Chapter 13: Misdeeds


  Despite his laughter, Su Muluo promptly untangled the knot the little black dragon had tied itself into.


  Then he continued to laugh, bending over in laughter at one point.


  Little black dragon: “…”


  It glared silently at Su Muluo all the way until the car was nearly at the bureau, suddenly growing larger—


  And entwining him tightly.


  Su Muluo: “…”


  He looked at the black dragon pressing against him, coiling around him tightly and not letting go, saying, “Let go.”


  The black dragon said nothing.


  Su Muluo nudged it, “Don’t take advantage of me!”


  The black dragon flicked its tail.


  Su Muluo: “Don’t pretend you didn’t hear me! Let go of me!”


  The black dragon hummed and coiled around him again.


  Su Muluo: “…”


  Su Muluo was exasperated and decided that tonight, after the little black dragon fell asleep, he would tie it into a knot.


  A heart-shaped knot!


  After a while, the car stopped at the entrance of the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings . The black dragon shrank back into a small size, its tail wrapped around Su Muluo’s wrist, looking obedient and cute.


Su Muluo didn’t want to look at it at all. He stuffed it into his pocket and walked into the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings.


In the elegantly decorated VIP room, Liu He poured a cup of tea for Su Muluo and said, “Mr. Su, please have some tea.”


The tea fragrance lingered. Little Black Dragon peeked out from Su Muluo’s pocket, sniffed, then disinterestedly went back in.


Su Muluo glanced at it and asked, “How is my friend?”


Liu He replied, “Your friend has been taken to the hospital. He’s not seriously injured, just some scr4p3s. He’ll wake up after a while.” She paused briefly and added, “The cat demon was more heavily injured, but thankfully not life-threatening. After treatment, she just needs some time to recover.”


Su Muluo nodded, relieved, and asked, “Have you found any clues from that piece of human skin?”


“We have,” Liu He said. “We examined the skin and detected the aura of a fox demon, female, about three hundred years old. Quite powerful.”


Su Muluo thought to himself, *Only three hundred years?* He didn’t show it on his face, though, and simply nodded seriously. “I see.”


Liu He glanced at him, a slight smile on her lips. “It may not seem like much to you, but a three-hundred-year-old fox demon is quite formidable in our circle, both among cultivators and in the current demon realm.”


Seeing that she understood his thoughts, Su Muluo dropped the pretense and said calmly, “I see. I wasn’t aware.”


He hadn’t paid much attention to affairs between the demon realm and human world; after all, he had spent over a thousand years secluded in the mountains with Little Black Dragon. But he could sense some changes; demons didn’t seem as strong as they used to be.


Liu He continued, “We’re not certain if the aura on the skin belongs to the perpetrator, but it’s highly likely. However, there hasn’t been any record of a three-hundred-year-old fox demon in Lin City recently, so she either arrived in the human city recently or is a fugitive from another city.”


After hearing her out, Su Muluo asked, “I remember she had another weapon, a red umbrella with a heavy grudge aura, likely stained with blood.”


Liu He pondered, “That’s a crucial clue. We’ll follow up on that… But Mr. Su, do you know why she attacked your friend?”


Su Muluo paused for a moment and replied, “Because of me.”


The demon likely wanted to test his strength, similar to the hound demon last time. But she didn’t dare confront him directly, so she chose Huang Gaigai, who was closer to him, hoping to lure him out.


“She must have set her sights on something of mine and desperately wants it,” Su Muluo said. “But she doesn’t know I have the true dragon. If she did, she wouldn’t have attacked me.”


Liu He asked, “Have you noticed anyone suspicious around you?”


Su Muluo thought for a moment and answered, “No.”


As he said that, he felt Little Black Dragon in his pocket stirring again, as if it wanted to peek out.


Su Muluo remained composed and pressed the little dragon back down.


The two continued talking for a while until an employee of the Bureau entered and whispered something to Liu He.


After listening, Liu He nodded to the employee to leave and then looked at Su Muluo.


“Your friend has woken up,” she said. “To prevent the exposure of the demon’s existence and ensure his safety, we erased his memory of the attack and told him it was a car accident.”


Su Muluo knew the Bureau had such regulations. Erasing Huang Gaigai’s memory was to keep him out of trouble. He didn’t say anything further, only asked, “Can I go see him?”


“Yes, I’ve finished questioning him. You’re free to come and go from the Bureau now,” Liu He smiled. “If you notice anything suspicious later, please let me know.”


Su Muluo nodded and got up, taking Little Black Dragon with him as he left.


Meanwhile, Huang Gaigai was lying in a hospital bed, still groggy from just waking up. When Su Muluo walked in, he was genuinely happy, momentarily forgetting he was in a hospital. He rubbed his thick hair, “Look at my hair! It’s grown so much since I drank your coffee! It’s really amazing!”


Su Muluo calmly replied, “That’s our family’s secret recipe.” Then he asked, “How are you feeling now? Are you okay?”


“I’m alright, just a bit dizzy,” Huang Gaigai said. “They told me I was in a car accident, but I can’t remember anything…”


He touched his head, trying to recall what happened before he lost consciousness. But no matter how hard he tried, his mind was blank.


Su Muluo sat down beside the bed and casually said, “Don’t you remember? It was raining, and there was a cat beside you.”


Huang Gaigai looked at him in confusion, “A cat?”


After saying that, he paused, a fragment suddenly flashed through his mind, extremely blurry and fleeting before disappearing.


“I… I think I dreamt of a cat,” he murmured. “It should be my Qiansui, because the meow sounded similar, but not as fierce… Qiansui is usually well-behaved and doesn’t meow like that. If it did, I must have upset it or scared it…”


But what did the car accident have to do with Qiansui? His cat hated rainy days and would never go out in the rain.


Frowning, Huang Gaigai felt like he was forgetting something important, something he shouldn’t forget… But no matter what, he couldn’t remember.


Su Muluo watched him for a moment, sighed almost imperceptibly, and then reassured him, “At least you’re okay now. Oh, remember to let your parents know you’re safe.”


Huang Gaigai, reminded by Su Muluo, suddenly remembered and said, “Right, right! I still need to tell my parents. There’s no way I can catch the flight today. Sigh, my dad is definitely going to scold me again…”


His attention quickly shifted from his recent memories to the present reality.




Half an hour later, Su Muluo bid farewell to Huang Gaigai and returned to the café from the hospital.


He had intended to go to the Paranormal Bureau to pick up Qiansui, only to find out that Qiansui had already gone back on his own, so he returned to the café.


It was already dusk, and only a small lamp was lit in the café. An orange cat was lying on the counter, slowly eating the cat food in its bowl.


Su Muluo’s first reaction was, “So, you can feed yourself.”


He then walked over to check on its condition and found that it looked much healthier, likely due to the proper treatment it received at the Paranormal Bureau.


Qiansui was silently eating the cat food, not paying any attention to Su Muluo’s gaze. After a while, seeing that Qiansui was almost done eating, Su Muluo said, “Huang Gaigai’s memory was erased.”


Qiansui responded with an “Oh,” showing no particular emotion, and said, “That’s good. Saves him from a shattered worldview.”


Su Muluo added, “If you want, I can tell him the truth. After all, you saved him.”


Qiansui replied, “You were the one who saved him, not me.” It finished the last bit of cat food, wiped its face with its paw, and said indifferently, “Besides, I was just repaying the favor of him picking me up. From now on, we owe each other nothing.”




Su Muluo said no more; he knew there was nothing else he needed to say.


Qiansui pushed the clean cat bowl towards him, jumped off the counter, and silently walked into the shadows towards its employee resting room.


After leaving the café, Su Muluo took the little black dragon home.


“This world is indeed very complex,” he said, looking at the little dragon lying in his palm. “There are many things I don’t understand.”


The little black dragon looked up at him, affectionately hugging his finger, its two soft little horns nuzzling against him.


Su Muluo knew this was the little black dragon’s way of comforting him. He smiled slightly and said, “I’m not sad, just a bit regretful. But it’s Qiansui’s decision, so I have to respect it.”


The little black dragon made a “chirp” sound.


Su Muluo found that he could somehow miraculously understand what the little black dragon was saying. Even though it was just a two-character sound, a complete thought formed in his mind.


Was this what they called a telepathic connection?


He thought about it in surprise while shaking his head and said, “It’s not her.”


When he was at the Paranormal Bureau in the morning, Liu He had asked him if there were any suspicious people around him. He said no, but he was actually hiding something. He had recently met a suspicious person, a woman with long black hair and a gloomy face who often came to his café.


From the first time he saw her, he could tell she wasn’t human but a demon.


A fox demon.


Su Muluo had been suspicious of this woman for some time and had even marked her. But during his fight with the woman holding the umbrella today, he found that she didn’t have his mark, indicating that they were not the same person.


Even so, there must be some connection between them. Su Muluo felt that the woman who frequented his café was not simple. Without understanding her true intentions, telling the Paranormal Bureau would only alert the enemy.


The little black dragon tilted its head after listening to Su Muluo, its dark golden eyes narrowing slightly.




Su Muluo replied, “…I wasn’t always staring at her.”




“I didn’t think she was beautiful!”


“Chirp chirp!”


“I certainly wasn’t always thinking about her!” He knocked the little black dragon on the head and said, “What’s in your mind? Sunflower seeds?”


The little black dragon grumbled, claiming one of Su Muluo’s hands and flicked its tail.


Su Muluo looked at this little dragon who loved to get jealous and remembered how it clung to him in the car this morning. He decided to tie it up in a knot when it fell asleep later and take several photos to hang by the bed!


The little black dragon, unaware of Su Muluo’s thoughts, rubbed its chin against Su Muluo’s fingertips and yawned.


At night, Su Muluo lay in bed, watching the little black dragon curled up beside his pillow. “Time to sleep, goodnight,” he said.


The little black dragon obediently chirped.


Su Muluo patted its head and closed his eyes.


The room was dark and soon fell silent. Su Muluo’s breathing became steady, appearing to be asleep, but he was actually paying attention to the little black dragon’s movements.


The little black dragon lay quietly, seemingly asleep. Su Muluo waited for a while, ensuring the dragon was indeed motionless, then quietly reached for his phone on the bedside table and turned his head—


At the same time, the little black dragon grew larger, wrapping its body around Su Muluo’s waist.


Their eyes met.


Little black dragon: “…”


Su Muluo: “…”


Two individuals caught in their mischievous acts, neither knowing what to say, creating a very awkward moment.

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