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Chapter 166 – The Grand Wedding Ceremony

Chapter 166 – The Grand Wedding Ceremony


Outside was full of joy and festivity. Jian Luo got into the carriage.


This wedding was quite grand. Or rather, Lu Shifeng had not initially planned for it to be so. Lanterns and decorations were everywhere, and even the Dragon Valley had posted large red “double happiness” symbols following human customs. The dragon clan favored black and red, which fortunately did not clash with human red.


When Jian Luo arrived at Dragon Valley, he almost didn’t recognize it from what he had seen before. It was a colorful world everywhere, dazzling to the eyes. The once empty Cloud Wilds were now filled with banquet tables, bustling with guests coming and going, creating a lively and festive atmosphere.


The most important ceremony for the dragon clan was to bond their partners under the sacred tree.


When Jian Luo arrived, many venerable elder dragons were already present. They looked at him with eyes full of affection. Most dragon elders were tens of thousands of years old. In their later years, they either traveled far and wide or slumbered in the depths of Dragon Valley, rarely appearing.


Only during significant events would these dragons emerge. One such event was the Dragon King’s wedding.


Standing in the center was an elder dragon with white horns. It appeared ancient with its snowy mane. It beckoned to Lu Shifeng and Jian Luo, “Come here, child.”


Jian Luo felt a bit nervous because Lu Shifeng had no living parents, so there was no need for an ugly daughter-in-law to meet her in-laws. Unexpectedly, facing several elders, he still felt uneasy, flustered, and fearful.


Lu Shifeng sensed Jian Luo’s nervousness. He squeezed Jian Luo’s hand, silently giving him strength, and whispered softly, “Let’s go.”


Looking at him, Jian Luo felt less nervous and nodded gently. “Okay.”


The two walked forward together. The grass in Dragon Valley was soft, the air fresh. With slow steps, amidst the attention of the crowd, they finally stood before the elder. Jian Luo’s palms were sweating.


The elder raised his head slowly, placed his hand on Jian Luo’s head, murmuring something like a low dragon chant or a whisper of a spell. Listening to it unwittingly calmed the mind. A cool sensation seemed to flow from his brow. When Jian Luo came back to his senses, the elder had already withdrawn his hand.


Lu Shifeng bowed with him.


The elder clasped his hands together slowly and said, “Go.”


Jian Luo, still dazed, was pulled by Lu Shifeng to the next elder. Before this, he knew there would be some blessing ceremony, but no one had told him it would be this detailed. Fortunately, Lu Shifeng was reliable, guiding him all along and not letting him embarrass himself. Overall, it went smoothly.


Finally, under the gaze of everyone, the blessing ceremony concluded.


Jian Luo obediently stood aside, waiting for the final, most solemn, and most important offering. The winds around them involuntarily quickened. In almost the blink of an eye, several elders who had been standing on the ground disappeared suddenly, replaced by dragons leaping in the sky. Giant dragons. Several dragons churned in the sea of clouds, their dragon chants echoing from afar, resonating throughout the land of Dragon Valley, even reverberating over the Sky City.


Not just these few.


Many dragon clans also transformed into their original forms and flew into the sky. The symphony of dragon chants, the green light orbs around the sacred tree began to increase, gradually surrounding the surroundings. The overflowing spiritual energy seemed to baptize the entire body, and the mother tree awakened. Its branches began to swell, and the towering giant tree began to creak.


Jian Luo involuntarily widened his eyes.


The deep and majestic dragon chants of the dragon clan shook the heart. They seemed like kings of the sky, and the sacred tree responded to their calls. As the branches swelled, half of the sky was filled with green light. The green light orbs returned to the body of the mother tree. Suddenly, before Jian Luo’s eyes —


The branches began to bloom.


In bright red, with dark centers, red and black intertwined, these majestic and charming flowers blossomed among the greenery, covering the branches that seemed to reach the sky. Gradually, half of the sky was dyed with the color of flowers. A graceful fragrance filled the air, carried by the wind, and petals fluttered down, a shower of blossoms, a sight beyond description.


On the day of the Dragon King’s wedding, the sacred tree of the dragon clan bloomed, its fragrance spanning three thousand miles, lingering for a long time.


The guests below erupted into a clamor, a rare scene in a hundred years. Many would only witness such an occasion once in their lifetime. Cheers and jubilant voices echoed through Dragon Valley. Amidst this celebration, the sacred tree slowly lowered a branch. Atop this branch was a flower, distinct from the others. It was a pure black flower, beautiful in its cold solitude and boldness.


Lu Shifeng said to Jian Luo, “This is my soul flower.”


Jian Luo widened his eyes, looking at the small flower in disbelief.


Secretary Jin approached with a vessel from nearby and smiled, saying, “Drip your blood into the flower to merge it with the Dragon King’s soul flower, then the ritual will be complete.”


Jian Luo nodded gently. “Alright.”


Secretary Jin added, “Dragon clan’s soul flowers are managed by the sacred tree. Each flower that blooms today represents countless ancestors of ours. When the Dragon King weds, all dragon clans are invited to witness this momentous occasion, including our ancestors.”


Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng in astonishment. After hearing this, he dared not look directly at these flowers anymore. He had previously thought them beautiful, but now realized that when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss may also be gazing into you.


Lu Shifeng told Jian Luo, “A dragon clan’s soul flower can only form one contract in its lifetime—immutable and irreplaceable.”


Jian Luo’s hand holding the vessel trembled slightly. “That’s strict.”




Lu Shifeng seemed to remind him, “The contract cannot be undone.”


At first, Jian Luo didn’t grasp the meaning. He initially sympathized with the dragons—wasn’t it said they could only have one partner in their lifetime? He had heard that dragons were a loyal race, remaining faithful to their partners until death, thinking it was voluntary. Little did he know, their emotions were monitored by the mother tree!


Secretary Jin smiled and said, “It’s time, we can proceed.”


Jian Luo responded and, fearing any mistake in the sacrificial process, had rehearsed it countless times before coming. He let a drop of his blood mix with the black soul flower. To his amazement, the purely black flower began to change color and emit light once it absorbed his blood. Finally, it gently fell into a small flower tinged with pink, losing its former dominance.


Jian Luo chuckled wryly, “It even changes color. Now I’m inside you.”


Lu Shifeng looked down at him, his gaze gradually deepening, and said, “Yes, now I’m inside you.”



For a moment, silence hung in the air.


Jian Luo turned his head away, not only unwilling to speak but even contemplating giving Lu Shifeng a kick. Secretary Jin pretended not to notice.


With the ceremony reaching this stage, it was basically over. Next came various toasts and social interactions. Lu Shifeng thought Jian Luo would cling to him, or with his shy nature, perhaps even hide behind him. Many people had come today, and fearing he might be overwhelmed, Lu Shifeng had even prepared comforting words. However, what he never expected was—


“Hello, I’m Jian Luo.”


“Oh, you’re from Yunxing. I’ve heard your oceans there are beautiful. Yes, yes, cultivation must be quite an issue. Actually, over here…”


“No problem, let’s keep in touch.”


“Please, you’re too kind. I’ll visit another day. You’re really too kind.”


For the sake of business, Lu Shifeng saw the boy in Jian Luo’s eyes grow up. Since taking on responsibilities, Jian Luo had either voluntarily or inadvertently grown visibly capable. Previously averse to socializing, he now selected his targets and approached them actively.


On a planet 80% covered by oceans, with the most developed per capita financial resources for tech chips, it was no problem—Earth provided vegetation and vegetables, reaching cooperation. On a global glacier world where residents lived in underground cities and vegetables weren’t needed, though their happiness index wasn’t high, it was no problem—Earth opened resorts for tourism.


Jian Luo never stopped for a whole day.


He spun like a top, seizing every opportunity for collaboration, negotiating one deal after another, drinking one glass after another. Lu Shifeng didn’t realize Jian Luo could hold his liquor so well.




After sunset, the guests dispersed.


Jian Luo’s first action upon returning to his room was rushing to the toilet to vomit. He felt like he might turn into a pile of mud. Behind him, Lu Shifeng frowned. “You shouldn’t have drunk.”


Lu Shifeng had tried to stop Jian Luo from drinking, but he darted around, talking to everyone. Marshal Lu couldn’t keep up with Jian Luo’s pace and wasn’t sure how much he’d drunk without realizing.


Jian Luo was still conscious. He stood up and said, “It’s okay, I handle alcohol well.”


Lu Shifeng handed him a glass of warm water. “Where did you learn that?”


“In college. My roommates and I used to sneak out to drink. We were broke, so it was just cheap liquor.”


He seemed a bit excited as he continued, “Later, when I started working in sales, I had to entertain clients, so I trained myself to handle more. No one can outdrink me. Impressive, right?”


Lu Shifeng gazed at him, his blood-red eyes calm as still water. Finally, he murmured softly, “Hmm.”


Jian Luo got drunk and began to ramble, “I used to be a broadcaster. Actually, I don’t really like cooking. I used to cook at home when I was young, and even after growing up, I had to cook. But I want to save money to buy a house. The housing prices in the city are too high for me to afford. I’m from the countryside, so I want to save enough to build a house back there and marry a wife to live a good life.”



There was a moment of quiet indoors.


Lu Shifeng’s expression wasn’t as amiable as before; he narrowed his eyes dangerously. “Marry someone?”


Jian Luo was completely unaware of the seriousness of the situation and continued chatting enthusiastically, very animated. He said, “Marry a wife, have chubby children. I really like kids. One boy and one girl would be nice. I won’t favor one over the other. When we get old…”

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Chapter 165 – Marriage

Chapter 165 – Marriage


Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng’s expression and suddenly felt a bit uneasy.


Originally, he was looking forward to the silver-gray gift, but now, seeing Lu Shifeng’s expression, he felt something subtly ominous about the large box not far away.


Jian Luo hesitated and asked, “Did he send a bomb over?”


Leaning against the wall, Lu Shifeng replied calmly, “Guess.”


Guess my foot!


Jian Luo decided to play it safe. “Forget it, I won’t look.”


Lu Shifeng said leisurely, “Why? Not curious?”


“Not anymore.” Jian Luo stepped back, instinctively feeling that whatever was inside wasn’t good. “I’m not that curious anymore.”


Lu Shifeng didn’t insist.


Jian Luo began to look at the other gifts. These were gifts sent by planets big and small. They varied greatly—some were plainly visible, some looked strange, and others appeared quite valuable, like translucent jade or a newly developed limited edition immersive helmet.


Jian Luo looked around for a while before finally saying, “If they send gifts, does it mean they won’t come in person?”


Lu Shifeng replied, “They’ve already arrived.”


“Really?” Jian Luo’s eyes brightened. “Can I meet them tomorrow?”


Lu Shifeng squinted dangerously. “Why?”


Jian Luo sat amidst the pile of gifts, holding a precious little box in his hands, smiling faintly. “Those who can come should be quite influential. It’ll be good to meet them and discuss cooperation.”


He wanted to engage in interstellar trade. Nowadays, money was needed everywhere. As the saying goes, those who prepare in advance can manage and resolve most interpersonal matters properly, especially in business, where connections were the most crucial resource. Mastering connections meant controlling 50% of wealth.


Lu Shifeng remarked, “It seems Mr. Jian has quite a packed schedule.”


Jian Luo intended to nod along but caught Lu Shifeng’s dangerous gaze halfway through. His survival instinct kicked in, and he awkwardly said, “No, no, I was just talking.”


Lu Shifeng came over and took Jian Luo’s hand. “Come.”


Jian Luo, confused, let him lead. Lu Shifeng took him upstairs to a lounge and turned on the bedroom lights, then pushed him onto the bed and started moving towards him so smoothly that Jian Luo felt a bit flustered. He even wanted to say, “Um, we have business tomorrow…”


Lu Shifeng brought out a box and glanced at him. Jian Luo, with all sorts of improper thoughts in his head, awkwardly said, “Get some rest early.”




Setting the box down, Lu Shifeng beckoned Jian Luo over. Peering inside, Jian Luo saw Lu Shifeng open it to reveal a dazzling set of jewelry—black jewels. What caught Jian Luo’s eye most was a set of anklets: small black orbs surrounded by semi-transparent blue crystals emitting faint light, with a teardrop-shaped centerpiece adding the perfect touch, elevating the entire design.


“Wow,” Jian Luo exclaimed, “who sent this?”


“I did,” Lu Shifeng’s voice was low as he stood by the table, looking down at Jian Luo. “Try it on.”


Jian Luo thought he hadn’t prepared such an exquisite set yet. What was up with old Lu and his direct approach? Nevertheless, the jewelry before him was truly beautiful, and even as a guy, he couldn’t help but be enchanted. “Alright, thank you.”


Taking the chain, Jian Luo sat on the sofa and lifted his pants to reveal his slender ankles, then put on the anklet. The material felt cool in his hand but warm on his skin, adapting to his body temperature automatically. Its understated black color was discreet yet far from cheap.


Jian Luo shook himself awake, eyes twinkling with starlight as he looked at Lu Shifeng, his smile widening, “Do I look good?”


Lu Shifeng replied, “Mmm.”



Can you say a bit more?


Fortunately, Jian Luo didn’t expect him to say anything nice. Lu Shifeng walked over, bringing a finer necklace. It was exquisitely crafted—a slender black chain that appeared ordinary at first glance but gleamed under the light. In the center was a small curved clasp engraved with dragon patterns all along the chain.


Lu Shifeng said, “Don’t move.”


He bent down, gently fastening it around Jian Luo’s neck and carefully adjusting its position.


Unable to see it himself, Jian Luo asked, “Is it nice?”


Lu Shifeng then proceeded to put on several bracelets and small earrings for Jian Luo. After everything was in place, his stern expression softened slightly. His crimson eyes lingered on the jewelry for a moment before he reached out to gently stroke Jian Luo’s fair face, his lips curling into a smile, “Beautiful.”



That’s a bit creepy.


After a day of fussing around, Jian Luo was exhausted. There was still a heap of things waiting for him the next day, so he didn’t say much more to Lu Shifeng. He cleaned up and went to bed. He thought he could at least sleep until midnight, but unexpectedly, he was awakened not even two hours later.


Su Liang shook him, “What are you doing sleeping here? We need to go back to the Paradise to wait for the guests!”


Jian Luo, half-asleep, was escorted into a car and slept again all the way there.


Back home, he wanted to sleep, but the village was lively as if it were New Year’s Day. Every household was decorated with lanterns, and everyone was up earlier than him. “Double happiness” characters adorned every door, and children were too excited to sleep. Feasts were being prepared everywhere, with candies and pastries freely distributed. It was bustling and noisy.


Su Liang said, “Go change into your clothes soon. The Marshal had the wedding robe sent over early.”


Jian Luo, leaning on a cushion, groaned, “Can’t I change later?”


When they arrived, Su Liang pulled him out of the car. She looked exceptionally beautiful today. Jian Luo had always known his mother was beautiful, but in the past, their circumstances didn’t allow her to maintain herself. Today, she wore a red qipao that showcased her graceful figure. She casually pinned up her hair, with a few strands falling gently, giving her a gentle and intellectual look. Every smile and frown was captivating.


She said to Jian Luo, “Today is a big day. Behave well. I’ve already told your younger brother and everyone in the village that we mustn’t embarrass you.”


Jian Luo became more alert and slightly moved, “Thank you, Mom.”


Su Liang’s eyes reddened as she was about to say something when she heard her son say, “I’m hungry. Is there anything to eat? Bring me some rice.”




Shut up.


After much fuss with makeup and changing clothes, the Dragon Clan’s wedding robe was dark red and extravagant, adorned with rolling dragon patterns, majestic and grand. When the robe was unfolded, Jian Luo wondered if he was being crowned. He had thought he couldn’t handle such a dignified outfit, but once he put it on, it fit exceptionally well.


In the eyes of Qing Qing and others, Jian Luo’s aura completely changed after donning the outfit. He seemed to lose some childishness and gained maturity and dignity. The black color gave him a solemn appearance, and his lowered brows and eyes, coupled with his fair and gentle profile, made the dark robe enhance his exceptional appearance. In silence, he exuded a pressure that made people dare not act rashly.


Qing Qing exclaimed, “So handsome.”


Others chimed in:


“Luo Luo looks so beautiful.”


“This outfit is stunning.”


“No wonder he’s from the Dragon Clan; such grandeur. I heard each inch of those dragon patterns is invaluable.”


Amidst the excitement, as the sky lightened, the outside became even more lively. Dragon Clan members were coming to fetch him, and Lu Shifeng was coming too. There was cheering outside, and according to Paradise customs, jewelry and crystals were distributed to passersby. Unlike other weddings, the Dragon Clan distributed tears of joy.


Jian Luo had been talking to people around him when he suddenly felt a stillness around him. Sensing something, he turned and met the gaze of the people at the door.


A row of Dragon Clan soldiers stood outside. Secretary Jin wore particularly formal attire, standing upright at the entrance. Lu Shifeng stood in the center of the door. He wore a Dragon Teng suit similar in style to Jian Luo’s, but military style. The emblem on his shoulders gleamed brightly, and the dark color was especially imposing. Lu Shifeng, with his tall legs, broad shoulders, and narrow waist, stood straight there, not speaking but commanding attention.


Jian Luo’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and he unconsciously tightened his grip.


The scene before him was so familiar. He faintly remembered that when he was newly pregnant, Lu Shifeng had also come to pick him up on a rainy day. At that time, too, there had been a row of soldiers, and Lu Shifeng had stood there, gazing at him like this.



But back then, upon seeing him, there had only been despair and unknown fear in his heart.


Lu Shifeng took a step forward, walking slowly towards Jian Luo. Finally stopping in front of him, he gazed down at Jian Luo, slowly lifting his arm. His slightly rough fingertips gently caressed the soft cheek of the person before him, his voice low, “Very beautiful.”


Jian Luo blinked and smiled faintly.


In front of everyone, the esteemed Dragon King, the fearsome Lu Shifeng, lowered his noble head before Jian Luo. He slowly knelt on one knee, grasped Jian Luo’s hand, his eyes fixed on the human youth with solemnity and reverence. “Jian Luo, will you walk with me?”


Jian Luo widened his eyes slightly, staring unwaveringly at Lu Shifeng.


Once before,


he had asked the same.


On that rainy night, he had come to take him away, using a question. But back then, he had only resistance and emotions in his heart. Now, with the passage of time, same place and people, Lu Shifeng asked the question again.


Jian Luo’s heart surged with emotions, swirling endlessly. His brief silence made everyone in the room hold their breath. Lu Shifeng remained quietly waiting, like a loyal knight awaiting his master’s response, unmoving.


After a moment,


just as everyone was on edge.


The hand held by Lu Shifeng moved. He raised his gaze and met Jian Luo’s serene black eyes. Those eyes clearly reflected his own figure. The small human boy crouched down and threw himself into Lu Shifeng’s embrace, giving him a hug. “I will.”

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