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Chapter 48 – Resurrect him with blood

Chapter 48




Killing evildoers, what’s the mistake in that?


But everything in this world has its rules; acting against them is a mistake.


Evil spirits have their own laws to punish, not for Kui to act arbitrarily.


Si Lan flew over to Kui’s side and advised, “Kui, quickly extinguish the Ephemeral Lamp. Your actions bear heavy guilt. You may not be able to reincarnate again. Don’t you want to continue your karma with Ahu?”


“Ahu’s soul has already been torn to pieces by these evil spirits. I’m not afraid of dispersing my own soul. As long as I can kill them!” Kui spoke, his gaze falling on the Ephemeral Lamp. In its core, a faint cluster of light had gathered.


These were fragments of Ahu’s soul collected from the evil spirits.


Just a bit more, and it would complete Ahu’s entire soul.


Once he collected the complete soul, Ahu could be resurrected.


Thinking of this, Kui looked towards Si Lan, his blue eyes flickering with an eerie light.


“No one can stop me.”




Haowei, however, had no intention to reason with Kui here. He directly used magic to pressure Kui. Flames of karma swiftly ignited within the formation, feared even by the fiercest ghosts. Indeed, when the flames reached Kui, pain immediately contorted his face to an extreme, though even in this state, Kui refused to extinguish the Ephemeral Lamp.


Struggling for breath, his blue eyes locked through the blazing fire onto Si Lan. When Si Lan met his gaze, his heart skipped a beat. He turned away from Kui, refusing to meet his eyes.


Kui seemed overwhelmed with pain, his throat emitting agonized sounds, his body nearly contorting to its limit. Despite all this, Kui still refused to yield. His determination to obliterate the ghosts had surpassed everything.


But if this deadlock continued, Kui’s soul would shatter!


Helplessly, Si Lan looked to Haowei, whose gaze was cold and indifferent, as though he were observing an inanimate object rather than Kui.


At this moment, Yide directly swung his sword, breaking the formation. His figure shot like an arrow into the midst of the flames, rescuing Kui.


Already unable to endure, Kui collapsed into Yide’s embrace upon leaving the flames.


Yide’s eyes reddened, his arm trembling slightly as he called out Kui’s name, “Kui… Kui, you fool. Is Ahu really worth all this sacrifice from you?”


Yide was filled with bitterness at this moment. He had thought Kui’s feelings for Ahu were merely fleeting passion, until he saw Kui’s unwavering determination within the flames. Finally, he understood that Kui truly loved Ahu.


He had loved his mount.


He never considered Ahu a rival, nor a man. When Jinyun Mountain collapsed, Ahu jumped into the abyss to save Kui, and Yide believed Ahu did it for him.


Only when he saw Ahu take on the appearance of a man and embrace Kui did he begin to feel something was amiss.


Ahu had developed an inappropriate affection for Kui.


But Kui had only had eyes for him before. Yide believed Kui would never change his mind, but he didn’t know what happened during the seven days and nights in the abyss. After Kui came out, he seemed like a different person.


Boling once said that he would rather save Kui than let him become like this.


But Boling didn’t know that he would rather jump into the abyss that day, disfigured, than stay with Ahu.


He really regretted it. He was too late to realize his feelings for Kui. He mistook his attachment to Kui for dependence on his father. By the time he realized his possessiveness and obsession with Kui had surpassed normal emotions, Kui was no longer attached to him.


He caused Kui to be heartbroken and Boling to be in pain.


He was hopelessly wrong.


“Your Majesty, Kui has made such a grave mistake. I am willing to share his punishment. Please spare his life for now. When he wakes up, I will persuade him to extinguish the Ephemeral Lamp.”


Haowei stared coldly at him, “Yide, are you sure you can convince him?”


“Yes.” Yide finished speaking, paused briefly, and continued, “I am willing to guarantee it with my life.”


At these words, Haowei cast a spell that awakened the unconscious Kui.


When Kui opened his eyes, the first thing he looked at was the Ephemeral Lamp, his gaze almost obsessive. Yide held Kui’s hand and whispered something in his ear. Kui nodded unexpectedly after hearing it.


Seeing this, Haowei furrowed his brow.


Supporting his soul about to split apart, Kui flew towards the center of the Ephemeral Lamp, where Ahu’s soul was now in the form of two small clouds of mist curled around the wick. They had been pieced together from the bodies of ghosts.


Kui dared not let them know that it was Ahu’s soul inside. He cast a spell, causing the wick to descend and tightly cover the soul.


Then, he reached towards the highest point of the Ephemeral Lamp, plucking off a purple-gold bead hanging from it. With a whispered incantation, he controlled the Ephemeral Lamp, and the blue flames within the wick slowly extinguished.


In the next moment, the illusion of the Ephemeral Lamps lingering around the Yingtai Island suddenly disappeared, and the figures of the evil spirits seemed to be retracted by some force and vanished into the distant sky.


The gap torn from the Jiuyou to the Yingtai was also slowly disappearing until the sky on both sides merged, returning to its indigo base color, and reverting to leisurely white clouds, peaceful as if the terrifying scene had never happened.


The Ephemeral Lamp shrank to two feet long, with Kui holding the jade-blue slender handle.


Kui’s figure swayed slightly and fell from mid-air. Yide immediately flew forward, embracing his waist and gently landing him on the ground. The cracks on Kui’s face grew larger and larger, and the ghosts were dead, turning into fragrances.


But even if he turned into fragrances, he would still have to endure the punishment of the Judgement Platform. However, Kui seemed indifferent to the impending punishment. He looked at the Ephemeral Lamp and murmured with a smile, “To avenge Ahu, even if it’s just a little, I am satisfied.”


After saying this, Kui glanced at Haowei, his eyes filled with a willingness to meet death.


Yide tightly held Kui’s hand and also looked at Haowei, pleading for Kui, “Your Majesty, it was my momentary jealousy that caused Ahu’s death. Kui, after Ahu’s death, became mentally unstable and acted recklessly, leading to this incident with the Nine Hells’ evil spirits. I failed to supervise him properly, neglecting my duty. Please punish me for my crime.”


Upon hearing this, Boling also knelt down and pleaded, “Your Majesty, I am also willing to share the responsibility for Kui. Please give him a chance.”


Si Lan fluttered his wings and landed in Haowei’s embrace, his black eyes pitifully looking at Haowei. Though he didn’t speak, his plea was evident in his eyes.


Haowei, holding Si Lan, whispered in a voice only they could hear, “As the ruler of the heavenly realm, when I indulge in killing the Nine Hells’ evil spirits, I am also atoning for past sins. Kui is just a servant. Capital punishment can be spared, but the guilt of his actions cannot be evaded.” Moreover, Haowei’s situation with Kui was different.


Haowei committed a grave error unknowingly, whereas Kui intentionally killed those evil spirits, bearing severe guilt that simple punishment cannot resolve.


Si Lan didn’t expect Haowei to bend the law for personal reasons; he only hoped that when Kui went to the Judgement Platform, he could help Kui avoid the fate of his soul dispersing.


“Spared from death is enough,” Si Lan replied softly.


Haowei gently stroked Si Lan’s head. When he looked up at Yide and Boling, his face was as cold as frost. He didn’t speak but shifted his gaze to the distant horizon.


It seemed that the forced opening of the Gate of Nine Hells, causing the upheaval of countless ghosts, had caught the attention of King Xue Rong of the Underworld. From the distant horizon, Xue Rong came with the wind, accompanied by a massive black aura swirling like claws, displaying his formidable might.


Xue Rong landed on Yingtai Island, glanced at Kui, frowned, and then bowed to Haowei, “Your Majesty Haowei.”


Haowei raised his hand lightly, and Xue Rong straightened up. His gaze then fell on Si Lan, who stood before Haowei.


Si Lan had thought his transformation into his true form would prevent Xue Rong from recognizing him, but the glance from Xue Rong confirmed that he had indeed been recognized. Si Lan greeted Xue Rong with a slight movement of the green tuft at his brow.


Approaching closer, Si Lan couldn’t help but ask in a low voice, “Pei Yu and Tao Yuan, what about them?”


“Everything has been arranged. They have entered reincarnation,” Xue Rong replied.


Si Lan nodded in relief. That was good news, but he didn’t notice the darkening expression on Haowei’s face behind him.


Haowei’s gaze lingered on Xue Rong for a moment before he slightly furrowed his brow and looked back at Si Lan. Thinking of the scene where their eyes met, a faint tension tightened his lips.


They looked like old friends who had known each other for a long time. He suddenly remembered that Si Lan had once mentioned to him, when they were in the mortal realm, that King Xue Rong owed him a favor. At that time, he didn’t think much of it, but now he felt oddly uncomfortable.


How many people did Si Lan really know behind his back?


How many things had happened that he didn’t know about?


Thinking about Si Lan’s over a thousand years of life, of which he had only been involved for a month, and that month was spent with just a strand of Si Lan’s soul, made him feel even more choked up and uneasy.


He felt like he had missed out on so much.


“Your Majesty, someone used magic to forcibly open the Ghost Gate. I have ordered repairs,” Xue Rong said, pausing briefly before turning to Kui, “However, this attack by the Ephemeral Lamp has destroyed eighty thousand evil spirits, causing chaos among the other Nine Hells’ spirits. My subordinates are still trying their best to suppress them.”


Xue Rong had also taken time to come to Yingtai Island to investigate the situation with the Ephemeral Lamp. The Ephemeral Lamp had long been buried in ancient times, disappearing with the fall of Fan Yu, but unexpectedly reappeared in the world, causing such dire consequences.


Haowei calmly remarked, “This incident was caused by Kui, but the Ephemeral Lamp was apparently given to him by someone.”


As the words fell, Kui lifted his head with almost no aura left, his voice hoarse, “Indeed, the person who gave me this lamp was dressed like a monk.” That person had told him that if anyone asked about his identity, just saying so would suffice.


It seemed that this person had already anticipated today’s situation.


Haowei and Si Lan exchanged a glance upon hearing this, both thinking of Yu Wuxia. It occurred to them that Yu Wuxia’s appearance on Yingtai Island was likely to deliver the Ephemeral Lamp to Kui.


“What else did that person say?” Haowei inquired.


“He only told me that the Ephemeral Lamp could slaughter countless ghosts, without mentioning anything else.” Kui held back a bit; that person also told him that the Ephemeral Lamp could collect fragments of Ahu’s soul during the slaughter of ghosts.


He didn’t know the person’s exact motives for helping him, but as long as it could resurrect Ahu, it was enough.


“Does this monk have a fiery red mark in the center of his brow?” Haowei asked.


Kui shook his head, “His figure was hidden in the shadows, his face not very clear. I could only see the silhouette of a monk.”


Seeing that further questioning would yield no more information, Haowei ceased his inquiries.


Regardless, Kui was persuaded by Yide halfway through, stopping short of making things irreparable.


Seeing this, Xue Rong spoke up, “Your Majesty, allow me to take Kui to the Judgement Platform of the Nine Hells.” When demons and monsters err, they are sent to the Judgement Platform by the rulers of their respective realms.


Before Haowei could respond, Yide hastily interjected, “Your Majesty, Kui’s soul is on the verge of fragmentation. If he goes to the Judgement Platform, death is certain! I am willing to go in his place.”


Kui glanced at Yide beside him, mocking, “Yide, no need for false pretenses. I don’t need you to sacrifice yourself for me like this. Even if my soul disperses, I don’t want any further ties with you.”


“Give me a chance at redemption, Kui, let me…”


Haowei couldn’t help but rub his brow, interrupting them, “Enough. Whatever your crimes and punishments are, they will be determined by the Judgement Platform.”


Boling, standing nearby, wanted to speak but saw the unwavering gaze from Haowei and refrained from saying anything further.


Kui sneered as he pushed Yide aside, standing up unsteadily and walking towards Xue Rong. On his pale face, instead of sorrow, there was a hint of imperceptible relief.


Si Lan fluttered his wings and landed on Haowei’s shoulder, in a position that caught Kui’s gaze. Kui’s eyes shifted to Si Lan and he smirked silently, uttering two words.




Was he apologizing for taking his blood?


Although Kui wasn’t Fan Yu’s reincarnation, he was still Fan Yu’s blood. Si Lan couldn’t bring himself to blame him in the end. Folding his wings, he watched solemnly as Xue Rong took Kui away.


The fleeting lamp was left on the ground.


Yide carefully picked up the fleeting lamp, staring at it absent-mindedly. A hint of crimson tinged his eyes as memories stirred within.


Boling walked over, helping Yide up from the ground. Yide held the fleeting lamp close and said to Haowei, “Your Majesty, I intend to seal the fleeting lamp beneath Yingzhou Island, never to see the light of day again.”


“Mm.” Haowei nodded. Calculating the days, tomorrow would mark Yide’s ascension to immortality; it seemed more was yet to unfold.


Haowei remained composed. “Yide, Boling, handle this matter. I will take Xiaoqi to rest at the Yunshang Lake.”


“Yes.” Yide and Boling nodded in unison.


In the next moment, Haowei and Si Lan’s figures disappeared from sight.



Night fell, and the vague moonlight shrouded Yingzhou Island. Peach blossoms drifted down within the island, floating on the sea surface, casting mottled reflections.


Inside the main hall, Yide lit the fleeting lamp, lifting the white wick which concealed a soul.


Boling approached from behind, carefully carrying a small white jade altar and placing it before Yide.


Inside the white jade altar lay blood taken from Si Lan.


Frowning, Boling asked curiously, “Can this truly resurrect Ahu?”


“The ancient texts record that Yujia’s blood can revive the dead and reshape the flesh. It should be able to resurrect Ahu,” Yide replied. Holding Ahu’s soul, he was about to place it into the white jade altar when suddenly, a figure appeared behind them—Haowei and Si Lan, who had been recuperating at Yunshang Lake.


Haowei’s emotionless voice broke the silence of the night, interrupting their conversation.


“So that’s how it is.”


Yide and Boling stiffened instantly, turning to see Haowei’s face clearly. They exchanged a glance, realizing their plot had been exposed. Immediately, they knelt down and confessed.


“Your Majesty, please forgive us!”


“What crime have you committed?” Haowei walked slowly towards them, looking at the blood in the white jade altar, his fingers tightening involuntarily, his aura growing heavier.


“They extracted so much blood from Si Lan. If not for me channeling spiritual power to help Si Lan, his body would have been ruined!”


“Your Majesty, it’s my crime. Boling has no part in this.”


“No, Your Majesty, I was the one who caught Xiaoqi and extracted the blood.”


“Both of you should think carefully about how to explain your conspiracy with Kui.” Haowei used magic to retrieve the white jade altar into his hands, his gaze cold as he looked at the two immortal lords.


Meanwhile, Si Lan fluttered his wings and landed on the white jade altar, glancing at his own blood inside, feeling his head spin once again.


They really dared to act against him.


Yide’s face paled as Haowei took away the white jade altar, hastily pleading, “Your Majesty, please spare us. I learned that Kui intended to use the fleeting lamp to avenge Ahu, so I suggested using Yujia’s blood to resurrect him. It was I who captured Yujia and personally extracted the blood. To allay your suspicions, I deliberately created a false impression, making you believe the blood was for Kui’s facial restoration, to lower your guard, so I could secretly resurrect Ahu. Everything I did was solely to ensure Kui could find peace before his death, unrelated to anyone else.”


Boling wanted to speak but Yide gripped his hand tightly.


Boling looked at Yide with reddened eyes, biting his lip in silence.


Haowei glanced at them and then turned his gaze to Si Lan, asking, “Is this true?”


Si Lan pursed his lips and murmured softly, “Pretty much.”


“Oh? So it was Yide who knocked you out and took your blood?”


Meeting Haowei’s gaze, Si Lan instantly understood that he had likely long since unraveled the twists and turns of the situation. Just as he was about to speak, Boling raised his head and spoke first, “Your Majesty, it was I who knocked Xiaoqi out and took his blood, so if punishment is to be given, it should be to me.”


That night, Kui asked Yide, “Yide, Ahu’s soul was torn to pieces and devoured by the evil spirits of Jiuyou, but do I still have a chance to see him again?” Yide, eyes red, fell silent, until Boling pushed open the door and approached them, saying, “Yes.”


They finally devised this plan, with Boling, the least likely to commit such deeds, taking action to capture Si Lan and take his blood. To dispel Haowei and Si Lan’s suspicions, they magically healed Kui’s face and intentionally made Haowei and Si Lan believe the blood had already been used by Kui.


After Kui’s death and transformation into a fierce ghost, lighting the fleeting lamp and gathering Ahu’s soul, they anticipated Kui’s inevitable trial and entrusted the fleeting lamp to Yide for safekeeping.


Yide revived Ahu, allowing Kui to see Ahu one last time before facing trial.


Boling haltingly revealed their scheme, admitting their collusion and involvement in the slaughter of ghosts and the plundering of Yujia’s blood. They would live together or die together.


Si Lan had long known it was Boling who took his blood; he had hidden a feather in Boling’s arms, allowing him to sense the feather’s aura even when Boling approached unnoticed.


But Si Lan hadn’t expected Haowei to deduce it was Boling.


How had Haowei figured it out?


After listening to Boling, Haowei turned to Yide with a somewhat mocking tone. “Yide, your indecisiveness and vacillation ruined two people.”


Yide smiled bitterly. “Yes.”


Seeing him admit it, Haowei chuckled coldly again. Just a few days ago, Yide had been so stubborn, refusing to admit his mistakes. Now, faced with Kui’s death, he finally understood how wrong he had been.


“Your Majesty, you can punish me however you see fit, but please, for the sake of my many years guarding Yingzhou Island, allow me to revive Ahu, and let Kui… have some peace of mind before facing trial.” Yide bowed deeply, his head touching the ground, earnestly pleading with Haowei.


This once proud immortal lord, now completely shattered his pride for the sake of his loved ones.


Instead of answering Yide directly, Haowei turned to Si Lan. “Xiaoqi, what do you think?”


Si Lan looked at the blood in the white jade altar with a pained expression, covering his face with his wings in a gesture of helplessness. “Given the circumstances, I can only use my blood to resurrect Ahu.”


No wonder his mother had been so adamant about hiding his identity. Those who knew his true nature in this world, for various reasons, all seemed to want to tear him apart, drink his blood, and feast on his flesh.


Perhaps his existence was simply an embodiment of desire.


People chased after him, only chasing after their own desires.


He couldn’t understand why, after his divine demise, he had been reincarnated as Yujia.


Knowing himself as he did, if Jun Li had reincarnated, he would have chosen to be an ordinary person, an ordinary cultivator, an ordinary immortal, or even an ordinary ghost, rather than this species that seemed so precious and coveted, yet provoked such greed in everyone.


He always felt like the heavens were playing a game with him.


Lost in his thoughts, Haowei returned the white jade altar to Yide. Yide placed Ahu’s soul inside, and it instantly consumed the blood, then merged together, emitting a faint but bright white light.


Yide quickly placed the white jade altar on the ground, where it cracked open bit by bit. After the white light dissipated, a faint and ethereal form of Ahu emerged.


That was Ahu’s appearance.


Ah Hu and Yide were completely different men. Yide appeared elegant and ethereal, with an air of immortality and a clean, jade-like appearance. Ah Hu, on the other hand, was robust and powerful, his skin tinged with a yellow hue, exuding a rugged and vigorous masculinity.


Ah Hu’s illusion gradually solidified into substance, as if infused with flesh and blood.


Seeing this, Si Lan couldn’t help but mutter softly, “Having only one soul and one spirit, wouldn’t he be considered a fool?”


Haowei, lost in his thoughts, finally allowed a faint smile to grace his tightly drawn lips.


“He’s not exactly a fool, but rather a person whose five aggregates are not yet fully opened, and whose six senses are not complete. However, with the abundant celestial aura of Yingzhou Island, if he cultivates here, he will soon possess the five aggregates and six senses like an ordinary person.”


Si Lan nodded thoughtfully.


The sturdy man seemed as though he had been in a deep slumber for a long time. As he opened his dark eyes, they were clear and innocent, resembling those of a child. Glancing around, his expression was filled with confusion.


Ah Hu had returned to life, yet as Ah Hu reborn, he no longer retained his previous memories, forgetting everything about Kui.


Calculating the time, Yide’s voice broke the silence, “Your Majesty, please allow me to take Ah Hu to the underworld to see Kui one last time.”




Considering the time, Kui was about to face judgment on the trial platform.



In each realm—Celestial Realm, Demon Realm, and Underworld—there existed a trial platform, presided over by the rulers of each realm.


In the Underworld’s trial platform, King Xue Rong led with the twelve ghost marshals, wielding authority over the myriad spirits.


Upon death, one might think they could escape culpability, yet even as a ghost, they still had to face judgment on the trial platform.


Most spirits who ascended the trial platform faced dispersal of their soul.


When Kui’s turn came, however, there was no fear on his face; instead, his eyes searched around as if waiting for something.


Upon the high seat, the ghost official finished reciting Kui’s birth date and respectfully reported to Xue Rong, “Your Highness, this ghost’s birth date has been verified; he may ascend the trial platform.”


At this moment, Xue Rong cleared his throat uncomfortably, prompting the ghost official to close his book and stand aside, awaiting Xue Rong’s decision.


After a moment, Xue Rong spoke, “I didn’t quite catch this ghost’s birth date just now. Recite it again.”


The ghost official complied, slowly and deliberately reciting Kui’s birth date. Just as he finished, Haowei and the others arrived with Ah Hu.


Upon seeing Ah Hu, Kui’s dull eyes instantly lit up, his breath quickening involuntarily.


It was Ah Hu.


Ah Hu had truly been reborn.


Tears welled up in Kui’s eyes as he quietly watched Ah Hu from afar, while Ah Hu, brought here by someone, still wore a bewildered expression. Yet he could sense that he had been brought here to meet someone, to meet the severe ghost about to ascend the trial platform.


Ah Hu looked at Kui, who suddenly smiled.


Subsequently, Kui willingly approached the trial platform. Yide had always thought that Kui wanted to revive Ah Hu out of love, but that wasn’t the case. He simply felt deeply sorry for Ah Hu; the most he could do for him was to ensure that Ah Hu could live well.


Now, with Ah Hu’s soul devoid of past memories, he would live like a clean slate from now on.


Kui closed his eyes, standing in the middle of the trial platform. Having fulfilled his wish, he remained serene, calmly accepting the impending punishment.


After the ghost official finished reciting Kui’s various crimes, thunder suddenly roared above the trial platform. Rolling thunder, accompanied by fierce winds, descended like a white sword qi toward Kui.


At that critical moment, Yide suddenly leaped forward, embracing Kui and shielding him from the thunder’s strike.

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Chapter 170 – Limited Edition Potatoes

Chapter 170 – Limited Edition Potatoes


Since returning from Dragon Valley, Jian Luo has been somewhat absent-minded.


Lu Shifeng said, “Worrying won’t help.”


Jian Luo sat on a chair outside their room. The lounge overlooked a large garden where he could see some scenery outside. These days, he often lay in this chair, looking towards Dragon Valley. Lu Shifeng was not entirely unprepared for this epiphany; most of his time was spent at the training ground, and his secretary even helped postpone most of his schedule and official duties.


Today, Lu Shifeng returned early.


Jian Luo sat in the chair handling official matters. Sometimes, even after work, he had to deal with these affairs. Things were never-ending. Even when he returned home, he still had to manage data from various places, handle sudden situations, client issues, production problems—all requiring his decision-making.


Lu Shifeng had just finished bathing and sat beside Jian Luo. “You handle all these things yourself?”


Jian Luo looked up. “Hmm?”


“How many capable people do you have under you?” Lu Shifeng asked. “What are they doing?”


Jian Luo hesitated. “There are some factory directors who collect and report issues to me.”


Lu Shifeng asked, “What’s the point of their existence? Just collecting problems?”


Jian Luo looked at his serious face and suddenly realized the problem. He seemed to have few capable subordinates; many minor issues didn’t need to be brought to him personally, yet he still had to handle them.


Lu Shifeng said, “Managing these people doesn’t mean you should handle everything yourself. You need to cultivate people, provide general guidelines, and correct mistakes promptly, not let these things tie you down.”


Jian Luo started to understand. “But I’m afraid they won’t handle it properly…”


“Then they shouldn’t be in those positions. Find capable people who can.” Lu Shifeng’s gaze focused on Jian Luo. “Talented individuals shouldn’t be buried, and positions don’t necessarily follow seniority. The capable should rise to the top, understand?”


Jian Luo felt enlightened by his words.


Before, he felt exhausted with no one to share the burden. But after Lu Shifeng spoke, he felt a sense of clarity.


Jian Luo said, “Then I’ll hire an assistant tomorrow, and as for the factory matters, I’ll review the personnel again.”


Lu Shifeng gently touched Jian Luo’s slightly thin face. His voice was solemn, “Am I being meddlesome?”


“How could you be!”


Jian Luo rubbed against Lu Shifeng’s hand affectionately. “I know you’re doing this for my own good.”


A hint of a smile appeared in Lu Shifeng’s eyes as he gazed at Jian Luo, noticing his recent weight loss. “For many business matters you don’t understand, consult Nie Yan. Despite his profit-driven nature, he is still your boss.”


Jian Luo obediently nodded. “I understand.”


“When faced with issues, discuss with others instead of stubbornly resisting.” Lu Shifeng patted his head. “They will help you.”


Jian Luo didn’t want to hear more, feeling as if he were receiving final instructions.


In the evening, the sunset cast its glow upon them. Jian Luo hugged Lu Shifeng around the waist, burying his face in his chest. He murmured, “I want to consult with you all the time.”


Showing some spoiled and unreasonable traits, Lu Shifeng’s eyes held a helpless smile. He patted Jian Luo’s back. “You’re still acting like a child at your age. Did you learn this from our son?”




Jian Luo justified himself. “He learned it from me.”



Late at night


Jian Luo lay on the bed, his brows tightly furrowed. His forehead was dotted with fine sweat, like delicate droplets of water. He curled up, even trembling slightly.




He woke abruptly from his dream, sitting up.


The soft bed helped him gradually come to his senses, but the scene he saw in his dream was unsettling. It was a dim place where his child was playing around, wings injured, surrounded by a pack of wolves. The dragon cub’s cries of distress woke him from the dream.


Lu Shifeng held Jian Luo’s cold hand. Sitting up, he asked, “What’s wrong?”


Jian Luo’s heart was racing irregularly as he slowly said, “It’s nothing, just a nightmare. You go back to sleep; I’ll wash my face to clear my head.”


Lu Shifeng got up and turned on the light.


When Jian Luo returned, Lu Shifeng handed him warm water. “Still worried?”


“No.” Jian Luo stubbornly maintained, “Just had a bad dream.”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him meaningfully but said no more. “Go to sleep.”


Jian Luo didn’t feel like talking anymore. He nodded and went to sleep. Lu Shifeng embraced him, his warmth providing Jian Luo with a sense of security. He didn’t have any more nightmares for the rest of the night, falling asleep nestled in Lu Shifeng’s arms.



Next day


After careful selection, Jian Luo chose an assistant for himself named Qing’er.


Qing’er’s family has only one daughter, whom they spared no expense to nurture. Since childhood, Qing’er has been attending school, and even as she grew up, she studied at a prestigious academy in Sky City. It was these conditions that allowed her to mingle with the aristocrats of Dark Star. However, Qing’er remained level-headed; she didn’t become arrogant because of this, nor did she give up on herself due to past relationships.


On her first day on duty, she didn’t bend the rules just because of her private relationship with Jian Luo.


“Boss, here’s our schedule for today.” Qing’er neatly organized the documents, saying, “If there’s anything that needs to be rescheduled, please let me know in advance so I can rearrange the timing.”


Jian Luo glanced over it and smiled, “No problem.”


Qing’er, dressed neatly in professional attire, brought in freshly brewed herbal tea with respect, “My office is outside, mainly responsible for assisting you with front-line document screening. If you need anything, just call for me directly.”


“Alright,” Jian Luo replied.


Qing’er turned to leave.


Jian Luo added, “Thank you for your great help.”


“You’re welcome. It’s because of the opportunity you’ve given me. I believe we won’t stop here in the future,” Qing’er said with a wink, “This position will be highly sought after, so I’ll perform well and won’t disappoint the leadership.”


Jian Luo chuckled helplessly, “Go ahead.”


With Qing’er on board, the work for the day became much easier. There were no more trivial annoyances to deal with, and now, with fewer hands in Paradise, the vegetables from the planting base were mostly directed to the factory, resulting in very few entering the market. Previously, the people of Dark Star had disregarded vegetables, but with Jian Luo and more food bloggers showcasing Earth vegetables in videos, this attitude began to change.


From initially not caring to being unable to buy them.


“You actually managed to buy potatoes!”


“Who can afford them now?”


“Let’s just get some chips to satisfy ourselves.”


“Too expensive, and always out of stock. Even if you have the money, you can’t buy them.”


Slowly, vegetables became luxury items, with potatoes being the hardest to find. The food processing plant in Paradise needed large quantities of potatoes daily, so fewer made it to the market. Because of this, the market regulators of Dark Star commissioned Nie Yan to discuss with Jian Luo.


By the time Jian Luo arrived at Moonlight, it was already evening.


Nie Yan was still dressed lavishly, sitting on the couch. He raised his eyes slightly and glanced at Jian Luo, “Here?”




Jian Luo obediently poured tea for Nie Yan, “It’s been busy these days, and I was just about to come see you.”


“Enough of that.” Mr. Nie said leisurely, “Do you know why I’m looking for you?”


Jian Luo wasn’t afraid. With his shares in Moonlight’s chips and food factories, Jian Luo took the lion’s share of the profit. It was a shared interest, and Nie Yan was his boss. He could say he was a half disciple, and how a master would treat his disciple.


Lu Shifeng said to Jian Luo, “Touch them.”


Jian Luo reached out and touched. It was a strange sensation, and for a moment, he seemed to see a scene where his children were in a valley. Despite their rough appearance, they were unhurt, grown bigger and stronger. They were sleeping, obediently finding secluded spots to rest.


Lu Shifeng’s voice came from beside him, “Do you see them?”


Jian Luo snapped out of it, looking at Lu Shifeng, emotions swirling inside him. His eyes reddened as he nodded, “Yes.”


“You don’t have to worry now. Can you go back to sleep?” Lu Shifeng looked at him, a hint of helplessness in his expression. “Feeling better?”


Jian Luo was slightly surprised and even a bit embarrassed as he looked at Lu Shifeng. “You knew about me…”


“You wear your heart on your sleeve. How could I not see it?” Lu Shifeng said gently. “It’s just that this vision isn’t something that happens every time. Even if you come tomorrow, you might not see it.”


It was the third day since the children had left. Perhaps Lu Shifeng had been planning to bring him here for a while.


Jian Luo felt touched. “Then, can I come here to see you in the future?”


He expected Lu Shifeng to agree, but Lu Shifeng said instead, “Don’t come.”


Jian Luo was puzzled.


“The Dragon King’s illusion is different from theirs.” Lu Shifeng gently stroked Jian Luo’s face and whispered softly, “Don’t look. I promise you, I’ll come back as soon as possible.”

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Chapter 169 – The Cubs Enter the Illusion Realm

Chapter 169 – The Cubs Enter the Illusion Realm


There was suddenly a hint of awkwardness in the air, not that everything was fine, but rather the atmosphere fell silent.


Jian Luo almost couldn’t contain his frustration, nearly displaying it on his face, as he glared at Lu Shifeng. “If you sensed something wrong with the taste, why did you still drink it?”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him with indifferent eyes that seemed to carry a hint of menace, his expression clearly stating, “Are you teaching me how to do things?”


Jian Luo backed down.


Lu Shifeng remarked, “The taste is acceptable.”


Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng in shock.


Lu Shifeng pushed the bowl aside and calmly said, “But I don’t need it.”




Jian Luo felt a lump in his throat.


Aya nearby caught on to the situation and looked at Jian Luo meaningfully, clicking her tongue. “Luo Luo is quite lucky.”


Jian Luo almost wanted to retort but held back, considering that Lu Shifeng might really twist his neck. Survival instinct silenced him.


Lu Shifeng adjusted his tie and glanced at Jian Luo. “You took the wrong person’s soup. Apologize.”


Jian Luo hurriedly said, “Sorry, Aya.”


Aya waved her hand. “It’s okay, Luo Luo, don’t worry about it. It’s just a bowl of soup.”


Lu Shifeng, sitting there like an elder, raised his eyebrows and looked meaningfully at Jian Luo. “When you make a mistake, you should take responsibility.”


Jian Luo tentatively suggested, “Aya, how about I compensate you with another pot?”


Aya chuckled nervously, “No need, Luo Luo, it’s just a bowl of soup. If you want more, I have plenty.”




No thanks necessary.


Jian Luo turned to Lu Shifeng, who said, “Hmm, and you also need to take responsibility.”


In Lu Shifeng’s mouth, these four people seemed to evoke a sense of inappropriate fascination, leaving Jian Luo flushed. He glared at Lu Shifeng, tempted to kick him, but the consequences were too dire. Lu Shifeng was simply insufferable; he didn’t seem to tire, never backing down unless Jian Luo was practically dying.


Normally, this would be fine on Dark Star, but if it continued tonight, the entire tribe—no, everyone—would know he couldn’t get out of bed. After thinking it through, Jian Luo felt he had to take Lu Shifeng somewhere to expend some energy.


Jian Luo stood up. “You haven’t really explored Earth, have you?”


Lu Shifeng seemed to read his mind. “So?”


“Let’s go, I’ll show you around.” Jian Luo gestured to leave, looking for the children. “The cubs are here for the first time too. I’ll take them out to play. The nearby forests are developed, with no large beasts, and the tribe patrols and hunts daily. It’s safe.”


Most importantly, with Lu Shifeng around, even large beasts wouldn’t be an issue.


“Let’s go,” Lu Shifeng agreed.


As Jian Luo stepped out, the three cubs were observing a butterfly. Such creatures didn’t exist on Dark Star; the butterfly’s wings shimmered in the sunlight, patterns naturally carved by nature, exquisite and unattainable. When they landed on a flower, they appeared fragile yet dazzling.


Thinking the cubs liked butterflies, Jian Luo said, “You can touch them, but don’t catch them. They’ll die if they’re kept confined.”


Long Aotian was delighted to see his father and pointed at the butterfly’s wings, making a noise.


His sister turned to Jian Luo. “Wings.”


“Wings,” her delicate childlike voice was soft. “Pretty.”


The second youngest dragon didn’t talk much, but he expressed himself at appropriate times. “We have wings too, but we can’t fly.”


That’s what Long Aotian meant; his younger brother beat him to it.


Thinking about the Realm of Transformation, Jian Luo’s home had undergone all sorts of trials except for him within a year. Lu Shifeng was already worried; it was the cubs’ first visit. With so much at stake, Jian Luo couldn’t help but worry. He didn’t even know if the Dragon Clan had informed these three children.


Lu Shifeng slowly crouched down. Facing the cubs, he spoke solemnly, “Only the strong have the right to fly.”


All three cubs looked at their father.


“The Dragon God won’t favor useless children.” Lu Shifeng’s eyes were calm. “Only through personal strength can you achieve what you desire.”


These were words Lu Shifeng dared to say to these three little highnesses. Only here, under their father’s guidance, could they experience the hardships of life.


“I don’t have beggars for children. If you want something, go get it yourselves.”


The dragon cubs felt their worldview shaken, instinctively wanting to look at their father, who loved them so much and might say a few words on their behalf. Jian Luo, however, stood silently behind Lu Shifeng, saying nothing. The three cubs glanced at each other, seeming to understand and yet not.


Jian Luo crouched down and touched their little heads. “Do you know how butterfly wings grow?”


The little dragon cubs shook their heads.


“Butterflies don’t start out flying,” Jian Luo explained. “Initially, they’re just a cocoon, completely shrouded in darkness. They sleep inside, and when they want to come out, it’s very difficult and painful. They have to bite through their cocoon and struggle out slowly.”


The little dragon cubs listened intently to the story, even showing pained expressions when difficulties were mentioned.


Jian Luo’s voice was gentle and soothing, carrying a reassuring tone. “They endure pain with resilience. They understand that survival isn’t easy, that achieving the sky and light comes at a painful cost. Only after they’ve exhausted all efforts to break free from the cocoon can they gain the ability to fly.”


The children, their pure hearts showing empathy, murmured, “The butterflies are so pitiful.”


Jian Luo smiled. “Butterflies don’t see themselves as pitiful. They feel proud of their wings, knowing they earned them through effort.”


The dragon cubs understood.


Long Aotian declared, “The cubs will also work hard.”


“To overcome difficulties and earn wings through effort,” summarized the sister, “that’s not pitiful.”


The second youngest cut to the chase, “Where’s the cocoon?”


Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng.


Lu Shifeng picked up the three cubs and started walking out. As they walked, he said, “Two months from now, we’ll send you into the cocoon in the Dragon Valley Illusion Realm. Through trials, you’ll receive the blessing of the Mother Tree and gain your wings.”


Jian Luo felt nervous, worried about how the children might feel.


But Lu Shifeng’s children were anything but ordinary. Upon hearing they were going to the Dragon Valley to find their wings, they were ecstatic!


“Then we can fly.”


“We can be as powerful as Dad.”


“Yeah, we’re going to bite through the cocoon!”


They were enthusiastic, bounding around as if they had inexhaustible energy when they reached the mountain.


Jian Luo couldn’t help but smile wryly. “They accepted it so easily and without fear.”


Lu Shifeng said, “They won’t fail, and there won’t be any issues.”




Lu Shifeng looked down at Jian Luo, his red eyes deep and solemn. He said softly, “Because they are filled with hope and light, unlike me.”



Silence fell around them suddenly.


Jian Luo’s heart clenched sharply, a sharp pain spreading through him. He felt tears welling up, recalling the documentary Silver Gray had shown him. He couldn’t fathom how painful and agonizing those years with Lu Shifeng must have been, and what unimaginable burdens he had borne.


Seeing Jian Luo about to cry again, Lu Shifeng softened. “I won’t fail in the third Realm of Transformation.”


Jian Luo asked, “Why?”


Lu Shifeng reached out to wipe a tear from Jian Luo’s eye, his voice gentle. “Now I have the will to live and the light I want to pursue. The second Realm of Transformation was to take responsibility for the Dragon Clan. The third Realm of Transformation, for you and the children, I will fulfill my duty as a husband.”


Jian Luo’s eyelashes trembled, and tears began to fall.


Lu Shifeng leaned down and kissed his forehead tenderly, his voice gentle and low. “Just as the butterfly breaks free for the light, I want you.”


The afternoon in the forest was peaceful and warm. The spring breeze carried a hint of sweet floral scent. The gentle aroma surrounded them as sunlight filtered through the gaps in the trees. Jian Luo held Lu Shifeng close, whispering softly, “I’ll wait for you, no matter how long it takes.”


Lu Shifeng smiled and caressed Jian Luo’s head, as if sealing a promise. “Alright.”



Since that day, the cubs seemed to have grown up all of a sudden.


Previously unwilling to attend classes or study, Jian Luo no longer received reports from the teachers about the little highnesses. They would finish breakfast on their own in the morning and head to combat training. Among the three cubs, the sister had the weakest body, and Lu Shifeng often trained her separately.


Lu Shifeng said, “You’re different from them. Your agility and intelligence are your greatest strengths. In battle, don’t engage in prolonged fights. Use weapons and the surrounding terrain, find the opponent’s weaknesses, strike swiftly and accurately.”


The sister learned quickly.


She was extremely intelligent; while her brothers were still digesting many things, she had already grasped them. Although she lacked in stamina and strength, after several simulated battles, many teachers remarked on her exceptional reflexes and ability to store energy, hiding her strength until the crucial moment.


The three cubs were fully prepared for their cocoon trials.


Half a month later…


A crowd gathered at the entrance to the Dragon Valley’s Illusion Realm. Today was the day the three young highnesses of the Dragon Clan would enter the realm.


Jian Luo held the three children close, reluctant to let them go. He kept advising, “Don’t resist head-on; if you can’t win, run. Look for opportunities slowly, like hunting, as Dad taught you. Don’t starve; if injured, remember to find medicine and bandage yourself. Be cautious when sleeping at night, find a hidden place…”


He rambled on, his worry as a mother hen in full display.


Unexpectedly, the cubs comforted Jian Luo in return. Long Aotian grunted discontentedly, hopped off the ground, and turned in circles, puffing his chest to show he was a tough cub. His sister rubbed against Dad, while the second youngest obediently stayed in Jian Luo’s arms, silently comforting him.


Lu Shifeng walked over and said, “It’s time to go in.”


The three cubs jumped down and glanced back at their parents before leaping into the Illusion Realm without hesitation.


Jian Luo’s heart felt suddenly empty. He held back tears, barely managing to say, “How long until they come back?”


Lu Shifeng replied, “Anywhere from a few months to a year.”


“Doesn’t that mean you might go in before they even come out?” Jian Luo was shocked.


Lu Shifeng nodded. “That’s possible.”


Jian Luo trembled again. At this moment, he hoped desperately that the Sacred Tree would show mercy to his husband. He was truly terrified, filled with fear.

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