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Chapter 49 – The Demon Realm is Choosing a Concubine

Chapter 49


Yide’s three souls and seven spirits suffered severe injuries, his divine soul shattered, and blood poured from all seven orifices. Enduring the pain, he held Kui in his arms.


Though Kui wasn’t directly struck by the Heavenly Thunder, its residual might had shaken him severely, leaving him barely breathing, with cracks deepening across his face.


Fortunately, his spirit had not yet scattered.


Yide tightly held Kui’s hand, remembering when Kui first took his hand and led him back to Yingzhou Island. Back then, he had thought Kui’s hand was large and warm, but now it felt small and cold.


Unknowingly, Kui had grown so much.


“Kui, how are you?” Yide asked softly.


Kui slowly lifted his head to look at Yide. He had spoken so many mocking words to Yide before, not wanting Yide to do anything more for him.


Yide had resurrected Ahu for him, settling all debts between them.


But he hadn’t expected Yide to shield him from the Heavenly Thunder again.


Tears welled up in Kui’s eyes as he smiled, “Yide, why go through this pain? My sins should be borne by me alone.”


Yide shook his head, holding Kui tighter without saying another word.


In the distance, Ahu watched the scene with a sense of loss. Like a newborn child, he was curious about the whole world. There was a slight ache in his heart, though he couldn’t understand why, nor did he realize this might be his last meeting with Kui in this lifetime.


Boling’s expression remained serene as he watched the two on the trial platform. After enduring so much together, he had thought he and Yide would finally achieve something good in this life. Now he realized it might have been better not to return. At least then, he could believe Yide loved him.


In fact, thinking back, he and Yide had never been lovers. It was just that everyone in the Heavenly Realm assumed they were.


At that time, it seemed Yide had some unusual feelings for his servant Kui…


Si Lan hadn’t expected the reason for Yide’s celestial downfall to be like this. His feelings were complex. Perhaps on this journey to the Underworld, Haowei had already foreseen everything, which allowed him to remain so calm.


Thinking of this, Si Lan leaned against Haowei’s shoulder and whispered in a voice only they could hear, “Did you already know what would happen today?”


Haowei replied calmly, “Mm.”


On the trial platform, Gui Luosha looked conflicted as he watched the scene before him. Nothing like this had ever happened before. A celestial lord risking his life to block a thunderbolt for an evil spirit.


Gui Luosha asked Xue Rong, “Your Highness, how should we handle this?”


Xue Rong glanced at Haowei and Si Lan in the distance, then raised his hand to have Kui and Yide taken down from the trial platform.


Kui’s punishment had already been decreed. Although Yide had blocked it, it was considered atonement for his sins.


Yide’s breath was weaker than Kui’s, leaning against Kui’s chest, his gaze slowly losing focus. Kui held Yide, lowering his head as tears fell into Yide’s embrace.


Ahu seemed to shift his feet, as if wanting to step forward, but was stopped by Boling.


No one spoke, quietly watching the two. They emitted faint white starlight, floating in mid-air. After the starlight dispersed, Kui’s body became transparent.


As a fierce ghost who survived the trial platform, he would enter the cycle of reincarnation and be reborn as a human.


Two ghost attendants stood behind Kui, guiding him to reincarnation. Kui released Yide from his embrace, his eyes calm again as he walked away step by step.


Ahu’s gaze followed Kui, his brows furrowing slowly, a displeased expression on his face.




As Kui’s figure was about to disappear, Ahu suddenly uttered a word so faint, like a mosquito’s buzz, yet Kui heard it.


Kui’s figure paused, but ultimately he did not turn back.


The people and events of this lifetime would forever remain in this lifetime.


He dared not look back anymore, afraid that one more glance would make it hard to part.


After watching Kui leave, Boling approached Yide. Yide, struck by the Heavenly Thunder, his divine soul shattered, was destined to undergo the trials of reincarnation. Yet Yide’s soul was now sealed within his body, unable to leave.


Boling sensed the seal’s aura and realized it came from Haowei’s hand. In that instant, he seemed to understand something.


It was not so much that they had plotted against Haowei, but rather that His Majesty Haowei had been plotting against them from the beginning. The supposed retreat to Yingzhou Island for rest was actually… to take Yide’s life.


Most believed Yide’s true form was a sword hilt, but those close to him knew that the sword was no ordinary one—it was the tail end of the Heavenly Way. Kui, in turn, carried the Ven Island’s blood that once remained on that tail end.


Boling smiled bitterly. He had thought he could at least bury Yide’s body, but now he realized that Yide, even in death, did not belong to him.


Feeling disheartened, he stood up and walked toward the trial platform.


“Boling…” Si Lan couldn’t help but call out his name, but Boling seemed not to hear, continuing towards the trial platform. He stated his birth date and recounted his wrongdoings, standing quietly on the platform, awaiting punishment. Suddenly, a purple lightning bolt struck down from above, directly hitting Boling’s right arm.


Boling’s right arm was instantly broken, the joints searing with burning pain, his face turning pale and his lips trembling uncontrollably.


This was punishment for taking Si Lan’s blood.


Seeing this, Si Lan clicked his tongue and leaned against Haowei’s head. “Boling is a bit foolish. If he hadn’t stepped onto the trial platform, they wouldn’t have forced him to endure this punishment, but he insisted on suffering.”


Also, there was no need for him to assist with the blood-taking.


He wondered what charm Yide held that made both Boling and Kui love him so dearly.


Suddenly, Haowei spoke up, “Do you know what Boling’s true form is?”


“What is it?”


“He is the scabbard.”


“…” Si Lan.


So the scabbard fell in love with the sword, and the sword fell in love with the drop of blood left on it?


This was truly bizarre.


Si Lan sighed inwardly and shifted his gaze to Yide. He saw Haowei raise his hand and cast a spell, and in the next moment, Yide transformed into his true form—a five-foot long sword. Perhaps this sword later fell into the hands of Ven Island, polished over millennia. Its blade appeared clear and bright, with an exquisite hilt. Even without knowing it was the tail end of the Heavenly Way, its extraordinary quality was apparent from its appearance alone.


Si Lan couldn’t help but reach out and carefully examine it. This tail end was likely left by the Heavenly Way intentionally to balance its offspring. Over the course of a hundred thousand years, it now served to balance the Divine Emperor.


He felt a tinge of joy in his heart as he took hold of the sword; from now on, he would fear no one.


He couldn’t contain his excitement, muttering to himself as he twirled the sword around twice before pulling out his Qiankun bag and stowing the long blade inside. When he looked up, his eyes met directly with Immortal Boling’s.


He suddenly felt awkward, as if caught red-handed stealing someone else’s spouse.


Boling approached slowly step by step, wearing a faint smile. “Yide, will you still have a chance at reincarnation?”


Si Lan nodded. “Yes.” When he no longer needed this sword, he would allow Yide to reincarnate.


“Good.” Boling wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and glanced at the absent-minded Ahu beside him, then departed with him.


If Yide were to reincarnate again, he might have the chance to meet Kui and even fall in love with him.


Boling had been entangled for so many years that he was now weary. This time, he didn’t want to wait for Yide anymore. After sending Ahu to Yingzhou Island, he planned to retreat to Jinyun Mountain for secluded cultivation and withdraw from the world.



Inside the hall, the Ghost Rakshasa and the ghost officials had also departed, leaving only Xue Rong on the high seat.


Xue Rong performed a spell and landed in front of Haowei, bowing. “Your Majesty Haowei.” When Haowei came to the underworld, he concealed his presence, seemingly not wanting too many people to know. Hence, Xue Rong did not come to bow earlier when the ghosts were present.


“Hmm.” Haowei responded and pulled Si Lan into his arms. “I have matters to attend to; we’ll talk another day.”


“Your Majesty, please wait.” Xue Rong’s gaze fell on Si Lan and added, “I wish to have a private conversation with him.”


Haowei’s eyes slightly narrowed at Xue Rong’s words. He glanced at Si Lan in his arms, who didn’t sense anything amiss and quickly fluttered his wings away upon hearing Xue Rong’s request.


Xue Rong followed closely behind.


Watching the backs of the man and bird receding into the distance, Haowei’s expression grew darker.


A Demon Sovereign and an Underworld King dared to whisper secrets in front of him? Did they not fear being labeled and apprehended?


He could cast a spell from this distance to hear what they were talking about, but he refrained, keeping a stern face with one hand behind his back, giving off an aura of unapproachability.


Si Lan probably anticipated what Xue Rong wanted to discuss. Back then, he had caused a great disturbance in the underworld but had not found his mother’s soul. In the end, he was captured back to the Demon Realm by his father and scolded harshly.


“Your Highness Si Lan, I’ve checked the Book of Life and Death and didn’t find your mother’s soul listed. I’ve instructed the Underworld guides to investigate. It turns out that after your mother’s death, her soul didn’t come to the Underworld but was privately hidden by your father.”


Si Lan widened his eyes in disbelief. His mother’s soul had been hidden by his father?


Back then, when his father had brought him out of the Underworld, he blamed Si Lan for not understanding, saying that his mother had passed away, and he shouldn’t cling to her soul, denying her freedom.


At that time, Si Lan had felt intense self-blame, thinking he had been too selfish. Since his mother had passed away, she belonged to others now, and he shouldn’t have monopolized her.


But he never expected that the person who lectured him with such noble words had secretly hidden his mother’s soul.


“… Si Lan.”


Xue Rong continued, “The Book of Life and Death records that after your father’s death, both your parents’ souls reincarnated together.”


“… Si Lan.”


The cunning Si Lan.


Not only did he hide his mother’s soul, but he also took her along in reincarnation, presumably to continue their unfinished fate.


“Your Highness Xue Rong, does the Book of Life and Death mention who my mother and father reincarnated as?”


“Although the Book of Life and Death records the reincarnation of your father and mother, this matter is classified, and I regret that I cannot disclose it to you.”


Si Lan didn’t press Xue Rong further. Knowing that his parents might have already reincarnated somewhere, perhaps they had married in this life, and he couldn’t help but feel a twinge of sorrow and some relief.


The only regret was that his mother never knew his father loved her until the end.


His father also never knew that his mother loved him until the end.


Si Lan bid farewell to Xue Rong and flew towards Haowei. At this moment, Haowei seemed to be enveloped in a low-pressure zone, looking very unpleasant.


Si Lan didn’t notice Haowei’s cold expression. He shrank to the size of a sparrow and nestled in Haowei’s arms, his mind filled with thoughts of Yingzhou Island.


Was Yu Wuxia appearing on Yingzhou Island just to give a Momentary Lantern to Kui? Did she come from afar to do a good deed?


No, there must be something they overlooked.


Si Lan thought about the location of Yingzhou Island, located above the East Sea, where the boundary between the divine realm and the mortal realm intersected. Xuanling Gate was at the intersection of the heavenly realm and the mortal realm, and Dayong Mountain was at the intersection of the demonic realm and the mortal realm.


These three places were all connected to the mortal realm, which was suspiciously eerie.


Si Lan looked up and happened to catch a glimpse of the tense line of Haowei’s jaw. He asked cautiously, “Your Majesty, why did Yu Wuxia want to give the Momentary Lantern to Kui? Is there some plan behind this?” Unconsciously, in his eyes, Haowei was omnipotent and omniscient. Whenever he encountered something he couldn’t understand, he would seek answers from Haowei.


Haowei finally lowered his head slightly, glanced at Si Lan, and then shifted his gaze away faintly.


“It should be so.”


“… ” Si Lan felt like nothing had been said.


Only now did Si Lan notice that Haowei’s mood was a bit off, but he didn’t dwell on it. True dragons had always been unpredictable in temperament.


He continued, “If according to this pattern, the next trouble spot could be at the boundary between the demon realm and the mortal realm, or possibly at the boundary between the ghost realm and the mortal realm… If I had known, I should have talked to Xue Rong a little longer and asked if there was anything unusual in the ghost realm recently.”


Haowei’s breath paused for a moment. “Your relationship with Xue Rong seems quite good.”


“Yes.” Si Lan didn’t think much about it and replied truthfully, “About nine hundred years ago, I encountered Xue Rong in the ghost realm… when I was searching for my mother’s soul. At that time, Xue Rong was not yet the Underworld King, just a little wild ghost being bullied. I helped him casually.”


Years later, when the underworld changed hands, he heard that the new Underworld King was named Xue Rong. Only then did he realize that the little wild ghost he had helped had achieved such success and became the Underworld King.


“Is that all?” Haowei restrained some of the gloom on his face.


“Yeah, this is the second time we’ve met.” After speaking, Si Lan vaguely understood something and couldn’t help but glance at Haowei again.


Was his earlier indifferent demeanor… jealousy?


It seemed like whenever someone approached him and spoke a few more words, Haowei’s face would darken, looking unpleasant.


Since their last parting, Si Lan felt that Haowei’s attitude towards him had changed drastically.


He couldn’t figure out why he had changed, nor did he care to think about it. Perhaps after losing blood and feeling mentally fatigued, his head felt heavy. He nestled in Haowei’s arms and closed his eyes.


Haowei had something more to say, but when he lowered his head, he found that Si Lan had fallen asleep in his arms. He couldn’t help but pause for a moment and then smile faintly.


His finger lightly touched Si Lan’s forehead, feeling the soft feathers there. Afterwards, his fingertip slowly moved to Si Lan’s tightly closed eyes.


Actually, he quite liked Si Lan in his current state, small and comfortably nestled in his arms, belonging to him alone.


But this wasn’t fair to Si Lan; he deserved a broader and freer world.


In the blink of an eye, the two returned to the Demon Realm and landed on the peak of Zhuyun Peak.


During these days away, the strange activities on Zhuyun Peak continued to be lively, with men and women gathered around the mountainside as if participating in some competition.


But today, these male and female demons seemed to be of higher quality compared to those Haowei had seen a few days ago.


Haowei concealed his presence and approached. The Song brothers were sitting in the middle of the high seat, with several other peak masters on either side, all watching the demons performing their talents on the stage.


After the demoness playing the demon flute left, a charming succubus with a voluptuous figure and seductive demeanor took the stage. She performed a mesmerizing dance move that instantly delighted the demons below the stage.


“Even Succubus Ruyin has come out. What advantage do we still have?”


“Don’t worry, I heard there are eighteen spots available this time.”


“Even with eighteen spots, it’s not certain we’ll get a turn. Sigh…”


Haowei furrowed his brow slightly. They had made such a big fuss about this event, yet they were only selecting eighteen people…


“This brother looks unfamiliar. I didn’t see you in the previous rounds.” The Bull Demon beside him observed Haowei curiously and couldn’t help but ask.


Haowei, tall and handsome, if he had appeared in the previous rounds, it would have caused quite a stir.


“Previous rounds? What previous rounds?”


“The previous rounds of selecting consorts.”


Haowei’s breath paused, his eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at the voluptuous beauty now on stage, and said slowly, “Who are they selecting for?”


“Naturally, they are selecting for our lord. Aren’t you from the Demon Realm?” The Bull Demon curiously sized up Haowei.


Haowei was furious but smiled inwardly.


Consort selection?




He had only returned to the Heavenly Court for a few days, and Si Lan had already quietly started selecting consorts in the Demon Realm!


During this time, they had shared the same room and bed, yet Si Lan hadn’t mentioned anything about selecting consorts!


This person could actually hide things so deeply!


Haowei couldn’t help but clench his fists, suppressing his anger in his eyes. In an instant, he connected many dots, understanding why Si Lan’s attitude towards him had suddenly changed so drastically. It turned out that Si Lan had so many prospective “loved ones”; how could he have thought of him?


If he couldn’t still use his spiritual power to help Si Lan regulate his body, Si Lan might have forgotten who he was long ago!


Unfortunately, the Bull Demon didn’t notice anything amiss and continued to reassure Haowei, “Brother, although you’re not from the Demon Realm and missed the previous rounds of consort selection, I see your aptitude is good. Go up on stage and perform a talent; perhaps the law enforcers will make an exception and promote you directly.”


“… ” Haowei.


On stage, the voluptuous woman with curvaceous hips twisted her body into a pretzel-like shape, seemingly dancing but actually trying hard to showcase her voluptuous figure.


Haowei couldn’t help but imagine himself going on stage to perform a talent. Suddenly, a black line appeared on his forehead, his lips involuntarily tightened, and his whole body was surrounded by a surge of hostility.


Enough is enough.


In the next moment, the previously clear sky suddenly turned into a violent storm. The strong wind blew in gusts, and before the Song brothers and others on stage could react, a strong wind carrying gravel and weeds swept onto the platform, sweeping them away.


Below the stage, the onlookers, although not swept away, were also caught off guard by the sudden storm, getting drenched like drowned rats. They scattered and ran away, casting spells to fend off the rain.


Haowei set up a barrier around him, blocking the raging storm outside, and also blocking out the noisy commotion. Therefore, Si Lan, sleeping soundly in his arms, didn’t notice at all what had just happened.


The bizarre downpour on Zhuyun Peak lasted for more than an hour before finally stopping.


Inside the main hall, Si Lan nestled in soft blankets, stretched lazily as he woke up.


Outside the window, the sky had darkened, and only a flickering oil lamp lit the hall, casting extremely dim light.


After waking up, Si Lan was dazed for a moment before realizing where he was. He turned over to get out of bed, but suddenly saw a figure sitting at the foot of the bed. He was startled and flapped his wings in panic, falling back.


“Hoo hoo.”


The dark figure raised its head slightly, staring at him through the dim light.


Although he couldn’t see the person’s eyes, he felt their gaze was sharp as knives, inching towards him. He quickly cast a spell to light another oil lamp, only then realizing that the person sitting coldly staring at him at the foot of the bed was Haowei. He couldn’t help feeling a bit annoyed. “Why didn’t you light more lamps?”


Sitting there like a resentful ghost, all dark and nearly scared him to a heart attack.


Haowei replied coolly, “My eyesight is good.”


“… ” Si Lan.


Stretching his wings lightly, he flew out and landed on the table. There were several fruits and celestial brew in a plate, obviously prepared for him by Qu Ze upon his return.


He took a few sips of immortal brew, then pecked at the wild fruits one by one like a woodpecker pecking at insects.


Behind him, Haowei remained unmoved, quietly watching him eat.


After he had eaten his fill and drunk enough, he walked over to the window and found it was raining outside. Judging from the ground, it seemed to be a torrential rain.


Scratching his head with a wing, he wondered, “Did I sleep so deeply?” He didn’t feel a thing.


Most likely, the man behind him exuded such strong resentment that he couldn’t ignore it. He turned around to look at Haowei. What was wrong with him lately?


Haowei met his gaze, eyes half-lidded, expression cold as if someone owed him money and hadn’t paid back.


“… Si Lan.”


So, what happened while he was asleep?


Si Lan was just about to ask when he noticed Qu Ze approaching with a notebook in hand. His attention was immediately drawn to Qu Ze. “Qu Ze, is this a book of anecdotes?” During his recovery at Zhiyun Peak, Si Lan had asked Qu Ze to collect the most popular anecdotes of the time.


Qu Ze replied with a stiff expression, “No, these are portraits of the third round of candidates sent by the Left and Right Protectors for your review.” Qu Ze hadn’t seen Si Lan in the hall recently and assumed he was in seclusion, only now emerging. He thought that the Song brothers must have already discussed the selection of the princess with Si Lan, hence the grand preparations at Zhiyun Peak.


Meanwhile, the Song brothers thought that since Qu Ze had initially proposed the matter, he must have already spoken to Si Lan about it.


In reality, as the person directly involved, Si Lan knew nothing about it. He took the notebook and said, “Oh,” recalling that the Song brothers had mentioned revising the selection of the underlings.


Each Peak Lord selected ten underlings, although the candidates were proposed by the Peak Lord, Si Lan had the final say.


However, usually the selection of underlings was based on cultivation. Why were they considering appearance this time?


Suppressing his curiosity, Si Lan opened the notebook and saw a female demon with prominent curves and a coquettish pose, which left him momentarily stunned.


Seeing his expression, Qu Ze asked, “Your Majesty, what’s wrong?”


“Nothing… It’s fine. It seems that the concept of gender equality and diversified talent selection has taken root.”


Qu Ze remained silent.


Si Lan forced a smile, but failed to notice Haowei’s increasingly darkening expression across from him.


Continuing to flip through, Si Lan came upon the next candidate, a soft and adorable rabbit demon. The portrait showed the rabbit demon with pink ears, extending a small fist, and eyes that seemed capable of speaking, cute and innocent, evoking a sense of pity and affection.


However, this rabbit demon appeared to be over a hundred years old, petite and frail, barely an adult.


Si Lan murmured, “Diversity is good, but this petite frame might not withstand the rigors… The most important duty of underlings is to lead the demon soldiers in battles across the realms, maintaining peace in the demon world. They endure hardships and labor, training the demon soldiers day in and day out. Wherever there is hardship and need for free labor, underlings must lead by example and take the lead.”


At this moment, Haowei’s dark voice suddenly came from in front of him, full of threat, “Oh, how do you plan to subject her to hardships?”

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Chapter 171 – The Gods Won't Respond to You

Chapter 171 – The Gods Won’t Respond to You


Because of the Soul Flower matter, Jian Luo finally stopped worrying excessively about the cubs’ illusions. He began to immerse himself in work, diligently running to Phoenix Terrace for the recent chip development by the research institute. He frequently inquired after his mentor and earnestly made homemade cookies and pastries.


Zhan Wentai: “Spit it out.”


Jian Luo innocently: “Huh?”


“What do you need from me?” Zhan Wentai set down his book, looking at him with a hint of resignation. “Keeping it to yourself won’t make it any less exhausting.”


Jian Luo pretended for a moment longer: “Master, what do you take me for? I just wanted to check on your health and show filial piety.”


Zhan Wentai, expressionless: “I’m in my prime here at Phoenix.”




Jian Luo chuckled awkwardly: “I meant to check on you.”


Zhan Wentai stood up: “I have things to attend to.”


“Wait, wait!” Jian Luo quickly stopped him. “I… I have something to say!”


So he laid out his thoughts, about the chips and his own plans. Finally, he discussed his views on chip pricing; he wasn’t excessively greedy and was willing to buy in bulk if Phoenix Platform could provide them at a reasonable price.


After listening, Zhan Wentai said, “Do you know the cost of these chips and their bulk production price?”


Jian Luo: “How much?”


“A thousand stars per chip,” Zhan Wentai’s gaze fixed on Jian Luo. “That’s just the cost.”


Jian Luo’s heart sank. If he needed ten thousand chips, that amount wouldn’t be trivial, and that was just the cost.


Zhan Wentai continued, “How much are you prepared to discuss with me?”



Jian Luo fell silent.


After some thought, he said, “Could I start with a smaller purchase to save some?”


He was short on manpower now, and chips were necessary. However, their high price was daunting. He could start with a smaller quantity to enable communication among some, then gradually increase procurement as the economy improved.


Zhan Wentai, in his divine robe, appeared inviolable and sacred. Even seated, he maintained a stern and dignified demeanor, resembling a formidable opponent in negotiations. Just when Jian Luo was struggling, he said, “We’ll cooperate. The chips will be provided free of charge.”


Jian Luo looked up in surprise. “What?”


“After our herbal research yields results, disregarding manpower and resources, I’ll prioritize providing 500 units to the Phoenix clan,” Zhan Wentai’s voice was cold and indisputable. “As a gesture, we will provide chips for free.”


At that moment, Jian Luo suddenly felt like everything was a setup.


How coincidental that the chips from Phoenix Platform were ready just when he needed them. Zhan Wentai managed the Earth research institute, and there were researchers there. He must have known about Earth’s herbs long ago and made arrangements accordingly.


Jian Luo smiled faintly. “No problem.”


Zhan Wentai nodded. “We’ll sign a contract later, and I’ll have someone in charge coordinate with you.”


“Sure, I can handle this matter myself,” Jian Luo readily agreed, standing up to shake hands with Zhan Wentai. “Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.”


Zhan Wentai stood and extended his hand, cool and elegant as jade. “Likewise.”


Only with strength could one negotiate with others. Dark Star was a world of survival of the fittest. Connections themselves weren’t wealth, but with enough power, one could be unstoppable in any endeavor.



Next day


“We’ve received approximately 36,000 applications for our recruitment.”


“The specific interviews will be scheduled for around 8 a.m. You might need to come over.”


“The final revised version of the employee contract is here for your review.”


“The Labor Bureau will be contacting us at 1 p.m. to discuss preparation funds.”


“At eight o’clock tonight, there’s a reception for new employees…”


Qing’er stood at the table, going through today’s schedule and Jian Luo’s daily routine report, then began reporting on the financial situation: “This month’s meeting is scheduled for tomorrow morning. All department heads and above have already been scheduled to report. Compared to last month, the output and revenue of the lower factories have increased by 30%, indicating initial success with the merit-based system.”


In the past, everyone just did their fixed tasks in the village without any competition or desire to work more. Since the factory’s labor system reform, everything has changed. With more work comes more rewards; every month, exemplary workers receive substantial bonuses, outstanding employees have opportunities for promotion and pay raises, and there are even spots for immigration to Earth. As a result, the efficiency of every position has increased several times over.


Qing’er smiled and said, “Luo Luo, this strategy of yours is brilliant.”


Jian Luo modestly replied, “It’s not brilliance, just something I learned from others.”


As for who he learned it from, everyone tacitly understood.


Progress at the factory and on Earth was exceptionally promising. By the end of the month, Jian Luo had received numerous urgent and high-paying orders from extraterrestrial sources. With the new recruits settling in, the efficiency of the assembly line had improved, leading to significant profits.


With work matters settled, Jian Luo started worrying more about family affairs.


He would visit the children’s soul flowers every few days. The little ones were generally fine; he had expected the three young princes to be timid and easily scared by beasts and dangers after losing their safe haven. However, reality surpassed his expectations. Once they truly lost their sanctuary, the children began to grow visibly faster. From being scared away by wild chickens to hunting with ease, from trembling in fear when surrounded to cautiously confronting greater numbers, their progress was remarkable.


Lu Shifeng remarked, “They’re not as weak as you thought.”


Jian Luo watched the scene in amazement and amusement, “It’s really surprising.”


“My dear, they won’t be lacking,” Lu Shifeng said gently, patting Jian Luo’s head. “You’ve taught them well.”


Jian Luo asked curiously, “But I didn’t teach them how to hunt.”


Lu Shifeng shook his head slowly. “The dragon clan has a martial nature. If their temperament leans toward aggression, they can easily lose control in their first trial, whether on the battlefield or elsewhere. It’s not advisable. Without proper guidance, they could easily go astray.”


Jian Luo suddenly remembered Lu Shifeng’s own first trial.


Lu Shifeng looked at Jian Luo and said, “You’ve given them plenty of love, so they won’t stray. That’s more important than anything.”


Looking at the tall man beside him, Jian Luo felt a lump in his throat. He hugged Lu Shifeng. “Have I given you enough love? Please don’t stray either.”


Lu Shifeng smiled at his slight pouting. He lifted his hand to caress the head in his arms, his voice deep and magnetic. “Don’t always look so downcast. I’m not planning my funeral just yet.”


Jian Luo laughed through his tears.


Though Lu Shifeng comforted him repeatedly, Jian Luo still couldn’t shake off his worries. Privately, he researched a lot about the realm of the Dragon King. The more he read, the colder his heart grew. Almost uniformly, every Dragon King emerged stronger after their first transformation from the realm, but equally uniformly, their passing, aside from battlefield deaths, almost always occurred during their transformation.



Jian Luo told himself not to worry, but he couldn’t control his thoughts.


He began praying to the Bodhisattva, imploring God, and constantly reciting prayers. If conditions allowed, he would even bring back a statue for worship, though such behavior seemed eccentric to others.


Even Su Liang said, “Luo Luo, don’t stress yourself too much.”


Jian Luo didn’t know how to explain that he wasn’t going crazy, so he could only say, “Mom, I’m really not crazy. I just read about a way to pray in ancient books.”


Su Liang still replied with pity, “It’s okay, Luo Luo. Try to be more open-minded and trust the Marshal.”




No one believed him anyway.


Jian Luo decided not to explain further. He would let things take their course. He had thought that Lu Shifeng wouldn’t find out about his behavior, but after some time passed, just before Lu Shifeng was about to enter his transformation period, Jian Luo was pulled by the Marshal one evening to a secret chamber.


Jian Luo was nervous. “Why are we here?”


Lu Shifeng gestured for him to sit down. The Marshal pressed something on the wall, and before Jian Luo’s eyes, the wall split open with creaking sounds in the dark night. Gradually, a dark box emerged from the wall. The entire box was black with intricate golden patterns, exuding a mysterious aura.


Jian Luo was curious. “What is this?”


Lu Shifeng opened the box and placed something in front of Jian Luo. He said, “It’s for you.”


Inside was a black stone, within which red flames burned vigorously. The tiny flames looked cute yet stubborn. The black stone felt cool to the touch, yet it housed intense heat within.


“This is a part of my soul fire,” Lu Shifeng said.



Jian Luo was shocked.


“Don’t worry, it won’t harm my body. It’s made from my scales,” Lu Shifeng placed the stone into Jian Luo’s hand. “When I enter the illusion realm, if there’s any life-threatening danger, the soul fire will extinguish. If not, it means I’m safe.”


Jian Luo was speechless. Had Lu Shifeng noticed his worries and anxieties all along, to reassure him like this?


This man had always carefully guarded his heart, extraordinarily gentle.


Seeing Jian Luo looking at him with reddened eyes, Lu Shifeng gently cupped Jian Luo’s face with his rough palm. In his eyes, he could clearly see the figure of the young man before him. Leaning down, he placed a light kiss on Jian Luo’s smooth forehead, whispering in a somewhat reverent tone near Jian Luo’s ear, “The gods may not answer you, but I will. Trust me, not them.”

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Chapter 32

       Zhan Weiguang and the others played until they had dinner outside before they came back.

       Zhan Pengcheng carried Zhan Xiusong’s suitcase and went up to the second floor. He knocked on Zhan Weiyang’s door, turned the doorknob, stood at the door and said, “Yangyang, Songsong is coming to sleep in the same room with you, okay?”

       There were three rooms on the first floor of the house; one was for Auntie Luo, one was for Grandma, and another was used as a utility room. There was only one room on the third floor, which was Zhan Weiguang’s bedroom. There were three rooms on the second floor; one that was originally a guest room was now occupied by Pei Qing.

       Zhan Xiusong came this time, so Zhan Pengcheng could only arrange for him to sleep in the same room with Zhan Weiyang, the youngest in the family.

       Zhan Weiyang was sitting at his desk reading a book. When he heard Zhan Pengcheng’s voice, he turned around to look at him. He wanted to refuse, but he couldn’t bear to say anything.

       Zhan Xiusong was still downstairs, and only Zhan Pengcheng came up first. He leaned his suitcase against the door, walked into the room, and said to Zhan Weiyang, “What? Don’t you want to sleep with your brother?”

       Zhan Weiyang didn’t say anything.

       Zhan Pengcheng sat down beside the bed and asked Zhan Weiyang, “If you don’t want to sleep with your brother, do you want to sleep with your father?”

       Zhan Weiyang hesitated for a long time and finally whispered, “I want to sleep with Qing gege.”

       Zhan Pengcheng was stunned. He didn’t expect Zhan Weiyang to say this answer. He hesitated for a while before saying, “But does Qing ge want to sleep with you?”

       Zhan Weiyang didn’t know. He remembered that Pei Qing said yesterday that he would not sleep with him in the future.

       Zhan Pengcheng said to him, “Yangyang, although Pei Qing is your older cousin, he is not your aunt’s biological son after all. Do you understand what Dad means?”

       Zhan Weiyang looked at him silently.

       Zhan Pengcheng continued, “Strictly speaking, he is a guest in our house, so we still have to be polite to him, do you know?”

       Zhan Weiyang nodded.

       “Xiusong is your cousin, and his father and I are brothers. We are a family, and there is no need to be so polite. It’s okay for us to sleep together at night; just don’t cause trouble for Pei Qing.”

       Zhan Weiyang still nodded.

       Zhan Pengcheng noticed that he was in a bad mood, so he stood up, walked over to touch his head, and asked, “What’s wrong with Yangyang? Why are you unhappy today?”

       Zhan Weiyang said, “Nothing.”

       Zhan Pengcheng said, “How about this? Daddy will be free tomorrow, so how about Daddy taking you out for a whole day, okay?” After that, he thought about it carefully, “We can invite Grandma, your brothers, and everyone else and find a place to spend the whole day. What do you think?”

       Zhan Weiyang nodded, “Okay.”

       Zhan Pengcheng smiled and asked Zhan Weiyang, “Then tell Dad now. Are you willing to squeeze in with Xiusong? If not, I will ask your brother.”

       Zhan Weiyang replied, “Okay.”

       Zhan Pengcheng patted him on the shoulder, “Good son.”

       Zhan Xiusong played in Zhan Weiguang’s room until quite late before going downstairs. He came into Zhan Weiyang’s room, took toiletries and clean clothes to the bathroom, and came back in pyjamas a while later and lay directly on Zhan Weiyang’s bed.

       Zhan Weiyang turned his head from the desk to look at him and saw that he was concentrating on playing mobile games.

       Neither of the two people in the room spoke.

       Zhan Weiyang closed his book, which he hadn’t been able to focus on all night, put on his slippers, and walked out. He went down the hallway to Pei Qing’s room, pressed his ear against the door to listen for a while but heard nothing. Then, he went to the bathroom to pee.

       After peeing, Zhan Weiyang stood in front of the sink to wash his hands. Halfway through, he suddenly raised his head to look in the mirror. He felt hungry.

       Zhan Weiyang only ate a little at dinner because he was in a bad mood. He was still in a bad mood until now, but his stomach was hungry on its own and it didn’t want to care about his mood at all.

       Zhan Weiyang left the bathroom and walked to the stairs. He walked down the stairs slowly and breathlessly, wanting to go to the kitchen to find something to eat.

       There was still a lot of food in the kitchen refrigerator, but most of it was cold and couldn’t be eaten directly. Zhan Weiyang closed the refrigerator door and went to search the cupboard again. He found a bag of instant noodles and planned to make instant noodles for himself.

       Zhan Weiyang was frantically trying to boil water with a kettle when he suddenly heard Pei Qing calling him, “Yangyang.”

       He turned around and saw Pei Qing standing at the kitchen door, looking at him.

       For some reason, Zhan Weiyang remembered what Zhan Pengcheng had just said. He remembered Zhan Pengcheng said Pei Qing was a guest at home, and they needed to be polite, so he was a little at a loss for words and nervously called out, “Qing ge.”

       Pei Qing looked at the instant noodles he had placed next to the kettle and asked, “Are you hungry?”

       Zhan Weiyang nodded.

       Pei Qing said, “Don’t have instant noodles. I’ll take you out to eat whatever you want.”

       Zhan Weiyang said ‘Ah’ in surprise, and when he saw Pei Qing’s eyes light up, he whispered, “Is it okay?”

       Pei Qing said, “Sure, we’ll go secretly, don’t let your Dad know.”

       Zhan Weiyang nodded excitedly at his words; whether it was going out to eat with Pei Qing or not telling his dad, it made him feel full of emotions.

       He looked down at his pyjamas. They were just ordinary pure cotton ones. They were not too thin to wear out, but they were a little thin.

       Pei Qing asked him to wait, then went back to her room and brought him a coat, which he helped him put on.

       Zhan Weiyang smelled a familiar scent of laundry detergent. Pei Qing’s coat was a little long and big for him, but it could wrap him up, which made him feel happy. He couldn’t help but smile, and his bad mood for the whole day disappeared.

       Before leaving, Pei Qing thought more about it. He was worried that Zhan Pengcheng would be worried if he found out that Zhan Weiyang was missing, so he left a note on the coffee table in the living room and then took Zhan Weiyang out.

       Zhan Weiyang wore a pair of sneakers on his bare feet. His feet slipped on the soles from time to time, but he still excitedly followed Pei Qing outside. They left the neighbourhood, walked north for a few hundred meters, and entered a busy street.

       Pei Qing chose a restaurant that sold barbecue and crayfish and sat at a table facing the street. He asked Zhan Weiyang to sit inside, but he stayed outside to block the night wind.

       The boss brought the menu over.

       Pei Qing ordered a garlic crayfish, some barbecue, and finally asked the boss to bring a bottle of beer.

       Zhan Weiyang was feeling lively and happy. He asked Pei Qing, “Can I have a beer?”

       Pei Qing said, “You can’t drink it, I’ll drink it.”

       Zhan Weiyang asked, “Then when can I drink?”

       Pei Qing helped Zhan Weiyang take the chopsticks out of the wrapper, put them on the bowl, and answered him, “When you are eighteen years old.”

       Zhan Weiyang said, “I will be eighteen next year.”

       A waiter brought the beer first, opened the bottle cap neatly, and put it on the table for them.

       Pei Qing took a sip of the bottle to relieve the dryness in his throat and said to Zhan Weiyang, “Yes, Yangyang will be able to do a lot of things when he turns eighteen.”

       Zhan Weiyang looked at him, “What else can I do?”

       Pei Qing held the bottle in one hand, with the bottle’s mouth against his lips. Before taking the second sip of the wine, he looked down at Zhan Weiyang and asked him, “What else do you want to do?”

       Zhan Weiyang said in an uncertain tone, “Make love?”

       Pei Qing Qing choked on a mouthful of wine, put down the bottle in a hurry, covered his mouth with a tissue and started coughing hard. He finally stopped and said to Zhan Weiyang, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

       Zhan Weiyang said ‘Oh’ with a regretful tone.

       Pei Qing thought for a while and said to him, “This is not a matter of age. Even if you are over 18 years old, you can’t have sex with anyone casually. You must meet the right person and be able to take responsibility for her. Do you understand what I mean?”

       Zhan Weiyang put his hands on the table, picked the nails of the other hand together, looked at Pei Qing, turned his eyes back to his hands, his ears slightly red, and said, “I will be responsible.”

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Chapter 38 – Prelude

       The sky outside the huge floor-to-ceiling windows was blue, and the clouds moved slowly with the wind. Spring was already in full swing, and the branches were full of fresh green, full of vitality.

       In the centre of the thick carpet, Zhuo Yue stood naked and kneeling in a standard posture. His flexible body curves and tight body were clearly visible. He straightened his back a little when he heard the movement behind him.

       The man opened the bathroom glass door and said, “Come here.”

       Zhuo Yue stood up and walked in. When he saw the tube in his hand, his face suddenly felt hot. He had used it before, so of course, he knew what it was for.

       “Turn your back to me and raise your buttocks.” Fang Mingyan’s order was as brief and clear as ever.

       Zhuo Yue put his hands on the edge of the bathtub, and when he felt his anal canal being penetrated, his whole body tensed up. The feeling of warm liquid being injected into his body was strange, and he gradually felt a bulging feeling in his abdomen. As more and more liquid was poured in, his breathing became heavier, and he moved impatiently.

       “20 ml more every time you move.” The man’s voice came from behind, making Zhuo Yue want to cry.

       “Master, please, uhmn…” he gasped in embarrassment, “I can’t take it anymore…”

       Fang Mingyan slowly pulled out the rectal tube, then inserted a smaller anal plug neatly. He raised his wrist, looked at his watch and said, “From now on, endure it for three minutes.”

       This time, the volume injected was larger than before. The feeling of being filled to the point of being overflowing but unable to release made every second extremely agonizing. Zhuo Yue curled up his body unbearably, going from a soft moan to a cry for mercy, “Master… Ahn… I went to the mall to buy you a gift, but the gift was crushed… I was wrong. I shouldn’t have gone to a place like that without your consent. Master, please forgive me…” He had originally planned to hide it, but now he couldn’t care less and confessed everything one by one.

       There was a smile on the man’s lips, and he deliberately pressed Zhuo Yue’s lower abdomen with his hand and asked, “Didn’t you conspire a confession with Lin Hui to not let me know?”

       Zhuo Yue almost burst into tears and threw away his allies, “I was the wrong Master… I shouldn’t have hidden it from you…”

       In fact, after these three minutes of relief, there were still two more three-minute waiting periods for him. When Zhuo Yue cleaned his body from the inside out and knelt in the cage again, he felt that he had simply escaped from a disaster. He couldn’t guess his master’s thoughts, so he could only focus on looking at him anxiously.

       “What time did you go to bed last night?” Fang Mingyan asked.

       Zhuo Yue didn’t expect him to ask this. He was stunned and replied, “I fell asleep after sending you a text message.”

       “What did you eat for lunch today?”

       “After I got off the plane, I ate a hamburger in the car. I think it was a beef burger.” He was in such a hurry to buy a gift that he ate it in a flash, not even remembering how it tasted.

       The man took the collar he had worn and fastened it around his neck, then hung up the leash. Then, put a blindfold on him.

       Deprived of his sight, Zhuo Yue could not see anything in the darkness before his eyes, and he could not help but tense his body and softly call out, “Master.”

       “I’m here.” Fang Mingyan quickly responded, touching Zhuo Yue’s head with his hand and saying, “Stand up and feel my direction through the leash.”

       It was difficult to judge the direction and speed under such conditions. Zhuo Yue always couldn’t help but want to reach out and touch the front, which resulted in a whip. This time, the man seemed to be using a small leather whip with many tassels, which did not hurt his hand very much. After walking for a while, he completely lost his direction. He could only tell that he was still in the cage from the fact that they didn’t go downstairs.

       He stopped as ordered by his master. His ears could hear some slight sounds, which seemed to be caused by adjusting certain tools, but the specific materials were difficult to distinguish. Then his hands were pulled up to the left and right and locked on something with rings. Based on the size, he guessed it was the execution rack that had been placed in the corner. As the chains were pulled higher, he had to stand on his tiptoes to stay steady.

       Then, all was quiet. Everything had become unknown.

       Zhuo Yue called out again with some panic, “Master…”

       In response, a warm hand slowly slid down from the side of his face, touching his chest, and repeatedly kneaded the two pale rose-coloured bulges, soon making them stand up.

       Such teasing made Zhuo Yue’s cheeks turn crimson, and he moved his body unbearably. At this moment, he felt a pain on the left side of his chest, and something cold was clamped on it. Then, a sudden burst of electricity rushed into his body from the poor nipple, which was painful and numb. In just a moment, he couldn’t help but gasp out in shock.

       “Tell me why you were punished.” Fang Mingyan’s calm voice came from in front of him.

       He had no choice but to admit honestly, “I moved.”

       “Tell me who you belong to.” The man’s voice gradually came from behind him.

       “Everything about me belongs to you, Master, ah──” He was about to reply, but unexpectedly, his buttocks were spread apart, and the man’s fingers coated with lubricant forcefully penetrated from the closed back asshole little by little, and his body instinctively fought it back in a state of total tension.

       “Relax, Slave.” Fang Mingyan stayed behind him and licked the side of his neck with the tip of his tongue, biting and sucking his fair skin like a vampire tasting the taste. He had just used peach-flavoured shower gel on Zhuo Yue, and now his body was filled with a sweet fragrance, which was fascinating. “Everything about you belongs to me, including this.” He deliberately moved his fingers, causing Zhuo Yue to tremble.

       “Hngh…” Zhuo Yue just forced himself to relax a little as the man added an extra finger for convenience. The man pushed deeper and deeper and withdrew slowly, waiting for him to adapt slowly. After losing his vision, his senses seemed to become more acute. Every movement of the man on his asshole was infinitely amplified, causing his body to feel restless. The discomfort of being invaded and the sticky sound of the man’s fingers stirring the lubricant made him moan uncontrollably, and he bit his lower lip in shame.

       “Who allowed you to bite your lip?” Fang Mingyan’s deliberately aggravated movements made him hum again, like the whimpering of a small animal. He didn’t dare bite his lip any more, but he couldn’t hold back his moans any longer. The sounds seemed to carry a warmth that made his body so hot it felt like it was going to burst into flames.

       “Do you like the feeling of me entering your body?” The man twisted his fingers in the small cavity.

       “Master…” Zhuo Yue was made even more embarrassed by such a question, her voice carrying a pleading and appeasing tone tinged with a hint of timidity.

       The protruding fingers pressed slightly hard on a certain part of the inner wall, and Zhuo Yue’s body jerked uncontrollably, and he yelped. At some point, the tip of his raised genitals gradually secreted clear mucus. “Master… please…” There was an obvious tremor in his voice, and he asked for mercy, but he didn’t even know what he was asking for.

       “Answer my question.” The man did not let him go, and once again stimulated his sensitive points in the same way. The squeezed glands brought about a frenzy of desire, making this beautiful body instantly disoriented. The compass of reason completely lost its effectiveness. He raised his face and gasped loudly as he replied, “I like…”

       “What do you like?”

       The man’s other hand began to tease the erect c0ck between his legs. This double stimulation undoubtedly made things worse for Zhuo Yue. He gasped violently and said, “I like… I like you.”

       When he said this sentence completely, his whole body trembled because of shyness.

       He felt the man’s movements pause slightly. Then, the palm holding the front part loosened, and all the fingers that were deep in his body were withdrawn, replaced by a lifeless di-do.

       All the warmth seemed to have disappeared.

       “Master…” he said in a panic, “Are you angry?”

       No respond.

       “Master, I was wrong, Master…” He struggled eagerly and panicked. His chin was suddenly lifted, and then an aggressive kiss fell. At the same time, the di-do behind him suddenly turned on. The man forcefully occupied his mouth, blocked his screams, entangled his lips and tongue, and repeatedly passed over every inch as if to mark territory, greedily taking in his breath. The palm of his hand touched his delicate c0ck again, giving him more stimulation every time. It wasn’t until Zhuo Yue ejaculated tremblingly that he removed the di-do, untied him from the execution rack, and held him in his arms.

       When the blindfold was taken off, Zhuo Yue found that the cage curtains had been lowered, and the room was a little dark. He nuzzled into Fang Mingyan’s arms and asked softly, “Was Master angry just now?”

       “No.” There was a helpless smile on the man’s handsome face, “It’s just that what you said just now made me a little out of control, so I stay away from you for a while.”

       Zhuo Yue understood and pursed his lips with some distress. As a man, he certainly knew how uncomfortable it was to endure desire. Fang Mingyan used to have many slaves around him, and he was very casual in his desires, but now he was the only one around him. However, he was a little repelled by sex, so Fang Mingyan never really entered him and suppressed his desires every time. Even a Dom couldn’t keep calm all the time. Fang Mingyan was obviously aroused by him just now, but he held it back.

       He gritted his teeth, blushed and said shyly, “Master, please… hug me.”

       Fang Mingyan was slightly startled. He let go of him and said, “It’s too early now. Go take a shower.”

       Seeing that he refused, Zhuo Yue was heartbroken, so he boldly stepped forward and pecked the man on the lips. Seeing that the other party didn’t respond, he simply kissed him again without any hesitation. The handsome cheeks were flushed with the blush of having just experienced a wave of love. The naked and warm body was trembling slightly due to nervousness, and the shyness in the corners of the eyes made this raw provocation a bit more seductive and sexy, like a feather falling on the surface of the water rippling with waves.

       Fang Mingyan’s gaze darkened little by little, and his heartbeat gradually increased. He held down the paw that was unbuttoning his shirt and asked in a deep voice, “Have you thought thoroughly about the consequences of teasing me like this?”

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