought for himself, and said quickly, “Why are you so formal? How can I be so shameful to accept your kindness?”

  Xi Feng smiled, walked into his office, put a plastic bag in the only space on the edge of his desk, and said, “I didn’t bring you anything special. It was Auntie and her old man who asked me to bring you something. “

  He Yunsheng opened the bag and saw the vacuumed bags of lou mei inside. He immediately understood it, and couldn’t help but laugh a little, “My mother really, she didn’t have to ask you to bring me these.”

  In fact, Xi Feng hinted that the old lady needed to bring He Yunsheng something. So she thought about it and said that she might just bring some braised beef or pig’s feet. If it weren’t for these things, Xi Feng would look too wilful when he came specifically to find He Yunsheng.

  He Yunsheng still feels uncomfortable, he said, “I really caused you trouble.”

  ”Why are you so polite?” Xi Feng thought that the more trouble the better, and he certainly wouldn’t mind. He said, “I went to visit Auntie specifically, and her leg is recovering well. You don’t have to worry.”

  He Yunsheng could only say, “Thank you.”

  Xi Feng went to look at the plastic bag and said, “Auntie’s cooking skill must be very good, it’s a pity that I haven’t had the chance to eat her hand-marinated beef.”

  He Yunsheng also stared at the beef in the bag and suddenly realized Xi Feng’s intentions. He raised his eyes slightly but quickly glanced at the other person. He didn’t even see Xi Feng’s face, only the tie on his neck. After that, he withdrew his gaze, and gently stroked the edge of the plastic bag with his fingers, saying, “I’ll treat you to it when I have the chance in the next two days.”

  Xi Feng’s smile looked calm as he said, “I’m not going back until next week.”

  He Yunsheng had to say, “I’ll see when it’s convenient, and then I will buy some other dishes and invite a few friends together.”

  Xi Feng tapped his fingers on the edge of the trousers twice, and quickly replied, “No problem.”

  After saying this, Xi Feng received a phone call from his peers’ superiors, so he said goodbye to He Yunsheng and said he had to get busy with his work.

  He Yunsheng nodded, “Go ahead and do your work.”

  Xi Feng came back from this trip with a full schedule.

  The next night, several colleagues from the same department who had a good relationship with him asked him to go out in the evening, first for dinner and then to a bar.

  Xi Feng was dizzy after drinking wine. He wanted to tell everyone how well he had been in the new branch in the past six months. When the words came to his lips, he realized that it was not good and swallowed it back.

  In fact, men are very childish, and men at the drinking table are even more childish. Even if you are in your 40s or 50s, after you have a few glasses of wine in your stomach, the most important thing is to brag. What you know, others don’t know, what others don’t know, you know, and what you can do, others can’t do it.

  In “The Analects of Confucius”, it is said that men in their thirties are often like children. At best, he has just started a family and has children and is forced to take the first step towards maturity.

  In a sense, Xi Feng was also forced to mature, but he himself was willing. Because he has a goal, whether it is a successful career or a happy relationship, he needs to establish a mature mentality before he can gradually reach it.

  As he returned this time, the words Xi Feng heard the most was, “You are not like you anymore.”

  But in this society, who can really live a lifetime wilfully and throw the mess to others to clean up?

  Everyone drank too much wine, and in the end, Xi Feng was the most sober person. He helped each of his friends get a taxi, and helped them to get inside. When he finally left by himself, he noticed that the bar they were drinking at was opposite the gay bar that He Yunsheng had taken him to once.

  Xi Feng stared at the sign and withdrew the hand that originally wanted to stop a taxi. He was feeling a little impulsive and wanted to go in and take a look.

  Before he could move his feet, Xi Feng saw two men walking out of the bar across the street with their arms around each other. One of them was pale and tender and looked very young, and the other man had seen him twice. Each time with He Yunsheng, and even now Xi Feng still remembers his Cadillac.

  He Yunsheng said that he has a boyfriend. For a long time, Xi Feng suspected that He Yunsheng was talking about this man.

  But now, the two men on the opposite side were close to each other. They waited for a taxi on the side of the road and leaned on their shoulders to get into the car. Xi Feng only saw another man chasing out from inside, and handed them something, like a cell phone.

  Then two people got in the car and left.

  Xi Feng stopped hesitating and walked towards the man standing on the opposite side of the road. Xi Feng also knows this person. He is Cong Yu, the owner of the bar. He Yunsheng said that his boyfriend was introduced by Cong Yu. He found himself remembering every word He Yunsheng said very clearly.

  Cong Yu also noticed Xi Feng walking straight towards him. He frowned slightly, then remembered who Xi Feng was, and smiled, “Long time no see.”

  Xi Feng also smiled. He walked across the street and stood in front of Cong Yu and said, “You still remember me, huh?”

  Cong Yu pointed to his head, “If it’s a handsome man, I remember.”

  Xi Feng said, “I was transferred to another branch and am not in this city anymore.”

  Cong Yu nodded, “No wonder, I never saw you come with Yunsheng after that.”

  Xi Feng asked him, “Does He Yunsheng still come often?”

  Cong Yu denied, “No, he is busy at work. It’s already good if he can come once in a month or two.”

  Xi Feng said, “Is it because he is busy at work that it seems that he still doesn’t have time to be in a relationship?”

  Cong Yu smiled when he heard the words, “It’s not necessarily because he’s busy at work that he’s not in a relationship, maybe he still has obstacles in his heart.”

  For the past six months, Xi Feng has been faintly suspecting that He Yunsheng is lying to him. Today, he finally got the truth out of Cong Yu’s mouth. Where did He Yunsheng’s boyfriend come from? It was just a fabrication to get rid of him completely.

  Xi Feng didn’t know for a while if he should be happy about it.

  He smiled bitterly and asked Cong Yu, “The man just now, I used to think he was Yunsheng’s boyfriend.”

  Cong Yu raised his head and looked in the direction where the two people left. “No, but Cheng Lei and Yunsheng have a very good relationship. They’re known to be friends for many years. That little boyfriend of his, to this day, will still be jealous of Yunsheng, suspecting that the two of them have an affair.”

  ”That’s really not the case?” Xi Feng asked.

  Cong Yu looked at him, “I really don’t know, He Yunsheng is quite attractive anyway. Cheng Lei’s boyfriend is less than twenty years old, and keeps a close eye on him.”

  After saying this, Cong Yu asked Xi Feng, “Would you like to go in for a drink?”

  Xi Feng replied, “It’s too late today, let’s do it some other time when I have a chance to come with Yunsheng.”

  Cong Yu nodded, “My pleasure.”

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