Chapter 19

       The restaurant is not expensive and the dishes are exquisite. At dinner time, guests come and go, surrounded by noisy voices. Xi Feng looked at He Yunsheng on the opposite side and saw him roll up his cuffs and folded his napkins next to him, carefully and delicately.

       Xi Feng felt a little confused for a moment.

  When they first met, he did not think He Yunsheng was like a woman. At best, he was not crude enough. Later, when he knew that he was a homosexual, he suddenly realized that the other party’s meticulousness was actually a feminine expression. Today, he doesn’t think He Yunsheng is like a woman. He was just a gentle and introverted man, who is not crude and doesn’t tolerate things.

       Xi Feng had already ordered the food, and when He Yunsheng sat down, he asked the waiter to serve the food.

       Hot and cold dishes were brought to the table one after another, a total of four dishes and one soup. He Yunsheng looked at the dishes served and said, “There are too many.”

       Xi Feng said, “It’s not much, I have a good appetite.”

       No one moved their chopsticks for a while.

       Xi Feng raised his head and looked at He Yunsheng for a while, and said, “Is it possible that if I take a step back, we can continue to be friends?”

       He Yunsheng answered him, “I’m afraid it’s very difficult, we can be ordinary colleagues, but we can’t be friends anymore.”

       Xi Feng pressed one hand on the edge of the table. He couldn’t help tightening his fingers and swallowed the unwillingness. He had already regressed to this point, and in the end, the other side was not even willing to be friends with him.

       “This trip to the branch office. Develop well.” He Yunsheng said to him.

       Xi Feng pondered for a while, and picked out the words, “I haven’t been to Chongfeng, and I don’t know if I can get used to the life there.”

       “I have been there,” He Yunsheng said, “My mother is over there.”

       Xi Feng was a little surprised and looked at him.

  He Yunsheng’s gaze seemed to look through Xi Feng’s body into the distance, “Remember I told you that she started a new family after my father died? She’s now in Chongfeng City. That’s a nice city, maybe you’ll get used to it soon after you go over there.”

  ”Do you visit her often?” Xi Feng couldn’t help asking.

  He Yunsheng said slowly, “No, her daughter is in college, so if I go there, it will be awkward for the family.”

  Xi Feng suddenly felt disappointed. He originally thought that if He Yunsheng would visit his mother often, maybe they would have the opportunity to meet again.

  He Yunsheng didn’t know if Xi Feng could see through his thoughts, and he just said, “So feeling like this will fade away after a long time apart.”

  Xi Feng understood this truth in his heart.

  He Yunsheng hesitated. He had something to say to Xi Feng, but he didn’t know if it was appropriate to say it, so he fell silent and ate some dishes first.

  Xi Feng thoughtfully helped him scoop a bowl of soup, and then he wanted to help him with vegetables.

  He Yunsheng politely refused, and said to him, “Xi Feng, if you meet a suitable girl after you move, it’s not bad to consider it.”

  Xi Feng was stunned, and asked him, “Do you doubt what I said before?”

  He Yunsheng shook his head, “I just hope you don’t make a fool of yourself, you’re straight, don’t go further and further down this road, it’s a road with no end in sight. People who take this road either look back and choose another path or just die of exhaustion on the road.”

  Xi Feng knew that He Yunsheng would not look back, and he wanted to accompany him on this road, but the other party didn’t accept it. He couldn’t help asking, “Why am I still straight? I’m already bent, aren’t I?”

  He Yunsheng smiled this time, “The body can’t deceive people. You still react to the female body, right?”

  Xi Feng couldn’t refute, he thought he might be bisexual.

  He Yunsheng said, “As long as you can accept women, you will always take the road of getting married and having children. So there is no need to come round the bend and waste your time now.”

  Xi Feng listened quietly, and after a long time asked him, “Are you and your boyfriend happy?”

  He Yunsheng looked at him and said, “Very happy, I think we can have a chance to go to the end, so you don’t have to worry about me. Go live your own life.”

  Xi Feng took a deep breath, lowered his eyes, and said in a deep voice, “I’m really sorry that I have caused you so much trouble for so long.”

  He Yunsheng smiled, “I wish you good luck in the future.”

  This was the last meal that Xi Feng had with He Yunsheng before he left, and neither of them had contact until he left.

  However, He Yunsheng has always been in Xi Feng’s WeChat friends. He Yunsheng never posts to Moments, but whenever Xi Feng posts, he also knows that He Yunsheng will watch it, although He Yunsheng never responded or gave him a thumbs up.

  A new beginning in a new city.

  The company gave Xi Feng time to rent a house two days in advance. The house price in Chongfeng City is not expensive, so he simply rented the house near the company. A small apartment, enough for him to live alone.

  In the first three months after his arrival, Xi Feng felt deeply what it means to devote oneself to work, and his daily work schedule was very full. The new leader is also a young man, full of enthusiasm, and constantly inspires and motivates them. Of course, every effort he makes has also reaped enough returns.

  Unlike in the past, Xi Feng really wants to develop his career this time and has changed all of his bad habits that he used to do so carelessly. Both his colleagues and the leaders have a very high opinion of him.

  Such high-intensity and busy work did not allow him time to look back to grieve for a broken relationship. Only in the middle of the night when he was lying in bed, he would think of He Yunsheng, but he would soon be overwhelmed by drowsiness and fall into his sleep tiredly.

  Three months later, the work in the new company began to gradually get on track, but Xi Feng did not relax. He still devoted most of his energy to work and even went to a training class for a short weekend to conduct business related training.

  Xi Feng himself didn’t even realize that he was quite charming when he focused on his work.

  The branch has recruited many new employees here, and many new female colleagues have praised Xi Feng for his commitment and sense of responsibility. He is young and handsome, and very popular.

  Xi Feng spent his 26th birthday here alone. He was still working overtime that day. After work, he walked back to the rental house. On the road, he saw a cake shop with a ready-made birthday cake that was not sold, so he thought about it and bought the cake for himself.

  When he got home, Xi Feng sat on the living room sofa and put the candles into the cake. The small candles that came with the cake were not enough for 26 candles, so he put only one candle in the middle, lit it and took a picture with his phone, and sent it to his circle of friends. He wrote: Happy birthday, one’s 26th year.

  After sending the post, Xi Feng blew out the candles, cut the cake with a knife, and ate a small icing, and felt tired. So he had to put the remaining cake back into the box and put it in the refrigerator.

  After eating the cake, his mother called him, talked to him about his current situation, and finally said that she wished him a happy birthday.

  After the call, Xi Feng went to take a shower. After the shower, he turned on the TV and lay on the sofa, and began to look through the messages in Moments.

  There are already more than 20 messages under his cake photo, all of them wishing him a happy birthday. He hastily turned over and suddenly found He Yunsheng’s name in the comments. He Yunsheng also left him only two words: Happy Birthday.

  But at that moment, Xi Feng suddenly hugged his phone and rolled over on the sofa happily. He couldn’t contain his excitement. He first clicked on He Yunsheng’s comment to reply. He typed a bunch of words and wanted to say that it was lonely to celebrate his birthday alone. He also wanted to say that he’s been busy at work now, and only has time to celebrate my birthday so late. But he deleted all the words at the end, leaving only two words: Thank you.

  After replying, he locked the phone screen and threw it aside, grabbed the remote control to the TV and pointed it at the TV and changed the channel randomly. After less than two minutes, he picked up his phone again to see that the comments on his circle of friends were still increasing, but after he replied to He Yunsheng with the phrase thank you, the other party did not reply again.


  Xi Feng wondered in a daze, what else do you want the other party to reply? There was nothing else to say.

  It’s just that his mood is constantly fluctuating. He raised his hand to cover his face, thinking that didn’t they say all feelings will fade with the passage of time, but why did it fade so slowly this time? This thick and colorful stroke was directly painted on his heart. At this time, a handful of clear water was splashed on and slowly dripped down. But in the end, the stroke remained there, still as beautiful as new.

  After his 26th birthday, Xi Feng was somewhat starting to get restless. But after all he was too far away, even if he had a desire, it was difficult to move. He also had difficulty in judging whether or not he should do it.

  It’s just that Xi Feng didn’t expect it, that the turning point of things happened on one Saturday morning. He stayed up late last night and rushed to a project. When he was sleeping soundly at more than seven o’clock in the morning, he was awakened by the persistent mobile phone ringtone.

  Xi Feng, who was awakened, was a little unhappy, but he quickly grabbed the phone and saw He Yunsheng’s name.

  All the sleepiness disappeared instantly, he sat up all of a sudden, the quilt slipped down to reveal a strong upper body. He cleared his throat, picked up the phone, and answered in a low voice, “Hello? He Yunsheng?”

  ”It’s me,” He Yunsheng’s hoarse voice rang out, making Xi Feng feel a little excited, “Am I disturbing you?” He spoke with some anxiety and urgency in his tone.

  Xi Feng realized that he might have something, and quickly replied, “No, what’s the matter?”

  He Yunsheng said, “I don’t know if it’s convenient for you to do me a favor, can you go to the Qingya neighborhood on Wutong Road now? My mother is alone at home and seems to have broken her leg.”

  Xi Feng immediately understood the main point, “Is she alone? Can she get up?  Is there any key?” He decided that he would either call the ambulance and fire department to open the door to save her directly, or to rush over and take them to the hospital first.

  He Yunsheng said, “She should be able to get up, but she can’t walk, I really can’t find anyone else, so I can only call you to trouble you.”

  Xi Feng replied, “No problem, I’ll go over immediately and call you if something happened.”

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  1. Kimmie Chuu

    I guess am the only one that doesn’t want a happy ending…
    Xi Feng has pissed me off that I can’t seem to see all his redeeming qualities…
    Better to go their separate ways.. The way him was too scummy

    • Kimmie Chuu

      The way he treated him was too scummy***

    • Jaifeifei

      I agree completely. The best ending is them living separate lives. There’s no reason for them to end up together. Ugh!

    • hoenimochi

      Even I secretly don’t want them to be together :’)

    • Joy

      I disagree, people deserve a second chance in life, MC is not a bad person, but he is immature, that doesn’t mean he has to be unhappy forever, besides that the story shows that he was raised in a conservative environment and had to open his mind slowly, if we are to disregard the plot development it is better not to read this kind of story…


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